suddenly sunday

henlo i am crY ign


It’s two o'clock on the edge of the morning,
she’s running magical circles around my head…

that ‘70s show + sing street



Yesterday was the perfect example of a bad day for me. It was one of those days where nothing just seems to work, you forget everything, you lose stuff, everything goes out of hand, and just as you thought the day couldn’t possibly get worse, something else comes up. Let’s not go into details, suffice it to say the day was just horrendous.

I did, however try my best to stay positive. Told my friend Jaido who was with me that day everything that happened since morning. After hearing me rant about my miserable Sunday, she suddenly lit up- which definitely was a strange reflex. Uhm, hello, why are you happy over my suffering? Her answer was life-changing. She answered, “because your suffering means better things are coming!!!”

That positivity was so admirable MashaAllah. Her words instantly made me feel better. It was somewhat magical because I could have sworn I felt like trash two seconds before. The amount of faith she has for God is so profound. Another lesson I learnt that day was, sometimes we focus too much on the problem, we become somewhat blind towards the blessings existing concurrently. Allah says in the Quran, with hardship comes ease. WITH and not AFTER. SubhanAllah, Jaido was definitely a blessing. She was simply heaven-sent. I’m so fortunate to have such optimistic friends who knows just the right things to say when I’m at my lowest.

When He removes something in your possession it is only in order to empty your hands for an even greater gift. - Ibn Qayyim

So if you’re having one of those days, remember, BETTER THINGS ARE COMING!

*cues “Jason Mraz - Life is Wonderful” in the background*

Love, light and laughter,
Aisyah Shakirah

(Shots taken that very day at Masjid Wilayah by @atiq259 on instagram)

bad habits (for a heartbreaker) (m) pt.1

Words: 18,139.
Genre: Smut, fluff + tattoo (kinda) soulmate au + messy love triangle.
Pairing: Jungkook x Reader, Yoongi x Reader. 
Summary: “The world suddenly feels as if it’s closing in on you, crashing and burning and dragging you along with it, because you can’t be in love and yet you obviously are - and the mere thought is absolutely, undeniably frightening.”
A/N: Inspired by this and this submission and the songs bad habits by the kooks and how to be a heartbreaker by marina and the diamonds.

part 1 |


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Can I Purr-ease Have Your Number?

Genre: Fluff as well. I’m made of fluff.

Characters: Im Jaebum x Reader; Nora, Kunta, and Odd (Jaebum’s cats), Kim Yugyeom, and Bambam.

Warning/s: None. 

Summary: When Jaebum began looking for his missing cat, he didn’t expect to find something more. 

A/N: I rarely get requests, so I tried my best in this one! I hope you like this! I’m sorry if it’s not as long as you hoped. :(

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“We had such a little boy school-like camp for me, Mikkel [Boe Følsgaard] and Cyron [Melville] if suddenly on Sunday we could not get home to Denmark. And I bought a football and found some places where we could play. And we could be fired of course, right? It was reasonably much stress for produsers - that we were runing around with the ball. So we had to lie constantly about it and smuggle it out in a way or another - it would not be good if any of us got an injury. And we tried also to control ourselves, but it was a bit difficult because we have some really childish lads inside, all three of us.”

- Mads Mikkelsen about filming in ‘A Royal Affair’


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can sunday be here now, im so ready to drown in viktor's feelings T__T

well if Sunday was suddenly here now you’d only get about 1/10 of the chapter so maybe don’t wish it too soon!

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"Do you think that, no matter what, life goes on?"

“For me I suppose it’s a question of ‘for how much longer.’ To be blunt, I thought my life was forfeit ages ago. During my time both here and behind bars I’ve learned something important about myself. I’m nothing without a sense of duty - a devotion to something worth preserving. Metis, Aura, Athena…they were my life, and thus when they were ripped from me I felt devoid of meaning. It wasn’t until I met her that I found my purpose in this city.”

Simon paused, a weary grin forming on his face. “I’m sure they wouldn’t want to hear that. They’d want me to just be my own person. Hmhm…If life truly goes on no matter what, perhaps I will be able to stand on my own one day.”

you know the moon. or you
know some tired version,
giant colossal grief in the sky.

that’s how it is, anguish
or insult, becoming used
to new definitions. god’s
large face like a broken
rib, something shipwrecked,
something asking for forgiveness.

but you can not be forgiven.
footsteps above your head,
the nails in the floorboards

this moment of resistance turned
into an open window,
the night given
to the birds, a single forming
flower or word which
says, once: go.


i’m sorry that i haven’t been here much. my grandfather, who was my best friend, died suddenly this past sunday and i took a few days to cry and remember him. he was the one who told me to write and share my voice. i’m slowly coming back, i hope that’s okay.