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Headcanon: Yuri likes to wear provocative clothes to tease Otabek when he is alone with him.

Not even just when he is alone with him, I suspect. 

Sometimes he leaves the house in these little outfits that are barely decent. Gauzy little shirts or over sized ones that keep slipping off his shoulder, tops that are way too cropped and so tight you can see his nipple piercings through. Jean shorts in summer that look about two sizes to small as he casually sticks his ass out, leaning on the counter of the local ice cream parlour, sucking on a Popsicle. Pleather pants, so low his hipbones stick out. Leggings so tights they look spray-painted. Thigh highs that don’t even cover up the marks Otabek left the previous night.

Wanted (6)

Steve Harrington x Reader, Billy Hargrove x Reader

Summary: She just wants to be wanted. More specifically, she wants to be wanted by Steve… Until Billy Hargrove weasels his way into her heart.  

Warnings: ST SEASON 2 SPOILERS, language, angst

Word Count: 1.5k+



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The next two days were the same as Monday.

She barely slept, ate, or did much. She’d called in sick from her skateboarding lessons and trudged on through the following days.

She felt like she was going crazy. Every noise startled her, regardless of its volume. She was a nervous wreck.

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If You Don’t Love Me Now // Peter Maximoff

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A/N: Because there is an appalling lack of Peter smut. You’re all welcome. 

Warnings: Idk why I even do warnings anymore. Smut as fuck. Language.

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Got7 reaction to s/o sucking on a popsicle seductively

Here you go baby:)


He understood it was hot in the apartment with the AC broken in the entire building so the fact that you were strutting around in the shortest shorts and tightest tank top he’d ever seen. The other boys knew not to look too long. But when you walked into the living room with a long purple Popsicle and propped yourself up against the door all eyes discreetly flicked to you.  You looked at Jaebum and smirked, who cared if it was hot. After taking the popsicle down your throat as far as possible and slowly pulling it back out and biting off the tip you smirked as Jaebum shifted in his seat. He was furious that you would do something like that knowing that the others were watching but damn was he turned on. He’d watch you walk back to his room and after waiting a few seconds he would stand up and follow you back there, not caring if the other boys knew exactly why. 


Seeing you standing there looking at him with seductive eyes and licking up the length of the popsicle would make him bite his lip and slightly blush. He’d look back to the tv, trying not to make it too obvious that you had flustered him but his eyes would keep flicking to you. Eventually he’d wave you over to sit you on his lap, lightly putting pressure on your hips so he could really feel you against himself. He’d wrap his arms around you and burry his head into your back and take a deep breath, praying you would finish your popsicle quickly, he just wanted to get the thought out of his mind.


He’d whine as soon as you did it, giggling loudly at your suggestive action. You’d giggle and send him a wink making him clutch his heart before holding his hand out for you. When you’d walk up to your couch and swung a leg over his lap to straddle him he’d take a bite of your popsicle before smiling the two of you into a cherry flavored kiss. ‘You drive me crazy you know that? Like absolute crazy.’ He’d say smiling at you as his hands ran up and down your back. 


Seeing the way your cheeks slightly hollowed as you sucked on the popsicle would make his jaw clench as a smug smile met his lips. He knew your weren’t purposely doing it to turn him on but it did, so as he stood up from where he sat and walked over to wrap his arms tightly around your waist making you squeal in surprise. ‘Jinyoung what are you doing!’ You’d say as he let you turn around. He would just raise his eyebrows at the popsicle and make you laugh as you picked up on what he was laying down. ‘You’re so gross.’ you’d say making him laugh and kiss you. ‘I might be gross but your grosser.’ He’d say making you laugh. 


He’d watch you out of the corner of his eye as you stared at the tv smuggly, purposely sucking the popsicle in and out of your mouth. You loved making him sexually frustrated, it made sex so much better. When his arm would snake around your shoulder and his lips move closer to your ear you’d know he was right where you wanted him. You’d look at him and he’d be just about to say something, mouth opening. But you stuck your popsicle in his mouth instead making him groan. His head would fall back laughing before standing up and following you into the next room.


You wouldn’t have time to even realize what happened when BamBam pulled the popsicle out of your mouth and replaced it with his tongue. There would be no time to breath as the popsicle melted around his fingers but the kiss would end just as fast as it began as he pulled away and put the frozen ice in his mouth. ‘You owe me one later.’ He’d say with a wink as he walked away, knowing you’d chase him. 


