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The minute OMG OBI-WAN’S HERE AND I NEED TO TALK TO HIM happens, Anakin LITERALLY RUNS OUT OF THE ROOM, even twenty years later, he’s still doing it as Vader.  OBI-WAN SHOWS UP AND *WHOOSH* HE’S OUT THE DOOR and everyone just gets the fuck out of the way.

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I have a klk question, and I apologize if you've answered it before, but, do you find any significance in Ryuko taking a big bite out of an unpeeled lemon in her introduction? Like, was it just meant to make her seem hard? Or like, does it have some subtext I don't understand? Is she ever seen eating lemon/drinking lemonade as a background thing? I've always wondered about this. Thanks.

I gotta be honest with you: I’m atrocious at talking about symbolism. There’s a reason that my hundreds of essays hardly ever mention it. 

So… I haven’t especially covered this before, but I can provide some Thoughts.

First and foremost, the lemon scene has been largely understood as a homage to FLCL, a coming-of-age anime worked on by Gainax—the studio that Hiroyuki Imaishi and Masahiko Otsuka left to found Studio Trigger, which is the team behind Kill la Kill

In the first episode of FLCL, Naota, the protagonist, refuses to drink the rest of the sour, “Lemon Squash” pop that his friend Mamimi didn’t finish. He claims that he “[doesn’t] like sour drinks” and proceeds to toss the can aside.

However, at the end of the episode, Mamimi offers Naota the sour pop again, and his reaction changes. While he repeats his sentiment—“I told you, I don’t like sour stuff”—Naota doesn’t toss the can aside this time, instead guzzling the drink down.

So, when Ryuko, the protagonist of Kill la Kill, begins the first episode of her show not just forcing herself to consume something sour, but does so purposefully, without flinching… there’s probably something there. Kill la Kill’s director Imaishi did work extensively on FLCL, after all.

But what exactly is meant to be conveyed in either series is entirely dependent on how the “sour” symbol is understood.

On the one hand, the “sourness” could be a symbol of “first love.” For Naota to accept the drink in FLCL would be to accept an “indirect kiss” from Mamimi, who had been drinking from the can previously. The “first love” idea seems supported in Kill la Kill, with Ryuko noting, after Mataro steals her lemon (at least in the original Japanese script), “You’re that eager to learn what first love tastes like?”

Mataro: Bitch, don’t try to be all witty! I’ve had my first kiss!

And with the idea of “first love” comes the idea of childishness. Though it may have some… Unfortunate Implications, in both FLCL and Kill la Kill, it could be said that getting into a first romantic relationship is a sign of growing up. The fact that Naota initially refuses to taste “first love” represents his initial refusal to come of age—and the fact that Mataro in Kill la Kill insists that he has had his first kiss (or “get[s] way more action than [Ryuko]!” in the dub) represents his desire to seem “grown-up” and experienced.

Ryuko’s utterly blase eating of the lemon would then also imply that she has had romantic relationship(s) in the past and is not afraid of them.

However, with all of this, the “sourness” could simply be a larger metaphor: a metaphor of adulthood, maturity, that kind of stuff. Naota deciding to take in the sourness at the end of the first opening episode signifies that his show is going to feature his coming of age—something he initially didn’t want anything to do with, but that the story is going to push him to experience regardless. Ryuko immediately biting into a lemon could then signify that she’s already come of age, but—and more likely, considering Kill la Kill’s ending—it could also signify that she’s not afraid of the hardships, challenges, and “sourness” that comes with coming of age.

In this way, I also see the “sourness” as a bit of a metaphor for moving forward rather than running away. The lemon pop in FLCL is first featured when Naota struggles to tell Mamimi that his brother is seeing someone else—a hard, difficult, “adult” situation that’s not fun and not comfortable. Naota throws the can away, perhaps representative of how he wants to run away from this problem. At the end of the episode, though, Naota has revealed the truth to Mamimi, and he then drinks the pop, signifying that there’s no more running away: he’s growing up, whether he likes it or not.

But disregarding the FLCL tribute, a character introduction that features the character biting into a raw, unpeeled lemon is powerful on its own. It tells audiences right away that this character is badass—whether her lemon-eating is because she’s not afraid of growing up or hardship or “first love” or because of any other reason, you shouldn’t mess with this chick.

You know what’s interesting about the ‘star-crossed’ kind of relationship that Kaiba and Atem have going on? 

That trope wise, it’s wrong.

Think about any story about reincarnated friends or lovers (you can go platonic or non-platonic, it works the same) and god knows there are a lot of them out there. You can fit Priest Set and Atem into those moulds - fine. But then it gets messed up.

