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Harry accidentally wears a slytherin tie ??

Harry and Draco were quickly getting dressed after having a bit of… fun in one of the empty classrooms while everyone was at dinner. “Ron and Hermione will be wondering where I am by now.” Harry stated.

Draco snorted. “Oh please, they’re too busy snogging nowadays to notice what’s going on.” Harry chuckled and kissed him deeply once more before leaving the dark room. He walked through the empty halls rapidly to join his friends at dinner. When he got there, he was too focused on Ron and Hermione to notice any of the gasps that came from the rest of the Great Hall.

Harry sat down across from Ron and Hermione; Ron as captivated by his food as Hermione was with her book. It wasn’t until he greeted them that they looked up and gasped. Harry furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. “What?”

“Harry, why-” As Hermione began to speak someone pulled him up from the seat. Harry turned and he was face to face with his boyfriend, Draco Malfoy. He looked a bit frightened, but annoyed at the same time, so Harry didn’t stop him when he began to pull him out of the Great Hall.

Once outside, Draco didn’t speak, but merely held up a Gryffindor tie; his Gryffindor tie. Harry looked down at the one he was wearing and realized he was wearing a Slytherin tie. He must have grabbed the wrong one when they were getting dressed. The gasps and strange looks from Ron and Hermione suddenly made sense now. He didn’t know how he didn’t see all the confused glances when he first walked into the hall.

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i’m ready to break, you’re ready to bend

for @eggo-my-leggo, thanks for motivating me ely :)

read on ao3

tw: implied/referenced child abuse

Steve walked down the road quickly.  His eyes were burning, but he wasn’t sure how much of that was from the cold.  It was freezing, and he tucked his hands under his armpits before the fell off.  Winter in Indiana was always shitty, but in the evening it was even worse.

“Why the hell couldn’t you have grabbed your jacket, Harrington?” he muttered angrily at himself under his breath.

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On the subject of dudes on the internet giving unprompted critiques-

Back in the day, I was on a forum-based website and it had a section for art. And it was really common for people to post their art there with the phrase ‘I know I suck’ tacked onto the bottom. Self-depreciation was the way to be, I guess. And I’d tried that a few times and I didn’t get many people to comment on it that way.

But a few years later, I’d gotten better. I started taking art classes and I really practiced a lot and I could see how well I improved and I was really proud of the things that I’d made. 

So I posted them. 

I posted them and I said ‘I’m really proud of this one.’

And oh did that piss people off. Oh man.

The comments: oooooh the comments. Suddenly everyone had something to say about my art. They were lining up to tell me everything that was wrong with it, to tell me that I wasn’t that great, that I should stay humble, and they were chomping at the bit to knock me down a peg. 

And all I said was that I was proud of my work. 

Here is what I have learned:

Unwanted critique that picks apart every aspect of a piece and distills it into only error is not about your work. 

It is about the critic. 

bts reacts: you’re more quiet than usual

anon asked:  ok ok I KNOW requests are closed, but when they are open can you PLEASEEE do bts reactions to you being really quiet because your minds just blank? idk, that’s me rn so …but anyway PLEASEEEE 💕💕💕

sure, my love, i gotchu :)

note: i try to keep these gender neutral, so if i use a specific pronoun, let me know so i can change it! 💕

yoongi:  the two of you are usually quiet- not so much in a bad way, but in a peaceful, serene way. quiet in such a way, where it’s just the two of you enjoying each other’s company; just enjoying the fact that they’re actually there. it was something that a lot of the people you knew couldn’t understand, how the two of you could just sit there, but in a way, it made sense in your head. however, i feel like yoongi would know the difference between you being quiet and you being spaced out, and would pick up on it quite quickly.

“hey, what’s on your mind?”

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hoseok: "are you okay? you seem.. distant?“ he’d cock his head as if wondering if distant was the right word to use.  "i don’t know, you just seem a lot quieter than usual, is everything alright?”

“i’m fine, just… drained?” you’d mirror his actions from before, wondering if drained was the way to describe how you felt. “or not drained, but just… blank? like, i don’t know if it’s just because i’m tired, or-”

“i understand.” he’d nod. there’d be a soft sigh, and the two of you would close your eyes, leaning back into the sofa simultaneously. “do you want to try getting some sleep? i don’t know if it’ll help, but it seems like a good place to start.”

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namjoon: he’d notice, and then sit back to think about it for a while. he’d weigh up the things he could say, wondering whether it was best to say them, and voice his concern, or keep it in his head, just in case there was nothing wrong in the first place. he might not decide to bring it up until late at night when you’re about to sleep, and he just turns over and whispers, despite there being no one else there but the two of you.

“if there’s something up, i’ll be here to talk- you know that, right?”

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seokjin:  would be concerned that you weren’t your usual self,  and would pick up on it really quickly, talking to you with little sentences to show his worry, like “do you think space will help? i can go into the next room if that’s what you’d like,” or even “maybe just talking to me would help- like, just talking about anything. it doesn’t have to be important, you could just tell me what you had for dinner yesterday, or about something cute or mildly horrific your friend’s cat did the other day. i’m here to listen- and if you can’t think of anything, you know what? that’s fine too. we can just sit here, i can put some music on, and see what’ll happen.”

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jungkook:  i feel like he’d wonder if he’d done anything wrong at first; y'know, like that feeling you get when you’re around someone and they’re usually a certain way, and then they suddenly change, and you feel like it’s because you’ve done something that upset them? i feel like he’d be a little bit like that, and be quite quick to act on it.

“hey, did i do something wrong? you seem a little different today…”

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jimin “i can’t.”

“you can’t?” he’d look up from his phone, confused at your sudden words, especially since you’d said nothing all day. “what can’t you do?” there were lots of words flying through your head, the most prominent of which being, anything. i can’t do anything. i can’t seem to think, and- he’d see the look on your face change and for a moment he’d probably fool you into thinking telepathy existed, with the way he responded.

“i don’t know any way to help, but i can promise you, whatever it is, it’s not worth worrying over. i promise.”

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taehyung: would probably unknowingly tease you about it at first when he didn’t know what was up with little nudges here and there,  saying things like “yesterday i couldn’t get you to be quiet, and today i’ve barely even heard you talk!” and “i never thought you’d run out of things to say!”, but as soon as he realized that you weren’t playing along, he’d stop.

“hey, are you okay? seriously, this time.”

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i mean i’m not really sure if i like how this turned out, but i hope you liked it, anon! :) take a shot every time i said “the two of you” in this post

here’s my masterlist, in case you liked this! i’m here if you wanna be friends because i’m lonely.

(also how would you feel about a youtuber!taekook au because i wAs tHinKing aBoUt a ThINg)

last react: when you’re ill

thanks for reading!

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Edward Nygma x reader

Warnings: There shouldn’t be any

Let it be said that usually you didn’t keep any secrets from your partner. It was liberating not having any blurred lines in the relationship. Except for one that you’ve managed to keep for over a month. Though, you knew he was starting to suspect there was something off the past few weeks.

The problem was, you didn’t know how he would handle the situation. Normally he was easygoing and loving, but there would be times when something else took over.

Eddie had been upfront about what was happening inside his head. There was another version of him that took over from time to time and that was the only reason you were afraid to tell your secret. Ed and Eddie were polar opposites. Eddie was awkward, goofy, and wanted to make others happy. Ed on the other hand could care less of what others thought, oozed confidence, and, if you were completely honest, could probably kill a person.

Your stomach lurched at the thought and you spilt the contents of your meager breakfast into the toilet. Groaning, you stood and moved to wash your teeth. You looked absolutely miserable as you made your decision to tell Ed that he was going to be a father.

The two of you never spoke about children, hell now that you thought about it marriage wasn’t a topic either. Fuck, this was going to be a disaster. You ran a hand over your face. It had to be done, no matter the outcome. You could find something else if things with Eddie didn’t workout.

You started to search online for looking for ideas. Just in case things did work out, you wanted to make it a good memory. Nothing on the internet seemed to fit the both of you as a couple. His favorite thing, riddles, would have to be the way to go. Now that you thought of it, he did love coffee too.

That’s it! All you would need to do is find a replica of his mug and a riddle. Perfect! You headed out and straight to the gift shop that you got Eddie’s favorite coffee mug from. The shop owner chatted with you as he put decal inside the mug that read ‘You’re going to be a daddy!’

Henry, you had learned his name was, wished you luck. “Besides anyone that has you should be proud!” He added with his final goodbye.

You hoped that would be true as you made your way to the GCPD. Everyone knew you were with Nygma, so no one bothered to check in with you. “Hey Jim,” you greeted when he entered the break room.

