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8 with wanda maximoff?

Wanda Maximoff Drabble

Fandom: The Avengers

Prompt: “When all else fails murder is usually a pretty good option”.

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Wanda wouldn’t consider herself a jealous person but today the world seemed to be testing her.

She sat in a small cosy restaurant with an untouched meal in front of her but the waiter was constantly filling her wine glass. She sipped at her drink, watching you carefully across the room and she had to continuously remind herself not to break the glass she was holding.

“Okay, putting (Y/N) off comms now.” Steve’s voice came into Wanda’s ear as they all watched a neatly dressed man – their target – approach you at the bar. You were dressed to the man’s taste, an innocent smile coming to your lips as he took a seat beside you. Wanda grimaced.

“She’s way too sweet to be doing this. She does look gorgeous though.”

The man placed his hand on your thigh and a glass on the bar suddenly shattered.

“Cool it, Wanda,” Sam’s voice now filled her hear, “you’ll make it obvious you’re watching her. And that you’re obsessed with her.”

“(Y/N) iz just too lovely for this, okay? No girl deeserves to have a man put hiz… grubby hands all over them but eet just pisses me off more that he iz touching the girl I love.”

“Eat your food, you look suspicious,” Steve said and Wanda grumpily placed her glass down and started picking at her food, “(Y/N) volunteered for this, if you remember. We don’t have any other options.”

Wanda watched the man lean closer to you, his lips practically touching your ear as he whispered something to you. You let out a forced laugh.

“When all else fails murder is usually a pretty good idea.”

You suddenly excused yourself from the bar, still smiling at the man as you headed towards the toilets.

“No need for murder, Wanda,” your voice was suddenly over the comms, “I got the information and he was ready to give it. Also, Steve, you really need to learn how to actually switch off the comms. I hate having you all squabbling in my ear.”

Wanda began to swear in Sokovian, seeing Sam on the other side of the room spit out his drink as he began crying from laughter.

I’ve been thinking about fandom Merlin, and a lotta people give him glasses in modern AUs…

I mean in canon era, there’s no help for people with bad vision, so if merlin was short-sighted, it would explain his clumsiness. Kinda hard to avoid things if they’re all blurry. But he gets used to it ‘cause there’s no help in that time.

Fastforward to whenever glasses are invented. Merlin’s gone with bad sight for like 1000 years, and then suddenly he puts these things on his face and everything is CLEAR OH MY GOD. I went 17 years without glasses, can’t imagine what it’d be like after 1000 years and suddenly shit is focused. Merlin’s in love (and no longer crashes into anything all the time.)

then of course once Arthur comes back, Merlin’s wearing glasses, and Arthur’s all ‘what the fuck are those’. He’s fascinated by the glass things on Merlin’s face, keeps doing the stealing and trying them shit. Merlin explains it all, and Arthur’s perplexed because the glasses make his vision WORSE so how could it make Merlin’s better??

Then of course all the sweet moments in mornings and stuff where Merlin doesn’t have glasses and he has to feel around and Arthur thinks back to Camelot and feels a pang because he misses it, but Merlin has life so much better now (obvs not being burned is a bit bigger than things not being blurry, but the glasses are so clear to Arthur. Also they’re cute on Merlin).

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Okay. So you came home from school... really tired and sad and you greet all your brothers and then go watch TV. You'll prob fall asleep on the couch eventually and when you wake up, all of your brothers are there... pretending to be watching TV too, but actually checking on you and worrying if you're okay. How will you react? ^^ (Sorry if it's too specific.)

“What a three?!” I looked at my tests paper with a shocked expression. “But..But…I studies…I thought it was easy…I didn’t expect a ten, but a three ….” I hit my head on the table, holding my math test in two hands as I wanted to cry and go into my sulking mode, but because I was in class I couldn’t afford to cry in front of everyone.

“What do you have Sasuke? I have an 7,” Sakura said, not too happy about it, but neither sad. I held up my test paper.

“But you said you studied,” she said and quickly regretted her words. She put my test away, and I did not look at her.  “I know it sucks,” she said and sighed.

