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  • Evil Queen: I need your help getting the one thing I've always wanted. Snow White's heart.
  • Snow:
  • Charming: What is it?
  • Snow: I felt a great disturbance in the Plot. As if millions of viewers suddenly cried out "Again?" and suddenly changed the channel. I fear something dumb is about to happen.

Obi-wan is not a fan of selfies so Anakin had to take him by surprise to capture all of his favourite people on one photo.

i was rewatching a bit of book three earlier today and poor mako. man like he tells bolin he didn’t want to go search for airbenders bc he didn’t feel part of team avatar but it’s like, buddy just admit the real reason: you didn’t want to see your ex-girlfriends…who clearly have been spending all their time together and probably can’t go an hour without checking in with each other when they’re apart…eye fuck each other

which is completely understandable but like just admit it


December Drabble 30: Mike Dodds

Masterlist | December Drabble Prompts

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Sonny was taking Mike’s clothes into evidence when he found it.

He immediately recognized the velvety texture of the box in Mike’s pocket. Before he thought it through, he was at your door.

“Sonny,” you gaped when you saw him. “What are you doing here?”

He suddenly felt awkward. “Sorry. This isn’t my place, but I was bagging Mike’s things, and I found this. I thought you should have it.”

Your eyes widened as Sonny handed you a box, holding your breath to open it. Inside was an unbelievably gorgeous ring. 

Mike planned on proposing to you; now he’s gone

This is it

It’s been six months. Now I wake up next to him with pain and warmth in my chest, which I’ve started calling irrational, ridiculous love. I wake up before him and hold his hand against my chest and listen to him breathe. These days it’s still dark by the time I wake up, and I get to watch the sun slowly start to spill through the curtains, watch it overtake the darkness and bloom behind his hair. And when the light wanders across his closed eyes he takes a fast, deep breath through his nose, and I know he’s awake, and I can press my lips to his and feel his mouth turn up into a small smile.

“Good morning.”

And then the pain and warmth turns into crushing and burning, and I’ve started calling that the grounded, reasonable fear.

I still haven’t told him.

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Everyone expected Arthur to be a ladies man with being a fairly attractive man, he was the future king and women constantly talking about how they would love to be with Arthur, but Arthur never met those expectations. 

When Arthur finally got alone time with you -excluding Merlin-, Arthur attempted to use the charm that everyone assumed he has, but Merlin knew better.

”Y/N, may I say you look ever so lovely today, not that you don’t lovely everyday, but today, you look extra great,”Arthur told you and you suddenly become very awkward. 

“Thank you Sire, but I would prefer if you saved the compliments until after the hunt so you don’t scare away the deer,”You told him, signalling your horse to go as you try to find the deer that Arthur scared away because he was fairly loud.

“That was pathetic Sire,”Merlin told Arthur, not even bothering to try and hide his laugh.

“Not a word about this to anyone Merlin.”

meeting at a bar/restaurant/party/cafe au

* you’re a regular at my cafe and i’m getting used to your attractive face but one day you bring a child over and i’m suddenly overcome with jealousy of a wife/husband i never thought you had so i’m suddenly awkward AU
* we’re sitting at separate tables and you don’t really notice me but weren’t you someone i had a one night stand with, but you obviously don’t remember, and why the hell are we suddenly alone in the lavatory AU
* our company is throwing a party and i’m from the sales department and you’re like from another department so i’ve never seen you but aren’t you that person who confessed to me back in high school AU
* it’s your birthday and me and my friends are in the booth next to you and your group, and your drunk friend is trying to be your wingman so he’s kinda hooking me up with you but i’m hella awkward and yet you are kinda attractive and i’m not sure what i want anymore ok AU
* me and my tumblr mutuals are finally meeting in person at this cool place and the ultimate sempai blogger comes in last and HOLY SHIT WEREN’T YOU THE GUY/GAL WHO USED TO BULLY ME BACK IN HS FOR THE EXACT SAME SHIT YOU BLOG NOW LIKE HOW DARE YOU BECOME MY SECRET TUMBLR CRUSH BUT I SHOULD HATE YOU NOW THAT I KNOW BETTER??? AU
* you’re the boss everyone fears for being so damn strict and i’m the new guy so i’m trying to keep a low profile but why am i seeing you every night in this bar near my place and oh wait we’re neighbors as well and i get to see a side of you nobody else does and suddenly my pheromones are slowly planning to betray me??? AU

continuance - possible scenarios to season 4: (look for previous post for part 1)
  • *John, Sherlock and Irene continue to have their awkward breakfast. suddenly, there's a knock on the door: *
  • John: it's open!
  • *Lestrade opens the door and walks in*
  • Lestrade: come on you two, no time to rest, we need you to come to the station right aw - *notices Irene* OOh. Hello...
  • Irene: oh! you must be Graham!
  • John: *mutters* nope..
  • Lestrade: it's Greg, actually. *confused smile* nice to meet you, miss...ahh...
  • Irene: Irene, please.
  • Lestrade: Right, right. Irene. *looks at her, then at Sherlock, grins*
  • Sherlock: *roles eyes*
  • Lestrade: anyway... there has been a murder near a school, we already have a few suspects -
  • Sherlock: And you're wrong and you know it otherwise you wouldn't call for my help. *jumps out of his chair* Come, Watson. Looks like we have plenty of work -
  • John: *gets up from his chair*
  • Lestrade: Wouldn't Irene like to join us?
  • John: *stops mid-action with a grin, waiting for Sherlock's reaction*
  • Sherlock: *sends Lestrade an "I'll kill you if you won't stop talking" glare* Oh I'm sure she has better things to -
  • Irene: Oh, I'd love that! *teasing smirk towards Sherlock* Getting to see the great Sherlock Holmes in action, I wouldn't want to miss that.
  • Sherlock: Irene. *Fakest of smiles* This is WORK. my WORK. you know I hold much appreciation for you - however, I'd rather you won't get involved -
  • Irene: you don't think I can contribute?
  • Sherlock: - !
  • Irene: ...?
  • John+Lestrade: *sharing a knowing smug watching Sherlock having to deal with actual relationship issues*
  • Sherlock: it's - it's - fine. FINE! but - do not... *points at her firmly, struggles to find words, eyes popping out with frustration* ... DISTRACT. ME.
  • Irene: *unimpressed by Sherlock's crazy outburst* Alright. Oh, but what will I wear?
  • John: what do you mean?
  • Irene: well, I don't exactly have a drawer here.
  • John: well - what were you wearing when you came over here?
  • Irene:
  • Sherlock:
  • John:
  • John: Oh for Christ's sake!
  • Sherlock: you really do have to stop walking into rooms naked.
  • Irene: oops.
  • Sherlock: I'll get you one of my coats. *trying to hide a mischievous smile* Adler! Watson! Let's GO!
  • *after getting dressed, Irene and John are at the door. Without Sherlock's noticing, John smiles at her unbelievingly. She smiles back.*
  • Irene: are you jelous?
  • John: oh, shut up.
Forgotten pie

