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You didn’t hate Peter Parker.

On the contrary, if you had once looked past your stubbornness on competing with him academically, you two could’ve bonded over Jurassic Park and your similar music tastes and overall, would’ve been probably great friends.

But, no. Instead, you had sworn some sort of grudge against him when your physics teacher announced they had a new top of the class - bumping you into second place, Peter was taking first place. You were pretty level headed most of the time but physics was your best subject – and you were the best at it. To say, you weren’t the happiest camper with your silver medal.

So, no. You didn’t hate Peter Parker but you certainly didn’t like him. At least till now.

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Her Grace

An Au in which Prince Harry falls in love with a servant girl.

Harry watched as numerous maidens attempted to flatter him all for his hand in marriage. He was said to be king and wed to a noble lady before his father’s sickness grew to become worse. After all he was the heir to the throne and this came with a price. People like Harry could not be wed for love it was mainly for power and if they did find love within their marriage it was very rare indeed.

A loud shriek caught Harry’s attention, there was this girl, she was absolutely breathtaking Harry thought. Her hair was unruly resembling a bird’s nest on her head. Harry slightly chuckled at the thought of this. Her face was defined and chiseled to perfection, he saw not a single flaw. Her lips were as full as the moon and he wondered what her plump lips would feel like pressed against his own, sucking and lightly tugging on them to make them swollen so they appear even more plump. 

The girl was absolutely stunning without a doubt in Harry’s mind but the thing which stood out the most to him were her eyes, her eyes sparkled in the dimly lit ball room, they conveyed signs of distress as she attempted to hold back tears while being scolded for dropping a platter of wine glasses filled to the brim.  

Realization suddenly hit Harry, He was admiring a servant, a simple peasant girl. He shouldn’t, he couldn’t be doing that even if he did find her enthralling there was no possible way he could ever be with her. Harry couldn’t help but think about her.

“Your highness?” Harry’s thoughts were interrupted by these words leaving a maidens mouth. Harry studied her face, she was pretty he thought but not as gorgeous as the servant girl.

 “Yes m’lady?” Harry inquired his thoughts still flustered from thinking about the servant girl. 

“Would you care to dance Your Grace?” she timidly asked. Harry flashed the maiden a small smile as he gently took her hand in his and lead her to the center of the ball room where they preceded to sway to the rhythm of the violins

“What might be your name m’lady?” Harry asked the girl in his arms.

 “I’m Princess Arabella” she responded.

 “Ahh” Harry started “You’re the beautiful Arabella, daughter of King Ecbert” he continued “Heard many suitors would love to have your hand in marriage” Harry said as they continued to sway around the ballroom. 

“Well I’m not quite interested in them” she replied. 

Harry gave her a confused look as to why she isn’t interested in the numerous amount of suitors who are surely extremely wealthy with riches and acres of land, and maybe some quite handsome as well. “Well” the Princess continued, “I’m interested in you, Your Grace ”

Before Harry could respond to Arabella about her sudden interest in him, his thoughts were interrupted by the servant girl coming into view carry yet another platter of wine trying not to drop the platter this time. Her brows were creased in concentration as she attempted to walk across the room while chewing on her lip. 

Harry began to think to himself that this was probably one of the most adorable sights he’s ever seen but her lip biting was making him wonder. Making him wonder things he should not be wondering especially when there’s a beautiful princess in his arms dancing with him.

“Would you excuse me please Princess?” Harry asked. 

Before Arabella even had the chance to reply he quickly hurried off in the direction of the servant girl, leaving Arabella standing there appalled.

 “Ello” Harry rasped from behind the girl, startling her causing her to almost lose her balance and tip the entire platter over. “Easy there love” he calmly spoke.

As the girl turned around she came face to face with a no other than Prince Harry, she was speechless. He was even more beautiful up close she thought while staring into his jade orbs. A soft chuckle from the Prince brought her out of her thoughts. A light blushed crept onto her cheeks as he realized she was staring. A cocky smirk plastered across his face as noticed his ability to make the servant girl all flushed and flustered. 

“And what might your name be?” he inquired.

 “(Y/N), Y-your Grace” she nervously stuttered out.

‘(Y/N)’ he thought


(Y/N)…. Such a lovely name. It was perfect for her. She was perfect. “(Y/N)” he said causing (Y/N) to become flustered once more because the way her name rolled off his tongue, it was so smooth like velvet, it was perfect.

 “I like it, beautiful name for a beautiful girl” Her face flushed at his comment as another cocky smirk plastered across his face knowing he got the girl to blush yet again. 

“Thank you, Your highness” she softly replied as she curtsied him.

“(Y/N), you intrigue me.” Harry stated. “Meet me in the garden outside my chambers at dawn will you?” 

“Your Grace, with all due respect, I do not think it’s appropriate for you to be seen or even so be interacting with a peasant girl much like myself” she humbly spoke.

“(Y/N), what I said to you was an order from the Prince” Harry stated. “And if you do not show up, I shall send one of my servants to find you and bring you to me” he stated. (Y/N) nodded while chewing on her lip, a habit she’s developed whenever she became nervous.

Harry watched as she chewed on her lip, his vile thoughts of her once returning. “Don’t be nervous now beautiful (Y/N).” Harry softly spoke to her. How desperately her wanted to reach up and caress her skin, to feel her smooth, silky, soft skin contrast against the rough palm of his hands.

 “I must be off now, see you in a couple hours from now (Y/N)” Harry said to (Y/N) while shooting her a final glance.

Harry then strutted off returning to interact with the numerous amount of beautiful noble ladies in the room, leaving (Y/N) standing there shocked as she watched him return to Princess Arabella.

 Arabella was one of the most gorgeous of the ladies in the room (Y/N) thought to herself, something bubbled in the pit of her stomach as she watched Harry place a soft peck on Arabella’s hand as he curtsied her. It couldn’t be jealousy right? There was no way she could ever have feelings for a monarch or someone who has a station above her own, it would be impossible without a doubt.

The night slowly dragged on as both Harry and (Y/N) were both stealing glances at each other throughout the night and anticipating the first sun. As dawn drew closer Harry and (Y/N) grew more and more anxious.

 (Y/N) laid in her small bed in her cottage which she shared with her father and younger brother, thinking about why the Prince would ever want to meet with her far less even speak to her.

As (Y/N) spotted the first sun she quickly hurried out of her cottage desperately trying not to wake her father and brother. She quickly slipped her feet into her tattered shoes and threw on her worn out coat, sprinting out the door and in the direction of the castle gardens to meet the Prince.

As Harry spotted (Y/N) a small smile etched its way across his face causing (Y/N) to get a bubbly feeling in her stomach. “Lo’ love” He softly spoke to (Y/N) a warm smile on his lips. He wasn’t sure if (Y/N) was blushing from the pet name he gave her or the cold bitter air nipping against her skin.

 “Your grace,” (Y/N) squeaked out causing a soft chuckle to erupt from Harry causing (Y/N)’s cheeks to turn an even deeper shade of kissed pink resembling a blooming spring rose much like the ones in the garden. Harry watched as her blush grew even deeper the colour so cute against her flawless skin, she looked absolutely adorable, he couldn’t help but stare at her.

“Walk with me now, will you Petal?” He asked but it sounded more like a command to her. 

“Petal?” she questioned. “

Yeah, you’re like a petal, precious, beautiful and delicate” he answered

. “Thank you, Your Majesty.” She softly said, “Y-you’re quite beautiful too” she stuttered out her face becoming even more flushed, if possible at her own comment. “Y-your Grace, I apologize, t-that, it was completely out of line and I shouldn’t, I-“ She was suddenly interrupted by a pair of warm lips on hers.

(Y/N) was shocked to say the least but never the less, she began to move her lips in sync with his. Harry’s hand gently tugged at (Y/N)’s waist pulling her closer while she snaked her arms around his neck.

 Harry had never experienced a kiss so wonderful,with someone with such soft lips, so perfect, she indeed had the lips of an angel. The kiss literally took Harry’s breath away leaving him speechless for a mere second 

(Y/N), however didn’t know any better, Harry was her first kissed and she feared he would realize how inexperienced she is and not want anything to do with her, after all she was nothing but a servant girl.

As they pulled apart, Harry rested his forehead against (Y/N)’s while gently caressing her cheek. “That was perfect Petal” Harry rasped and leaned in to place a soft peck on her lips.

 A loud sigh of frustration escaped Harry’s lips as he realized people of the castle would soon be up and if anyone ever saw them, for sure (Y/N) would be punished and her family would be stripped of everything. Harry also didn’t need any servants gossiping and any nobles getting him in trouble from his father, the king.

“Petal?” Harry whispered looking down at (Y/N), she looked at peace and he couldn’t help but stare at her beauty. (Y/N) hummed in response, “I’ve gotta go now yeah?”

