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Kitchen Mess

A/N: Junjou Terrorist (Miyagi/Shinobu) - 30: “Why did you think that was a good idea?” – Yeeeyy I got two prompts for these two and I decided to write this one first, I loooove Junjou Terrorist! They are so cuuute and I’m assuming Shinobu is a lovely ticklish little baby;D Thnx for the prompt @kuroo187 ,hope you like it!

Summary: Shinobu again performs his cooking skills of hell, this time nearly burning the place down. Miyagi can’t watch it anymore and decides to take the cooking matter into own hands, even if it needs a little force.

Word Count: 1475

‘Do not interfere… Trust him with this…’ Those were the thoughts that ran through Miyagi’s mind as he sat on the couch, looking at the mess in his kitchen in horror.

His complaints about Shinobu’s simple and repetitive vegetable-dishes had resulted in frantic grocery shopping and a big meal Shinobu wanted to prove himself with. Pasta, meat. How hard could it be…?

“Are you sure you don’t need a hand?” Miyagi asked with worry.

“I’m alright here!” Shinobu said breathlessly as he turned on the stove, and he filled one of the frying pans with oil and roughly placed it on the stove. This wasn’t going well.

“I don’t think you’re -” Just as Miyagi stood up, Shinobu threw all of the vegetables he just washed straight into the sputtering oil, and a fire lit up.

“Woah!” Shinobu yelled in shock, and he quickly carried the frying pan towards the sink.

“Shinobu, no!” Miyagi ran over, but Shinobu already tried to spray water over the fire, causing an even bigger fire, and the poor guy cried out at this. Miyagi grabbed the frying pan, pushed Shinobu out of the way and quickly grabbed one of the other frying pans and used it to cover the fire, extinguishing it.

They both panted, and Miyagi dumped the pathetic frying pan and burnt food in the sink. He then turned his head slowly, glaring at Shinobu who sat on the floor from his push earlier.

“Why…. Why did you think that was a good idea?” Miyagi sighed at the teen, and Shinobu blushed.

“Ehh..” he started, and he sweated a little.

“Never ever throw water on a fire like that!” Miyagi scolded, and Shinobu lowered his head in shame.

“Y-yeah..” Miyagi was worried to death Shinobu might have gotten hurt, but when the brunet lifted his head and made an awkward giggly noise, he sighed in relief.

“So you’re okay?” he asked, and Shinobu nodded and got back to his feet.

“Yeah,” he said, and he wiped his clothes and returned to the stove.

“Heyeyey wait wait!” Miyagi grabbed Shinobu’s hand, making the stubborn teen look up in surprise.

“What? It won’t happen again,” Shinobu said, and Miyagi looked at the remaining food. No way would he let him ruin that too.

“Nope nope nope! I don’t agree, you’ll let me do it now.” Hearing this, Shinobu pouted and pulled his hand free from his lover’s grip.

“No I won’t!” he yelled, and he returned to his precious food, oblivious of the reason why Miyagi was suddenly searching through the drawers and cupboards.

“I promise this time I’ll – aaaahh!” Shinobu struggled when Miyagi dragged him away from the stove, and one of his arms got hoisted over his head.

“I’d rather die before I let you endanger our lives again! You watch. I cook,” Miyagi growled, and he grabbed Shinobu’s hand firmly and taped it against the knob of one of the top cupboards, effectively trapping his hand above his head.

“Hey! Miyagi, you can’t do this!” Shinobu protested, bending his arm a little and pulling, but he was pretty damn stuck there.

“Seems like I can though. And now be quiet and watch how cooking is done,” Miyagi commanded, and Shinobu blushed. He tried to use his free hand to pull off the tape, but some painful minutes later he was still immobile.

Helplessly trapped by the cupboard, he watched how Miyagi peacefully resumed his failed cooking. The handsome older man cleaned after his mess, cut some of the leftover vegetables, opened up a new package of meat and boiled the pasta. Eventually, a deliciously smelling sauce was simmering on the stove, and Shinobu sniffed hungrily.

“There. Much better right?” Miyagi said, returning to his adorable boyfriend who had become silent during his charming cooking activities.

“B-bastard…” Shinobu mumbled, embarrassed because he failed to free himself and remained stuck, and he gave a lazy tug at his arm. This only opened and closed the cupboard door, and Miyagi laughed.

“Bastard you say huh? After I did this much to clean after your mess?” he laughed, and he wrapped his arms around Shinobu’s petite frame and squeezed his ribs teasingly.

“Wooohhaha h-hey don’t do that!” Shinobu blushed at the spontaneous laughter that escaped his lips, and he tried to push Miyagi away with his free hand, but Miyagi simply smirked and continued to tickle him.

“Why not? The sauce needs to simmer for at least ten minutes. Gotta find ourselves some entertainment while we wait huh?” he teased, and Shinobu squirmed when he increased the squeezes, up and down his sides and especially lingering on his ribs.

“Pfwhaaha oursehehelves? Y-you’re the only one w-who likes thihihis!” Shinobu giggled, and he shook his head and repeatedly tugged at his trapped arm, banging the cupboard door loudly.

“Nahh, you do too,” Miyagi said, and he moved one hand up to pin Shinobu’s hand against the cupboard to keep him from banging the door in his struggles.

“See? You’re laughing.” Using his free hand, Miyagi dug his fingers in Shinobu’s exposed armpit, making his precious boyfriend squeal and laugh hysterically.

