I’ll be screaming about this FOR A WEEK!!!!!

if i could remove one thing from the HoO series it would 100% be the relationships except percy and annabeth.

let jason, piper, and leo be three strangers who have memories of being best friends without any romantic implications and let jason find friends in them without forcing him to have feelings for piper other than friendship. jason, who has no memories, leo, who never had a home and piper who comes from a background from being bullied and having no friends, let them find a home with each other, not a romantic relationship + leo as a thirdwheel.

hazel is 13 year old?????? she’s been DEAD since the 1930s (40s?) and she’s dealing with SO MUCH AND SHE’S JUST 13 but somehow she already has the love of her life, frank, who’s already 16. let me have platonic frazel that evolves into a romantic relationships years later, when hazel is older and knows more of the world and let me have them as Best Friends, let me have frank who loves hazel so much he trusts her with his life but make it romantic years later when the time is right

if we let percy and annabeth as the only relationship it would work so much better because:

• the 7 would actually get to know each other instead of siding with their couple
• no bullshit “i feel like the 7th wheel” from leo and avoiding the stereotype that we need a relationship to feel like we belong THANKS RICK I DON’T NEED THAT I ALREADY FEEL BAD BEING ARO FUCK
• no but really. the 7 don’t know each other. if we erased romance from this narrative it would give us so much potential to explore many friendships and having them actually bonding and trusting each other
• percabeth as established couple can lead to cute moments of the rest of the 7 teasing them for being sappy even though they don’t do pda
• it would be 100% more dynamic


You do more than you think Stephanie, believe me.

You have touched the heart of a broken man. A man that for the longest time, lost all hope. Let me elaborate.

He came from a broken family and a life where struggle, was all too common. He tried so hard to make things right; to the extent of sacrificing his own happiness, for the happiness of others. Then, he reached his breaking point. His mind began to deteriorate. With every drop of sanity depleted, he… changed. He became cruel, pessimistic, doubtful and hopeless. He treated people differently, especially his little brother whom he grew cold towards. He was alone in this cold, dark world.

One day, he looked online and found something that would change his view of the world. He found a game that was revolutionary in it’s own right. He found, UNDERTALE. He watched a few videos and explored the community. After ACTUALLY PLAYING THE GAME, he fell in love with it. It gave him a reason to care. Then, he was surfing on youtube looking for DECENT comic dubs(which he adored). He found a small channel by the name of Starbot Dubs. The first thing of their’s he watched, was dubs for the comic Underline. At that point, he was hooked. At long last, he was… happy.

That man was me.

P.S. You guys are AWESOME! Especially you, Stephanie. With your beautiful voice and your silly sense of humor. I don’t know what I would do without you guys. Thank you SO MUCH for everything! (◕ヮ◕)

Star: WOW THIS IS ACTUALLY really touching I just 
I’m so glad my silly little channel has helped you along the way :A:

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I bet Vader's health keeps Luke from moving out. And mental health, of course. I bet it'd give Luke separation anxiety to be away from his father if he knew it gave Vader a hard time.

i can’t imagine luke moving out if he knew vader’s full situation, and even if he did, i imagine he’s constantly checking up with him and visiting and such. but i can see the war/sith versus jedi/morality separating them, as it does in canon

luke is too good. he’s too kind what the hell


@quaintandcuriouspuppet @spideys-underoos @frankenfrady okay I know the CW kids novel cuts off way too soon and it’s not the whole story, but now we know some things: Bucky kept guns, ammo, and who knows what else in his fridge in Bucharest; Wanda likes to punch things like a normal person without telekinesis; and apparently that paprikash Vision made was really crappy.

OK, I def love this album. Like really… it’s supersupergreat. So conceptual, so full, so up-beat, so… ohh new. So up-to-date, but still has these… I’d call them gypsy sounds, some electro, some those industrial beats which remains me of one great paradise.. They’ve done an amazing work, created a piece of art.