Because in all of those stories, you get reincarnated and find each other - recreating old friendships/love all over again. 

But that doesn’t happen here.

If we were to follow that pattern, the clear relationship should be between Kaiba and Yugi. But it isn’t. Yugi almost gets pushed to the side - the puzzle, stating his sacrifice is for the pharaoh rather than leaving it ambiguous, the ending. 

It’s always about Kaiba and Atem.

Atem, who puts so much weight in fate and destiny seems to forget that he was never really supposed to be here. it almost makes me wonder - do we know that Atem even thought that Yugi was his reincarnation? It’s been a while. I know you’d think the hair and eyes give it away, but is it ever made explicit that that’s what he thinks - in the same way he does Set and Kaiba? Does he realise that by his own logic about reincarnation, this should not be him, the role should be Yugi’s, not his, and not shared? And what if Atem had never been there - would Kaiba now have the ‘correct-according-to-trope’ relationship with Yugi, or does his concept of destined relationships now fall apart completely?

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caranthir + waking up

I would put forwards that, given Being A Morning Person was remarkable enough that Celegorm was named for it, all of his brothers are grumpy, monosyllabic horrors until they’ve had a cup of coffee. Now, this wasn’t such a problem in Valinor, where every plant ever grows freely, but when they got to Beleriand there was something of a….rude awakening ahaha. 

This lack of caffeine hit Caranthir - whose fathername was derived from his penchant for black coffee - especially hard. Chicory and acorns really don’t cut it and 90% of the reason he threw a horrendous shitfit at that council re. Thingol’s letter was because it was 8am and what the fuck are they doing up so early, why is everything so bright, the world is pain. 

I don’t know much about the climate of Thargelion but I will bet dollars to doughnuts it was the area best suited to coffee plantations where Caranthir desperately attempted to culture something that would make getting up earlier than noon slightly tolerable. 

On Bored!Nino

Okay, so for most of Season 1, we see Nino as this energetic, steady, smiley best friend of Adrien’s, yes?

Exhibit A:

But before this moment, we had a very different Nino.

One that is seated at the back of the class, alone, with music on high volume. It is canon that this Nino has been sitting in that seat for at least a year prior.

And look at his face when he was told to sit in front.




  • Why is Nino so attached to the back seat? Was he trying to compose music during class?
  • Who were his friends before Adrien? Did…Did he have friends before Adrien?
  • Why is his music on so loud? (I mean, I like my music loud, too, but it felt like he was blocking everybody out.)
  • What’s with the bored face?
  • When he’s told to sit in front, he groans and doesn’t even try to hide his displeasure, and even drags his feet while the teacher is right there. Wha- 
  • Does he not like school?
  • Did he not have friends before Adrien?

SPOILER WARNING and some thoughts this morning, but…

As vague as Final Fantasy XV’s lore is, according to the Wiki page the FF series has, Ifrit betrayed the kingdom of Solheim, causing it to fall after cursing people with a parasitic virus called the Starscourge. In order to combat this, the Astral Bahamut selected the first Oracle from the Fleuret family to help combat and heal the Starscourge before it brought upon eternal night and daemons. Also, as they mentioned that the one of the first king of Lucis when the nation was formed was chosen to fight alongside the Astrals with the help of the Oracle to combat the darkness. But the conflict caused so much destruction that it basically was viewed as a holy reckoning by those who didn’t understand the power these Astrals had unleashed.

But according to the Wikipedia page, the Trials of the Six is noted only two thousand years ago, meaning that there’s a really good chance that nobody has ever made a pact with the Astrals like that until that time.

And guess who was king of Lucis about two thousand years ago? Or, at least, going to be?

Ardyn. He was chosen by the Astrals to help them find a way to end the daemons and ease the Starscourge that Ifrit had let out. But perhaps in the wake of destruction they left, Ardyn took the brunt of it all. The Astrals are still beings that seem rather surreal, so you can’t necessarily blame a god for wrecking things.

But you can blame a man for helping them destroy the nation. So as Ardyn was doing his task to heal the Starscourge, he ended up taking the demons inside of him harboring them until somehow, they can be cleansed and Ardyn can fulfill his duty to the Astrals and return to his kingdom once again.