 (Y/N) couldn’t help but feel her heart breaking at his words. A lump grew in her throat thinking he would shone her out, pretend like she never existed and whatever they had never happened. (Y/N)’s thoughts were interrupted by Harry’s raspy voice. 

“Now Petal, I want you to meet me at my chambers tonight after dinner alright?” (Y/N) gave a nod in response while harshly biting down on her lip trying to hold back tears that were threatening to fall not knowing what else to do.

With a lingering kiss to her forehead and Harry whispering to her that it will all be alright, she knew that it will be alright. She trusted his words because even though they just met, the pair felt as though they were connected to each other, literally as though there were two strings tied to the left sides of their chests and no matter how far they go, no matter station or class, it may pull and it may stretch but it will never tear.

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The Boy In Yellow

Morty x Female! Reader

You were in school one day, sitting in the back as you began to slowly trace a little doodle in your paper. The small doodle looked so rough against your clean and neat notes, you glared at it, and began to trace it. Mr. Goldenfold continued to drone on about simple mathematics, you wanted to leave already, this place was cramped, and none of the kids here had any character. You gave a small sigh, dropping your pencil surrendering to your boredom, it was hard to fight, and the clocks hands weren’t moving faster anytime soon.

“Alright, class, what’s six times nine?” Goldenfold exclaimed with that monotonous drawl, he didn’t want to be here either, hell, nobody did.

“54,” said the class with the same drawl, except one kid, who’s voice cracked slightly as he said the number wrong. He was off by a few, but the class didn’t seem to even notice.

The kid in the yellow shirt was resting his hand in his palm, looking a bit tired. Why was he always so tired. You narrowed your eyes at him, studying the class nerd. His brown hair had small curls, shining fully against the fluorescent light above. His brown eyes looked dead, it was obvious enough the kid had trouble keeping awake. You pondered his name for a second, who was this kid? Nobody talked to him, and he rarely ever talked, except when he was talking to the red haired girl who seemed to always find some guy to talk to during lunch, Jessica. He seemed lovesick for the girl, every now and then saying her name instead of the answer. You scoffed slightly, trying to deny the fact you just stared and studies some need in class like a creep.

Just like that, your studying paid off! The ball rang and your body jolted into its remote schedule, and you were off. Suddenly, you turned back, you forgot your books. You shook your head, a bit too quick, [Y/N].

You walked to the desk, and there likes your notes all cleanly compact in a binder. You looked over, and there he was, that kid in the yellow shirt. He was asleep and Goldenfold had already left the room. He was a real shitty teacher when you thought about it. You shook him slightly, and in sudden panic you forgot his name, and you paused. The boy stirred, and he groaned as he sat up, drool slightly trailing down his chin. His brown eyes met yours. He suddenly looked panicked, you didn’t know what else to say, so you stated back.

“O-Oh shit, shit, I-I’m sorry,” the kid said as he scrambled to grab his stuff. The boy moved slowly, almost pitifully off balance. You handed him his books, still silent as you watched him scatter like a scared mouse. He ran out quickly, and you just stood there. It suddenly hit you that this was the first time he had been in school longer than just first period. He was the kid everyone whispered about, how he kept disappearing with his grandad.

You grabbed your backpack and headed out, heading towards the door, suddenly hushed loud whispering met your ears, you reached your locker, but gave a curious peek. There was an old man, dressed like a mad scientist, his eyes wild, His hair everywhere as you heard him speak to someone. The way he looked it was most likely himself. As you leaned back, there was a sudden voice, that cracked one, the one that stuttered to even say something to you.

“Rick, I-I’ve had enough, I don’t want to go, I haven’t slept i-in weeks, Rick, weeks! What’s your problem anyways? Y-You destroyed the council, y-you don’t need me anymore!”

You seemed shocked, he never spoke like that before, who the hell was this kid? What or who was the council? You heard a gruff voice, slurred slightly, but mainly serious, it was obviously the old man.

“Morty! Come on, w-we gotta go get these crystals, I need your help, y-YouUUUGhr my little buddy,” the voice said desperately, and suddenly the big was passing you, and you felt your body tense up. The old man made a defeated growl, muttering cusses as a weird electric BZZT! quickly faded. The boy sighed as you looked at the Boy. He looked at you, and for a second, he looked a bit hurt. You opened your mouth, and the kid perked up. It was like he never had a girl actually talk to him. You closed your mouth, and looked away. You didn’t know what that kid was into, who he was working with. Was that the grandad everyone whispered about? You loaded your books into your locker. The kid walked to his locker and disappeared. This boy was obviously working with something, you didn’t know what it was, but you were too afraid to ask. The kid seemed so off, he was off before, but there was a lot more to him then he let on.

You closed your locker, and suddenly one of your friends leaned in, scaring the piss out of you. You squeaked as she laughed, holding her backpack.

“Why are you oggling Smith over there?” She asked with a sly smirk. “Out of all the people in this school, you stare at him?”

You gave a small shrug, honestly you’ve told yourself that, the kid was weird. All he did was talk to Jessica and get the shit beaten out of himself. He was an off one, so yes, why were you staring at him? Maybe you pitied him, maybe you felt bad for the kid, be the white knight for him?

“Uh, hello? [Y/N]?”

“S-Sorry… who is that kid anyways? He seems weird..”

“Morty Smith, the one who keeps disappearing and coming back in portals, but that was before you moved here, he doesn’t disappear that much anymore…”

“Morty,” you said with a slight curious tone.

Morty Smith, you thought, it was such a odd name, but it fit him. You felt yourself grow more curious about him, tomorrow you would confront him, tomorrow you’d learn about a world beyond the stars. But that was tomorrow. Today you needed to go home and just relax

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“Yeah right, Tom! I bet you didn’t even think about us!” Tord screamed at Tom through his tears. His face was hot with anger.

Tom gaped at Tord and Edd. He didn’t know how to respond. He felt tears beginning to well up in his eyes; it stung. “I-I-,” he tried to form a coherent sentence, but the words wouldn’t come. He knew what he had done. He had no excuse.

“You what, Tom? You used us? You took advantage of us? You LIED to us? What?!”

“I-I just-” Tom clenched his fists. He couldn’t take this anymore. His throat was throbbing, and hot, salty tears ran down his cheeks. Without saying anything more he turned and ran. Right out the door.

Edd attempted to follow him, “Wait! Tom!” Tord grabbed him by his shoulder.

“Let him go. If we’re lucky he won’t come back.”

Edd jerked away from Tord, “How could you say that? Tom is our friend!”

“He used you! He hurt us! He lied to both of us!”

“He wasn’t the only one who lied. None of this would have happened if you two had told us what was going on between you.”

“That’s irrelevant. HE knew. HE knew and he still did it! And then he lied about it. What else could he have lied about?”

Edd turned away. He didn’t know what to say. He knew that Tom had used him, but it wasn’t entirely his fault. Edd knew he had been drunk, yet he still consented. Tom was his best friend, and he wouldn’t abandon him no matter what he had done.

Tord saw Edd’s expression and sighed. He placed his hand on his friend’s shoulder, “If it makes you feel any better, I’m sure he’ll be back by tomorrow.”

Edd wiped the tears from his face, “Yeah, I hope so.”

The next morning Edd woke up late. He sat up and yawned, dangling his legs over the side of his bed. The previous night’s events came rushing back to him like a wave, and he fell back onto his bed with a loud creak. He rubbed his eyes, “What have I gotten myself into?”

Eventually he got up, and he headed to the kitchen to find something to eat. No one else was around. He found some leftover pizza in the fridge and took a slice out to the living room. He had half expected to find Tom snoozing on the couch (as he usually did after a long night out) but was surprised to find the room empty. He sat down, slightly unsettled.

He jumped as he heard footsteps behind him, and turned to see Tord trudging groggily into the living room. He looked as if he had gotten no sleep, and his eyes were bloodshot.

“Tord, have you seen Tom?” Edd asked carefully.

“Wh- he isn’t back yet?” Tord’s eyes widened, then he grimaced, as if in pain, “Why am I not surprised.”

“Where do you think he could be?”

“Don’t care.” Tord opened the fridge and rummaged around, finally coming to the conclusion that cold pizza was all he was having for breakfast.

“Aren’t you at least a little bit worried?”

Tord hesitated, “Not really. He’s probably just throwing himself a pity party, trying to get us worried. He’ll be back soon enough.”

“You and I both know Tom better than that.” Edd replied.

“I suppose you’re right. He’s probably gone and gotten himself alcohol poisoning. Or he’s in the hospital after trying to off hims-” Tord stopped. Edd looked horrified, and even he shuddered at the thought. Even after all Tom had done he would never wish anything like that upon him.

“Don’t you dare say that!” Edd glared at Tord.

“You’re right, I’m sorry.” Tord looked away. He didn’t hate Tom. But he wasn’t sure if he loved him the same way anymore. He didn’t feel like he could trust him, and he was sure that things would never be the same between them.

