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It's sad how sakura always had to be the driving point in their relationship.Even after The coh no longer affected sasuke he still dident want her.She had to chase him in order to travel with him,why dident she give up?She practically is their relationship without her obsessive love sasuke never would have looked at her.And think about,she's the only female around him for a long period of time and the only female he's close to,of course he'd fall in love with his only option.

*Sigh*, where to begin…

Firstly Anon, after he was saved from his hatred, he had a lot of things that he felt like he needed to do before entering any kind of relationship. It’s as he said, he could now finally see the world with clarity again, so why do you think he would just suddenly start “wanting” Sakura? He needed to get accustomed to the reality of things first, and redeem himself from his past transgressions.

Secondly, just because she chased him doesn’t mean it was done without his consent. Sakura wouldn’t have been able to find him if Sasuke didn’t know about it, he could have literally been anywhere in the world.

Thirdly, her being “the only female around him” is utter nonsense. He was around Karin for extended periods of time too, and it was during his travels (when Sakura wasn’t with him) that he demonstrated that he prioritised her above the village, as he ignored the latter’s pleas for help, but went back when Sakura was concerned. So no Anon, Sasuke had options.

10 reasons to ship bughead:))

1. The way they stand next to each other 😫💦wow
2. The nonexistent chemistry. #goals
3. A lesbian and an aroace male? Perfect together😫
4. The way jug looks at Betty in his nightmare, like he’d much rather be anywhere else <3
5. How forced their feelings are!! Just so adorable :’)
6. It’s just such a new concept. A white, straight couple? Groundbreaking.
7. How Betty just, suddenly, out of nowhere, after being friends with him for years, falls for Jughead and is suddenly over Archie, whom she’s been supposedly in love with for her whole life??? How sweet and ~not~ forced at all.
8. The aroace erasure of jughead😍😍 cause it’s not like that’s one of the biggest aspects of his personality or anything
9. How Betty completely disregards the kiss and goes back to the murder case, barely acknowledging it❤
10. How they were the best platonic pairing ever, being sleuths and shit, until CW ~forced~ them together romantically😫😍 true love

this is the only post im going to make about this:

c,orvojess beauty and the beast au come on,,

corvo is cursed by some serkonan witch in his youth, maybe he accidently killed her kid in the blade verbena or WHAT, anyway he is sent to dunwall by the duke as a Novelty and a Prize Soldier (a Guard Dog, if you will!!)

And nothing really changes

eventually jessamine falls in love with the Soft Man behind the quiet, frightening masque, come on, its BASICALLY canon

And the curse is broken and she has to Not Explain why?? Suddenly her Beast is a man? Certainly foreign but actually??? Handsome??? And not monstrous?

(I dont know, My Parliament, perhaps it was the….. fresh… dunwall air….. proximity to the Abbey… that cured him…)

he’s like a cigarette in my idea. i’ve lit the cigar once and everytime i do, i get more addicted. everytime i stop and look at him, i want to get to know him better. the more i get addicted to the cigar, the more i fall for him. i suddenly realize i’m at the point where i’m so addicted to the cigar that there is no way out. i’ve fallen so deep in love with him that it’ll be hard to move on. he’s just my cigar, and i’ve lit it once too many times.
—  my opinion.

Here’s the thing about songs: when you hear them you suddenly remember everything it ever stood for. You remember what you felt when you first heard it and when you fell in love with it, when you fell in love with him. See that’s the magic, you hear it again and you hear him, you hear your heart and how much it misses him, how much it misses that way it feels loving him and you’ll feel like you want to fall in love again, with him.

And I do. I want to fall in love with him, again. Over and over again. No pauses. No rewinds. No fast tracks. Over and over again. And there will be no stopping.

no. stopping.

—  Dian Tinio
Falling in love. It’s always something that comes unexpected. Suddenly it hits you; you’re in love, just like that. And maybe that’s what makes it so wonderful. Having absolutely no control is scary, but if you just let it happen, beautiful things can come your way.
—  L.N. | falling in love
Newt Dating a Muggle/No-Maj Would Include......

