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Imagine Loki magicking you into a cat to terrorize those in the Tower.

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Loki X Reader

Staring out the glass wall window, you look on in awe at the scene outside of Avengers Tower. New York is a complete white out and while you’ve seen snow, you’ve never seen this much and you find it’s quite fascinating. But that fascination quickly dwindles and you heave a sigh before turning your back on the beauty of an eerily quiet city.

“Why am I being confined to the Tower?” You whine. “It’s not like you aren’t capable of transporting me home in a blink of an eye or anything.”

“I believe my brother and his friends are under the impression that you keep me anchored,” Loki says. “Were you not here, it’s highly likely I’d grow bored and create chaos.”

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The best kind of relationships begin unexpectedly. When you get that astonished feeling and everything happens so suddenly. That’s why you don’t look for love. It comes to you just at the right time. The time you never thought it would have.

How was that, growing up in fame and fortune?
Oh. Well. I wouldn’t know, exactly, because she never told anyone I was … there …

Look, I’m not saying Jester was upset about not being roommates with Beau any more because after all those years alone she hates being in any room by herself for too long and especially sleeping by herself because she’s afraid she’ll wake up and find she’s alone again, so it’s just comforting to her to hear the sound of someone else’s breathing  … but also that’s exactly what I’m saying.

sometimes you’re fishing in the pouring rain and you’re bored so you sing stuff from musicals because that’s what you do when you’re bored and then you realise like ten words in that Oh, Fuck, Feelings about fictional characters’ friendships, and there you are, singing and crying in the rain, holding on to your fishing pole and staring into the river

and then you go back home and draw

i was at @vancouvercomics this past Sunday~ and to my surprise and delight @falseknees was there!!!! i painted this little piece in honour of his wonderful work and to remember what it was like getting to meet him! (^   v ^)


mr and mrs overwatch please release the whole skin im dyi


i mean can you blame him????

Reminder that you don’t have to always be a ball of energy & light. You can get angry, you can get upset, you can be exhausted, just don’t pretend to be happy and energetic to appease others.