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Suddenly I See You Ch. 5

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A/N: So here it is. Chapter 5. I’m hoping that the mini plots and things come across in here okay, among a boat load of other things. I’ve already voiced my saltiness at this chapter. I had a grand scheme and was so excited and got deflated. NONETHELESS!! I hope you all enjoy this, and I’m able to continue to do this story justice! *queue dramatic music*

Genre: Mino x Reader and Zico x Reader

Words: *sings* I’ll never tell!

Disclaimer: As always, the gifs used are not mine and belong to their rightful owners!

The late night argument you and Minho had that night was soon a thing of the past. Buried under all the small arguments and disagreements you carried with you both over the years, but never willing to speak on it again. The fear that maybe all it took was just one argument to tarnish what you both shared, making you bury deep the problems that rose between you. Acting like nothing ever happened, even when it did.  

The next week went by in a blur of homework and caffeinated beverages; drinking too many in one sitting, leaving you jittery and beyond what should be acceptable as, “Alert.” It felt like an eternity since that day on the roof with Zico. His attention still transfixed everywhere, but at you, and you would be lying if you said you didn’t care.  

You couldn’t understand him. That problematic energy he carried around him giving you a headache until you felt ready to explode. Vowing the next week that you weren’t going to waste anymore of your time or spare glances at him in class.atching as he actively flirted with girls who made you loathe how put together they were and you were in, well, your favorite oversized sweater and worn in sneakers.  

You’d just gotten to philosophy and were aimlessly drawing doodles in your notebook. Inwardly cringing every time a stupid giggle from some done up Barbie sounded from behind you. You weren’t paying any attention; not to Zico and the obnoxiously pretty girl he flirted with and not to the professor who was telling the class about an assignment. Your headspace filled with mocking retorts at her stupid voice and the puppeteer hand pulling the strings on your heart.  A loud smack of a ruler startled you out of your stupor.  

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Genre: Angst

“How could you do this to me!” you sobbed while shoving away your boyfriend.

“Jagiya, let me explain” Minho grabbed your arms as gently as he could in an attempt to calm you.

“Explain what Minho! You slept with her!” you tugged your wrist out of his grasp. “You promised!” you did your best to choke back your tears. “You promised you wouldn’t do this again…You-Dammit!” your voice cracked as your legs finally gave in. You’d wasted a lot of energy yelling at him. More so than anything else you tried to keep your distance, because the moment he wrapped his arms around you. Cupped your cheeks and whispered your name with an apology you’d be done for.

It’d become routine at this point. You’d been with him for six years. It was hard to imagine your life without him. You always forgave him.

But that’s what was best for relationships wasn’t it? Forgiveness. Working through the problem no matter what the cost.

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Love Written In Ink

Link to Series

Summary: After breaking up with your boyfriend, you find yourself struggling to move on. But how can you, when both your lives are so intertwined? When a new captivating man enters your life, are the changes ahead for the better or worse?

Word Count: 4k+

Love Written In Ink: Realizations (Chapter 4)

Rated: M (Smut)

You sighed into his touch as Jiho played with your hair, his hands pleasantly raking against your scalp. You snuggled closer into his chest, your index finger slowly tracing over the lettering of his, John the Apostle, tattoo. It’s been about a month now since you’ve met Jiho and the two of you found yourselves a nice routine. The two of you would meet up at least 4 times a week, hang out, eat, before heading to the hotel. When it was the weekend, Jiho would rent the hotel room for those three days and two nights and you’d spend those days solely with him.

You felt Jiho’s right hand seized yours, gripping it tenderly as it laid on his chest, before bringing them to meet his lips. You felt goosebumps on your arms rise when you felt his warm, swollen lips caress your knuckles.

“How’s your wrist?” His voice rumbled beneath you. Your eyes drifted towards your hand, eyeing the long and deep indentations that snaked around your wrist. Small, light purple blotches were already starting to blemish your skin. You suspected your other wrist looked the same.

“It doesn’t hurt. Just stings a little.”

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When he has a crush on you~

the leaders edition


*You’ve met Jiyong at a bar for drinks… you’re wearing a cute summer dress. You see Jiyong sat near the bar waiting*

[Y/N] Jiyong~ah *you call as you get closer*

*Jiyong turns around when he hears your voice*

*you settle into a conversation about work… suddenly Jiyong turns around to you*

[GD] i’m so glad you came out tonight… you look really pretty…

[Y/N] oh that’s okay Ji… um *awkward giggle* thank you

[GD] mmm I really don’t know how you still don’t have a boyfriend…

[Y/N] oh… well I suppose no one is interested…

[GD] i’m sure there’s someone…

[Y/N] no… no I really don’t think there is…

[GD] I can definitely think of someone…

[Y/N] oh? what? who? who is it?

*Jiyong stares at you expectantly and then it clicks*

[Y/N] oh! oh… *blush*


*you’ve agreed to meet up with Jiho in a nearby cafe… it’s the first time you’ve hung out together alone*

*you walk into the cafe… Jiho freezes when he sees you*

[Y/N] *laughing* are you okay Jiho?

[ZC] sorry… you just… you look so pretty today

[Y/N] huh? I don’t look any different from normal…? *you look down at your outfit* 

[ZC] *cute grin* maybe you’re just always so pretty…

[Y/N] *blush* Jiho… what are you on about?

*Jiho suddenly remembers something and digs something out of his bag*

[ZC] oh here… I got you a present

*he hands you the gift and sits back to watch you open it*

[Y/N] Jiho… why? you shouldn’t have…

[ZC] just open it…

*you open the present and find a cute couple keyring… you look up in confusion*

[Y/N] a couple keyring? but I don’t have a boyfriend…

[ZC] um… well… the thing is-

[Y/N] well I guess I can use it as a friendship thing… want one Jiho?


[CREDIT to the gif owners - I do not own these gifs]

Cliché Love (Zico Fluff)


Mmhhh, a fluffy Zico scenario where you fall asleep on him? + Cliché incoming: you are best friends with deeper feelings for each other 


So when I was half way done, I went to check the request and I realized I didn’t incorporate the falling asleep on him part. Then I never did, so it ended up being a confession sorry. You see, I would fix it, but I kind of like the story as is. I’m too tired to fix it. It’s still Zico fluff though.

