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I really can't buy that Yuuri had NO idea how he acted at the banquet! Sure it makes sense that he got too wasted to remember, but how could he not find out later from social media or the internet?! His phone would have been full of messages the morning after! Dudes suddenly stripping on a pole (am I also the only one wondering how the pole got there, too?) would definitely have ended up in several gossip blogs. Especially if skating megastar Victor Nikiforov got involved in the fun! Idk

At the beginning of YOI, we see Yuuri looking up news articles about his performance, even with Celestino actively encouraging him not to.

Not long after this, Yuuri goes off to the restroom and breaks down into tears. 

As a sensitive person myself, I can say I’ve experienced painful moments like this in my own life. You eventually hit a point where your brain rejects any additional input because it’s protecting itself. If you see something else that makes the pain hurt even worse, it’s very normal to have a “NOPE” reaction and do everything in your power to avoid that additional pain.

We see Yuuri having another “NOPE” moment after his viral video gets posted.

He doesn’t read the comments on the video or look himself up on social media. Yuuri literally drops his phone and shuts himself off mentally from the world. 

He’s not emotionally equipped to handle anything else. His brain rejected that information in order to protect him.

I do think it’s possible Yuuri never found out through others what happened at the banquet, though it would require work on his part to avoid it.

Maybe people did try to point out posts about it, and he just chose not to look. Maybe he shut his phone off and stopped logging into social media for a while until the news quieted down. Maybe Phichit or Celestino tried to mention it once, and because Yuuri got so upset and sensitive about the topic, they never brought it up again.

That “NOPE” feeling is awful when you get there. It’s an overwhelming sense of “I cannot handle anymore” and you just shut yourself off.

So yes - I do think it’s possible.

Very professional revenge for unprofessional behavior.

As humans often do, I became tired one day at work. I decided to use one of my 15 minute paid breaks to take a nap at my desk. One of my coworkers, who I have not only never wronged but never really had a conversation with prior to this, posted incredibly unflattering photos of me sleeping on Facebook all captioned by him with insults to my character and appearance. So, I got to wake up to a bunch of comments from people I’ve never met about how I’m a lazy, special-snowflake, millennial who looks like she used to be a man. That was super fun. What was even more fun was the fact that he’s firmly planted in the Good Ol’ Boys Club, which makes him bulletproof. The manager agreed that it wasn’t professional, but the poor man was suddenly and inexplicably stripped of his ability to do anything about it by those jerks in corporate.

I decided to do my poor manager a favor and take the responsibility off his hands. I sent all the screenshots I took to HR. They can’t fire my jerk coworker, but there are fates worse than firing. He is now currently becoming more and more annoyed by the mandatory harassment training he has to do. I can see him watching it at his desk, making annoyed comments to anyone who walks by and generally looking like he wants to shoot himself. I’m having a very good day today.

The kicker to all of this? I’ve been keeping track of all the 2 and 3-hour paid lunches that Mister Champion of the Company takes. To loosely quote the same man in his hilarious Facebook tirades against me, “How dare someone steal company time like this. What’s wrong with people?” I’ll be sending all of that to HR, plus some recordings of his racist/sexist tirades, when I leave in a week or two. I have interviews lined up, all for better paying jobs with lesser commutes.

Sayonara, shitty company, you gave me the experience and the resume boost to ditch you like the sack of crap you are.


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“I wanna mark you up.” Steve’s voice is rough, maybe a little unsteady, and Tony decides that he likes it. “Wanna mark you and bruise you so everyone knows you’re mine.”

“I’m not yours though.” Despite such firm words, Tony is drawing his fingers through Steve’s hair. He misses the blonde, but this darker color, this brown is beautiful and makes his blue eyes glow. “I’m not.”

“Weren’t you mine once?” And now Steve sounds vulnerable, uncertain, and it’s a sharp contrast to the way he is still rocking into Tony, the way he is pressing between his legs.

“Once.” Tony admits. “I was completely yours.”

“Pretend with me.” Steve whispers. “Remind me what it’s like to be yours.”

“Were you ever actually mine?” Tony asks and Steve stills on top of him, ceases those body drugging kisses and the mind blanking touch of his hands.

“Tony. I was yours from the minute I saw you.”

“The first time you saw me I was cursing a blue streak because I’d stepped in mud and ruined my favorite shoes.”

“And I was yours.” Steve drops his head, taking Tonys lips in a searing kiss, licking into his mouth almost desperately, his teeth dragging Tonys bottom lip. “Tony, I was yours. Never stopped wanting you, loving you. Not once. I’ve never lied to you, Tony. Ask me. Ask me again.”

Tony hates that he’s tearing up, because ten years should have erased all this, but it DIDNT and it both pisses him off and breaks his heart.

“Ask me again.” Steve whispers.

“Were you mine?” Tony asks, and it’s barely audible, just quiet words beneath a dark sky. “Were you?”

“Always.” Steve answers, just as quietly, and this time when he kisses Tony it’s soft and sweet. “Still.”


“Forever.” Steve is suddenly stripping them, rolling them over onto the blankets, bringing Tony astride him.

“Stay with me Tony.” He murmurs as Tony wraps a hand around him and prepares to sink down over his length. “Stay with me. Don’t go back to the city.”


“Please, honey. Please.”

Steve cried out to the night sky when Tony took him all, when he was suddenly engulfed in that sweet body. “Tony, please.” He begged. “Stay with me.”

Tony bent down to kiss him, and smiled. “Steve, I—”


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Jungkook smut w/ daddy kink pls hi it's me the thirsty ho u lov me you know who this is kek

to my smol child. here you are.

Warnings: Daddy kink, spanking, fingering, etc.

You love to tease him. Every time he leaves for a fan-meeting or a recording you’re always sure to text him and tease him. Usually your message includes a slightly naughty selfie and words of encouragement that contrast the picture–but that’s always what gets him.

And Jungkook hates being teased.

“Y/N,” Jungkook’s stern voice speaks, the door to your apartment shutting with a deafening click. Your breath hitches at his tone, eyes shifting towards your open bedroom door. You can hear him shuffling around, discarding his bag and coat, and know that he must’ve ditched the other guys and come straight here from the airport. 

You had sent him a pretty scandalous photo right before his boarding time…

Y/N,” Jungkook barks, his voice slicing through the silence, and despite his tone you find butterflies of anticipation fluttering in your stomach.

“Jungkook…?” you call innocently, trying to play it cool as you push yourself up on your mattress, flinging the book you’d been reading aside. Almost immediately overbearing footsteps start toward you, and you lick your lips with expectancy.

However, the last thing you expect is for Jungkook to storm into your room, dark eyes aflame with passion and his body already stripped of all his clothes. His toned body is bare for you to see–muscles flexing with every step he takes towards you.

“J-Jung–,” you start, gasping when he reaches forward and wraps his hand around your neck, fingers pressing into your skin. The lack of blood flow clouds your head instantly, and the feeling only adds to the heat pooling in your gut.

“You’ve been a bad girl,” he whispers, growl bubbling up in his chest. 

Jungkook leans down and teasingly brushes his lips over yours, but doesn’t kiss you.

“Sending me all those photos–especially when I’m around the guys. Do you know how hard it was to fly for 4 hours straight after you’d sent me such a pretty photo of those tits of yours?” he says dangerously, using his grip on your neck to push you flat on the mattress.

You’re already putty beneath him, shivering when his free hand slips under your shirt and roams over your skin, goosebumps popping up in his wake. His touches are light and teasing, and you already know that this is his pay-back.

You’d teased him, and now he was going to tease you.

“Get up,” he demands suddenly. “Strip for me.”

Not wasting a second, you push yourself up and stand squarely in front of him, sure to keep your gazes connected as you pull your t-shirt over your head. Next comes your bra, and Jungkook’s eyes flit to your chest the minute the garment falls to the floor, eyes soaking in your supple skin and perfectly hardened nipples.

When you spot his pink tongue dart out to wet his lips, you’re only urged on, quickly slipping out of your pants, and kicking them away when they pool around your ankles.

“Stop,” he commands just as your fingers slip under the band of your underwear, and you pause, heart thrumming when he steps towards you.

With steady hands Jungkook reaches forward and slips your panties down, his eyes raking over your naked form, taking in every inch of revealed skin.

“Turn around,” he says, and you do. 

“Touch your toes.”

You blush, turning to stare at him in embarrassment, but the look he fixes you with is utterly serious.

Touch your toes.”

Y-Yes, daddy,” you stutter, not needing to be told again, and immediately fold yourself forward. From this angle you know he can see you clearly, and you gasp when his palm smacks against your ass. He massages the flesh and proceeds to slide his hand lower, two of his fingers dipping into your wet folds.

“Jungkook–ah, shit!” you curse when he pushes into you. The stretch feels amazing but with the angle you’re bent at the blood is rushing to your head, and your legs are starting to feel strained.

