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Okay so, concerning my predicted ‘Stay Close to Me’ Viktuuri ending post, I’ve heard some…negative words.

That is, an Anon has challenged me. I’ll admit those kinds of flame asks I’d normally ignore, I don’t want to put unnecessary drama on people’s dash, and I happily deleted it. But afterwards, I thought I’d better address this, not for the Anon’s sake, but for the sake of sharing more info!

I was basically challenged to prove that Viktor and Yuuri would reach a point at the end of the series where they’d want to be together romantically. Sounds obvious, no? The entire show is a testimony of how their relationship grows; every single episode displays more and more of their love.

But the Anon insisted that nothing could be said about current episodes, considering what’s to occur about my theory post will potentially be in the last episode. ‘Actual proof only, no speculation!’ So basically, I was asked to give physical proof that Yuuri and Viktor care enough about each other only in the potential final episode, when that episode in question hasn’t been released yet…


Challenge Accepted.

Let me take this in a different direction for a bit and talk about skate guards. They’re the covers that fit over the skate blades. When they’re off the ice, skaters always have these on, for safety and to avoid damaging their blades.

The ones I’ve seen in Yuri!! On Ice so far have been dual-coloured. For example, Minami’s are yellow and brown, Yurio’s are purple and black.

And Yuuri’s are red and white.

What else is red and white?

Why the Japanese flag! It’s no coincidence that Yuuri’s skate guards are his country’s colour.

Now moving on to the actual skating shoes. I think almost all the skaters we’ve seen have standard silver coloured blades. All except for Viktor. His ice skating shoes have slightly golden blades.

In the opening credits, this is highlighted by having his blades painted in a hard yellow colour.

But if you’ll observe this screenshot of his blades next to Yuuri’s, you can see the difference in colour.

What you can also see here is that although Viktor’s skates look sleek, full-coloured and polished, Yuuri’s look scuffed, well-worn and faded. It says a lot about them as people certainly, but also financially (we’ve seen that Viktor is used to flying first class). Viktor definitely practices as much as Yuuri, but if his skates get old, he’ll probably buy newer, better ones. Simply because he can afford to, but also as it fits with his personality, a relaxed ‘why not get new ones?’. Also, I imagine Viktor would care for his skates’ outward appearance.

This shot above of Yuuri’s (and Viktor’s) skates is from episode 2.

But here in episode 5, many months later when he does his free skate in the ‘Chugoku, Shikoku, and Kyushu Championship’, he’s still got his scuffed little skates. Yuuri hasn’t thought to get a new pair. He’s probably the kind of person who’d think ‘if it’s not broken don’t fix it’. I imagine he also cares less about how the shoes look, compared to Viktor who is quite immaculate with his outward persona (dat suit).

Now as I’ve spoken of in my other post, I predict Viktor skating ‘Stay Close to Me’ for Yuuri in the final episode to express his feelings, and a stronger Yuuri joining in, the song becoming a duet, a confession and acceptance.

I’ve drawn evidence from the opening scene of the first ep of YOI where Viktor skates in what we’ve all but confirmed to be Onsen on Ice.

A trailer (or PV) will show snippets of scenes that occur within a series to be released. You don’t know where that scene will belong (beginning, middle, end?) until you’ve watched the actual episodes. But it’s highly unlikely that animators will create a scene for a trailer that won’t be shown in the actual series. We’ve already seen most parts of the Yuri!! On Ice trailer within the actual series so far.

But some parts that we haven’t seen yet are scenes that look remarkably similar to the opening sequence of episode 1, where I imagine Viktor skates in the intimate skating ring for Yuuri.

It seems that those parts of the trailer will belong to that scenario. The clothes Viktor wears, the skating routine, the location and lighting; it’s all the same.

So I invite you to look at this section of the trailer:

The location– as can be judged by the window– is Onsen on Ice, and the lighting looks similar to the intimate skating scenario earlier described.

I feel like this scene would be the ‘right-before’ we get the ‘Stay Close to Me’ skate. Yuuri’s jacket is still on (so he’d take that off), and he’s eagerly lacing up his skates, looking towards something (someone) in the rink with a very pleased expression. It certainly looks like the direct lead-up to what I believe will be the ‘Stay Close to Me’ duet.

But I want to focus here on Yuuri’s skates.

By the look of them, they are still the scuffed ones he’s been wearing for who knows how long. He hasn’t changed them. But he has changed one thing, and that is the skate guards.

Instead of his white and red ones for Japan, they’re now blue and red. If you look at the other shots further up of him tying his laces, it’s a very clear and obvious change. Yuuri who hasn’t bothered getting new skates, went out of his way to get new guards?

And they’re red and blue…with his silver blades, that’s like red, blue and silver. What do these colours remind you of?

The Russian flag no?

