suddenly it moves with such a perfect grace


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Just a fluffy, cheesy, gym workout riddled with sexual tension and pining. Wanda meddling, the boys being stupid and trying to show off, the usual.

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Warnings: Nothing?? meddling Wanda, Sam being pretentious, Bucky showing off, awkwardish reader.. Steve’s delectable abs…

Word Count: 2k

You laid on your bed, scrolling through tumblr on your phone while the rain outside tapped onto the glass of your window. You rested on your back with your phone held above you, the soft duvet cold and comforting against your skin in comparison to the sticky air in the room. You let out a dramatic sigh, bored and impatient with the crappy weather lately.

The sky outside was almost green looking and the air was thick and hot despite the rain. You were restlessly bored and increasingly uncomfortable.

As you went to like a photoset, your phone slipped from your hand and slammed into your face.

“Nice,” a voice chuckled from the doorway.

You groaned and rubbed your nose softly, “Shut up, Wanda.” You rolled onto your stomach and buried your face into the covers dramatically.

“One of those days?” she laughed, sitting down on the queen bed next to you.

“I am so bored,” you voice was muffled by the blanket.

“Why don’t we go to the gym? Put this energy to good use.”

You groaned, “I know I should but I don’t want to,”

“This is why you’re bored,” she laughed, “you just don’t do anything even though there are things to do.”

You knew she was right and it made you mad.

“We could even go to an outside gym or something if you’re bored with the facility,” she continued.

“I’m not bored with our gym,” You mumbled

“Then what’s the problem? You haven’t trained in so long. Not judging–” She throws her hands up in defense when you sit up suddenly

Your mind flashed to the reason you avoid the Avengers training room–a certain blue eyed captain that distracts your work out with his perfectly sculpted muscles and sweaty skin and leaves you frustrated and angry. You may or may not have a crush on him, but you ignored it–it couldn’t go anywhere, he was your boss!

You had been avoiding Steve since you realized you liked him.

“Come on, I want to practice hand to hand some more and you need to get out of this room!” she whined, pulling you up from the bed.

“Wandaaaa,” You whined, “I can’t”

“Why not? Either you work out with me or you tell me why not!” her accent thickened with her frustration.

“It’s hot.”

“We have AC.”

You glared at her pointedly.

“Ugh, fine.” You went into your bathroom and shut the door.

“‘Fine’ you’ll tell me or ‘fine’ you’ll work out with me?” she called through the door.

You came out in your favorite workout clothes to answer her.



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Prince Harry A.U.

Harry watched as numerous maidens attempted to flatter him all for his hand in marriage. He was said to be king and wed to a noble lady before his father’s sickness became worse after all her was the heir to the throne and this came with a price. People like Harry could not be wed for love it was mainly for power and if they did find love within their marriage it was very rare indeed.

A loud shriek caught Harry’s attention, there was this girl, she was absolutely breathtaking Harry thought. Her hair was curly and unruly resembling a bird’s nest on her head. Harry lightly chuckled at this thought. Her face was defined and chiseled to perfection he saw not a single flaw. Her lips were as full as the moon and he wondered what her plump lips would feel like pressed against his own, sucking and lightly tugging on them to make them swollen so they appear even more plump. The girl was absolutely stunning without a doubt in Harry’s mind but the thing which stood out the most to him were her eyes, her eyes sparkled like storm clouds of grey and blue threatened to leak floods and she attempted to hold back tears while being scolded to dropping a platter of wine glasses full to the brim.  

Realization suddenly hit Harry, He was admiring a servant, a simple peasant girl. He shouldn’t, he couldn’t be doing that even if he did find her enchanting there was no possible way he could ever be with her. Harry couldn’t help but think about her.

“Your highness?” Harry’s thoughts were interrupted by these words leaving a maidens mouth. Harry studied her face, she was pretty he thought but not as gorgeous as the servant girl. “Yes m’lady?” Harry inquired his thoughts still flustered from thinking about the servant girl. “Would you care to dance Your Grace?” she timidly asked. Harry flashed the maiden a small smile as her gently took her hand in his and lead her to the center of the ball room.

“What might be your name m’lady?” Harry asked the girl in his arms. “I’m Princess Arabella” she responded. “Ahh” Harry started “You’re the beautiful Arabella, daughter of King Ecbert” he continued “Heard many suitors would love to have your hand in marriage” Harry said and they continued to sway around the ballroom. “Well I’m not quite interested in them” she replied. Harry gave her a confused look as to why she isn’t interested in the numerous amount of suitors who are surely extremely wealthy with riches and acres of land, and maybe some quite handsome as well. “Well” the Princess continued, “I’m interested in you, My lord”

Before Harry could respond to Arabella about her sudden interest in him, his thoughts were interrupted by the servant girl coming into view carry yet another platter of wine trying not to drop the platter this time. Her brows were creased in concentration as she attempted to walk across the room while chewing on her lip. Harry began to think to himself that this was probably one of the most adorable sights he’s ever seen.

