Worth Waiting For

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Peter Parker x Reader

Worth Waiting For

Prompt: None

Note: It has been literally forever, but Hannah and I have been swamped with school and I spent a while without a laptop and I’m still super, super busy, but I had a thought while I was on Tumblr (while I was supposed to be editing my manuscript, but I digress…) so here you go. As you all know by now, I’m a ho for soulmate AU’s. So yeah. But I’ve missed you guys a TON and I hope over break maybe I can do some more writing.

Warnings: None?

You watched the numbers on your wrist tick down. Twelve hours. A glance at the clock. It was nearly midnight. Tomorrow at lunch. Tomorrow. At. Lunch.

It was so close. Too close. All your life, you had watched the numbers roll by, but it had been so far away. Now it was here. Now it was real. And God, was it scary.

You had no idea who your soulmate was, no clue until tomorrow when you would lay your eyes on them for the first time. Would they reject you? Some did. It was uncommon, sure, but it happened. Maybe it would be one of the preps that was waaaaaaaay out of your league, or a jock with a pretty girlfriend and too many college scholarships to waste his time on you. You hoped they would like you, whoever they were. Or that they would at least give you a chance.

You let out a long sigh and stared at the ceiling of your apartment. There was no way you were getting any sleep tonight.


Peter Parker was a nervous wreck. Sure, he was a superhero that could bench-press a car like it was nothing, but being a hero doesn’t make you brave. Not brave enough to face something like this. No. Today was the day he was going to meet his soulmate.

“You doing all right in here?” May pushed open the door slowly.

“Does this shirt look all right?” Peter stared at the fabric of his red sweater, stretching it out with his hands and then smoothing it into place. He fussed over his hair and examined every bit of himself. He had already spent like half an hour brushing his teeth and he knew he would be sucking on breath mints all morning just to make sure his breath was fresh enough for a kiss. Well, if his soulmate wanted one, that was. God, he was not prepared.

“You look fine, Peter. You look good. Whoever your soulmate is, they will love you. You know that, right?” She straightened the collar of his undershirt. He swallowed nervously and nodded. Her little nephew was growing up so fast. “How much time have you got?”

“Like five hours.”

“Are you okay?”


“I wasn’t either.” She reminisced. Peter couldn’t take his eyes off of his reflection. He was silent for a long time. “Don’t wanna be late, kiddo.”

“Right.” He inhaled a shaky breath before walking out the door of his bedroom and then out of the apartment.

There was no going back now.


“Who do you think it is?” Your friend Lizzie asked, looking around the cafeteria with paranoia. You were dressed up nice today, a cute lacy red dress, matching lipstick, red flats, hair on point. You stared at the numbers, instead of looking around like the others. You didn’t want to know. It was here. It was already here. And it was terrifying.

“I don’t know.”

“If you don’t look up, you’re going to crash into something.”

“I know.” You continued to watch your wrist as you walked through the cafeteria.

“We’re gonna stand over there in the corner. Give me your phone so I can record it and you two can watch it when you’re cuddling later.”

“Okay.” You reached into your pocket and handed Lizzie the phone. She went over to stand with some of your other friends as they waited and watched for fate to unwind.

You stared at your wrist, standing there in the center of the cafeteria. It was abuzz with people moving every which way, not even fazed by the person at a complete halt at the center of it all. Your heart raced, and it felt as though your stomach was in your throat. Everything was tight, and there was so much light and noise and suddenly you were falling. Someone had pushed into you, and just as quickly, another person (with remarkable reflexes) caught you and pulled you to your feet.

At that very moment, your timer chimed. And so did his. You looked up from the blank, blinking timer and met his eyes. He offered a timid smile and a shy wave. One word came to his mind: Gorgeous.

“H-hi there. Um, I’m Peter. Peter Parker.” He gulped, shaking. He reached out to shake your hand. You took it in yours and shook it timidly. “It’s, uh, nice to uh, meet you. I’m so sorry. I’m just so bad at this. I don’t even know how to, uh-”

“I’m (Y/N).” You cut off his ramble with a kind smile. The more time you spent with him, the better you felt. God, he was cute. Tousled brown locks, warm brown eyes, and the sweetest smile you had ever seen. You had gotten lucky. “(Y/N) (L/N).”

“I, uh, do you want to like hug or something?” He asked, holding open his arms. You nodded, wrapping your arms tight around him in record time. Goodness gracious, Peter Parker, your soulmate, was more muscular than you had anticipated, and you loved it. He pulled you tight against his chest. You could tell by the way he held you that he didn’t get many hugs. Not romantic ones, anyway. His breaths calmed down, and you could hear his rapid heartbeat against your ear, slowly coming back to where it was supposed to be.

“You were worth waiting for.” You leaned up to whisper into his ear and felt him pull you tighter against him.

“So were you.” He laughed softly. There was a quiet moment. The question was burning on Peter’s tongue. God, he wanted to kiss you, but he didn’t want to force it either. So when he felt your hand wander up to his cheek. Your thumb stroked his soft skin for a few seconds. His eyes met yours. “Would it be okay if I…if we…?”

You cut him off with your lips. Your friends cheered and whistled teasingly. Peter pulled away slowly and then pressed another kiss to your forehead. His larger, warmer hand slipped into yours, fingers intertwining. You led him over to your friends.

“You two are the cutest couple ever, omg.” Lizzie held up your phone, still recording. “Have any words for us, soulmate of my best friend?”

“Well…” Peter thought for a moment. He squeezed your hand and kissed your cheek in a sudden well of confidence and affection. “I have the best soulmate on planet earth and I think I’m falling in love.”


It was a Saturday afternoon, so Peter decided to text you, his soulmate and now-girlfriend, but you were busy, unfortunately. Out of town, you claimed. Instead, he went to the Avengers Facility to train, as he sometimes did in his free time.

Once he arrived and unpacked his things for the weekend in the room Tony had assigned to him, he suited up and went to the training room. It seemed there was another member of the team there, a teenager about his own age. He had heard of this recruit, but they had never crossed paths before now.