“Hey,” he gave you a tight smile, it was easy to see his newest case wasn’t treating him well, “What brings you around here?”

You showed him the inside of the mug, “Special announcement, besides I told Edward that I’d come to see him.”

Jim chuckled as he saw the inside, “I’m glad, congratulations YN.” Before you spoke Harvey rushed in telling Jim about a lead. “Tell me how it goes. See you around.” Jim rushed after Harvey.

Something about telling Jim got you excited and you just couldn’t wait to tell Ed now. You made coffee just the way he liked and made your way down to forensics. “Hey, love!” You pressed a kiss to Ed’s cheek and passed him his coffee.

Eddie grinned at you, “Thank you,” he took a drink from it before setting it down, “What did the boy snake say to the girl snake?”

You crinkled your brow, unable to find an actual answer. “Come Slytherin to my bed?” You joked, looking at him expectantly for the true answer.

“Sorry, dear. Give me a hug and a hiss, honey,” he opened his arms up for you.

“I swear Eddie,” you shook your head but complied to his request. Kissing him was always nice and it did wonders to make you forget your worries. Suddenly, there was a shift in his kisses, he got rougher and he picked you up and sat you on the table.

You pulled away from his kiss and sure enough it wasn’t the usually sweet eyes looking into yours. “Hello, Ed,” you gave him a kiss on the cheek, starting to feel a bit sullen.

“What’s wrong? My kitten isn’t happy to see me?” He pouted, before rolling his eyes, “Come on, Eddie has been hogging up all of my time.”

“Here, you seem to be overly thirsty,” you handed him the mug, which he downed completely, impatient. “Besides,” you took his mug, before he saw the words, “I’ve got a riddle for the both of you.”

“Both of us can hear.”

That was no good for you, besides you needed Eddie to be in control. “You always need to suck me roll over your tongue to fill me all over in your mouth. Lick me again and again as it taste good to you,” you asked, biting your lip in just the right way to drive Ed mad.

Ed smirked at the dirty riddle, “Ice cream, but I’m sure my kitten has a different answer in mind.”

“I wouldn’t say ‘no’ to your other answer,” you replied coyly, leaning in to press a kiss to the base of his neck.

“What a good little kitty I have.” Ed pulled you closer, moving to press a lustful kiss to your lips.

You pulled away, “Not here..Lee could come in..”

He sighed, visibly annoyed. “Come on.” He took your hand and started leading you out of the lab. You made a quick grab for the mug without him noticing.

When he took you into the main hall at the GCPD you stopped in your tracks. Ed wouldn’t do anything now and anyways Eddie took control in public situations.

“What’s wrong, dear?” Eddie looked at you worried.

“I-I’ve got something to tell you..” You looked at the ground shyly, “I can be created by humans, But they cannot control me. I suck on wood, paper and flesh alike. I can be more of a hindrance than help at times. To my creators, I seem to be everywhere at once. What am I?”

His looked at you, confused at the sudden question. “You’re a child. YN, I thought riddles in awkward moments was my thing.”

“Look at this.” You showed him the mug.

“You’re pregnant!” His eyes lit up and his sudden shout made everyone stare at the both of you.

“Nygma actually knocked up a girl,” you heard one of the officers remark.

“You’re serious?” He asked, looking down at you lovingly.

You smiled at him, “We’re having a baby!”

Eddie started pressing kisses to your stomach before coming up to kiss you. “Tell me sooner, next time.”

“Next time?” You giggled, pressing a kiss to his cheek.

“Of course, I plan to spend my life with you,” his eyes sending warmth through you, “Each day with you makes me happier.”

“I love you, so much,” you said, hugging him and hiding your face against his neck.

The two of you spent the rest of your visit, talking about the future with a child. Eddie, of course, was already planning to read the unborn child his favorite books, Hawking included. The both of you marveled at how brilliant your child would become. After an hour it was time to head home, Eddie would still need to work for another four hours. He didn’t allow you to leave until he got to tell the baby goodbye and made sure you would rest for the day. You didn’t notice the glare that took over once you turned to leave.

Ed was not happy.

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To insecure self typed INXJs (and others needing insight in Fi/Fe distinction)

SUBMITTED by rainismyfavouritecolour

This is a personal, very recent discovery that I’m indeed INFJ. It took me a very long time to understand, but now that I’m finally here, I want to share this with you.

Maybe you’ve been told you don’t look like an INFJ. Maybe you can’t fully identify with hunches or always being right. You might have read a ton of Ni vs Ne descriptions and found the Ni one always more accurate, but were too filled with self doubt to really go with it.

There’s no surefire method I can tell you will work for you, other than continuous study of the functions and yourself. But maybe some of what I’ve written will help you identify yourself better. This is my very subjective experience only, but I’m sharing it in hopes that this will help at least some of you.

— O —

On Ni:

I get hunches. Constantly. And I go with them so fast, I don’t even notice. It’s an immediate reaction, a bolt of lightning hitting me from above. The reason I didn’t realize it before was because I was much more insecure and self doubting. I didn’t pay enough attention to this happening, nor did I trust it. Instead of implicitly trusting myself, I constantly analyzed and questioned, wondered if I was wrong - running around in constant circles. But tuning into myself a bit more, I caught it. I took it for so granted and natural before, I didn’t see what was meant by ‘hunches’.

I don’t think about it, in fact, I will usually be elsewhere with my thoughts or preoccupied with something completely different, and suddenly the solution to some thing I’d been worrying about appears (provided I have enough/correct info). That’s Ni.

I easily see parallels and similarities between things that may not appear similar at all. That sounds Ne but you need to pay attention to what your mind does with all the impressions you take in. If they converge, that’s Ni. If they diverge, that’s Ne. See, when I draw parallels, separate entities become essentially the same thing. They carry the same meaning, become a symbol for the same thing. Ne would likely assign two (or several) different meanings to a single object instead.

Another thing is that it’s stated pretty much everywhere that Ni is always right. That’s false. Ni THINKS it’s right. It doesn’t have to be. That’s an important distinction to make. Ni’s accuracy largely depends how much accurate information is available. The more there is, the more likely it will be that Ni actually will be right. The less information is considered, the more likely it is that Ni will completely miss the mark.

So, coupled with how insecure I was, how was that stereotype anything I could much identify with at all? I’m very well aware I could be wrong, even believe I will be, because that’s what the majority of my life taught me to believe. It’s really hard to trust yourself if you’ve got no self belief. If you don’t know how to.

So, some advice for insecure Ni-doms, or really anyone - work on trusting yourself, on self belief. Take a step back and stop questioning/analyzing. It’ll become clearer in time and your confidence will grow.

On Fe:

I display a number of behavioral characteristics that are both Fi and Fe. That made it difficult to identify with either over the other. What decided it for me though, was how I process emotion. Of course, Feeling functions aren’t primarily about emotion but that’s an important part not to be overlooked. I use Extroverted Feeling simply because I don’t process emotion internally. I can’t. I need to, ideally, talk them out to truly understand what I’m feeling, the exact nuances of it, why I’m feeling it etc. I share them naturally, openly, one of the few things about me that actually are external. I’m vaguely aware of my feelings, when I have them, but trying to figure it out in my head is headache inducing. I simply don’t work that way. Writing my feelings out works as well, but there seems to be something in the act of sharing or hearing it verbalized that makes it a better solution than just writing.

Fi, introverted Feeling, cannot do this so easily. It feels everything much more internally, and sharing emotion is extremely uncomfortable, impossible even. This is a very clear distinction I can see between real life Fi vs Fe users, more easily in high Feeling types. Fe will tell you exactly what they’re feeling, raw and in the moment. Fi will do that indirectly by hurling insults or accusing you of things. Emotion is obvious in both but one is direct and to the point, while the other is less so.

If I talk about my feelings, they see it as whining about my problems. They don’t see that this is how I process and identify my feelings and problems in the first place. To them, it’s an unnecessary and tedious thing to do.

Now, Fe values are about making sure other people are comfortable first while Fi is about making themselves comfortable first. The reason I use Fe is because of how natural and easy it is for me to look out for how people feel/may feel. That’s not because I value being kind and considerate. It’s instinctive. It just happens.

An example of this is how I react to criticism. I don’t wonder if it’s true or how I feel about it, but panic about how to best adjust my behavior to remedy whatever the criticism was about. I adjust myself to make the other person more comfortable. For example, my family once remarked on how odd it was that I continuously, naturally explained my reasoning behind doing certain things (thanks to one of Charity’s posts I realized that was Fe - sharing ‘emotions’ openly). I’ve grown up in a pure Fi family. No Fe whatsoever. So, doing that was perceived as me being defensive which never even occurred to me. Taking this as an unconscious command of 'don’t do it, it’s making me uncomfortable’, I did away with that. I still want to do it and often catch myself in the middle of it - but wanting to maintain outer harmony is so unconscious, it’s like breathing air. You don’t pay attention or aren’t even aware but it’s still happening.

