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Katty, could you draw sans and Frisk's child? Both UF and UT?

the undertale children:

Vivani (15) is the older sister, and is therefore often stuck with babysitting her brother, but they get along nicely most of the time so she doesn’t mind it too much. she got her father’s interest for science, and considers studying to become a bio-engineer. V has a lot of friends, and gets easily along with people, and has often the role as the peace keeper in the group, as she detests conflicts. Loves her brother, and tends to be pretty protective of him, as he sometimes doesn’t stand up for himself.

Casey (5) is the younger brother, and adores his sister more than anything. his biggest wish is to have his sister be proud of him. when he saw V drinking an energy drink, he of course had to try it too, and grew an addiction for the drink. since his parents don’t like to give it to him, he often begs V to buy him a can when they go out together. they consider this their super secret, just between them. Kind of a softie, cries easily and just wants everyone to get along. 

the underfell children: 

Jason (17) is the quiet type, not one to make a lot of noise when he enters the room. Very independent, and is out of the house most nights with his friends. It takes a lot to make him angry, and is more likely to lock himself in his room when he gets mad so he doesn’t let it out on others. The Friday the 13th franchise are his favorite movies, and he and Red will often marathon them if they’re bored in the weekends. Very athletic and interested in sports, and would like a job where’s he gets to work with his hands. Big momma’s boy. 

Sofia (Princess) (8) is the epitome of a daddy’s girl, and Red is extremely overprotective of his little girl. Sometimes the coddling will go too far, and she’ll lash out at him for treating her like a baby. As they both got Red’s temper, they’ll often end up fighting loudly, and Sofia immediately migrates to Jason’s room afterwards so she can vent at him. The two hotheads can’t stay mad at each other for long though, and they quickly make amends after fights. Has a strong will and can be bratty at times, but she is never mean on purpose and isn’t afraid to say sorry. Everyone in the family calls her Princess, she only hears her real name when she’s in big trouble.

// Uhm okay well. I’m sorry if I’ve hurt anyone?? I’m not entirely sure what this is all about and I don’t like assuming. Although I can’t really think of anyone I’ve necessarily hurt. So allow me to say a general rule with me personally. If you have a problem with me or something I’ve done, posted, or said. Feel free to message me about it! I always try to handle problems in private so it doesn’t become a big ol’ pointing fest of “he did this, well she did this”. There are no good wars. None. If you have a problem, DM me. My DMs are always open. This goes for any problems, no matter how big or small. 

So I just found an old picture of the very first character I ever created and I got very nostalgic and even more embarrassed. Ah yes the good old days of badly proportioned anime drawings
Anyway her name is Idola and she was very important to me back then


anyway i drew this for my old friend’s bday
the right one is in transparent

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TFP Ratchet, Bulkhead, Ultra Magnus, Wheeljack, Bumblebee, Smokescreen, & Optimus accidentally find out their sparkling just finished their amazing present for their amazing sire? They're even boasting about how much their site will love it to themselves & their sire is so awesome, they deserves something equally awesome too



He can’t help it, listening to his sparkling boast about how amazing their gift and sire is, he laughs as he picks them up. “Sorry. I think I ruined my surprise.” He says as they pout up at him before patting his face ‘smacking’ it.

He gently catches their servos and makes them stop before kissing all over their faceplates gently. He’s not usually this affectionate, it’s a little weird for the others to see, but he loves his bitlet and they’re being to cute for him to ignore. 

They squeal loudly when he tells them they did an amazing job and he loves his gift very much.

He laughs when he hears them bragging and only laughs harder when the scream at him and smack at his legs. He picks them up and holds them close to his chassis, bumping their helms together gently, “I know, I know. Bad papa ruined his surprise. But it’s a great surprise!” He says excitedly.

He’s not surprise when they wiggle out of his grip and to the floor, picking up his gift and presenting it to him. He takes it tells them what a great job they did and how amazing they are, which only causes them to laugh.

He keeps it presented in a safe place where everyone can see.

Ultra Magnus
He chuckles softly as he listens to them talk about how amazing he is and how he deserves something just as good and this is the best thing they’ve ever made. He can’t help himself, scooping them up into a hug and pressing an embarrassing kiss to their forehelm. They make sure he knows how embarrassing he is.

He laughs again, “What? Can’t a sire be proud of how amazing his sparkling is?” He smiles as they gently smack his helm and then hug him around his neck. He sets them down so they can properly present him his gift.