However, things didn’t go the way they planned. Ardyn did everything right in the scenario, but perhaps when he returned back to Lucis, the king he put in charge (Izunia, I believe?) called him to become a demon, a monster, a destroyer of their home in the wake of the Starscourge’s devastation. And perhaps it was then that Ardyn’s corrupted and daemonic nature began to show, the effects of the Starscourge that he harbored in his way to remedy the daemons. And when Ardyn left, hoping to die in sorrow and grief, the Astrals claimed he was ‘too corrupt’ to enter into the afterlife. A man such as Ardyn could not be allowed to pass in such a state, and so, they too betrayed him.

Perhaps thinking back on it though, Ardyn could have avoided this fate. The daemons are infecting people that turned into these monstrous creatures of darkness because light was unable to reach them. But think about it: when Noctis and the others in the party kill a daemon, they merely vanish into a violet haze. All daemons disappear like this, even Ravus when he was transformed. They merely go back up to the darkness that the Oracle usually keeps at bay, and it’s hoped that it stays there. And yet, Ardyn became a host to daemons. Why?

Because, what if, Ardyn thought these people would be saved? He kept the daemons within himself, their souls and spirits, twisted by the darkness, because – at the expense of his own life – he thought the Astrals could save them? He fought so hard to contain the daemons so that they too may find peace in the Astral realm, or whatever their equivalency to paradise is. But his thoughts were too generous, and he ultimately found out that the Astrals would never help those afflicted with the Starscourge, only condemn them for turning in the first place.

Even Ardyn quotes it in a vague sense. ‘His body would come to host a myriad of daemons, that countless lives be spared.’ Ardyn was sparing daemons, saving those that were alive, and yet it still wasn’t enough. His kindness and his compassion for others became his downfall.

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wait does keith have nightmares?

He does! Or, well, he has had at least one and I’m not sure whether it’s the first one he has ever had or one in a series of many. Here, let me give you the screenshots from s2e5:

That was the nightmare sequence. So, yeah, there was at least one of them. My personal take is that it was one (particularly bad) example of many, but you could definitely argue that it was the only one. I’ll explain both sides and you can decide for your own^^

Why it could be the only nightmare he has gotten so far: immediately after waking up, he packed his things and and left, scared that Zarkon was tracking him. This is his face after waking up:

Just look at it compared to when he got to sleep:

He is absolutely shaken, his eyes are wide and fearful. The thought of Zarkon tracking him/looking back at him when it should be his own reflection in the blade was undoubtedly what drew him to run away. If it was just one of many nightmares, would he really have reacted that way? Even if it was a really bad one? Keith is, after all, pretty rational in most of his decisions that could affect the team. 

And now to why I think that it was one nightmare of many: Here is the full waking up sequence:

He wakes up, gasps for air and then reaches for his dagger almost hesitantly. Which, okay, that totally makes sense if he is scared of Zarkon looking back at him. However, waking up from an unexpected nightmare usually leaves you confused and full of fear to the point that you act on your instincts or (if it’s really bad) aren’t even completely sure anymore where you are.

None of this is the case here. Keith is scared of what he might see in his dagger, but he didn’t look particularly surprised to be in his room. He also doesn’t seem to feel threatened, despite the fact that Red attacked him in the dream and he was surrounded by Galra soldiers. If he had felt threatened, he would have most likely drawn the dagger out from under his pillow the moment he sat up, especially since he seems to have slept with it for a long time now.

So yeah, I think it wasn’t his first time waking up like this. He knows that it was a nightmare. It was, however, a pretty bad one - which is why he still checks for his reflection in his knife. His eyes are wide and fearful but as soon as he sees that it’s really him in there-

-he is pretty calm again. A nightmare. Okay. He knows how to deal with those. (Except that this nightmare was special because it directly addressed the fears he expressed just earlier today.) 

I’m not finished yet, though. There are also the scenes that are preceding the nightmare. There is Keith waiting to talk to Shiro about his suspicions about a Galra connection but then thinking better of it - he addressed those before when Allura talked about hers btw, but why he didn’t tell Shiro is a whole other topic - followed by him staring at his dagger. 

3 out of 4 expressions portray sadness, insecurity and inner conflict. And then there is the last frame. He almost looks expectant there. At first I thought that it was part of the nightmare already, but the nightmare starts with Keith in the small ship from the hanger that brings him to Red. It is some kind of transition. However, there were absolutely no transition-like frames from where he left Shiro to this scene, from one part of the nightmare to the other or from the nightmare ending to him waking up. So why include this frame if it doesn’t tell us anything? And what is the only thing he could expect before falling asleep?? A nightmare. Why would he expect a nightmare if he has never had one before? 

