I'm currently into...

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One Song: Me and My Broken Heart by Rixton

Two Movies: Altantis: the Lost Empire (always) and Inside Out (haven’t seen it yet but I’m super pumped)

Three TV shows: I don’t really watch TV as we don’t have many channels but I’m kind of a nostalgic watcher so Full House, Sue Thomas: FBEye (it’s a great show check it out) and I enjoy the Cosby Show.

Four People: Chris Pratt, Robert Downey Jr., Scott Weigner and Robin Williams.

Five foods: Oreo Ice Cream, Sweet Potato Fries with chipotle mayo (it’s so good), pepperoni pizza, an Egyptian dish that is essentially stuffed grape leaves, and shawarma.

Six People to Tag: lila-bean, skull-base, blood-and-cupcakes, killinandchillen, brieeez, and potatoghurl