He keeps it with and you better believe he shows everyone; and no, he doesn’t need a reason or excuse to do so, he just does.

Honestly he’s probably known what they were doing for a while now, but hearing them brag about how great he is after having finished it brings a smile to his face. He scoops them up into his servos and nuzzles their helm with his.

They squeal as they pat at his helm as he moves to blow raspberries against their stomach. They hug around his neck as he speaks, “You know who’s even better than me? It’s you!” He said and they laugh happily.

He makes sure to keep whatever they made with him so he can show everyone.

He didn’t mean to stumble in just as they finished up their project, something he’s been told over and over not to /ever/ look at and he’s done his best until this point. He’s glad they haven’t noticed, and they wouldn’t have if he hadn’t heard them saying how amazing he is. He can’t help it as he lets out a high whir and scoops them into his arm.

He’s beeping about how great they are and how amazing the present is as they squeal and their tiny servos smack at his faceplates, mostly his guard. They squeal louder when he nuzzles his helm into his stomach, causing them to giggle loudly and hug his face.

He makes sure everyone sees what an amazing gift they made for him and hears how proud he is of them.

He’s actually a little embarrassed listening to his bitlet tell the kids how great he is and how, of course, he only deserves the best present. He picks them up and sets them on his shoulder before speaking, “You’re the best present I could have ever gotten.” He laughs when they smack his helm and tell him not to be embarrassing.

He lets them climb off him and grab his gift so they can hand it to him. He tells them just how amazing it is and how good they are. He immediately shows all the other bots so they can see how good his little bit is.

You bet your ass he keeps it with him and shows anyone new almost immediately. 

He can’t help the smile as he listens, back turned as he works, to his sparkling tell the kids how great his sire is. He moves his head slightly so he can look at them out of the corner of his optic. He turns around and leans over to gently press a kiss to their helm. “What an amazing job you’ve done.”

He laughs when they turn around and stomp their pede, telling him that it was supposed to be a surprise. He gently pats their helm before telling him it’s a wonderful gift and he’s proud of all their hard work.

Depending on what it is he either keeps it with him or hangs it up so everyone can see it.

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I wanna hear about ur summertime AU

ok so,, it’s summertime ofc and it’s modern!

the revolutionary set (feat. burr) likes to get together and go to the lake occasionally and go divin off rocks and just hang out, etc. burr hangs out with jefferson+madison a lot more often but occasionally goes to chill with alex’s buddies.

one day at the lake, lafayette mentions that he has a summer home up in the woods somewhere, (prob a nicely renovated cabin his family prob rich as hell… what if lafayette is like a french exchange student omg… w/e) he invites the rev set+burr to go stay up there for a few days!! burr mentions that he would like to bring jeffmads and ofc no one is happy about that. but he and alex banter for a while and they finally allow it as long as jeffmads don’t try to start anything. the day they go up to the cabin, jeffmads arrives late (fashionably) and after being around jefferson in all those summer outfits, he suddenly doesn’t hate him as bad as he used to. the rest is history 🤔 i’m thinking about including angsty lams but i don’t wanna break my own heart

but overall just imagine the boys and dairy bars and lakes n public pool shenanigans etc etc!! that’s just a lil story i thought up with @dawnovaan

me, reading the DBO written updates for the month:

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You're art is literally how I've always wanted to draw. It's so perfect but it's not overly defined. It's just smooth on the eyes and you can clearly recognize who your muse is. But people have to have a knack for drawing like THAT. 🖤

Thank you, this is a very sweet message. However, you can trust me and other artists when we say that almost everything comes down to practice. I don’t really believe I have a particular knack for drawing something in a particular way automatically, I believe I have a knack for drawing a certain thing in a certain way because that is what I have chosen to draw over and over again. Do different stylistic attributes come through that are unique to each artist? Sure. But if I decided tomorrow that all I was ever going to do was paint watercolors of saguaro cacti in a particular style, then after a while I’d probably have a knack for that too.

i’m going to post a few things from my inbox, rb a thing to smash a racist & then head offline bc i’m having a sudden mood drop & i haven’t done much today except be here again which. still isn’t healthy lmao


Thousands gather in Manchester and across the UK to pay tributes to those who lost their lives and the families affected after a terrorist attack after an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester. Many of the victims were children, and the youngest confirmed dead was only 8 years old.