However, Jungkook has no sympathy even as your legs shake, fucking his fingers into you roughly.

“What did you call me?”

“D-Daddy, please!” you beg breathlessly, wincing as Jungkook presses you flatter to your legs, humming thoughtfully.

“You should stretch more,” he says, but lets you up. You breath a sigh of relief, muscles sore, but Jungkook doesn’t give you much time to recuperate. He shoves you forward onto the bed and immediately pries your legs apart, his two fingers slipping back inside of you.

You throw your head back at the feeling, a groan leaving your mouth as he pumps into you, his fingers becoming wet with your juices. 

“Did you miss me, baby?” he asks, leaning down to press light, teasing kisses against your breasts. “Is that why you sent me so many naughty pictures? Because you missed my cock–how I make you feel so good?”

Ooooh–yes, daddy,” you moaning, thighs shaking, and Jungkook bites his teeth around your nipple, fingers continue to slip in and out of you.

The heat in your gut is practically aflame now, and you whine under him, pressing your hips downward, causing him to fuck into your harder. Jungkook laughs quietly at the feeling, noticing how you’re biting your lips, need practically painted across your face.

“You want this, baby?” he says, his hand reaching down and leisurely pumping his cock a few times. You lick your lips hungrily at the sight, a groan ripping from your throat.

“Please, daddy, please.”

Do you really think you’ve been punished enough?” he muses, rolling on a condom nonetheless and teasing his tip between your folds. You gasp shakily at the feeling, need permeating your entire being. You can’t take his teasing anymore.

“I-I…daddy, I want you so bad! Please–”

“Shh, baby, I got you,” he says, tiny grunt slipping past his parted lips as he slides into you. When he bottoms out, completely filling your tight heat, you let out a guttural moan and toss your head back.


Shit,” Jungkook echoes quietly, jaw tight as he grips your hips and slowly begins to roll his lower body. The sensual pace drives you mad, fingers scrambling for purchase in the sheets.

“Jungkook,” you nearly sob, writhing, and Jungkook takes pity. He snaps into you swifter, evoking a gasp from you lips, and picks up his pace.

With each brush of cock over your g-spot–you walls clenching around him with each demanding thrust–the coil in your gut tightens. 

“Shit, Y/N,” Jungkook is hissing soon enough, pants mixed with pleasure and effort leaving his lips.

“Jungkook!” you echo, voice hitching, and not a minute later does the heat in your gut snap–overflowing and traveling up your entire body as you come. Jungkook’s name leaves your lips in the midst of it all, your body arching and tightening deliciously around him, and the feeling drags him under as well.

Fuck!” he hisses, hunching over you and shivering as his orgasm racks his body. 

Once you’ve both returned from bliss, Jungkook slips out of you and leans down, capturing your lips for the first time that night. You happily, yet tiredly kiss him back, arms snaking up to loop around his neck.

“I missed you,” you admit tenderly, kissing him again, and Jungkook smiles.

“I missed you too, Y/N. But from now on stop sending me so many damn pictures. I can’t control myself that well…”

Giggling, you pulling him tighter and press and playful kiss against the tip of his nose. 

“But where’s the fun in that?”

Fanfiction - A Lifetime of Her (Part III)

Part III – “You don’t know how lovely you are”


The night was unusually dark, even for the end of September – the scarce light of public illumination swallowed by scraps of mist, like cold long fingers, stretching to capture an unwary victim. But the lack of visible stars caused me more dismay – the feeling of infinity I usually felt gazing above my head, of endless life beyond the flapping of butterflies’ wings of human existence, veiled beyond my reach. I felt small and locked outside of a mystery that made my life more meaningful.

I was walking fast across Princes Street, my hands buried on the pockets of my overcoat, thinking about the job interview I had endured that day – a promising position as a Math teacher for a local high school, very surprising considering my lack of experience and the fact that I was fresh out of college. The headmistress had seemed pleasant and competent, interested in knowing things about my personal life as well as my academic course – inevitably she had asked why I had took almost an entire year off school, four years ago. I had answered truthfully, reassuring her about my full recovery.

To my right I could see the Gardens and the outline of the Scottish National Gallery, one of my favourite places in Edinburgh to relax and spend some free time. Without a second thought, I decided to make a shortcut across the park, which would lead me straight to the neighbourhood where I had rented a small, yet cosy, apartment.

I saw her before I could even hear her – she was standing alone, talking on the phone, close to the museum entrance. She was wearing a long black dress with sleeves, which fitted perfectly her mesmerizing body, kissing her curves with fabric lips – her hair pinned up in a simple but elegant knot. She sounded distressed and – I thought – angry enough to make me want to run in the other direction. I recognized her instantly, even in such different circumstances than those of our last encounter – Claire.

I walked – levitated, really – towards her, without any notion of why I was doing it. Perhaps I meant to thank her for what she had done in the past. Maybe I was fascinated by the idea that, for once, I could be her saviour. She was clearly dressed for an elegant party – as I approached the building, I noticed several people in similar clothing, probably heading for some sort of gala inside.

I could hear her talking more clearly, her voice quick and deadly, like the stab of a dagger. “Fine!” She snapped, suddenly finishing her conversation. Claire looked at her phone with aversion, like she was considering the idea of throwing it to the nearby bushes.

I was near enough for her to notice my presence – without recognizing me, she quickly composed her expression and looked at her phone with pretended interest, fearing any unwanted advances from a strange man in the night.

“Claire?” I called her, as I reached the circle of light streamed through the museum’s doors. Her eyes jumped to mine and softened, as she promptly identified me.

“Jamie!” She greeted me, smiling – her lips were a soft pink with the touch of discrete lipstick. “How are you?”

“Good.” I grinned back – a gesture that almost entirely faded away as I noticed the ring on her finger. It was a sizable diamond, shining like a beacon made of crystal, outrageously dominant on her slender finger. An engagement ring.  “I couldna resist, coming to say hello.”

“It’s so good to see you!” Claire seemed honestly happy and warm – a million miles away from the cold glacier of moments before. “Are you coming to the charity gala too?”

“Ach, nae.” I gave her a lopsided smile and raised my brow. “Is that why ye’re here?”

“Yes.” She shrugged, sliding her phone inside her black satin clutch. “I was waiting for my fiancé but it seems he is…rather busy at the moment. He won’t be coming.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.” I said softly, trying to abstract myself of how magnificent she looked – dark as the night, but with millions of stars inside her. “I’m sure ye’ll have a lovely time, nonetheless.”

“I doubt that.” She replied, somewhat conspiratorially. “This night was organized by a friend of my uncle – he was kind enough to invite me in honour of his memory. Actually, I don’t know a living soul inside those doors.” Claire’s eyes darkened, sadness creeping in. “Maybe I’ll just go home and send him my apologies afterwards.”

“No!” I instantly rejected the idea. “Perhaps I could go with ye?” I suggested in a cool tone, praying that I wasn’t about to blush. I pointed to my black attire, matched with a grey tie. “I’m wearing a suit after all.”

“That you are.” She smiled, with a hint of mischief in her eyes. “Do you really don’t mind?” Claire asked, nervously adjusting a stubborn curl that had fled her hairdo. “We could just pretend you’re my fiancé. No one really knows Frank, either way.”

“Of course, lass.” I mockingly offered her my arm for her to hold. “Shall we?”

We entered the party, quickly mingling with the crowd – an assorted array of wealthy men and women, with a taste for art and philanthropy - or for ostentation. Soon enough we had located the canapé and champagne flutes, launching ourselves in a conversation about the artistry on display – or lack of it.

“So, are you fully recovered?” Claire eventually asked me over the live jazz music, that a small band was playing in the corner, a saxophone crying about the loss of an imperfect lover.

“Aye.” I nodded, offering her one of my owlish winks. “I’m so verra thankful for what ye did for me – I…”

“Don’t be silly!” She dismissed emphatically, waving her hand. “I should be the one to thank you!” And seeing my puzzled look, she leaned over and talked closer to my ear. “After what you told me, I went ahead and applied to medical school. I work some shifts as a nurse to pay my bills, but I’m a proud med student!”

“That is wonderful!” I congratulated her, squeezing her hand – soft and capable, warm under my fingers as a pulsing heart. “I’m so glad!”

I convinced her to dance, afterwards. She conceded with an amused smile. We swayed together, amongst other couples – I wasn’t an eager dancer and had no memory of a time when the idea of dancing had seemed appealing to me. But with Claire everything was natural and effortless – every move and word had the magical quality of destiny, of a life finally fulfilled. I tried very hard to overlook the shackles symbolized by her ring, the deafening warning of a tragedy I was powerless to avoid. She had wilfully surrender to the dragon – I couldn’t be her saving knight.

“So what happened to yer fiancé?” I asked tentatively, my hand struggling not to caress her lower back. God, it seemed so easy to touch her, to hold her against me. “Ye seemed distraught.”