He had his mask on, and so did the magnificent being in front of him. A white suit with red lining and a circle in the center of the chest. A long red cape hung from the back of the uniform, and she seemed to glow with power, taking out training dummies with blasts of energy. A long red wig covered her hair, and a thick red masquerade mask lined her eyes. When she noticed Peter standing there, she touched down, ending the simulation to meet her new teammate.

“Hi there. You must be Spiderman.” She held out her hand to him. Something about that voice, that smile. Peter narrowed his eyes, but shook her hand anyway.

“That I am. Who are you?”

“They call me Luminescence. I got my powers around the time videos of you started popping up in Queens. It’s crazy to get to meet you, man. You’re my hero.”

“Nice to meet you too. Your powers are insane! How did you get them?”

“Shooting Star landed in Central Park and I was too nosey to stay away from it. Boom, star powers.”

“That’s awesome!” He rubbed the back of his neck. “I just got bitten by a radioactive spider.”

“Dude are you kidding me? That’s so cool! Did it hurt?”

“A lot.”

“Where do your webs come from?”

“I engineered them myself.” He held up his arm and shot a blast of web at one of the targets. “Mr. Stark helped me perfect it though, made new web shooters for me and everything.”

“That’s so cool! Well, I’m from New York too. Maybe we’ll end up saving the world together or something.” She shrugged. He smiled under the mask, glad to have made a new friend.

“Count me in.”

“Kiddos, time for dinner,” Tony poked into the training room. “Ah, I see you’ve met. Peter, this is (Y/N) (L/N). I think she goes to your school. (Y/N), this is Peter Parker.”

Peter’s jaw hit the floor. He looked at you in awe, tearing off his mask.

“What, something wrong?” Tony checked, looking between the obviously not-okay super teenagers.

“He’s my soulmate. And boyfriend.” You stated, holding up your wrist to show off your empty timer. “Peter, oh my God.” You rushed into his arms. He held you close, still too shocked to force any words though his mouth.

“My girlfriend is a badass.” He mumbled.

“My boyfriend is Spiderman.” You murmured into his ear. He smiled and pressed a long kiss to your cheek.

“So I’m your hero, huh?”

“Shush, you,” you pushed him playfully. Tony stood there in shock, but also in smugness.

“So, dinner, right?” Stark jabbed a thumb out the door behind him. You nodded, shedding your mask and wig and leaving them in your locker before following Tony and Peter to where the others were eating.

“See, Stark. I told you two teenagers were too many. They met today and already they’re hooking up.” Bucky eyeballed your joint hands as you sat down for Saturday pizza night.

“Actually, we’re soulmates, and we’ve known each other for two weeks, Bucky.” You sassed, your head coming to rest on your boyfriend’s shoulder as you took a bite of pizza. “This was just a coincidence.”



“I don’t know. I think things worked out perfectly.” Peter looked down at you. “Or maybe it’s just you that’s perfect.”

Stooop!” You felt your cheeks burn at his compliment. He laughed at how cute you were when you were all shy.

“No PDA allowed in the presence of adults!” Tony pointed at you. “I mean it. Or you’ll both be grounded.”

“All right, Mom,” you rolled your eyes, pressing a kiss to Peter’s cheek and lacing your fingers through his. “We’ll play nice.”

“You better. I mean it.”

“Oh, lighten up, Tony.” Steve elbowed him in the chest. “They’re young. Young love is a precious thing.”

“Yeah, yeah…”

The Pirate Chef, Ch. 8 (8/8)

CS AU: When all her planned work for the upcoming special in the show she produces falls apart, Emma Swan is forced to work with the networks rising star. And she doesn’t think anything good will come out of it.

Shotouts to @fairytalesandtimetravel for the amazing arts he did for this! and both @sambethe and @nowforruin that have been sounding boards, betas, translators when I ran out of words in my meagre English lexicons and cheerleaders to no end. Thank you so much for the support.

This is also dedicated to @kat2609 , @amagicalship and @brooke-to-broch

Tagging @kdanna03 , @the-lady-of-misthaven , @chrissascorner , @teamhook ,   @deathbycaptainswan ,  @in-spirational  @forget-me-not-s , @wholockgal , @swanandapirate and @mayquita  If you want to be tagged in future chapters, let me know!

Ao3  On Tumblr Ch1 Ch2 Ch3 Ch4 Ch5 Ch6 Ch7

A/N: This is it, the end of the road. thank you so much to all of you for reading and commenting and sticking to it. I had a lot of fun writing this one. As for future projects, I’ll be resuming my canon reversal, Time Upon Once, and a few other things in between. 

Week #7 London

The trip to London was a quiet one. Killian had chosen to ride with Tink and Liam separately, sending his apologies beforehand to the rest of the team. There were gloomy faces among most of the crew, the weeks on the road taking a toll on everyone and adding to the dreaded sense of finality. Despite the early hours and crazy days, there had been such camaraderie between the teams that it seemed it was hard for everyone to see the season come to an end. Adding to that was the fact they weren’t sure if this would be a one-time thing. They all had hopes the audience would react positively to the new spin on the collaborative show. Tink and Emma thought they had a great show and that their audiences would love it. They all hoped the network would choose to continue with the format in upcoming years, but even if the show was a success, there still could be a million reasons why this might not happen again.

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Something Worth While (Pt. 2)

Alright y’all sorry this took forEVER to edit but here it is. I’ve got a basic idea of where I want this to go but I still don’t know how long it’s gonna be lol. I also decided to keep this on tumblr for now because for some reason I’m super self-conscious about it (I feel like I’m exposing myself IDK)

Also, thank you all for your lovely messages they really encourage me to get off my lazy ass and write this stuff

Heads Up: There is a scene that is a bit NSFW

(Pt. 1)


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I'd Love to See You Out of That Cosplay

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Request: Hi. This is my first request so IDK for sure if I’m doing it correctly, but any chance you can make a part 2 to the ‘Falling’ in love one you made for Crankgameplays? It was really good.

