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B.A.P as Witches

Daehyun: OCEAN WITCH | Specialty – Cleansing

Born by the sea, water has always been in his veins. He doesn’t discover his own magic until a family trip to a nearby coastal town that is still, in many ways, untouched by time thanks to a resident coven that keeps it from being touched by the currents of time. After disturbing a seashell tower near the beach, everything changes. In the presence of their magic, he feels every molecule in his own body wake up and spends many days with a fever. He is very confused and skeptical at first of the sudden awareness he feels, but suddenly he can feel emotions everywhere. He spends many nights dreaming of the Han river before he’s inexplicably drawn to it. The very first day he sets foot in Seoul, it’s the first place he goes – and there, on the river bank, there’s a kitchen witch peddling his wares. The rest is history.

Zelo: HEREDITARY WITCH | Specialty – Dream magic

Junhong’s parents always knew he’d be a special child. He is born quite small but grew incredibly quick, sprouting up like a weed always keeping a dreamy look in his eyes, like he can see things that they can’t. His magic ebbs as he grows, infused with his very DNA. From seeing spirits, to dream-walking, to mild hexing – his childhood is a flurry of unexplained phenomena. That is, until he hits age sixteen and his grandmother dies, leaving him a stranger book written on seemingly ancient paper. Neither of his parents can see the words but Junhong is confronted with the fact that he is inherently different at his core. Feeling isolated for some time, he can’t bare to make his parents suffer through his sporadic sort of magic-puberty that leaves him worn and erratic. One day, a healer moves through town, and Junhong offers up heart and soul to follow him.

Youngjae: KITCHEN WITCH | Specialty – Potions

It only seems natural to Youngjae that there is more to life than what one can see. The first time he sees a shaman’s funeral, he’s certain of it. So, it becomes a young bright-minded boy’s mission to dissect it. He researches for an entire year before he even considers casting a spell. He learns the ins and outs of casting, making potions, cursing, cleansing – everything there is to know, as much as books can tell him, he devours. When it finally comes time, he decides that kitchen crafting is the most like chemistry. Something he excels at. He runs a blog called the the Witch’s Brain where he strives to make a science out of the metaphysical, creating more specific recipes than ever before, juxtaposing them with chemical break downs. He has quite the internet following, and despite magic, he doesn’t believe in faith until the day he sells a magic bun to a boy fresh out of Busan, who later refuses to leave his side.

Himchan: ECLECTIC WITCH | Specialty – Tarot Reading

Himchan is born into the craft. Or at least, born into a craft. He remembers drum circles and rituals conducted after his hours at school for as long as he can remember. His mother is the leader of an age old coven that relies heavily on old world magic. What others called Shamanism, Himchan calls normal. However, he doesn’t want to follow in the same footsteps, allowing his spirit to be fractured in order to help the world. Too selfish for that, he begins practicing a variety of western rituals, taking up their crystals and their divination – leaving his tradition for a more modern approach, much to the disappointment of his parents. Visiting a village with his parents, he’s introduced to a town wrought with spirit sickness. Their solution is to kill the person acting as the gateway – a boy named Moon Jongup, youngest of three brothers in a poor family. The boy in question is more than happy to give up his life if it means the town will be safe but Himchan can’t stand to see someone so kind returned to Earth. Defecting once and for all, he steals the young man and never looks back, managing his spirit sickness by himself.

Yongguk: HEDGE WITCH | Specialty – Prophecy

Yongguk is not like his olde brother, it is clear from birth. For five years, one twin lives in silence while the other flourishes. Developmentally, his parents cannot find anything wrong with Yongguk. He understands the world, can point to, and even write a number of words by then – but he never makes a sound. It is not because he is sick, but rather because his old soul sees no reason to talk until it is important. Shortly after his fifth birthday he speaks up, asking his parents not to go for a drive because something bad will happen. Too shocked by the fact that he’s talking he succeeds then – but Yongguk’s childhood is not easy to stomach. All around him, he can see misfortune before it even happens – and in the face of current tragedy, he can feel it in his bones. He can meet a person and feel all their pain to the point of collapse. With age, it tears him away from everyone he cares about – a baby brother isolated from his own siblings, his hurt only amplified by theirs. He leaves town to travel in hopes of helping some people evade their fates – but as he’s moving through Mokpo, a young boy grabs his hands, claiming to know what he is. He pleads to travel along with him, offers money and loyalty and answers but most of all, Yongguk is floored by the fact he can’t feel an ounce of death on this boy. He is the most alive person he has ever met. 