“He had a meeting with another faculty assistant.” She pursed her lips in discontent, her eyes avoiding his – hiding her pain and shame. “Something about a spectacular discovery in his newest research.”

“Oh.” I babbled, trying to sound charitable. “Have ye been engaged for a long time?”

“A couple of months.” Claire sighed, her fingers accidentally brushing the back of my neck and making me shiver, preparing to confess her secrets under the protection of the music around us. “Actually, he has been invited to go to America to teach – and asked me to go with him.”

“And will ye?” I asked, almost breathless – pushing down the sudden feeling of panic, like a dark wave that threatened to swallow the skyscrapers of my soul. “Go with him?”

“I honestly don’t know.” She admitted slowly, wincing a little. “But I accepted his proposal so…I should want to go with him, shouldn’t I?”

“I dinna ken much about serious relationships.” I said in a hoarse voice. “But I dinna understand how a man can leave a woman like ye, alone, in such a night. I dinna ken how anything can be more important than being with ye.”

“It’s complicated!” She tried to argue, but her voice lacked the vigour of certainty. “He has to work a lot to get recognized. Sometimes he has to let go of superfluous things, as much as I –“

“Dinna say that!” My voice was a deep rumble, suddenly stripped of all civility. “Ye should be the priority in his life, lass. Ye are a wonderful woman.” I gulped. “Any man deserving of being with ye, should give ye the place ye deserve in his life. Never settle for less, Claire.”

She nodded, looking away to hide the sudden threat of tears. Eventually, her body relaxed and her cheek came to rest in the lapel of my blazer, silently thanking me for my support. I could feel the small movements of her lashes, the hot breath of her life so close to my heart – I never felt more alive, nor more defeated.

We talked and danced the night away – I made her twirl and laugh, until her face was less pale, more like the lively girl in the graveyard, so alive amongst my ghosts.

At the end of the night, I escorted her to a taxi – not daring to offer her my company to her doorway. I feared what the intoxicating mixture of her and the champagne might conjure up.

She smiled – skilfully tucking something inside the pocket of my overcoat – and stood on her toes to kiss my cheek in a tender goodbye. Later, feeling less overwhelmed by the lack of stars, I read her note – “In case you need it. XO”. She had added a phone number underneath the short sentence and a funny smiley face, with abundant curly hair.

I kept her note under my pillow for the next few weeks – a silent dare, urging me to take a leap of faith. I was convinced that my path was fundamentally entwined with Claire’s – it had to be a reason for the insistency of life to place her in my way. She lured me in – fascinated me.

I must have grabbed the phone, adamant on calling her, half a dozen times. Started to dial her phone number – by then carved on my brain with luminescent red ink of desire – at least a dozen more. I mentally prepared our conversation – tried different variations of casualness, honesty and tenderness. I laid awake at night, gazing at the phone, ominous and teasing.

Iffrin!” I desperately reprehended myself one night, almost a month after the gala. I clenched my teeth, breathed deeply several times, and made the call – prepared to invite her for innocent coffee.

“The number you are trying to reach has been disconnected or is no longer in service.” – said the mechanical and metallic voice that took me back to a place with no stars.

Liam Dunbar Imagine- Drunken Drama

Anon- Hey i love your Isaac Lahey imagines, but can I get one with Liam where she’s Scotts or Dereks younger sister and shes human and they go to a party and she gets really drunk. But can you make it fluffy at the end and stuff. Sorry that its not much to go on but thanks if you get around to doing it!!

Authors Note- First of all thankyou and I’m glad you enjoyed them. I really liked this request, even though there’s quite a few similar to this out there, but I hope I got it similar to how you wanted it, I had fun writing it. It’s also set in the third season but Liam is there x

Being a Hale, believe it or not did have its perks. Being a werewolf with heightened abilities being the main, however when all of that is suddenly stripped away from you it’s kind of hard to deal with. Cora was dying and the only way to save her was for Derek to give up his alphaship. However, you weren’t entirely sure loosing an alpha against the alpha pack was the best idea, so you decided to throw a spanner in the works. Without telling Derek you healed Cora yourself, but being a beta meant you lost your power completely. But she was your sister, she was worth your life let alone your stupid werewolf curse. How much harder could being a powerless human be?

“So when are your friends picking you up?” your older brother huffed, not wanting to accept that you were growing up. “Erm actually I’m taking her, the others are staying in to work out a plan with Deaton” Liam mumbled. “You mean Scott’s not going with you?” Derek asked, his voice echoing around the loft. “See, I knew you would overreact” you tried to play it off, giving Liam daggers. “Absolutely not!” Peter said, emerging from nowhere. You rolled your eyes and glanced at him, “Its times like this I wish you were still dea-” you began before Liam interrupted to prevent witnessing another Hale argument. “I’ll be there, and so will Mason” he said quickly. “As comforting as that sounds, the answer is still no” Derek replied sarcastically. “I’m not a kid, I can take care of myself” you crossed your arms over your chest. “You could take care of yourself, as in past tense” Peter spoke again. “So what if I’m technically not a werewolf? I’m also not an idiot” you retort. “Debatable-” Peter remarked under a fake cough. “Fine” Derek said with a sigh. “Wait… you’re letting me go?” you said, examining your brothers blank expression. “Yes you can go” he replied. “Are you insane?” Peter asked shaking his head. “Well you do let me run around the streets at night with my pack, a party is probably a lot safer” you said, flashing a fake smile at your uncle. “Just don’t get drunk, I mean it!” Derek demanded. “I wont” you said with an eye roll and a smirk. You grabbed your purse and began to walk towards the loft door. “You better look after my sister, if anything happens to her its your fault, the Hales don’t take kindly to their family being hurt”  Derek said sternly to Liam, as Peter flashed his eyes gold from over Derek’s shoulder. “Of course I will” Liam said nervously. “Stop scolding him, I know what you two are doing” you claimed sliding the loft door open and waiting for Liam to join you. He looked from your brother to your uncle, before putting his hands in his jacket pockets and doing a small jog over to you. “See you” you called out, slamming the door shut before they could change their minds.

The second you stepped foot in the club, Hayden passed you, Liam and Mason a free shot. But before you could even take a sip Liam grabbed it from you and drank the both of yours before you could blink. “You do realise you cant get drunk” you laughed. “Yeah, but neither can you, I don’t want to be killed by your family just yet” he joked. “Where the hell has Mason gone?” you asked, it was a new record for him to have split off. “Two guesses” Liam said out of routine. The two of you glanced to the biggest crowd of guys, there he is. It had been a few hours and the pair of you did what you always did, you found a space on your own and talked about everything, anything. You had no idea why you always did that, sure he was your best friend but you totally acted like an exclusive couple. You rarely saw one without the other, you were lost in your own little world together and yet still you didn’t realise what was right in front of you.

“It’s a little crowded in here and I’m sure Derek’s waiting up for you” Liam said, nervously biting his bottom lip and glancing over your shoulder. “I don’t need werewolf powers to know your trying to hide something from me” you said with a raised eyebrow. You began to turn around but he grabbed your shoulders to keep you still. “Okay… that was weird” you said, brushing his hands off. You stared at him and watched as he relaxed, before quickly turning around before he could stop you again. That’s when you saw it. Your ex boyfriend making out with a girl in the corner of the room. You couldn’t help but stare, you wanted to look away but seeing him brought back some emotions that you didn’t want to feel again. Liam stood beside you awkwardly, hearing your thumping heartbeat. He had liked you since forever and there you were, getting all chocked up over your ass of an ex. “Are you okay?” he practically whispered. Of course he cared about you and didn’t like seeing you upset, but it was hard to watch you get upset over the boy you had liked, the boy that had called you his girl, the boy that used to give you quick kisses in the hallway and endured the whole relationship talk from your brother and uncle. The talk he dreaded but so desperately wanted to have with you by his side. “What are we staring at, oh-” Mason said after seeing you two stood dead in the middle of the club. “What a dick” you managed to say. A small smile tugged at Liam’s lips after hearing and smelling the anger now raiding from you, rather than upset and jealousy. “Do you want to get out of here?” Mason asked, to make up for Liam’s silence. “Nope” you said bluntly, storming over to the bar. “Oh shi-” Liam began saying, while rushing after you, followed by Mason.

“Do you not remember your brother telling you not to get drunk?” Liam asked in disbelief, as the bar attender placed a line of shots in front of you. “Vaguely” you said, knocking back the first one. “Y/n, don’t you dare take one more sip” he tried to say with authority. You looked at him in the eye as you knocked back another and slammed the empty glass on the table. “She’s underage, this girl right here is underage drinking” Liam exclaimed loudly while pointing at you, earning him a few weird looks. He glared at the bar attender, waiting for him to do something but he simply shrugged and carried on serving. “Are you kidding me? Do you even check anyone’s fake ID in here?”  for once he was outraged by this, whereas any other time he wouldn’t of bat an eyelid to it. “Liam! There you are, I need you to carry a few boxes from the store room” Hayden said between breaths. “I cant right now” Liam shook his head, moving the fourth shot away from your already tipsy self. “Liam you promised you would help if I got you in” she huffed, handing a glow stick to a half naked drunk beside her. “Li, I’ll look after her while you’re gone. I like this club and quite frankly I like the people in it” Mason smiled flirtatiously at the barman. “Fine, I’ll be right back. Don’t move” he said sternly, before following Hayden through the crowd.