This kind of stuff has been influencing me so much, I blended in with my Fi family. I now superficially appear like a Fi user despite not being one. Often, I’m told I look like an IXFP. My empathy is so high and unconscious, I take on the attitudes and emotions of others and don’t even realize it until slapped in the face with it. I’m just learning that I’ve adopted a lot that way. The differences only become apparent if you know me (and MBTI) well enough. I’m simply unable to do anything without considering what consequences this may have on someone else.

Now, I’m not the stereotypical host. I’m not particularly warm or fuzzy unless you know me well. That’s because my brand of Fe doesn’t care primarily whether you’re physically comfortable, something that probably has to do with with low Se, but if you’re okay emotionally. That you feel safe and comfortable, unjudged and not rushed. That you feel understood. I want to make sure you’re feeling good. I instinctively wait for others to 'give permission’ before proceeding, all because of this unconscious need to be considerate, even if I really want to do it. Like turning on the AC when it’s hot. My sister and mother just go for it while I always either ask if it’s okay with them and wait until they say yes, or silently consider whether one of them has a cold or whatnot, if the AC will make them feel worse. If they object, I don’t do it.

Additionally, my 'values’ change and expand constantly. Sure, I’ve got a few that are pretty set, but generally, if you can make me understand, it becomes adopted into my world view and values. Live and let live, for example, is a pretty Fi value. Fe is about collective values which is why 'live and let live’ can be bypassed in favor of 'the greater good’. The individual can be ignored as long as the majority are taken care of. I remember my sister telling me how intolerant I was being by not going by 'live and let live’ - now, it’s a natural part of how I think. I can’t even pinpoint when it became part of me, but it did.

On Ti:

Aah, Ti. How I love and loathe thee. Truth be told, I’ve probably been stuck in a Ni-Ti loop for a really, really long time. I still am in one. To keep it short and simple -

Ti needs to understand something before it can apply it/is taken in. It takes apart a thing into its single elements, examines each one from all angles until fully understood, and by the end can put the whole thing back together any way it wishes. It continually adjusts itself with each piece of incoming information, making sure its always consistent with its inner logic. Ti asks 'does this make sense to me?’

I have never been able to apply any concept until I fully understood it, going by exactly that process.

On Se:

The ultimate blind spot. I get lost embarrassingly easy to the point of getting anxiety attacks. My body coordination is complete crap. I continuously run into walls or door frames (it gets worse the more I try concentrating on how to avoid it). I cannot react right away but need time to process. Try to force me and I become catatonic, unresponsive. I slow down and come to a standstill, a mental stutter and state of paralysis.

I’m wary of physical intimacy to the extreme. I’m quite disconnected from my body or the physical world. The line between my thoughts, imagination and reality is blurred and very easily questioned. But solitary exercise or walks are amazing. They make me quiet my mind until I’m left with nothing but pure physical sensations and the inner peace and calm it fills me with.

— O —

I hope this has been at least a little bit helpful.

I want to thank Charity for her amazing explanations, her infinite patience with putting up with so many of my (sometimes really stupid) questions, and finally for letting me post this.

Charity note: there are no stupid questions. :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY OTABEK and happy Halloween!! <3 <3

I wanted to draw so much more for my best boy’s birthday but alas, life had other plans for me this week! At least I managed to draw just this, combining @yoi-halloween-week day 6: Costumes (kudos if you get the references for Otabek and Leo’s ones!) and @otabek-altin-week last day: Birthday! <3 

And THERE IS MORE!! This scene comes from a fanfic that I’m writing with my dear @yakoucchu! <3 you can read it under the cut! <3 we’re planning to dig more into Otabek’s past, back in the days when he was training with JJ and Leo in the US and we want to explore his relationship with them, especially with JJ…*wink* let us know what you think! <3

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Jealousy (Jimin)

As per Anon’s request! (Thank you again)

Wolf Au
3898 Words 

Summary: Jimin never asked for a mortal mate and as much as he loved her, he also found himself resenting every single gene in her body that made her human. 

Jealousy is a poisonous emotion that begins from the heart and courses through every vein filling every gap with bitterness. An emotion that was almost impossible to control and hide. It was also a curse bestowed upon Jimin for being the species that he was.

“Jimin we’re going for a run.” Hoseok said popping his head into Jimin’s room. Jimin was sprawled on his bed, his eyes closed, “Go ahead, I don’t feel like running.” He replied with a yawn. Hoseok expressed concern for the younger one’s health before leaving with the rest of the pack once Jimin reassured him that he was okay, just tired. With his acute hearing, he heard the leader make a comment about how it had been awhile since Jimin went for a run with them and the rest agreeing in unison. When he heard them all leave, he rolled onto his stomach and let out a long exhale. Every time they asked him to go he would use the same excuse: “I’m tired.” He could never tell them the real reason why he couldn’t join them. As of lately, Jimin loathed his wolf form and in order to go on these runs, the pack had to transform to release tension building inside the body. In fact, he would avoid any situation that required him to become what he really was. He hated what he was and for once, just one day, he wanted to be a human. He just wanted to be normal.

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The Chocobros as Mermen

Mermaid AU, Slight Golden Age of Pirates AU 


  • The Little Mermaid reprise. His father is king, he falls in love with a human, there’s a tentacle sea witch out for his blood. (Except one’s name is Ardyn, the other is Ursula.)
  • Noctis is the prince of the undersea kingdom of Lucis, and has never broken the surface of the water before. 
  • He’s nice and sleek with a long tail that’s dark-blue, almost black under regular light, but when the sunlight hits it directly his scales becomes every shade of blue in existence. His gills are sharp and deep, adorning the sides of his toned waist and along the sides of his neck. His ears are slightly pointed and the fins on his forearms, lower back, and at the ends of his tail taper out like a thin sheer.  
  • Noctis doesn’t really care about humans, but he’s enamored with the sunlight. His father and Iggy tell him constantly not to get too close to the surface, or else he might be spotted, but it’s just so much warmer up there. His scales and his bare skin always feel like they’re being wrapped in a cozy hug. He always tries to get as close as he can to soak in the sunlight. 

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anonymous asked:

OMG FINNALY!! Can I please request a I.M (my side hoe), wonho (my other side hoe, shownu (my daddy, you can see it in an sexual or non sexual way) and my husband jooheon reactiont to there wife or girlfriend has a kink that sen never tell him about until on their 5 year Anniversary which is a mommy kink and the use of toys (on their partner, which in this scenario is monsta x). BTW I LOVE YOUR BLOG GURL!! KEEP THE GOOD WORK

Here ya go, bb~ 

Finding out their S/O has a secret mommy kink (I.M, Wonho, Shownu, and Jooheon)

Warning: NSFW

I.M: NOAH FENCE but he’d be so into it, his eyes would light right the fuck up once you told him. He’d hang off every word you said as soon as it left your mouth, he was so interested and he could’t even help it. As you kept rambling along about how you were nervous to tell him and how long you’ve been fantasizing about it, he slowly slid his hand up your thigh in a seemingly innocent manner. Once you asked him what he was doing he simply looked up you, flashing his soft brown eyes and murmuring.

“I need you to take care of me, mommy~”

Wonho: He watched you rant and rant about this so called “mommy kink”, which he’s never heard about, as he started to grow intrigued at the idea. He’d never thought about the fantasy in his life, which is probably what struck his interest first, the newness of it all. He wasn’t even completely sold on the idea until he heard the mention of toys. He enjoyed toys. A lot. He felt a sudden tightness in his pants as his mind created the image of you teasing him with a vibrator, but abruptly shutting it off when he forgot to call you “mommy”. You suddenly asked him what’s wrong and why he was squirming so much, a bit of concern lacing your voice. 

“I think we should take this conversation to the bedroom, baby”

Shownu: I think he’d be the only one having doubts, being the most masculine one in the group. (fucking fight me Wonho we see your hips). He would still give it a try regardless, only because you specifically asked him to. His favorite part would be how much of a seductress you turned into when the two of you got started. He loved all the attention he got as well. You honestly didn’t think he liked it that much until one morning when you were doing laundry, you felt two large hands run up and down your body, hearing his husky voice tease in your ear.

“I need you to take care of something for me, mommy”

Jooheon: Every other sentence would be a god damn question, just a forewarning, he’d be so incredibly curious about what you’ve been hiding for the past 5 years. The whole idea aroused him, from the toys to the titles, he just understand it very much. You could tell.

