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Minerva: Red Alert, Dumbledore. Your ex-boyfriend is back.

Albus: No kidding, Minerva.

Minerva: Not him. The other ex-boyfriend

Albus: Grindelwald.

Minerva: He’s in your office.

Percival: Oh shit! *runs away*

Alastair Moody: …

it’s so important that harry said that young women are the future, that he didn’t take the opportunity to say he’s looking to appeal to male audience, that he showed he’s appreciative of his fanbase and of the 1d fanbase that is generally considered to be only teenage girls (which is not even true but anyway). because right now it’s very well showing how our society works - how male opinions are somehow taken as more valuable and serious. it’s so frustrating to see that the media, the gp and many people act like now that he is not a boyband harry styles he’s suddenly worthy of their attention and their attention is better than attention of young girls. people are using his success to bring down the fans that are the reason his solo career is as successful, the reason he’s where he is now, people are acting like if men are someone’s fans and like someone’s music the music is suddenly Better, the quality is so much more, the talent is suddenly valid, but if it’s young women liking something it’s dismissed, laughed at and brushed away, because ‘you only like him for his good looks’. which is 1) heteronormative and fucked up, 2) teaches young girls that they can’t recognise real talent and like things and that their opinion is always something less than men’s opinions and yet you don’t see people brushing away someone’s credibility because mainly men like it, you don’t have media and gp mocking men for liking female artists or models, you don’t have it being knockd down to their sexuality. so i’m forever thankful for harry and how appreciative he always is, what he said and i want to say that young women are incredible and so strong and our opinions are worthy, we are smart and the word would be damned without us :)

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What DVD changes are you most looking forward to?

Oh you know. Just waiting for them to fix episode 12.


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appreciation post for Daehyun in that mint/yellow shirt on that one weekly idol

aka the one where his skin just kind of POPPED and it was 👌