“Hey Sasuke what do you have for your tests?  That was such an easy test, I didn’t even have to open my book once and I got a 9, maybe if I just solved a few problems I could have easily gotten a 10. Oh, but I prefer doing nothing over everything.” I guess I should get a 10 for anger management because I repressed my anger pretty good at this moment.

“Oh really Neji you must be a genius,” Sakura voice was sarcastic. We all knew he was probably studying every single fucking day and minute of his life. Stupid Neji…Stupid test…Stupid teacher!

“A three…That is bad. Are you stupid?” he said, looking at my test. I glared at him, grabbing it back from his hands.

“I am just joking, you are good at other things …. But I doubt being able to punch a few walls is going to get you anywhere-“

“It gets me to your fucking funeral!” I hissed as I wanted to fucking hit this guy, but Sakura pushed me back in my chair.

“Mr. Uchiha!” The math teacher said as I know glared at her too. Her eyes looked surprised.

“Maybe you just need some tutoring?” Sakura asked.

“No, Mr.Uchiha,” the teacher got up as she walked towards me. I expected her to give me some life advice, telling me that this grade should not put down my hard efforts. That I should keep fighting and all that shit, but she did not.

“From all the Uchihas I had in my class you are the worse!” Her voice slightly turned louder. “When I saw your name I thought that you would become the example of the class, just like all your brothers were but I am stuck with a person who doesn’t even do his homework probably-“

“Hey! I do my homework, you never check it. And what have my brothers to do with my performance, maybe you are just a bad teacher!” I couldn’t help myself. I just snapped when she compared me to my brothers.

“Out!” She pointed at the door with her finger and I regretted snapping immediately. I got up and grabbed my bag and test paper, doing the whole walk of shame thing out of the classroom.  I fucking hated my life…I hated being an idiot and not being able to do some fucking algebra.

When I got home, I just took my jacket and shoes off, throwing my bag on the ground as I barely lifted my feet to walk to the living room.  This entire test thing left this self-hating feeling inside of me. I wished I could blame it on something, but I could not. I saw my brothers in the living room, they all looked up at me.

“Hey… I am home,” I said, my voice sounded softer than it used to.  

“Hey,” Itachi said back as he turned his face to Shisui, who raised his shoulders. I grabbed some coke from the fridge and sat down on the couch. I grabbed the remote control to change the channel from the stupid discovery channel to something like…TLC. I just wanted to change my mind…But it was not working. I leaned my head on the arm rest, hugging a cushion.

“Did something happen?” Shisui was the first to ask. I shook my head, as my eyes were fixed on the television. I was afraid to start sobbing for something that was just grade….However that grade did determine my future.  I closed my eyes.  Why did all the good genes went to my stupid older brothers, they could have shared some with me!  I am not a genius, or a good guy, or funny, or good in sports, or art, or am I able to just get shit done….I was just Sasuke…Plane and stupid Sasuke.  My eye lids closed as I didn’t want my eye fluid that appeared in my eyeballs to fall and roll over my cheeks…Not for something as stupid as school, not for something as stupid and useless as math.

I drifted off to sleep, but it wasn’t a nice sleep where I dreamt about something nice and woke up forgetting why I am a useless piece of trash. It was the worse types of sleep where you are still aware of what happened, of your surroundings. The feeling of being trash remained inside you as the words haunted your mind. I felt someone remove my glasses from my face, followed by a blanket that was placed gently on me.

“You thing something happened?” I heard Obito whispering voice say.

“Probably, it is hard to read him.” I heard Itachi whisper back.

“Of course something happened, just look at that sad face,” Izuna said, his voice was louder than the others and he got shushed right away.

“Madara, where are you going?” I heard Obito say slightly louder than a whisper.

“Hey, this the night bitches die,” he casually said as I heard his footstep fading away from me.

“Shisui, do something!” Itachi hissed.

“What are you planning?!” Shisui hissed and I could just hear him jump on Madara back and trying to pin him on the ground….My brothers have no idea I was aware of what they were saying and doing…How could they be considered geniuses?

“He came from school, I go to that motherfucking school and burn the place down.”