Jongup: GREEN WITCH | Specialty – Animal Communication

Jongup has never needed much to be happy. As long as he can eat and be with his family, he figures he will always be happy. From a young age, he works harder than most – collecting trash around the school after class to be forgiven the cost of uniforms, making fun out of nothing but abandoned toys and sticks throughout his neighborhood. He is not stupid by any means, just lives an uncomplicated life. A poor boy from Gyeonggi-do, he is not well liked by his peers, called weird and slow despite not being either – but that is all fine by him, he doesn’t need to talk to people because for as long as he can remember, animals proved chatty enough. A mother bird or a stray dog prove to be his closest friends, so he spends many hours of each day enveloped in nature. Simple as he is, he trusts far too much. At sixteen, he’s nearly done with school, but has not left behind his ‘imagined’ conversations with the animal kingdom. He comes across a dying kitten and is overwhelmed with the feeling that something is very, very wrong but his heart is kinder than his head. He takes the kitten home so that it may spend its last hours in company but with that dying creature comes a disease that soon wracks everyone he loves. He cannot remember something that hurts more than something clawing at his soul, hoping to devour it the moment he breaks. His whole body feels like it’s dying until he meets Kim Himchan who presses an angel crystal to his heart and steals him away in the middle of the night.  He owes his life, quite literally, to the complicated witch who introduces him to his own magic and takes him on a long journey to find a famous pair: a healer and a young witch teeming with powerful magic in order to heal him. 


I know where you hide alone in your car
Know all of the things that make you who you are
I know that goodbye means nothing at all
Comes back and begs me to catch her every time she falls

♪ Maroon 5 “She Will Be Loved”


Request: “I think I’m gonna pass out” with Ashton
Summary: you’re afraid of crowds and Ashton helps you out at an awards ceremony 

Cameras flash everywhere as you make your way onto the red carpet, your hand gripping the arm of your date tightly. He’s probably regretting coming with you here, you figure, with how little you’ve talked and how your manicured nails are digging into his skin.

It’s just that you have ochlophobia – not the smartest thing as an actress – and the amount of people here is causing your anxiety to act up, despite the years of therapy and treatments. Breathing out slowly, you remind yourself that it’ll get better when you’re off the carpet, and that right now you just need to smile and wave.

You concentrate on your task and surprisingly manage to stay on top, until you can finally sit on your assigned seat with the rest of your cast. Being with your friends help and you chat with them a little while everyone gets into the room.

Finally the host enters and presents the band that’s going to open the ceremony. By then your date – a friend of a friend you’ve talked to a couple of times at parties – has disappeared. To be honest, you can’t blame him. 

You’ve only heard of the band by name, but the second they start, you’re transfixed. Not only is it a wonderful mix of powerful rock and compelling pop, but their stage presence is amazing. 

Your eyes are especially drawn to the drummer, his muscles on show as he gives his everything and more to each song. 

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WARNING: Some profanities ahead!

You couldn’t help but silently curse at Chanyeol. Yet again he had convinced you to come to one of the many house parties he attended, only to leave you on your own.

The air around you was thick with body heat and thumping music. All the available windows and doors were thrown open to alleviate the heat, but didn’t do much. Nobody seemed to mind though, caught up in their own worlds of hormones and one track minds.

You had been wandering around the house ever since Chanyeol had disappeared from your sight. You couldn’t understand how you could lose the giant among a group of people, but it happened quite frequently.

You meandered through the crowds of people before you find yourself in the empty kitchen. The plastic cup in your hand was nearly empty and you were thirsty for something besides the cheap vodka in it. You step over to the sink before downing the rest of your drink and rinsing the cup out. You quickly fill it back up with water before taking a large gulp to eliminate the burn of the alcohol.