Summary: This picks up where “‘Falling’ In Love” leaves off. Reader’s phone gets bombarded with notifications after Ethan tweets about her and they run into each other again ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

You can find part one here

A/N: Hey guys, sorry I didn’t post all day even though I said I would, I was social for once. Anyway here she is! As always anything in italics is usually the inner thoughts of a character. Hope you enjoy this one! I was super excited to write this and I’m pretty happy with the outcome!

Wordcount: 1094, bit longer than the first

Requests are open!

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At the Edge of the Ocean (Olicity AU fic Part 1)

Hey guys, I’d been toying for weeks with the idea of doing a unique Olicity AU one-shot. I very rarely write fics with mystical elements but once this idea popped into my head, I couldn’t get it out. I also blame @agentsassydirewolf​ for letting me rant about it and adding fuel to the fire in my creative brain! Thank you, and I hate you (just kidding…kinda sorta)! ;)

Anyway, I’ve always loved mermaids. They are by far my favorite mythical creature. I recently re-watched Splash (a big, glorious mistake) and felt compelled to finally bring my Olicity mermaid AU obsession to life. This was originally going to be a one-shot but while writing yesterday, I realized there was too much to cram into a single post. I also wanted to have this posted in time for Valentine’s Day, so I’m splitting it up into two parts (I’m still working on the second one right now).  

I haven’t yet decided if this might turn into a short, mutli-chapter ficlet. But let me know if you guys want to read more, and I might add it to my list of future fics to work on. I’m not sure how the visual aspects and edits will format on AO3, so I’m posting strictly to Tumblr for now.

Thanks in advance for reading, everyone, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Pairing: Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak

Rating: T

Summary: AU. Oliver almost drowns when the Queen’s Gambit sinks and is saved by a mysterious creature. When he learns that his savior is actually a beautiful mermaid named Felicity, Oliver can’t decided if he’s more shocked by her existence or the fact that he feels such a strong connection to her. Coming from two different worlds, Oliver and Felicity must decided if their love is true and what they’re willing to sacrifice to make it work.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Arrow or any of its characters. Except for the Olicity edits, the rest of the images and gifs aren’t mine.

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Following the Fandom

AO3 Link

Genre: Oneshot. Fluff, sort-of AU, first meeting, romantic

Warnings: one swear word and a tiny, tiny if-you-squint bit of suggestiveness

Summary: Dan and Phil are the Youtubers we know and love, except for one thing - they’ve never met. That doesn’t stop the fanbase from shipping them, though, and eventually Phil gathers up the courage to message Dan

Word Count: 7347

A/N: I actually had a lot of fun writing this! It was quickly done, though, so apologies for any typos/errors ^_^

Phil’s brow furrowed as his phone went off again. The constant stream of notifications hadn’t relented once since he’d woken up and flicked his phone on, and he hadn’t even had a chance to get onto his home page to find the source of all the sudden attention before yet another notification turned up and exploded his phone all over again.

Phil nudged his bedsheets down from his shoulders and rolled onto his pillow, squinting at his bright phone screen. It was still ridiculously early in the morning, and yet the stream never ended. What had he even done to spark such a reaction? The last thing he’d done was tweet about an exciting-looking dog he’d seen walking passed his London flat, and he hadn’t uploaded a video since four days ago. His new footage was sitting on his laptop waiting to be edited – so what had caused this sudden flood of notifications?

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big girls


pairing: dan howell x reader

genre: fluff!!!

word count: 1.207

prompt: Y/N is kind of overweight. Her and Dan just made their relationship official on YouTube. She feels insecure after getting some nasty comments. Dan reassures her.

“Hello internet, I have an important message for you today,” your boyfriend Dan spoke at the camera, while you were sitting off-camera, finding it hard to believe that this was happening.
You and Dan had talked about making your relationship official to his followers a lot of times, but you always felt that you weren’t completely ready for it. You had always been out of the spotlight when it came to your boyfriend and his best friend. But you couldn’t say that it wasn’t exciting now that it finally was happening. 

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When We First Met

Summary: Soulmate au where if you draw on yourself, it shows up on your soulmate’s skin.
Warnings: None
Word Count: 1815
A/N: Thanks so much to @wanderingforhome for telling me to do this and giving me the energy to actually write something for once c: It’s based off of a post from tumblr but i couldn’t find the post again so creds goes to whoever thought of this yikes (EDIT: The post can be found here) xD Thanks for reading!
Song Creds


Dan grew up in a world of art. Where there was a pen, there was always skin to draw on, and that meant people would be able to walk the streets with art down their arms, wondering where their other half could be. Because Dan lived in a world where you could draw all over your skin and the exact same drawings would show up on your very own soulmate; the person you were meant to be with for the rest of your life.

People were absolutely obsessed with the idea of finding their soulmate. Whereas Dan didn’t particularly care if he found his straight away (Let’s be honest, he’ll find them one day so he’s not in any hurry right now), everybody was a scrambling mess of writing and drawing all down their arms so they could find theirs. That was why most people worse shorts and short sleeves, to show off the ink on their skin in hopes they would come across someone else with the same exact marks. Of course, they could always just write down their name on their skin, but that would be breaking the law.

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of tesco & boyfriends

SUMMARY: Dan and Phil decide it’s the right time to come out. Later, in Dan’s liveshow, fans ask them to kiss.
WARNINGS: shameless fluff
A/N: so this fic is literally1,465 words longer than i thought it would be bc of the domestic intro and the liveshow. i also hope you like the edits bc i did them by myself. painstakingly slowly. remember my prompts are open here 
lowkey pulled inspiration from realityisnoplacetolive’s Problematic

Dan walked the long stairs to their apartment quickly, glad to be out of the harsh cold of the London air. He loved London and would hate to move, but sometimes he mentally cursed Britain’s strange ability to be constantly cold. Making his way quickly up the thousands of flights of stairs, he managed to make his way to their door. He looked momentarily behind him at their neighbor’s door, decorated with a wreath, and considered going out later to get one, but the harsh cold that had managed to chill him to the bone convinced him otherwise.