  • Him never getting tired of explaining the simple things of the wizarding world.
  • Him always being excited whenever he was asked about his beasts.
  • Unknowingly spending hours upon hours talking about his beasts.
  • Falling in love even more when they’d be completely and utterly interested in learning about them.
  • Always having to take a moment to admire them whenever he’d find them interacting with his beasts.
  • Having to constantly explain that he cannot just snap his fingers and the dishes would be done.
  • Or if he waved his wand they’d be rich. 
  • Or clap his hands and the room would suddenly be clean.
  • Having to sit them down and explain the laws and logic of magic.
  • Finding it adorable that they tried to follow but got lost somewhere in the middle. 
  • Him kissing their forehead and trying to explain it easier.
  • Always entertaining them with the simplest of spells. 
  • Apologizing constantly for spending most of his time with his beasts. 
  • Feeling a little less guilty when told that it was quite alright. 
  • Never taking them for granted. 
  • Allowing them in the case on their own but scolding when they’d leave it open by mistake.
  • Constant days of tracking down the Niffler.
  • Him getting slightly annoyed that they would choose the Niffler over Pickett. 
  • Appreciating the fact that Pickett seems to take a liking to them.
  • Becoming quite upset when they’d get hurt while handling his beasts.
  • Him always being Nurse Newt whenever they’d get injuries.
  • Babying them even if it’s just a scratch.
  • Feeling hopeless when they’d get scratched again by doing the same thing as before.
  • Him watching them while they do muggle things. 
  • Almost always curious about muggle life and always asking questions.
  • Having to explain to him the functions of household items.
  • Explaining a television to him was the same as him explaining the laws of magic.
  • “It does what, now?”
  • “How does it know to show pictures?”
  • “Is it supposed to be fuzzy like that?
  • “And that sound is just awful.” 
  • Not understanding what the point of a toaster is. 
  • Him appreciating all their sacrifices that they’ve made in order to be with him.
  • Knowing that it was a difficult decision to leave their family.
  • To give up a job to travel the world with him.
  • Showing them the best spots of where to find his beasts. 
  • Always showering them with “I love you’s.” 
  • Never missing a beat when it came to their anniversaries and birthdays.
  • Being surprised and appreciative whenever they’d present him with little gifts.
  • Always feeling the need to make sure they’re always feeling loved.
  • Finding it refreshing that they have no magical abilities.
  • Finding himself talking about their possible children being magical.
  • Being overjoyed when they’d say, “I hope our children take after you in the magical department,” 
  • Being extremely protective and defending their muggleness.
  • Getting agitated when some of the wizarding community would discriminate against them. 
  • Always making a point to those who hate muggles that he indeed loves everything about them and wouldn’t change a thing.
  • Making sure they always know that he wouldn’t change a thing.
  • Him using his magic to lighten up their days.
  • Him using his magic to set the mood for intimate nights.
  • Him always asking how their day was.
  • Never getting tired of learning about them.
  • Never getting bored or annoyed with their rambles.
  • Finding it cute when they’d gush about magical things. 
  • Loving every bit of who they are.
  • Knowing that he would want to spend the rest of his life with them.
  • He’d try to enlist in the Niffler’s help to propose to them.
  • But would spend the entire night chasing the Niffler down. 
  • Being discouraged that his plan to propose hadn’t gone the way he wanted.
  • His face lighting up when they do manage to find the ring among the many, many shiny object at their expression.
  • Scrambling to get down on one knee to propose.
  • Scooping you into his arms when they say yes.
  • Wiping away happy tears and telling them that they will be only one he’ll ever love more than his beasts.
The first time I spoke to you, I was in a hurry to leave and get myself home. But your arms soon became my home. And I suddenly couldn’t think about anything else but you holding me throughout the night.
—  You’re my home

Title: Ten Second Car by safferpenn
Pairing: Harry&Louis & Liam&Zayn
Word Count: 14k
Rating: Explicit


“How is it today?” Harry replies, smiling so his dimples pop out.

