I promised this song weeks ago but here it is, Electric Feel from skam, s3e2. I’ll have the vote for which song from episode 3 in a bit

here are my other covers so far

so i know the big reveal of obito bein tobi was in the heat of battle and also he got his redemption or whatever but like im really worried about kakashi post-war coping with the fact that his best friend he mourned his entire life was never actually dead and is also the reason for so much horrible pain and loss in the world including that of his teacher who had become a father figure to him. like. is kakashi…okay

I just got Jaal asking Liam about human erogenous zones and I love how he’s like “what’s wrong with asking about sex stuff” and Liam trying to explain how it’s private like Angarans never talking about being sick and Jaal is so offended like “how dare”.

I also love Ryder’s poor little “Yikes!”, I imagine she’s beet red.

Makes it even more hilarious since apparently Jaal finds asking about her favorite weapon against the Kett embarrassing leaving his mom to ask but sexy times is A-Ok.

back home again

I had a great week last week but its fantastic being home again. Ahhh the life of an introvert. So I wanted to hit on a few things: 

  • Sorry I didn’t do a bullet point list of my thoughts for 5x17. I’d do it now but it feels too late. I was doing good to have enough time to watch the episode, write up my H&H recap and post the link here. 
  • But I LOVED the episode. That’s the sort of angst I really dig because it’s so deeply rooted in characterization and development. It moves the plot forward. I look at it like Adrian saw a blockage inside Oliver’s soul, blocked by a cork, and he removed the cork. He thinks doing so will ruin Oliver for good, but it’s going to prove to be the opposite. This is how he heals. I’m beyond delighted about it. 
  • Looks like there was some great stuff that came out of HVFF in Chicago this weekend. I tried my best to keep up with the highlights. So grateful to everyone who went and reported back to fandom on all the little goodies. 
  • (if the flashback sex in 5x20 happens because Felicity attempted the salmon ladder and fell off and Oliver caught her or something of that sort, I will probably expire from sheer delight.)
  • I think we have some really great episodes coming up… if we can get through these three weeks off in April. 😩 Honestly, who thought that scheduling was a good idea?? 
  • I feel like it’s all gonna start paying off. The patience and the faith… it’s all coming together. I have my fingers double and triple crossed. 

Ugh. Monday. A Monday after a vacation, no less. I need about fifty cups of coffee. Have a great week, everyone!


Food babies Suwoong and Daehyun 😆💕 they ate really well though . I feel like a proud mum watching two kids eating .

I have been in a really weird art block for a while. Besides the fact that I don’t feel like I have any good ideas, everything I try just looks…wrong. Tried sketching Dakota, which was a disaster. Even sketching things I’ve drawn before is ending in frustration. 

And I feel like I can’t just ~play~ the new game because I haven’t “earned” it, whatever that means. I worked, I cleaned the kitchen, I even worked on my Hancock pop for a bit. wtelf brain.

wolftrxyepack  asked:

That's actually like one thing that bothered me??? How did Dan feel about Phil before, why was he running away, when did he realize, was he happy when he found out etc

I feel a bit bad now because I feel like I might have left out some good details. Basically, Phil is seen as kind of a scary guy at school, so Dan was afraid when Phil stared at him, or spoke to him, that Phil was being sarcastic and actually hated Dan. But Phil was quite attractive, and realizing Phil was shy and giving Dan flowers made his heart go all a flutter, so he was definitely happy when he found out that Phil liked him!