In the opening, as Viktor skates and jumps, it passes very briefly, but we’re shown the Russian flag on the back of his skates. So Viktor is also one who ‘wears’ his country (though not explicitly so far). Animators don’t add minute details for no reason.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that by this point (the end of the series going by the snippet in the trailer) Yuuri is wearing a bit of Viktor. If we can take this scene to belong to that final episode, though it hasn’t been released yet, then we can see evidence, physical evidence, of Yuuri going out of his way to be more a part of Viktor.

It’s one thing to wear someone’s costume when you were in need of one anyways. It’s another thing entirely to wear their country. Yet another thing to replace a piece of yours with a piece of theirs.

I was trying to continue writing my paper when suddenly….HOWDY OTP


Ever since Sweden left the Kalmar union in 1521-23 - and to some extent before that as well - Sweden and Denmark has been arch enemies. They hold the world record for being the two countries at war with each other the most. If an opportunity for one to attack the other appeared during the 16th and 17th centuries, you bet they would take it. Even in the late 18th century, Sweden was referred to as the “Arch enemy” in Denmark

However, by the 18th century, the political climate in norhtern europe had changed. Denmark’s power had only gone downhill since the 16th century. After several attempts failed to win it back after 1656, Denmark had come to terms with the fact that Scania was most likely lost to sweden forever, along with Halland, Bohuslän, Härjedalen and Jämtland. 
Things had also changed for Sweden. Russia had suddenly become a lot more dangerous in the beginning of the 18th century, after Sweden suffered a crushing defeat, Russia took over as the major power in the baltic. Hence throughout the 18th and 19th centuries (and also the 20th for that matter, the Soviet union isn’t exactly harmless either) Sweden was constantly fearing and hating Russia. Denmark, on the other hand, once the tyrannic and posessive older brother whom Sweden had to defend himself from in order to survive as a country after finally breaking free, was not really much of a treath anymore. Hence, Sweden had a new arch enemy - Russia.

so though they were still enemies in the 18th century, Sweden and Denmark weren’t particularily keen on fighting each other. Denmark was forced into declaring war on Sweden in 1788 as a result of a treaty with Russia. The “Theatre War”/“lingonberry war” ended pretty quickly when the Danes/Norwegians gave up, and has later been viewed as “not a real war” (hence the silly nicknames). Maybe they should both give up on the enemy thing and try being friends instead. 

The clothes in this comic are not completely accurate; Denmark and Norway are wearing military uniform-ish things, while Sweden is dressed in some fancy stuff i pretty much made up. I also tried giving them some more 1700s-ish hairstyles, because they look a bit more historically correct that way and also long hair is pretty :)

No but imagine Russia braiding China’s hair

Russia pouring China a glass of vodka when he’s sad cuz vodka makes him happy

Russia wrapping China up in his scarf

Russia feeling really lonely and going to China for support

Russia constantly telling China he looks beautiful 

Russia picking flowers for China every day

Russia carrying China around

Russia calling China silly dumb nicknames

Russia having really rough sex with China but then feeling guilty about seeing him in pain and being super gentle with him from then on

Russia just plain being a really sweet boyfriend to China

Russia x China

Arriving to the world meetings

Early: Germany, England, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands, Estonia, Japan

Arrives in good time before the meeting starts: America, Finland, France, Belgium, Ukraine, Hungary, Hong Kong

Arrives right before the meeting is about to start: Norway, Iceland, Spain, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, China, Austria, Turkey

Probably late: Greece, Italy, Romano, Denmark

Nobody really knows, they’re just suddenly there: Russia, Belarus, Canada, Romania

judyfromfinance  asked:

How would the Allies react to a random smol bean walking into a world meeting while they are on their phone playing Pokémon GO and them just bein' like "Sorry dudes but there is a fucking Charizard here. I'm not losing this opportunity."

Alfred (America)- He’d instantly freak out and take out his phone to start looking for it with them. He can’t just pass up a chance to get a Charizard. 

Yao (China)- He’d have next to no clue what they were even talking about. He’d just be confused as to why they’d come into a private room because of some game.  

Arthur (England)- He’s heard all about the game practically nonstop from Alfred, so he’d just be exasperated. He would glare and act generally disapproving towards them until they left.

Francis (France)- He’d most likely been low key playing the game underneath the conference table the whole meeting, and he’d been waiting for an excuse to get up so he can look around for the Charizard, so he’d be pretty okay with them suddenly bursting in. 

Ivan (Russia)- It’d be a welcome distraction from the actual meeting, so he wouldn’t really care. He doesn’t really know much about the game or what’s so special about it, so he’d just curiously watch the person until they left. 


And suddenly you say a word now, I’m sure it’s for me. I create from the words of the Foundation, to the ground now. So anything that drops the wind, loses girl on the run, I collected in the notebook stand and the banks are desperate. Live grains, nodules, fallen feather – odd, odd. Entered the word water under a rock and don’t leak. And, you know, soon hardens, you smell the soil, drown in it. Just think: in my Latin less heard of live roots.