“You’ve been coming in here for 3 weeks, and you always ask how the ham and cheddar is. I can tell you, it was shit yesterday, it was shit the day before & guess what Curly? It’s shit today too.” Louis smirks, as he finishes, purposely not making eye contact with the beautiful curly headed boy.

Harry just stares at him, wide eyed and completely endeared with this sassy boy. Is that flirting? Harry’s sure it is. And where did that nickname come from suddenly and why does it make him feel so weird.

“I’ll take the ham, please.”

“Suit yourself, Curly.”


AU in which Harry goes undercover to catch illegal street racers robbing rigs and instead falls in love with the bad guys brother.

Based off of The Fast & The Furious (2001) in which Liam is basically Dom, Louis is his brother, Zayn is Liam’s boyfriend, Niall is their right hand man and Harry’s undercover and in love.

Read here on ao3

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Welcome Home - RebelCaptain

Cassian wakes up after Scarif, and the only thing that matters is that Jyn did, too. 

Hey guys! I saw Rogue One about a week ago and I’m already in love with these two. Reblog with what you think!


The last thing Cassian remembers is light. Bright, blinding. Almost painful, but not quite. The air intense and warm, Jyn’s arms tight around him, her face buried in his neck. He’d closed his eyes against the glare, pressed his lips against her forehead, tried not to think about his sisters, his mother, all the friends they watched fall.

He held Jyn as tightly as could, and the last thought he recalled was of her. I could have loved you. He could feel her breath stir the hairs above his ear, and then suddenly, he wasn’t feeling anything anymore.  I could have loved you, given time.  


The next thought is pain.

Every single inch of him is on fire, his body resisting air, aid, existence itself. He can hear a manic beeping, people shouting, boots on stone floors, and a desperate voice screaming for mercy. As the wild, spinning lights fade, he thinks it might be his own.

The next time his consciousness resurfaces, it’s much less violent. Someone – a medic, a droid, he doesn’t remember – covered him in a cooling serum, and there’s a dull throb in his elbow that tells him an IV is pumping something to rehydrate him into his veins. His eyes are reluctant to open, and take more than a moment to refocus on the scene around him. They’ve got him in a private room in the medbay – which makes sense, given the seriousness of his injuries – but that thought barely registers before he realizes that his arms are empty, and Jyn is nowhere to be found. 

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Well, it seems to me that the best relationships - the ones that last - are frequently the ones that are rooted in friendship. You know, one day you look at the person and you see something more than you did the night before. Like a switch has been flicked somewhere. And the person who was just a friend is… suddenly the only person you can ever imagine yourself with.
—  Gillian Anderson
Suddenly, the pain that has been beating my entire being over and over again for the past weeks goes away. With every soft touch of yours, the pain you caused goes away. With every tender move of yours, I fall in love with your mistakes. With every moan that gets tangled in between our kisses, I fall in love with your lies. With every glimpse of you that I catch on the mirror, I fall in love with you whole, for the millionth time. And as we turn into one, I teach you how to love. You teach me how to forgive, and love teaches us how to be alive.
—  lessons
VIXX reaction to realizing they have fallen in love with you

Ravi: The realization would have hit him so suddenly that he  would almost fail at acting like nothing happened…He would be surrounded by other guys and you, of course, and on the outside he would be like ‘’No, no, I’m ok…I just remembered something.’’…whereas on the inside alarm is going off: ‘’Shit, when did this happened??’’