So, yeah. I think Keith gets nightmares, plural. All of this is just my personal take though. As I said before, both headcanons of him having nightmares (maybe not regularly but occasionally) and of this being his first nightmare are totally valid. There is so little material to go off that I can’t say I’m 100% confident in my interpretation of it… I’m more, like, 60% sure. If anyone wants to add to it, feel free to do so^^

OK, list of positive events in the Reylo Fandom...(in chronological order)

So we’ve been through a lot of bad shit. We’ve had some major divisions, too. And just imaging all of the friends many of us old cane-wielders have lost along the way genuinely makes me very depressed and I hope somehow things change some day…

So frankly I’m done reading that sad shit- let’s get started with the good!!

1. Those first two weeks after the film came out and people, still on their main blogs, started posting voraciously about TFA and started tentatively asking each other about a possible Kylo and Rey dynamic only to discover it wasn’t just them- others felt it, too.

2. The discussion in the tiny fandom over what to call the ship. There were multiple candidates, some simple, some other mishmashes of words, but eventually posts began to emerge saying “Well it’s settled then- Reylo it is.” Yep, the ship name was decided on Tumblr. And actually at the time I remember posting saying I preferred one of the other candidates (can’t remember what it is now, though- maybe kyrey?), but it wasn’t long until #Reylo became the main name and tag for the ship and, hey, you can’t fight progress. 

3. The first amazing fan art started to appear! Many of our very first artists are still with us! I remember the first original piece of fan art I ever saw for this ship came from @solarfugue(arriku) and I was instantly in love.

4. Fics were steadily being written! Through everyone’s early stories, certain patterns began to emerge- ‘force bonds’ being the primary one. These would be things that would be included in nearly every single fic as a prerequisite after February 2016.

5. Just around the very, very end of 2015, the dedicated side blogs began to emerge and the fandom began to really solidify.

6. The first big exchange (to my knowledge) was the Valentine’s Day fic exchange Feb. 2016! Tons of people got in on it, and it started rumblings for possibly more writing projects.

7. SMUT WEEK was the last few days of february going into March 2016. Basically, after a stream of people happily chatting and giggling along here on tumblr, a whoooole lotta risqué art emerged at once, and as a consequence, I declared the second or third day of this trend to be Smut Week. Everyone really grasped onto the idea with both hands and the smutty art, and even stories, POURED in for 5 solid days more. There’s not been much of a need to call another smut week, because, well, we never actually dropped back down to any innocent level since. So, anyone who’s ever tried to avoid smut in fics in this fandom, it’s my fault. I’m sorry (sort of). ^^;

8. Art Fridays! For awhile in spring, going into early summer 2016, Art Fridays, organized amongst some of the artists in the fandom, became a thing to look forward to. There’d be a secret theme and on Fridays around 8pm or so, suddenly tons of new art would emerge. It was something I always looked forward to. Later the concept morphed into ‘Shenanigans’ and is held sometimes on days other than Friday.

9. Art Fridays eventually morphed into the Reylo Anthology, a collection of artists who would still occasionally do art fridays stuff, but also worked to focus more on big themed reylo art projects.

10. The Reylo Fanfic Anthology was a concept tossed around quite a bit during Spring 2016 before being taken up by a group of writers and is still going strong to this day. There’s one large project a year, dotted with side events often centered on holidays.

11. The Reylo Sin Anthology came to be! A fanfic anthology for all the smuttiest smut fics, written to various themes throughout the year- many of them very much on the risqué side which is how they liked it. (It later became the Reylo Book of Sins and still going strong.)

12. From Spring to Summer 2016, due to new revelations from cast and crew, the fandom contracted a bit, but ultimately became more concentrated and ‘regulars’ began to emerge. Summer was also about the time that ‘metas’ pretty much got exhausted (everything had pretty much been hashed out by then), so it got a little quiet…

13. In October the Reylo Short Story Collection was announced. Focusing on, obviously, short stories, the goal was to write within the word-count limits and then publish with each story having its own custom art. A new issue is published every four months.

14. In November, two of our own, @starwarsnonsense and @bastila-bae, began an analytical podcast, “Scavenger’s Hoard”, about the new films and also with the goal of being reylo-friendly in an increasingly aggressive fandom. They added women’s voices to the discussion and have since even won awards!

15. We lost Carrie in the winter of 2016, so that was pretty terrible. But just before that happened, we were abuzz knowing a title for 9 was coming, and also anxious for the latest new years’ fic exchange hosted by the fic anthology, something that a lot of us held onto as a positive distraction in the wake of tragedy.

16. Starting around the turn of the year, changes started to take place on the SW website, namely the Data Bank, and other places- talk of ‘intertwined destines’ and ‘fascination’ and ‘links’ with regards to Kylo and Rey…could it be? Did we finally have more reason to hope?