“Mason! What the hell?!”. He was now chatting to the barman while they drank together. “Oh fuck, I completely forgot” he stood up and stared at his best friend in both concern and guilt. “Derek’s going to kill me” he mumbled. “And my boss is going to kill me if someone doesn’t pay for the bottle of scotch she stole” the bar attender hinted. Liam gave a loud sigh and shoved the money from his pocket onto the bar, before closing his eyes and trying his hardest to focus. He knew your heartbeat from a mile off but you were surrounded by out of breath and horny teens. He bumped into a few large sweaty guys before he finally found you in the middle of the dancefloor. “Woah” he said as he just about caught you from falling. “Heyyy Liammmmm” you slurred with a giggle. “I am so dead” he squinted, smelling the alcohol on your breath. “So I know I’m supposed to stay at yours… but I think I’m going to another club after this with that guy over there” you gestured to an older looking guy standing in the corner of the room, that was still checking you out. “No you’re not Y/N, your brother thinks your staying with Lydia later tonight, he doesn’t know your staying at mine and he certainly wouldn’t let you stay with him” he said jealously, you had promised to stay at his because he was having trouble sleeping alone and Mason was already staying 3 nights a week because of this. “Oh pleaseeee Liammmm, I just want to have funn and make my dickbag ex jealous, lets see how he likes it” you half slurred. “The only one feeling jealous right now is me” he mumbled. “Huh?” you asked, drawing your attention back to him and his bright blue eyes. “Uhm nothing, come on lets go” he said, gently grabbing your wrist. About three minutes ago you would’ve objected and made a scene but something felt different in the way he spoke to you. He’d always been caring but tonight it was as if you were the only thing in the world that mattered to him.

Mason reluctantly dropped the two of you at Liam’s, mainly because you getting drunk was all his fault. Liam helped your giddy and staggering self out of the car, before carrying you bridal style into the house and up the stairs. He placed you on his bed and sighed, of course you looked stunning in your tight dress, heels and makeup, but the Y/N he fell in love with was underneath all that with sweatpants and one of his baggy hoodies on. “So where did you put your bag with your pjs and stuff in?” he asked awkwardly. “Ermmmm, I think its at the bar” you giggled in your drunken state, not knowing you’d regret it later. “I guess you can borrow some of mine” he offered, with a small smile. He pulled out a plain t-shirt before coming stuck as to what bottoms to give you. He usually only slept in boxers, because of the whole wolf heat thing. “It’s ok, it’s hot anyway ill just wear the top” you claimed from behind him. He turned around to hand it you, “OH MY GOD” he accidently shouted, before covering his eyes. “AHH WHAT?” you screamed back, turning to look behind you. “Why don’t you have any clothes on?” he asked in a panic. “I have a bra and underwear on Liam, just give me the top” you snatched It out of his hands with scoff. “Ok, have you got it on?” he asked. “Yep” you replied. He uncovered his eyes to see you in his tight black t-shirt that was oversized on you and your black underwear that showed every time you lifted your arms up or stretched, but as much as he wanted to look, he owed it to your non drunk usual self not to, he respected you way too much to do that. You flopped onto his bed and stared at the ceiling, you parted your lips as if you were going to say something before simply letting the air escape. “Okay, so I’ll be on the couch downstairs if you need anything” he said, as he began to back out of the door. You simply hummed in response and covered yourself poorly with his blanket.

You glanced at the clock beside Liam’s bed, it was three in the morning and you hadn’t got an ounce of sleep. Normally Liam would sleep on the floor beside the bed but even he knew something felt different. You had sobered up a bit more, but you weren’t exactly thinking as straight as you would have. You wrapped yourself in his blanket and slowly crept downstairs and into the living room, you were still sort of stumbling. “Liam, Liam are you awake?” you asked, not being able to see that well. “Yeah” he replied, glowing his eyes gold so you could locate which couch he was on. You walked over to him and he moved, to allow some room for you. You wrapped the blanket around you both and lay next to him. “Why are you still awake?” he asked. “Why are you?” you returned. “Just thinking” he said laconically. “Same” you agreed. You both went to speak at the same time, before both erupting into a quiet laugh. “Drunk me heard what you said earlier, is it true?” you questioned. “Is what true?” he said, almost defensively. “That you were jealous” you said, moving your head to look up at him. “Yes” he admitted. He’d never had the courage to tell you before, but there you were, the girl of his dreams in his t-shirt looking more beautiful than ever. “Now why would you be jealous?” you pried, with a teasing voice. “Because I like you” he said, you could feel his quick beating heart. “Well I like you too” you admitted. “Wait what?” he was in shock to say the least. “And I always will” you continued, turning around so he was now spooning you. “So what does this mean?” he asked, not sure if he was dreaming. He waited for a response, before realising you were asleep. He sighed and wrapped his arms around you, feeling the fabric of his shirt and your bare legs against him, he never wanted this moment to end.

“Omg, I cant see” you whined, referring to the bright light that was directly in your eyes. “Y/n, Y/n, get up” Liam said quietly. You opened your eyes and sat up. “OH SHIT” you accidently said out loud. “So I ran into Scott and Lydia earlier tonight, neither of them had a clue where you where” your brother boomed. When your eyes adjusted fully, you saw Derek and Liam’s step dad staring at you from across the living room, he clearly came home earlier than expected from his night shift. You guiltily looked at Liam, who still had his arm around you, you quickly jumped apart and began explaining two different stories at the same time. “Where are your clothes?” Derek shouted, horrified. “It’s not what it looks like” you said, as Liam rubbed the back of his neck. “I forgot my clothes, so Liam leant me his” you smiled awkwardly. “I really don’t know what brotherly talk I’m supposed to have right now” he said. “Liam how come you never told me you had a girlfriend?” his step dad asked. But before Liam could open his mouth to do the whole ‘just best friends’ speech, you answered for him. “Well actually we weren’t exactly made official until earlier tonight” you stated, watching Liam’s eyes widen and a smile grow uncontrollably on his face. It was soon time for your brother to give the whole protective older brother speech, while you and Liam held hands underneath the blanket. A smirk spread across both of your faces, the next hour was hell but you finally had each other to endure it with.

Sorry it’s not too fluffy I just wanted to make It different from a lot of the ones out there with a similar plot line. Requests are open x

All the boys

Dan is forced to go to the strip club for a birthday and he unexpectedly has eyes for one of the girls working there 

Warning: smutttt

inspired by this 

Dan’s POV:

“Dan come on it’s gonna be fun” Phil told me through my bedroom door which I had locked for the purpose of Phil not being able to drag me there. “Since when did you find stuff like this fun Phil” I retorted
“Dan you know I don’t but its just manners we show up” 
“Phil we’re gonna be surrounded by thirty year old horny men being pervs” I groaned 
“Dan just get ready you don’t have to talk just stay on your phone” 
“ugh fine but you owe me” I compromised getting up from my bed. 

I lazily chucked on some black skinny jeans and a black button up, not caring if I looked like shit, I didn’t want to be there and they probably knew it too. 
It was Joe’s birthday and Caspar had decided to take Joe to a strip club to celebrate. A fucking strip club. And they decided that it would be a good idea to invite Phil and I. If you’ve talked to us for more than five minutes, you’d know we’re not strip club people, heck if you’ve even looked at us. 

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Tease Part 3

Pairing: You x Yoongi

Genre: smut

Warning: Smut

Tags: Smut, kitten/kitty/daddy, spanking, degration, orgasm control/denial, hand restraints, oral, dirty talk, humiliation (?),dom!Yoongi

Status: Finished Previous

!Do not repost!

A/N: wow smut. Im sorry. If it sucks. Like it may really be bad im sorry i rlly tried T_T First time writing this in a longgg time. ;w; and thank you to the anon who asked for this smut chapter haha yay :D

Yoongi is an asshole. He is a complete asshole. Sometimes you wonder why were the two of you even dating, and how you managed to last so long. Him and all his touchy hands and suggestive words to piss you off-hell, he even smacked your ass right in public! You were so embarrassed that you left him in the crowd. The both of you had played around a little, well, a lot, and you were getting tired and terrified of Yoongi’s…likes and preference.

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A Real Villain Part 3

A/N: So, I got a lot of great feedback on part 1 and 2 so here we go for part three… and wow Flash isn’t a complete ass in this one? But i’m going to split this into into four parts I think, so hopefully i’ll have part 4 posted soon! I’d also like to thank @mightystark for giving me basically every idea for this fic <3 <3 <3 you’re amazing. 