“Would you excuse me please Princess?” Before Arabella even had the chance to reply he quickly hurried off in the direction of the servant girl, leaving Arabella standing there appalled. “Ello” Harry rasped from behind the girl, startling her causing her to almost lose her balance and tip the entire platter over. “Easy there love” he calmly spoke.

As the girl turned around she came face to face with a no other than Prince Harry, she was speechless. He was even more beautiful up close she thought while staring into his jade orbs. A soft chuckle from the Prince brought her out of her thoughts. A light blushed crept onto her cheeks as he realized she was staring. A smirk plastered across his face. “And what might your name be?” he inquired. “(Y/N), Y-your Grace” she nervously stuttered out.

‘(Y/N)’ he thought


(Y/N)…. Such a lovely name. It was perfect for her. She was perfect. “(Y/N)” he said, “I like it, beautiful name for a beautiful girl” Her face flushed at his comment as another cocky smirk paltered across his face knowing he got the girl to blush yet again. “Thank you, Your highness” she softly replied as she curtseyed him.

“(Y/N), you intrigue me.” Harry stated. “Meet me in the garden outside my chambers at dawn will you?” “Your Grace, with all due respect, I do not think it’s appropriate for you to be seen or even so be interacting with a peasant girl much like myself” she replied. “(Y/N), what I said to you was an order from the Prince” Harry stated. “And if you do not show up, I shall send one of my servants to find you and bring you to me” he stated. (Y/N) nodded while chewing on her lip. It’s a habit she developed whenever she was nervous.

Harry watched as she chewed on her lip, his vile thoughts of her once returning. “Don’t be nervous now beautiful (Y/N).” Harry softly spoke to her. How desperately her wanted to reach up and caress her skin, to feel her smooth, silky, soft skin contrast against his rough hands. “I must be off now, see you in a couple hours from now (Y/N)” Harry said to (Y/N).

Harry then walked off returning to interact with the numerous amount of beautiful noble ladies in the room, leaving (Y/N) standing there shocked as she watched him return to Princess Arabella. Arabella was one of the most gorgeous of the ladies in the room (Y/N) thought to herself, something bubbled in the pit of her stomach as she watched Harry place a soft peck on Arabella’s hand as he curtseyed her. It couldn’t be jealousy right? There was no way she could ever have feelings for a monarch or someone who has a station above her own, it would be impossible without a doubt.

The night slowly dragged on as both Harry and (Y/N) were stealing glances at each other throughout the night and anticipating the first sun. As dawn drew closer Harry and (Y/N) grew more and more anxious. (Y/N) laid in her small bed in her cottage which she shared with her father and younger brother, thinking about why the Prince would ever want to meet with her far less even speak to her.

As (Y/N) spotted the first sun she hurried out of her cottage trying desperately not to wake her father and brother. She quickly slipped her feet into her tattered shoes and threw on her worn out coat, sprinting out the door to the castle gardens to meet the Prince.

As Harry spotted (Y/N) a smile plastered across his face causing (Y/N) to get a bubbly feeling in her stomach. “Lo’ love” He softly spoke to (Y/N) a warm smile on his lips. He wasn’t sure if (Y/N) was blushing from the pet name he gave her or the cold bitter air nipping against her skin. “Your grace,” (Y/N) squeaked out causing a soft chuckle to erupt from Harry making her cheeks turn even deeper. Harry watched as her blush grew even deeper, but right now he didn’t care she looked absolutely adorable, he couldn’t help but stare at her.

“Walk with me now, will you Petal?” He asked but it sounded more like a command to her. “Petal?” she questioned. “Yeah, you’re like a petal, precious, beautiful and delicate” he answered. “Thank you, Your Majesty.” She softly said, “Y-you’re quite beautiful too” she stuttered out her face becoming even deeper if possible at her own comment. “Y-your Grace, I apologize, t-that, it was completely out of line and I shouldn’t, I-“ She was suddenly interrupted by a pair of warm lips on hers.