“So if I’d be calling you ‘mommy’, what would you call me?” He leaned his cheek on his palm as he listened to your answer. “I could call you whatever you’d like, sweetheart” You answered calmly. “Give me some examples, Y/n”  You laughed softly before starting the improvised list in your head, “Baby boy, Joohoney, honey, baby, babe, etc.” you rambled off as he listened. 

“I like baby boy. Let’s try it.” 


“I thought my name was ‘baby boy’, mommy~”


Fic Prompt | Westallen Fanfiction

Did I say drabble? Oh. I guess I did. Well, a drabble can totally be 2,020 words long, right? ;)

For you, @iwasalwaysaromantic. Thank you so, so much for all the beautiful westallen icons. I hope you enjoy this!

*As of now, this fic is unbeta’d. I’ll post it on AO3 & FFnet when it is.

PROMPT: Hospital room after the twins birth. Iris is asleep and Barry holds her hands (similar to 3x12)She wakes up and he tells her how amazing she was – lots of cuteness. Iris want to go see them, barry helps her out of bed and says ’-“Let’s go see our kids.“They’re walking but Iris stops and says "Barry” “Yeah” he answers. Iris looks up at him with a big smile and tears of happiness in her eyes, and says “Our kids” Barry pulls her closer into the hug, kisses her forehead and says “our kids” with a smile as big as hers. And they left the room. (I expanded on this a little. I hope you don’t mind!)

The feel of warm, albeit a little sweaty, skin on her hands eventually registered to Iris’s half-dazed consciousness. She blinked slowly, felt the shift in the body belonging to the sweaty skin, and opened her eyes.

“Hey,” she said, her voice a little rough and scratchy.

“Hey,” he said in return, releasing one of her hands to brush some of her damp locks off her forehead.

“What…” she tried again when she still couldn’t speak clear, “What happened?”

Barry’s eyebrows lifted in gentle amusement.

“You had babies.”

She blinked again, her eyebrows furrowed, and then her lips parted.

“It hurt, didn’t it?”

He nodded in confirmation. “If my hands are any testament to that, yes.”

She bit her bottom lip and smiled as her mind started to clear.

“You were here the whole time.”

“All the way through.”

“No Flash business to attend to?” she teased, lowering her voice only slightly since they were alone in the room.


She raised her eyebrows dubiously.

“Kid Flash business,” he shrugged innocently, and she laughed lightly.

“I see.”

“He was fine,” he assured her. “A couple robberies, nothing major.”

Laughter bubbled out of her. “A couple robberies? How long have we been in here?”

“Almost twenty-four hours,” he said without looking away.

“And how do you know that?”

“Your dad texted me about five minutes ago and asked if he could see you.”

“You said I was sleeping?”

He nodded.

“Are you going to tell him I’m up now?”

“If you want.”

She shifted slightly on the hospital bed, wincing from the pain in her lower body.

“I think the meds are wearing off.”

Barry’s eyes widened. “Do you want me to get the nurse?”

He started to move away from her, but she clutched at him, so he stayed. He looked so very concerned.

“Not yet.”

Slowly, he sat back down.

“Tell me how I did,” she requested.

He relaxed into the chair.

“You did amazing.” He was all heart eyes staring down at her.

Iris felt the happiness buzzing inside of her for this wonderful man that she married.

“Did I break your hand?”

“I heal fast,” he said, and she chuckled. “You were so brave,” he said sincerely. “After Don came out, Dawn started coming right—”

“Don?” she deadpanned. “And Dawn? Are you out of your mind, Barry Allen?”

His mouth opened and closed several times, but nothing came out.

“I, well, I—”

“Can you just imagine if they’re in the same classroom in school and the teacher makes no effort to emphasize certain vowels differently? They’ll both think they’re being called on every time!”

“They can be nicknames,” he defended. “Maybe they’ll decide they want something different.”

Iris rolled her eyes and muttered under her breath, “Oh, Bartholomew.”

“I did think we thought both of those names could work,” he hedged carefully.

She sighed, lamenting that fact. “Separately, yes, but not together.” Her eyes widened suddenly. “You didn’t already put those names on the birth certificates, did you?”

His jaw dropped. “What kind of guy do you think I am? Before you even wake up? Before you hold your children in your arms?”

A warmth filled her insides, completely erasing any irritation she felt about her husband names their children while she was asleep. She had held her babies in her arms for a few precious moments, but that had to have been hours ago. She suddenly ached to do it again, to feel those tiny little bodies squirming in her embrace, those dark, dark eyes looking up into hers, and the smallest of fingers wrapping around her thumb as they nestled into the side of her breast.

Her eyes misted and then lifted to Barry’s. She knew he understood.

“I want to see them,” she said, all choked up.

He nodded, stood back a bit and then helped her slowly sit up and then climb out of bed.

“Everything okay?” he asked, not wanting to put her into any discomfort.

“Yes,” she said on a giant, relieved breath.

Sure of her now, he started to grin. “Let’s go see our kids.”

Iris nodded, and they began the slow trek across the room.

“Barry,” she said suddenly as they were nearing the door.

He stopped immediately, half on alert if something was wrong.


Iris’s smile was so big, her eyes filled with so much happiness, he knew there was no need to worry.

“Our kids.”

She bit her bottom lip, giggling as that very fact floated in the air between them. Barry smiled too, the size of it matching her own with the knowledge that he was happier now he’d ever been in his life. He pulled her into a hug and tenderly kissed her forehead.

“They’re so beautiful,” he said. “You’re going to love them.”

She smiled in response and let him lead her out of the room into the hall where a wheelchair was waiting for them. Mere minutes later they arrived at the room containing all the newborns.

Barry put the brake on her wheelchair and helped her stand up so she could peer into the window.

“They’re right—”

“I see them.”

The name West-Allen was printed on the front of each crib, but Iris knew it even before then. She felt it inside her, the mother searching for her babies.

She pressed her face to the glass, staring at them adoringly. Mostly because they looked more beautiful than they could have dreamed, but also because she knew her dear husband had to have been the one to tell the staff to put her last name on the cribs, so she could decide.

“What do you think?” he asked, bringing her out of her thoughts.

“I think…I’m glad they got my genes.”

She smiled slowly, sensing her husband’s jaw drop in mock offense. But by the time she looked at him, he was smugger than she’d ever seen them.

“What,” she demanded.

He clicked his tongue against his teeth.

“Part of them – or at least one of them looks very much like me.”

Iris turned back to look at her children, seeking a little red or yellow spark of electricity, or maybe a vibration.

“You can’t see it from here,” he said, and she turned to look at him, confused.

“It’s not…?”

His brows furrowed and then it dawned on him what she was thinking.

“Oh. No. I mean, I don’t know…about that. They were just born a couple of hours ago, Iris. It’ll probably take time to see if they’re…if that’s what they got from me.”

“Then…?” She let the question hang.

He licked his lips, then looked around for assistance.

“Here, just, wait here for a second.”

Her brows furrowed as she watched him track down a nurse and talk quietly to her. The woman nodded and smiled, walked past Iris and then around the corner.

“What are you doing?” Iris asked, unable to stand the suspense a moment longer. When he said nothing and only smiled, she demanded further, “What were you talking about?”

He gestured to the wheelchair. “Sit.”

She raised her eyebrows.


Her eyes narrowed, but just as she was about to sit she saw something out of the corner of her eyes and gasped, because she knew.

“Are…Are those?” Her breath caught in her throat.


She sat down faster than was a good idea, but she ignored the slight pain that rippled through her body, because Barry was wheeling her back to her room, and their inside were two of the plastic cribs holding their children.

She gasped. “Closer,” she urged Barry without looking away.

He obeyed the command, coming to a stop when the chair was as close as he could manage.

“Oh my God…”

Barry glanced up at the nurse and smiled in thanks. The woman bobbed her head once, pointed to the hall where she – or another attendant – would be if they needed further assistance. He nodded curtly and then focused entirely back on Iris and their children.

Iris’s chin was propped on the very edge of the crib, watching their babies wriggle in the soft cloth they’d been wrapped in.

“We did this?” she asked in awe.

“You did this,” he clarified, then a beat later said, “Well, I helped.”

Her smile spread. “I want to hold them.”

“Am I allowed too?” he teased.

Reluctantly, Iris turned away to look up at her husband, eyes sparkling.

“I guess.”

Grinning, Barry carefully picked up the sleeping baby closest to Iris and laid it down gently in her arms until she was holding it securely.

“Which one is this?” she asked so quietly he almost didn’t hear it.

“The girl,” he supplied, not pushing for the name he’d given her.

“We got one of each?” She asked, nearly melting into a puddle when even in her sleep, her daughter wrapped her tiny fingers around her mother’s pinkie.