The whole situation made Tord so angry. He wanted to hit him. To physically hurt him, so that he could know what it felt like to be betrayed. He knew it was wrong, but he couldn’t help but relish the thought.

“If he doesn’t come back by tonight I’m going to go look for him.” Tord was snapped out of his thoughts by Edd’s sudden statement.


“Tord, I’m really worried about him. He could be in serious trouble.” Tord glanced over at Edd. His face was creased with worry, but underneath he saw how tired he was. He saw his face tinted with sorrow and betrayal. But Edd was a loyal friend. He would do anything for him, Tom, and Matt.

“Well, you’re not going alone. You’re gonna need help.”

Edd smiled, “Thanks, Tord.”

That evening, Tom still hadn’t returned. Edd paced back and forth in front of the couch. Tord and Matt sat watching him worriedly.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to come?” Matt asked.

“It’s fine, Matt. Besides, we need someone to stay here in case Tom comes home.” Tord patted Matt on the back, then stood up with a groan, “Alright, Edd. Let’s head out. We can take my car.”

Edd followed Tord out to the car. It was red, Tord’s favorite color. But Edd noticed a strange hole in the side, near the fender.

“Tord, is this a bullet hole?”

“Oh that? That’s just a… rust spot!”

Edd looked harder at the hole. The paint around it was chipped, and the metal underneath was spotless, no rust in sight. He narrowed his eyes with suspicion, but said nothing. He got into the car next to Tord and they headed out.

“Now, where would Tom be?” Tord mumbled.

“I- I don’t know. He- he’s not answering his phone. It’s probably off. Should we call the police?”

“No. He’s a grown man. He has every right to leave when he wants, and he hasn’t been gone for that long.”

Edd sighed, and they drove in silence for a while. Eventually they found themselves in downtown. They came to a river and Tord slowed down to cross the bridge when suddenly Edd grabbed his arm.

“EDD!” Tord slammed on his brakes. Luckily there was no one behind him. The roads were strangely quiet.

“What are you thinking!”

“I saw Tom!” Edd gestured forward toward the bridge.

“Wha-” Tord followed Edd’s gaze and saw a man standing on the bridge, leaning on the rails. It was Tom. Edd unbuckled his seatbelt and reached for the door handle.

“Wait, uh, Edd.” Tord touched Edd’s arm. Edd looked at him quizzically.

“Maybe you should stay here.”

“Oh, uh, okay.” Edd put his seatbelt back on, “But I’m there at any sign of trouble”

“Alright then,” Tord stepped out of the car. We walked quietly up to Tom.

“You aren’t planning on jumping, are you?” Tord leaned on the rails by him. Tom jumped and turned sharply, but relaxed when he saw who it was and turned back to gazing out at the city.

Tord noticed the circles under his eyes; his hair was messy and tousled. Tom hadn’t gotten any sleep in over forty-eight hours.

Tom sighed, “No, just watching.”

“Care if I join you?”

Tom turned back to him, “I thought you couldn’t stand to be around me.” His tone was meant to be questioning, but his fatigue rendered his voice monotone.

“Look, Tom. What you did was wrong, but I didn’t take the time to consider everything… You still should have told me. If you had just told the truth none of this would have happened.”

“I know, I just-” Tom rubbed his eyes with both hands, “I just didn’t want to lose you. I thought you would hate me.”

“Tom, I would never hate you. There’s nothing you could do that would make that happen.”

Tord had had some time to think. The more he had thought about it, the less angry he became.

“Tord, I’m really sorry. I don’t expect you to forgive me.”

“But I do.”

“Really? Why?” Tom looked at him questioningly.

“Everyone deserves a second chance,” Tord knew that Tom would do the same for him, “But, I’m not the only one you need to apologize to.” Tord gestured to the car where Edd waited.

“Yeah, you’re right.”

Tom and Tord walked back to the car. Edd jumped out and wrapped Tom in an enormous hug, “Tom! I’m so glad you’re okay! I was so worried.”

Tom hugged Edd back, “I’m sorry, Edd. For everything.”

Several Years Later…

Tom opened the door, and was surprised to see a familiar, but scarred, face staring back at him.


“Tom, I- please, I just-” Tord stuttered, he couldn’t seem to form the words.

“Save it commie.” Tom pulled Tord into a hug.

“W-what are you-”

“Everyone deserves a second chance.”

Tord bit his lip as tears ran down his face, and he hugged him back.

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Thank God (JB)

For: Anonymous

Prompt:  scenario w/ jaebum: he’s your downstairs neighbor in the apartment and one day you’re chilling on your balcony when you accidentally knock over a potted plant onto his balcony, and you hear a groan.

Okay… so I had a lot of fun with this.

He wasn’t answering the door. Why wasn’t he answering the door? He was definitely home. Just two minutes ago he’d been out on his balcony cursing up a storm. Maybe he was just in the bathroom or something. Yeah, that was it, he was in the bathroom you told yourself trying to calm yourself down. That was all. You needed to get a grip. He wasn’t dead or anything.

Oh God… what if he was dead?

A terracotta flower pot had just landed on his head. He very well might be.

You forwent the bell this time and hammered the door instead.

Two minutes later and the door was being yanked open and you were standing face to face with a very disgruntled Im Jaebum. He was holding a bag of what looked like frozen peas to the back of his head. Or at least you assumed it was Im Jaebum, you’d never said more than a hello to him but that was the name that was on his mailbox downstairs.

You let out a breath you hadn’t been aware you’d been holding. “You’re alive.” you observed, immensely relieved. You’d been considering calling an ambulance and you’d had no idea how you were going to explain to them what had happened without them thinking you were crazy.

“So you’re the person who just tried to kill me,” he replied, skipping the greetings also.

“That’s me.” You chirped, flashing him a nervous smile. “It was an accident though, I promise. I heard you out on your balcony and I wanted to say hi like I do when I see you on the stairs so I leaned over but I bumped into Clive and he fell. So you see, it’s not like I meant to hurt you. Please don’t sue me.” That was the last thing you needed, to be sued. No, the last thing you needed was to have accidentally killed a man. Being sued was definitely better than accidentally killing someone.

Im Jaebum frowned. “Why would I sue you?” He asked, thankfully choosing to ignore the fact that you’d just admitted to naming your plants. Whenever you were nervous your mouth switched to auto-pilot, it was so embarrassing.

“I nearly knocked you out with a flowerpot.” You reminded him, keeping your reply short this time to minimise further embarrassment. If he wanted to sue you he probably could.

“It wasn’t that bad.” He assured you but you weren’t convinced. It hadn’t been that bad he wouldn’t have started swearing bloody murder when it hit him.

“Let me see,” you said. He was still holding the frozen peas to his head so you reached out and pulled his arm down. Still holding his wrist you forcibly turned him around so you could get a proper look at the back of his head.

“Ow!” he yelped as you started prodding at the area you guessed the plant pot had hit.

Satisfied with what you’d found you took a step back. “Well it’s not bleeding.” You told him. “That’s something.”

“I know it’s not bleeding, it’s my head.” Jaebum told you, turning back around and pinning you with a glare.

“That doesn’t mean your skull isn’t cracked though. Maybe you should go to the hospital and let them check you out.” Just because he hadn’t keeled over right away didn’t mean he wasn’t going to. Head injuries were strange things.

“I don’t need to go to the hospital.” He argued.

You frowned. You weren’t so sure about that. What if it really was worse than it looked? “If you’re not going to go to the hospital you should at least let me keep an eye on you.” You decided and you stepped over the threshold and into his hallway.

“You can’t just invite yourself into my house.” he protested.

You kind of could. You weren’t a vampire. But you got his point, it had been a little rude of you. “Sorry, but that plant pot did hit you pretty hard. I heard it. And I really am worried, so if you could just let me stay for a little while so I can make sure you don’t pass out or anything I’d really appreciate it.” If he still wanted to kick you out then he could kick you out, he was right it was his house but at least you’d tried.

Jaebum sighed. “Okay, fine.” He said. “You can stay for a while if it’ll make you feel better.”

“Really?” You asked. Was he kidding? Was that sarcasm? You hadn’t been expecting him to give in so easily.

“Really.” He said and started walking back down the hallway.

“Great.” You said, hastily kicking off your shoes so you could follow after him. Your mother would not be impressed, you’d just invited yourself into the home of a man you barely knew. ‘He could be a serial killer’ you could hear her saying in your head, her expression horrified. She was definitely the one you’d gotten your paranoia and tendency to over exaggerate from. You were sure you’d be fine though, despite the glare he’d been giving you earlier Jaebum didn’t look much like a killer and if he did try something he was already partially weakened from having a plant fall on him so that would work in your favour.

“You know I used to think you were pretty cute.” Jaebum said as he lead you through his kitchen and out onto the balcony.