(Y/N) was shocked to say the least but never the less, she began to move her lips in sync with his. Harry’s hand gently tugged at (Y/N)’s waist pulling her closer while she snaked her arms around his neck. Harry had never experienced someone with lips so soft, so perfect, she indeed had the lips of an angel. (Y/N), however didn’t know any better, Harry was her first kissed and she feared he would realize how inexperienced she is and not want anything to do with her, after all she was nothing but a servant girl.

As they pulled apart, Harry rested his forehead against (Y/N) whiles gently caressing her cheek. “That was perfect Petal” Harry rasped and leant in to place a soft peck on her lips. A loud sigh escaped Harry’s lips as he realized people of the castle would soon be up and if anyone ever saw them for sure (Y/N) could be punished and her family would be stripped of everything. Harry also didn’t need any servants gossiping and any nobles getting him in trouble from his father, the king.

“Petal?” Harry whispered looking down at (Y/N), she looked at peace and he couldn’t help but stare at her beauty. (Y/N) hummed in response, “I’ve gotta go now yeah?” (Y/N)  could feel her heart breaking at his words. A lump grew in her throat thinking he would shone her out, pretend like she never existed and whatever they just had never happened. (Y/N)’S thoughts were interrupted by Harry’s raspy voice. “Now Petal, I want you to meet me at my chambers tonight after dinner alright?” (Y/N) gave a nod in response not knowing what else to do

With a lingering kiss to her forehead and Harry whispering to her that it will all be alright, she knew that it will be alright. She trusted his words because even though they just met, the pair felt as though they were connected to each other, literally as though there were two strings tied to each left side of their chests and no matter how far they go, no matter station or class, it would never tear.

Hey guys this was posted awhile back on my previous account but it was deleted due to some troubles. Feedback would be much appreciated please.All the love -K

‘are you making fun of me?’

Summary - Jeremy and Michael drift away again, but after 12 years of friendship and pining, it’s hard to stay away. this is Jeremys POV of ‘i’m trying to confess my love here!’

Pairing - Michael Mell/Jeremy Heere

Warnings - Angsty with a happy ending, lots of crying and yelling, kissing at the end

Words - 2235/5 pages (still short but longer than last time)

AO3 Link - ‘are you making fun of me?’

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The Sound of Your Voice (Min Yoongi)

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“Hey, sleepyhead, what’s your name?”

Word Count: 1,039

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: Light swearing??

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Come What May - Sonny Carisi

Request: Can I maybe get a sonny x reader based off the song Come What May from Moulin Rouge? :)

Never knew I could feel like this

Like I’ve never seen the sky before                

Want to vanish inside your kiss

Every day I’m loving you more and more

 When Sonny first met Y/N, he never thought she was the woman that he’d fall in love with. But he did. And he fell hard. Each time he was with her, whether themselves or with other people, he felt completely helpless. Call it cliché, but she was the only thing that Sonny Carisi thought about on the job. Y/N was a prosecutor. She shadowed Barba some days in order to make applying for a state job easier. She walked into the squad room after one of those instances and she and Carisi locked eyes. Her eyes teased him but her smile was innocent. She walked off into one of the break rooms and Carisi followed her, closing the door behind him.

“You’re gonna be the death of me, ya know that?” Sonny growled as he kissed her. Y/N laughed. Something she did to provoke him. It always worked. Their lips moved together in sync. Like they knew what the other was thinking. Her kiss functioned as his Kryptonite. He was nothing without it. Y/N pulled away, her arms draped loosely around his neck.

“Get back to work, detective.” She winked before walking out of the room. He had no time to think about it anymore. All that was known was that Sonny Carisi was in love with this woman. And he had a feeling that he’d continue to fall.

Listen to my heart, can you hear it sing?

Telling me to give you everything

Seasons may change from winter to spring

But I’ll love you until the end of time

Later in the evening, after both Sonny and Y/N actually arrived home, they actually had time to themselves. It was rare that they did but they always cherished it. Y/N laid with her head on Sonny’s chest, listening contently to his heartbeat. The house was dark. Not dim but completely dark. It was alright, though. The two of them liked it. They could feel the presence of their other half and that was all they needed.

 "Ya know something, doll?’ Sonny spoke, breaking the silence. Y/N hummed in response. She lifted her head up a bit to listen to him better and he continued to speak. “I’m pretty sure you’re the reason my heart beats like it does.”

“Unevenly? I think you might need to get that checked out.” Y/N joked. Sonny chuckled and the silence was back. “I know what you mean.” She spoke again, quietly this time. “You’ve changed me.” That was all Sonny needed to hear. He moved her off of him and stood up. “In a good way-” Sonny turned on one of the lights and then he was standing in front of Y/N again. He held a ring box in his hand.