Barry didn’t tease. He was too busy focusing on picking up his other child from the small cradle he’d been placed in.

“We did,” he said quietly, completely overwhelmed when his son curled into his chest, a quiet sigh easing out of him when he found a comfortable position.

They both stayed that way for a while, staring at their children, awestruck, more moved by them than they’d been about anything ever.

“So, which one has you in it?” she asked, only slightly teasing because she was still so dazed by the daughter she held in her hands. The choice between continuing to hold her and switching babies so she could hold her son was more difficult than she’d thought it would be.

“Hmm?” he asked absently, but then he remembered. “Oh, yours. The girl.” His gaze lifted from his son over to Iris and his daughter. “But, uh, she’s sleeping now, so we can wait until—”

And then their little baby girl opened her eyes, and Iris gasped.

“Oh my God, she’s so…” Dimples appeared in the girl’s cheeks as she smiled up at Iris and then turned to look at her father.

With tears in her eyes, Iris looked the same way.

“Green eyes,” she said simply, and Barry nodded in response. “You did contribute.”

Barry laughed in response, his eyes starting to well up himself.

“I’m just glad there’s proof of it.”

She waited a beat and then licked her lips. “I like Dawn,” she said quietly. “Her eyes are brilliant just like it. Just like you.”

Barry softened, lifted his son up slightly, and Iris nodded. I want to hold him.

The switch was more difficult than anticipated, but it was successful. The boy’s eyes opened wide when he was in his mother’s arms as well, and his hand instantly latched onto her breast.

Barry laughed. “Boy knows what he wants.”

Iris looked up at her husband, and he winked. She rolled her eyes and looked down at her son.

After a few moments of contemplation, she sighed wistfully.

“I like Don too.”

Barry’s eyes flashed to hers. “Yeah?”

She looked back at him. “It suits him.”

Barry took a chair beside her and propped his chin on her shoulder, looking down at his son whose dark-eyed gaze captured him almost as much as his daughter’s.

“It should be short for something though,” he said. “Just in case there’s confusion.”

“I don’t want there to be teasing,” Iris said.

“You mean like…Donald Duck?”

Iris glared at him, and he laughed.

“So not Donald then.”

She sighed. “We have to think of something. And before we leave the hospital too.”


“Dawn though…” She looked over at the baby girl in her husband’s arms who was watching her like a hawk. “That’s perfect.”

Barry grinned, looked at both of his children and then stared, mesmerized, at his wife.

“I love you,” he said, bringing her attention to him as she met his gaze.

“I love you, too,” she said softly.

Barry started to lean in, gently kissing his wife and then lingering there.

“Thank you for our little family,” she whispered against his skin.

He smiled, not wanting to leave this moment ever.

“Thank you, Iris West-Allen.” He pulled back slightly to look into her adoring eyes. “For giving me the whole world.”

The Paladins at Pride {Headcanon}

This is just a quick headcanon for pride month {on the last day of pride month because I’m trash and I fell asleep before I could upload anything last night}. I had this idea when I was drifting off to sleep and I was too tired to wake myself up to write it. I hope you all forgive me, aha.

Enjoy! Love, always.


        • He’s a bit hesitant at first, not enjoying the crowd at first.

        • He doesn’t know the meaning of ‘day off’ so he’s walking around trying to figure out what work he hads to do for the next day.

        • And then he just sees the protesters on the corner, realises how god damn sour they are and he just suddenly feels like he has to prove them wrong or something.

        • So he hops up on one of the floats and starts dancing. Like, leaning against the wooden masts and just popping it.

        • Ends up in a tutu with face paint on his face, his arms wrapped around a bunch of people singing at the top of his lungs.

        • “Why did we never think of going here before?”

        • He gets a little bit drunk, let’s be honest.


    • He pretends like he doesn’t want to leave the ship, but he’s so excited.

    • He used to walk past pride parades when he was on his own, and just envy everyone. Because like, yes. Show who you are. Be who you want to be. He can respect that so much.

    • Once he arrives, his mood immediately changes. I can imagine him grabbing Pidge and forcing her to dance with him, because even though he’s excited, he’s still Keith. He can’t be seen dancing on his own.

    • He’s one of them people who sit by the side of the road when the floats are going past, and he’s just yelling like, “YASSSS.”

    • Him and Lance dancing together.

    • He sees people who look even mildly uncomfortable and he grabs them and just starts twirling around because enjoy yourself!

    • At the end of the night, he’s known as That Guy Who Refused to Let Me Take A Break, because he just didn’t stop dancing.


      • He’s probably on one of the floats immediately.

      • Flower crown.

      • Face paint.

      • A rainbow shirt – the whole thing.

      • He’s probably offering to paint other people’s faces.

      • “Lance, you’re not even allowed on the float! Get down!”

      • He’s not even drunk, even though he looks like it. He’s just so happy.

      • He’s one of them sweet people who like help parents carry their children after the floats.

      • Making everyone hype af.

      • Buying so many banners and holding them all up at once.

      • Singing at the top of his god damn lungs.

      • Buying people who came in plain clothing rainbow shirts.

      • Probably gets in a dance battle and ends up breaking a bone.



      • He’d be so adorably excited.

      • Like he’d be clapping.

      • He’s probably always with somebody during the entire event, but he stands out nonetheless.

      • Since he’s tall af, he’s GLOWING.

      • He’s the banner holder, since he’s tall and it lets everybody see the banner he and Lance made the night before.

      • Wearing a rainbow shirt.

      • Face paint.

      • Handing out colourful sweets.

      • People come up to him and ask him for pictures even though nobody knows who he is. He’s just the really tall, happy dude that everybody’s been talking about.

      • Dancing really slowly at first, kind of awkwardly.

      • Then some dude comes up and offers to dance with him and he just loses control.

      • Like, he’s giving people lap dances.

      • He’s just lost it.

      • Turns out Hunk can jump into a split and he’s actually flexible as all hell.


      • Would probably be so shy at first.

      • “I don’t understand. Why is everybody wearing rainbows?”

      • Asking so many questions. She’s never even heard of a Pride Parade before.

      • Eventually, Shiro has to tell her to stfu, basically ordering her to just enjoy herself.

      • She takes a good hour just buying things that she sees appropriate. Nothing is in her size, so she ends up with oversized bangles and shirts and leg warmers, but she loves it.

      • Giggling uncontrollably as she dances.

      • People dance with her. Like, random people are just lifting her up onto their shoulders so she can see over the crowd.

      • She’s probably part of the group of people who are dancing in front of protesters, just showing them that she’s having a good fucking time.

      • She’s so proud of her other friends, who have all let loose and are just dominating the god damn parade. She’s like, “YAS THAT’S MY BOYS!” and it’s cute as hell.

      • Probably takes part in drinking games.

      • Turns out she’s the opposite of a light weight.

      • “This isn’t my first drink, lads.”

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Touch and Feel

Anonymous Requested: Hey!! I love your stories!!! Could i please have one where the reader is Mike’s blind twin sister and in love with Stan? One day, she gets sad about how she’ll never get to see the beauty of the world or her friends and Stan comforts her. He lets her touch his face so can get an idea of what he looks like. He eases her into it and she responds “Wow…you’re very handsome, Stan”. He blushes and they share a sweet little kiss together. Lotsa fluff, please. Thank you 😘😘

Pairing: Stan x Blind!Reader

Warnings: couldn’t find a GIF (theres like three of stan and i’m like???) so enjoy this pic. And as always, I mean no disrespect or to offend anyone with this imagine!

You didn’t let it discourage you often, but you wouldn’t lie and say the fact that you couldn’t see didn’t both you. There was certain things you’d never see, never get to experience that seemed like a faraway dream to you. But the worst part of all, over never being able to watch a movie, or stare at the stars or see the clear blue sky, this one thing truly upset you.

You’d never get to see your friends.

They were your world, besides your family, and they were your reason for getting up every morning and doing something. But you’d never be able to see them, see how beautiful Beverly was, see how adorable Eddie was or see Richie’s big ass glasses. You’d never be able to see Ben’s blue eyes and read a book with him. You’d never be able to see Mike’s smile, a smile of which your always told is very dazzling. You’d never be able to see Bill’s kind eyes staring back at you. But most of all, you’d never get to see Stan; a boy who despite never seeing you had a major crush of.

You’d never see his curls that everyone always commented on, or the scowl he had when Richie said something dumb. You’d never see his smile or get to watch him walk and see his lips move. You’d never know what he looks like except for what you can picture. And sure, you may like him because of his amazing personality, but never being able to see him sucked.

You were thirteen now, thirteen years of being blind and you’ve grown use to it by now. It’s been your life since you were born. But, there were days where you couldn’t help but feel sad and disappointed and frustrated.