Warnings: Abusive relationship

Word Count: 1384


Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3

You waited in your principal’s office with Peter for your parents to arrive along with the police.

When your mom arrived, she opened the door and said “Oh, Y/N, honey,”

You moved from your seat next to Peter to go give your mom a hug.

“I’m sorry, mom. I’m sorry”

Your mom hugged you tighter and stroked your hair.

When your pulled away from your mom and went back over to Peter.

“Thank you, Peter,” your mom said.

Peter nodded, acknowledging your mom.

“The police are here, your principal said as soon as you both speak to them you can go home,” your mom

Eventually, the police came in and questioned you about Justin’s abuse. Peter had to leave the room, but your mom stayed by your side.

Charges were pressed against Justin, and you were finally able to go home.

Your mom drove Peter home. When Peter got out of the car to head into his apartment, you jumped out of the car to follow him.

“Peter!” You called

Peter turned around and you wrapped your arms around him.

He placed one of his hands on the back of your head, and wrapped his other arm around your waist.

“I’ll leave my window open for you,” you said.

Peter placed a light kiss on your forehead, “I’ll be there soon,”

You gave him one last tight squeeze and ran back to the car where your mom was waiting.

When you got back to your house, you mom tried to talk to you about what happened.

“I’d really just like to be alone right now, mom,” you said, heading towards your bedroom.

When you opened your door Peter was already sitting on your bed.

“You got here fast,” You said.

“Wasn’t much traffic,” he joked.

You sat down next to Peter on your bed.

“I can’t thank you enough, Peter,”

“You don’t have to thank me,” Peter said.

“But I do. You’ve always been here for me. And I really don’t deserve you,”

“Remember when I said you deserve someone who will love you unconditionally?”


“You may not think you deserve me, but i’ll always love you unconditionally, Y/N,”

“I love you, Peter,”

————————————-~ooooo we’re gonna do a little time skip right here and we’re gonna go to a month later~—————————————

It had been a month since you and Justin had broken up. Your life was getting better. Peter was your boyfriend now, you would see MJ and Ned much more often, and you were honest to god happy.

Justin was back at school, but it wasn’t really much of a problem. You had a restraining order abasing him, so he wasn’t allowed closer than 50 feet. You didn’t have any classes with him either, so you never saw him, besides the occasional time you’d spot him across the cafeteria.

You would always hang out with Peter (and sometimes Ned) after school. Recently, Peter has been having to leave your ‘hang outs’ earlier and earlier, saying he has the stark internship. Sometimes he would be late or even cancel your dates.

You didn’t think much of it at first, he had done this when you were just friends too. Recently, though, it had fallen into a pattern of cancelling dates, and being late to plans you had made.

It was a pattern. Justin was a pattern. Not the same patten. But they were both patterns.

You were worried about Peter. It began difficult to understand why Peter was missing out on your dates.

But you were completely unaware of the real reason Peter was so distant.

It was Justin.

A few weeks after you and Justin had broken up, and had begun dating Peter, Justin had followed him out of the school with the intention of beating him up.

Justin followed Peter across the field and to Mr Delmar’s shop, and then around the corner into an alley.

Justin was confused as to why Peter was going down that way, but he knew it would be a great place to get Peter without anyone seeing.

Suddenly, Peter started stripping his clothes off and putting on a spider suit. Justin quickly his behind a dumpster and watched Peter web his backpack to the dumpster and then swing off.

“Holy shit,”.

The next day at school, Justin confronted Peter.

He slammed Peter’s locker closed in his face, almost catching Peter’s hand.

“I know your secret,”

“What are you talking about?”

“C’mon Penis Parker, I know you’re Spiderman,”

Peter stared at Justin, unsure of what to say.

“Look, if you dump Y/N, I won’t tell anyone your little secret,”

“Even if Y/N and I weren’t together, you still can’t legally go near her,”

“That doesn’t matter. Restraining orders can be removed. But honestly, if I can’t have Y/N, no one can,”

“So first of all, fuck you. Secondly, i’m not Spiderman so go ahead and tell everyone what you think, but you’re wrong. And lastly, stay the fuck away from Y/N,”

Peter turned and began to walk away.

“I’ll give you two weeks, Penis Parker. Then I’m telling everyone!”

Peter continued walking, ignoring Justin. He wasn’t going to break up with you, he loved you.

That was two weeks ago.

You were sitting with Peter, MJ, and Ned at lunch when Justin stood up on a table across the car and shouted “Hey everyone! Can I have your attention!”

You all looked up from your lunch and over to Justin.

“So you all know Penis Parker,” he said, pointing to where you guys were sitting.

“I have some news about the loser,” Justin continued.

“Parker is Spiderman,”

The entire cafeteria lost it, there was shouting and people talking to each other. You looked at Ned sitting across from you, his eyes went wide and he stared at Peter.

You didn’t know what to say. Was your boyfriend Spiderman? It would explain why he was always disappearing. But Spiderman had saved you from Justin that one time. But, that’s exactly what Peter would do.

Finally, Flash spoke up, standing on another table.

“No way Penis Parker could be Spiderman, you’re just upset he stole your girl,”

“He didn’t steal my girl,” Justin yelled.

Flash scoffed “Let’s see what Parker has to say,”

“C’mon Parker, are you the Spiderman?”

“No, Flash, i’m not Spiderman,” Peter said.

“And there we have it, Penis Parker is not, and could never be Spiderman. If Parker’s Spiderman, then i’m Thor,”

“He’s Spiderman! I saw him!” Justin exclaimed.

“Yeah, We’ve all seen Spiderman, Ravioli, doesn’t mean we think he’s Parker,”

“Fuck all of you,” Justin said, starting to get angry.

“No, fuck you. You’re just claiming that Parker is Spiderman because you want Y/N back. Get over it dude, she’s just not that into you,” Flash added.

“Fuck you, Flash,” Justin said, getting off the table, storming out of the cafeteria.

You turned to Peter, “What the fuck?” You muttered.

Peter placed a hand on your knee, “I honestly have no idea,” he lied.

“You’re not lying to me, are you?” You asked.

“Of course not, darling,”

You were unsure of whether to believe Peter or not. You of course wanted to trust him, but the way things have been the past few weeks really made it seem like Peter could be Spiderman.

You finished lunch, not really sure what to think about what had just happened.

“Hey hon, are you alright?” Peter asked.

“Of course,” you smiled.

You went through the rest of the day, confused and worried.

You were at your locker after school when Peter came up behind you, hugging you from behind and placing a kiss on your cheek.

“Hello, love”

“Hi Peter,” you said, smiling.

“Can you come over today?”

“Don’t you have the stark internship?” You asked

“Not tonight. I want to spend some time with my favourite girl,”

“Well then it’d be my pleasure, Mr Parker,”

pumpkin-piggy  asked:

Hi! So I have a character who was formerly dead (just lost his immortality), and he is suddenly stripped of his power and is human again. Since he is physically a minor (13-15), I was wondering what would the procedure be for both the hospital having an unknown minor with absolutely no record and for the emergency services that found him unconscious?

Hey there! Thanks for sending in your ask!

Okay. Your character is an unconscious 13-15 year old. He’s discovered (I assume by a bystander), 911 gets called. Police and EMS will respond. The two most likely causes (from an EMS perspective) of the unconsciousness are drugs and head trauma. He’ll be evaluated on scene, then transported, likely to a trauma center (or some center with neuroimaging available immediately).

Because EMS are not peace officers, they’ll be acting under implied consent, and police will escort them to the hospital. What happens after that in unclear, but an unconscious child who is unconscious will be watched, checked against missing persons registries, and the local child protective services will likely get involved. Police may get fingerprints for identification purposes.

They’ll be appointed a temporary legal guardian, who will make decisions about their care.

I don’t know how long your character will be unconscious for, so I’m not sure how things will go for them. Initially they’ll get a head CT, IV access, blood panels, fingerstick and more.

From there it will likely be a wait-and-see affair. When your child-god  wakes, they’ll likely be either in a pediatric ER, a Pediatric ICU, or a Neuro ICU; there will likely be nurses and doctors around (though not necessarily in the character’s room), and leaving undetected will be difficult (though certainly not impossible). Depending on the circumstances, and whether the medical staff believe he was abused or injured or even under ongoing threat, there may be a police officer in the room or in the hallway outside.

He’ll likely be wearing scrubs or a hospital gown, and even if he’s breathing well he will likely have a feeding tube down his nose, hooked up to a pump (called a Kangaroo pump). Everything associated with the Kangaroo pump is purple, by the way, the pump itself and the syringes used for it.  It’s a useful detail! He’ll also likely have an IV for fluids in place.

I hope this was helpful and worth the wait!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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anonymous asked:

for the prompt thing what about andrew and neil at like a doctors office and andrew is obviously terrified of doctors so neil has to stay with him and calm him down and stuff

I hope you don’t mind me turning this into ed!Andrew part II. If it does bother you, please lmk and I will write you something else.

