googlemaiden  asked:

hello! im super duper excited about the handmaiden movie but im scared to get my hopes up...i loved the bbc adaptation of the book, the way they treated the romance between sue and maud was perfect! anyway, im scared that the new movie treated the lesbian romance badly as in they were only kissing and shit for straight men thrills. should i brace myself for that or am i going to be so happy i go straight to gay heaven??

hi! In my opinion , I do feel that the handmaiden is a notch better than fingersmith in terms if storyline , cinematography and the soundtrack. There is a few deviation of the plot lines from fingersmith but it definitely for the better (not to spoil anything but the part where they tear up the uncle’s library is my favorite scene of all time. I WILL DIE FOR THAT SCENE) I feel like park chan wook did what he has to do unlike abdellatif kechiche who exploited lesbian sex for the Straights. I would say watch it with an open heart and don’t be quick to comment.