 You close your eyes to the music vibrating through the house and feel the warmth spread through your veins. The house and people everywhere suddenly feels smothering, persuading you to go outside.

You take one last sip of your water before leaving the cup on the counter and wandering through rooms again. It doesn’t take long before you find yourself on a porch outside, only slightly quieter than the inside. You sigh and lean on the railing, wondering where Chanyeol could be. You had basically roamed the entire house without setting your eyes on him or anyone you knew. You were so deep in your thoughts, you didn’t realize someone had joined you on the porch until you felt a hand on your shoulder, causing you to jump and turn.

Some unknown male’s face shown in the darkness, instantly causing your insides to clench.

“Can I help you with something?” you snap out, backing away to the door.

“There’s so many things you could help me with. Pick your poison.” He replied, a greasy smirk covering his face. He step closer to you with every step you took back and you found yourself against the side of the house instead of near the door. You instantly cross your arms in front of you defensively before trying to slide to the door. He wasn’t having any of it. He quickly sidled up to you and cornered you.

“You looked a little lost in there. I don’t think this is a place for someone so pure.” His breath fanned over your face, reeking of intoxication. His hand came up to run along your cheek, causing you to flinch.

“Don’t fucking touch her.” The guy instantly jerked away and turned at the deep voice before frowning.

“Sorry Chanyeol I didn’t realize she was yours. Maybe you should mark your property a little better next time.” You wanted to punch the smarmy look off his face, and judging by Chanyeol’s murderous expression, so did he.

Instead of punching the drunkard, Chanyeol reached out and grabbed your hand, nearly pulling your arm out of your socket. He pulled you behind him quickly, weaving through the bodies with ease. The look on his face was one that didn’t belong. His normally ecstatically happy face was replaced with something more sinister; somehow managing to look murderous and panicked at the same time. You tug on his arm to pause his march and look back.

“Chanyeol. What’s wrong?” You were near the front door of the house which seemed to calm him a bit. His eyes were reluctant to meet yours, instead they danced all over the room, never resting on something for more than a second. His hand dropped from mine and instead went to to his face; rubbing his face before carelessly running through his hair.

“We just need to leave - now. Just trust me.” he replied before another voice spoke up. You could instantly see a cold mask slip onto his face, covering every bit of Chanyeol you knew. He turned around to face a guy somehow equal to his giant height.

“How rude to not introduce us Chanyeol. I didn’t know that you brought a guest tonight. You shouldn’t have just left her alone the whole time.” I could see the barely controlled tension coiled in Chanyeol’s back before he sprung forward and grabbed the guy’s collar.

“You got what you wanted so just leave me the hell alone Kris.” Chanyeol hissed through clenched teeth. Kris seemed unfazed, chuckling at Chanyeol’s actions.

“You should know better Chanyeol. I’m not done with you yet. I could use some new blood around here. She’d be perfect.” he paused before leaning forward and whispering in Chanyeol’s ear. “I want her. And I always get what I want.”

Without warning, Chanyeol turned to you and stomped over, quickly pressing his lips to yours. You let out a yelp of shock, which allows Chanyeol to deepen the kiss. You let yourself relax into it before his lips are ripped from yours.

You open your eyes to see Chanyeol facing Kris again, a confident smirk upon his lips. The words slipping out of his mouth so soft, you barely heard.

“Not when it’s mine.”



Sorry if this is too long for y'all! I’ve been in chapter writing mode and its kind of hard to get back in the swing of writing imagines. I had to go back a few times when I use the wrong pronouns… whoops!

    that should really just be a picture of a garbage dump because that’s what me and this blog are, but you loveliness just show up anyway and gosh it’s great, you’re great okay? i never thought when i meandered to this fandom everyone would be so great (it’s fucking great i tell you. how many more times can i say great? a great many, this is the kind of quality you follow.)

    but i am very thankful for all of the people who see fit to write with me and give me chances to write with them and the threads we make and feels we give each other. the shipping fandom of tvd ain’t no joke, but you guys are actual gems and make the fandom a much better place. butterscotch and peppermints for everybody! (yes, you can take more than one.)

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