17. In January 2017, we got the title for 8!! “Space Bear” became “The Last Jedi”, and suddenly the meta writing was back in full swing!

18. In April 2017, we got the trailer for 8! And boy did we get our hope alright. Quickly we realized many of our ‘standards’ in fanfiction seemed to have fairly correct between the trailer and cast/production commentary at SWC: Luke the underwhelming teacher, Kylo suddenly maskless and with a much reduced scar than we ever anticipated…*cough* causing us to speculate even more strongly about his anti-hero role and desire to reach Rey. The new clues and speculation quickly began to filter into fic writing.

….and here we are today! Did I miss anything? This was sort of a greatest hits in the fandom. ^^; If I missed anything, let me know! It’s getting late and I’m a bit out of it, so forgive me if I have…gosh so much has happened!! We’ve done so much!! And I’m so proud to have been with all you guys, old and new, through it all. :,)

but guys… what if.

what if Lunch Rush… is Midoriya Hisashi?

Ok so hear me out. Here are them facts:

Midoriya Hisashi

  • Missing in Action, face unrevealed
  • Quirk: Firebreathing

Lunch Rush

  • Name unrevealed, face unrevealed
  • Quirk: Unknown. Apparently really good at cooking.

So uh, see that contraption that’s attached to Lunch Rush’s face? What if it’s some kind of mechanism, that, I dunno, COLLECTS HIS FIRE BREATH so he has a portable Oven attached to him so he can cook anywhere!!!!!!!!


Maybe Hisashi learned from Inko how to cook really, really well. Maybe Izuku doesn’t know his dad works for UA. Maybe all he knows is that his dad works as a Chef for some fancy restaurant. Maybe there is a reason why Hisashi’s keeping his Lunch Rush identity a secret. Maybe Hisashi is just so busy with his Lunch Rush shenanigans at UA so that’s why we rarely see him at home.

idk I just like the thought of Izuku having a complete family after all, rather than his dad being MIA, it just happens that his dad is busy BUT very supportive of his goal to become a Hero (he works for UA after all).

Until more info is revealed about Hisashi or Lunch Rush, I’m sticking to this

I think in Dragon Age 2 Merrill or Fenris (I really don’t remember, and maybe it was in a DLC, but I think it was one of these two) mentions at some point that a big Arlathvhen is going to happen soon-ish somewhere in the Dales (I could be mistaken though).

Anyway though: if there was one relatively shortly before the events of Inquisition (maybe particularly the clans coming together to discuss the upcoming Conclave and the Mage-Templar conflict, maybe already planning to send at least one of their own to spy on the event), it could mean that Lavellan most likely was in the Dales before. And even if not I’ll just adapt it as a headcanon because I think it would be at least somewhat logical. And it would also fit with the Arlathvhen being hold about every 10 years. I think there was one shortly before Origins (so probably 9:28 or 9:29) and this one would then maybe take place inbetween 9:38 and 9:40, roughly 10 years after the last one.

Now I had to imagine Tamlen (my Tamlen Lavellan, just for clarity’s sake) returning to the Dales with the Inquisition later. Maybe the Arlathvhen took place in the Emerald Graves or the Exalted Plains, because both places are so important and significant in Dalish history. Meeting in the place where they once were defeated and had their final stand against the humans, to now again come together because an important event is about to happen that might change Thedas future forever. This meeting is before the Civil War in Orlais starts, so while the Dales of course are under human control they are still in a more or less peaceful state. It would pain Tamlen to see the Andraste statues and all the reminders of the Dalish elves’ biggest defeat, the human settlements, sure. But I can only imagine to how it must have felt to return only a few years later to the same place in the Exalted Plains, the remaining trees burned down, the smell of death and decay in the air, human soldiers everywhere fighting each other and destroying yet another piece of land that once was given to and belonged to his ancestors. Yet another instance of humans taking whatever they want and then destroying it and whatever history it might bear - because who cares, since it’s “only” elven history. I think a journey to the Dales is always bittersweet and possibly also painful for a Dalish, seeing what they lost in a stupid conflict so long ago and still couldn’t reclaim, being reminded that they still couldn’t find a new home for their people, and that they’re still not welcome in their own lands. But then additionally seeing everything destroyed or under so much human influence and affected by the Civil War as the Dales are during the time of Inquisition… it must be heartbreaking to see.

