Favorite actress series | Elizabeth Taylor: “In a world of flickering images, Elizabeth Taylor was a constant star. First appearing on screen at age 10, she grew up there, never passing through an awkward age. It was one quick leap from “National Velvet” to “A Place in the Sun” and from there to “Cleopatra,” as she was indelibly transformed from a vulnerable child actress into a voluptuous film queen. When Ms. Taylor was honored in 1986 by the Film Society of Lincoln Center, Vincent Canby wrote in The New York Times, “More than anyone else I can think of, Elizabeth Taylor represents the complete movie phenomenon — what movies are as an art and an industry, and what they have meant to those of us who have grown up watching them in the dark.” - Mel Gussow  

Dydia (human) AU - teachers

Lydia Martin, the math and science teacher at Beacon Hills High School, has vowed to never date a fellow teacher, but things get complicated when she meets the devishly handsome new history/literature teacher Derek Hale.


caged bird fly


~1300 words

Season 2 Coda (best friends and boyfriends!)

“Hey, Mickey?”

Mickey blows a long stream of smoke up at the night sky and scratches at the beginnings of a beard, just starting up on his jaw. “What?”

“You ever been in love?”

“Sacrificing of metal objects unto the other world, via water, by first breaking or bending them, thus placing them beyond usefulness to the every-day world of man…”- Wisht Waters: Aqueous Magica and the Cult of the Holy Wells by Gemma Gary.

yes yes yes

When I was younger, we would sometimes pass by wishing fountains. My mom would give me a coin to toss in. I always would try to bend it by biting it, before I would toss it in :’D

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how often do they fight? who remembers things? what would they do if the other one was hurt? what do they do when they’re away from each other? do they have pets? what do they like most about each other? what happens when someone falls asleep somewhere besides the bed?

I like you anon folks. I really do.

how often do they fight? Not too often. Beca usually instigates conflict, especially when she’s stressed. Most of the time, it’s over really trivial things like forgetting to take the trash out or whatever. Legitimate angry fights happen very rarely, but do happen, in which both will turn to their friends (Beca to Chloe, Kommissar to Pieter) for time to settle down and sort out their thoughts.

who remembers things? General stuff like groceries and chores and whatnot? Kommissar. Significant dates like anniversaries and birthdays and whatnot? Kommissar. Although they don’t pay too much attention to that sort of thing. Big celebrations aren’t really either of their style. Kommissar will get small gifts for Beca and Beca usually creates special mixes for Kommissar.

what would they do if the other one was hurt? Depends on how badly hurt they are. If it’s a minor injury, both with tend to the other. Kommissar doesn’t like being tended to, but Beca insists anyway. If Beca got hurt majorly, Kommissar would do the responsible thing and take her to the hospital: visit her often, make sure she’s okay, and stay there for as long as she can until Beca makes her go home and get a decent amount of rest. If Kommissar got hurt majorly, Beca would also take her to the hospital, but she’d be more outwardly panicked about it. Kommissar would have to reassure that she’s fine and alive and she’ll be out in no time at all. Beca would hold her hand constantly to make sure of it, and end up falling asleep at Kommissar’s side.

what do they do when they’re away from each other? Kommissar is still part of DSM, and they tour pretty frequently. She skypes/calls/texts/etc Beca when she can. When Kommissar can’t talk, Beca busies herself with her work as a distraction, and goes to bed hugging Kommissar’s pillow at night. Kommissar has a picture of Beca that she took a little while after they established their relationship, and it’s her favorite picture in the world. She uses that to settle any sudden emotions that may come up.

do they have pets? Considering they both have jobs, they don’t really have time to take care of pets. They both like animals though, and consider potential options every now and then. Sometimes Beca pleads Kommissar to visit the local pet shop, and Beca will wander around, marveling at all the fluffy animals. Kommissar, on the other hand, takes to looking at the birds and reptiles side of the store, much to Beca’s chagrin.

what do they like most about each other? Although Beca is insecure about her height, Kommissar adores it, finding it great that Beca fits perfectly against her. Kommissar has never bothered trying to adjust her accent when she speaks English, and Beca would never want her to. She loves Kommissar’s accent, and finds it absolutely beautiful, no matter if she’s speaking German or English.

what happens when someone falls asleep somewhere besides the bed? If Kommissar’s had a particularly long day, she usually crashes on the couch. Beca can’t exactly move her, so she either tries to wake Kommissar up or just pulls a blanket over her if that doesn’t work. Beca’s small enough that if she falls asleep somewhere, Kommissar will just carry her to bed.

Waka starring in Old Spice commercial
  • Waka:Odor Blocker Body Wash is so powerful it can block beyond 16 hours. It’s so powerful it can turn off the sun
  • Ammy:BARK! *scene gets dark*
  • Waka:But then it gets too cold, so we need another sun!
  • Chibiterasu:*appears*
  • Waka:DOUBLE SUN POWEEEEER! *fierce chest flexing*

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Is the next chapter of Tourmaline going to be published today? :)

Considering I just woke up from an afternoon nap, and it’s 8:45 pm, that’s  a negatory. I dont think I could type up a proper chapter fast enough even if I was transcribing it straight from something.

Looking like tomorrow night,

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Imagine if Ciel and Add has a child (Aka the tracers and/or Lu) Imagine if they want to give something to their father(s), what is their gifts and how would Add and Ciel react?

YESSSS I’VE THOUGHT OF THIS KIND OF AU SINCE THE FIRST TIME I SHIPPED CIEL/ADD <3 <3 <3 I forgot where’s the post about their AU family tho _(;’3 but it goes like this:

  • PT and CH are twins, 12 y.o. Their parents are DL and LP, obviously.
  • NB is the oldest of all children, 15 y.o. AT (12 y.o) is her little brother. They’re RG and MM’s.
  • Originally I made Base Ciel and DE as newly married couple so they don’t have children yet, but we can have tiny TTr (10 y.o) and base Lu here (5 y.o).

So, now gifts! Let’s imagine that the children are trying to find gifts for the parent’s wedding anniversary, okay? <3

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What do you make of Zenjo?

Well he clearly has a fantastic stylist who knows how to take years off with a simple haircut and new pair of glasses (not so happy about the redeisgn honestly, there was nothing wrong with his character design as it was). Just for the character in general, I am curious to see what his exact role ends up being in season two. He’s basically the last remnant of the old Blue clan still in Scepter 4, but at the same time he’s taken the most unimportant of jobs and seems to be sort of unsure about what he wants his own role to be – he tells Munakata in Countdown 6 that he doesn’t plan to take up the sword but he’s obviously going to end up in that position again sooner or later (also on that note I don’t like his sword’s design, it looks like he mugged a Final Fantasy character or something). I think one of the things that’s interesting with Zenjou is that along with Munakata he’s the only other person in the series who’s had to take up the “burden” of killing a King and he’s obviously got a lot of feelings associated with it. It’s mentioned in that same Countdown chapter that Zenjou was one of the first to leave once Habari died and we know Munakata pretty much had to drag him back to a Scepter 4 that’s not the same one he knew anymore. I feel like Zenjou’s sort of shouldering a burden of his own that I’m not sure he quite likes, that he’s basically the guy Munakata pulled in to be a “Kingslayer” if the time comes. Zenjou’s obviously got his own feelings about Munakata and the way the “new” Blue clan is set up and I’m interested to see what decisions he chooses to make once season two rolls around.

Okay, but isn’t the reason Ian dumped Mickey because he didn’t want to take his meds…? And now he’s going to be on meds (without ever giving him a real storyline or proper representation of how he got there).

So this season is basically going to be one giant fuck you to us.