“You’ve changed me too. It’s normal for things to change and this is a change I want to make.” He opened the tiny box and a Y/N laid her eyes on a beautiful diamond engagement ring. It wasn’t expensive or extravagant and that’s what both of them wanted. Simplicity. “Marry me.”

Come what may

 Come what may

Come what may

 Come what may

I will love you until my dying day

Y/N walked into the squad room again, wearing her engagement ring proudly on her finger. No one commented on it but Y/N didn’t mind. She knew it was true that she and Sonny were in love. Once again, Y/N was consulting on a case.

 "So what-?“ She interrupted Barba when she started coughing. Over and over again until she could barely breathe. Sonny, being concerned, put his hand on her shoulder.

"You okay?” He asked, his eyes staring into hers. She tried taking a deep breath, only taking small shallow ones.

 "Yeah. Probably the allergies.“ If only that was the case. Oh, how she wished that was all. About two months later, after the cough persisted and was accompanied by chest pains, even more shortness of breath and loss of appetite, Y/N thought that something more could be wrong. When she was caught hunching over the toilet, bright red liquid spewing from her mouth, Sonny made her go to the hospital. The two of them sat in the waiting room for several hours before they could see a doctor. Sonny mumbled under his breath about their timing. Y/N tried to chuckle along but a string of coughs originating deep in her chest caused he to stop.

"Y/N Y/L/N?” The doctor walked in shortly after Y/N was put in a room. After receiving several tests, including a CT and x-ray, the diagnosis came back. “…stage 3 small-cell lung cancer.”

Suddenly the world seems such a perfect place

Suddenly it moves with such a perfect grace

Suddenly my life doesn’t seem like such a waste

It all revolves around you

And there’s no mountain too high

 No river to wide

Sing out this song and I’ll be there by your side

Y/N didn’t want chemotherapy. She always claimed that it would ultimately make her sicker. And that wasn’t how she wanted to go. Laying in her bed at home, she embraced the silence that was around her. But, sometimes, that isn’t the best idea. She thought about her future. Or the future that she would’ve had. Sonny was her life. He was everything to her. She remembered the dejected, terrified look on his face when she stated that she didn’t want to begin treatment right away. Their relationship hadn’t been quite the same. Sonny would leave for work earlier than usual and Y/N would stay in bed all day, only getting up for the occasional bathroom breaks. That’s only because she refused to have a bedpan.

“Doll?” The familiar voice called. He sounded skittish. Y/N hummed in response, trying to control her breathing. Sonny walked further into the bedroom, smiling weakly.

 "How was-?“ She coughed again. "How-?” And again. “How was your d-?” And again. Sonny grabbed the water bottle off of the desk table and handed it to her. He wanted to be supportive. He wanted to be the good fiancé. The one who loved and cherished his woman. But he couldn’t seem to support this particular choice.

 "It was fine.“ He answered. He couldn’t bare seeing her in pain. The silence was overbearing as always. Especially for Sonny. He climbed into bed next to Y/N, careful not to disturb anything. She cuddled into him. She was cold and not normal cold. No. A different kind of cold. Laying in the position, Y/N realized that this was what she fought for. She fought her parents for this man. She fought the universe and it’s sick and twisted ways for this long. Why stop now? She had to keep going. She was at least going to marry Sonny.

Storm clouds may gather

 And stars may collide

But I love you

Until the end of time

It was brutal. The constant puking and fatigue was something that she couldn’t handle. Or so she thought. Sonny support helped, though. Each treatment that she got, every single appointment, he attended. The two hadn’t married yet, however. Sonny wanted to wait until Y/N was healthy but Y/N could care less. She’d be alright with marrying in the hospital. And that’s what she was trying to convince him to do.

 "It’ll be-” She wheezed a bit. “It’ll be simple. And-And cheap.” Her voice was hoarse. Terribly hoarse. Sonny smiled at her and grabbed her hand in a comforting manner.

“Once you get better-”

“What if I don’t?” She wheezed. The silence reappeared suddenly and Sonny actually considered finding an officiant in the hospital and marrying this woman in the cancer ward. “Wait here.” He decided. Walking out into the halls, he tried to find the front desk. Somewhere where he could ask. Meanwhile, Y/N’s doctor walked in. He seemed to be wielding good news. At least that’s what the smile on his face seemed to say.

“The cancer cells are beginning to shrink, Ms. Y/L/N. You have a pretty good chance at full recovery.” As soon as he was there, he was gone and off to the next patient. Y/N knew that this was a blessing. One day, she’d die. Everyone dies. But she knew now that it wouldn’t be anytime soon. When she seen Sonny walking into the ward with who she thought was an officiant, her smile grew. Two good things in one day. It doesn’t get any better than that.