Dan pushed open the door and was greeted immediately with the smell of the fajitas that he and Phil had been making together when Phil realized they were out of fajita seasoning and given Dan puppy dog eyes that were unfortunately irresistible. Phil was very loudly singing along to Dan’s “C Word” music Pandora station. “Dashing through the snow! In a one horse open sleigh! O’er the hills we go! Laughing all the way!”

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Dan falls ill with a bad fever, which worries Phil immensely. Includes phan, fluff, sickness, cuddles. 

The past two days have been a confusing blur full of pain. He’s shivering despite the blankets tucked firmly up to his chin, but at the same time the atmosphere just seems to burn. He wants to get rid of the heat and push the blankets off, but his body is too weak to allow him to move. He settled for a low whine of discomfort.

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Racist Comments

Anon: Hey Kimberley !  Your fics is so so awesome ! I’ve been following your blog for months now and I’m obsessed. So I have this idea  maybe y/n is an asian or girl from a different race ? i’m not sure if this is going to work but can you write a fic about them coming out as a couple and the reaction of the fan is not really good and he comforts her ?  that would be super amazing ! thank you for all of your hard work btw , you’re a gorgeous person !

Aw, you’re so sweet. Thank-you so much! :) I hope this is okay, I didn’t specify race/culture so that it can stand for any. Let me know what you think and sorry if there is a lot of mistakes as I am writing on my macbook with a broken screen ;_; thank-you for following my blog xxoo

One whole year you had been with Dan now. This one year had been the best so far, Dan was always there for you, making you feel loved and important.

“Good morning princess” Dan’s morning voice grumbles as he rolls over in the bed and wraps his arm around you, placing a kiss on your shoulder in the process.

“Morning sleepy head” You greet with a smile as you admire his ‘hobbit’ hair and topless chest. A whole year and the view of the beautiful creature continues to make you breathless.

As Dan finally finds the strength to keep his eyes open, he runs his fingers through your hair before leaning in and placing a soft and loving kiss to your lips.

“Happy 1 year gorgeous” He whispers as your lips separate.

For the first 1 year anniversary treat, Dan takes you out for lunch at a beautiful restaurant where you both enjoy a wine and talk about the future.

“Baby, seeing as it’s been a year… I was wandering if I could introduce you to my subscribers? Then we can go out more without worrying about getting caught and we can-“ Dan questions before begging to ramble.

“Okay” you reply with a smile.


Really.” you say with a giggle.

Dan leans across the table and places a quick kiss on your lips before you both finish of your meals and head home.

As soon as you were home, Dan set up all of his filming equipment. You spent time preparing yourself, making sure you looked okay and planning on what to say.
Although you were nervous, the video turned out well. Dan had introduced you as his girlfriend, informed them that it had been a year before going on to do the boyfriend tag.

Dan spent the rest of the afternoon editing while you watched tv and scrolled through tumblr.

“Done.” Dan suddenly says, plopping down onto the sofa beside you. He wraps an arm around you and pulls you to his chest. Dan knew you were nervous, so he tried to calm you by rubbing your arms and telling you how much they would like you.

Fifteen minutes later Dan excused himself as he headed to the toilet. As much as you tried to resist, you simply couldn’t take it anymore. You quickly opened your laptop and went onto the video to read the comments.

Of course you knew you would get some hate, but you certainly didn’t expect this. Tears instantly filled your eyes as you read the offensive words of his followers. Over and over, racist terms were thrown around. You expected to be called things such as “ugly” or “fat” or any of the usual down putting words, but racist slurs? no. That was not right.

You couldn’t believe Dan’s subscribers would say such things. Not being able to take anymore, you place the laptop onto the coffee table and head to the bedroom where you collapse on to mattress.

When Dan see’s that your not in the living room anymore, he walks to the bedroom, his face falling as soon as he sees your state.

“Shit, Y/n… whats wrong sweetheart?” He worries as he runs over to you and pulls you into his lap.

“The comments…” Is all you can say at the point as ran rubs your back soothingly.

“Sweetheart, don’t listen to them. You are not ugly or gross or anything else they could have possibly said. You are so beau-“

“It’s because I’m not white… They were saying racist things and making rude comments about culture” as you spoke you could feel Dans body tense beneath you.

“What assh-“ Dan begins but softens as you begin to cry again.

He spends the rest of the night holding you close and doing his best to make you feel better until you fall asleep. He lays your unconscious body down onto the bed and pulls the covers over you before heading to the study to film a quick, non-edited video.

He decided to read the comments himself and he couldn’t help the tears that escaped his eyes.

“How can people be so cruel?” he says to himself.

Lifting up his vlogging camera, he presses record.

“So as most of you are aware, I uploaded a video earlier today where I introduced you all to my girlfriend. Now I know not all of you are part of this, so to guys, congratulations on being decent human beings. However a lot of you said horrible things about Y/n, just because she is not white. I want those of you to do me a favour and unsubscribe from my channel. The Danosaur community does not need that sort of disrespect.”

And that was it, Dan uploaded the video on its own before returning to bed and holding you close all night.

anonymous asked:

ur blog is so asdfghjkl. Cain i request a scenario of ace,sanji,kid and younger shanks finding their wife passed out or fainted in his arms and finding out she is pregnant.

omg thank you, you beautiful person *hugs* (‘∀’●)♡

B-But how do they detect pregnancy in olden times anyway? Imma just believe all the historical dramas I’ve watched and assume the doctor does it by examining the mother’s pulse orz 

Oh yeah, let’s just pretend our baby Ace survived Marineford arc because I don’t think he’ll make his s/o pregnant when he’s still 20? ( ´•̥ו̥` )

Also, I couldn’t resist with the pun pls forgive me *runs away*

PS. Put them under ‘Read More’ because I think it turned out pretty long… [Edit] Removed Read More because Tumblr is being a jerk and not letting some people read what’s under it


“Ace?” You meekly called out to your lover, your hands clenched around the crumpled paper behind you out of nervousness.

