Quick story: when I was 11 and Zatanna came to Smallville, I was literally so happy I cried because I freaking love Zatanna so much so ANYWAYS, at the time the episode was airing, I happened to be on punishment lol but I was not trying to miss the episode with Zatanna, love of my life, my favorite female DC character ever, okay? So my little scrawny deaf 11 year old self snuck out my room and went into the kitchen to watch the episode on the low (we had a tv in the kitchen at the time) and I remember drooling and salivating over Zatanna and smiling til my cheeks were sore cos I just couldn’t believe that Z A T A N N A, my hero, was on tv lol. So I’m just sitting there watching the episode with the tv volume on zero, subtitles on. I can’t hear my mom coming up the stairs- mind you I’m on punishment, I’m supposed to be in my room, in my bed, reading a book, or ALSEEP. But no, my mom comes up the stairs and stands there the whole time, doesn’t even tell me she’s watching me watching Smallville, and you can ask any deaf/hoh person, when we are not expending our energy on being alert, we will not be aware of anything going on around us, it’s like we go into a sensoral coma. So I’m mad oblivious, couldn’t be sneaky if I wanted to. So then the episode ends, I turn around, delirious with happiness only to see her standing there with her arms cross and her face hard as stone, and my life flashed before my eyes and I let out the only scream lol. I got in so much trouble but it was worth it for Zatanna, like I was really finna die just so I could see my fav female DC character on tv for the first time. I will never forget that night 😂😂😂

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But what if mari did not go back to study at Uranohoshi and kanan just accepted the fact that mari is now doing well and that she made the right choice to push her away bc she has more future outside uchiura and being a school idol. but then she accidentally met her 5 years later in an event and shit just went down bc she didn't push her away to have a great future to just want her back again into her life. she was just so conflicted bc kanan is selfless and selfish at the same time it hurts.

Imagine Mari using her experiences abroad to sort of wiggle her way into business. Since she comes from a successful family, she was able to use her connections to learn more about foreign business, and by the time Mari comes back to Japan, she’s ready to become a successful businesswoman and continue to build her family’s hotel chain. 

But the kicker is that she isn’t happy, and when Kanan runs into her, she can see that. Kanan feels so conflicted cause on one hand, Mari is as successful she wanted her to be, but on the other, Mari doesn’t smile in the same way she did when they were in school together. It feels more fake, like she’s forcing it so no one would question whether or not she was happy. Kanan begins to doubt whether or not she made the right decision.

also throwback to when i used to watch meerkat manor on animal planet like religiously

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Proton : 🐨 *puppy eyes*

Send 🐨 for my muses reaction to yours suddenly clinging to mine

Red was laying on the couch during the first night at staying over at Selena’s. He promised he was going to protect them all that night, so he tried to pull an all-nighter. Of course it didn’t work out because he fell fast asleep. The sun shined bright though the window, illuminating the boy’s face. His arm dangled off the couch as he snored away.

Suddenly Proton had come and grabbed onto his arm. Red woke up with a snort, scared that something has come in to attack! Oh wait, oh thank Arceus it was just Proton. He sighs in relief and smiles great big at the hybrid Pokemon. “Good mornin’ Proton! Sleep well?”

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Never apologize for having genderqueer/fluid characters I love them give them to me I’ll protect them

the funny thing is is that for most of these characters I’ll start with they’re a boy or girl, and then I’ll think about it and go… wait a minute, but I could see them every now and then being a different gender,

and I’m already reconsidering Eddie. I said he’s a boy who every now and then feels like a girl, but now I’m thinking I should just get rid of that every now and then. Eddie totally goes back and forth between being a boy and girl all the time, maybe he’s just both, he could be bigender