Please Don’t

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Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Heavy Angst

Word Count: 247

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“I’m sorry but there happened to be some sort of technical problems, we will start soon.” Namjoon explained.

“Why don’t we answer some questions while we wait?” Hoseok added.

Jungkook was about to say something when suddenly the screen behind them turned on. He looked at it and to his horror he saw you tied to chair in a dark room. There was a piece of cloth around your mouth that prevented you from speaking. Your eyes were looking around in horror.

“Is this some kind of joke? Turn this shit off!!” Jungkook shouted.

An unkown person with a mask approached you.

“You have two choices.” the voice spoke. It was a woman’s voice. “BTS disbands and never sings again or I kill your girlfriend.”

“Get the fans out of the hall!” Seokjin ordered but the panic had already started.

“We will do it, just please, please don’t hurt Y/N!!” Jungkook pleaded.

“Oh, I’m sorry you were too late.” the woman replied stabbing you in the back.

“Nooo!! Oh my god my baby!!” Jungkook shouted and ran to the screen. The other members just watched in disbelief.

“You! You! You fucking bitch!! I swear I will kill you!!” Jungkook was swearing all over the place when the broadcast ended as suddenlly as it began. Jungkook’s legs started to tremble and he slumped on the floor and started crying. The other members rushed to comfort him.

“Don’t touch me!!” he shouted. “She’s gone. She’s gone…” he whispered.

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You had fun, but play-time was over. You’ve been working as Lex Luthor’s personal assistant for a year, and became quite fond of the man, but jezz, business was business, and you were doubting that you would ever be welcomed again after you little “borrowing”.

 Okay, it was a theft, clearly. You stole him, and didn’t regret it the least. You were just a little sad that the good time was over. Lex was a nice guy, funny and witty, he was also clever and it was a real pleasure to be around him, and work with him. You probably also had a big cruch on him, for all the previously said reason.

 But it was still just a crush, and there was a wall between you – he had his secret, and you had yours. Plus, you weren’t cut for relationship of that kind. Beeing foolish was great, and you didn’t want to be serious about anything.

“Sooooo,  Mr Anonymous ! You did talked about 6 billion dollars for those plans, and my bank account is still waiting for your promess.” You said at the phone, currently at a cafe eating cake with milk shake. “Yeah sure, but you know the deal. Half the price right now, and the rest when you’ll received the data… And my ass is made of chicken! The money now.”

 You hung up, slightly annoyed by the stupid jerk that wasn’t keeping to his words. You hated when people tried to negociate. An agreement was an agreement, you don’t make a deal if you’re not to respect it.

 Your phone rang again.

“What now?” You answered, irritated.

“I should be the one to say that.”

“Oh. Hi Lex. How are you?”

“Do I need to answer, knowing that you fooled me?”

 His voice was sarcastic, but you could hear somehow that he was hurted, which you regretted but weren’t going to arrange.

“It’s business Lex. Nothing personal there.”

“Yeah, that’s probably the problem. So. For who are you working? For who did you betrayed me, Y/N?”

“Don’t insult me ! I’m working for myself, I don’t obey anyone. But well, 6 billiards are hard to decline.”

“So, it’s all about money…” Lex said pensively. “Well, I should have known you were that kind of person huh?”

 He laughed like to mock him self, and you frowned.

“Everyone has his own thing Lex. You need power, I need money. You’re a philantropist ? Well I’m a thief. Deal with it.”

“Then 10 billiards for those data and my assistant back.”

 Your mind went blank.

“Fine for the data, but I’m not going back.”

“Your a greedy one, ain’t you?”

“It’s not about money. I’m. Not. Going. Back.”

 You took a deep breath, ignoring the panic threaning you at the idea of goin back. You didn’t found the idea awful. In fact it was attracting, and tempting. Which wasn’t a good sign at all. Which was the reason why you accepted that deal at 6 billions when you could easily find higher on the black market.

“Everything is alright, dear?” Lex’s voice was suddenlly abnormaly sweet. “You sound tensed.”

“Ha. Ha. I’m perflectly find. I’m not the one who was tricked like a newbie.”

“You’re sure? It almost sound like you’re scared by me.”