“Are we ever going to talk about it?”

Neil’s fingers trailed Andrew’s rib cage and he felt him tense.


“Shut up or leave.”

As much as Neil didn’t want to shut up, he didn’t want to leave even more. He felt sick just thinking of what Andrew might do if he left him alone in that moment. Instead of demanding an explanation or willing Andrew to eat something, Neil put space between their bodies, lying back down. He kept their fingers linked and closed his eyes.

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This wasn’t the spot Laelia envisioned when Nate had suggested a picnic earlier. Firstly, the spot wasn’t in any way new. She loved the Bluffs but refused to visit it since she had run into Nate and his man-parts on display, due to her embarrassment.

After setting up and indulging in some snacks, Laelia fixed her gaze on her neighbour before speaking, “New picnic spot, huh?”

Nate chuckled and brought his knees up to his chest. She noticed he often closed his eyes and breathed deeply when outside. Something similar to what she did when she took in the atmosphere of her environment. The thought made her smile.

“Well, I know how much you loved it here. I didn’t want to ruin it for you. Besides, this is a special spot. It’s the first place we met,” Nate said with a smile, as if her most humiliating moment was a pleasant memory.

Laelia remained silent, once again chastising herself for feeling more than what was required. His honestly floored her, each and every time, causing her to feel things that friends didn’t feel for each other.

“Thanks,” she mumbled.

“Yeah. You should try swimming in there. It’s really refreshing, especially all natural” Nate teased, he was looking at her again. Causing her breathing to increase and her eyes to shift to her lap. The memory of when she met his long-dangly-man-parts from afar was still burned into her memory.

“It has a ‘no swim’ sign, over there,” she pointed out before nodding towards the sign near the natural pools.

“Aww, come on, Bloom. What happened to living, experiencing, swimming, connecting with nature! No one ever comes here. It’s the perfect time!” he said. Nate stood up suddenly and began stripping off his shirt, gifting her eyes to his defined, muscular back and a side view of his six pack thing on his chest.

Oh God, was he going to ‘nakedfy’ himself, in front of her? Not that she would have minded but she minded because… well for reasons she couldn’t quite remember at the moment.

She was so busy staring, that she hadn’t noticed he had stopped undressing and was looking at her, amused at her reaction.

“Eyes are up here sweets,” he laughed.

“Anyway, join me?” Nate asked before ridding himself of his jeans.

Mad: Part 7

Originally posted by younggjaebum

“We’re all a little crazy on the inside. Some are just better at hiding it than others.”
Warning: Will contain smut, violence, and tense situations in some chapters

Teaser  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 8

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All I Can Taste Is This Moment

Anon: “Could I have a vampire! Gerard imagine”


In a society where vampires live among humans, there’s bound to be some tension between the two. The former more than likely hated the latter but every group has its stereotype as well as the select few who go against it. Not all vampires were as bad as the rest and not all humans hated vampires. You? Well, you like to say you don’t have an opinion. The vampires don’t bother or harm you and you don’t bother them. Sure, they could kill you at any given moment, but humans have been doing the same to each other forever. These stereotypes led to some vampires keeping themselves secret which obviously only creates more anxiety between the two groups. But again, you really don’t care, as long as they don’t bother you, you won’t bother them. You’d only ever had one bad encounter with vampires and you try to forgive and forget. You forgive because you don’t want to judge an entire species based on what could be an isolated incident. You forget because….well because it was traumatic. Since then you’ve had no problems with them and you’d like to keep it that way. Let people live their lives in peace for god’s sake.

You close your locker and make your way to 4th period. You sit down next to your lab partner, Gerard who was already waiting for you in his seat. He smiles at you as you sit down next to him. Gerard was one of those kids who just doesn’t really bother anyone and floats through the school which is why you two easily made friends. He’s actually you’re only friend. People avoid you almost as much as they avoid vampires but you could care less (though you were super excited to have a friend when Gerard started talking to you). He’s really nice and you guys sometimes talk outside of class. He has come over your house a couple times to work on a project since you’re lab partners. He’s been talking to you more and more often though recently

“Hey, (Y/N).” He says, resting his head in his hand.

“Hey. How was your weekend?” You ask as other students begin to file in.

“Pretty good. You?” He asks to which you reply with a shrug as the teacher walks in and everyone quiets down.

“Alright guys, today we're going to start a project that might take about a week. You’ll have time to work in class today and tomorrow but you and your partner will need to coordinate to finish the rest. You’ll need to research and present in class about one of the topics on the handout that’s being passed around.”

You and Gerard looked at each other and he winked which made you chuckle.

At the end of the period, you pack up your things and start planning with Gerard about the assignment.

“So we gonna go over my house again?” You ask and he shrugs.

“I guess yeah. You’re house is a lot nicer than mine so…” he rubs the back of his neck and gives an embarrassed smile. You just nod and hoist your bag onto your back.

“Alright. Wanna start tomorrow after school?” He nods as you both walk out the door of the classroom.

“Okay. See ya around.” You say as you part ways. He waves as he starts walking down the hall, away from you.


It’s Tuesday and you stand by the front doors waiting for Gerard so you can walk to your house and work on the research part of the assignment. When he emerges from the doorway, he looks left then right and when he sees you his eyes almost light up.

“Sorry, I had to talk to Ms. Thompson after class.” He says as you start walking away from the school.

“No worries.” You say.

Once you get to your house you immediately go up to your room, laying everything out on your bed. You work for about 2 hours before you get tired and take a break. You decide to order a pizza and just watch tv on your bed.

“You sure you don’t want any?” You ask with a mouth full of pizza. He just shakes his head again.

“Nah I’m good. Thanks though.” He says and smiles. You lean into his chest and he drapes an arm around your shoulders as you munch on the pizza.

After you finished eating, you and Gerard started watching some movie on tv. You feel yourself dozing off but are awoken by the sound of his voice.

“Hey, (Y/N)?” He asks.

“Yeah?” You look up at him. He gulps before speaking.

“How would feel if…if I told you I wanna be more than friends? That I’ve actually fallen pretty god damn hard for you and I can’t ignore it anymore?”

You quickly pivot your body so you’re facing him. Where the hell did this come from? You hadn’t told anyone how you felt about Gerard so there’s no way he found out. Did he just actually feel the same as you and without any hints decided to ask? You sit with wide eyes and an open mouth, unable to form words.

“I get it…if you don’t wanna. I-I just…dammit I made it awkward.” He turns away and runs a hand through his hair.

“N-no! I just…I’m surprised because I’ve liked you for a while a-and then, I don’t know it’s just-” he giggles at your awkwardness and cuts you off my attaching your lips. You smile into the kiss as things begin to get heated. He leans forward, slowly pushing you back onto the couch so he’s basically on top of you. The only thing you can hear is your heart beating in your ears as he begins kissing down your jawline and attaches his lips to your neck. You moan and wrap your arms around his neck, pulling him closer.

Suddenly, everything is stripped from the moment as a familiar sharp pain pinches your neck. You gasp and open your eyes struggling to do anything but be frozen and helpless under who you thought was your friend. Memories flood back of the only other time you’ve felt this pain, when you were attacked and shoved into an alley by vampires who took what they wanted and left you. You finally find the strength to try and push Gerard off you as tears stream down your face. You stand up and back away from him, staring at the fangs that poke out on top of his blood dripping lips. You are in complete shock. Gerard, a vampire? How had you been friends with someone for so long and not know that they were a vampire? Is this all he wanted from you? Your blood? We’re you ever even friends? No. Just like the others. They took what they wanted and left you just like Gerard was about to do. You felt betrayed. Manipulated.

“What the hell!! How….how could you?! Is that what this is all for? Did you get what you wanted?!”

You sob, continually backing away from him as he walked towards you. Seeing his true colors was frightening. You had been friends with this mother fucker! And all the while he had an agenda and a goal: to get your blood.

“(Y/N), wait! That’s not it! I didn’t mean to! I-” you shake your head, not wanting to hear what he has to say.

“Get out!” You yell, pointing towards the door.

“(Y/N), please!! I love you! I wasn’t in control! I don’t know what happened, I j-” He begs. He almost looks as if he’s about to cry. But a vampire can’t be capable of actually feeling emotions. You have to remind yourself that you don’t even know him anymore. That it was all an act.

“GET. OUT. GERARD. Please! Just go…” you sink to the floor, bawling into your hands. After a few moments you hear the door shut.


“DAMMIT!” I yell as I storm down the street, going nowhere in particular. I couldn’t control myself, her scent was literally driving me insane. I had managed to block it out but after she wrapped her arms around my neck and started pulling me closer, I let my guard down and I just couldn’t stop myself anymore. I wasn’t in control, I didn’t wanna do it! Now I’ve not only lost a friend, but the girl I finally got the courage to ask out now hates.

“Why am I like this? Why was I born this way!?!” I yell into the seemingly empty city.

