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i imagine that Bakugou is actually both touch-sensitive and slightly touch starved

people aren’t meant to be alone after all, but he tries so hard to keep others at a distance. he only rarely lets others touch him, and rarely ever touches others 

i imagine he’s actually a really cuddly sleeper b/c it’s the only time where he’s not conscious enough to push the urges away

(it’s also why i really want a Dad Might hug for Bakugou b/c he feel so guilty for everything that happened to All Might, and he wants to be punished for it, and he feels so shameful and sad and frustrated and confused, and he’s only used to violence and fighting and keeping people at a distance.

the only two times All Might touched him, both times on his shoulders, Bakugou hated it and glared at All Might’s hand. Bakugou admires the way he always wins, but his boisterous and bright and touchy-feely personality is not something he likes one bit.

but that was before everything. that was before All Might’s secret was revealed to the world, before he was revealed to be fallible. and maybe having All Might–having Toshinori Yagi, in all his weak glory, hugging him into his bony chest with his thin arms, one still wrapped up in bandages from the fight at Kamino, would change that

this All Might isn’t full of boisterous, bombastic energy, with never fading, overly-bright smiles, and practically beaming sunlight.

this All Might is a broken man, bone thin, his eyes sunken and his face perpetually frowning. he’s less a giant of a man and more a stick of a man. his hair is tangled and broken at the edges, and he’s constantly slouching. 

he’s solemn, quiet, hoarse, and frail. there’s a glow in his eyes that show he’s still All Might, after all–but a different All Might. this is a silent strength, not a loud one. 

for the first time, Bakugou realizes how much of All Might’s on-screen personality was a farce.

and so, Bakugou lets the thin, wrapped arm pull him in close, the fingers tangling themselves in his hair. he allows himself to grip the too-large shirt hanging from All Might’s body–(the difference in size haunts him)–and presses his knuckles against the bony ribcage poking through skin, beneath the fabric. 

he rests his forehead against All Might’s skeletal collarbone and cries, he cries and sobs and screams himself hoarse. All Might says nothing, except for quiet words of reassurance. “It’ll be alright, my boy,” he says, rubbing Bakugou’s back lightly. 

Because I am here, the words float into Bakugou’s ears, and he knows that’s not the case anymore, because of him, and sobs harder. 

he cries out all his anger and rage and guilt into the thin white shirt dangling from All Might’s emaciated body. Once, he griped the shirt too far and looked down–and saw the huge scar beneath, spreading out like some macabre representation of a flower, or maybe an impact zone at the center of a crater. he knows this is an older injury, there’s far too much old scar tissue for it to be new, but blames himself for it anyway. 

finally, all Bakugou’s tears are spent, and he has no energy to cry anymore. his throat is raw and his voice broken, and he slumps against All Might’s skinny form and allows the older man to hold him up–that much strength, at least, are still in his stick-thin arms.

he still grips at All Might’s shirt, though weakly. it’s all Bakugou can do. and so he grips, holding on desperately for reassurance, to All Might’s thin, wet, too-big shirt.

All might shifts him in his arms, and he’s being cradled. he never lets anyone hold him like this, not even his own mother, but he’s too spent, too tired, too guilt-ridden to pull away, too desperate to want to, shamefully wanting to move in closer as much as he wants to pull away because he doesn’t deserve this. “I’m sorry, my boy.” All Might says, looking sadly down at him with glowing blue eyes, so full of sorrow and calm. 

“None of this is your fault, my boy.” He reassures, not confident his words are having an affect, but soldiering on anyway, determined to help–(because that’s what heroes do. that’s all he can do, now. if nothing else, he can at least help this boy out as much as he can). “None of it. This has been coming for a while now. Absolutely none of it is your fault.”

All Might leans forward and properly hugs the boy close, his matted blonde hair mingling with Bakugou’s spikey. “I’m just glad you came out of that unharmed.” 

Bakugou doesn’t respond, but grips the fabric in his hand slightly tighter. All Might isn’t sure if that’s a good or bad thing–he’s so new to this, to all of this, for caring for children individually and not from villains and monsters. he’s out of his league here, but that doesn’t matter. 

what matters is this boy, so full of pride and shame and guilt and desperation–needs him right now. that’s all that matters.

Bakugou shifts closer, and All Might grips him tighter.

it’s all he can do for now.)

Incineroar Gijinka; Tigraz

finallyyy;; here’s my gijinka of Litten’s final evo Incineroar by the nickname of Tigraz (also called as Az) 

he has a really fiery personality and bold of course and well tbh he’s really afraid of water ( occasionally though xD) he also a best friend of Koodie :D

hope you like it <3

Reblogs are appreciated <3
Chapter 005: The hero suddenly proposed to me, but . . .
Chapter 005: The hero suddenly proposed to me, but . . . Also known as: Yuusha-sama ni Ikinari Kyuukonsareta no Desu ga ( 勇者様にいきなり求婚されたのですが ) Author: Togashi Seiya (富樫聖夜) Artist: Watanabe Una (渡辺うな…

Chapter 005: “The hero suddenly proposed to me, but …” manga

aiight folks here’s my thoughts on the “what the fuck do we call this ship” discourse

gravebone: colin farrell + ezra miller

grindbone: johnny depp + ezra miller

yes i’m making it about appearance bc yes i am that shallow, but ALSO bc i love the potential of some original!graves/credence as well as the dark nasty of grindlegraves/credence, but i fucking hate johnny depp and don’t want to think about him lmfao ((personally, if u wanna think about him live ur life!))

;; katey’s height in her hybrid form. As I’ve written about before, Katey’s first hybrid form (something she has only unlocked in certain verses) involves her arms shifting into expansive and powerful owl’s wings, large dark brown spots in the shape of her feathers’ speckles ranging across her shoulders and up her neck, long feathers sticking out from behind her ears and poking through her hair, and long strong owl’s legs ending in talons. Katey is typically 5′10″, however - while in this hybrid form, referred to as her harpy form, Katey grows to 6′5″. 

Her body remains the same size, but her already longs grow much longer in their bird-like state.


tae is lucky to have him

Post-it Q. Taehyungie what is Jimin’s charming point? ©
Taehyung: 1) Eyes 2) Abs 3) Voice 4) Park Jimin’s very existence