“That is illegal!” Shisui voice was loud and he got shushed immediately just like Izuna got. I heard someone fall on the ground.

“It is only illegal if you are caught,” Madara whispered.

“Like you don’t stick out, fucker, have you seen the mirror?” I hears Shisui hiss, he probably got pinned on the ground instead of pinning Madara down.

“Listen no one is burning any schools down!” Itachi hissed and a silence emerged. Guess Mama Itachi raised his voice, causing everyone to listen.

“Sasuke is a teenager, he probably doesn’t want us to get involved with his life and all,” Obito finally spoke.

“What do you suggest? Aren’t you worried?” I heard Itachi voice softened.

“Of course I am worried, but I am not going to burn down his school just because I suspect something made him sad, and that has to do with his school. We do what every good parental figure would do.”

“We beat it out of him and then burn the school?” Madara asked and then got hit by something; he had a hard time surpassing his moan in pain.

“No, we give him rice balls and tomatoes. Give him love and hug him…Let him know we love him. Love is the cure for everything,” Obito said

“Bullshit, money is-“ Madara must have gotten hit again by something, I could hear him whine. I had a smile on my face, overhearing their conversation. My brother were no geniuses…They were fucking dorks.

“Sssshh, he is waking up,” I heard a slight panic, and I decided to open my eyes and go back in a sitting position. I reached for my glasses and put them back on. Suddenly their eyes were all fixated on the T.V. which was weird because anger management was on, and nobody found it funny. I remained quiet as I turned my head to look at them. They really tried hard to not look at me.

“You guys hate this show,”

“We also hate you, but you don’t see us throw you away-“ Madara hissed feeling Itachi’s elbow in his ribs.

“Damn what is wrong with your elbows…They are so pointy!” He exclaimed and I couldn’t surpass a small laugh.

“Hey I am going to the kitchen, should I get you some tomatoes?”

“I am fine.” I said, and moved towards Itachi and wrapped my arms around him. He seemed slightly surprised, but he smiled and stroked my hair.

“Something on your mind?” He asked, causing everyone to fall quiet. I didn’t want to bother them with my sad stories or my whining.

“I am fine….Completely fine,” I said. “I love you guys y’know,” I said.

“I love you too!” Izuna jumped on me and wrapped his arms around me.

“Don’t exclude me!” Obito said.

“Group hug!” Shisui said.

“Fuck no.” Madara crossed his arms, and looked at us from the corner of his eyes. “Aah…Whatever,” he muttered and joined the Uchiha bro-testic group hug.

“Who is touching my butt?” Shisui asked.

“Is that yours? I tried to grope Sasuke’s,” Izuna said.

“Wait, so Izuna’s hand is not groping my butt?” Itachi looked up.

“Actually, that is my hand,” I said and looked at Itachi.

 “I should be concerned now,” Itachi said.

“Why is our family so weird….” Shisui sighed.

I Don't Care If You're Sick

iseeagirlwithbrightredhair asked: Heyy, could I have a Jack Barakat imagine where he’s sick, all coughing, sniffling and miserable and you’re taking care of him? I hope you like it, and I’m so sorry for the wait! I am also really sorry about the ending… and the middle… I’m just sorry!

Title Credit: PTV - I Don’t Care If You’re Contagious

‘Babe, you can’t go into the studio if you’re like this, and do you really want to give Lex your illness so you can’t do any more recording until he’s recovered?’ I said to my boyfriend who was currently very ill with a case of man flu.

‘But we need to get the album finished by the end of the month and Alex is going to kill me if I don’t turn up today.’ Jack moaned, his voice muffled by the duvet that was currently over his head.

‘C’mon, Alex will understand, and we have two weeks until the end of the month, and you only have to record the guitar parts for The Irony of Choking On A Life Saver, Canals and Outlines, and Alex has to record vocals on these songs and If These Sheets Were The States, so it won’t set you back any further, I promise.’ I reasoned and unlocked my phone, texting the boys saying that Jack wouldn’t be in the studio to record today.

‘Alright, alright, I’ll stay home. I’m only doing this because I don’t wanna infect the others with this shit I got going on.’ He agreed as I showed him the text I was about to send out to the rest of the band, sitting up slightly to read the message properly.