I was telling a friend about PJO and HoO the other day and then the conversation moved to jasico and the feels about those two suddenly returned, which was a perfect excuse to finally get to draw something for @bisexualjason ‘s ex-boyfriend AU ^^ (even though this is wishful thinking because this hasn’t happened yet, emphasis on “yet”, right Ceci??) 

It’s been a bit of a complicated year (not in an entirely bad way though) and I didn’t have the time nor the energy to draw for sooooo long, it’s nice to get back to it ^^

Come What May (Thranduil x Wife!Reader)

Inspired by Come What May in Moulin Rouge, and also this is entirely topsyturvy-dream’s fault. 

Warnings: The first part is fluffy and sweet. The second has violence, (mention of blood?), death, etc. And I made myself cry, so warning on that too. :’c

Reference songs:



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Come What May

Prompt by: Anonymous

A/N: Based again off the song from Moulin Rouge, Come What May. This one was harder because the movie scene was weird out of context and i couldn’t decide how and where i wanted this lovely musical number to be held

p.s: Ewan’s voice makes me want to scream and cry at the same time, because it’s so BEAUTIFUL but for like half the songs i’ve heard him sing he’s just YELLING INTO A MIC and i want to be able to do that and i can’t and omfg it’s so unfair. I hate him for it.

pps: hella short and hella bad so sorry

Imagine: Obi-Wan sings to you.

Warnings: None.

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You curl closer to Obi-Wan, letting him wrap his arms further around you, the white sheets cool against your side. You give a contented sigh as Obi kisses your forehead lightly and you return the favor with one to his cheek. His breathing is steady and his heartbeat strong, and you can feel yourself drifting off until his voice drags you from your stupor.

“Never knew I could feel like this,” he mumbles, the softest of tunes taking over. “Like I’ve never seen the sky before.” You look up at him, the smallest of smiles on your lips. He loved to sing. And it was absurd how pretty his voice was.

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Meeting the Mother

“You’ll be fine,” Sesshoumaru reassured her for the umpteenth time.

Kagome looked out of the car window and wasn’t convinced.

His father and stepmother hadn’t been a problem – Kagome had had the old dog and Izayoi completely wrapped around her finger long before she and Sesshoumaru had ever happened. She had been a frequent guest in their house since middle school when she had become friends with Inuyasha.

Likewise, Sesshoumaru’s visit to the Higurashi shrine had gone without much hassle. Her mother of course had been as kind and welcoming as always but her little brother had predictably peppered Sesshoumaru with curious questions and her grandfather had not been delighted to see a demon in the house. Still, Sesshoumaru had been almost uncharacteristically patient with Souta, and for the most part had matched jii-chan’s scowls with indifference.

So far so good – but of course, the worst had been saved for the last: Sesshoumaru’s mother.

“She is not that bad,” Sesshoumaru tried to tell her, but Kagome did not miss the way his eyes had not quite met hers.

He must have noticed that she noticed, as he had quickly added: “I mean she can be a bit selfish and over-dramatic at times but I’m sure she’ll like you.”

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open rp // hunting in the dusk /dawn

there was a teenage girl, walking in the forest as she was busy , finding tracks, shooting arrows to the target and she cooked them on her campfire that she made herself . And so on, since she was hoping to learn about the new world she got into . It was rather peaceful here, as she was now on her training which is on her now and arrows , shooting the targets professionally , as she does a few tricks like eyes closed

her methods were rather graceful and like perfect points too, as someone was impressed by her training as they watched , unfortunately she doesn’t mind being watched not like her sister. after a while, she pants softly but as soon as that someone makes their first move , she suddenly grabs her blade and throw it , exactly on their side, almost touch their eye . They startled her .

anonymous asked:

Hey!! Big fan of your writing, is there any way you could do a one-shot about Camila and Lauren being rival captains of their respective high school softball teams who like kind of hate each other but while their teams are playing each other they end up being the last two in the locker room after the game and end up like trash talking until one of them kisses the other, but from there they have to keep it a secret to like keep their captainship but somehow their teams find out??

FIC TITLE: Private Fears in Public Places
FIC TYPE: One Shot
A/N: Thank you for the compliment! It’s titled after the song by Front Porch Step, if you’re interested. Hope you enjoy :)

Lauren Jauregui only needs one finger to count the amount of players that truly threaten her on the field. There’s only one other girl that can even hold a candle to Lauren’s skillful maneuvers and calculated plans. She’s the captain of East High’s only true rival, Belmont High, and Lauren isn’t ignorant. She knows that Camila Cabello holds more talent in her pinky finger than most of the rookies hold in their entire bodies. She’s a hurricane, a force to be reckoned with.