“Y/N?” Your head snapped up, signalling you’d heard Stan’s voice. You heard his footsteps and the soft crunch of the leaves beneath his feet before you felt his shoulder bump your, signifying he was next to you. “You okay?”

“Yeah.” You smiled, staring in the general direction of where he was.

Stan frowned, even though you couldn’t see it and pondered for a moment. “You sure? You kind of just wondered off; the rest are worried.”

You bit your lip, “well honestly no.” You sighed.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’ll never be able to see you guys.” You confessed and Stan felt his body tense, pity welling within him. “I’m able to hear all your voices but i’ll never be able to connect the voice with a face. You all get to see me and i’ll never get to see you, and it just stings because I want to. So bad.”

You felt Stan shift closer to you and then suddenly his arm was around your shoulder, doing his best to support you. He didn’t have any words to say, because Stan knew there was no words that would change the reality. You were blind and there was nothing he nor you could do about it. So instead he just let you lean against him, just staring off as silence filled around you both.

“Hey, Stan?” You questioned, your voice slicing through the silence.


“Can I- Can I touch your face?” Stan peered down at your face, his eyes sliding across every feature of you. He could see you, but you couldn’t see him.

“Sure.” He complied, letting go of you to sit straight. And despite the circumstances, Stan watch a smile spread over your face as your hands slowly raised. Helping you, he grasped your wrists gently and guided you towards his own face. He said nothing, just stared into your closed eyes as your hands softly glided across his face. Stan watched with a faint smile as your brows furrowed and you tongue stuck just slightly out of your lips in focus.

You were adorable.

As your fingertips slid across the smooth skin of Stan, you felt every dip and line of his face. A picture being painted in your minds eye as you felt around his entire face. The moment was intimate, with no words being focused and you knew Stan was probably staring at you, but you didn’t care. This would be the only way you’d ever be able to imagine what the boy you liked looked like, and it was like no other.

Then slowly, your hands left his face and you could imagine what you thought Stan looked like in your mind. Stan smirked; “got a picture?”

“Yeah.” You nodded, smiling brightly. “You’re very handsome Stan.”

Stan was thankfully you couldn’t see the deep blush that grew on his cheeks, as he looked away bashfully. Coughing lightly, he grabbed ahold of your hand again and looked before him. You did the same, picturing Stan in your mind as you leaned your head against his shoulder. 

“And you’re very pretty Y/N.”

chasing cars

for @onethousandroaches! happy birthday to my salty hockey mom! 

some unbeta’d messy holsom for ya bc i love these boys

(I’m going with a few hcs I have, so holster is jewish and has gradually worsening hearing loss, and ransom has anxiety. I am not HOH, so if I got anything wrong please tell me! also, there are Hebrew transliterations in here! hope u don’t mind!)

(also whoops title is slightly irrelevant that song is just as soft as this fic)

words: a lil over 1k!

warnings: some homophobic language, and a vague description of an anxiety attack

Adam is seven, and he loves the ice.

It’s abundant in New York, especially in January, but he loves how he can glide across it so easily. Well, maybe not so easily, he thinks, as his dad has to pick him up off the ground for the fourth time this morning.

It’s a start.

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locked out

REQUEST: The reader is in college and she’s always busy, also she is Sebastian’s neighbor but she has never paid attention, one day her roommate is not on the apartment and she doesn’t have her keys so she has to stay outside studying and Seb notices her.

WARNINGS: language. a lot of that.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: uuuummmmmmm this is like totes a dream of mine lmao COULD YOU IMAGINE SEBASTIAN BEING YOUR NEIGHBOUR?! anyway, i really loved this request and i could totally see myself making this a series buuuuuut first, i gotta catch up on all of my requests lol ok, enough of me rambling!


Fuck!” You dropped your backpack on the floor and dumped all the contents out onto the hallway floor. 

“Please, please, please.” You mumbled to yourself as you shook your apparent empty backpack.

You sighed in defeat and let out a whine. “Fuck me.”

You sat back and fell against the door. You had forgotten your apartment keys and your roommate was out running errands for who knows how long. Now you were stuck outside the apartment for who knows how long.

You began to pick up your mess and stick it back in your backpack. You huffed, pulling your phone out and realising that it was on 2%.

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One more (Pt.5)

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Yoongi X reader

Fandom: BTS

Request: Could you do one where y/n is dealing with alcohol/drug addiction and one night Yoongi (or bts reaction) accidentally finds out ?

Warnings: Alcohol abuse mention

Pt.1 // Pt.2 // Pt.3 // Pt.4 // Pt.6 // Pt.7

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Like an internal clock was going off inside your head, you woke up around 8 in the morning as you did every morning. It was too soon for you to open your eyes so you just shifted around the bed, leaning your head on Hoseok’s arm as the other was behind you. It was odd because his clothes smelled so familiar but unlike his own. Just a small peek and you knew instantly who was really laying next to you. Yoongi was still fast asleep, not know you were even awake. It took hours of convincing to get Hoseok to sleep in his room instead so he could be with you. After Yoongi told him about his long plan at winning you back he wasn’t convinced but hoped it would work out so all of this could just end already.

You didn’t want to admit it but he looked so sweet as he slept. His face seeming so much more calm than he had been lately. His lips barely parted as he breathed carefully. It had been a while since you’d slept next to him but you mind was suddenly plagued of that girl he was with, causing you to sit up. You started to feel the same nauseated feeling you had when you watched him having his arms around her and the way he chased after her. In no way did you want to be caught up with that and in no way were you going to stop him if he wanted to be with her instead. She was beautiful, sweet, and not struggling with an addiction that ruined their relationship. She could have been everything you weren’t. Thinking about it was making you tear up alone and giving you a small sense of self hatred. 

You removed the covers off of you as you stepped out of the bed, quietly. He didn’t even move an inch when you stood up but your grip on your phone slipped and it banged onto the floor. Yoongi’s nose crinkled while he shifted around on the bed. He’s eyes opened, seeing you getting up.


You felt yourself finch, hearing him awake, but your side was towards him. You coldly turned away from him so he couldn’t see your face as you sniffled. His eyes widened as he sat up. 

“What are you doing in here?” You asked, not sounding very in the mood. 

“I had to talk to you last night but you were already asleep-”

“Why can’t you just leave me alone?” It came out more forceful than you intended.

“Whoa, wait. I didn’t stay in here to pick a fight with you. I just wanted to talk to you but you were already asleep and I didn’t want you to leave in the morning before I got the chance.”

“About what? My blessing for you and your ex to do whatever? Yeah, go right ahead.” 


“Oh, don’t act like you were going to fuck her! I know I have no right to be mad but you also have no right to lie to me.”

Yoongi let out a small sigh of frustration.

“She’s not who I love. It didn’t end up happening and probably wouldn’t have happened anyway.”

“Why because I happened to be there?”

You could tell the conversation wasn’t going anywhere but you couldn’t stop yourself from spewing back comebacks. 

“No, Y/N. I know how bad that looked and I’m not going to sit here and make excuses. We’re completely and utterly nothing but she made me even more confident about how I feel about you. I love you and that still hasn’t changed. Hell, it won’t change. I know you don’t want me to be a part of your recovery so I’ll keep my distance. I’ll wait for you even if it takes years. I should have just respected that in the beginning instead of assuming that you needed me for everything. You’re your own person and-…..I’m so fucking proud of you, babe.”

It was like a hidden talent of his to leave you speechless as you tried to find the words to describe how you felt. In fact, it might even be impossible since you didn’t even know how you felt. Was it selfish of you to make him wait? Should you have just let him stay by your side? If he was in this position you would have wanted to be there for him so you can understand why he’s so desperate for your attention, you just wanted to protect him. Maybe he doesn’t need to be protected.

“Will you do me a favor?” You asked, still without facing him. 


“…….Will you pick me up from my meeting today?” It was quieter than everything else you had said because you were embarrassed to ask but you could tell  Yoongi’s eyes flickered with shock by the reflection in the TV.

“Y-Yeah, of course I will.”

Without saying another word you walked out of the bedroom so you could head off to your place for a change of clothes and head off to your meeting. Yoongi sat there in awe of what just happened. He wasn’t sure if this meant you were going to include him again. Even if you weren’t planning to this was better than nothing. He’d take anything you were willing to give him. 


As you headed downstairs you found Hoseok laying on the couch uncomfortably so you stopped by to thank him.

“Aw. You had to sleep down here because of me?”

His head titled up but he smiled, seeing you awake. 

“It’s Yoongi’s fault. Did you sleep okay?”

You smiled back, giving him a nod.

