suddenly barnabas

Episode 233 Synopsis

Carolyn and Vicky are afraid of the dark and generally adorable when the lights go out thanks to the storm

We make a great pair aww seriously Carolyn/Vic-

Oh, goddamn it.  So then he narrates an audiobook about Josette Collins’ death and Vicky’s enthralled and Carolyn’s like “Ugh” and I’m like OH MY GOD BARNABAS WROTE HIS OWN FANFIC and then later he’s like Willie! *shakes cane menacingly*

Episode 232 Synopsis

Jason McGuire is the only person who comes to any sort of logical conclusion in that hmm, loss of blood, bite marks, Eagle Hill cemetery - I betcha Willie Loomis might have something to do with this.

Jason meets up with Loomis and he has cane marks all over his face, and Jason’s got his crazy ex-girlfriend eyes and then Willie’s like Fortunately you’re not a man who keeps his promises so Jason beats him too.

Vicky is afraid of the dark and can’t handle anythi-