You paused for a second, shocked by the sudden confession. Okay, so maybe you’d thought the same thing about him more than once but thinking it was one thing, admitting it out loud was another thing entirely. And then what he’d actually said registered. “Used to you?” you echoed, slightly offended. What did he mean used to? He either thought you were cute or he didn’t.

“You almost killed me!” He pointed out, nudging the broken plant pot on his balcony with one foot. “It would be a little weird if I still liked you after that.”

“It was an accident!” You protested, indignant. “And you said you were fine.”

“I’m kidding.” Jaebum told you with a smile.

“Good.” It really had been an accident. You might not know him but you didn’t want him to hate you for it. “Wait…” you said slowly as something occurred to you, “… if you’re kidding, does that mean you still think I’m cute?”

Look I love Zayn a lot alright? I dont even know how to put it into words. He has just become this part of me. Like I will be going about my business and have a sudden thought about him. I wake up sometimes (most times) with him as my first thought. I cant explain this kind of love as I have never felt it before. Seeing him happy makes my heart…I feel like I am glowing from within. I know this sounds extremely cheesy but its true. So every time he accomplishes something  feel so proud like I would were it my fam. And every time someone makes some cruel, racist or ignorant comment about him it makes me so frustrated and brings me to tears sometimes. I just want everyone to be fair and at least give him a chance. When he confessed dealing with anxiety I just wanted to protect him but also internally I was marveling at the fact that there is yet another thing that makes me relate to him. So yeah I get mad every time I see some people pretending to like him just for notes (this past few days have been eye opening). I get mad every time on me bitter ex fan or 1D/LM fan tries to put him down. Anyway my point is I really do love this boy…I dont know how else to say it.

* (Sans and Frisk smile as Caddy seems to begin to settle in to being in their timeline.)

Sans: well, you can say that kinda thing around us, but maybe not out in public. nobody else here knows about the whole “multiverse” thing.

* (A sudden thought strikes him.)

Sans: uh. on that note, it’d probably be better if you didn’t mention the royal family around anyone else until we can fill you in on some things.

* (Oh dear. From the pair’s expressions, something unpleasant must have happened concerning the Royal Family…)

Sans: that can wait, though. right now i gotta find a way to convince papyrus that the world’s not gonna end if you don’t have some of his cooking tonight.

i’ve got one more idea. if that doesn’t work, then it’s gonna be up to you, kiddo.

* (Whatever was bothering Frisk just moments before seems to have been forgotten.)

Sans: heh heh. alright, i’ll add that one to my argument. wish me luck.

* (Sans vanishes off into the kitchen again. The sounds of chatter are added to that of clanking cookware and splattering tomatoes.)

* (Frisk carries on the conversation.)

[Frisk’s Dialogue]

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There is a sudden air of defeat about him. Natasha’s never thought there was a way he could ever look small to her, but now he does. And she realizes with a start that her mother has just now put into words something he’s believed is the truth all along. That he’s not good enough for her. That they won’t last. That he’s pulling her down.
She still half expects him to speak up, fight back. This is, after all, her James. James, who always wears his heart on his sleeve. Who is never shy of an answer. Who spent half his childhood fighting his best friend’s battles, because he hates injustice. But nothing happens. And she realizes that he won’t speak up. Not here in her home. Not against her parents. So she does.
“I cannot believe you two.” She wishes her voice was stronger, less shaky, but she’s close to tears. Angry tears. Tears of embarassment. Because this is her family and she is ashamed of them. And it hurts so much more, because she loves her parents. But this is about James and if she has to chose sides now, then she will.
“I’ve always known you are terrible snobs, but this? What on earth makes you think this is somehow okay? You didn’t even try to get to know him. James is gentle and funny and caring. I have never felt safer than I do with him. Or better about myself. And guess what? At first I didn’t even wanted him to meet you, because I knew this was gonna be a disaster. But he kept bringing it up for weeks until I caved. Because he is that serious about us. And yes, life has fucked him over, but he hasn’t given up. He’s working so hard to make things better for himself and screw you for looking down on him when he’s worth ten of you. You disgust me!“
She storms past her parents, grabs Bucky’s hand and yanks the door open. “Let’s get out of here.”

College!AU in which Natasha studies ballet at NYADA and Bucky just returned home to NYC after having been gravely injured on his last tour in Iraq. It is love at first sight for the boy from Brooklyn and the Russian princess who grew up on the Upper East Side. Her parents however see their daughter’s future already written in stone and for them someone like Bucky has no place in her story.

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Wataya Arata: A Sudden Thought on Him.

Me writing about Arata… Talk about rare…  whatever. His character now really intrigued me.

The first time I read Chihayafuru was last year. But not until this year that I’m trying to understand the whole story of the manga; learn how karuta works, watch the anime, find more about poems and flowers symbolism, and so on.

The characters are all so multi layer. Except for Arata, or so I thought. Even all supporting characters moved me so much, how come I feel nothing; literally indifferent to Arata, the supposedly one of the main characters in the manga? And so I’m trying to learn things from his point of view. To told the truth, I couldn’t relate myself to Arata. Nothing in me resembles him, so I’ve no idea on how should I better understand him. If anything, often I feel annoyed. Why does he feel so comfortable with staying unchanging? Why strives for the past, when he has so many things to treasure in the present, even more so in the future? And so on.

But. That was only until I re-read an old masterpiece manga; Fruits Basket. That got me thinking hard and ended up with a long random babbling… Anyway, my opinion of Arata drastically change after that. I’m becoming attached to him, after that very moment. Only read my mere opinion on your own discretion. ◕‿◕

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Behind the Scenes 2 (13/16)

Author’s note: Again, because of school, I wont be post the next part till Wednesday. But wow! BTS 2 is almost over!!! I cant believe it! I am still working on BTS 3, so I have no idea how soon I can get it out after this one ends. (Yes, there is still more! How could I not write about a tour?!? C’mon!) I hope you guys like this part and sorry for any errors.

Genre: Fluff/angst? (Suga)

Summary: All you wanted was someone to talk to.

Word count: 1760

Other parts: HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series.

Jimin really did keep by his word. He completely stopped telling you mean things or saying mean things about you. Over the past few days he hadn’t even spoken to you, he just gave you your space. However, after about a week or so, he would try to make small talk with you, but you always shot him down.

You wished you had been able to talk to Suga or Jhope about what happened, but they were always busy doing something else. They were either staying behind at the studio to practice or record or they were drunk or high. In the rare moments that you did have time to talk to them, their attention was on their phones because they were texting Aiko or Mei-hui, so they didn’t pay too much attention to you. It been a while since they last snuck into your room to talk to you, so you eventually gave up your hopes of them visiting you.

You felt really alone not talking to them as much. You really just wanted someone to talk to. You tried talking to V and it was fun to converse with him, but you never felt comfortable enough as you did with Suga or Jhope. Not to mention that he too was sometimes busy texting his girl, Lailani. Jungkook was another option, but the two of you weren’t really close in general. The only time you interacted with him was when you both were pretending.

It was a rather bad day for the members. It was partially due to what happened the night before. The last night, Rap monster came back extra late from one of his deals. This morning, he woke up late and made everyone late for practice. He and the manager were arguing in the van as he drove you all to the practice room because he made the manager late for the deals.

For reasons not dealing with Rap monster, Jimin and Jhope were on edge with each other because they were disagreeing on the choreo. Suga was too hungover to pay attention and kept messing up and was just dancing horribly most of the time, even hurting his ankle at one point. Overall, everyone got pissed over something and practice was cut short.

Back at the dorm, the guys left their mess after eating, making things take longer to clean. After a few hours, you finally finished, but once again, you didn’t feel like going to your room. You were still trying to avoid Jimin. He was still in the process of making up for being an asshole to you and hadn’t given up on trying to talk to you. Whenever you were in the room with him you couldn’t help but feel weird, because you could sense his apprehension when he was trying to think of a topic to bring up.

You made sure the coast was clear and you quietly ran into Suga’s room. You didn’t even knock; you didn’t want to risk anyone hearing you.

“Hey! You’re here!” he smiled. From the mess of bottles in his room he was obviously drunk already. He was laying in the edge of his bed still in his clothes from practice. Unlike his usual drunk state, he was very happy at the moment.

“How are you feeling?” you asked. “Does your ankle feel better?”

“Ha! You sound *hiccup* different!”

You were a bit taken aback by his current personality, but you let it go and took a seat at his desk chair.

“Why are-  you over there? Come- come over here!” He patted the on the space between him and the wall.

“I’m good.”

“Pleeeeeeease! *hiccup*”

You got up and made your way to the side of his bed. “Move your leg so I can get on.”

“But my leg still hurts.” He pouted. “Just climb over.”

“Fine.” You laughed. You had successfully swung one leg over him and you were in the middle of pulling yourself to the other side when you felt his hands grab you and pull you down, making you straddle him. “Yoongi, what are you doing? Let me move.” You tried to swing your dangling leg over him to lay down, but he pulled you down again.