“Ha! In your dream ! You can’t catch me, I’m not scared of going in jail.”

“Then you don’t mindif we talk about that around a coffee?”

 You froze in your track, as the voice was both coming from your phone and behind you.  You turned suddenly to see Lex right behind you, his phone still on his ear with an annoying smirked smile. For just a second, you understood the feeling of the bunny getting caught by a fox, but then you thought that you personality wouldn’t feet a bunny. Rather a cat. Or a tiger. In short, you weren’t a prey, and you weren’t caught.

“You’re twisted.” You muttered while he sti at your table without a care in the world.

“I return the compliment.” He replied.

 You smiled. Ok, you liked that guy, he was funny what was wrong with that !

“Well I’m still not going to work back for you.”

“That, Y/N, is what you think now.”

“I betrayed you, remember?”  

“You want to get back. You’re just to scared about it.” He stated confidently.

 You were taken aback by that statement, and it took you two more second than usual to speak back:

“I don’t want to came back. That’s why I’m leaving, you know?”

“Come on, you shouldn’t be scarred like that Y/N. I’m not gonna punish you for that little moment of distraction, but you have to stop to be so stubborn and repent yourself.”

 He had a strange air, abviously convinced about the truth of his words, and even if you did wanted to stay – which was the reason you had to leave – you weren’t used to this arrogant part of his persona.

 Damn that was kinda sexy. You stepped back into reality and stood up quickly.

“I’m not. So now, farewell and take care of yourself!” You spoke fast and hurried to the exit.

You couldn’t help but send a last worried look at him before leaving. He was smiling, and that was the smile of a man who knew that he would get what he wanted eventually.

 It was just a matter of time.

You Make Him A Better Person//Alec Lightwood

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‘’He probably hates me.’’you said siiting on Izzy’s bed.Alec was acting really weird towards you and  you thought that something was going wrong.But he was acting weird because he was having difficulties with hiding his feelings to you.She suddenlly stood up from her make up chair,walked the bed then sat on it.

‘’No dear,no.’’she said holding your hand.’’Actually it’s the opposite.He loves you more than anything in his life.He would do anything to protect you and see you smiling.He’s the happiest when you’re with him.You know Alec…optimisim is not his best skill.’’You laughed when tears were in your eyes.’’When he is around you,he never stops smiling.You make him a better person.He loves you.More than a friend does.And don’t give me that eye role.I know that you love him too.I’m sure that he loves you back.’’Izzy said smiling.

You smiled back.

‘’Do you really think that?’’


All 21 wars between Denmark and Sweden (1205-1814)

1205-1210: The Danes support Sverker Karlsson (Sverkerska) in his fight with Erik Knutsson (Erikska) over the Swedish throne.

1360-1361: The Danish King Valdemar Atterdag captures Skåne, Halland, Blekinge and Gotland.

1389-1398: King Albrekt of Sweden and his supporters are defeated by the forces of the nobility and Queen Magrethe of Denmark and Norway and the Kalmar Union comes into existance.

1434-1436: A revolt led by Engelbrekt Engelbrektsson leads to the first estates parliament in Sweden to declare King Erik of Denmark, Norway and Sweden deposed as King of Sweden.

1448-1450: As King Kristoffer dies suddenlly, the estates parliament elect the Swedish prominent nobleman Karl Knutsson (Bonde) King of Sweden. Both he an King Kristian I of Denmark are elected King of Norway by their respective supporters and war breaks out over Norway.

1452-1457: War between King Karl Knutsson (Bonde) and King Kristian of Denmark.

1463-1471: Since King Karl Knutsson (Bonde) had returned as King, new fighting broke out as King Kristian tried to enforce his claims to the Swedish throne.

1501-1520: Sten Gustavsson (Sture), having been deposed by Swedish supporters of the Kalmar Union 1497 returns and revolts against King Hans of Denmark. This is what leads to Stockholm’s bloodbath

1521-1523: Gustav Eriksson (Wasa) leads a rising against King Kristian II and finally ends the Kalmar Union.

1534-1536: Sweden intervenes in the Counts’ feud in Denmark to ensure that King Kristian II can not regain the throne in Denmark.