The freckled male gave you his signature wide smile, which faltered at the sight of your uneasiness. His head tilted in confusion, he made his way towards you and tucked a stray hair behind your ears when he was close enough. The gentle act dissolved some of the worries that had been haunting you, but the scary thought still lingers.

“What’s wrong?”

You felt your pulse quicken, your anxiety level going through the roof. What if he never wanted this? What if he rejects you? You know that there was a bigger possibility Ace wouldn’t do that, but what if–?

The smile disappeared from his face completely when he found you starting to breathe at an abnormally rapid rate. His hands grabbed your arm when you begun to sway on your feet, and he immediately pulled you close when your legs gave out. He could swear he felt a hundred times more scared than that one time he almost lost his life when he realized that you just fainted, and he didn’t have the slightest idea why.

He shifted your limp frame to make it easier for him in carrying you, but ceased his movement completely when a balled paper loosely wrapped between fingers caught his interest. He carefully unwrapped the sheet and skimmed through the contents, eyes widening even more with the more lines he read.

If it wasn’t your body he was holding, he would’ve dropped it for sure.

On it, was a bolded title which read “pregnancy to-do list”, followed by list of activities and to-dos for the three trimesters. He recognized your handwriting at a glance, and he knew you had meticulously written down every details– Wait. Holy shit.

Does that mean… You were pregnant….?

Ace lifted you up as gentle as possible and bolted towards the ship doctor’s room, trying his best to not jostle you as much. Thousands of questions appeared inside his mind, and he couldn’t describe all the mixed feelings inside his chest, but he had one thing he knew he was sure of.

He was more than thrilled at the thought of starting a family with you.


What should have been incessant snuggling for the rest of the day turned into the worst afternoon in Sanji’s life.

His mind overloaded with worry, the cook had directed his restlessness into pacing around and inhaling more of his cigarette smoke. Dread settled at the bottom of his stomach when he thought of what could have happened to you, his wife and the woman he had promised to protect even if it cost him his life.

The two of you were just enjoying each other’s presence and you had wanted to get a glass of water, so you stood up from the bed they were resting on and the next time he knew, you were down on the floor. He had wasted no time in picking you up bridal style and forced his legs to run at the fastest speed he could muster towards the doctor’s room.

It felt like he had waited for ages until Chopper finally opened his office’s door, and he forced himself to not raise his voice when he asked the doctor just what had happened to you.

“You might want to sit down, Sanji…”

The chef felt fear coursing through his veins. Did something happened to you while he didn’t notice?

“W-What? Why? Is it that serious? Is it an illness? Is it a virus? Is it incurable?”

“Well, I suppose you could say it’s incurable? You have nine months.”

It was like his heart plummeted to the ground, his world collapsed and lost its color, the awful feeling of hopelessness settled like hot lead inside his stomach–

“…. Until the baby pops out.”

Your husband stared emptily at the reindeer.

Hold up, what?

“A… A-A b-b-ba-baby…?” he stuttered, suddenly finding it hard to breathe.

Chopper laughed merrily, “Yeah! Congratulations! You’re a father!”

His misery disappeared into nothing, replaced with an unlimited amount of joy that moved him to tears. A baby. You weren’t sick. You were carrying his – no, their child!

“I’M A DADDY!!!!”


Killer stole another glance at his captain for the sixth time today, and Kid had tolerated enough. It irritated him because he knew that the masked man had something to tell him, but he had no idea what. If he had to choose one thing that he hated from his list, it would be when people he actually gave a shit about keeping secrets from him.

“Spit it out before I throw you off the ship.”

“….. Aren’t you worried about [f/name], Kid?”

He didn’t expect that question.

“Why should I? She’s a tough woman. Can take care of herself.”

His subordinate sighed, “I know. But she hasn’t been looking well these days, right?”

“What? No, she looks fine to me. What the fuck are you talking ab–”

Just on cue, several rampant knocks on the door took the two pirates’ attention. Annoyed, Kid watched as Heat stormed in, panic evident in his voice and expression.

“Boss Kid! [f/name] suddenly fainted just now! We’ve brought her to the sick bay but–”


The crew’s captain had reached the door in seconds and almost unhinged the structure when he jerked it open. His two crewmates followed behind him in hurried steps.

What the fuck happened!!” Kid seethed, permanent scowl etched on his face, masking the worry that was starting to built up inside him.

He was too unfocused to listen when Heat launched into a detailed explanation of how you had suddenly lost consciousness, his head clouded with concern as his legs marched towards the direction of the clinic. Kid knew more than anyone that you were by no means weak and had always been more than capable to fend for yourself. It was one of your trait that made him fall hopelessly in love with you – not that he would admit it to your face of course.

So if you were to faint out of nowhere, then some serious shit must be happening.

Upon entering his destination, his eyes instantly raked over your body on the bed to check for injuries. Pleased with finding not even the slightest scratch, he turned to the ship’s doctor and asked in an uncharacteristically serious tone, “So. What’s wrong with her?”

Much to everyone’s surprise, the doctor grinned in enthusiasm, “Congratulations, boss! She’s two weeks pregnant!”

Killer’s teasing ‘oooh’ fell on deaf ears while a silent shock took him in.

“A brat…,” his eyes trailed to your resting body. You’re carrying his child.

His child.

He imagined himself cradling a newborn baby in his arms, so small and frail yet so precious. He imagined a younger version of him, only with your eyes and a mix of both of your personalities. He imagined sparring with them, watching over them as they took down other pirates scum, and people cowering in fear as their name spread over news like wildfire. Your husband smirked.

That doesn’t sound so bad.

“I guess you could say…. We’re going to have two Kids running the ship.”

Younger Shanks

“Benn, get the doctor, and fast!”