He’d blush and look away as you walked over to him slipping the popsicle in between your lips and winking at him. He’d grow nervous as you place a hand on his knee and sat back next to him, looking forward but smiling smugly as you continued to bring the popsicle in and out of your mouth. Finally he’d roll his head over to you and give you a soft, whiny ‘y/n?’ making you smile even more as you looked over to him. ‘Yeah?’ He’d bite his lip before leaning up to kiss you and then pulling you in a way you could rest your head against his shoulder and drape your legs across his lap. When you finished your popsicle and all that was left was the wooden stick in your mouth he’d pull it out and kiss you again before letting you help his… needs.

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Boys when their s/o accidentally turns them on please? (Sucking on a popsicle or shifting in their lap on accident, or moaning when stretching?)

A/N: I can’t do all the boys cause my hc limit is three. So, I chose Junkrat, Solider, and Hanzo. If you want other ones you can ask for them again when requests are open. ^^

Also NSFW-ish?


  • The base had been extremely hot that day, Jamison noticed. 
  • Lucio had been the one to offer everyone Popsicle as a means of cooling off. So, when you found one in your preferred flavor, you took to it quickly before going back to your ‘cool down spot’.
  • Jamie finds you sitting on the ground by a fan, your hair pushed back as a sweaty blush paints your cheeks. 
  • There’s sticky Popsicle juice dripping to stain your fingers as you sloppily lick it clean  before moving back to suck and slurp at the melting icy treat.
  • Jamie practically giggles in excitement at the sight while he moves to sit next to you. 
  • He simply watches you go about it, a giddy smile on his face as his mind wanders much to dirty for how hot it already is. 
  • He lets out a series of giggles, peppering kisses on your bare shoulder. “Ey, love.” You hum, letting him know your listening. “I got something else you can suck on.” He remarks, eyebrows wagging while you practically choke at the perversion. Junkrat laughs at your reaction while you smack him playfully on the arm, telling him to save it for later.

Soldier 76

  • Soldier is very punctual about stretching before working out. Reminding you to do so as you join him for training. 
  • He continues his sets of weights. Resting an elbow on his knee while watching you do as he instructed. He sees as you lift your arms over your head, bending backwards while your chest curves upwards.
  • However, his head nearly jerks when you moan loudly. It was loud and sensual followed by a relieved sigh as you release the tension in your joints. 
  • Soldier is practically glowing red under his mask, grateful no one else was around to hear it.
  • He feels where the heat of his face travels down his body while you move to stand and look at him expectantly. Eyes wandering why he’s stopped lifting weights to stare at you.
  • The blood from his face rushes straight down to his crotch and he’s on his feet in seconds. A sudden lost of control coming over him.
  • You watch with curiosity as Solider marches over to you swiftly before grabbing a strong hold on your arm. His face is close enough for only you to hear what he demands with a growl. “Showers, now.” His tone surprising you by how commanding it sounds. Though, it doesn't deter a smirk from appearing on your face as you follow him.

Hanzo Shimada

  • The drop-ship had been unusually bumpy due to turbulence. 
  • However, little did that do to stop you from standing up in order to reach something from across the table. 
  • Almost immediately, a huge pocket of air forces the plane to shake, causing you to lose your footing. 
  • Hanzo immediately rushed to grab you, pulling you to topple into his lap rather than the floor. Your butt ends up meeting rightfully onto his crotch as the ship’s shaking added pleasant friction through his pants.
  • He stiffens immediately -in more ways than one- before wrapping his arms around to keep you in place. 
  • The ship continues shaking enough that you think he is holding you so you don’t fall over once more. Finding it cute as he tucks his forehead to the back of your neck almost affectionately.
  • However, it takes you a moment to realize whats going when the shaking of the ship makes you sink further into him. His growing erection poking at your ass.
  • “Hanzo…” You begin before he cuts you off. His face is kept in a controlled scowl as he mutters “Not a word” into the crook of your neck.  You chuckle. Shifting a bit more than needed in order to sit comfortably, if not a bit more teasingly. 

a summer concept: eric bittle, in his favorite red shorts, lounging on the roof of the haus, casually sucking on a cherry popsicle. jack zimmermann, coming back from a run, tripping over his own feet at the sight.

BTS REACTS TO: Their s/o *cough*deep throating*cough*  a Popsicle in front of the boys

anon asked: there’s this vine [youtube(.)com/watch?v=2wJ7r6i5000] where this girl is eating this Popsicle and basically deep throats it and when her friends pointed it out she says confused “it’s not that big”. Can you do a BTS Reaction to their crush or s/o doing that in front him and the boys?

