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In the collage au mccree shoots hanzo with a nerf gun and genji has to restrain hanzo so mccree can escape with his life because hanzo got a knife

Jesse hits Hanzo right between the eyes with a suction cup dart and it just. Sticks there and Jesse and Hanzo are staring at each other in shock

Hanzo almost breaks down the bathroom door where Jesse is hiding. Genji is crying from laughing

Demon Hunters

Title: Demon Hunters

Characters/Pairing: Dean x Reader, random carnival guy

Word Count:  1 500

Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: I don’t think so? It’s just fluffy! With a mildly rude carnival worker.

Summary: Dean and the reader go to a fair! This story has Dean’s shooting prowess, a big pink teddy bear, “are you cold?” jacket transfers and kisses on top of a Ferris Wheel, really all required cute couple at a fair things!

Author’s Note: Okay! This, again, was not a request, but I had an idea for Dean winning the reader a prize at a fair, then I found a gif of a Ferris Wheel and wanted that in the story, and ta-da you’ve got a cute fair one shot for your reading pleasure! And don’t ask me where the “don’t let me fall” thing came from, it was just kind of there and I left it, even if it doesn’t quite make sense … :D   –xoxo Katie

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     The cool fall breeze brushed your skin as you walked between the tightly packed rows of vendors, your gloved fingers intertwined with Dean’s and leaves crunching softly under your boots. You scanned booth after booth, passing most, pausing at some simply because the person running it wouldn’t let you pass until they’d told you the “special deal just for you”, and you and Dean were just about to move on to another part of the fair when your eye caught on a small black stall at the end of the row. You pulled on Dean’s hand and dragged him towards the booth, your smile growing as you neared your target and confirmed the sign said what you thought it did, the dripping red letters popping off the black. Demon Hunters.

     You walked up to the vendor with an amused grin, listening as he asked passers-by if they “have what it takes to be a demon hunter”. You heard Dean scoff beside you.

     “What about you, Missy?” the man running the booth said. He was wearing all black as if to blend in with his setup and had fake blood smeared on his hands and face - like the cut-out demons inside had actually put up a fight. You bit back on a snort of laughter. Dean did not. “Do you think you have what it takes to hunt demons?” the man asked. “Or maybe your boyfriend thinks he can slay the King.” He pointed behind him to a particularly angry looking Demon in the middle of his other targets, this one with fangs and a tiny black crown on his head, and set a good 10 feet behind all the others – not that the cut-out lackeys were very close either. It was clearly supposed to be impossible to win.

     You turned and smiled knowingly at Dean, tugging on his arm as if to convince him. “Please, babe,” you asked, no doubt in your mind that he would do it - even if only to wipe the smug look off the carnival worker’s face. “I know you can do it!”

     You and Dean smiled at each other, both of you knowing full well that this game wouldn’t provide even the slightest challenge for either of you, and you suppressed a laugh when Dean threw his hands up and said, “Alright, I’ll give it a try.” You saw the carnie smirk out of the corner of your eye and you pressed your lips together to hide your own. It would be more fun this way.

     “Okay, Sir, step right up,” the man said. You let go of Dean’s hand somewhat reluctantly and watched as he was given a plastic gun, one that shot foam darts if the broken ones littering the ground were any indication. “Now, all you have to do is hit one of those demons,” he pointed to the tiny, red-skinned monsters inside the booth, “and you win a prize for the lovely lady. If you hit the King, you can take one of the big ones at the top.”

     Your eyes followed where the man was pointing and you mentally picked out the stuffed animal you wanted from the high up display, knowing this wasn’t going to take more than one shot.

     The man took a step forward and clapped Dean on the back, making you cringe as his blood stained hand made contact with your boyfriend’s jacket. “Now, don’t worry if you don’t get it on the first shot,” the man said, “you can always try again.”

     You fought your laugh as Dean looked at you and raised his eyebrows, then turned back to the targets and lined up his shot, aiming right at the King. The vendor’s jaw barely had time to fall open before there was a foam dart suction-cupped to the little demon monarch’s head.

     Your voice rang through the air as you squealed and ran up to Dean, acting as surprised as you could while you threw your arms around his neck. Dean dropped the gun on the little counter in front of him and pulled you against him. The man running the booth just stared.