I sent the message and walked into the kitchen, turning on the kettle and the hob on the cooker. I tipped a can of soup into a pan and put it on to the hot ring, and got out two mugs, putting tea bags and sugar in each. Whilst waiting for the water to boil and the soup to warm through, I whistled Brick by Boring Brick and danced around the kitchen. Suddenly, I heard a chuckle from behind me, and I turned abruptly. I saw a flat haired, dozy eyed and blanket covered Jack with a handful of tissues smiling at me as I blushed heavily.

‘I may feel like I’m dying, but the sight of you dancing made my day!’ He said, still smiling. I walked over to him and kissed his cheek, and pushed him towards the lounge.

‘Go and lie down Jack, and think of a movie that you want to watch. I’ll be with you in a sec, just let me sort out the food and drink for you.’ I saw him trudge off into the lounge and I turned back to the soup to make sure it wasn’t burning. When it was cooked, and the tea was ready, I poured the soup into the bowl and walked carefully into the living room, where I saw the opening titles to The Nightmare Before Christmas on the screen and my boyfriend bundled up in a couple of blankets, a red nose and sleepy chocolate brown eyes.

‘ACHOO!’ Jack sneezed, and I quickly put down the tea and soup, and headed into the bathroom to get some tablets for him to take. As I walked in, his eyes widened and he shook his head, recoiling away from me.

‘No Y/N, I’m not taking them, they’re horrible and I can never swallow them.’ He moaned, and turned onto his front so his face was in the cushion.

‘Jack, you have to take them. It’ll make you feel better, I promise.’ I pleaded and he turned to me, his eyes not having the sparkle they usually do.

‘Okay, okay, I’ll take them. But only because it means that I can kiss you sooner if I get better quicker.’ He said, and took two of the pills. When he had swallowed them he coughed, and laid his head back to relax as he watched the film. After about 15 minutes, he looked at me with the puppy dog eyes he did so well.

‘What do you want now, Jack?’ I asked exasperated.

‘You know you love me? Can you pass me my soup and tea?’ He inquired, and I looked at him with fake sympathy as he reached out his arm as if to reach for the dishes.

‘You’re lucky I love you and that you’re ill, otherwise you’d be getting the soup thrown at your face.’ I joked and passed him his tea and soup as This Is Halloween blasted out from the speakers.

We then turned to the TV, watching the film in a comfortable silence as Jack ate his soup and drank his tea. I sipped my tea and relaxed on the sofa, my attention wandering towards my work as a teacher in a local high school – I had tests to grade and work to mark – joy(!)

When the film finally finished, I turned around to get the mug and bowl that Jack had had his tea and soup in, and I saw a very cute sleeping Jack, his lips forming a small smile in his sleep. He made a small noise from the back of his throat as he turned quickly, a thin layer of sweat coating his forehead.

He shot up with wide eyes, and his breathing was heavy.

‘Y/N, you’re still here?’ He asked with panicked eyes that softened as he saw that I was in fact still alive and kicking.

‘Of course I’m here hun, did you have a nightmare?’ I asked, knowing that with his temperature his brain wouldn’t be able to function properly.

‘Yeah it was horrible, all I could think was that you were gone, and I couldn’t find you.’ Jack said, and struggled to catch his breath.

‘It’s okay honey, do you want another drink?’ I said. He had to be dehydrated, so I of course was playing the caring girlfriend.

I walked into the kitchen as I heard Jack sneeze again and sniffle, rustling for some tissues. As I returned to the living room, all I saw was a sleeping Jack again, so I put the flu tablets and the glass of water on the side so he could have them when he woke up. Suddenly his eyes flew open, grasped my wrist and pulled me down to his level.

‘Thank you for dealing with me today, Y/N. It really means a lot to me, and I love you.’ He said, and pressed his lips to my cheek. I turned my head and kissed him fully. ‘You shouldn’t have done that, you’ll get sick.’ Jack said, smiling.

‘I couldn’t give a fuck if you’re sick, or if you were contagious, as long as I have you, any illness is worth going through.’ I said, and kissed his forehead.