What the hell had happened? The last thing he knew, you looked healthy enough while you were staring out at the sea, your waist leaned against the deck. You had seemed deep in thought with your unfocused eyes staring blankly ahead, and he had been hiding behind the shadows while admiring how perfect the spectacle was. With the sunset complimenting your features, you had looked so damn gorgeous.

And then suddenly you passed out, just like that.

Shanks had managed to grab you before your body hit the floor, but you hadn’t moved an inch and he launched into panic, his thoughts jumbled with the worst case scenarios. He was so afraid of your well being that he didn’t dare to move your listless figure, scared that he would hurt you or made things worse.

Several shouts and hurried steps later, the ship’s doctor crouched near him and took your hand, checking for your pulse. Hushed whispers filled the air as the whole member of Red Hair pirate group watched with bated breath. Shanks impatiently gritted his teeth when the physician groaned after deducing the state you was in.

“Oh for heaven’s sake, I already told her to eat more so her blood pressure wouldn’t drop! You should keep an eye out more for her Captain. Especially on times like these– Shit.”

Shanks frowned, “What do you mean ‘on times like these’?”

The doctor nervously glanced at you.

“Er…. I don’t think I should be the first to break the news to you.”

Your partner rarely flipped out, but he was so sick with worry and had enough with all the suspense, he unconsciously raised his voice, “Is she sick? You have to tell me, I’m her husband for fuck’s sake!”

“Calm down Cap’n! It’s not a disease or anything; it’s just that she’s pregnant!”

Shocked gasps filled the air and steadily turned into streams of congratulations whilst the red-haired male stared in shock at your abdomen.

You were bearing his child?

“She was really troubled on how to tell you, and I swore I would keep it a secret…. Now she’s going to hunt me down for sure!”

“Well Captain, I guess I’ll go prepare tonight’s feast! Who’s up for meat and more rum?!”

Shanks laughed, his worries replaced with elation as his crew cheered at the mention of food and alcohol. When he looked down at you, his eyes were full of fondness you would have cried if you were awake. Nuzzling your forehead, he gave you a brief peck before he gently adjusted his hold on your body, careful to not move you around too roughly.

He would make sure that you know how delighted he was at the news when you wake up.

DISCLAIMER: this is an analysis  of “JI making a heart shape to describe D O”, take it with a grain of salt.

Like i’ve stated above; this is KD analysis, if you don’t like it, then don’t read it. Scroll down, ignore this post, block me so you don’t have to see my shit ever again.

There are some people who said he was stretching his muscles but imo he wasn’t…

…because if he was stretching his muscles, then why did he bend his elbows like that (thus formed a heart shape with his arms)?

Anyway, the video above started with JI impersonating a chicken – and after JI was done, KJM turned the page.

KJM did this without looking at the page, he turned it while he was looking at JI.

After the page being turned, JI touched his nose when he saw what was written on it (which was “D.O”).

Touching nose is a common signal from a person who’s lying, or being secretive.

It is one of the guarded gestures (just like covering your mouth with your palm). Google it if you don’t believe me.

(Btw JI did this quite a lot in the full version of the video)

JI then lifted his arms and bent his elbows inwards, his arms were forming a heart shape.

People usually would lift their arms up, then bring them down outward when they stretch, but JI brought his arms down inward.

Go try it yourself, try to stretch your arms up like you usually do, then try what he did in the video. Which one is more natural (stretching movement) for you?

Also pay attention to the audio, he was exhaling loudly. (You can hear the clearer audio here)

JI talked to KJM, then after that he looked down at the table.

He looked like he wanted to grab something (he lifted his hand but then put it down). He exhaled again before he talked to KJM.

He then grabbed the water bottles on the table, pay attention to his movement, it was rigid – he was hesitated, imo he looked confused, and a bit panicked too…

He maintained a brief eye-contact with camera when he put down the water bottles on the floor.

Now a question, why he did that? Placing down the water bottles was unnecessary imo.  

The next thing he did was forming a circle with his thumb and forefinger in front of his face to imitate D.O’s signature during growl dance.

So why did he place down the water bottles?

It doesn’t have any connection. He didn’t need a free space on the desk/table to imitate ksoo, so why he placed the water bottles down?

(from what I’ve heard people tend to move things around when they are agitated…)

Also, after he said “ok ok”, you can see him gulping.

When the charade was over, KJM slammed the book on the table – it was done a bit harshly imo, just a bit tho…

I mean… why didn’t KJM just place the book on the table gently? Why he had to do it like that? 

And look at JI reaction when/after KJM did this, he looked lost for a moment before KJM spoke to him

Another thing I want to point out is the oddness of the “answers.”

If you watched the video you’d know the charade charade’s game answers were: drunk man, kim yuna(?) – the ice skating dancer, chicken and dog, scuba diving, michael jackson and ksoo (“D O”) as the last answer.

Each answer required JI to move his body a bit excessively, except “D O” answer.  

So why “D O” was included as the answers?

And why the way JI gave hints (for the answer “D O”) is odd too?

JI formed a heart shape with his arms, and most people think it’s because he wanted to point out ksoo’s heart shaped lips.

But if he wanted to point out ksoo’s lips, why not making a heart shape in front of his mouth?

Why using his arms instead to make a “larger” heart?

What’s that heart shape for? Stretching? But it’s not the natural way to stretch tho?

Plus if he was indeed stretching why he needed to stretch after he saw ksoo / D O on the paper?

In the end he only did a simple gesture, so what’s up with the stretch / forming heart shape?


People said that finally SM is promoting KD, this might be true…

(Kinda weird tho, SM is promoting them after one of them is being announced to be in relationship with a girl, why not doing it before? Why promoting them after one of them has been ‘legitimated’ as straight? Hmm sm bruh u thought u r being slick but u aint)…

…but then why JI looked a bit shocked/panicked/confused after he saw ksoo’s name?  

Does it mean JI (and perhaps KJM too) didn’t know that “D O” gonna appear on the paper?

If they (e x o members) didn’t know then does it mean this (putting “D O” on the paper) wasn’t done by SM but Naver (V-live app) instead?

