sudden sun

this week has been really weird and i get the feeling that something shady this way comes



I’ve been playing pokemon for four years, tried shiny breeding, soft resetting and shiny chaining, but I never found a shiny.

and it just shows up out of the blue when i’ve given up on ever finding one.

Trotter is my trainer in Sun, so this was doubtless his reaction as well

slowly accepting the mortality of everything
over my morning cup of tea.

there is a boy until there isn’t.
and there isn’t,
not anymore.

last night i had a dream
that felt so much like you.
this is to say, i was afraid.
this is to say, it hurt.
this city has your name plastered
all over its walls
and that will take some time
getting used to.

in these dreams, you finally unravel before me.
you tell me:
“the thing i loved most about Boy Scouts
were the knots. how we learned to create
and unmake.
how i could keep everything in its place.
how i could hold anything together.”
i finally tell you:
“our sun signs aren’t the most compatible.”
neither of us ever care about this.
you go on and say “once, i got a badge
after saving a baby bird. i fixed its wing”
and i say,
“i have never wanted to be saved to begin with.”

in this one, you tell me everything.
you look me in the eye and say:
“hurt people hurt people
and darling,
sometimes it hurts too much.” you say,
sometimes i look at you
and wonder if i ever really wanted this,” or
“baby, you make me so weary. there is no space left
in you that looks familiar anymore,” or
“honey, you’re something
i don’t know if i can handle.
something i am afraid to leave.”
and though i have already said these things to myself, in this dream
i do not know how to keep quiet. there is a truth
inside my mouth screaming

in this universe,
you speak
of boy scouts. say the bird flew too close to a fire,
said its wings were always broken, said you always wanted to fix
sad things
so you took some string,
crossed my heart,
and i hoped to die.

in this dream, you tell me
“sometimes i touch you and get burned
and i am already all out of rope.
there is no more saving left in me.
there is no more water left in these bones.”

and you finally believe me when i tell you:
“that’s okay.
i wasn’t thirsty anyway.”


I… may have gone a little crazy with the sun spots… but… he IS the sun god… so I’m not going to apologize….

The first picture is, well, obviously when he was greeted by the welcome-to-humanity party. So he’s a bit scrawny and kind pale. The second is after awhile being on earth, and spending some time at our favorite demi-god camp. I imagine him somehow trying to convince Meg to trust him… and with those bright blue eyes, well, how can she not? Of course, he must have done something to lose her trust in the first place but that’s for another day. 

I also just want to see the sun god in a CHB shirt. *fans self* Damn.

Nothing new under the Sun...?


Okay so like… we know that Sun Wukong’s semblance is called “Via Sun” which at first, sounds like he obviously named it after himself or something… but like it might actually be more like how he channels solar energy or the sun’s light, and he uses himself as the medium to do so.

@phoenixfarce is the one that initially pointed out that Sun’s hair got brighter with the presence of an artificial sun when the harsh desert biome appeared for the tournament. Lighting? Maybe. Something more? perhaps…

With this theory, came the sudden idea that Sun specifically uses stored solar energy to create his clones.

But… what if Sun’s semblance is way more versatile than that?

It’s probably not a coincidence how in “World of Remnant: Aura,” Sun was one of the characters displayed as a very keen user of their aura. (alongside Ruby Rose and Lie Ren)

So maybe Sun’s semblance could allow him to do something like… oh I don’t know… Focus on different waves of sun light to notice disguises in broad daylight…?

Which is a very real and possible thing. Being able to see different parts of the light spectrum, like infrared or ultraviolet light can allow living things to perceive things that the human eye can’t. And Sun is no human…

Something to think about…

When night comes to Verona, when night falls like a silken curtain, like a lead blanket, heavy and scorching and windless, when night embraces Verona I am drunk with our wolfish screams, with our rhythms and our echoes, breath laugh pavement pavement pavement darkness dance. Under the flesh there is something like a swarming of muscles, like the tension of rapture, I am falcon, open-armed, I am ghost, eyes closed, I open my lips to spirits and to kisses, to roars and to insolence, I glimpse in darkened windows the sudden radiance, the sun-like radiance of my starry smile.
—  Pauline Albanese, Notes on Fair Verona

So I was wathcing a walktroguh of Xenoblade and had a revelation

Is it me or 

do japanese games tend to have some kind of fear 

or paranoia towards western style god like things 

that dont care about their creations or subjects

or they use them for their own means

and in the end they make you fight them? 

and also they seem to have a thing against western like religions?

like um… 

is not just me is it?


I still get that feeling, ye know, when I see Jenny sudden, standing against the sun on the hill, or holding wee Jamie, not lookin’ at me. I see her, and I think…

I love autumn, there’s Halloween, my birthday, you’re not dying of summer heat nor of winter cold but..every year I cant help but get more sad/depressed then usual, I was told It could be due to the sudden lack of sun/sunlight. It kinda sound silly but at the same time, you need them sun rays for the vitamin D so maybe there’s that linked to it?? idk. anyway in a span of two day the temperature dropped significantly, the sky is constantly grey and at times it rains really violently and like every year it’s like i got a huge kick in the mood-sack hence why I haven’t been active yesterday. here is so sketches tho

He [Paul] unhitches one thumb from a pocket and raises an open hand to his forehead to shield his eyes against a sudden sluice of sun. Like a sky-sailing wheel of fortune, the sun has displayed many different numbers this day, shown many different faces. The teenager’s eyes land on Lennon’s fingers. He fastens his mind on the guitar player at the microphone. The rest of the band - and the world - melt into the hot afternoon. His own feeling for rock'n'roll provides a musical drawbridge for him to cross the moat into Lennon’s dream castle. McCartney puts the day’s heat somewhere else: his facial features are frozen. Even his long-fringed eyelashes are motionless. He squints to the point where his eyebrows have a beetling cast. The sleek, slender, slippery figure of sixteen-year-old John Lennon inclines his head toward the microphone…
For a millisecond, they eye each other in motionless tableau - Lennon sitting, McCartney standing. Then their eyes meet squarely and, momentarily, you can practically hear the dust motes settle on Lennon’s guitar next to him on a chair. The sight each beholds is hardly astonishing: brown eyes, brown hair, average height, average weight… No, the astonishment would surge from something inside the two of them - something behind the eyes, under the hair, over the height, beyond the weight; something about a certain… attitude… toward a certain… kind… of music.
McCartney has Lennon’s rapt attention. Lennon has a sensation of the hall getting smaller and darker, and McCartney getting bigger and brighter. Lennon feels that touch of gentle giddiness one has on a ship at sea when another ship comes up over the horizon. On rocky Liverpool waves, Lennon and McCartney zigzag into each other’s sight.

They see each other.

—  James O'Donnell, The Day John Met Paul: An Hour-By-Hour Account of How the Beatles Began, 1996