If you don’t think that Even has shitty iPhone videos of Isak eating kebab, Isak waking up on a lazy summer morning and smiling a shy dimpled smile, Isak rolling down a hill near Even’s grandma’s cabin because it seemed like a good idea 4 seconds ago, Isak lazily kissing Even before going to sleep, Isak ranting about how his molecular biology professor is the absolute worst and Isak spilling sauce all over his shirt because “Even it’s just pasta how hard can it be to make” you’re wrong. And if you don’t think that sometime in the future, Even puts all of these videos together and writes a song to go along with it while he shows it to Isak in his biology class hours after the professor’s left using the class’s projector, you’re even more wrong. 

“Andrew got Neil’s hair washed efficiently, if not gently, but by the time he moved on to Neil’s body there was more kissing than cleaning.”

  • 1) doesn’t say what part of neil’s body
  • 2) doesn’t say where he was kissing

my theory: he got to neil’s thighs.

do with that what you will.

that is all. 

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Heyo, little message about CJ for you all. DON'T EVEN FUCKING BOTHER WITH HER!! I once respected her (yikes) and her art, but listen, if you respect people, stay away from her. She shits on everything for a living, tbh. Sure, she's had hate, yada yada, but that doesn't excuse any of her actions. Also, for all you people affect by gore, DO NOT GO TO HER TUMBLR!! She is answering asks with untagged gore gifs (what a surprise), so protect yourselves. The best thing we can do is bury and forget her

white ppl: ugH i wish the show would stop putting this white female character with this cracker wonder bread mayonnaise ass male character! she should be with this OTHER white girl amiright??


And I cave...

… a little proud of how long I managed to resist, knowing it was inevitable. I managed to put it off for quite a while.

Let’s see if sleep makes any difference, or if it’ll get worse overnight.

i was tagged by @ppercyderolo thank u so much 💕 💕

RULES: tell us one favorite character from ten shows/movies/games and tag 10  8 people 

  • commander shepard - mass effect
  • chloe frazer and nadine ross - uncharted
  • kaine - nier
  • leliana - dragon age
  • smiling jack - vtmb
  • jolyne kujo - jjba
  • the boss - mgs
  • padme amidala - star wars 
  • lara croft - tomb raider

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