(bc if it was SM doing they’d know – JI wouldn’t act like that)

After all it’s Naver who owns the “show”. Naver also does this to B*S now, they apply the “need coins to watch” system on B*S videos too.

(Basically Naver is hiring idols to sell their product (V-live app) cuz Naver knows fans gonna pay to see their faves…)

But why? What benefit would they (Naver) gain? It was just a snippet anyway… only KD shippers notice this…

Why they inserted ksoo’s name suddenly w/o the members who involved in the filming knowing – I dare to say this bc JI’s reaction looked off.

Anyway this is just my 2cents, if you agree well hey there fam… if you don’t well mkay then you’re allowed to have your opinion but so do I (we’re all equal here, unless you’re David Karp the founder of tumblr then I’ll stop posting stuffs if you tell me) so I hope you won’t bother me with your complaint(s) just because of this insignificant post of mine.

(thanks am << @cckaisoo >> for the video! along with other stuffs too lel

“on 1.16-1.23 when KJM said the answer was d.o he kinda stuttered which is weird. and he kinda made eye contact too with JI. It seems like KJM wasnt sure its okay to said it (”D O”) out loud or not.” ~ @dks0486

Sibling Mystery - Leon x Kamui

Oooookay Kathie here with my first one-shot thing here on tumblr. I actually wrote this a while ago (when I first fell for this magical dork) so I edited it a bit and here we are now. I really hope you like it! (Warning: There’s some parts that can get out of hand but they’re not obscenely NSFW. But knowing you guys it’s not much haha. Also sorry for weird formatting and such.)

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Don’t really know where to start. I’ve been in love with Wilde’s works since high school and I’m suffering from Ben Whishaw fever which doesn’t seem to ever stop. Over the past few months I’ve been reading all of the posts describing The Crucible on Broadway, but as a trip to the US is not really possible for me right now I was hoping that maybe after the well deserved post NYC holiday Ben would play somewhere in London in a year or maybe more considering he’s doing some film projects right now. So when I saw a post on Tumblr saying he’ll be in Reading in September, and that the exhibition is about Oscar, there was no other choice but to buy a ridiculously long bus journey from Belgium to the UK and even more ridiculously expensive Eurostar train for the way back. But oh dear some things in life are priceless.

I didn’t even get to see that much of the exhibition - managed to see Oscar’s cell and books and some other items but other than that decided to go straight to the queue for the prison Chapel, which was a good choice cause I started to talk to a lady that had the luck to actually see him on Broadway and told me a lot about it. Ben has got some really nice fans 😊

So when we entered I think my heart skipped a beat as he was already sitting there looking so vulnerable and delicate and not even watching the people entering but for a short moment right at the beginning when he actually looked at me before I sat down. I still find it surrealistic that knowing every single movement of his face I got to see it live. Was it really him there?

Ben decided not to make a break in the reading of the 50000 words letter that Wilde wrote to his lover, Bosie. I’m really happy he chose to do it in one go cause in that way the atmosphere was not interrupted. I decided to stay there for the entire performance, thinking that if he can manage this for us then I can certainly manage it for him.

I watched the performance of last week, done by Neil Bartlett. And though both equally long, much longer than originally announced, I’m so so happy I had the honour to see Ben’s one. I really had the impression Oscar was speaking through him. What a talent. What a tremendous talent that boy has. Out of an extremely long letter that might bore if read in an ordinary manner he made a one man theatre. How I loved when he was turning pages and slamming them on the table when he was reading an angry paragraph. How everything he did yesterday was perfect is beyond me. In the middle of the performance (wasn’t looking at my watch but was following the text every now and then from my copy of De Profundis) there was an amazing light entering the Chapel through vitrage windows and you could hear a bird sing. And even though the letter was so hard and emotionally stuffed I felt for a moment such a lightness and happiness.

I’m a frequent concert goer where I always also try to be in the first row. But there was no comparison; sitting yesterday in the first row right next to this genius man,watching his tears and genuine suffering while reading the letter felt so intimate that at the end of it though having a slight heart attack before he read the last words, I felt as if I have known him forever. And I don’t think any theatre performance can give you that. Here, the format of the performance made it really easy for the audience to feel a bond with Ben, I think.

I could write so much more cause throughout the day I had these moments when I suddenly remembered him crying while reading about Oscar’s kids being taken away from him or crying while reading one of the last paragraphs in which one of the cities I have lived in (Bruges) was mentioned. So I’ll stop here. It was just a purely out of body experience. This man is talented beyond words.

After the show he was the most delicate, poor thing standing there so emotional, still crying. He also cried right before the very first words of the letter, before he even started to read. But it is indeed impossible not to shed a tear.

I decided that since I spent half of my weekend travelling under water to get to the UK and see my lovely boy performing, I will try my luck to tell him how gifted he is and how he really makes my life better with his beautiful, inspiring performances. He thanked me like four times (he is cute beyond words and was so shy) and said that the painting on the cover of my De Profundis copy is very beautiful. I felt quite guilty talking to him cause I can’t imagine how exhausted he must have been but then again I really felt the need to thank him for this amazing, insanely beautiful performance, which I did. And now I’m back on the other side of the Channel, trying not to cry at my work when thinking about yesterday.

As Tavi Gevinson said, Ben Goddamn Whishaw indeed.

Sharing some pics with those who couldn’t go/did go but didn’t take any. If anyone wants to talk to me about yesterday please write as I feel the need to let it out.

Edit - on a fun note the bus ride from Belgium was so long cause the driver got totally lost in London and was circulating over the Vauxhall Bridge three times, which with the traffic jams lasted around 1h, giving me a totally hilarious Bond + London Spy Tour 😍 I also find it cute that the train to Reading was leaving from Paddington and got myself one of the bears!

