literally one of the worst things ever is when a parent is ruthlessly yelling at their child while the child’s friend is in the car with them. like, it’s bad enough without anyone around, but parent, you are not only humiliating your child but making another uninvolved person extremely uncomfortable. when you’re the friend, you feel helpless and immensely bad for the one getting scolded, and when you’re the kid, you feel like scratching your face to shreds and melting into the car vents. when you’re the parent you’re just an asshole.


Was supposed to post these earlier today but I ended up falling asleep. But I drew me and @astro-princey because it’s his birthday!! Just gonna go on a bit about why I love Princey so much.

I’ve really only know Princey for a month and a half about? And in that time he has just made my life 10 million times better. He just someone I can talk to about anything. And I just always appreciate that in him.

He is also, like, INSANELY TALENTED!! He is an amazing writer, singer, and artist. He just always has great ideas for stories and I just love to re-read a lot of his stories!! And his singing… my god it’s beautiful in every way. It just carries a lot emotion, especially when he sings Words Fail, he really makes a good JD as well!! And his drawings are super fun! He has an art blog (that I just always forget the name of, I’ll edit this when I remember) that doesn’t have a lot but the stuff he does have is super good! And his livestream that he did with him drawing was tons of fun too.

I know Princey doesn’t have the greatest life, and not a lot of us do. But I think he does deserve the greatest days ahead of him. He deserves the world really. With how kind and humble he is. He is also super wise beyond his years (heisalsoreallynicetolookatCOUGH).

I know I’m saying all these great (and true) things about him. But everyone has flaws, and we should know that Princey has them. But those flaws make him who he is. The most wonderful, caring, handsome, trustworthy guy I’ve ever met.

Happy birthday Princey!!! I love you with all my heart!!

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101 with Chuck/Rowena bc I loved seeing them reminisce (if not with that pairing, that's totally okay!)

Kids,” Chuck and Rowena sighed in unison, before shaking their heads and taking a sip of their cups of tea.

They grow up so fast…

It had been a long time since both of them had the chance to finally talk with somebody like proper adults, reminisce about the good little things in life that they usually never had the occasion to discuss with anybody else. As a Witch, Rowena was too busy escaping the clutches of certain hunters, and God… too busy isolating himself on an island which started to feel more and more like a cell instead of an actual dream palace without any real company.

“You know,” Chuck started, a smile tugging at his lips as he glanced at Rowena. “I never thought I’d have the chance to do this again with anybody. I mean… coffee break chats? I’m usually not much of a social kind of guy, you know? I – I let my fingers do the telling, if you catch my drift. I feel like writing is easier.”

“You seem to let go pretty easily, though.” Rowena raised her eyebrow.

“Well, to be fair, you are easier to talk to than most people, and we can relate to each other if you think about it, you know? I mean,” he made a random hand gesture. “We’re both parents – sucky parents, and uh… we… both despise pineapple on pizza, right? And – we have the same crappy taste of music! I mean, you are like my – my… soulmate or something, or whatever you call it…”

Rowena’s eyes were warm and she stared in amusement at Chuck as he babbled nervously.

“What you’re trying to say is that you feel more comfortable talking to me because we connect better?”

“See!” Chuck aimed a finger at her, “You just… get me.”

She snorted.

This is to everyone on here who has sucky parents!

I’m your mum now! And I’m your dad also! Nobody deserves to live life unhappy surrounded by people who don’t respect who you are and/or what you do! I’m here for you and I’ll talk to you anytime! Please feel free to drop me a message anytime

Y’know, it’s funny that you mention it, cause, like, yeah—I’ve actually made some unexpected friends after the whole Weirdmageddon thing?  I guess a good life-and-death apocalypse situation kinda makes social ladders vanish completely, huh?

For example, I thought Robbie was just, like, one of those goth weirdos that grew out of pods in the back of Edgy On Purpose or something.  But turns out, he’s actually pretty chill?  We both kinda bonded over how sucky our parents can be, and he loaned me some of his CDs in exchange for some of my makeup.

Not that I can’t afford all these CDs or whatever, but honestly?  Half of these bands are mega obscure and, like, I wouldn’t have even known they existed without his help.  I mean, have any of you guys even heard of “The Handlebar Bros?” Weird, but cool.

As for Gideon, not gonna lie, he’s still ultra creepy at times.  But I did find out he had some pretty good hairstyling tips, so we’re kinda testing the waters talking about that or whatever.  I dunno, things are still pretty weird there, considering he’s got wanted criminals following him around wherever he goes and stuff, but like, they’re not too bad.  

They’re basically butlers, just…on parole. I can live with that. Kinda.

But honestly, the coolest person I’ve started hanging out with is probably Wendy Corduroy.  Like, okay, I thought she was kinda a redneck lumberjack at first? (Redneck, not redhead, though, well, I guess she’s still the second one).  But like, despite that whole Northwest/Common lumberjack tension or whatever from that whole haunted mansion thing, she and her family are actually pretty…great?

I mean, her dad’s kinda wild…I think he like, wrestled a bear once or something…but Wendy and her brothers really know how to like, have fun and stuff!  And just, like…I dunno…she’s got a brother about my age, and he’s…sorta cute…

I mean, ugh!  Not like I’d ever date a Corduroy or anything. 

No, seriously, I wouldn’t. Cool as they are, they smell like yaks and tree bark. 

Friends or not, that’s just, like, not my type.

♔Pacifica N♢rthwest♔

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Dear Connor Murphy, my parents are being pretty sucky right now,, how do you deal with it?? or maybe i could chill at your house. Sincerely, Marie. ps: it's chill if you don't want me to;;;

Dear Marie,

Parents are sucky. Just try to avoid them for a while, or go hang out somewhere until they cool off. You can come over if you’d like.

Sincerely, Connor Murphy

It Get’s Better

Hey, I don’t normally write these but that last ask I got about suicide had me thinking I should really reach out to my younger followers.

Because, I want to promise from the bottom of my heart with every sincerity, it gets better. Whether you are LGBT+, mentally ill, had a sucky childhood or bad parents, or just having a really hard time, this too will pass. Being young and vulnerable and scared is probably the most difficult time in a person’s life and above all else your feelings of fear or anxiety or depression are valid.

Life is hard. 

You may feel alone, nevertheless, everyone you ever meet is struggling and suffering and I know you feel alone, that no one else hurts like this, but I promise they do- and they got through and so can you.

It gets better. So, please stick around to see that, I will personally be in awe of whatever you become. I dropped out of middle school for a year when I was 14, I got truancy in highschool my freshman year, I tried to take my own life a couple times and spent awhile in the hospital. None of those were the end, none of these defined me or cursed me to a life of misery.

No matter your past or what you’re going through it gets better, with time, with help, with age, with your own personal strength you discover.

I do recommend getting help, therapy can really help- even if you believe it can’t, medication personally saved my life and I recommend trying to see if it’s for you. So please, no matter what, endure, endure, endure, and life can be better, people are good, you are good, you are loved and can get through is.

Hey poor kids-

Have you ever been describing the economic situation you grew up in to your wealthier cohorts and then have them immediately and weirdly bring up how sucky their parents are out of nowhere like it’s the same thing?