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 725

Grabbing your house key and a sweater, you ran out the door. Grabbing your phone out of your back pocket to check the time. It was currently 12:48. You mentally slapped yourself, multiple times. How could you let yourself sleep through three alarms. An exasperated sigh slipped from your mouth as you got into your car. You were supposed to meet Jiho at his place by one, but you knew that was impossible now. It takes at least twenty minutes to get to his place. You picked up your phone to call him, however he already beat you to it.

“You’re still coming, right (y/n)?” The question wasn’t out of the ordinary, the way he sounded was. He sounded serene. This was the calmest he had sounded for a while. 

“Yea Jiho, I hate to say it, but i’m going to be a little late.”

“No problem, I just got back from the studio anyways.” He took a slight pause.

“Do you want me to order anything to eat?”

“That would be great Jiho, i’m starving.”

“Well then, what do you want?” 

“I uhhh, don’t care.” Your mind went blank, what could the two of you eat.

“How about (insert a food here)?” 

“Ah, Jiho that’s perfect.” You heard him chuckle over the phone.

“Okay see you soon (y/n).” You hung up but you felt odd. His words kept replaying in your mind. His voice pulling you into a slight trance. You gasped when you realized what you were doing. You were day dreaming about him, but why? As of late your feelings had been becoming stronger for him. However it’s no longer the ‘sibling’ like bond. It felt stronger. It felt different. You had never felt this way about anyone. The drive to his place consisted of you thinking about him, and only him. Parking the car, you took in a deep breath. You closed your eyes and squeezed them shut. You exited the car and entered the building. When you entered the building you saw Jiho collecting the food from the delivery guy. He looked over the mans shoulder and made eye contact with you. He smiled, and so did you. He finished paying for the food, and you walked over to him. He smiled.

“You have some great timing (y/n).”

“Almost as great as me.” He laughed. 

“C’mon (y/n), I have some stories to tell.” He wrapped his arm around your shoulder and you felt your face heat up slightly. You entered the room and sat on the couch. You let out a loud sigh. He just smiled at you and then looked down at the food. He fixed the food up for the two of you. He told you funny stories about how work with the guys were. You found yourself laughing constantly at dumb things him and the members did. Slowly, but surely, you felt yourself drift off. You just stared at his lips as he talked. His words slowly came to a halt.

“(Y/N) are you okay?” He seemed concerned.

“I uh, yea.” He frowned.

“it’s clear your not (y/n), you’ve barely touched your food, and you’ve said almost nothing to me today.” He grabbed your wrist.

“If somethings wrong, you can tell me.” You sighed.

“I know Jiho.” You bit your lip. 

“Well then, what is it?” His words seemed to pry at you.

“I just feel, that you would judge me.”

“And I would do that, because?” He looked at your eyes. You swallowed a growing knot in your throat. His gaze didn’t drift off of you. He was clearly waiting for you to spit out your issue.

“Ah! That’s just it! It’s you Woo Jiho!” HIs face dropped into a worried look.

“What did I do?”

“You know what you did Woo Jiho.” You looked for the words to tell him, but you couldn’t find any. 

“What? Please tell me so I can apologize.” His eyebrows furrowed, his mouth slightly open. HIs eyes looking at you with complete concern.

“Woo Jiho-” He suddenly moved closer to you. 

“Woo Jiho, you-” Words soon stopped forming, and your mouth went dry.

“You made me fall in love!” You quickly got up from the couch, pulling away from his grasp completely. His face was shocked.

“(Y/N), do you not realize?”

“What is it Jiho?”

“That I love you too.”

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Nobody But You


Well, the insecurities theme has to carry on for all groups so this is the Topp Dogg Wizard edition. They are long, but still, I hope you all enjoy :) I will be releasing scenarios by kingdoms for Topp Dogg!

B-Joo: Your friend, Yoonchul had invited you over for the evening to join in on the movie night the guys are about to have. Everything was going fine until the guys were beginning to look bored as Byungjoo, Hansol and Sehyuk were on their phones while Taeyang was on his computer. Byungjoo had been on and off his phone since the second movie began. “I’ll go get some chips.” You state, while heading to the kitchen. Yoonchul, sitting on the arm of the couch, looks down when he sees a picture of you scroll by on Byungjoo’s phone. He chuckles to himself  when he notices Byungjoo on your twitter account. He, wanting to play around with his dongsaeng, grabs the phone quickly out of his hands, “What are you looking at?” Byungjoo’s heart stops and his eyes widen, “Give that back.” He exclaims through clenched teeth. From the kitchen, you look over to see the commotion, only being able to hear the voices, but you continue grabbing food and some drinks for the guys. Yoonchul stands up with Byungjoo following, raising the phone up in the air when Byungjoo tries to reach for it. Some of the members laugh along with Yoonchul’s joke as the small Byungjoo tries jumping and reaching for his phone, “Yoonchul hyung…” He jumps again, but fails to reach it. You enter the living room with a bowl of chips and a tray of drinks for the guys. “Yoonchul-ah, give him his phone back.” Dongsung demands when he sees you walking towards them. He gives Byungjoo’s phone back when he makes one last jump. Byungjoo’s face is 10 shades of red, from embarrassment and trying to work for his phone. He sits back on the couch, holding his phone in his hand tightly, and begins to play with its case. Everyone begins to calm down some, while Sehyuk starts another movie. Byungjoo avoids eye contact with everyone, leaning his head on his hand, letting his straight, blond hair fall to cover his face. You look over towards him, noticing how down he looks, his face still flushed. His eyes scan the room quickly, glancing over to you. He quickly looks back down when eye contact is made between the two of you. When the previews end and the movie begins, Byungjoo gets up and heads to his room. A few minutes pass and Hansol notices the empty spot where he was sitting, “Where’d he go?” The guys look at the empty spot, shrugging their shoulders. “Yoonchul-ah, why’d you have to tease him like that?” Hojoon asks him pausing the movie. He simply shrugs his shoulders, “I was just joking around, I didn’t think he would take it so seriously.” Hojoon shakes his head, “Yeah, but you know how he feels…about everything.” He states, eyeing you quickly, then back to Yoonchul. You look around at the guys confusedly, unsure as to what they are talking about. Not liking the thought of your friend feeling down, you decide that maybe you should help him out, “I’ll go talk to him.” You get up from your spot and head to the closed door. “Umm…Maybe y…” The guys stop when they see no use in finishing when you disappear down the hallway, so they continue to play the movie. *Knock, knock* “Byungjoo?” You call to the other side of the door. No answer. “Can I come in?” Silence, for a few seconds, until  you hear a muffled, “Go away.” You sigh, placing your hand on the doorknob. You hesitantly open the door and close it behind you upon entering. “Byungjoo…Is something wrong?” Even though you know he’s bothered by something. He simply shakes his head, scrolling through his twitter, “Nothing.” You crawl on the bed, sitting next to him, “Listen, what Yoonchul did…” Byungjoo interrupts, “It’s embar…I get it, I’m short. They don’t have to tease me in front of everyone.” You shake your head, watching him scroll through his Tlist, “There’s nothing wrong with being short. You’re not even short.” He puts his phone aside, “Shorter than ideal.” You knit your eyebrows together, looking towards him. His cheeks are still flushed, probably from the incident earlier. “What do you mean?” Byungjoo can feel his face becoming more flushed, “Come on _________, you know exactly what I mean,” He stands up from the bed to try and hide his reddened face from your view, “Being a short guy sucks…” He kicks the pillow that’s lying on the floor in front of him, “Girls don’t want small, short guys.” You shake your head quickly, disagreeing with his assumption, “No Byungjoo, I mean, girls have preferences, but to simply disregard a guy because of his height is really superficial.” You stand up to be in front of him. “You being a girl…what’s your preference?” You step back from him slightly, not expecting him to interrogate you, “My preference…I wouldn’t simply put someone aside for how tall or how short they are, I’d like to get to know them.” He remains silent for a few seconds, staring down at the ground. “Byungjoo, I…is something else bothering you?” He shifts his eyes around the room to anywhere but you, a blush quickly forming upon his cheeks, “N-no.” He begins to fidget in his spot, closing his hands into tight fists and biting his lip. You take notice of his tense frame, “Byung…” He takes a deep breath, “I didn’t want them to tease me in front of you, okay?” You cock your head to the side, “Me? Why just me?” He tries his best to keep it in, he feels like he has already said too much, “I…” He lifts his head to look away from the floor to finally making eye contact with you, “I like you.” Being completely oblivious to the situation, you ask,  “What makes me so different than the guys?” He bites his lip with a chuckle, ________, I…I can’t like them…the way I like you.”

