sudden zombie outbreak

itstheartistical  asked:

(I saw your tags) iZombie AU.

Well shit man

  • Marinette Dupain-Cheng was on her way to pursue her dream of becoming a heart surgeon, when all of a sudden: Zombie Outbreak Boat Party Massacre™
  • Marinette becomes a zombie. Because of this, she breaks things off with her social worker boyfriend, Adrien Agreste and becomes a recluse. She gives up becoming a heart surgeon and decides to work at the PD Morgue instead
  • Marinette’s roommate, Alya, is worried about Marinette’s reclusive habits
  • She’s terrified of someone finding out about her. But her boss, Nino, is quite eager when he finds out that his new resident is a zombie
  • Then a new detective joins the homicide division of the PD: Ali Prince.
  • So using the visions and skills from the brains of murder victims, Marinette teams up with Detective Ali to fight crime
  • On the other end, Chloé Bourgeois, the party girl who first turned Marinette, is strategically turning the wealthier citizens into zombies and selling brains at a high price.
  • Cue the whole CW drama thing with miscommunication, unnecessary drama, and terrible zombie reveals :)