sucre band

Okay so I’m a huge fan of MCL i love the characters, and overall I’m a happy camper with the game. But, I feel like the game has gotten too…overly dramatic? I don’t know if that makes any sense but it’s like, the drama has to be bigger and badder than the last and it’s getting to be so extra to me? I mean i’ll still play the game don’t get me wrong, I just kinda want some calm episodes? Like everyone goes on a picnic and fun shenanigans ensue, or like rollerblading or a halloween party. (i’m not good with ideas but like you get the gist), like it’s highschool let them have high school fun!

even the best fall down sometimes

this was originally just going to be a shit uncolored doodle since i can feel the artblock creeping up but you guys deserve ten times better than that at least so i colored it and now it is a slightly less shit colored doodle