Lauren was never afraid of hurricanes.

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((Certain events of today inspired this drabble.))

The Deadbeats adored music.

Country, folk, rock, pop, the genre didn’t matter. As long as it was musical, one could find those formless pink spirits humming, chirping, whistling, and singing it. Any catchy tune was fair game, though instrumentals seemed to be preferred above vocal tracks. Lewis had a hard time keeping any new violin pieces a secret, as one of his little minions would inevitably pick up on them, and hum them all around the mansion.

And once one Deadbeat found a new favorite, the rest did, too.

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pocketsizedredhead  asked:

Stiles and Lydia's first dance as a married couple. Include a song of your choice!

“Stiles, I hate to say it, but this is not working.” 

He’s trying not to laugh, which Lydia sincerely appreciates, because she knows that anything shorter than the utmost of love for her would make it impossible. But this is her night, and Stiles knows better than to incur her wrath. However, he does see the irony in it. He’d be a fool not to. Because Lydia Martin’s perfect wedding has been ruined by the simple act of taking her heels off. 

They were hurting her feet. So when Come What May had come over the speakers, and the DJ had announced that it was time for their first dance, Stiles had whispered to her that she could take off her shoes. Nobody would notice, right? Her feet are hidden by at least six layers are tulle. 


Except her dress had been made with the six inch heels on, and she can’t walk when she takes off her shoes, and now she’s staring at Stiles with complete panic on her face as she tries to dance with him. 

She is Lydia Martin. Things like these don’t happen to her. 

“I think I cursed you,” he says apologetically. “It’s the Stilinski name. Bad call, marrying one of us unlucky bastards.”

“You aren’t unlucky,” Lydia says breezily. “One of you married me, after all.”

He grins. 

“I think I have your quick fix,” he says. “Do you trust me?”

“Implicitly,” she says. 

“Arms around my neck,” he instructs as he puts his around her waist. Then he pulls her up. Her feet are hanging midair, but the dress is now brushing elegantly against the floor as Stiles sways to Nicole Kidman’s voice. 

Suddenly the world seems such a perfect place. Suddenly it moves with such a perfect grace. Suddenly my life doesn’t seem such a waste… it all revolves around you. 

That was kind of genius, husband,” Lydia says, eyebrows shooting up in surprise. “Aren’t you the one who married an MIT professor?”

“I am,” he says. “But you’re the one who married her partner in crime, so you shouldn’t be surprised. You’d be bored with me if I were dumb.”

“True,” she says fondly. “But you’re so pretty that it would take a while, to be fair.”

He preens slightly, and she stretches her neck to kiss his jaw. 

“You realize that I’m never going to dance normally again, right?”

Stiles frowns. 


“We actually look like a normal couple instead of an adult dancing with a kid. This is a reasonable height difference. It’s way easier to kiss you and I get to count your moles with minimal effort. This is going to be a thing.”

“Okay, I know you’re light, but I don’t work out enough to keep this up for more than one song.”

She kisses him lightly, a tender smile pressing against his mouth. 

“And I somehow love that about you, my non-supernatural man.”

“Didn’t know that was a requirement for marriage.”

“For me? Pretty sure it was. You get to spend the rest of your life dealing with my crazy, though. Are you prepared?” She wiggles her eyebrows, but Stiles just nods seriously. 

“Oh yeah,” he says. “So prepared.” 

Never knew I could ship like this
Like I’ve never seen the tardis before,
Want to vanish inside your kiss
Every day I say “Hello Sweetie” more and more
The years may change, B.C to A.C
But I love you, until the end of time

Come what may. Come what may. I will love you until my dying day Suddenly the world seems such a perfect place Suddenly it moves with such a perfect grace Suddenly my life doesn’t seem such a waste It all revolves around you