Hansol: Hansol leans against the mirror, breathing heavily from the intense dance practice the group just finished. He looks at his phone to see you had messaged him earlier, “Are we still hanging out after you’re done practice?” He messages back, “Yeah, your place?” You send him a response immediately, “It’s a date ;)” He chuckles to himself, liking the idea of a date night, not having been able to spend some time with you in awhile. He hears the guys laughing and looks up to see what they’re laughing at. The music had continued playing after practice so Jiho and Byungjoo remained in the middle of the dance floor goofing around. Jiho suddenly lifts the small Byungjoo over his shoulder and starts spinning and jumping around, only causing both of them to fall to the floor. Hansol laughs hysterically at the sight, especially Byungjoo’s face when he realizes they’re about to fall. Sanggyun looks over at his hyung, “Hansol hyung,” He chuckles, “Your laugh is so loud.” Byungjoo, who had heard the statement, laughs towards the two, “Sounds like a witch.” Hansol smiles towards his dongsaengs, showing no hard feelings towards the comments, although he is surprised. He laughs lightly to the jokes and funny moments amongst the guys for the rest of the time.


You smile when you see Hansol on your buzzer, “I’ll let you in.” You buzz him into your apartment building and wait for the knock on your door. He embraces you into a hug as soon as you open the door. His deep exhale tells you he has had a rough day. He places a kiss in the crook of your neck, “Mmm, baby…” He remains in that position, resting his forehead on your shoulder. You kick the door closed with your foot and smile, wrapping your arms around him, “Yeah?” He lifts his head to look at you, lids heavy and a small smile forming, “I’m happy to see you.” You grab his hands from behind you and unwrap them from your waist, leading him to your living room, “I’m happy to see you too. How was your day?” He sits on the couch, pulling you to sit as close to him as he can get you to. “Tiring. Yours?” You rest your head on his shoulder, “Not too bad, had to go into work for a few hours and then did some errands.” You turn the TV on to find a movie to watch, “Do you want to watch a comedy?” You ask, looking up at him. He simply nods his head, looking at the movie selections, “Yeah, sure.” You start a movie that you both hadn’t watched before, and watching it, it was actually pretty funny, but you realize you’re the only one laughing. Sure, giggles from Hansol every now and again but when you look over at him, he just stares at the TV blankly. Maybe he’s just tired. You shift your position to rest your head on his lap. He rests his hand on your head and starts stroking your hair. “You tired babe?” You shake your head, “Not really, just resting.” A very amusing scene plays and you immediately go into a burst of laughter. Hansol begins to laugh, increasing to his usual loud laugh. You giggle, turning to lay on your back so you are looking up at him. “What?” He asks, his laugh calming down as you continue to scan his expressions. You cups his cheek in your hand, “It’s nice to hear you laugh.” He smiles, turning his head to kiss your palm, “It is?” You catch the tone in his voice change slightly, “Yeah, you’re always  so happy and you never seem to be making yourself happy, you just always are.” You sit up to be eye level with him, “It also makes me smile to hear it.” He brings his lips to your forehead, “So, that’s all that matters then.” He whispers, more to himself than to you, causing you to furrow your eyebrows in confusion, “…What do you mean?” He pulls away from you with a huge smile, shaking his head, “Nothing, just something Sanggyun and Byungjoo said today.” He wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you closer to him, “But after what you just said, I think that’s all that matters and I probably shouldn’t take what people say to heart.” You nod your head, leaning down on his shoulder. You don’t know what Sanggyun and Byungjoo said to him today, and however you helped him, you are glad you were able to.