“Thanks to you. I’m going to head off to my meeting but I’ll come back to see you guys this weekend.”

Namjoon came out from the kitchen, grabbing a set of keys off of the shelf, as he approached you.

“I’ll drive you, I have to go somewhere anyway.”

He didn’t look very happy about where he was headed but he still remained as level headed as usual. You could have figured where he’d be headed off to but you were sure it was okay to ask. If he was going to talk to his girlfriend about what happened then he’s fully aware that she’s going to breakup with him. You have him a look of pity to which he returned with a shrug. As you didn’t want Hoseok to find out as well, you two just headed out to the car after saying goodbye. 

“Are you really going to tell her? I know it’s the right thing to do and everything but I can guarantee you’re going to lose her. “ You asked, sitting in the passenger seat. 

“It’s my fault. If I wasn’t willing to lose her I shouldn’t have let it happen in the first place.”

You looked down at your lap, knowing if you hadn’t had said anything things would have still been normal. 

“How’s recovery going, anyway?” He suddenly asked, seeing your glum expression. 

“Oh. It’s good. I’m really learning a lot but it’s easier with someone else in the house. I got rid of all the alcohol but there’s not much to stop me from heading off to a bar or buying more. It’s hard but I haven’t cheated at all-….Sorry, wrong choice of words.”

Namjoon cracked a smile. “Yeah, just a little bit.”

As you both sat in the car patiently to get to the right building you just talked about normal things. It was nice to talk to someone without fighting or having to bring up the obvious problems that were occurring in your life. It felt a little bit normal, giving you a small spring of hope in your chest. When you arrived and stepped out of his car you looked back to thank him. 

“Do you need me to pick you up a few hours?”

“Nope. I have my own ride, but thanks. I feel like I can always count on you, oh and good luck!”

For one last time he smiled again, waving.

“Yeah, you too.”

genderfluid nico fic

because my lovely genderfluid girlfriend is not feeling too well and i will do anything for her


nico has always felt different. he remembers very distinctly believing as a child that he had been born a girl. his mother always corrected him, bianca always corrected him, but he had been entirely convinced that he was born a girl.

nico doesn’t tell anyone that. it’s an odd memory, something that he doesn’t care to share with another living being. 

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So I decided to try and carve a pumpkin...

…It was hell, but it was worth it!

Right from the getgo, I wanted to carve a Bendy into a pumpkin. (Which I didn’t consider might be very hard to do since you can’t full cut anything out but we’ll get back to that later) So my mom surprised me with this pumpkin, and I immediately went to work with it.

At some point I got into a very Sonic mood, so I decided I was gonna do a Sonic too.

Then I tackled the first phase of this living hell called Bendy. Getting this design on the pumpkin? Straight up murdered my poor perfectionist side. Gave in and just free-drew some lines after I got some basic shapes down.

Got some help from my mom cutting out the top because I was paranoid I’d fuck up somehow. After that, the struggle was mine alone yet again. However she did show me something that I don’t know if anyone does because I hardly ever carve pumpkins:

Stick toothpicks into the top at the halfway point to make sure it doesn’t fall into the pumpkin. (It also creates this cool looking effect that you’ll see later.)

Then, the carving began. 4 hours of carving. And neither of them wanted to cooperate. Starting with Sonic, I realized immediately that I MIGHT have chosen the wrong Sonic to work with considering all the thin lines and eyes not having anything to connect to. There’s also the fact that I chose the hardest way to carve this thing because now, looking back, it could have been done better. Looks a mess without a light in it, so I’ll show an image of it lit in the end.

And then there’s Bendy. Fucking. Bendy.

As I said before, you cannot fully cut out anything with Bendy; it’ll cause everything to cave in. So instead, you have to lightly carve layer after layer down until it’s at a point where it’s see-through but still connected. 

That’s a LOT of gentle carving. And that’s what made it hell.

Cause see, I didn’t have any pumpkin carving tools. Oh no, none of those. I had three kitchen knifes and a butter knife.



I finally get to Bendy’s face, and then he decides he wants to be difficult and the layer suddenly becomes VERY THIN. One wrong move and his whole face would have caved in. So I had to move even slower with this butter knife to get to a reasonable stopping point ‘cause this pumpkin was just done with me and my bull it seemed. In the end, putting a candle in it made it all worth it though.

Still wish I could’ve done Sonic a bit better. As you can see, his eye is held in place by two halves of a toothpick. That middle curve separating the front and middle quills are also held in place because that were too thin to stand on their own. Unfortunately, as I am typing this, that part of the pumpkin has now fallen away, but it stood though the night long enough for me to get a picture :>

I think this little hellspawn is my favorite though. And on his side of the pumpkin, you can see the light from the suspended top better. He glows the brightest and is the clearest of the two. His thinner lines (the mouth and his chin) fell apart right at the end though, but he still looks good! I dumbly called him Bumpkin the Pumpkin and that just made this even more worth it.

anonymous asked:

Um hi do you have any football fic recommendations 👀👀👀love u


Football player AUs

Pull Me Under by zarah5

AU. As the first British footballer to come out at the prime of his career, it helps that Louis Tomlinson is in a long-term, committed relationship. Even if that relationship is fake. (Featuring Niall as Louis’ favourite teammate, Liam as Louis’ agent, and Zayn as Liam’s boyfriend, who just happens to be good friends with one Harry Styles.)

Sing When You’re Winning by hazmesentir

Harry is fifteen minutes late to the office on the day Louis Tomlinson comes out as gay.

Or, the one where Harry’s a chronically underpaid magazine intern and Louis is the Premier League’s first gay footballer and pretty much the last thing they need is each other.

so grab your passport and my hand by infinitelymint

The one in which Louis plays football and Harry sings a lot, and somehow that means they’re meant to be. They’ll figure it out soon enough.

more under the cut!

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Love, Want, Need.

I love that look in your eye. The one that you get that split second before you know it’s about to happen. I love it when you start to shift away so slightly. Anticipating where my fingers are going to carass your skin. Where they’re going to begin their assault. Where the first nerve ending ignites. I love it when it starts. When a single fingertip glides along your leg, a traveller seeking greater things, but not unaware of the importance of the journey. It makes it’s path felt like a ghost whispering into your skin. It’s barely there. You could of sworn it had stopped. But you know from the tensing in your stomach that it’s present. That’s it’s still going. That it’s hungry.

I love when you try to resist. You exercise as many muscles as it takes to frown. You won’t give me the satisfaction. But it builds and builds. You’re forced to smile. Just the tips of your lips curling upward to slighlty. I love that you think I won’t notice. But of course I do. And I’m going to comment on it.

“You do look much prettier when you smile”

I love that you’re losing the battle. Your cheeks keep rising, inch by inch. Your lips are being pulled from one another as the smile grows wider and wider. I love how I can hear your breath becoming heavier. Faster. You’re trying to control it, but you can’t. Every time my finger gets lower you inhale in shock. It’s over your ankles now, circling as if hoping to leave it’s mark. I love how your breathing just included a little giggle. Just one. Just one sweet little offering. I love how the look in your eye just changed. Your eyes widened. Maybe I wouldn’t notice? But I definitely did. You know it now. You’ve given me a taste of what I want. No way I’m stopping now. My fingers find your feet, wiggling along your toes. Teasing their undersides as they flex and fold as plants in the breeze. I love how your giggling’s becoming a laugh. It was just too hard for you to hold in so many coming so fast. You simply had to give in. You just had to laugh.

“Aww, something funny to you? Or is it…maybe you’re just a little ticklish?…”

I love how your eyes have changed. There’s a fire in your belly now. You’ve got a taste of what you want. No way you’re going to have me stop now. They look at mine now with a longing. Your eyebrows raise slightly. You say maybe you are, and ask what I’m going to do about it through forced down chuckles. I love how helpless you are, and yet how much power you still have over me with those shimmering eyes and your hushed tone. Your teasing words stoke the flames. I tickle more. I tickle slightly faster. I tickle now to drive you slowly insane.

“Silly ticklish little girl. You should have just asked.”

I love how the words even have an effect on you. Like every sense is being taken over by the sensation. Like you can’t even think about anything other then my voice echoing in your mind. I love that your struggling more now. It obviously tickles so much you cant sit still, but you still try. You don’t want to discourage me now, do you? The hands plan a methodical path all over your body. Ready to enact it any second. I love that this is just the prologue. Teasing tickles to light a spark. The heat’s spreading. Your breath warm like smoke. And where there’s smoke. Well, you know the rest. I can see it. Your hips are swaying gently, thighs pressed tightly together. Instead of trying to flee, your skin seems almost drawn to my fingertips. We share a glance. A glance that lasts for eons. Entire stars are burst into existence and fade into the cold in that one instant. Silently, we get up. I love that we both know that this isn’t stopping. It’s just relocating. To the place where all the best things happen. Where all the fun toys are. Where it all becomes a haze of desire and want. Where you really, and I mean really, get tickled. I love that you almost run, so eager to get there. I love that you don’t just want this. You bloody crave it. Release from everything. A whole existence free of anything that isn’t you, me, and this delicious torture that could never end. You’ve allowed yourself to dream. To desire. To lust.