     “Yes, well … good shot,” the man said, reluctantly walking towards the prizes. You noticed that the top row was completely filled, not a single stuffed animal missing. You made no move to hide your pride in your boyfriend. But even you had to admit that you were impressed he got it on the first try - even if your little show was greatly exaggerated - because well Dean was an excellent shot, shooting a foam dart on a windy day out of a plastic gun was nothing like firing a real bullet. You held your head a little higher.

     “Congratulations,” the vendor said, a small tinge of anger in his voice, “you have what it takes to be a demon hunter. You may choose your prize.”

     Dean looked down at your face and pulled you in a little closer. “What do you want, Sweetheart?”

     You grinned and pointed to the biggest prize there was, a large pink teddy bear that was taller than you. Dean laughed as the vendor grumbled something about it not being that good of a shot anyway and pulled down your new stuffed friend. You knew it would probably end up in some storage room in the bunker - since it was too big to actually keep in the room you and Dean shared - but you couldn’t care less as you peeled yourself off Dean’s side and took your prize.

     After you’d left the booth behind and had begun walking through the crowds of fair-goers once again, Dean stopped you and reached for your bear. “Here, let me carry it,” he said, taking the pink giant from your arms. “You’re too short to hold this thing, it’s gonna end up in the dirt.”

     You smiled as Dean somehow managed to get the bear under one arm and take your hand with the other. “You’re not embarrassed to carry a giant pink bear?” you asked, using your free hand to wrap around the arm that was tethering him to you.

     Dean chuckled. “Nah, how can I be when I have a beautiful woman like you on my arm? … Even if there is a giant pink bear under the other.” You laughed and put your head on your boyfriend’s shoulder, making you bob slightly with every step he took. “Hey, do you wanna ride the Ferris Wheel?” Dean asked after a while, stopping a few feet away from the entrance to the ride.

     You eyed the towering metal ring in front of you and followed it up, up ,up, bending your head all the way back to find the top. “I don’t know, it’s kind of high.” You shoot Dean a sweet smile. “You promise you won’t let me fall?”

     He kissed the top of your head and started pulling you towards the Ferris Wheel. “I would never.”

     You and Dean gave the teenager running the ride a few of the tickets you’d bought upon entrance to the fair and left your bear on the platform at the bottom, trying you best to pick a clean spot. Then once the next available basket came around you and Dean climbed in and rode it all the way to the top, his arm firmly wrapped around you the whole time.

    “Are you cold?” Dean asked, no doubt feeling you shiver against his body as the cold air at the top of the Ferris Wheel nipped at your exposed skin. You were about to protest when Dean pulled away from you just enough to remove his leather jacket and put it around your shoulders, then rub his hands up and down your arms as he tucked you into his side once again.

     You snuggled down into the warm coat and happily lay your cheek on his firm chest, watching the flashing lights of the fair beneath you glow in rainbow colors against the black night. “I love you,” you whispered, you voice almost getting swallowed up by the wind.

     Dean gently pressed his finger to you chin, urging you to look up at him while he said, “I love you, too.”

     You smiled and sat up enough for your lips to reach Dean’s, your eyes fluttering shut when they made contact. Dean quickly brought his hand into your hair and nudged you closer, if that was even possible, making you suppress a moan as you became all too aware of the people above and below you in the other baskets. But then, before you had a chance to think about it anymore, the Ferris Wheel surged to life around you and jerked you and Dean apart. It almost made you knock teeth, but luckily Dean caught you before that happened.

     Then with that, you looked at your boyfriend and started laughing, once again pressing yourself into his side for the rocky ride back down.