I wander around, kicking rocks for a couple hours, trying to clear my head. I’d been walking so long that the sun had gone down. I take a deep breath and decide to go back. I don’t know why, I know she’s still mad at me. But I can’t stand us ending on bad terms, even if she still doesn’t want to be friends.

It took me about 30 minutes to get to (Y/N)’s house. Once I get there, I knock on the door. (Y/N) opens the door with red eyes and a tear stained face. When she looks up and sees me her eyes go wide and she immediately tries to slam the door shut but I stop it with my forearm.

“(Y/N), wait!” I say holding the door open. She eventually sighs and gives up, breaking down into tears.

“What, Gerard? What else could you possibly want from me?” She asks exasperatedly.

“I wanted to say I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for that to happen. I-I don’t know why but when I was kissing you I just completely lost control. I didn’t want to hurt you, I swear! I wish that hadn’t happened but I wasn’t in control of my actions. I promise, that wasn’t me. I would never intentionally harm you in any way. Please believe me. I can’t lose you.” I say honestly, my head cocked to the side a little. She bites her lip and looks down at her shoes, tucking a small strand of hair behind her ear.

“Can I just ask you one question?” She says timidly, looking up at me. I nod, looking at her worriedly.

“Do you actually love me?” She asks. I chuckle at the question and look down at her. I chuckled because I couldn’t imagine my life if I didn’t love her. Who would I think about all day? Would I actually get things done because I’m not distracted by thought of her? I don’t wanna know. I want (Y/N). I smile at my hands, too nervous to speak my mind to her face.

“I feel as though I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love you, (Y/N). I am madly, completely, insanely, head over heels in love with you. I love the feeling I get when I’m around you. I hope it never goes away. I love the way your face lights up when you get excited, it’s adorable. I love that you treat me so well. When I’m with you I feel like I’m where I’m supposed to be and I don’t wanna be anywhere else. You’re just incredible, I don’t know, I can’t explain it. I’m just under your spell I guess.” She smiles up at me with tears in her eyes and wraps her arms around me, pulling me into a hug. Her hand grazes my jawline as the space between our faces gets smaller and smaller. I put a hand on her waist and as soon as our lips are about to touch she jumps back, looking at me worriedly.

“What’s wrong?” I ask, my eyebrows drawn together in concern.

“W-what if you can’t control yourself again?” She asks timidly. I shake my head.

“After I uh….ya know, earlier, the craving went away. I promise I’m 100% in control of my actions.”

I assure her as I hold her hands and look into her eyes. As she stared back into mine, she seems to believe me as she reaches up and grabs my face in her hands as she connects our lips. It’s the best feeling in the world when my lips are on hers. It’s as if nothing else is going on except us, in this moment, right now. Vampires, humans, it doesn’t matter because (Y/N) (Y/L/N) loves me back and that makes everything absolutely fucking perfect.

This Means War, Soulmate

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Steve Rogers x Reader

Request:  Like the above AU but you only get highlights for the dyed color of your soulmate’s hair. If your hair color returns to normal, it means your soulmate has returned to their natural hair color too. Omg with Steve please because how cute would it be p, Steve with ombré hair. :) xx oneshot??

a/n: this. This is what I need. OMG IMAGINE BUCKY THOUGH
(^^^ obviously not ready for Civil War)

Genre: Romance, Humor, Family, Friendship, Adventure(??)

Rated: Everyone

Warning: Swearing, teasing Bucky, 

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines, Captain

Soulmate AU: You and Your soulmate have highlights of each others dyed hair and if your soulmate goes back to a natural look, your hair returns to normal.

It had started during late May. Steve and everyone were in the living room, playing cards, when suddenly strips of Steve’s hair slowly started to brighten into a (color). Everyone had commented on it and, with a mirror in front of the captain, they watched as the strands then darkened into the (color). Bucky smirked. 

“Wow, never thought you’d look good with (color) lowlights, punk.”

Steve was wide eyed. His soulmate died her hair (color)? He was gonna have to walk around with this and he sighed, rubbing his eyes and Tony said.

“You should dye your hair as payback and see what happens.”

Steve perked up a bit and Clint grinned. 

“i wonder what his soulmate will do to get back at him if he does.”

Steve had to admit, the (color) did look nice but the idea was better and he smiled. 

“Temporary hair dye that can wash out easily should be fine to use. Let’s do it!”

Never had the Captain felt more daring but later, never had he felt more regret as it started a war he wasn’t about to stop.


You knew that dying your hair would affect your soulmate but you really needed a change. The (natural hair color) was just getting so old and bland and you felt that dying your hair would do some good. So, you had went to the store, grabbed about two boxes of (color) hair dye and went home, immediately going to work. You were satisfied with the look afterwards but worried. What would your soulmate think? Were they angry that they now had (color) low lights in their hair? You didn’t know. So when you awoke the next morning with green strips in your hair, almost staring mockingly back at you, you were horrified to realize that you looked like a fucking walking Christmas tree. You knew what this meant. 

Your soulmate has declared war on you and you were gonna make them feel the heat.

You had gone out and bought at least 37 different boxes of hair dye, the cashier giggling as she knew what was going on and had given you a discount because of it. You felt great and grabbed a temporary bright orange, setting to work on getting that god awful green out of your hair. 

Steve was laughing with Bucky and the rest of the team when strips of his hair turned from (color) to bright orange. Tony hollered with laughter and took a pic as Bucky snorted behind his hand. Tony grabbed red, white, and blue and said. 

“We should give her an idea of who you are.”

“Tony, that’s the first good idea I’ve ever heard come from your mouth.”

Natasha said. Tony gawked and replied, a hand to his heart. 

“Why, Natasha, your words wound me so.”

“Shut up and get this Star Spangled Man with a Plan some new Strands.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

You awoke the enxt morning to red, white, and blue strips in your hair and smacked a hand to your face. Someone was feeling a little Independent and patriotic. You rolled your eyes and turned on the TV to the news, eating cereal and not paying attention until the reporter said. 

“And it looks like Captain America decided to further show his love for America by dying his hair red, white and Blue and look! It looks like he’s trying to find his soulmate too.”

“Aw, Janice that’s so adorable. i wonder how his soulmate feels about having hair like that!”

You looked up and choked on your cereal, seeing the picture of the Captain and a sign that said. 

‘When You wanna give up, meet me at the Brooklyn Cafe, Soulmate. I’ll be looking forward to it, doll.’

You almost fainted. Your soulmate was Captain America? It explained the red, white, and blue strands in your hair and you giggled, grabbing your purse, tying your hair up and you tugged on some shoes, and set off. When you walked out, people gawked, realizing that you were his soulmate and some people yelled. ‘Knock him dead!’ 

there he was, in all his glory, pun intended. You gulped in a breath of air and you walked to him, saying while crossing your arms and jutting your hips, a smirk playing your lips. 

“You know, I was hoping you would give up, but now I see why you are so stubborn. It’s nice to meet you, soulmate.”

Steve’s eyes hot up to yours and a smile played at his lips, his eyes widening and lighting up in glee as he took your hand and kissed it, winking confidently. 

“Well, I never was one to back down from a fight.”


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Jealous Boy (E.D Smut)

A/N: I wrote this for @artdolan and she really liked it so I decided to post it! I hope you enjoy my dears! ❤

The sun burned my face as I stirred from my slumber, my eyes flickered opened, they narrowed in an attempt to adjust to the harsh light that was flowing through the large window. I let a groan escape my lips and swung my legs over the side of my bed, I went to stand up but my legs have way, my butt landing back on my bed. My eyes widen and I panic, I look frantically around the room for clues to why I couldn’t walk, my eyes catching all the scattered clothing on the floor. My eyes soon find the owner of some of the clothing, my best friend Ethan was peacefully sleeping beside me, soon the events of last night start to crowd my thoughts.
I stomped into my home, my fists clenched, I felt like I was being treated like a child, being yelled at for dancing with a guy while we were at a club.

“Y/N what the fuck was that?!” I turned on my heel and glared at Ethan, he stared right back, keep his ground.

“Why do you care?! It’s not like we are together? What are you scared he can fuck better then you?!” His face turned from angry to cocky. He strutted towards me, pinning me to the wall behind me.

“No one can fuck better then me babe.” He voice was low, it sounded dangerous, like if I said the wrong thing he could easily fuck me into next week. His lips found mine, melding together roughly, so much anger was behind this kiss. He soon got bored, causing his lips to leave mine as he found my neck, attack it with nips and nibbles, sucking roughly, making damn sure that there would be deep purple marks in the morning. His hands found my thighs, lifting me up and quickly jogging up the stairs. Ethan threw me on my bed, he then turned his attention to taking his belt off, then as swiftly as he could, he grab my wrists, placing them behind my back and tighten the belt so I couldn’t pull them a part.