To go to the sea, to meet the September, to consider the shell turns…
And broken on the Yamba me more, it seems, not with his hands.

Hetalia boyfriend scenarios!

I don’t own Hetalia but I own my keyboard

He has a nightmare about losing you part 3



It’s two a.m., and you’re just lying in your bed, staring at the ceiling. It’s difficult not being able to sleep, especially when Japan is fast asleep next to you. After a while he starts to mumble something in his sleep. It sounds like Japanese, and though you don’t understand much, he looks pretty sad.

   “Japan?” you whisper. “Are you alright?”

   Suddenly his eyes pop open and he’s panting, as if he’s having hard time breathing.

   “Japan?” you say again, now getting really worried. “What’s wrong?”

   “I… It was just a nightmare”, he swallows. “I’m sorry if I disturbed your sreep, (Y/N)-chan.”

   “No, I was awake anyway. What was the dream about?”

   “It… You wourd never reave me, right? Even though I have probrems with touching and…”

   “No, of course not”, you assure him and carefully take his hand in yours. “Did that happen in the dream?”

   He nods, looking down at his hands.

   “Japan, I will never leave you, no matter what. I promise. It was just a bad dream.”



It’s three in the morning, and you’re a having a lovely dream about dancing tomatoes. Then suddenly you feel something wet on your cheek, and you’re slowly waking up. You blink a couple of times, and then you see Romano. He’s actually crying in his sleep, his tears dropping on your face.

   “Romano”, you whisper and gently wipe his tears away. “Wake up, please. Don’t cry.”

   But he’s Italian – he’s not so easily awakened. It takes a lot of shaking and pulling his curl before you get him to open his eyes.

   “R-ragazza?” he swallows, looks heart-broken for about two seconds, and then he tries to be mad at you. “Why did-a you wake me up, you idiot-a?”

   “Because you were crying in your sleep. Are you alright?”

   “Y-yeah, it was-a just a stupid-a dream”, he puffs, but then the tears start to come back.

   “What was it about?” you ask, hugging him tightly.

   “T-the usual”, he stutters. “You choosing-a Feliciano over me, like everyone else does-a.”

   “Oh, Lovi, I’ll never leave you. You’ll always be first my choice.”

   “I promise.”



You wake up in the middle of the night, feeling unusually cold. Rubbing your eyes, you take a look at the clock: four a.m. Well, at least you can still sleep for many, many hours…

   “Njet”, you suddenly hear Russia mumble next to you, and you turn around to face him. That’s why you’re feeling so cold; his arms aren’t around you. Instead the Russian is tossing and turning in your bed, looking very upset. “Njet, you… you…”

   “Russia”, you say, grabbing him by the shoulders and trying to shake him awake. “Wake up. It’s just a dream.”

   His violet eyes pop open, and you can see the tears glittering behind them. Russia doesn’t usually cry, but he looks absolutely heart-broken. Before you can even say anything, he pulls you on top of him and nuzzles your neck.

   “You will never go near any bridges, da?” he whispers.

   “What? Why?”

   “Because I had a dream where my sunflower was falling off a bridge, and it felt… I was so alone before I met you, (Y/N). I couldn’t take it if I were to lose you.”
   “You won’t lose me”, you smile. “And I won’t go near any bridges.”


It’s three in the morning, and you’re happily asleep in Spain’s arms. Well, at least you were, until you started hearing a very familiar voice. After blinking a couple of times, you realize that Spain is talking in his sleep. It’s Spanish, and he’s talking way too quietly for you to understand anything, but the tears running down his face speak volumes.

   “Spain”, you whisper, gently touching his cheek. “Wake up. Please, I don’t wanna watch you cry.”

   “C-chica?” he swallows, and eventually manages to open his eyes. “W-what… Is it morning already?”

   “No, you were crying in your sleep. A nightmare?”

   “”, he sighs and pulls you closer to him, nuzzling your hair. “In the dream, you… You were dying, and it was because of me and it was the most horrible feeling ever. Promise me you’ll never die?” Okay, perhaps he isn’t completely awake.

   “That’s kinda hard to promise”, you yawn.

   “Promise anyway”, he mumbles. “Please.”

   “Fine. I’ll never die. Now, back to sleep.”

What if alfred was a guitar player and ivan was a student who loved music. And they happened to meet somehow and ivan admired Al. So ivan asks alfred for private lessons and Al takes the wrong way. So when ivan arrives at Als house alfred starts coming on to ivan. And poor ivan is so confused

tony stark who has stark tower set to identify individual people as they enter by playing certain songs as they walk through the door or even take a step inside

steve and bucky walk in together and suddenly there is a garbled mix of both “the star spangled banner” and “enter sandman”

natasha steps through the door and suddenly “from russia with love”

bruce swings by from his lab and “blinded me with science” blares

thor bursts through the doors and “rock you like a hurricane” rattles the surround

hawkeye tries to slip in through a window and suddenly “surfin’ bird”