He giggled at you. “You’re better here.” He smiled.

It had been a while since you had seen his gummy smile and you couldn’t help but smile yourself. “Yoongi, seriously, let me move.” You tried again.

“No- seriously!” He slurred. “Stay here… How- how are you?” he asked. He giggled a bit for no reason.

“I am freaked out by the way you are acting right now!” you laughed. You were still straddling him and it was weird, you felt like you were crossing some type of line or something. You didn’t actually feel uncomfortable, but the idea of what you were doing was weird.

“How are you?” he repeated.

“I should be asking you that!” He was so giggly, it just wasn’t like him, especially with the type of day he had. “Why do you keep laughing?” you asked

He didn’t answer, he just kept giggling.

With no way to get off of him, you just stayed put. “Anyway… I need to tell you what happened! Wait, are you going to remember this tomorrow? You’re really drunk.”

“How- how could I *hiccup* not remember you!” he smiled, patting your thigh.

For some reason, you couldn’t help but blush at his drunk comment. You hadn’t even spoken yet and he started giggling again. His vibe was infectious and you giggled at his cuteness.

“Like I was saying! Something happened the other day. Why didn’t you ever tell me that Jimin-“. You stopped talking when you noticed that his hands were moving up and down your thighs. “Yoongi, what are you doing?” you didn’t stop him though.

The look on his face changed as his hands ran up your hips and to your waist. “I’ve missed you.” he smiled. “We don’t talk… maybe cuz I’m like… so busy and shit.” His hands slowly ran up your arms. His fingers gripped around then and he pulled you down so that your chest was on top of his.

The alcohol on his breath was distinctive. “Yoongi… what are you doing?”

He smiled at you again “Ha! Something I’ve- I have- been wanting to do for, like… a loooong time…” He pulled you more so that your lips finally touched his.

His lips were soft and inviting and you didn’t want to pull away. You didn’t mind the layer of alcohol surrounding him or the sloppiness of his drunken kisses. You could feel yourself melt in his arms. You gripped on to him and tried to stay as close to him as possible. The whole experience of it all was a bit of an awakening. You got hit by a tide of feelings you forgot you could have.

The comforting kisses almost ended with Suga’s reoccurring giggles, but he continued to kiss you anyway. His hands slipped back to your waist and gripped around you. He seemed to have no intentions of letting you go.

You wished the kiss could have lasted forever, but it was his second round of drunken giggles that made him pull away from you.

You pulled away to give yourself a chance to breathe. You couldn’t believe what just happened. You looked down as him and his gummy smile was as big as ever. His hands pulled you down once again, you hid your face in the pillow under his head, but you couldn’t stop smiling either.

“Finally.” He said with his smile still on his face.

You moved to take a look at him. “Yoongi-“

“Sssshhhhh…” He tried to place a finger on your lips, but missed and bopped your nose instead. “Just don’t tell y/n or the rest of the guys…” he said pulling you back to his lips.

At his words, you pulled away immediately. “What do you mean don’t tell y/n?!?” You felt your insides being torn apart. “Who do you think I am?”

“You’re Aiko silly!” he tried to pull you down for another kiss, but you pulled away and jumped off of him.

You ran out of his room and straight to yours. You slammed the door behind you and dove into your mattress. “I can’t believe he thought I was Aiko!… I thought that kiss was real…” you thought. You slowly ran your fingers over your lips, remembering how his felt.

“Y/n are you okay?” Jimin asked from his bed, a bit in shock over your sudden entrance.

You weren’t even paying attention to him. Instead you thought about your feelings for Suga. “It doesn’t make sense. It was just a kiss… So why does it hurt so bad?” you thought.

You stared at the stuffed panda that was next to your pillow. Since the day he gave it to you, you slept with it every night. You didn’t realize how much you loved that panda until now. You didn’t realize why you felt so comfortable with him until now. With all the shit you’ve been through you never bothered to deal with feelings about him.

“Y/n?” Jimin asked again getting off his bed.

You thought back through all your moments with Suga and it all made sense. You liked Suga, you really, really, really liked him. Just as quickly as you came to that realization, rejection hit you like a truck. He didn’t kiss you because he had the same feelings, he did it because he thought you were Aiko.

“Are you okay?” Jimin was already crouching by your mattress. “Were you with Yoongi or Hoseok? What happened?” he looked at you with concern.

“Why the fuck do you care?!?” you shouted. All you wanted to do was process your emotions and Jimin wouldn’t stop being such a pest.  “Why don’t you ever just leave me alone?!? You always try to talk to me, but I don’t want to fucking talk to you! Can’t you get that through your head? If you want to talk so bad, why don’t you talk to the manager? He seems to really enjoy your company!”

Jimin’s face fell. “Don’t worry… I’ll leave you alone…” he said softly.

“Shit.” You knew you crossed the line. What you said was a low blow and you couldn’t help but feel instantly regretful.  “Jimin… I’m-“

“No, I get it.” He made his way to his bed and hid under his covers.

“Jimin, I didn’t mean-“

“Just stop talking.” He said softly.


(A/N): I just want my own Bucky to cuddle dammit!

Request:   Heya 💝 I wanted to ask for an imagine with bucky where he frees you from being kidnapped by hydra just before your anniversary with buck. When he finds you he carries you outside cause you’re too weak from all the wounds and he brings you home caring for you. Then you feel sad cause you have to stay in bed on your special day but he reassures you that it’s all fine as long as you’re safe, so you spend the day cuddling? 😊

Warnings: injury, brief mentions of torture

Originally posted by arianagrandes

   Bucky groaned softly as he rolled over on the less than comfortable floor of the forest. For the last few days Steve, Bucky, and (Y/N) had been on this mission to recover some files Hydra had stolen from Shield. The only problem was the were incognito and thus this required them to hide out in the forest surrounding the base, which included sleeping, eating, and ‘training’.

    It had been a difficult few days, Bucky would be the first to admit it. The close quarters often led to the four of them constantly arguing and over the most trivial things. It probably didn’t help that none of them had had any proper sleep in those few days, after all sleeping on the bumpy ground wasn’t exactly the best place to sleep. But Bucky had slept in far more difficult places unfortunately (Y/N) had not which usually led to them getting up and walking around at all times of the night so it was no surprise when Bucky woke up and (Y/N) wasn’t there. 

   Bucky pushes up from the floor groggily, stopping once he was sitting on the dirt ground. He rubs at the sleep that still lingers over his eyes, stifling a yawn as he does so. He looks about the ‘camp’, surveying the other two sleeping bodies across from him. Steve and Sam’s bodies are nearly motionless other than the heavy rise and fall of their chest. If Bucky didn’t know any better he could say the scene was almost…peaceful in a way. 

   Bucky smiles softly as he rises to his feet, dusting his legs free of any dirt or underbrush. It was his turn to find food for the day and if he wanted to get food for breakfast and dinner he needed to start now. Bucky jotted down a quick note for Sam and Steve (and (Y/N) when they returned) before grabbing his bow and arrow and setting out to work. 

   As Bucky traveled along the forest something felt…wrong. The air around him felt heavy and tense and his heart felt as though it may begin to race in his chest. It wasn’t just that but there was no sign, whatsoever, of any animal anywhere. Usually he could catch a few rabbits or something but not even those were running around as usual. This had made Bucky more than wary to go deeper into the forest but something was pushing him to and in the end that something won and Bucky ended up traveling a bit deeper. 

   As Bucky travelled a bit deeper he began to find things, I few chunks of earth had been turned up, there was obvious signs of a struggle, and as Bucky got even deeper he found a small scrap of clothing. As his he picked it up and ran his fingers over it he realized exactly what it was. It was part of (Y/N)’s uniform. An ice cold chill runs through Bucky’s body and he can’t suppress the shiver that runs up his spine. Had (Y/N) gotten in trouble? Had they been chased? Did someone find them? Did- did Hydra find them? Bucky shakes his head, as though the motion could clear the awful thought from his mind but it sticks with him, pressuring him to go just a teeny bit deeper.

   Bucky goes a bit deeper and everything looks the same as the last place, like a huge struggle had gone down but what really grabbed Bucky’s attention was the puddle of blood on the ground. It was a deep crimson and there was a whole lot of it, it coated the ground, the trees surrounding, and even created a path deeper into the woods. 

   Bucky’s heart sinks and his mouth runs dry at the thought of that blood being (Y/N)’s. Even though he didn’t want it to be true, his heart knew what had happened. This was (Y/N)’s blood, something had happened to (Y/N). 

   Bucky didn’t think he’d ever run that fast in his life. His feet carried him back to camp at lightning speed, not caring if he woke up the entire Hydra base. He had one thing and one thing on his mind; (Y/N). 

   Bucky stopped at camp, crouching down beside Steve and Sam to shake them awake, probably a bit harder than he needed to. Both men turn to look at him all the while groaning in displeasure. 