Hojoon: When you had asked your friend, Hojoon, to accompany you to the mall to find a dress, he was quick to join you on the day out. “You just about ready?” He shouts from your living room. You hear his footsteps make their way down the hallway. “Yeah…just about.” You had been standing in front of your closet for what seemed like over an hour, long before Hojoon even arrived, trying to figure out what to wear. You see from the mirror’s reflection Hojoon leaning against the doorframe, “Just wear whatever.” You glare at him through the reflection, “You are going to be a great help today, I can feel it.” He smirks when hearing the sarcasm, “You look good in anything is what I meant.” You roll your eyes, grabbing a pair of shorts and a your light blue shirt that hangs off one shoulder, “Uh-huh, you’re just trying to hurry me up.” Hojoon laughs, turning around for you to change into your clothes, “That too.” When you’re done, you walk over and give him a shove out of the doorway, “Okay, let’s go then Mr. Impatient.” He walks forward, not being affected by your shove in the slightest, “See, anything.” He states, motioning his hand from your head to toe. When arriving at the mall, you head into one of the stores, knowing they have a small selection of dresses. “When is the wedding anyways?” You think for a second, trying to remember the date, “…Thursday of next week,” You shuffle through the racks of dresses and find nothing. Shaking your head, you say, “Next one.” And head out the door with Hojoon following beside you. The next store you go into you figure you would find at least something to try on, seeing that it’s a store you go into often. Hojoon helps by looking through the racks and picking up dresses to see what you think of them. You shake your head at almost every dress he holds up. When you stand in the middle of the store and turn in circles, you look to Hojoon. “Next one?” Hojoon asks, walking towards you. You simply nod your head and make your way out of the store. You both walk down the hallway, looking for another store to go into. You turn to walk into the third store that is ALL dresses. Hojoon stops at the entrance, “Oh…We’re going to be in this one for awhile.” You turn to see Hojoon’s wide eyes, you let out a giggle, “We will if you don’t hurry up.” Hojoon shakes his head at your now apparent impatience. He catches up to you next to a rack of dresses, “Do you like this one?” He asks, lifting up a coral coloured one. You nod your head, “Yeah, I’ll try it on.” Between you and Hojoon, you both had quite the collection of dresses piling up. You head to the dressing room while Hojoon sits on a bench across from them to see  when you come out. “Hojoon, you will be honest right?” You ask through the closed doors. You hear his chuckle, “I have been since we got here, haven’t I?” You grin, shaking your head, “Just making sure.” You reply as you look in the mirror in the room. You open the door, wearing a black and white polka dot dress with a yellow belt. You can tell Hojoon is thinking about it, “No?” He narrows his eyes, “It’s nice but…maybe try on the others.” You sigh, turning to head back in to the room. You try on another one; navy blue lace dress falling below mid-thigh, an open back, a heart bodice and a white belt. You step out of the room, looking in the mirror on the wall. “I like that one.” You observe yourself in the mirror and sigh with a shake of your head. You head back in the room to change into another dress, beginning to get tired of the day. Hojoon is taking notice of your expressions, seeming to be worse with every dress you try on. You have tried on a few dresses, none working out for you. You sigh, putting on a strapless, mint green dress with a mid-thigh tulip wrap skirt and a sequin belt. When you open the door, Hojoon looks up, eyes widening. “Umm…” Hojoon eyes you from head to toe, although noticing your down expression, ________, come over here more.” You step out of the vicinity of your dressing room to get closer to him, “What?” He forms a smile, “You look beautiful.” You peer to the side to look in the mirror on the wall. Your reflection saddens you, feeling like the day has been nothing but negativity. Even the dresses that Hojoon exclaims to like, you feel there’s something wrong with all of them. Before heading back in the dressing room, Hojoon stops you, “Wait, what don’t you like about this one?” You bite your frowned lip, “That I’m in it.” You mumble to yourself, not meaning for it to be audible for him. “What do you mean?” He stands up, heading to the mirror to stand beside you, looking at your reflection, “What’s wrong with this?” You hug your arms around your waist. ________, don’t you like this dress?” You simply nod your head in response. “So…why don’t you get it? It looks beautiful on you.” Knowing you have moments of feeling uncomfortable in your own skin, he tries to assure you that you look beautiful. He stands behind you, unfolding your arms from around your waist, “Trust me when I say this?” You nod your head, grabbing the skirt in your hands. “I do really like it…” Hojoon grins, leaning against a closed dressing room door, “So get it, wear it and love it.” You let out a light giggle and nod, “I think I will.”

Xero: “Are you meeting me at the practice studio?” He asks through the phone call he just made to you. You put the last dish away from the sink, “Yeah, I can meet you there.” You wipe the counter clean of flour and sugar, “Are we hanging out at the dorm tonight?” He thinks for a second, “Yeah, we can go to the dorm tonight.” You throw the cloth in the dirty laundry, then head to your room to find an outfit, “What time do you want me to meet you there?” Jiho asks Sehyuk what time they will be ending practice at, “8:30. Meet me here at 8:30 and we will be done practice. I’ll talk to you later, okay?” You smile, grabbing a skirt and a top from your closet, “Okay, see you later.” When the time comes, you pack the cookies you made in a container, grab your purse and head outside. You make your way through the building, knowing where their practice room is. You do arrive earlier than he told you to meet him, only by 30 minutes, but you don’t think of it to be a problem. Walking through the door, he eyes you, along with some of the other members as you enter the practice room. You as well watch his apparent flustered state as he holds the other girl by the waist. Jiho and the girl stand in the center, breathing heavily and sweat glistening from their bodies. “Again!” The choreographer yells to them. “Here, I made these today.” You whisper, placing the container of cookies beside the guys as you sit down beside Sehyuk and Taeyang on the floor. Sehyuk gives you a side hug. “Hey Sehyuk, what’s going on?” Jiho looks over towards you apologetically before the music begins. When the music begins, you can tell that it’s going to be a sexy dance. They begin the dance, and you were right…a sexy dance. You look down to play with your jeans, drawing circles on them. “Didn’t he tell you about this?” Dongsung asks, leaning closer to you. You shake your head, “No, he didn’t…But it’s okay.” You bring your eyes back up to watch them. They dance so well together, their movements running so smoothly. His hands capture her waist, pulling her closer to him, their faces becoming so close to each other. You take some observations of her, noticing how beautiful she is; long hair, tall, tiny figure. She seems to be perfect. You can feel your jealousy of her rise a bit.  You lean towards Sehyuk, “I’ll be right back, okay?” He nods, thinking you’re not feeling too great about what’s happening, “You okay?” You form a small smile, “Yeah, I’m fine.” You get up, just to head to the washroom. They watch you walk out, including Jiho, becoming a little distracted from the dance. His stomach turns seeing you walk out the door. He knows he should’ve told you earlier, and for the fact that you found out like this hurts him a bit. When the dance ends, the choreographer pushes himself away from the wall, “Focus Jiho. Again!” Jiho takes a few deep breaths, “Can we take a break?” The choreographer stares at him, stalling his reply, “…A short one.” Jiho bows to his teacher and rushes out of the room. He sees you walking down the hallway, turning the corner, ________!” Back tracking around the corner, you see him jogging down the hallway to meet you, “Jiho?” The look in his eyes. “Hey, listen…” He begins, placing his hands on your shoulders, “Baby, you weren’t supposed to find out like that, I’m sorry.” You shake your head, looking down. “It’s alright, it’s just for work, right.” You know he really doesn’t have much of a say in the matter, which is why you don’t want to make this a big deal but you still can’t help but feel slightly insecure about the situation. Jiho places a kiss to your forehead, “No it’s not. I was going to tell you tonight when we were together. I didn’t know you were coming earlier and I didn’t want you to find out by seeing it.” His hands move down your arms to hold yours and begins to play with your fingers. “You guys dance really good together.” Jiho sighs, “Come here.” He pulls you towards him, wrapping his arms around you to embrace you in a hug. He rests his chin on the top of your head. Wrapping your arms around his waist, you lean your head against his chest. “I worry sometimes.” You whisper as he runs his fingers through your hair. He kisses the top of your head, “About what?” Your arms tighten around his waist,  "I worry that you will find someone better…more similar to your lifestyle.“ You feel Jiho shake his head, "No way. I can’t see me being with anyone else but you.” He pulls away, cupping his hands on your cheeks, “Nobody but you.”