imagine randl going up to some cabin for the winter, just a friendly bro trip. but of course, the cabin only comes with one bedroom and one bed, and there’s no heating in the living room so the couch isn’t an option. so they end up sharing the same bed, albeit a bit tentative as they fall asleep, their bones stiff from the day of snowboarding and the brisk, snowy night. and in the middle of the night, obviously, they end up cuddling together for warmth, rhett’s long body spooning link’s and fitting around him perfectly. and rhett wakes up first, before the sun, with link in his arms, and he panics. he doesn’t move, but his heart is beating wildly and he doesn’t know what to do. does he let link awake and roll over? does he retract his arm from its spot at the dip of link’s waist, fingertips just barely brushing his softly rising stomach? and though he’s wondering (out of respect for link, of course), he’s not oblivious to the fact that it feels so good, so right to have link next to him in his bed, his bum pressed lightly up into rhett’s upper thighs, his back against rhett’s chest. so he stops wondering and just relaxes, he goes soft and gentle as the morning drowsiness finds him again. and then link shifts, just a little press back into rhett, and rhett’s awake again, holding his breath. link moves the tiniest bit, just snuggling back into rhett’s warm body. naturally, rhett’s heart rate kicks up, but it spikes when link makes a sleepy noise, voice a bit husky and low. “rhett…” he says, somewhere between a pleasant hum and a moan. and rhett’s blushing, heating up, every bit of him that touches link suddenly feeling so heavy and prominent and real. but he stays still. he waits a moment, looking at the curve of link’s jaw and his dark hair and his perfect body, his delicate neck and, just beyond it, resting on the pillow, is his perfect, beautiful hand. it’s graceful as it rests in its natural state of comfort (fingers lightly curled in), and it just looks so beautiful. the long expanse of his soft forearm and the shaded creases of his upturned palm - rhett could paint it. and something comes over him, a soft desire, and he chases it. he shifts the arm over link’s waist to reach up and brush his fingertips along the inner crease of link’s elbow. rhett knows link is a heavy sleeper, so he assumes he won’t notice, and even if he did, rhett sort of wants to find out what would happen, especially now that link is saying his name in his sleep. so he smiles softly and lets his fingertips trail lightly up link’s forearm, just a delicate touch as the grey haze of the morning breaks golden with the rising sun. and then, with his nose almost touching the top of link’s head, he slips his fingers over the curve of link’s palm and into the folds of his fingers. he slips his fingers so gently between link’s, so perfectly, until they’re woven together. and rhett waits, closing his eyes because link’s hand feels so good in his, so warm and solid, even if it’s slack. but then link shifts again and closes his hand against rhett’s, welcoming his touch in his sleep, accepting it. and then, stupidly happy and soft as hell, rhett goes back to sleep, holding link’s hand tenderly on top of the pillow. and when link wakes up, rhett’s spooning him and holding his hand. he doesn’t mind at all.


Hey babes heres a quick one shot for you based on the following prompts:

-Something angsty. Protective Hannah or Grace. Something that catches you in your feels please :)

-Prompt: someone try’s to abuse grace and hannah saves her and gets injured but grace helps her recover

-Prompt: Someone hurts Hannah physically. Grace and Mamrie help her pick up the pieces. NSFF.

Clearly you guys wanted to see this. SFW, 1258 words

“Hey baby,” Grace said as she walked up to her girlfriend and kissed her on the lips. It was nice to be able to kiss Hannah in public now. Grace was out to everyone she knew and they all supported her relationship. They could all see how in love the two girls were. Even in this crowded, noisy bar the only thing Grace was focused on was the short blond in front of her.

“Well hello,” Hannah said smiling back.

“Get a fucking room,” Mamrie slurred as the two girls went in for another kiss. Chester and Tyler both burst out laughing. Hannah flicked off Mamrie as she leaned in to kiss Grace again. Grace normally wasn’t one for pda but Hannah just looked too sexy in the leather jacket.

The group took shots of whiskey, courtesy of Tyler as the night went on. Of course Hannah only had two because she was the definition of a lightweight. On the other hand Grace and Tyler were taking down shots as though this was the last night they would ever sell whiskey.

“Why are we just sitting here,” Grace whispered in Hannah’s ear.

“What do you mean baby,” Hannah whispered back attempting to play along with Grace’s little game.

Grace stared at Hannah for a second before responding. “Well I could be dancing on you while you grab my ass but instead we are just sitting here.”

Hannah stood up and made her way to the dance floor so quickly her friends didn’t even see her leave. Grace followed grabbing onto the girls shoulders and rubbing down her back. She was eager to let loose and have a little fun.

The two girls started dancing together like they were the only people in the club. Grace was grinding down Hannah’s front as the blond held her hips. They loved touching each other. They grabbed hair and thighs and shoulders and breasts as they danced.

There was something about discovering each others bodies that they couldn’t get enough of.  They had known each other for so long yet had only recently explored this facet of one another. Grace loved the way Hannah shuddered when she bit her earlobe and The blond loved how she could tickle Grace by simply moving a hand up her thigh.

