suddenly i love putting glasses on all of them

I’ve been thinking about fandom Merlin, and a lotta people give him glasses in modern AUs…

I mean in canon era, there’s no help for people with bad vision, so if merlin was short-sighted, it would explain his clumsiness. Kinda hard to avoid things if they’re all blurry. But he gets used to it ‘cause there’s no help in that time.

Fastforward to whenever glasses are invented. Merlin’s gone with bad sight for like 1000 years, and then suddenly he puts these things on his face and everything is CLEAR OH MY GOD. I went 17 years without glasses, can’t imagine what it’d be like after 1000 years and suddenly shit is focused. Merlin’s in love (and no longer crashes into anything all the time.)

then of course once Arthur comes back, Merlin’s wearing glasses, and Arthur’s all ‘what the fuck are those’. He’s fascinated by the glass things on Merlin’s face, keeps doing the stealing and trying them shit. Merlin explains it all, and Arthur’s perplexed because the glasses make his vision WORSE so how could it make Merlin’s better??

Then of course all the sweet moments in mornings and stuff where Merlin doesn’t have glasses and he has to feel around and Arthur thinks back to Camelot and feels a pang because he misses it, but Merlin has life so much better now (obvs not being burned is a bit bigger than things not being blurry, but the glasses are so clear to Arthur. Also they’re cute on Merlin).