Suddenly I See You Ch. 6

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5

A/N: Alright. Here it is. The chapter that took me almost 5 months to complete. I just feel like I need to thank so many of you for supporting this fic and for loving it like you do. I sincerely hope that you are able to enjoy this chapter as much as you have enjoyed the last five. I pray I didn’t drop the ball here and that it continues to be a slow burn you all continue to love. Much Love, Jenn.
Genre: Mino x Reader and Zico x Reader
Words:……..just get comfortable .

Disclaimer: As always, the gifs used are not mine and belong to their rightful owners!

You wondered if this is what it felt like to go crazy with worry. If the gut punching feeling of being ignored was what people wrote about in songs, just before a break up. It felt silly, wondering about something so drastically, but after every text you sent Minho went unanswered you felt ready to burst at the seams.

You’d sent him tons of apologies; an endless stream that was followed up with weak excuses why you never returned his calls. A part of you feeling ashamed to admit you’d ignored him just to feel completely alone with Zico. The rest of the world a backdrop as the both of you walked around shops; trying on hats and playing with clap on Hello Kitty lamps. You gave up on studying a long time ago, but it didn’t stop you from sending that first lie when you got back to your dorm.

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I’ll Treat You Better Next Time

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[A fight with Zico]
Genre: Angst/Romance

*Strap in boys and girls this ones going to be a long one. My longest one shot at 3k. 

Six weeks.

It had been six weeks since you’d actually seen Zico. Normally you’d be understanding he was a very busy man. Rapper, producers, leader and he was in high demand especially these days. He was working on Show Me The Money as well as preparing for Block B’s comeback, but six weeks was just too long to go without actually seeing your boyfriend. It wasn’t as if he was on tour or promoting he was just a few blocks away at the studio that he basically barricaded himself in.

You made sure that you brought food, and clothes and just dropped them off for him. Occasionally you’d get Taewoon to deliver something since you knew he’d have a slightly easier chance of getting to his brother.

Normally it wouldn’t be this bad, you had a life of your own so you understood keeping a healthy distance from one another and that was part of your relationship that worked so well. You worked full time at an office and it was pretty daunting, and having some time to yourself was nice. It allowed you to go and visit your mom, and to spend some time with friends. Dating Zico for three years had gotten you used to his routines and how he got when it was album time. However six weeks started to make you wonder if you were even still in a relationship. He’d call occasionally, skype call here and there, but he hadn’t been home in over a month.

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Love Written In Ink

Love Written In Ink: A Past You’d Rather Forget (Chapter 3)

Link to Series

Summary: After breaking up with your boyfriend, you find yourself struggling to move on. But how can you, when both your lives are so intertwined? When a new captivating man enters your life, are the changes ahead for the better or worse?

Word Count: 4k+

Rated: M (Smut, Angst)

You moaned into the kiss as your hands raked through Jiho’s hair. He felt you smiling into the kiss as his hands slipped under your top, caressing your breast. Tugging at his hair, you rolled your hips into his lap, feeling his bulge press up against you through his jeans.

A day had only passed since the two of you had come to this arrangement. Originally, you were only supposed to meet up at a local coffee shop this morning to learn more about one another. Since you really only knew each other’s names and how each of you tasted. Then as you were both finished with breakfast and leaving, both of you just happened to walk by a hotel along the way…

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Pinky Promise (Zico)

Genre: Fluffy… lots of fluff
Words: 2132

Authors Note: it’s quite busy times right now. I have one more scenario for next week, then you’ll have to wait until i find the time to write again. sorry. for now enjoy this please, I hope you like it! ^^

Jiho took a deep breath before he knocked on the door and waited patiently. He heard noise from the other side of the door, which meant he got lucky. He normally wouldn’t show up without notifying first. But as he was heading back to the dorm he just happened to pass by your place and thought, why not stop by to say hi?

It wasn’t even that late and you were probably not sleeping, unless you overworked yourself again. Nonetheless he decided to pay you a visit.

The door opened but instead of seeing you in the doorway there was a little girl, barely able to reach up the door handle properly. Jiho was caught by surprise.

“Hi” she said with a blank expression and gazed up at him with big round innocent eyes. The little girl was stood in the doorway holding onto the door handle the best she could, dressed in a cute pink pajamas and holding a snuggle bunny.

“Hello there” Jiho replied with a kind smile. “Is Y/N home?” he continued to asked but the little girl ignored his question.

“Are you Unnie’s boyfriend?” she asked with the still blank yet innocent look on her face. The question caught him off guard and he chuckled a little.

“You could say something like that, yeah” He joked and gave her another cute smile. “But don’t tell her I said that, okay?” he continued and winked at her. Once again she ignored him.

“Shouldn’t you bring flowers then?” she replied and tilted her head slightly and her expression turned a little confused. Once again Jiho was caught off guard. He chuckled slightly. Children were so unpredictable yet adorable.

“Jiyeon!” you called from the kitchen. You rushed to Jiyeon by the door and peeked out to see who it was. “Oh, Jiho?” you said surprised. You didn’t know he would come to see you.

“Jiyeon” You said in a low kind voice and tapped her on the shoulder. She looked up at you with her big innocent eyes. “Go finish watching your cartoons before bedtime, okay?” you said. Her lips curled up into a smile as she nodded. She snuggled with her bunny as she headed back into the apartment.

“Hey sorry for showing up unannounced, I was passing by and I thought I’d stop by to say hi.” Jiho explained and an apologetic smile pulled at of the corner of his mouth.