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N: You wouldn’t instantly notice the difference in the way he acts around you. Usually he wouldn’t hesitate to say anything in front of you and he acted as silly as in front of the guys but suddenly…Ken: What was with that loving stare??’’, N: ‘’THAT WAS A NORMAL STARE!!’’ And then he realized… it was indeed a loving stare considering how you suddenly had an improvised newspaper-fan

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Leo: The very moment Leo realized you made him fall in love, everyone else in the room would realized it too. He was completely quiet one moment…and then suddenly there is this smirk on his face while he’s undoubtedly looking at you having no idea everyone is looking at him instead and everyone is like ‘’’Yeah, it just happened…’’

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Hongbin: It would probably happen while he was talking to you which would result in a very, very long stare straight out of dramas and that would last until he realizes what he’s doing too late for your legs that are threatening to betray you and enters an awkward giggling fit…and the rest is history

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Ken: He would probably be the least surprised one when the realization hits him. No matter where he was at the moment, instead of acting shy or confused, he would just get this ‘’lost in thoughts’’ look so you would just have to ask ‘’You ok?’’‘’Yeah, planning our first date and kind of running out of ideas for what we can do during the fifth hour….’’

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Hyuk:  ‘’Hey, are you sure you want her to know you fell in love with her?’’‘’What are you talking about? I didn’t…’’‘’A popcorn just fell from your mouth…and all she did is smile to you. I didn’t know how to call that phenomenon but love, but whatever you say…’’, ‘’Ah…ok then. When should I ask her on a date?’’‘’Well, that escalated quickly…’’

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prince AU where yuuri is the sole prince of a small kingdom. he‘s suddenly confronted with the reality that he is to inherit the throne soon when his father, the king, falls ill. stricken with grief, anxiety, and believing he would only bring the country into ruin, he runs away to a neighboring allied kingdom and disguises himself as a stable boy working on a small farm.

he soon encounters this kingdom’s handsome crown prince victor who frequents the farm in secret whenever royalty gets too much for him. one summer together and yuuri learns to admire victor’s ambitions as future king, knowing he will be a great ruler. they eventually fall in love and spend nights in each others arms.

one day, overwhelmed by his feelings for yuuri, victor reveals that he has always known yuuri’s real identity. he was asked by yuuri’s father to find and teach him the meaning of becoming a responsible crown prince, but he had never planned to fall for him at the same time. 

A letter not for reading


Baz was looking intently at a paper. He hadn’t moved for a solid fifteen minutes. I am pretty sure that he didn’t notice that I came. I lean against the bedframe and look at him. I was trying to see if he was really frozen. He wasn’t. The paper has nothing but scratch outs. I take a step forward, causing the wood to creek. He suddenly spins around and gasp loudly. “You freak, why can’t you be this quiet in the morning?!” He yells at me angrily. “I was just thought you were possessed.” It came out as nervous. He freaked me out when he spun around so fast. “No such luck.” I added before taking the books from my bag. Penny scolded me earlier this morning, my grades have not been looking their best and Penny say it is because I am ‘obsessed with Baz’. I am not obsessed with Baz; he is just a dangerous vampire who I am forced to share a room with. Penny insists that it far worse to fail during the fifth year. How in the world am I supposed to focus on studying when Baz does things like this? He was plotting against me right there. He likes to write out his thoughts when he’s trying to do something big. During our first exams of the year, I found 3 planning lists. He crammed his schedule to the brim with things to do. He is inhuman and I am certain that he is plotting to kill me.


What in the world was I thinking? Why did I decide to write a love letter for Simon in our room? I am losing it. The fact that I am experimenting with methods to fall out of love is already ridiculous. I was trying to write a letter technically aimed at Simon. I did not ever intend to have him read it. I have not reached the level where reasoning is completely worthless to emotion. At least I haven’t yet. I cannot even write a simple letter, there is a chance that I am completely hopeless. Getting your feelings out on paper usually helps you understand them to get rid of them. I could not even do that. I feel so much. My feelings are complicated and there is so much I want to tell him. There is nothing that he needs to hear. I go into the woods because I needed to get away from the school. Every fucking corner is able to force me to think about Simon. I tracked down a wolf and spelled it frozen. I drained it dry and left it somewhere only other animals, who would eat it, could find it. I sat down on a large rock and pulled out the first draft of the letter and a pen. The first draft consisted of four crossed out sentences and frustration. There was a small pencil in pocket. It was too short to hold properly but throwing away a pencil feels ridiculous. I ditched the letter format and start writing out sentences. They grew and more coherent. Loose sentences became linked paragraphs. I grew tired and rolled the paper into a ball and put it in my pocket before heading back. I felt lighter. It eased the tightness in my chest but I discovered something I knew already. I am beyond any help.