   “Bucky, what the hell do you-” Sam begins only to have Bucky cut him off. 

   “(Y/N)’s gone, I-I don’t know where they went but there’s blood in the forest a-and-” Steve sits up, placing a reassuring hand on Bucky’s shoulder as he does so. 

   “It’s okay Buck,” Steve states calmly, hoping his calmness would eventually calm down the nearly frantic Bucky. “I’m sure they’re fine,” 

   “What if they’re not? What if they got lost or- or what if-” Bucky inhales shakily, his thoughts and nerves starting to get the better of him. 

   “Bucky.” Steve gives his shoulder a squeeze, slightly grounding him. “We’ll find them don’t worry. Now, can you tell me exactly where you found this blood?” Bucky nods and before he can even comprehend what has happened he’s directing both Steve and Sam into the forest. 

    Both men surveyed the surrounding, checking for anything else that could give any hint as to what happened to their fellow teammate while Bucky stood on the sidelines, nearly numb in shock and fear. That was until Steve perked up, holding something in his hand. 

   “Hey you guys,” Steve calls out and both men rush to his side. “Isn’t this…isn’t this Hydra protocol knife, like what all the agents use?” Bucky grabs the knife and surveys it, seeing if it looked familiar at all and it did. Bucky had used that knife many times before, what all the agents had used before. Bucky’s heart sinks even lower and he’s sure he may throw up as he comes to a realization. Hydra had gotten (Y/N), his (Y/N) and only god knew what they were doing to them. 

   “Yeah,” Bucky responds dryly, numbly. “Yeah it is,” 

   It hadn’t taken long for the men to suit up, ready to go get (Y/N) back. They had murder in their eyes and their jaws clenched tightly, anger brewing within them. Hydra would soon learn not to ever, ever mess with one of their own. 

   Within a few moments the men were ready to go, dressed to kill (quite literally too). The plan had been to stay under wraps for a bit, just track Hydra and map their movements but that plan flew out the window when they took (Y/N), so now the 3 were marching through the forest, not even caring if they got caught. 

   They had reached the edge of the forest when they were first ambushed and their sheer anger got them through to group of men quickly and they set off again, heading directly to the base. In no time they had blown through all the men that had tried to ambush them and before they knew it they were on the inside of the poor, dimly lit base. 

   “Wanna branch off, you try to find (Y/N) and we’ll take down everyone else?” Bucky nodded in response to Steve’s question before darting down a hall, listening to the sounds of his feet hit the concrete below him. He rounded corner after corner, not finding a single trace of any life. Even if he knew all of these bases like the back of his hand, he could not, for the life of him find (Y/N). A deep, unsettling kind of panic rises within him as he thinks about never finding (Y/N). What if Hydra had killed them? Or shipped them off to some other base? What if- Bucky stopped short as a sudden thought plagued him like no other. What if they were about to make (Y/N) the new winter soldier, what if they already had? Bucky swallowed the bundle of nerves rising in his throat and pushed on, bound and determined to get to (Y/N), whether they were dead or alive. 

   Bucky had just rounded what felt to be his thousandth corner when he heard it. It was distant and almost undetectable but he knew that voice anywhere, and he knew when it was in pain or whether it was happy, he knew whether it was sad or angry, he knew because he woke up and fell asleep to that voice every day and he’d have been a fool not to know who it belonged to. It may have been a quiet cry for help but he could distinguish those words from a mile away. 

  Immediately Bucky charges for the voice, not even caring if he alerts the rest of the base of his presence. He had one mission as of right now and that was to get (Y/N) back, no matter the cost. 

   His feet carry him to a halting stop before some heavy metal door. It looked dense enough to stop the hulk and was heavy enough that even Bucky had struggled to open it but as he got it going it nearly slid open effortlessly. Bucky slipped in and was immediately engulfed in a petrifying cold, one that shook him to his core. It was the cold of the Cyrofreeze, of that damn machine he’d feared for 70 years. Bucky shivered at the thought but pushed through, not stopping until he nearly reached the back of the room. The only thing that had stopped him was a quiet whimper and a soft plea of, ‘don’t hurt me, please’. Bucky stops in his tracks, not even having noticed the body due to the naturally dark room. 

   “(Y-Y/N), is that you?” Bucky asks softly, already searching for the voice that had called to him. 

   “B-Bucky?” Bucky whipped to the side, nearly colliding with the body crouched on the floor. Crouched was the wrong word, tied down, strapped, was the correct one. (Y/N) had been shackled to the wall behind them, their ankles were chained to the floor, and their hands lay beside either side of their head. 

   “Oh my god (Y/N),” Bucky sighs as he drops to the floor, wrapping his arms around the still shackled (Y/N). His arms shake as he holds (Y/N) softly, inhaling their scent deeply as he does so. Their head buts against his, nuzzling up against his forehead and Bucky nearly sobs in relief. His (Y/N) was alive, alive and back in his arms. 

   “Hey Buck,” (Y/N) whispers and their voice is so hoarse, so hoarse from screaming and crying that Bucky may actually cry himself. “As much as I’d love to have this little reunion I’m still shackled to the wall and bleeding, can we finish this once we get home?” Bucky nods as he pulls away, rubbing at his watering eyes.

   “Yeah, of course, just lemme get you out of here,” Bucky, with the utmost ease, tears the shackles from (Y/N)’s body, catching them when they nearly collapsed to the ground. Bucky could feel the start of some blood leaking through his suit, his chest no doubt was going to be a bloody mess by the time he got (Y/N) to safety. 

   “God (Y/N),” Bucky sighs as he runs a hand over their hair reverently. “What did they do to you?” (Y/N) whimpers and clings to Bucky a bit tighter, causing his heart to clench and his throat to tighten. 

   “I don’t wanna talk about it,” Bucky’s heart sinks for the 3 time that day because he knew what (Y/N) was going through, he knew what ‘I don’t wanna talk about it’ meant. Bucky nods in complete and utter understanding and he realizes his grip on (Y/N) tightens just a bit. 

   “Whatever they did,” Bucky growls out lowly and dangerously, “They’re never gonna do it again,” 

   Bucky had carried (Y/N) out proudly, keeping them as close to his chest as he could. They were shivering and whimpering against him and if he even loosened his grip for a second they were nearly crying as they clung to him a bit more. So Bucky kept his grip tight as he, Steve, and Sam all traveled back to their camp, gathering up their supplies before making their trek back to the jet they had hidden some many miles away. 

   “You gettin’ tired yet?” Steve asks playfully as Bucky once agains readjusts how (Y/N) was clinging to him. Bucky only flashed Steve a slight smile before holding (Y/N) a bit closer. 

   “I’m good, got all the energy in the world,” Steve merely smiled back before redirecting his attention back to the path in front of them. For the rest of the trek no one spoke to each other, the rawness of their mission still haunting them. The only words spoken were from Bucky, who would occasionally whisper comforting words to the still shaking (Y/N). Other than that nothing was said, not until the group reached the Quinjet. 

   The ramp dropped and the group walked in tiredly, even slowly. Steve immediately crossed over to the pilot’s seat, Sam taking the co-pilot seat beside him. 

   “We’ve got to patch you up, okay?” Bucky asks (Y/N) gingerly as he continues to gently run his hand over their blood matted hair. “Maybe a few stitches and a cast or two, and a shower when we’re done with that.” (Y/N) nods meekly against him, barely moving their head. Bucky sighs softly, it was a pained little noise but he couldn’t bring himself to care, not after what had just happened to (Y/N), his (Y/N).

   Buky carries (Y/N) to the bathroom the jet had, being careful not to aggravate any of their injuries. He hadn’t gotten a good look at any of them, considering they had been in the dark and then pressed against his chest for the entire trek here so who knew how bad the damage could be? Bucky shuts the door behind them, gently placing (Y/N) on the bathroom sink. They whimper softly as he pulls away and their expression is akin to that of a kicked puppy and all it makes Bucky want to do is wrap them up and kiss them until they felt better. 

   “I’m just grabbing supplies, it’s okay,” Bucky gives them a soft smile before taking a step towards the cabinet that the bathroom also had. He fished around a bit until he found what he was looking for; some surgical thread, a needle, a few bandages, some rubbing alcohol, and a makeshift cast of sorts. Turning back to (Y/N) he prepped a cotton ball by slathering it in the alcohol, after all who knew when Hydra last cleaned their ‘tool’s. 

   “This is gonna hurt a bit doll,” Bucky whispers as he lifts the bloodied shirt up over (Y/N)’s arms. The damage he found was…more extensive than he thought. Their entire chest and stomach were covered in a number of gashes and wounds, most of them bleeding and coating their abdomen in blood. “Shit,” Bucky whispers softly as he gingerly runs his finger along some of the already bruising skin. (Y/N) whimpers in response, attempting to curl in on themself. 