At first Tamlen would just be shocked to see the Exalted Plains’ current state, but very soon the first shock would turn into anger, the anger of thousands years of oppression that just doesn’t seem to come to an end.


pretty sure the show’s never mentioned this, but if Luna created Floukru, then before running away from the conclave, what clan was she originally from? are we supposed to assume she used to be Trikru since she was friends with Lincoln?

The Mission Dazai Abandoned

This is purely a wild guess and everything that is written here is because I reread the manga for the nth time and I noticed several points leading to this meta/theory.

Also please forgive my overanalyzing ass. Im aware that this will have cons.

First of all,one of the most important question: Where was Chuuya during the dark era?

Some answers including: Europe, Out of the country
My answer: NO, he’s not and he’s just around the corner but didnt appear because obviously its about Odasaku and the reason why Dazai betrayed the mafia.Simple,its about that. Some of you might be as confused as me on Chuuya’s dialogue on chapter 11 about suppresing some old fry from the west but now that I think about it he wasnt talking about 4 years ago, he was talking about at that exact moment where Dazai was captured (intentionally) by Kyouka.
(I want to discuss this but it’ll be another topic so feel free to message me if you find it confusing)

Akutagawa once stated that Dazai suddenly abandoned a mission on the day he left. My guess? its a Soukoku related mission and that is when he first encounter Fyodor .

Things to consider:
-He bombed Chuuya’s car on that day
-At the same time abandoned a mission
Conclusion: He was able to bomb the car because they were together that time.

Now,why did he rekt the car (and why the car…why)
-so chuuya wont be able to follow him (which I said in most of my posts,he could’ve shit on his wine collections,hats but he chose the car of all things)
-so that chuuya cannot continue the mission
But why again?
-Obviously he left and betrayed the mafia
-He doesnt want to continue the mission and most likely Dazai is preventing to fight Fyodor head on because:

1.) Dazai can tell they cannot beat him or facing Fyodor is too dangerous for both him and Chuuya hence making him to arrange a shin soukoku years before everything that is happening in the manga( like training Akutagawa and all) . Dazai is smart that he can almost see the future and can read his enemy’s mind especially if he think that they are almost the same just like Fyodor.

2.) If the theory of Fyodor (or someone in the rats) can use memory wipe and manipulation just like what happened to Hawthorne, then boy, Fyodor encountering Chuuya equates to absolute disaster and no I dont need to put a ‘why’ here because one word: corruption, and Dazai is preventing it from happening leaving him no other choice but to abandon the mission and forcing Chuuya to retreat as well,reason why he bombed the car in the first(or second) place. Also notice how Dazai chose two combat ability users such as Atsushi and Akutagawa to succeed them when the original soukoku already have Chuuya and I can say he is enough if beating opponents thru physical fight is the deal. It is because of the danger of corruption against Chuuya himself and Dazai knows it or moreso he’s preventing him from dying because of corruption which is one of his biggest role in Chuuya’s life since he’s the only one who can stop it.

But why did he left Chuuya if he’s protecting him from Fyodor

-Personal matters, i.e Odasaku’s last words
-He has no other choice,other reasons,wanted to live a new life
-not entirely, since Fyodor doesnt know at that point about Chuuya’s ability
-He’s searching for someone like Atsushi (and the chances of finding a kindhearted guy is slim if he stayed in the mafia)
-He hates Mori, nuff said

Of course this is all about my thoughts so dont take it seriously

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I don't know if you've answered this but thoughts on Gintoki telling Hijikata he was the Shiroyasha? Were you disappointed, surprised, content with how it was done/Hijikata's reaction? Would you have it done differently? (I liked it, but I wish Hijikata had more of a response, he was kind of just like '...i knew it' when I was expecting something along the lines of 'waIT WHAT')

I have!! But I never mind answering stuff like this again and I’d probably break myself trying to find the post LOL But no, I wasn’t disappointed at all, I found it very fitting. Gintoki chose to tell Hijikata and only Hijikata. It’s more than likely Hijikata already knew, too, but that was what made the weight of Gintoki making the choice to tell him all the more profound. Gintoki typically doesn’t release that kind of information as freely and openly as he did for Hijikata and that just adds to why the evolution of their friendship has been so incredible to watch. I think it would have been out of place for Hijikata to be surprised by the admission. There was a long span of time between when Hijikata had Yamazaki do a report on Gintoki and the Baragaki arc when Gintoki decided to reveal that about himself. I think it speaks a lot to how well they know each other and how much attention they pay to one another that, after hearing Gintoki say he’s the Shiroyasha, Hijikata just laughs and smirks and doesn’t miss a beat. He seemed relieved to me. He just accepts it and he can do that because he already knew it. 