They moved with the music for what seemed like forever. “Hey baby do you want me to get you a drink,” Hannah yelled over the music. Grace nodded towards her girlfriend before giving her a kiss on the lips.

Hannah walked towards the bar as Grace swayed on the dance floor. She debated going to sit down with her friends but she really liked this song. The swaying of her hips allowed the soft black fabric of her dress to twirl around. As she got lost in the music she felt large hand caress her hips. Due to the firmness of the touch she knew it wasn’t Hannah.

“Sorry but i’m not interested,” Grace said while pushing his hands away.

“Come on baby just one dance,” the man said seductively in her ear.

“Sorry but im here with someone,” Grace spat as she walked towards the bar to find Hannah. Luckily Hannah was on her way back because the brunette really didn’t want to be left alone any longer.

Grace was shaken from her little incident but it didn’t stop her from having a good time. She sipped her vodka soda as she started dancing with Hannah again. For a moment Grace questioned why her friends hadn’t joined them on the dance floor, but she didn’t focus on it for long.

The girls were falling back into their own world. Hands were moving across sweaty bodies and lips were touching necks. The moment was perfect until they were suddenly interrupted.

Grace felt a strong hand pull her away from Hannah by her arm. “You are a fucking faggot. That is why you rejected me, because you are a faggot.” The man was yelling at the top of his lungs, spitting hatred towards Grace.

The man threw Grace to the ground as though she was a rag doll and set his sight on Hannah. “And you must be her little dyke.” The shorter girl could smell the alcohol spilling from his breath as her shower her towards the bar. “I hate dykes.” The man slurred as he punched Hannah in the stomach. Hannah tried to defend herself by kneeing the guy in the groin. It left him defenseless for a second, which is exactly what she needed.

The shorter girl turned to jump onto the bar to grab a bottle. As she lifts herself up the guy grabs hold of her leg and pulls her back down roughly. She hit the floor harshly before the man stood over her preparing one last kick to the jaw.

Just before he could swing Grace ran up to him from behind and pierced his back with the broken glass from her vodka soda. The two inch gash was enough to stop the man.

“Get out of here. I dont want you here if he gets up,” the bartender yelled from behind the counter.

“Thank you,” Grace yelled back. At this point their friends were at Hannah’s side tending t her wounds. Chester carried out Hannah and helped her into a cab. All 5 of them went straight to the emergency room.

After 6 hours in the lemon smelling waiting room the 4 friends were greeting by Hannah who walked out of the emergency room doors. Her ankle was in a brace and she was on crutches.

“Hannah are you ok.” Grace ran up to the blond with a panic in her voice. She hugged the girl and planted kisses on her cheeks and jaw.

“Yea im fine baby,” Hannah said as she kissed her girlfriends lips. That douche did dislocate my ankle but other than that I am fine.

Grace peered past Hannah to redirect her question to the nurse, “Is she really ok.”

“Yes she will be absolutely fine. It will be a few weeks of recovery but after that it will be smooth sailing.”

Hannah looked appalled. “What you didn’t trust me,” Hannah managed to get out through a fit of giggles.

“No I absolutely did not Hannah Hart.”

Mamrie walked over to Hannah and laid a hand on her arm. “We are here for absolutely whatever you need. If you want to talk about what happened or you need help getting around let me know.”

“Same goes for us Han,” Chester said speaking for Tyler and himself. “Whatever you need we have your back.”


The next day Hannah and Grace were cuddled on the blonds couch watching real housewives.

“Hey babe can we talk about what happened last night,” Hannah said in a somber tone. When the brunette turned to face her girlfriend, Hannah began her speech.

“I know that is the first real act of homophobia that you have experienced first hand.” Hannah stopped for a moment to wipe the tear the hand fallen from her eye before she had continued. “And I completely understand if you dont want to be with me. It is probably safer that way. I was crazy to think that…” Her words were cut off by Graces soft lips on hers.

“Baby I am not going anywhere. If anything last night confirmed how much I don’t want to loose you. I love you Hannah and no homopobic ass hole is going to change that.”

“I love you to Grace.”


hayleyalwell-deactivated2017042  asked:

Harry talks Rugbyjohn into joining him watching the school's balletplay since she loves watching the girls dance in their tutus. As he sits in the audience, angry bored and worried about his reputation as badass team captain he suddenly sees a whirling wind of pale skin and black curls. he is amazed how beautifully this boy moves among the other dancers on stage and finds hiself in awe of Balletlock's grace. After the show he stays alone in his seat waiting for black curls to ask him out.

oh my gosh YES