   “Hey,” Bucky soothes, retracting his hand immediately. “It’s okay, I know it hurts baby but we’ve got to do this, kay?” (Y/N) bites their lip, looking up at Bucky from under their lashes, giving them an innocent look. They nod meekly once again, slowly unfurling from their own body. Bucky sighs as he takes in the blood pooling down their chest and down to their pants, coating the waistband in the crimson liquid. “You’ve got to be still for me, okay? I promise this is the worst part,” Bucky raises the cotton ball, gesturing to the saturated thing. (Y/N) nods once again as they squeeze their eyes shut as Bucky inches the cotton closer and closer. 

   Bucky bit his lip as he mentally prepared himself for the yelling to come but he was in no way prepared for the sudden sob that pushed it’s way through (Y/N)’s lips as he dragged the cotton ball through a gash. Tears stream down those beautiful cheeks and Bucky takes his free hand up to wipe them away. 

   “I know it hurts (Y/N), I know, we gotta do this though, okay?” (Y/N) nods quickly, biting their lip even harder as Bucky dips back down to press the cotton to their skin once again. He skims it along the wound, dabbing it here and there and the sob that spills from (Y/N)’s lips completely breaks his heart. 

  “I can’t Bucky, I can’t, it hurts too much,” Bucky buts his head up against (Y/N)’s rubbing their noses together. 

   “Yes you can (Y/N), you’re strong, you’ve got this,” Bucky presses a soft kiss to (Y/N)’s lips, shushing their soft and heartbreaking whimpers. “I believe in you,” (Y/N) whimpers against him anyways, the sound vibrating against his lips. They’re silent for a bit, just sitting there with their lips pressed against each other’s, just appreciating the feeling. 

   “Just make it quick, please,” 

  “You got it doll,’ 

   What was meant to be quick quickly stretched onto an hour and half. An hour and a half of having to listen to (Y/N)’s heartbreaking cries, an hour and a half of trying not to break down and sob along with them, an hour and a half of patching up his poor broken baby. When they were done they were both thoroughly exhausted, from the poor sleep, to the kidnapping, to this, they both just wanted to go home and sleep for a week and Bucky was pretty sure he could achieve that if he wanted to but he still had to care for (Y/N) so there would be no week long naps for at least a few weeks. 

   Bucky had to pick (Y/N) back up again, once cleaning their body of all blood and grime and wrap them up in a towel, a very sad old one but at least it was keeping them somewhat covered and warm. Just as Bucky was about to open the door to the bathroom someone on the other side began to bang on it, causing both parties to flinch in surprise. 

   “We’ve landed,” Sam called out. “Just lettin’ you guys know,” Bucky wrapped the towel around (Y/N) a little tighter before opening the door, flashing Sam a grateful smile. Bucky mouths the word ‘thanks’ before walking out and into the chilly air of New York. (Y/N) squeaks and nuzzles their face into his neck, searching for some form of warmth. Bucky merely smiles as he turns his head slightly, pressing a kiss to (Y/N)’s head. He ignores the strange looks he received from all the other tenants of Stark Tower, heading straight for his bedroom. 

  Bucky gently places (Y/N) on the bed, making sure they didn’t feel an pain or discomfort before crossing to their dresser, grabbing a pair of underwear and a baggy t-shirt for (Y/N) to wear, nothing to restricting, nothing that could cause them more pain. Without even being told what to do Bucky slips the underwear up their legs, stopping to press a series of kisses to their thighs. 

   No words needed to be spoken, it was an unspoken moment of pure love and adoration between the two. 

   Then Bucky slipped on their shirt, being careful of their aching back and chest. As he does so he presses a number of kisses to their collarbone, being wary of the stitches just below them. 

   “You realize it’s our anniversary?” (Y/N) asks softly once Bucky had placed their shirt on their body comfortably. Bucky looks up to (Y/N), stopping his tirade of kisses momentarily. 

   “How do you remember-” 

   “I’ve been counting down for weeks, kind of a shame we spent it in a Hydra base,” (Y/N) sighs as they bite their lip, their eyes fluttering to a close as they do so. Bucky stares at (Y/N) a moment longer before going back to pressing his feather light kisses along their skin. 

   “We’re together though, right? That’s all that really matters,” Bucky is able to murmur between kisses, only stopping long enough to get those few words out. 

   “So….you’re not disappointed?” Bucky stops once again, instead perking up to stare at (Y/N) incredulously. 

   “I could never be disappointed,” Bucky states as though it’s the most obvious thing in the world. “So long as I have you by my side, I’m good,” 

   “So…you aren’t sad that we have to spend all day in bed-”

   “Spend all day in bed together? Of course not,” Bucky presses another kiss to (Y/N)’s skin, letting his lips linger there for a bit. “I’m actually looking forward to it,” Bucky doesn’t have to look up to now (Y/N) is smiling, he can just sense that radiant smile upon their lips. 

   “So we can- we can just cuddle all day?” Bucky smiles against (Y/N), the innocent question making him giggle softly. 

   “Course we can baby, it’d be my pleasure to,” 

A friend of mine requested my weakest spot. Yes, I love to imagine their confession and first kiss. That’s why it won’t be a ficlet, but a true fanfiction. Actually, my first one which I’ve been working on for ages. Your request made me finish it, and honestly, this was the best for me. I’m deeply grateful. Thank you so much.
I hope you all enjoy it, I used the strongest spell a Cancerian can cast: a mix of pain, angst, suffering and a secret love that remained untold for more than 20 years. That’s it =‘]
Also, if it contains some errors, please let me know in order to correct them <3
PS: I can’t give a nice title, so it will be this cliche for while, sorry ;3;

Title: Matsuri
Genre: Comedy, drama, angst, romance
Pairing: Narumitsu/WrightWorth
Period: After AA5 events, follows the canon plot
Plot: Trucy gathers the Wright Anything Agency to have some fun at a Matsuri festival. Phoenix is not able to take care of so much trouble, so he needs help. Edgeworth is choosen to accompany them. But the defense attorney and the prosecutor didn’t expect to be alone in the middle of the festival. Will it work?
Word Count: 3,817

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Drinks With Doc

Doc reckoned he either hadn’t heard right or he’d started drinking too early on in the day to be keeping up with Dean’s words. At any rate he didn’t think the man really meant he’d been back to eighteen sixty one.

“There are a lot of things in this world that are a possibility but moving through time is not one of them.”

If it was? The possibilities were endless and the sudden thought of seeing Wyatt again, of warning him about this curse that had been cast upon his family to bring so much misery. It was too good to be true and Doc had learned a long time ago that things that good came with a heavy price and more strings than a rancher could carry.

Looking over at the cowboy beside him as he drove he gave him a small grin. He could see why a man like him wouldn’t believe that time travel was real. Hell the first couple times he had done it he hadn’t believed it was real either but he had done it more than once and as it turned out it was a real as him and Mr. Holliday were sitting in that car.

             “I thought the same thing before I found myself flung back in time by an angel
             to hang out with my mom and dad and watch them make horrible decision like
             almost buying a hippie bus instead of my Baby here.”

He gave him another small grin and turned his attention back to the road. No need to give him more information than he needed. It wasn’t like the man didn’t have enough in his life that he needed to hear about his family issues and the demon packs that were made nor the bullshit with the devil. No that was personal family business.

              “The trip out west though I planned that one, got my angel friend to send me back.
              It was…mostly awesome.”

Personal Boundaries

—or Team Flash’s lack thereof. One day, Barry’s curiosity gets the better of his common sense, and he asks Caitlin a question that leads to a very awkward conversation.

Notes: Set in some alternate Season 2 timeline, where Patty and Jay aren’t around as much anymore (if that’ll ever happen) and Team Flash is back to being Barry, Cisco, Caitlin, and Harry, because I’m really missing their moments in the show. Hope you enjoy.

Word Count: ~2,900

Rating: T


In retrospect, he shouldn’t have done it.

Any sane person with a proper sense of decorum and a respectable grasp of personal boundaries wouldn’t even have considered asking what he did, especially to someone of the opposite gender. And especially if said person of the opposite gender was someone that he’d always been a tad bit attracted to.

But he couldn’t help it. If Barry Allen had a flaw that was as equally fatal as his reckless selflessness, it was definitely his insatiable curiosity. He would never have been as good as he was at his day job if he was otherwise—an insatiable thirst for knowledge practically defined a scientist—but, as he would learn over the course of his extremely uncomfortable conversation with Caitlin, there were just some questions that, no matter how much they pestered the hell out of him, were better left unsaid in the first place…

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Call Him pt. 2

Alright, you asked for it and… I tried lol. So, here’s part 2! Hope you like it!

Part 1

I had deleted Val’s number from my phone 2 months after we broke up. Of course, it was useless because Val’s number is literally the only one I know by heart. But it was more of a symbolic gesture. Once I start dialing, my hands get shaky and I get teary eyed. I haven’t talked to him in 3 months. It’s been 3 months of agony, 3 months of not talking to my best friend.