That moment is actually really special to me and not just because GinHijiGin is my thing. That was the first time Gintoki revealed something about himself without the circumstances forcing him into a situation where he has to. There was no reason for him to tell Hijikata that. He did it unprovoked because he wanted to. It was such a big step for him as a character and, to me, it was like he was asking Hijikata to trust him and they understood each other so well that Hijikata didn’t think twice before doing it. 

I mean, legit, you’ve got me ranting now because think about it. Hijikata’s outnumbered on the roof, he realizes it’d been a trap to draw him up there, and he gets nervous. He sees Gintoki, he hears what Gintoki’s saying into the phone:

And remember, Hijikata can’t hear what Isaburo is saying. So, Hijikata sees he’s trapped, he hears Gintoki say he’s not going to side with the Shinsengumi, and then Gintoki’s telling him he’s the Shiroyasha and urging Hijikata, almost rallying him to get his shit together.

Like there’s subtext within the conversation. AND HIJIKATA LAUGHS. HIS SHOULDERS RELAX, HE TOSSES HIS HEAD BACK, AND HE LAUGHSSS. It sounds so relieved to me, he looks relieved. 

It’s like he understood something all the other men around them didn’t or couldn’t. I feel like Gintoki had to choose his words carefully because of the audience they had, so he didn’t something to speak to Hijikata in a way only he’d pick up on. By trusting Hijikata and revealing that he was the Shiroyasha, he was, in turn, asking Hijikata to trust him as well. So even when Gintoki kicks Tetsunosuke over the edge, I don’t think he was actually shocked, but rather, was using it as a reason to make a mad dash toward Gintoki so they’d be in a better spot to watch out for each other when they fought. 

ALSO! Something really important! Note the way Gintoki’s face changes after Hijikata says they’re both the same.

HE. LOOKS. SO. PLEASED. Watch for yourself, go to episode 246 and start it around the 19:50 mark, you’ll see the slight change on his face exactly when Hijikata says this and he looks satisfied, appeased, like he just heard precisely what he’d wanted to hear – like he agrees and he’s proud of it. You could also take Hijikata’s speech afterward as him subtly asking Gintoki for help and Gintoki answers. Goddamn, the whole arc just was just sooo well done. 

Yeah, no, I wasn’t disappointed in anything that happened =A=

And might I just point out that Gintoki actively pursues more information about Hijikata, which is something he has never done before. Prior to the Baragaki arc, it was all indifference and denial, then suddenly, there’s interest and acceptance. They proved something to each other in this arc and earned respect from one another. I just… have so much more to say about this and them and ughhhh I’m so sorry OTL

While catching up with the recent chapters, I got to this panel in chapter 533, and something about it made me pause. It’s the almost offhand way Katsura slips into an old memory of the war and discloses it to Kondo, offering it up like some sort of badge of friendship, as though implying, “You’re a comrade now, so I can tell you things about my comrades from before.”

And the memory itself paints such a vivid image: Gintoki as a tactician, burning his own ships, sacrificing whatever is necessary for the war effort; Sakamoto, in contrast, still in love with ships, still holding onto dreams that exist outside of war. You can see why Gintoki and Takasugi got along so well back then. You can also see, in that one phrase, the inclinations that would later lead Sakamoto to literally leave the planet and swap his burnt boats for spaceships.

The most significant thing about this panel, though, is what it says about Katsura. I can’t recall any other moment in this series when a member of the Joui talked about the war with someone who had not fought in it. But Katsura is able to offer up this recollection so easily. Once upon a time, yes, they fought a hopeless war and suffered catastrophic losses, but he also remembers the camaraderie and banter in the midst of that; he can face the past while also looking towards the future. In contrast, Gintoki bottles it up and can’t bring himself to talk about it. In contrast, Takasugi never even managed to leave the war zone. Out of Shouyou’s three students, Katsura ended up being the strongest emotionally.

m-sherezade  asked:

Part 1) I have my thoughts a little between yours and those of Mittensmorgul. On the one hand, I think something happens to Cas. I don't know if he can be manipulated in part for the Nephilim or the visions of the future, given to him some kind of clarity. 12.19 insisted about deal with the importance of Dean and Sam for Cas to protect them. I also believe in the instincts of Dean...In feeling something strange for Cas, he knows him very well. ->

Part 2) But like you I want to believe that everything is for a reason and Castiel he’s the hero and Sam and Dean get him back. I have my doubts but I really want to see that he is correct and TFW fight jointly against of Lucifer again. I have been confused many times but… Anyway I always want to have hopes in Cas. The most clear is that he loves Sam and Dean And I hope that does not change anything. (I could not express myself very well, sorry).