Baz returned very late. I was considering leaving bed and go searching for him. I pretended to be asleep. I practiced it before. If Baz is a vampire, he must have good hearing. When he is asleep, I’d practice breathing at the same pace as him as he sleeps. I watch him when I am sure that he is not looking. I watch him strip. Pulling off his trousers, unbuttoning his shirt, hanging his tie. I was thinking that it was it, but I was wrong. He strips off his under shirt then pulls off his briefs. I cannot stop watching. He pulls on his pajamas over his nude body. I felt myself blushing. I really wanted to look away but it would give away that I’m not asleep. He soon gets into bed and looks at the ceiling. I find myself relaxing enough to fall asleep.

My dreams turned very bitter that night. I wish I could say I dreamt of fighting something or the Humdrum. Yet no. It was summer. It must have been after the first year because I felt small, helpless, and alone. I was in an orphanage. Everyone was glued to one window and I stood a few steps behind them. They were watching a small toddler who was holding the hands of his new parents. They were all sad but I was hollow. If a couple ever came up and decided to adopt me, the Mage would interfere and I would be taken to a different home. I saw them feeling hopeless. I had nothing to hope for. I’d remain unloved. Parents seem to have this unconditional and unfading love for love for their children. They hold them so tightly and tell them that they love them. It is also so much more than that. Kids love their parents doing their chores, feeding them, tucking them into sleep. Their love is shown more in those acts more than hugs and words. I envy them so much. They don’t appreciate it. I wish to be loved like them so much I was stuck in that moment. Watching that lucky child leave over and over again. I was miserable.

“SNOW WAKE UP! SIMON! Wake up!” Baz shook me. I gasped, waking up. I realized I was dripping in cold sweat. “What happened?” I fell back on the pillow. I felt more tired when I did when I went to bed. “You were trembling and mumbling something incoherent. I would have left you but you were to loud. Go back to sleep. If you wake me up again, I am kicking you out to the stairs.” He gets into bed and rolls away from me. I relax into my pillow but I feel bitterness in my mouth, wanting to cry.


Please don’t cry, Simon. I won’t be able to stop myself. After a while, he falls asleep again and doesn’t really heave nightmares again. I watch him sleep. I know it is not good for anything but I just want to protect his dreams.

I wake up, turned to him. I must have fallen asleep watching him. I’m exhausted. Fuck this. I roll in bed, tired. It is Saturday and he is making so much noise. I flinch when he spits in the sink, twice. I needed to sleep some more but when he finally left, I couldn’t sleep. I added a few lines of text to the rough and messy paper but then I wanted to make a proper one. I took one of my nicer papers. It was silky to the touch. I get a heavier black pen to write. I never use them anyway; I just hope it burns well. I look over what I wrote and started writing.

My Dearest Simon,

The world is full of hate. Anger. Resentment. We both get to encounter each every day. I know very well that I am a great source of such emotions for you. You, on the other hand, is one of the few things keeping me from getting consumed by such emotions. You are stupidly kind, brave, and loyal. Watching you every single day is excruciating pain because I want nothing more than protect you from what the world holds. I promise that in the end, no matter happens, I will protect you from myself. I will never truly harm you. If I managed to outsmart you or act quicker, I would regret it forever.