“Oh its fine” you said and invited him in. He hung off his jacket and then pulled you into a hug. “It’s been so long, how you been?” you asked as you pulled away again.

“You know, the usual” he said as he followed you into the kitchen. “Lots of work” He shrugged and sat down by the kitchen table. “producing songs for show me the money, my solo project and the recent US tour, I’ve been pretty busy”

“Tea?” you asked him as you poured up a cup for yourself

You had been close friends for quite some time and you could said that you’ve had feelings for each other for a while as well, but never really been able to start anything. Things tended to get in the way of you two very easily; Jiho’s schedule was quite tight, as an idol and a rapper there wasn’t always much time to do other things. then there was you with your regular job, a regular schedule but everytime you tired to get your plans through, something always seemed to happen.

“Sure” he said and smiled at you. You brought out and other tea cup from the cupboard and poured up tea in it. You brought the cups to the table and took a seat. “Who is the little girl?” Jiho asked unable hide his curiosity.

“She is my niece” You said. “Her dad is away on a business trip so I’m taking care of her for the week” you continued to explain.

Jiho’s mouth formed and ‘o’ shape as he nodded understandingly.

You two finally got the chance to catch up properly. Jiho had been away on the US tour and before that he was working a lot in the studio… as usual. Though you kept in touch the best you could.

Jiho told you the craziest story of how Kyung, Jihoon, Taeil and Minhyuk went out for drinks one night while they were on one their scheduls in Japan. Somehow Minhyuk got left behind at the bar and Jaehyo had to go out in the middle of the night to 'rescue’ him. Yet Minhyuk was abandon in an elevator stopping at every single floor and Jiho happened to be the one to find his drunk-abandoned-ass in the elevator.

You couldn’t stop laughing at the story. “Did he really do that? Poor Minhyuk!” you said.

“Yeah, Jaehyo just got really fed up with it.” Jiho chuckled and took a sip from his tea.

“Unnie” Jiyeon said and she as he pulled at your sleeve. You hadn’t noticed that she had been hiding  behind your chair.

“Oh, hey there” you said and smiled down at the adorable little girl. “Is your cartoon time already over?” you asked as you pushed back your chair slightly and lifted Jiyeon up in your lap. She nodded several times. “Is it bed time now?” you continued to ask and she responded with shaking her head as she giggled.

“Really?” you said. “In a bit then?” you suggested and she agreed to that. You turned you attention back to Jiho who was smiling at the interaction between the two of you. Jiyeon leaned back against your chest and you swayed her back and forth gently.

“What’s your name?” Jiyeon suddenly asked Jiho and tilted her head slightly. Jiho couldn’t hold a little chuckle back.

“My name is Woo Jiho” he told her. “But people also call me Zico”

“Zi…co?” she echoed cutely. “Like the guy from TV?” She continued to ask.

“Yep” Jiho nodded “I’m that guy” he continued surprised that she recognized him. He saw how she looked at him in another light now when she knew who he was.

You continued to catch up with Jiho for a little bit while Jiyeon was sat in your lap listening to your conversation.

“Unnie” she said suddenly and looked up at you while she rubbed her eyes. “I’m sleepy” she continued and yawned.

“Is it bed time then?” you asked and she nodded. You lifted Jiyeon off your lap and you gave Jiho an apologetic smile and mouthed 'I will be right back’. He nodded understandingly.

You helped Jiyeon brush her teeth and then brought her to bed. You let her borrow you bed while she staying over and instead you slept on the couch. She crawled down under the covers and you tucked her in. you sat down on the edge of the bed to wish her good night.

“Where is your bunny?” you asked as you couldn’t see it with her anymore. Her eyes widened and a sad expression immediately washed over her face

“Unnie I left him in the bathroom when I was brushing my teeth!” she said in a low said voice and tried to get out of bed again.

“Oh it’s fine, I’ll go get it for you” you said and just as you were about to get up she spoke again.

“Unnie!” she called cutely.

“Hmm?” You hummed and tilted your head slightly.

“I want Zico to wish me good night too” her request surprised you a little but they did seem to get along well.

“Okay, I’ll fix that too.” you said unable to hold back a small chuckle. “Good Night sweetheart”

“Night night Unnie!” she replied and pulled the covers up to her chin.

You headed to the bathroom and found the bunny sitting on the edge of the sink. You grabbed the little bunny plushie and headed back to the kitchen.

“Jiho” You called his name and he looked up from his phone. “Apparently Jiyeon wants you to wish her good night as well.” you said and chuckled slightly.

“Oh?” Jiho smiled slightly embarrassed. “Really?” he asked, not believing what you just said.

“Yeah” you said and your lips curled into a smile. You handed him the bunny plushie. He took is and you saw him looking towards your bedroom. He looked quite nervous at first but then he headed into the room with confidence.

Suddenly some kind of feeling that you didn’t quite understand wrapped around your heart. A new warm yet strange feeling.

He walked in to the room where Jiyeon was waiting. She sat up when she saw him.

“Seems like someone forgot their bunny?” Jiho said and sat down on the edge of the bed and gave her the bunny plushie back. She hugged the bunny tightly.

Jiyeon lied down again and Jiho tucked her in. “sleep well, okay” he said. He wasn’t good at this but he tried his best at least.

“Mhm… But Oppa…” She started and gazed up at him with a cute innocent expression on her face. He gave her a questioning gaze.

“Don’t forget to bring unnie flowers next time” she reminded him. Jiho’s lips formed and 'o’ shape. He remembered the small conversation they had at the door.

“Oh yeah, I will, I promise” he said with a chuckle and smiled at the adorable little girl.

“Pinky Promise!” she said and reached out her tiny pinky finger to him.

“Then you have to promise me to keep this a secret from Y/N, that way I can surprise her, okay?” The little girl nodded with a big smile on her face.

“I promise!” she said with her cheerful voice. He wrapped his significantly larger pinky finger around hers.

“I promise” he said with confidence and she giggled happily. “Good Night Jiyeon” he ruffled her hair and gave her a kind smile.

“Good Night Zico” she shot him a tired smile. He was caught by surprised to hear her call him by his stage name. But since it was the name she was the most familiar with, it kind of made sense.

He got up from the edge of the bed and headed back to the kitchen. He closed the door carefully after himself.

“How did it go?” you asked unable to hide your curiosity.