I’m so sorry it took me forever to answer this… my inbox has been insane since last ep, so apologies I wanted to give this justice!

Chuck ok, I started out writing this post all casual like in my drafts for a few days and I ended up flailing again because new stuff has now come out yesterday and I am seeing that more people seem to agree with my earlier thoughts and now I’m just…

Originally posted by superoncelock

You can see where I was casual and where I started flailing in this post!

So, the whole point here is that we are supposed to be wondering. It just fits the overall narrative of the show leading into endgame and for Cas himself for me so much better if he isn’t brainwashed but as I said recently I am still myself on the fence, kind of in between what I understand are other people’s concepts: @amwritingmeta who is very very convinced Cas is in no way brainwashed and @elizabethrobertajones and @mittensmorgul who do see some strong influence going on there in some way or another.

I am more on the fence though pretty much down on the side of free will, thinking Cas is in a bit of a grey area (which I also love because HELLO SEASON LONG THEME OF THE GREY AREA) but I am definitely heavily leaning towards him having his own free will while being so strongly convinced by what he has been shown that he appears under it’s spell, though to me he just seems more like old Castiel rather than the broken shell of an Angel Cas.

Which is also SO important for me to his overall arc, to reconcile his two sides of himself rather than completely disregard his old self (which is also EXACTLY the reconciliation endgame for Sam and Dean so makes extreme sense).

But also this is super jarring to us AND MORE IMPORTANTLY TO DEAN because Cas hasn’t had this much faith since… YEARS?! So of COURSE Dean is all ‘thats not the guy I fell in love with’, coupled with the ‘blind’ Dean subtext while he’s worrying about Cas this season…like AAH!

The last time he was this sure of himself was 6x20…depending how you see it and heck, we are definitely supposed to compare this with season 6. 

And what happened in season 6? 

Oh yeah…

Cas was right, even though he went behind their backs to try and protect them and pretty much single handedly ended the second apocalypse

If Sam and Dean had helped him instead of going against him I think it is heavily implied that he would also then not have ended up releasing the Leviathans because it was their betrayal and basically the fact that Dean didn’t trust him that meant he felt that they weren’t family and led him to go all Godstiel… Family and trust, which is AGAIN a theme this season…

source: @super-sootica

So: trying to protect them by going behind their backs, Crowley being very important in the background, the theme of Cas being family (or not), ALL the 6x20 / 12x19 parallels…


Why? In my theory this means that to subvert s6 Cas has to this time manage to convince Dean that what he is doing is right (as a subversion of season 6) but also as @amwritingmeta so rightly says, a subversion of their ORIGINAL STORY in season 4 where Dean convinced Cas to rebel and choose free will.

Also, this furthers the overall story so much more if TFW are all on one side (which they appear to be in the promo pics) in this season’s finale and manage to defeat the big bad together (as a direct opposite to s6) but then that something else i.e. cosmic consequences hello? tears them apart…because DESTIEL BREAK UP THEORY (which I’ve been harping on about since forever but basically is my theory that 12x19 would be an argument and chosen separation, 12x20-21 would be Dean facing himself and the finale would entail a reconciliation and a forced separation, and, well, at the moment we are right on track…).

Now, don’t forget that Dabb LOVES 6x20. HE WROTE A WHOLE EPISODE BASED ON PARALLELING DESTIEL IN 6x20 TO A CANON COUPLE IN BLOODLINES. Is it any surprise that he has said himself that they have gone all META in this finale?! I can’t help but think about all of this speculation when I saw that he said that yesterday…

Now, the OTHER NEW INFO that made me flail as per the above re: Cas … 

At Asylum yesterday @amwritingmeta has written here down a paraphrasing of what Misha actually said that he sees / plays Cas as having a ‘cultish devotion’ to the Nephilim but which does not take away his human side, the implication being that it is his humanity that links them and that he is not brainwashed. Now, cast are NOT writers, also this is still open to interpretation but for me this even more furthers my belief in this until proven otherwise :)

Chuck, I mean, the issue is that there has been so much going around here the last 2 days that reemphasises my gut feeling and thoughts on the finale since like 12x10 that suddenly I’m on a meta high and I’m sure it’ll come crashing down at least a little as I in no way expect to be right about all my speculation as there is still so much misdirection and surprises yet to come… but I still can’t help but get extremely excited :)

From Julian’s description of that cure, it doesn’t seem like it’s Caitlin-specific.