The phone starts ringing and that’s when the tears come. All of a sudden I’m overwhelmed with the thought of talking to him. I’m about to hang up when I hear his voice.


“H—Hey, Val.” I manage in between tears.

“Z? Is everything okay? What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing. Sorry. I’m sorry I shouldn’t have called you.” I say with a shaky voice, trying to calm myself down.

“No, no. Tell me what’s wrong, are you alright? Do you need help?”

“No, I’m fine… I’m actually in Oakland right now. I–I had a few days off.”

“Oh, that’s a surprise.” He chuckles, but I can hear the bitterness in his voice.

“Yeah.” There’s an awkward pause, where neither of us know what to say. “Anyway, Jasmin was asking me about you. I didn’t know how to explain it to her. It feels so odd being here without you. Jas says you owe her a few hours of your time so you can watch Tangled with her.”

“Yeah. Yeah, I guess I do, huh?”

There’s silence again, and I just know Val isn’t going to break it. He always leaves those silences alone until he feels I have my thoughts together.



“Do you—do you ever miss us?”


I hesitate. “Yeah.”

“Every day.”

I can’t help but smile at that. One thing that always stayed at the back of my mind was whether or not Val took the breakup as hard as I did. I had no way of knowing how he was doing. Sometimes I got paranoid and thought that Val was over me a long time ago.

“Listen Daya, when you get back to LA, do you want to meet up? It’s been a while since we ended things and I think maybe we should talk. We never really talked it out.”

“Yeah….yeah, I think I can do that. I get back tomorrow night. We can meet up the following morning.”


“Yeah, I’ll text you.”

“Okay, I’ll see you then. Daya?”


“Take care of yourself, okay? And try to enjoy your time in Oakland, you deserve that.”

“Thanks, Val. I’ll see you…”

I don’t know what I expected out of the call. I didn’t really want to talk things over on the phone, but it’s also nerve wracking knowing we’ll be meeting up when I get back to LA.


The next day went a lot better than the day before. I tried to take Val’s advice and enjoy my last day in Oakland. It was easier now that I had talked to him; it was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

When the day came, I was an anxious mess. Mom had to give me at least 3 pep talks while I was getting ready. Before I stepped out the door, I looked at mom. She had this look of hopefulness in her eyes. She smiled and nodded at me, silently telling me that regardless of how the talk went I would be okay.


As I make my way into the café, I look in through one of the windows and see him already sitting there. He had ordered his coffee as well as mine. He knew exactly how I took it. When I finally get inside, we immediately make eye contact. It’s awkward, the eye contact, the walk over. Am I supposed to smile? Hug him? He answers that last one by getting up and giving me a hug.

“So, how have you been?”

“Good, just preparing to go on tour. I wrapped up my last episode of KC Undercover last week.”

“Yeah, I heard. I ran into Dom about 2 weeks ago, said she’s joining you again?”

“Yeah, she and Deja are dancing for me again. And you? How are you?”

“I’ve been okay. Just doing the show right now, I’ve decided it’s going to be my last season. I’m doing the tour and that’s it. Maks and Tony want to open up a few more Dance with Me studios in Southern California so I told them I would stay here while they stayed on the east coast.”

“Oh…No New York?”

“Nah, Los Angeles feels more like home sometimes. And I can take care of Wear Valentin from here while Nicole does most of the New York meetings.”

It’s quiet for a second before I decide to just stop the small talk.

“Val… did you mean what you said the other day on the phone?”

He looks me in the eyes, there’s tenderness in his expression that immediately puts me at ease. “Yeah, I did.”

“I’ve been thinking… and I’m sorry for prioritizing my career over my family and loved ones. When we broke up, I never apologized to you for that and I just need to get it off my chest. It wasn’t fair to you. I learned that now.”

“No Daya, I’m sorry too. I did the same thing to you. I was overworking myself and not spending enough time with you. That’s one of the reasons I decided to leave the show. It was taking up so much of my time with no reward, just a bunch of manufactured drama. I needed to learn how to prioritize again…. I’m sorry I never made you enough of a priority.”

That tender expression he had before is long gone and all that remains is a broken man. I can see the regret in his eyes, the way he can probably see it in my eyes as well. I try to hold back my tears.

“Do you—do you think that maybe we could spend more time together now? I’m not asking you to be my boyfriend again, or for things to immediately go back to how they were but…I just miss my best friend.”

“I miss you too, Z. I would love that.” He says with that smile I fell in love with when I was 16.

“Okay.” That’s the only response I can muster up, and I can’t help but return the smile.

“Maybe we should start with something small though, how about we watch a movie?”

“Oh… sure, I have Friday and Saturday free, how about then?”

“Hmmm, that works. I can pick you up around 6 am on Friday, the drive to Oakland is pretty long.” He said it so nonchalantly. I was pretty sure he was going crazy.

“Wait, what? Oakland? I literally just got back, why are we going to Oakland just to watch a movie?”

“Ummm, because I told Jasmine I would watch Tangled with her and I should probably go do that before the Coleman clan up in Oakland turns on me.”

I can’t help but laugh at that. “You’re unbelievable, you know that?”

“I’ve heard that before.” He says with a chuckle.

I shake my head; it’s the same old Val. “Soooo, Oakland for the weekend?”

“Yeah. Come on, we can still watch a movie now if you want. Star Wars?”

“Let’s do it.”

anonymous asked:

Do you know any verses for those who struggle with depression?

Find rest, o my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from him. (Psalm 62:5)

Remember David’s story? Saul was very angry with him because he was proclaimed greater than he and David ran away from Him because his life was at stake. There he felt depression. He felt lonely as if he was left out, he felt that sudden feeling of despair, he thought that no one cares about him and no one loves him, that even God had left Him when actually not. Depression is felt when hope is lost, when we can no longer find meaning to our life’s purpose, when we can no longer find a solution to a problem, or when we cannot see light through the darkness. But just like David, I pray that you may always be remembered that there is Light, there is Hope, there is Love, and there is a marvelous, gracious and merciful God. Instead of complaining then, David prayed.  He asked God to hear him and wake him up so he won’t “sleep the sleep of death.” We are always tempted to lose hope, but let God be always be the victor, not Satan who wants to keep you away from praying and badly tries to keep you away from knowing more about God and what He can do in your life.

Hope can only be found in God, hope is the solution to depression, and depression can only be battled with God. 

Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him. -James 1:12

If you want to know more how to battle depression, I had found a very useful site. Click this. I am praying for you!

Telepaths: 101

Okay, so here is part one of this new series (thank you to the person who submitted the original prompt to me) I know it’s short, but I’m exhausted and need to go to bed, so the next part will be longer, I promise :) 

>> i will also fix any mistakes tomorrow 

He couldn’t really do coffee shops or stores or crowds or anything that involved more than one person at a time. 

At least, not until now, when he’d finally grasped how to keep people out and only let a few people in

Mind reading was by far the worst talent Castiel ever could have asked for. As a child, he’d grown up listening to how his friends wanted to know what the other person was thinking, but he did know and it wasn’t always pleasant.

Example A: He knew when his parents were getting a divorce before he even understood what it meant. His mother and father fought all the time, but the real war happened silently in their heads. Except to him, of course - it was just as loud as their screaming matches. 

Example B: No one could really lie to him, so he always knew when the kids at school didn’t actually like him. That was never a fun experience to have. 

Example C: The guy that had asked him to prom his senior year in high school had only done it to see if he could get in his pants. He’d only agreed to go with his date so he wouldn’t have to go alone. 

Needless to say, Castiel did not like being a telepath. It wasn’t fun and for most of his life he hadn’t been able to control it. When he’d turned eighteen years old, he’d been accepted into several different universities, but the idea of college was overwhelming - all of those thoughts, distractions, and secrets? It was too much. 

However, that summer, he’d ended up meeting a young man who happened to have the same exact ability as him. They could read each other’s minds and speak to one another silently. That summer, Castiel learned how to let people in and shut others out. Now, he no longer had to hear secrets, and could eavesdrop in the most invasive way possible if he felt the urge. 

Which he never did. 

He wasn’t a rude telepath after all. 

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Ao3’s been down and I’m still sick, so writing seemed like a good way to pass the afternoon! 

Here’s a little post ep for 3x14, which also happens to be my first (very shoddy) attempt at Oliver!POV. 

Standing on her front step, his hand hovering over her door, Oliver holds so still for so long that the security light on her porch goes back out.

He’s not actually planning to knock.

Never mind all the days he stood right here last summer, the sun warm on his back, completely sure of the welcome that awaited him. He really doesn’t need her door slamming in his face to know that summer’s long gone. She won’t throw the door open and smile at him tonight, and she’s sure as hell not going to waltz out, hitch up her sundress and throw a leg over the Ducati without even asking where they’re driving.

Everything’s a little bit colder these days.

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