“Good” he said and smiled he still looked slightly embarrassed. “I think I’m heading home though” he continued. “Good Night Y/N, I’ll talk to you soon”

There was a knock on the door that woke you up from you daydreaming. You got up from the couch in the living room to answer the door and Jiyeon followed closely behind you. She even hid behind you as you opened the door.

Two days later Jiho showed up at your door again. You started to get suspicious.

“Jiho?” you said, surprised to see him again so soon. He had a small bouquet of pink flowers in his hand.

“Are those for unnie?” Jiyeon asked as she peeked out from behind your leg.

“Nope, they are for you” Jiho said and winked at her as he gave her the small bouquet. She held the bouquet with both her hands and looked at them with wide eyes.

“Really?” she asked and looked up at him and he nodded at her. Jiho stepped inside your apartment and closed the door after himself.

“Jiyeon, why don’t we put them in water?” you said and smiled but in all honesty you were a little bit jealous. It was silly but true.

Jiyeon hurried to the kitchen and you were just about to follow her when Jiho grabbed your wrist and pulled you back to face him. You were surprised to say the least.

“I got you something too” he said and a smile pulled at the right corner of his lips. He brought forward his hand which he had been hiding a simple rose.

“A rose” you breathed in awe and admired the beautiful flower.

“I didn’t really know what to get you” Jiho started to explained. “So I went with a classic rose.” he continued.

“I love it, Jiho” You said and pecked his cheek. This time it was his turn to be caught by surprise. He was slightly flustered and you giggled at his cute reaction.

This was hopefully a start of something good just like you had been daydreaming ever since you meet him for the first time.

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Suddenly I See You Ch. 3

Scenario: You and Minho have been friends since the sandbox. He’s your best friend and you love him like a brother; never noticing once that he was madly in love with you. You arrive for your first day at Seoul National University to start your life on the path your parents planned out for you. You’d calculated all the variables, but never calculated on the one you never saw coming: Woo Jiho. 

A/N: Okay so chaper 3 focuses mainly on Zico (have no fear Minho is getting his own chapter 4). I had so many fun ideas for this chapter and I just feel like I completely ended up dropping the ball on this. I’ve fixed it as much as I can, and I hope you guys enjoy it all the same!

Genre: Mino x Reader and Zico x Reader


Disclaimer: As always, the gifs are not mine and belong to their rightful owners!!

The room felt blaringly bright. The sun shining into the room unfiltered by the lack of blinds. Your eyes fluttered open for a moment before resigning back to being closed. It felt too damn early to wake up and your body agreed. Too bad whoever was calling didn’t feel the same way as you.

You groaned into your desk as your hand fumbled out blindly for your phone. You distinctly remember setting it somewhere around the mess of papers you’d created overnight. What time did you exactly finish up all of your homework?  

The sound of shuffling papers faded into the background as another chorus of quacks started up again. You knew that ringtone. That was Minho’s ringtone. You’d set that for him back in your senior year of high school. The two of you were inside a grocery store when you’d stumbled upon the largest stacks of rubber ducks you’d ever seen.  

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5 Years

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader featuring Woo Jiho (Zico)

Genre: You guys decide :) 

Description: They say time suppose to heal you. Keyword: suppose. 

A/N: My first ever publicized scenario about the ever-amazing Min Yoongi. Hope you guys enjoy! This is the first part, feedbacks are much appreciated! 

*** Oh my god you guys I just realized while answering my Physics exam that I used the wrong equation here!!! Its supposed to be net force equals mass times velocity squared over radius. I feel so bad :(( BUT OMG THANK YOU GUYS FOR READING THIS I LOVE YOU ALL. *** 

“Alright, so based on the given, what formula should we use, Jiho?” You asked, waiting patiently for your friend and latest tutee to tell you the answer to your question. You watched as he furrowed his thick eyebrows together and pursed his lips together, focusing on the problem written on his text book. 

Jiho looked at you and you beamed at him. “Based on the given, we’re going to use net force is equal to mass times velocity squared over radius but we’re asked to get the mass so we have to derive the formula in order to do so,” He answered, tapping his pencil on the textbook. 

“You’re getting there, Jiho, now how do we derive the formula to get the mass?” You pressed, pointing the formula written on his paper with the butt of your red pen. 

“Well, you cross multiply it, right? I remember Professor Nam doing this,” He said and you nodded. “Alright, let’s do this.” 

“Take your time.” You said and leaned against your chair as you waited for Jiho to finish the problem. 

You loved tutoring. It wasn’t your full-time job - just a part time but you would drop being a waitress to help people out with their academics. Unfortunately though, it doesn’t pay half of your bills so it stayed as a sideline. Even back in high school, you were already tutoring some of your classmates and sometimes lower and higher years. 

“Done.” Jiho’s voice cut you off your thoughts and you took his paper from his hand and looked over it. You nodded as you go over it and Jiho tapped his foot impatiently. “Well? Am I correct or not?” 

You placed the paper on the table and opened the cap of your red pen. Gliding the pen on the paper, Jiho grinned as he saw you giving it a check mark. “You catch up fast, Jiho, I don’t know why you still need me to tutor you when all you need is to pay attention to Professor Nam.” You said, sliding the paper to him. 

“If his subject wasn’t first period then I wouldn’t have any problems, Y/N. I just have some more important things to do rather than listening to him ramble about Newton’s laws and shit.” Jiho replied, leaning against his chair and crossing his arms over your chest. “How do you do it?” 

“How do I do what?” You asked, fixing your things. 

“I’ve never seen you bored out of your mind during class.” He stated. 

“That’s because I never am; I love school, thank you very much.” You told him, a grin spread across your face. 

“Do you have somewhere to be tonight?” Jiho suddenly asked, leaning forward. 

“Uh,” You shifted uncomfortably on your seat. “I was planning to start on that essay due next week.” You said. 

“Can I take you somewhere?” He asked, smiling. 

“Jiho, I just told you I was planning-,” 

“Exactly. You were just planning to. Come on, please? I promise it would be worth it. I’ve been wanting to show you it for a while now.” Jiho grabbed your hands into his big, calloused ones and it caught you off guard; your cheeks blushing red from the sudden skinship Jiho initiated. “Please, Y/N, have I ever asked you for anything?” 

“You asked me to tutor you.” You pointed out, still flushed. 

Jiho rolled his eyes. “Besides that, stupid.” 

“I’m not stupid!” You huffed, yanking your hands back from his grasp. 

“You’re missing the point; it’s not a date, okay? I just want to show you another side of me that you don’t know.” 

You sighed. “Alright. What time, what should I wear and where.” 