“Daddy will show you, baby. You’ll see who you belong to now.” Ethan grabbed the front of my dress, ripping it down the middle, his eye caught mine, they were dark and full of lust. E left sloppy kisses trailing down my body, from my neck to my bra. He grunted and pulled the cups under my breasts, running his thumbs over my nipples. He attached his mouth to my nipple, flicking and sucking while he fondled my other one. I bite my lip, trying to keep from moaning, I wasn’t giving up this easily. After giving my left nipple most of the attention he switch it up, moving to give the other one the same treatment, this time pinching the now sensitive nub.

I closed my eyes as my teeth dug harder into my bottom lip, Ethan took notice of this and smirked.

“Moan for me princess. Let Daddy know who is making you feel this good.” I shake my head, making him groan then he moved between my legs, kissing in between my thighs, slowly edging closer to my covered core. Once he got to my heat, he kissed my clit through my panties, making me dig my nails into my palms. He moved so that his mouth was hovering just above the waistband of my panties, he began to suck and bite the skin there, leaving a bright pink mark. Ethan then grew impatient and ripped off my underwear, leaving me fully exposed to him, he licked his lips, eyeing me up and down. Then he slide back down between my legs, he blew a warm breath against my clit, causing me to squirm and let a small moan slip from my lips.

“That’s it baby, let me hear your pretty moans.” He suddenly licked a strip up my dripping core, collecting my juices on his tongue. My back arched, wanted more.

“Beg for it if you want Daddy to make you feel good.” He flick his tongue over my clit causing me to break, I let out a long moan.

“Please Daddy, please eat me out, I want you so bad.” I sounded pathetic, desperately wanting him to leave me screaming. He gave me a cocky smirk then dipped his head down and swirled his tongue around my swollen ball of nerves. His fingers rubbed up and down my core, then they slid in my entrance. He started sucking my clit as his fingers began pumping inside me, curling to hit my g-spot. He placed his tongue flat against my nub, while he continued to suck, I feel my stomach tighten, my pussy clenched around his fingers causing him to smirk while still working on my clit.

“I’m gonna cum Daddy!” My eyes were screwed shut, moans leaving my lips endlessly. Ethan’s tongue began swirling, flicking and pressing against me, causing me to come undone. My screams were heard by the neighbors I’m sure. After I began to calm down Ethan flipped me over, slapping my ass then pressing his hard on against my bare ass cheek.

“I can’t handle anymore Daddy, please.” He unzipped his jeans, sliding them down his legs.

“Yes you can princess, Daddy still needs to cum.” He ran his tip over my soaking core a few times then slid in, giving me time to adjust to his huge size. Soon he was thrusting his length deep into my pussy, my moans being muffled by the sheets. Ethan grabbed my restrains and pulled me up so that he could hit deeper in me, slapping my ass with his free hand. His growls low as he sped up to a speed that I knew, if it kept up I would cum in no time. He apparently knew this because he continued at this sped until I screamed out to him, telling him I was close, he groaned in response then brought his hand down to rub my clit vigorously. This caused me to scream out to him, telling him I was cumming, but this was more intense then another orgasm i had ever had. Ethan soon came after me, untying me and laying me gently on my bed. My thighs were trembling and as soon as Ethan layed down, I snuggled into him, falling asleep not long after, but not before hearing Ethan says a faint ‘i love you, I always have.’

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Based on the prompt: “I accidentally called you my girlfriend today.’’

Seunghoon fluff, mini scenario of 719 words.

“I accidentally called you my girlfriend today.”

“Oh lighten up will you—” You spin around to look at him from over the kitchen island, surprised at his unexpected answer in return to your usual so, how was your day?

“Wait, w-what?”

You were prepared for a mopey Lee Seunghoon, terribly exhausted yet undeniably clingy as he always was whenever he gets a chance to see you in between the chaos that is his schedule.

But this, this, you weren’t prepared for.

“What?” You whisper out, wide eyed as you tiptoe towards the couch where he laid, his damp, mussed, fresh out of the shower head resting on the arm, eyes following you innocently as you neared.

“I called you my girlfriend.” He repeats sheepishly, and you wish you looked half as proud as he did, eyes crinkling in utmost delight.

“Hoon…” Your voice is quiet, brows furrowing lightly when you kneel down to meet him at eye level. Seunghoon sighs, shoulders slumping down when he senses the disapproval in your tone, one that is for all the right reasons. At least you like to think so.

“Well you are, and it’s not like anyone expected otherwise.” He pushes himself off his stomach, crossing his legs as he sits down and gives you a sidelong glance.

It’s true. How you and him are more like a public secret, but given the nature of his job, you didn’t dare to make anything official. If you still wanted to see the light of day that is.

“Come here.” Seunghoon taps the empty space next to him, giving in to you as you brood over the arm of the couch, still on the floor. “Before I come get you myself.”

As tempting as it was, you remain by the floor and Seunghoon quirks a brow at your persistence, heaving off the couch as his long legs round the furniture over to you.

“It’s not that big of a deal, besides the boys knew already.” His skinned knees bumps gently against yours when he takes his seat beside you. A smile curls the corner of your lips at what you just heard yet the feeling of dread swelled your heart still, what would other people think?

What do you mean you weren’t together before? What the fuck?” A laugh spills out of you and you instantly knew who it was your boyfriend was imitating at the overly exaggerated bass of his voice, who probably had the same amount of exaggerated shock on his face— Song dramatic Minho.

“What about the others, Hoon? What will they say?” You fiddle the hem of your t-shirt, looking absently down to your bare feet.

Silence hung between you and him, you can almost hear him scurrying his mind for an answer that he knows won’t do any justice. All of a sudden Seunghoon grabs onto your knees, twisting you around to face him, his thumbs rubbing circles on your skin in efforts to comfort you.

“They’ll hate you.”

Your eyes fly open, gaping in disbelief and he stifles the biggest smile. It earned him a smack to the shoulder and he tugs your wrist, locking his fingers in between yours.

“It’s true, you know. I’m not going to sugar coat it or hide it from you, but that’s just how cruel the world is sometimes.” 

Like his gaze, his voice is warm and soft but you can’t quite miss the ache hinting from underneath, “There will always be people that don’t like you for no reason at all, so I’m going to tell you how it is.”

You look at Seunghoon in a serious tone this time, your chest tightening at how vulnerable he suddenly looks, Lee Seunghoon stripped from his walls and invincible facade.

“But that doesn’t matter because there will be those that love you, so much you’ll think that you don’t deserve a speck of it.” A small smile crawls over his face, searching your face with a look you couldn’t pinpoint.

“You’re being too serious, it’s starting to creep me out.” You narrow your eyes at him and he grins, sinking his teeth to his lip as he fights his amusement. It was times like these you could never tell whether he was genuine or not.

“They’ll love you, okay? How can anyone not?”

Just a little thing I did… I read somewhere that after realizing that he’s Captain Underpants, Krupp probably made a rule against snapping your fingers at the school. Unless there’s an emergency, a bad-guy, etc. And of course, Melvin, being Melvin, needs to uphold these rules, right? And let’s just take a moment and imagine…

“Could Principal Krupp please come to the principal’s office?” echoes over the sitcom or whatever it’s called, these things that the principal has, yeah… uh… moving on

The children looks around, confused, of course, because whAt, why would you- what- uh??

There’s a noise in the background, like some glass breaks or something (I’m thinking a teacher enters the office and grabs George, he tries to escape and breaks a little thing), then “George! Harald!” is yelled, and the children just ah.

But there’s a bad guy on the loose, right, and this isn’t just a little bank-robbery, oh no, this is Big Shit happening, on the scale of Poopypants, and George and Harald are desperate, yeah?

So they snap their fingers. And it’s audible over the sitcom shit.

(Krupp, who’s walking fast towards his office ((because he knows that when the boys actually need him it’s, well, it’s bad, and only he, or rather, Captain Underpants can save the city)), sighs before losing consciousness.)

(A kid walking pass stares wide eyed as the principal suddenly strips off all clothing and yells ‘Tra la la!)

The next day, after a big boss fight, Krupp returns to the school. Tired, in pain and pissed. He thinks, when he passes Melvin in the hall, that he should expel everyone who tries to talk to him after someone’s snapped their fingers. Seriously. “Principal,” Melvin yells. “Mr. Krupp!”

“What is it,” groans Krupp. He doesn’t care, he’s just tired, he wants to get to his office and look angry for no reason.

“George and Harald snapped their fingers! That’s against the rules!”

“I know, Melvin,” Krupp says, waving the kid away and walking a bit faster.

“But- they snapped their fingers! They broke the rules!”

“I know, Melvin!”

A few days later, and a new rule is added to the already way-too-long list. No one but George and Harald are allowed to snap their fingers on school grounds.

Two weeks later, when Krupp and the boys find out that oh, Krupp and Captain Underpants can separate from each other by snapping both fingers at the same time, Krupp throws his hands up in the air and goes to fetch something to drink. Preferably vodka.