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Can I just ask how and when btvs equated becoming a slayer with rape? I always enjoy reading your perspectives. I'm not sure I understand what you meant there

It was in “Get It Done.” The Shadow Men create the First Slayer by chaining down a girl and forcing the demon essence into her.  And then they’ve got the smoky demon essence literally trying to force its way under Buffy’s skirt to make the metaphor even more obvious.  Buffy rejects the power, seeing it as a bad, dehumanizing thing.  But then, a few episodes later, she doesn’t even blink at the idea of making thousands of other girls into Slayers without their consent, something which she hates being herself.  It’s not even presented as a “This is sucky, but necessary” situation; the question doesn’t even come up.

I don’t think the writers realized the implications of putting those two things together, and certainly didn’t intend for Buffy to come off badly in Chosen.  Like a lot of other things in S7, I think it was just an unintended consequence of the season not being very well put together.

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I failed my drivers test twice and now it's in my head that I won't pass. How do you stay positive about sucky situations.

I like to remind myself that in an exact year from now my current issues won’t be relevant and that time will pass no matter what happens. it will work itself out. 

sooo, how was it? ASGARD. was it flashy and big or like… vikings meets monty-python and the holy grail?   you still haven’t told me yet, and i’m kinda ticked off that i didn’t get to go. y’know, aside from the death battles and dark elves and situational suckiness. ❞   //   @datseabass