Imagine: when Kaneki and the gang escape, they lay low for a couple days. Touka decides to take Kaneki with her on her visit to the hospital. (for the people who speculate Hide being the one in the hospital that Touka was visiting)

 It’s kinda long so under the cut….and I didn’t really edit it and I haven’t written anything in a while and yeah I hope it’s not too bad o(-( XD

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“Hey everyone! It’s Kuro, here with–” Kuroo nudges Kenma, smiling, even when he’s met with silence. Not missing a beat, he adds, “Kenma! I’ll edit that out later. Probably.” 

“Probably.” Kenma snickers, and Kuroo pouts. 

“Kenma, so mean!”

“Just tell them what we’re doing…” Kenma sighs, shifting in his seat, and Kuroo’s excited smile returns as he straightens in his seat. 

“We’re going through my Tumblr tag.” There’s a pause in the audio so dramatic music could be played once Kuroo gets to editing, Kuroo grinning and raising his eyebrows suggestively the whole time. Kenma snickers, covering his mouth with his hand. “I was originally going to do it myself, but I’ve never actually looked through my own tag before, and from what I’ve seen in my other friend’s tags, I thought moral support would be a good thing.” 

“You just don’t want to look at all the porn of yourself by yourself because then people would thing you’re weird.”

“I am weird, though! It’s obvious that I just want to spend time with you, and that’s why,” Kuroo smiles coyly, and Kenma stifles another, amused snicker, moving to open Kuroo’s laptop. 

“Let’s just get started,” Kenma says, typing in his password, greeted by the tag page, already pulled up. He raises an eyebrow upon seeing the scroll bar already halfway down the page. 

“I got curious!” Kuroo says in attempt to defend himself, but it doesn’t work; Kenma scoffs, and refreshes the page to get to the top. Then he lets Kuroo take the reins, and watches the screen as Kuroo scrolls to the first picture they come to. “See? That’s cute.” Kuroo points to a realistic sketch of Kenma with a cat-ear headband, and smiles. “It looks just like you!”

Kenma’s neutral face tinges pink, and he smiles softly. “Well this one looks like you, too,” He points to the artwork directly under it that compliments his own, cat ears and all. Kuroo’s grin grows. 

“It does, doesn’t it? My fans are such great artists!”


“Ohh, and look at this– they’re my favorite artist!” Kuroo’s hand flies back to hit Kenma on the chest, now, and he grimaces a moment before his eyes focus on the artwork that Kuroo was vehemently pointing at. 

“Ah. I’ve seen them before.” 


“Yeah; they’re really good…”

They continued on like that for an hour, probably, until Kuroo finally decided that they’ve done enough and closes up shop after doing an outro.

 It’s later than they’d thought. Kenma is obviously tired. But Kuroo needs to work on editing and getting the video ready for upload in the morning. 

“Should we order in? I don’t really feel like cooking tonight–”

“I can cook.” Kenma says, standing. Kuroo looks at him, surprise evident on his face, which seemingly annoys Kenma. “I’ve cooked before, Kuro, I’m not going to burn the whole apartment complex down,” He growls, and Kuroo laughs. 

“I know, I know, it’s just– surprising. You never usually volunteer to cook.” 

“Because I don’t want to,” Kenma mutters, walking to the door, “But you seem like you need real food right now, not some cheap pizza from a fast food restaurant that probably has our address and order memorized.” 

Kenma leaves Kuroo to work, and Kuroo swears, he’s even more in love with him than before. 

Half an hour of editing, groaning, and pounding his head against the desk later, Kenma enters wearing pajamas. “Dinner’s done.” 

“Ok, I’ll be–” 

“No. Come out now, your video can wait.” Kenma says sternly, crossing his arms. “Don’t think I can’t hear you in here. The walls are thin.” 

Kuroo flushes at the thought of what else Kenma may have heard through the walls at night, but quickly shakes the thought out of his head as he stands, following Kenma out. 

“Ah, you say you don’t want me eating pizza, so you make pizza. Nice,” Kuroo smirks, leaning against the counter as Kenma pulls out plates and hands him one. 

“I said you shouldn’t eat at fast food restaurants all the time,” Kenma mumbles, grabbing himself his own slices. “Besides, that’s all we had in the cabinets. We need to go shopping.” 

Kuroo hums. “Tomorrow. I don’t wanna go out tonight.” 

Kenma makes a noise of affirmation, and walks to the living room, falling into his usual seat on the couch. Kuroo trails him, falling into the seat next to him. Kenma pulls out his ds, and Kuroo turns on the tv. Kenma shudders, and Kuroo realizes that the usual nest of blankets in Kenma’s spot on the couch. Odd. It was cold, it was snowing outside, and Kenma hated snow. Too cold, far too cold for him when he couldn’t create much body heat from himself. 

“Where are your blankets?”

Kenma looks up from his pizza to Kuroo to his pizza again. "I…your room, I think…” 

Oh. Yeah. Kenma had slept in his room last night. The heat was out, and the space heater in Kenma’s room wasn’t enough to keep him warm through the night. It makes Kuroo’s face warm up, and he laughs, to cover his nerves. 

“R- Right…” Suddenly Kenma shifts, and he’s curled up in Kuroo’s lap. “K- Ken–”

“You’re warm.” 

“Y- Yeah…” 

They finish eating in silence, and Kenma stays in his lap, playing his ds while Kuroo watches tv. 

It’s late, when they decide to turn in. Or, rather, Kuroo decides to turn in. Kenma had fallen asleep – again. It honestly amazes Kuroo how much Kenma sleeps, and how easy it was for him to just…fall asleep anywhere. 

Before he can think too much about his roommate’s sleep habits, he’s lifting Kenma and carrying him to his bedroom, taking a pit stop to his own room to grab his blankets. The maintenance guy had come and fixed the heater earlier, and the space heater kept the room an almost boiling temperature for Kenma, so it had been deemed warm enough for him to inhabit once more. 

Tucking Kenma into bed, Kuroo allows himself the small pleasure of brushing his hair away from his face, and kissing his forehead. After that, he whispers a soft, useless “good night,” to Kenma and heads off to his own room, completely unaware of the golden irises, now wide open, staring after him as the door clicks softly shut.