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100 things that Robin (Dick Grayson) is no longer allowed to do:
  1. Not allowed to watch TV while on patrol.
  2. Not even if it’s a slow night.
  3. My proper title in the field is “Robin” not “The Fun One,” “The Guy With a Sense of Humor,” “Smart and Handsome,” “Fashionista,” “Sexy Pants,” “Robin’ Your Heart,” or anything but “Robin.”
  4. Not allowed to threaten anyone with “Romany magic.”
  5. Not allowed to challenge anyone’s disbelief in said magic by asking for personal items.
  6. Not allowed to get any body altering-surgeries, except if absolutely necessary for preservation of life.
    6a) “Necessary for preservation of life” applies only when judged to be so by an adult authority figure.
  7. Captain Marvel does not qualify as an adult authority figure.
  8. Not allowed to play “assassin” with a suction-cup dart pistol and any member of the GPCD or JLA.
  9. Not allowed to add classmates I dislike to the Bat-Computer villain database.
    9a) Not even if they’re bullies.
  10. Not allowed to print “Batman-approved” stickers and sell them to supplement my allowance.
    10a) Not allowed to print “Bat-approved” stickers and sell them to supplement my allowance.
    10b) Not allowed to print “Robin-approved” stickers and sell them to supplement my allowance.
    10c) Not even if I do approve the product.
    10d) Not allowed to print stickers.
  11. Not allowed to monetize my crime-fighting persona in any way, shape, or form.
  12. Not allowed out of my bedroom when President Luthor visited Gotham.
  13. God may not contradict any of my orders.
    13a) No deity may contradict any of my orders.
    13b) No mythical creature may contradict any of my orders.
  14. May no longer perform my “Bobbin’ Robin Dance” while in uniform.
    14a) May no longer perform my “Bobbin’ Robin Dance.”
  15. May not call any member of the GCPD or JLA unflattering names, even if I’m right.
    15a) Exceptions may be made for Green Lantern Hal Jordan.
  16. Must not taunt extra-terrestrials any more.
  17. Must attempt not to antagonize extra-terrestrial ambassadors.
  18. Must never ask Batman if he’s been smoking crack.
    18a) Due to the very real possibility of an unknowingly drugged Batman, however, I may run blood tests at my discretion.
    18b) “At my discretion” does not mean whenever I’m ticked off at Batman.
    18c) I am not permitted to run a blood test without the knowledge, approval, and cooperation of Alfred or an adult member of the JLA.
    18d) Green Lantern Hal Jordan’s knowledge, approval, and cooperation is not sufficient in order to run a blood test.
  19. Not allowed to train stray dogs to follow Batman and Robin.
  20. I do not have “Samson-like powers” and for as long as I live under Bruce Wayne’s roof I am required to keep my hair cut to a reasonable length.
    20a) Alfred Pennyworth is the sole judge of what constitutes “a reasonable length.”
  21. Must not tell any member of the GCPD or JLA that I am smarter than they are, especially if it’s true.
    21a) Exceptions may be made for Green Lantern Hal Jordan.
  22. Must never confuse rational extraterrestrials with extraterrestrial plants, animals, or rock formations.
  23. Never tell Martian Manhunter that “We’re gonna conquer Mars!”
  24. Don’t tell alien abduction jokes in front of extraterrestrial members of the JLA, even if they’re really funny.
  25.  Never take the batteries out of Alfred’s alarm clock (Even if I want to sleep in on the weekend).
  26. The Green Lanterns, Green Arrow, and Martian Manhunter are not “After me frosted lucky charms.”
  27. Not allowed to wake my teammates by repeatedly banging on the head with a bag of trash. If I do I deserve whatever I get.
  28. Not allowed to let sock puppets take responsibility for any of my actions.
    28a) Not allowed to delegate any of my responsibilities to sock puppets.
  29. Not allowed to chew gum on patrol.
    29a) Not allowed to chew gum in bed.
    29b) Not allowed to chew gum.
  30.  Can’t have flashbacks to wars I was not in.
  31. It’s “Dr. Thompkins,” not “Dr. Feelgood.”
  32. Not allowed to ask for the day off on the basis that the world is going to end.
    32a) Not even if the world is going to end.
  33. I do not have super-powers.
    33a) I do not need to inform criminals that I do not have super-powers.
  34. Motivational posters are not allowed in the Bat-cave.
  35. Face paint is not a mask.
  36. I am not authorized to officiate a wedding.
  37. I am not authorized to fire members of the GCPD or JLA.
  38. I am not authorized to fire Batman.
  39. Not allowed to trade Bat equipment for “magic beans.”
  40. Not allowed to sell magic beans while on patrol.
    40a) Not allowed to sell magic beans.
  41. May not make posters depicting the failings of any adult authority figure in my life.
    41a) Exceptions may be made for Green Lantern Hal Jordan.
  42. Batman’s decisions do not need to be ratified by a ¾ majority.
  43. Evil clowns are not a joke and I will not tell Batman or Alfred that there is one under my bed unless there is actually an evil clown under my bed.
  44. There is no “Anti-Mime campaign” and I do not need to paint my face in solidarity.
  45. I may not wear a tinfoil hat while on patrol unless informed otherwise.
  46. I am not authorized to prescribe medication.
  47. I may not trade Batman, Alfred, or any member of the JLA or GCPD to any foreign entity.
    47a) Extraterrestrials qualify as a foreign entity.
  48. I may not file for excused absences with my school on the grounds that “I was kicking serious bad-guy butt.” Even though it’s true.
