suddenly I'm embarrassed

a jackshits au where jack comes out to the falcs and most of them (tater) are all WAIT IS IT PIE GUY?? HE’S SO NICE AND MAKES US FOOD!! and Jack’s like….well….not…..quite……and shitty comes in swearing up a storm, doing his usually pornographic commentary on everyone’s last game, and introducing himself as Shitty.

(tater: maybe I’ve missed something in translation but-
Thirdy: no, no, it’s definitely as weird as you think it is.)

Fenders doodle before work on some other stuff.

I believe they would always fight and fight. And they would never apologize to each other unless something happens.

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here it is!

thanks to everyone who helped, participated and supported me.
(pls ignore my bad editing skills, i’ve never made anything like this ;; and ignore the silly intro. i’ll hide for 5 months now, bye)

oh, the messages are at the end of part 2 in case you’re wondering.