This is to everyone on here who has sucky parents!

I’m your mum now! And I’m your dad also! Nobody deserves to live life unhappy surrounded by people who don’t respect who you are and/or what you do! I’m here for you and I’ll talk to you anytime! Please feel free to drop me a message anytime

literally one of the worst things ever is when a parent is ruthlessly yelling at their child while the child’s friend is in the car with them. like, it’s bad enough without anyone around, but parent, you are not only humiliating your child but making another uninvolved person extremely uncomfortable. when you’re the friend, you feel helpless and immensely bad for the one getting scolded, and when you’re the kid, you feel like scratching your face to shreds and melting into the car vents. when you’re the parent you’re just an asshole.