  49. The bottom half of my Robin uniform is not optional.
    49a) The top half of my Robin uniform is not optional.
    49b) No part of my Robin uniform is optional. I picked it out, I have to wear it.
  50. Not allowed to quote Dr. Seuss to Martian Manhunter as “The greatest earth poet ever to live.”
  51. Not allowed to ask extraterrestrial members of the JLA about the “Giant Space Ants.”
  52. I am not to take orders from the “Giant Space Ants.”
  53. I am not the “Bad cop.”
  54. I am not allowed to steal any component of Batman’s uniform with the express purpose of mocking him.
    54a) I am not allowed to steal any component of any JLA member’s uniform with the express purpose of mocking him or her.
    54b) Exceptions may be made for Green Lantern Hal Jordan. 
  55. I am not allowed to take any Bat equipment to school for show-and-tell.
  56. The bats in the Bat-cave are wild animals, not pets, and I must not try to train any of them to perch on my finger.
  57. The bats in the Bat-cave belong in the Bat cave, not in the living room, not in any of the bedrooms, and absolutely not in the pantry or kitchen.
  58. I cannot arrest children for being rude.
    58a) I cannot arrest adults for being rude.
    58b) Being rude is not a punishable offence.
  59. I am neither the king, queen, princess, prince, duke, duchess, baron, baroness, lord, or lady of cheese and may not exact levies, tolls, or taxes on anyone who wishes to eat cheese.
  60. If I ever put a potato in the Bat-mobile’s exhaust pipes again I will lose all front-seat privileges for the rest of my life.
  61. May not refer to Alfred as “Mom.”
  62. May not form any press gangs.
  63. May not switch the coffee out for decaf. Ever.
  64. May not challenge members of the GCPD or JLA to “the field of honor." Especially not the metahumans.
  65. I may not attempt "Something I saw in my cartoons last Saturday.”
  66. I may not inform reporters that Bruce Wayne is actually Superman.
    66a) I may not inform reporters that Alfred is actually Batman.
  67. Crucifixes, garlic, and silver do not ward off Batman and I should not test that theory.
  68. “To kick bad-guy butt while wearing a ridiculous outfit” is a bad long-term goal to give my school counselor. Even though it’s true.
  69. Must not take out the Bat-mobile with the express purpose of “squishing” things.
  70. I must not confess to crimes that took place before I was born.
  71. I do not get “That time of month” and I am not given time off for “Aunt Flo’s visit.”
  72. Not allowed to taunt Commissioner Gordon with cigarettes when he’s trying to quit smoking.
  73. Not allowed to use “It’s okay, my guardian’s rich” as an excuse for anything.
  74. If the idea of something makes me laugh for an extended period of time it is safe to assume that I am not permitted to do it.
  75. Must not mock Batman in front of the press.
  76. I am not allowed to preface the disclosure of any previously sustained injury with “Hey, watch this!”
  77. The chandeliers in the manor are off limits. No exceptions.
  78.  "Give it a few weeks" is not an appropriate response to the news of a JLA member’s death.
    78a) Not even if I turn out to be correct afterwards.
  79. I am not permitted to send written applications for the position of “Sidekick” to any other superhero. 
  80. Being grounded does not qualify me as a hostage and I shall not call the police.
  81. His name is Penny-one in the field, not “Bat-butler.”
  82. I am not to use a broadsword in an attempt to disprove “The pen is mightier than the sword.”
  83. Alfred is not old enough to have fought in the War for American Independence and I should stop implying that he did.
  84. Any song with a verse past number four must never be sung ever again.
    84a) Every line of “99 bottles of beer on the wall” counts as one verse.
  85. Putting candy into a prescription bottle and then downing them all at one go in full sight of an adult authority figure is not funny and I will be given an emetic every time I do so.
  86. Potentially dangerous substances belong in the Bat-cave, not in my bedroom.
  87. I am to sleep in my bed, not on the canopy, under the mattress, on the floor, or anywhere else in the bedroom.
  88. If I become hungry on patrol I may ask for a protein bar from Batman: I may not go “Trick-or-treating,” begging, or ask for payment from any citizen in the form of food.
  89. It is not okay to hide in the morgue in order to scare the medical examiner.
  90.  Video games are not training exercises.
  91. I do not need “a more suitable host body.”
  92. I am not to label things in the Bat-cave any more.
  93. The phrase “Holy ____, Batman” is only permitted once per night.
  94. “I’m drunk” is a bad response to any question posed to me by the press. I am not drunk, and saying otherwise is a good way to get the CPS to show up.
  95. The JLA comm link is not a forum on which for me to voice my opinions.
  96. Putting out advertisements for a ‘replacement Batman’ is not an acceptable way to vent frustrations.
  97. I am not permitted to form a “Robin fan-club” and request funding from Bruce Wayne for the same.
  98.  I am not permitted to steal JLA equipment in order to pass it off as my science fair project for school. If I left my project until the last minute it is then my duty to make a crappy baking-soda-and-vinegar volcano and take the ‘C’.
  99. When Batman engages a suspect, fetching popcorn is not the appropriate response.
  100. I am not to call the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement on extraterrestrial members of the JLA.