Jiho’s face lit up. “I’ll pick you up at 6 and wear whatever you feel comfortable in. But don’t wear anything short and sleeveless so no skirts, dresses - best if you wear jeans and where? It’s a surprise.” 

“This better be worth my time, Woo Jiho.” You said, crossing your arms over your chest, glaring at him playfully. 

“Have I ever let you down?” He asked. 

You opted to wear your pair of black skinny jeans, your pair of black Chucks, a simple graphic tee and a flannel over it. Jiho said wear whatever you felt comfortable in and this was your comfortability. You hadn’t done much with your face - just foundation, one coat of mascara and little blush to give color to your face. As for your hair, you let it down for the first time in what feels like forever. You wanted to curl it, even just the ends but once your finger accidentally touched the burning iron, you let your hair be. 

You put toothpaste on the small burn and moments later, you left your dorm, bidding goodbye to your roommate who was too high to hear your farewell, and rode the elevator down to the lobby of your dormitory. 

The owner of the dormitory had a strict ‘no boys policy’ even inside the dormitory. So you had texted Jiho to wait outside. He replied with an okay. 

The elevator doors opened and you stepped out, walking towards the reception desk to sign out. 

“Woah, Y/N? You’re going out?” Your dormitory’s receptionist, Shin-hye, asked in surprise. 

“Uh, a friend invited me somewhere; couldn’t refuse.” You explained and handed her the pen back. 

“Well, I hope you enjoy tonight. Here,” She grabbed something from one of the desks and asked you to lean in. You furrowed your brows in confusion but did as what you were told. “If you ever get locked out, use this. There’s a back door entrance and here’s the key. You didn’t have this from me, okay?” She grabbed your hand, placing the small silver key on your palm and causing you to hit your boob on the counter and you wince in pain.

There’s a knock from the glass door behind you and you turned on your heel and saw Jiho. “My, my, Woo Jiho. Is he the friend, Y/N?” Shin-hye asked, wiggling her eyebrows. 

Your cheeks flushed red in embarrassment. “I’ll see you later, Shin-hye. Thanks for the, um, yeah. Bye.” 

You hurriedly walked out of the building and towards Jiho who was now leaning against his motorcycle. He looked different tonight. He was usually confident about himself whenever he walked around the campus and when he was with friends but tonight, he seemed to level up. He was wearing a black ripped skinny jeans, an white v-neck shirt with holes on them and a simple black jacket. As usual, he was wearing a snapback and his favorite black combat boots. 

“Where are you taking me?” You asked as he handed you a helmet. 

“Trust me, alright? This will be the night that will change your life.” Jiho said, hopping on his bike. You stood there, unsure of what to do. “Either you jump in here with me or you chase me while we go to the surprise place.” 

You quickly hopped on his motorcycle, and Jiho waited as you wore his spare helmet. “Hold on tight, we’re running late already.” He said to you before revving the engine and you screamed as he sped off, causing you to tightly wrap your arms around his waist and pressing your body closely to his. 

“Fuck you, Woo Jiho!” You exclaimed, your heart beating rapidly. Jiho just laughed in response and you could tell - this was really gonna change your life. 

Jiho parked his motorcycle in front of a rundown yet lively club. You could already feel the bass and you were just outside the building. You climbed off Jiho’s bike and took off your helmet, Jiho grabbing it from your hand as you looked at the building in front of you. In neon lights, the word Mystix lit up the dark and eerie neighborhood you were in. 

You felt Jiho’s hand wrapping itself around yours and you looked at him. “It’s gonna be crowded when we enter so hold my hand, okay? Don’t let go.” He said and you nodded. You and Jiho walked together towards the entrance of the building. There were people lining up, showing what seemed like passes to the bouncer but it seemed that the bouncer knew Jiho because he let you two in without hesitation. 

The blaring sound of EDM music, shouts of people and the blinding lights that varies from the colors red, green, blue and pink caught you off guard. You squeezed Jiho’s hand and he pulled you closer to him, wrapping his arm around you. “Come on, stay with me, okay?” He shouted to your ear and you could just nod. 

You hadn’t been into a club before. And quite frankly, after tonight, you had no plans in going to another one ever again. It was claustrophobic and the smell of alcohol, cigarette and sex in the air was making you gag. Clubs weren’t just for you. 

Finally, the bass, screams and the smells evaporated into thin air when Jiho opened a door and you two entered it. 

“What the hell is this, Jiho?” You asked, breathing heavily. 

Jiho led you two towards another hallway. He stopped in front of a door where you heard swearing and laughter on the other side. He let go of your hand and placed his hands on your shoulders. 

“So, these guys, they’re like family to me, okay? But they’re not the usual guys you see around campus - they grew up differently than us but I promise you, they’re nice guys. I want you to meet them.” 

“Jiho, why are you doing this?” You asked, confused. “You’re saying it as if we’re together and you’re introducing me to them like, I don’t know, you want to marry me or something.” 

“Well, what if I want to? What if I want us to be together? What if I want to marry you?” He asked, looking into your eyes. 

“Jiho,” You said in a stern voice. 

"Look, do you trust me?” He asked. 

“I do, more than anyone else.” You replied without hesitation. 

“Then, let’s go. Meet my fam.” 

Jiho opened the door, holding your hand. The swearing stopped as well as the laughter. There were way too many people for you to count in a single room - some were in front of a Playstation, others were stationed beside a beer pong table, and there were some who were talking at the corners. All their attention was placed on the two of you but mostly you. 

“Everyone, I’d like you to meet-,” 

“You didn’t tell us you have a girlfriend, Zico.” A guy with deep dimples and messy gray (obviously dyed) hair walked towards you two, wrapping an arm around Jiho’s (whom he referred to as Zico) shoulder. 

“That’s hyung to you, Rap Mon,” Jiho snapped at the dimples guy. “And she’s not my girlfriend.” Jiho looked at you apologetically. 

“Is she your sister?” A guy in a Hawaiian shirt with a red cup in his hand asked. 

“No, you know, maybe if you guys actually let me say something, you would know who she is.” Jiho said in frustration. 

“Then, by all means, Woo.” 

That voice. 

That voice. 

You would recognize that voice everywhere. It had gotten much deeper but you couldn’t be wrong. You hoped you were - you hoped that you were just imagining things, you hoped that it wasn’t him but some random guy who just happened to have the same voice like him but when you turned around and your eyes landed on the same eyes you once loved and thought held the same emotion as yours did; you knew this was real life. 




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