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14.- “Your hands are so much larger than mine.” With Junjou Terrorist (Shinobu lee, Miyagi ler) Thank you for accepting prompts again❤️

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Aaaah I love these two!<3 I love them so much I could think up a billion situations with this prompt, but ehh it turned out like this? I hope it’s okay!^^

“Tomorrow’s Friday.” Miyagi opened one eye and groaned as he covered his face with one hand in annoyance.

“I know,” he sighed, and he closed both eyes again and tried to get some damn sleep. Shinobu was restless. He couldn’t stop talking and aghhh he had warned him about drinking coffee before going to bed, but the kid had his be-like-an-adult-desires at the wrong time of the day, and drinking coffee after dinner was the result.

“What shall we eat tomorrow?“ Ughh! Miyagi squeezed his eyes shut, causing a frown to appear on his face. He had warned him so clearly, and now it was him who was suffering from this. All he wanted was get some damn sleep.

"You’re not going to reply?” Shinobu asked. Miyagi sighed and felt how the younger guy cuddled against him, and his other hand which was resting sleepily on top of his chest got lifted, and Shinobu entwined their fingers.

“Hmm… Your hands are so much larger than mine,” Shinobu mumbled. So random. That was the final blow. Miyagi suddenly shot upwards, and Shinobu yelped and tried to turn away from the vengeful man, but with their fingers still entwined his hand was stuck in Miyagi’s grip and got turned on his back.

Now with his back turned towards his lover and his arm pinned against his own back, he found himself in a pretty awkward position, and he squirmed helplessly.

“Miyagi?! What are you doing?” Shinobu brought out, and he gasped when Miyagi tugged his arm behind his back a little harder, forcing him to arch his back a little. Miyagi’s free hand sneaked around his middle, pulled up his shirt until it revealed his skinny ribcage, and he used his whole hand to grab his ribs firmly.

“AHh!” Shinobu threw his head back and squirmed, but Miyagi smirked and squeezed his ribs a little.

“You’re right. My hands are so much larger than yours. Perfect size to do this,” he murmured, and he clawed some more at the student’s ribcage. Shinobu literally shrieked like a girl and squirmed and writhed, but Miyagi held him firmly and continued to tickle him viciously.

“I told you not to drink coffee at such a late time. You didn’t listen hm? What should I do now? Tickle you to sleep?” Miyagi lectured, but a teasy smile appeared on his face from hearing Shinobu’s lovely squeaks and giggles.

“N-no haha! Dohohoon’t! Miya-ahaha Miyaha! Miyagi!” Shinobu was a helpless pile of giggles, barely able to speak. Miyagi would sometimes pull his arm firmly to make him arch his back again, and then dig his fingers into the boy’s exposed ribs to make him howl with laughter.

“How’s that hm? Feeling sleepy already?” Miyagi asked his giggling boyfriend, and he traced one finger down Shinobu’s torso and then circled it around on the sensitive skin of his tummy.

“Yeehehehes s-stop! Don’t!” Shinobu thrashed in his hold and kicked his legs hysterically, and Miyagi clicked his tongue. Now he was the one who was wide awake. Oh well he didn’t mind keeping this tickle-play up for a little longer. Shinobu was so cute after all!

“Yes? You still look quite energetic to me.” He scittered his fingers all over Shinobu’s tummy, and sweet giggles burst from the poor guy’s lips.

“AAahaha no! Pleehehease!” Spreading his fingers, Miyagi could cover almost all of Shinobu’s tummy, and he teasingly curled his fingers and repeated this motion until it caused the transition from loud booming laughter to soft and sweet little giggles.

“Look how big my hand is. I do this-” Miyagi spread his fingers and let him tense up in anticipation.

“And this.” He curled his fingers again, enjoying the way he twitched at the touch. Smiling, he tenderly kissed Shinobu’s neck and continued to wiggle his fingers around his belly button, enjoying the soft little giggles.

“Ohoho s-stahahap l-let go now!” Shinobu begged, weakly pulling at his arm which was still pinned behind his back.

“Let go? Good idea. That way I can use both of my huge hands!” Releasing Shinobu’s arm finally, Miyagi quickly placed both hands on the teen's sides and squeezed.

“EEEEphehee nonono!” Shinobu exploded back into hysterics again. He thrashed so wildly that he managed to turn himself around, but this only made Miyagi pull him closer against him so Shinobu ended up with his cheek pressed against his warm chest.

“Such a ticklish cutie you are,” Miyagi muttered, and enjoying the way Shinobu rested against his chest, he leaned his head back and closed his eyes with hopes of getting sleepy again. He used both hands to lazily scribble his fingers all over Shinobu’s back, making him squirm and giggle adorably.

“Stoohohop Miyagiii!” Shinobu whined, moving his face from side to side and nuzzling Miyagi’s bare chest as he did so.

“But you’re so cute,” Miyagi sighed, and the sleepiness was slowly returning. His fingers still glided all over Shinobu’s heaving back, and he’d occasionally drag one finger down his spine and chuckle when this made him squeak and arch up.

“N-noho m-mercy!” Shinobu giggled breathlessly. Just like the energy of Miyagi’s tickling decreased, so did Shinobu’s laughter. Miyagi tickled his back and sides tiredly, the sleepier he got the more his fingers slowed down, and Shinobu’s squirming body also slowed down its movements.

Soon, all that was left was Miyagi caressing Shinobu’s back lovingly. The exhausted teen continued to breathe heavily, his chest heaving with each breath, and he also closed his eyes.

With his last remaining energy, Miyagi leaned down a little and kissed the brunet tenderly, and no five minutes later both of them were fast asleep, the smiles and blushes still lingering on their faces :).