‘I love you.’ We both said, and cuddled up on the sofa.

#96: when he finds out you wear glasses.

comment: i know a lot of you wear glasses either and can be self conscious about them, so hopefully this’ll make you feel better about them! :-) 

Mark: “You look actually kinda cool,” He says, actually impressed with attracted he was to you in them. He tucks a piece of hair behind your ear and smiles at you. “Cooler than me,” he adds as you laugh, gently pushing him away jokingly. “Oh shut up,” you say chuckling, knowing he was lying. “I’m serious!” he says laughing his crazy laugh. He puts an arm around you and pulls you close to him. “Cool and pretty,” he adds.

Jr: “Now you look as smart as me,” he jokes. He fixes them for you as he sees they’re a little uneven and looks at you with a satisfied look. You laugh, pushing him gently. “You? Smart? I’m not sure..” you say jokingly as you start walking away. “HEY!” he yells, chasing after you, “Who helps you with all your math homework?” “And who helps you with everything else?” you throw back, laughing. He smirks as you, loving you more after every word you say, as he slips his fingers between yours.

JB: “Now we can match,” he says, putting them on for you, “Seriously.” He digs around his dresser for a similar pair that he owned and then puts them on proudly. “Oh, God, we’re becoming that tacky matching couple,” you say jokingly as he laughs back at you. “Okay, okay, a different one, then,” he says and then puts on a different pair. You fix them for him, looking into his actual eyes rather than the glasses themselves… “Looks good,” you say, smile creeping on your face as he smiles a crooked smile at you. “You, too,” he says, and then leans over to press his lips on yours.

Jackson: “What a nerd,” he jokes, pointing at you. You punch him gently, walking farther away from him. “I’m just kidding!” he says running back to you, “You look good,” he says seriously this time. He stops you and looks at you straight in the eyes. “Actually, really good,” he adds, a bit surprised. “Okay, okay,” you reply, walking away again while smirking at him. He chuckles as he runs back to you again, planting a huge kiss on your cheek.

BamBam: “Pretty,” he says, putting them on for you. “You look really pretty,” he says with a cute smile, “Makes me sorta wanna get glasses too,” he adds and laughs a bit. You look at him with doubtful eyes. “Oh hush,” you say, and you take his hand into yours. “Seriously,” he says, sensing that you didn’t believe him. “You look pretty,” and he stops you to make sure you knew, “You always look pretty. With or without them.” And you look down for a brief second as he steals a quick kiss on the top of your head.

Youngjae: “You’re still you,” he says, when you tell him yo weren’t sure about them. “You’re you if you dyed your hair blue or if your glasses were neon and had polka dots on then,” he says, as you smirk at him. “Seriously,” he says, tucking a piece of hair behind your ear, “You’re you no matter what and I love you.” He means it, you can tell. You wrap your arms around him, hugging him with all the thanks you had in your body as he hugs you back. “I love you, too,” you say.

Yugeyom: “Really?” asks, surprised when you put them on. “Yeah,” you say, raising an eyebrow, “Something wrong?” He looks away from you, embarrassed a bit that he was staring at you so much. “No, no, nothing,” he starts and then pauses. “I’m just surprised,” he says, “They look good on you.” You smile hitting him jokingly. “What was that for?!” he asks, touching his arm, “Did you suddenly get crazy after putting glasses on?” You laugh at his silly comment replying, “No, ya fart. You’re just so sweet,” you say, and you pull him by his sweater closer to you and give him a huge kiss on his cheek.

Dysfunctional!Everlark-Part Two

If you’re interested, I’ve continued this drabble. Part One can be found here.

Peeta walked into the apartment later that afternoon and was surprised to find his roommate in the kitchen, bent in front of their open refrigerator.

“I have to say, Katniss,” he told her. “You and a fridge full of food—my two favorite things in the world.”

“Oh, please.” Her voice echoed from the depths of the fridge. “I know you’re just dying to know if I’m wearing any underwear—“ Peeta leaned down to peer beneath the fitted skirt of her charcoal dress. “—I’m not by the way.”

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