I am in love with you, Simon. When you are away, I think about when I will see you again. I hate when the Mage forces you to go and fight for him. I want you to be with me, safe and away from it all. I want to see you asleep and not always question if you are having nightmares. I want to see you eat after you always return so thin at the end of every summer. I watch to heal each wound. I want to kiss you when you are hurt. I want to sleep with you when you have nightmares. I want to tell you it is alright and that we will be alright. I want to talk you down when you get worried.

I love you, Simon. I want everything to be alright.


I sealed it and put it away to carry it to the fire place.

I did not notice how it fell out of my pocket and floated to Simon’s bed.


I get back late to our room. The Mage was chewing my brains out for hours. I wanted to talk about my dream but he did not really have the time or care. He said dreams are dreams and don’t mean anything. I spot something on the floor by bed. It could only be Baz’s. It was open. I got very curious. What if I get a clue to what Baz was plotting? I know I shouldn’t but I wanted to know. I felt like I had to.

I sat at the foot of my bed and started to read.

Newt x reader falling in love would include:

Newt x reader falling in love would include:

  • Being really confused
  • But loving the way it felt.
  • Getting butterflies every time he touched you.
  • Him blushing every time you said his name.

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  • Tina and Queenie noticing before you even knew yourselves.
  • Them both always teasing and dropping hints
  • Them finding it adorable how Newt acts around you
  • And how much he cares for you.

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  • Being really awkward around each other
  • Because suddenly you weren’t thinking of each other as ‘friends’ anymore.
  • Newt being the one to confess his feelings.
  • Him being so so nervous
  • Playing with his hands
  • Stuttering more than usual

Originally posted by claraoswan

  • You taking his hands in yours
  • And telling him to calm down, despite the fluttering in your tummy.
  • The night ending with a passionate kiss.
  • Him taking you on a cute date
  • Being such a gentleman.

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  • Him being worried the whole time about sounding smart and not wanting to look silly.
  • Him asking you to be his
  • And when you say yes a huge smile forms on his face
  • You can almost feel yourself falling
  • Falling more and more in love with him as every second passes.

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Can someone write a fic where mon-el’s being annoying kara to date him and kara tired of him suddenly blurts out she’s already dating someone ( she’s not) so when mon-el asks her who she’s dating she says “lena”

pls someone write me a supercorp fake/pretend relationship
(needless to say they fall in love in the end)

Let’s be real here. Julie (and Kevin?) KNEW S6 was Nina’s last season. And in THAT SEASON where Nina WAS STILL THERE and quite literally at the start of it, they had every memory of Damon erased and compelled away from Elena’s mind. They had about 20 episode to make Stelena circle back to each other and it would’ve been the easiest thing because of the history they have together. But instead they have her fall in love with Damon AGAIN in progress that makes zero sense AGAIN.  (Because if she doesn’t remember Damon and the sirebond then how is she fine with not knowing the reason behind her breakup with Stefan and suddenly only having platonic feelings for him, but that’s another story for another time.)

So I would appreciate it if they didn’t give us this nonsense about how things would be different if Nina didn’t leave. Because I ain’t buying it, and it’s making them look really, really bad.

Also, that doesn’t explain the amount of retconning and mistreatment of Stefan and SE that happened in S8 from start to finish. What’s your excuse for that? Are you going to blame your horrible plots and OOC writing on Nina too? Please stop. You’re looking pathetic.


 Newt Scamander x Reader

 640 Words

 Request from anon:  Your writing is so ridiculously great I just had to send in a request - could you pretty please write about Newt’s reaction to his Hufflepuff girlfriend (the reader, ayyee) who’s small and cute wearing his clothes to, let’s say, bed? Thank you so so much! Keep up the hard work! :)

 Sorry that it’s a tad different from what you requested, silly me didn’t bother rereading the request before writing.

 You and Newt had been an excellent duo for three months now. He would locate and research the creatures he set out for, and you would help him write his book. Technically, you were just there to assist him, but he loved having you around, and you loved being around.