Because I almost forgot pie day and posted late, I’ll leave this here

“At least Chuck never included in the books that you screwed an angel,” Mercy tormented, looking over her water bottle as she watched Dean go bright red. She was the only one who avoided the beer.

“Brain bleach!” snorted Sam. “No one would want to read that!”

Kyle raised his eyebrows and Dean glared, gesturing a ‘say it already.’

“If I didn’t know the guys in question, I’d say that, to me, it sounds like pretty good porn,” he replied making Mercy and Sam cring violently.

Cas was so quiet it was loud. The room suddenly aware of his awkward posture. Warren burst out laughing and Cas glared towards him.

“I’m sorry, I just read repressed gay snark too well!” Warren teased.

“There is no way you once again know my comment!” Castiel replied, looking sullen.

“'If you were book characters, I’m sure Dean would find your sexual relationship intriguing, if not arousing, but again, I do believe he has a thing for cowboys and he is rather repressed. Displays of masculinity by men who share relationships with men reassure him,’” Warren mocked, intimidating the halting nature Cas’ speech could take on when trying to make a connection before breaking character with a smirk and adding with an exaggerated  drawl, “I also heard he once had a thing for an ol’ Indian.”

Mercy rose from her seat and dropped the beer in the trash. “I’m going, no more, this is too awkward. Too many men with men. I’m usually the supportive party,” she proclaimed before waving. No one felt the need to walk her next door back the the pack house, but Sam rose anyway.

“That’s my excuse out,” he chimed following after. “I’m going to get something to eat after, might hunt. Don’t wait up,” he added.

Dean rose to his feet and moved to clean up the random pizza boxes and wrappers. “Alright, if go somewhere they cook food bring me back pie,” Dean requested. The entire room filled with giggles.

Dean looked confused as Sam raised his eyebrows. No one usually caught his lies quite that well. Then again, he’d eaten two large pizzas.  

“Dean, don’t make requests he can’t reasonable accommodate without going out of his way,” Castiel replied, snickers  increasing when Dean’s eyebrows inched up in confusion before looking at his brother.

Castiel watched the exchange, confused. “Why he wants to hide talking to Sage I don’t know. She’s a good, unlike the last person Sam called in the middle of the night and forgot your pie over.”

Sam glared, half angry now. Cas understood many things perfectly…if they were on Dean’s behalf. Never on his.

Mercy chuckled and disappeared out the trailer.

Cas’ expression, though… He really thought it was a valid question.
Kyle and Warren rose. It was definitely time to go home. Both waved goodbye and quietly headed past Cas towards the door. A thought occurred to Cas then.

“Is it some kind of arrangement for sex? I thought Sage was in Kansas?” Cas added, he turned to face Sam. “Would you hide her visit? You tend to be far more open about romantic relationships then Dean.”

Kyle started a cackling laughter before pushing Warren out the door  and making a show of closing it behind them.

“Cas, there are conversations you and Dean do not need to hear,” Sam  informed sharply.

Sam turned and followed Kyle’s lead,  stomping across the driveway to his borrowed junker. Once Dean had heard its door shut, he he could no longer control his laughter.

Cas’ confusion remained. “Are they eloping? Mercy has a wonderful elopement, even if the event was non-traditional for such. Most people don’t have all their family and friends in attendance for such a hasty affair,” he tried, supplying information in an attempt to explain his knowledge gap.

“Cas, I love you, but don’t ask Sam about what he talks about on the phone with Sage. I don’t want to hear their conversations,” he supplied, hoping Cas would follow what he already knew and put it in context so Dean wouldn’t be forced to say it it aloud.

Cas’ head turned ever so slightly to the side. “Usually the information you and Sam give very sparse details on is sexual,” he replied. How was a phone sexual? Did Sam and Sage suffer time apart as he did with Dean. “How do they maintain intimacy over long distances? Physical contact is overrated, but some level of closeness? I used to listen to your prayers, haven’t really been away from you since I removed the foreign grace.”

“I will never say this again, if you want more details you’ll have to Google it. Phone sex,” he finally supplied before Cas nodded, considering the blanket idea and not finding the general concept lacking rational. That did equate to intimacy over long distances. He knew it should have been obvious.

“Sometimes it’s annoying that despite being human, I’m still no better at understanding all this,” Castiel admitted.

“Yeah, but now you’re stuck here with me.” Dean grumbled warmly, burying his face against Castiel’s neck. “Now come help me find some brain bleach. I’ll tell Sam to get a room.”