1563-1570: The Nordic Seven Years’ War between Denmark and Sweden.

1611-1613: The Kalmar War between Denmark and Sweden.

1643-1645: Torstensson’s War between Denmark and Sweden.

1657-1658: Karl X Gustav’s War between Denmark and Sweden.

1658-1660: Karl X Gustav’s second War between Denmark and Sweden.

1675-1679: The Scanian War between Denmark and Sweden.

1700: First Danish participation in the Great Nordic War. 

1709-1719: Second Danish participation in the Great Nordic War.

1788-1790: The teather war. Sweden attack Russia, and Denmark honours its alliance with Russia and declares war.

1808-1809: The Danish war. Denmark, allied with Russia, which prodded by Napoleon attacks Sweden to force it into the continental system, declares war on Sweden.

1814: The invasion of Norway. (Denmark had to give Norway to Sweden)

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BH6 AU #67: (Alive!Tadashi) A couple of years in the future, one day Tadashi notices that Hiro suddenlly is taller than him, and , whenever someone points it out, he has a emotional breakdown which leads to Hiro consoling him while he glares at the “offender” and tadashi crying:


The minus and Young Knight (( closed rp with mordredemiya))

Ah the winter winted at Hakoniwa Academy was really exciting this year. The whole school grounds were covered in white and downy snow, but even so the paths were really slippy. However Misogi seems like he didn’t mind that and he was walking without problem, but other students could easly slip on almost every step. However when Misogi was walking down of the few steps, he suddenlly slip on one of the steps and fell on his face.

When he slowly kneel on the snow, he start to rub his head, in the place where he was feeling a pain and a second later, he notice that some girl not far in front of him, also slip over and fall on her butt, gasping supirsed.

Misogi slowly get up and walk to a girl amd reach out hand towards her. 『Hey, are you alright ?』He asked the blond with green eyes


Weekly Play News

The challenge of 18 year old Jurina who has cut her hair short ( Borrowing her boyfriend’s shirt to wear.. This type of sexiness? 

—The shots were great!

Thank you! Although this may sound like i’m boasting, but i look real mature right? (lol) Especially in the black swimsuit!

— The black swimsuit and the black leather jacket match very well together, it attracted a lot of attention. Also the black leather jacket is your personal clothing!

When i was wearing my own clothing this morning, the camera man said [ This and a black swimsuit wouldn’t it suit very well together? ]. This is the first time I’m photoshooting for a magazine with a leather jacket, It feels new.

— 18 years old and your hair is now short. Many of the shots are very mature!

Thank you (lol). but this is the first swimsuit photoshoot since i turned 18. So i decided [ The expression has to be way more mature compare to the time when i was 17 ]

— Jurina chan was told by others [ Are you 20? ] since the age of 11 right?

That’s so true. But if you look back to the photos in the past, i’m like a baby! Although i was known to be mature back then, but in the end i look young in comparism! (lol) The fans who liked me back then, will bring those photo during handshakes. I will say to them  [ What is this? It’s so embarassing! Don’t be like this~! ]. and they’ll reply [ You were so cute back then~ ] and so on.

— Jurina chan fan’s are like your father.

But if i were to reply [ Eh~, meaning right now i’m not cute? ] on purpose, they will say [ No No, You are cute right now! ] things like that. (lol)

—- Like your father… it’s a little wrong, It’s more like they’re similar to your uncles? Also, what are your goals after turning 18.

If I were to talk about my personal goals, my dream is to become an actress. I want to be involve in work related to acting. In the movie [ Furiko ] which is now on air, I have learned a lot of things.

— [ Furiko ] originally from the very touching Tekken-san’s flipbook.

The role i acted as is Nakamura Shido’s and Konishi Manami’s daughter. Other than that, Ken Naoko, Tetsuya Takeda and many others, being able to act with such big names i’m blessed. Especially the many scenes where i acted together with Tetsuya Takeda-san, i received a lot of guidance. While waiting for the shooting venue, regarding the kanji we carried out lessons that are similar to school!

— It’s like you entered the Kinpachi sensei ( Tetsuya Takeda past movie ) situation!