 After three months it was nearly impossible not to fall for the sweet, introverted ball of fluff that was Newt, and it was proving more and more difficult to hide. Every time your hands accidentally brushed a blush would become apparent on your face, just like every time he gave you a casual compliment, such as “You’re bloody brilliant, (y/n)!”, you would suddenly lose your ability to speak.

 What you didn’t know was that Newt felt the exact same way. Of course, neither of you were forward enough to bring it up to one another.

 And now, at almost twelve o’clock at night in a dinky Greenland motel room, you were huddled beneath a quilt awaiting Newt’s return. He left a few hours earlier to find a beast and you refused to go to sleep until you knew he was safe.

 It was snowing like mad outside. The heater in the motel room must have been broken, because even with the bulky quilt you still felt like an ice cube. You were mentally scolding yourself for only packing short-sleeved shirts and shorts. Then, a marvelous idea came to mind.

 You left the warmth of the bed and quilt to open Newt’s suitcase - The one containing his clothes, of course. It was incredibly easy to dig out exactly what you were looking for; Newt’s Hufflepuff scarf and cozy blue coat. They were practically begging to be worn, so you placed the coat around your shoulders and wrapped the scarf around your neck.

 One look in the mirror and you could tell you absolutely ridiculous. The coat was much too big, and the scarf was almost dragging on the floor, but they smelled faintly of Newt. It helped ease your worries about his safety. The fact they were ten times more comfier and warmer than the quilt was just a plus.

 You settled back into the bed, tossing the quilt to the floor and covering yourself with the coat and scarf. Finally, you were able to fall asleep.

 Newt burst through the door, placing his suitcase and journal on a table. “(y/n), you won’t believe the research I-” His eyes landed on your sleeping figure. Wearing his clothes. His face turned red and he took a few careful steps towards you. You looked absolutely adorable.

 He moved your (h/c) locks out of the way and gave a gentle kiss to your forehead. Noticing your shivers, he picked the quilt up from the floor and placed it over you. He patted your head and started walking to the other bed, but before he could, you pulled him next to you.

 “It’s cold.” You said, clearly still too tired to know what you were doing.

 “I-It is.” Newt gulped. He tried to get up, not that he disliked being next to you, but you wrapped your arm around his waist.

 “You’re warm.” You sighed happily, your head nuzzling against his back. Newt figured you had no idea what you were doing. The idea of you fancying him sounded impossible to him. Though he really couldn’t deny how much he enjoyed this cuddly moment.

 “You’re warm and I love you.” You murmured.

 Newt’s eyes widened. He wanted to completely wake you and tell you that he loved you as well, but he couldn’t bring himself to disrupt your slumber. Instead, he made a mental note to bring it up in the morning. He relaxed and shut his eyes whilst he traced patterns into your hand, falling asleep with a giddy smile on his face.

Absolutely Giddy

Fifth-year SnowBaz for the Carry On Countdown


Love is supposed to be good.  It should feel like an adrenaline rush and a tranquilizer at the same time, a combination of fuzzy warmth and a thrilling buzz.

           Admittedly, it almost was like that for me, right at the very beginning.  In the moment that I realized I was in love with him my face split into this dumb grin and my head spun, and I was absolutely giddy.  When I saw him my heart raced and it made me want to smile again, to beam at him and spin him around and tell him the truth, that I loved him so much.

           Unfortunately for me, the day that I realized I was in love with Simon Snow was the day that Simon Snow began dating Agatha Wellbelove.

           I’m still not sure which of the two events came first.  Did I fall in love of my own volition or because suddenly I couldn’t have him?

           I mean, I never could have had him, but now I really couldn’t have him.

           Ever since, I’ve been doing that thing where I realize how in love with him I already was, I’ve always been.  Our first four years are shifting into place.  I love him, I love him so much…

           Only this love isn’t good.  It isn’t nice.  It’s like sharing a room with an open flame, and no matter how hard I try to stay away I keep stepping nearer and nearer, and the flame burns hotter and fiercer, until I can’t even look at it without getting burned.  Nevermind the added bonus of vampires being flammable.  No matter what happens, it will end in flames.