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"Come out here and fight me like a man!" Moash yelled as he edged his way along the fire escape towards Kaladin's bedroom window with the modified nerf gun held in a ready position. // "Don't you think that's more than a little bit sexist!?" Kaladin accused.

“No!” Moash called back, hoping the echoes from the adjacent building would disguise the sound of his footsteps. “I don’t want you to fight like any of the girls I know- You’d win by sneaky cleverness instead of losing in glory like the giant ham we both know you are." 

"That’s really unfortunate.” Kaladin’s voice called from somewhere above him. Moash ducked instinctively behind a large planter box as a trio of blue nerf darts wooshed over his head. “I don’t plan to lose, gloriously or otherwise.”

Moash lifted the nerf blaster and tried to line up a shot at Kaladin’s hiding spot, but the person in his sights had very red hair and an evil grin. 

“Crap.” Moash swiveled, but was too late. Kaladin hit him with half a dozen white darts to the neck and face. Lift’s Darts. “Adolin!” Moash called, counting off the five words allowed during ‘death throws’ on his finger, unsure if Adolin would be able to hear him. “Kal’s betrayed us! Girls!”

Kal shot him again, sticking a suction cup dart to Moash’s nose from point blank range, and Moash stuck out his tongue at the smug traitor, but dropped his nerfinator in surrender. 

The sound of Lift’s laughter and Adolin’s cursing coming closer told Moash that his warning had come too late. Shallan descended from the roof and Lift escorted a disarmed Adolin to the fire escape with equally evil grins, and shared a round of fist bumps with each other and their accomplice. 

“Okay, this time no teams, everyma- I mean every person-” Adolin corrected himself in the face of the United Glares of Team Sneaky, but a shower of purple, green and golden nerf balls rained down from somewhere out of sight, hitting everyone and interrupting the Princeling’s speech.

A quick scramble onto the roof revealed the culprits. Elhokar and Jasnah were also armed with ridiculous backpack magazines, but it was clear that Renarin was the one who’d worked out the math to launch a barrage of indirect fire over the neighboring building.

“Everyone get them!” Kaladin said, and the game was on again.

Toothless: Return to the Black Pony of Second Chances

The title is like 7 90′s horse movie titles all mashed together and you can thank me in advance.  Because that’s what this is.  Except Hiccup is the rebellious teenage girl sent back to the farm to learn her lesson.  

“You’re familiar with the Sanctuary School’s expulsion policy, aren’t you Mr. Haddock?” Principal Hobblegrunt manages to look halfway austere despite his entirely ridiculous name and I restrain the urge to roll my eyes.  They’re pissed this time, they called my mom, and I don’t want her to walk in while the principal is making it rain detention slips.  

For all of its new age-y front of ‘encouraging young minds’, the Sanctuary School is still all about old school punishment when a teacher’s car ends up straddling the benches in the chem lab.  

“I thought you never turned away an open young mind.”  

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