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I don't know shit about Photoshop.. What does it mean that that photo is full of te blue grainy stuff? What's an unedited pic supposed to look like? :))

frankly i’m not very familiar with this type of analysis at all, but i can explain the concept to you!
ELA (Error Level Analysis) identifies areas of an image with different compression levels. with a JPG image, the entire picture should be at roughly the same levels. Every time you resave a JPG image the ELA values change to much darker colors, which means if you edit a picture the edited parts will be significantly lighter and different from the rest of the image. For instance, here is an original unedited photograph:

and here is the same picture, resaved with some books copied and a dinosaur added:

and as you can see, the edited areas are very obviously different from the rest of the image.
(image source).

as i said i’m not familiar with this technique at all but bc i couldn’t help myseif i tried to recognize some errors in this picture using this tool:

and there are quite a lot of different sized blocks in this picture, which is pretty suspicious. just like in the dinosaur picture above where the original parts have larger blocks than the dinosaur and the copied books, the louis and briana-area has smaller blocks than the background. so yeah. it’s hard to say anything more than that though, i wanted to find where all these louis and briana pics were originally posted because now they have been resaved and edited so many times but i couldn’t. but make of this what you will!

imagine oikawa gathering the courage to ask iwaizumi out on a date and the whole time iwa doesn’t realize it’s a date bc they do the same thing they always do. (food and movies) so at the end of the night when they have to say bye oikawa tries to lean in for a goodbye kiss but iwaizumi just stares at him and slowly asks “what are doing?” oikawa looks at him confused but then just takes Iwaizumi’s reaction as him being slow. “kissing you duh, that’s what happens when you go on a date Iwa-chan” so he tries again but gets stops by Iwaizumi’s hand. “this is a date? since when?” iwaizumi asks again. oikawa slowly understands the situations, turns tomato red from embarrassment, then panics and runs home leaving iwaizumi to realize for the first time that his best friend actually likes him.

*bolts up from bed*
I never realized how weird it is for karkat to have written a summerteen romance under the sun since trolls can barely even handle sunlight i think was this perhaps hints on karkats desire to be more like kanaya the only one who would actually enjoy a summercamp and did in fact.


Digital commissions are open again! 8D more samples here

  • A5 size, 300dpi, PNG format
  • clear, visual references of your character (2D drawings, sketches etc) are preferred 
  • payment via Paypal only (if you’re Singaporean, bank transfer is a-ok!)
  • prices are in USD

If you’re interested in buying some art, have some questions, or would like to discuss further details, feel free to hit me up at sync_sensation @ with the subject line as ‘commission’

Thank you so much for reading! A quick reblog would be greatly appreciated, if you’d like to help out! <3

that’s a fish girl and not an onion

Didn’t feel like adding all of her other details because… this has 63 fucking frames man…

Buttttt i’m REALLY happy with the result, even because i litterally animated this as it went bc i forgot to make keyframes lmfao why

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Ok so I'm pretty sure I'm demisexual but I want to find people like me to see how they told people and things like that but I never can find anyone, do you know ways to? Sorry if this sounds kinda stupid

It’s not stupid at all! Definitely asking around demi blogs is a good way. I hope you don’t mind that I publish this so people can get in touch with you!

~ Heidi


Steve Rogers || Empty Chairs at Empty Tables

I have a lot of Steve Rogers feels lately, and everything hurts T_T