By far the worst thing about teenage couples is the complete disregard of public decency.  It’s disgusting enough when a random pair starts snogging in the hall, but when it’s Simon and Agatha…  I couldn’t look.  I couldn’t even walk past them.  I had to turn around and try to keep my shaking legs from running.  Not that it matters, they were certainly too busy to have seen me.

           Now I’m pushing open the door to my – our – room at the top of the tower, dreading the sight of him.  I’ll only see her, all over him like a stench.  His hair is perfect and golden; it doesn’t need the embellishment of her pink fingernails.  His eyes should never close like that with her, or with anyone. Maybe me, but that will never happen.

           Simon is sitting on his bed with a textbook and his wand.  I drop my eyes from him, I can’t look at him, not right now, but I feel his gaze on me.

           “Where were you?” he asks.

           “Why do you care?”

           “I was just asking a question.”  He sounds hurt.  How dare he sound hurt, after what he puts me through every day?

           “Whatever,” I grumble and sit down on my bed with a book, my back to him.  I feel his eyes boring into my neck, and I burn.  The second hand on my watch ticks away, too slow and too loud.

           The springs on his bed squeak, and then suddenly everything on my desk goes crashing to the floor.

           “Hey!” I shout, on my feet in an instant.  He’s standing by the desk, wand out, a look of concentration on his perfect face.

           “As you were,” he enunciates.  Nothing happens.  “As you were,” he tries again to no avail. The pens and pencils stay on the floor.

           “As you were,” I murmur, pointing my wand lazily at the mess.  One by one every last pen and pencil floats back into their cups, and everything rights itself on the desk as though they had never moved. Simon glares at me, and I look away. I can’t hold eye contact with him. I haven’t been able to since… well, since the giddy feeling.  I stare at the floor.

           The cups crash down again.

           “What the hell, Snow!”

           “As you were.”

           “Oh, for the love of Merlin!” I groan, stomping over to stand behind him and grabbing his wand arm before I can stop myself.  “Try it now.”

           “What are you doing?”

           “Say the spell again.”  His hair smells fresh, like summer.  Of course it bloody does.

           “As you were,” he says, slower than how he was saying it before, a little quieter. As he says it I move his wand arm in a gentle swoop, making sure it points directly at the pencils when we stop. I feel my hand go hot, unnaturally hot, and I almost jump back in surprise.  Simon’s magic has always been particularly warm.  There’s probably other reasons for me to heat up, though, for instance the fact that I can’t remember the last time I touched him.  It’s making my heart pound in my ears.  I don’t even register the fact that everything is back on the desk as it should be.

           “What happened?” he asks.

           “Just try making that same motion when you cast.” I plop back down on my bed and open my phone, giving myself something I can appear to be interested in. Hopefully he won’t see me watching.

           “Do you think…”  Simon trails off.

           “Do I think what, Snow?  Use your words.”  I don’t even look up from my phone.

           “Could you, I mean… help me?”

           I glance up at him, raising an eyebrow. Simon looks embarrassed, probably for asking his arch-nemesis for help with magic.  

           “Aren’t you supposed to be the Mage’s Heir?” I can’t help but sneer, even though I hate myself for doing it.  “Why do you need my help?”

           “I just do.”

           Did he just… blush?

           I should take advantage of this.  Simon Snow needs my help.  How deliciously ironic.  I should kick the wand out of his hand and leave with another cutting insult, make him cry for good measure.

           I stand.  I go to him.  I take his wand hand again.  I meet his eyes properly for the first time in months.  They’re so blue that everything in my periphery takes on a colder hue, and yet I feel warm.  Buzzing. Absolutely giddy.

           Even after he has the hang of it, we keep shoving everything off the desk.  Over and over.