I love that.

I want it to get deep. I don’t mean a 10 second tickle. I don’t mean a quick scribble of fingers. I don’t mean a cheeky poke to the sides. I mean real. I want you to look into my eyes. Dead into them. I want you to see my desire to totally render you helpless with ticklish laughter burning from behind my dark brown optics like a forrest fire. It’ll envelope everything if you let it. I want to look right into yours and see the hunger. A hunger so vast and insatiable that it draws me in with it’s sheer force. I want to see that you need it. You need me to run my fingers all over your body. Every last inch. Slowly, quickly, teasingly, tortourously, it’ll all happen. It’s going to be hours of your howling and my smug grin, my verbal cooing.

“Awww, what’s the matter?”
“Too ticklish for your own good?”
“Tickle tickle…does it tickle when I do this?”
“Why are you begging for it to stop? Face it. You’re all mine. And I’m going to tickle you forever, little girl”

Statements, questions, teasing. All of it barely audiable over your own laughter. From the tips of your toes, down your soles, your heels…Right up your legs, thighs, hips, sides, stomach, ribs, underarms, neck, collarbone, your back. Even a few places neither of us dare mention until we’re consumed by the moment. I want you to gaze at me in the short breaks I afford you and bite your lip, knowing it’ll start any second. I want you to see my grin, my arrogance that I’m in total control of everything you feel. I want the whole damn universe to stand still. To not matter. Because in this moment you see in me every fantasy you’ve ever had realised. Every dream come to life and even things you’d never dared allow yourself imagine. And it all comes packaged with an English accent. I want you to feel amazing. I want your skin to light up with each delicate touch and each gentle stroke until you feel like a thousand candles. I want to draw forth peels of giggles as I slow it down. Raucous laughter as I speed up. Whimpers as feathers touch you with their downy strokes. Gasping as brushes softly tease with their bristles. Begging for it to stop through tearing eyes. Begging for more mixed with moans. Admitting you love it with complete acceptance.

I want it to never end. I want you to crave it as much as I do. I want to satisfy every desire that makes you warm up inside, fidget with your fingers, turn you to distraction. Every time you blushed I noticed. Every time you stuttered I made a mental plan. I’ve been doing my homework, little girl. And I know how to make you feel true, eternal, exhausting ecstacy.

I want it to tickle.

I need to tickle you. I know, it comes across as rather basic. But I want you to understand what that word really means when I say it. Let me walk you through.

When I say I need to tickle you, I mean I need you to start strong. Such a tough girl. All up for what’s about to happen. A little back chat. We chuckle at how you say I won’t win. We chuckle at how wrong you are. You’re so sure of yourself. So damn confident it borders on arrogant. I take it all. A few witty retorts, a couple allusions to what’s about to happen, but you don’t let it phase you. Suddenly though, you’re a little tied up at present, and that cockiness seems to have dampened a bit. Such a shame. You’re stuck now. I need to see the feeling of helplessness begin to descend on you as I circle your delicate form like a vulture. Slowly drinking it all in. The situation. Your eyes watching me with such apprehension. You mouth trembling so slighlty you’re sure I won’t notice. I notice. And that right there is the starting gun.

I need you to jump just so slighlty as my hands suddently clasp on your sides. The palms rub up and down gently as I peer at you. But before you can enjoy any of it, by index fingers flick down softly. Just grazing your skin. Your entire body tenses. Another two fingers join, just scraping by once. Then more. Then all. As soon as my hands appear closed next to your sides they open again like a springtrap, all of my fingers pouncing on your skin. Then they curl again. One by tortorous one. You’re resolved not to laugh. But my light tickling of your sides is just step one. The fingers begin to glide at the base of your ribs now. So teasingly, like it’s accidental. But you twitch a little. Your compisure’s starting to slip. I think now’s a good time to try and get a little reaction out of you.

“Not much to say now, huh? You were such a big talker a second ago. Wonder what happened?”

I need you to try respond, but as soon as I see you’re about to I move my fingers up to the sides of your ribs. The words catch in your throat as you shut your mouth as mach speeds to prevent the inevitable. As I count your ribs over and over, I search for the tell-tale signs of repression. Turning your head from me. Not making eye contact. A few mumbles. Doing anything to get your mind away from the situation. But I won’t let it. The second I think you become used to the sensation I switch. Fingers crawling up your underarms and making such soft circles in their hollows. Round and round they go, exciting your skin. Now you’re really struggling. Your lips so harshly pressed together, they could forms diamonds. I hum to myself as I cock my head, seeming inquisitve as I carress your sensitive skin. Suddently it stops. I’m changing things up. I need you to be tickled everywhere. And I’ve been terribly neglecting your lower body. My mistake. I need you to have a breahter now. A little respite. Just to clear your mind. Because I need you to see how quickly you can go from totally fine, to utter hysterics. As I settle by your feet, I need you to feel as helpless before the tickling starts as after.

“Going to be a good little girl and laugh? Or is someone too stubborn?”
“Come on, let’s see a smile! No? Guess I’ll have to work on that.”
“Don’t suppose these cute little feet are… ticklish? Oh I bed they are!”

I need you to feel yourself start to slip away as soon as a single finger begins to gently trace from your heel, along your arch, all the way up to your toes. And down again it goes. You can’t even help it now, you’re lips curl into a small smile. I drink it in. It’s the sign of better things to come. My fingers tracing up and down, so slowly, so lighlty, so gently is only made worse by my constant reminder of how at my mercy you really are.

“Awww, such a lovely smile.”
“Cootchie coo, let’s hear a giggle”
“I bet this tickles just so much! Bet you really want to laugh, huh”

I need my fingers dancing on your soles, your arches quickly, but with such grace a ballerina would feel shame. Their light strokes and wiggling tips excite every nerve after the other so each movement feels like a new sensation. It’s maddening. It’s unbearable. It’s laughable. That such contact, such child-like games could make you want to beg for it to stop. Could make you lose your mind. I need you to laugh. And you’re more than ready to oblige. Just a giggle at first. Barely audiable. But it builds. And each attempt to silence it is met with more bubbling up. It overflows like a broken riverbank. It’s volume rises like the ties. It’s musical. It’s melodic. It’s perfect. Pure. My fingers teasing your toes, one by one then all at once. Slowly then quickly. Softly then with pressure. They adapt as your laugh betrays you once more, letting me know your most sensitive spots. The places to really let loose. It goes on and on. But your calves get their own attention. Soft stroking right up until the backs of your knees. Playful wiggling turning into hungry kneading as my hands move around to tickle your thighs. Their outsides, their backs, their insides. I watch as you thrash and laugh louder than before. It’s clear your control is gone. I need to see it in your eyes. Admission of defeat.

“Tickle tickle tickle! Such a ticklish little girlie, aren’t you?”

My fingers knead your hips. Your whole world is spinning wildly out of control. Your laugher is mixed with heavy breathing. Dizziness takes over as you melt completely into ticklish ecstacy. My fingers at your feet and your hips. Your thighs and sides. Your knees and belly. They run and play and tease and exploit your weakness like experts. The cruelist tools of the kindest torturer. Everything that led to this doesn’t even register. Whatever happened before of happens after this moment is beyond even fathoming. All that’s in your mind is my words bouncing around your head, echoing like a mantra told for eons. Tickle, tickle, tickle. You can’t stop it. You’ve given in. It’s all your know now. It’s all you want now. For it to never end. It’s agony and the height of pleasure all rolled into one. Your begging for it not stop now. I need to hear it in your voice. Through the laughter and the strain, through the moans and the sharp intakes of breath. The hunger. The desire. For this to be your everything. For this to be forever. Peaks and valleys of ticklish delight. Slow. Fast. Playful. Dastardly. Innocent. Evil. A torment for all eternity as your skin is teased by tools of all kinds. New materials bring new senstations. It never becomes stale. It’s always building up. It’s all there ever will be, and all you’ll ever want. Tickling. Until you’re nothing more than a thrashing, moaning, laughing, broken, begging, excited, helpless, little girl.

So hopefully you understand. Hopefully you appreciate it. Hopefully you feel your stomach drop and the adrenaline start to rush and every muscle begin to tighten when I say:

I need to tickle you. Now.