Exactly! [ 休 What about this word… ] Something like that. When i look at the situation i felt [ It’s Kinpachi sensei ! ]

— I’m envious!

So i felt that this is a great starting point for the age of 18. I went through a very precious experience. Ah, Also, Because i’m eighteen, I want to showcase my maturity though Shukan Play-san. For example, “ Wearing only a white shirt ” and more… It’s like [ Borrowing my boyfriend’s clothes to wear ] . Isn’t it sexy like this?

—-Oh oh! Isn’t this like number 1 in the male wishes!

I want to challenge this sort of photoshoots!

— SKE latest single [ Coquettish Juutai Chuu ] was first on Oricon Day list!

This song is about a childish girl who suddenlly became mature, the guys who are attracted by this situation that caused a bunch of complication.

— As an example. Jurina chan middle school classmate, after seeing ShukanPlay, [ Mat.. Matsui when have you become so mature!! ] This kind of feeling?

It’s exactly like that! (lol) I hope that they’ll be shock when they see the magazine in the supermakets. (lol)

— I wish that right now, the shopping malls will be broadcasting this song.

Ah, but don’t just stand there and watch it then just leave. You should buy it home, Listen to the CD and watch it at the same.

— Thank you for informing us particularly! The [ Coquettish Juutai Chuu ] on sale this time is the long time no see Double Center together with Matsui Rena.

That’s right! On one end it feels very nostalgic, on the other hand i really don’t know what kind of change to expect in the 48G next time. So taking the opportunity now to be double Center with Rena chan i’m really happy. All this while it’s always Nogizaka46 san that stole Rena chan away (lol)

— Talking about that, She was kennin for Nogizaka46 and SKE48.

I always thought [ When will they give Rena chan back? ] Solely when i’m watching from the side and our eyes meet, I’ll feel happy. [ As expected it’s Rena chan ] i will think likewise. (giggle)

— Whenever we are talking about Rena chan, Jurina chan you are always  happy. Also you participated in the performance where kids nowadays love [ Youkai Watch ] ending song [ Idol wa Unyanya no Ken ] right. Also you are in the idol group “NyaKB with Jibanyan ” that exist in the Youkai watch world.

That’s Right! Being able to participate in this group I’m really happy! Because the little kids will know. …However, In the ending although it’s “ NyaKB ’ appearing, but because it’s the adaption of anime, It’s unable for the kids to know me as a NyaKb member! So whenever there’s kids around, I’ll tell them [ Onee chan is in NyaKb you know ]. and they’ll reply [ Eh~? ] (lol)

— You have to get them to know who you are.

[ The one wearing the blue ribbon, that member! Because my hairstyle is style different from the others, it’s easy to find me! ] like this. I’m despearately promoting.

— Matsui Jurina who is desperately trying to promote herself amongst little kids! Is so interesting!

Turning 18 there’s so many thigns that happened, I’m really happy now! From today onwards please continue to support me!

How to NOT do romance: ep09 edition

My problem with the hajimexnice this episode wasnt the ship itself, but how it was not present before and suddenly so in my face.

Look, if the writers wanted HajimexNice as a romantic thing…they had 20 episodes to show it before this one. TWENTY.

This is what pisses me off the most: this sudden “omg cant hold hands without blushing!” thing came out of the blue.

WHY didnt we get Nice blushing at Hajime when she welcomed him back in ep01? Why were we never shown this before now?? So many chances.

“Oh but thats because Hajime had amnesia!” ok 1- EW that implies her sudden interest in Nice is due to being grateful for what he did and guilt, and thats terrible and 2-Nice is also acting all blushy and he didnt suddenlly remember shit from his past.

Like, I’m not saying we werent shown they cared a lot for each other before: they did. But it was never this awkward, never this “its obvious romantic and not platonic look!”

Seriously they had 20 episodes (and a manga!) to show us subtly but clearly that they liked each other in a romantic way, but waited until the last few episodes to suddenly hit me in the head with it in the most blatant (birthday catcalling, honey shipping it even though she never indicated such, and once again the blushing and stuttering) ways possible and that’s just jarring.