I fucking LOVE that vine. Everyone watch it [here] before reading this reactions. The girl fit the whole 8-Inch Popsicle in her mouth and shE DIDN’T EVEN GAG BRUH i’m #Deceased - Admin Dayna


Sweltering summer days usually led to everyone slowing down to sloths. Even with fans and AC blasting on you and the boys, everyone still felt incredibly beat. Jin was brilliant enough to come up with the idea purchasing popsicles and such, but he sent the younger two; Kookie and Tae out to retrieve them, too lazy to get it himself. By the time everyone got their hands on the frozen treat, energy had been restored within you and the boys. You ripped off the wrapping from your own popsicle, and went to town; managing to put the entire length of it down your mouth. Jin yelped your name in disbelief and the boys had surprised (borderline lewd) expressions of their own.

“[y/n]! What are you doing?!”

“I’m eating the popsi – “

“Like that?! That’s dirty!”

“I – I’m just eating a popsicle?”

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The first time he saw you pull the trick, he avoided eye contact all together. It was hard not to have inappropriate thoughts after seeing you pull something like that. But once the two of you got around the dating, getting comfortable around each other, and actually you know… doing the do, Yoongi took pride in you and your gag reflexes and the lack of.

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Hobi has been exposed multiple times for being a bit of a pervert. You always thought it was just the boys poking fun of him until now. You and the boys sat together at a beach after they had completed a photoshoot. Their manager pulled up with a pack of popsicles to share between them and the staff and you happily helped yourself to one. During eating it you, noticed Hobi had been watching you strangely. The way he kept staring caught the attention of the others too, some of the boys (mainly the maknae line) seemed to have appeared a bit flustered. Namjoon and Yoongi had been snickering to themselves, Jin was honestly dumbfounded, and Hoseok was fixated.

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Namjoon has always been aware of your… impressive gag reflex, but this caught him off guard. You found a popsicle in the freezer of the boy’s dorms and helped yourself. Jungkook and Jin were off eating together – like father like son – lord knows where Jimin and TaeTae ran off to. Yoongi, Namjoon, and Hobi were all together in one bedroom. Yoongi was fast asleep, meanwhile Namjoon was playing music outloud and Hobi was casually scrolling through his phone. You joined the three in that room, finding it the most chill, and sat down beside Namjoon on the bed, sucking on the popsicle as you pulled out your cell. You looked up from your phone not too shortly after feeling eyes on you. Hobi wide eyed, and Namjoon smirking.

“Why are you staring at me?”

“How big is that popsicle?”

“Excu – you’re disgusting, Namjoon.”

“I’m a good kid!”

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It was a date. Go out for a walk, grab some icecream, eat it at a park, and head straight home after a long ass day of walking. Jimin paid for the icecream this time. You chose a watermelon Bomb Pop popsicle, and ChimChim ordered a cone. He paid the bill, and the two headed off to a park just across the street to sit on a bench and spend the rest of your leisure time there. As the two of you crossed the street, you had already managed to get the wrapper off and stick the popsicle in your mouth. Jimin choked and laughed nervously at the sight, and you looked at him with concern.

“You alright, jagi?”

“Y-Yeah – h-how did you…?”

“What? It’s not that big.”

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He’d be lying if he said his mind hand wandered off into something a bit… rated r after catching you in the act. He stared (more like gawked) as you ate your popsicle, completing forgetting about the one he had in his hand. You look up at him with it in your mouth and raised a brow confused. Taehyung avoided eye contact for a second, flustered, but still manage to catch sight of you pulling it out your mouth to ask him what was the matter. He didn’t say anything. He just shook his head and thought it was best to keep said thoughts to himself.

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He’s only so young. How is he supposed to react after seeing someone he only just started dating pull a trick like that. Jungkook found himself retreating in the deepest safest parts of his mind as you managed to fit the entire popsicle in your mouth. You kept at it, not really noticing how uncomfortable he was until after a while of awkward silence. You glance his direction, making eye contact, and slowly pulled the popsicle out your mouth, not taking notice to what you were doing. Jungkook excused himself immediately.

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Up and down

Pairing: Yoongi x reader

Summary: It´s a hot summer day on set and Yoongi can´t handle watching you lick a popsicle without wanting to fulfill his fantasies.

Word count: 4.326

Genre: Smut

Warnings: graphic smut.

Author´s note: This was on private but I´ve arranged it so that I can  repost it since I had to correct a few things.

It´s smutty and I´m not ashamed lol

You hadn´t planned this at all. You were supposed to be in your apartment, probably taking a nap or watching one of those movies that made you cry rivers even if you couldn´t relate to the character´s love life in any way possible. Yet when you had received a rushed and frantic call from your boss saying they needed you for today´s shoot, you had submitted to readjusting your plans and had driven all the way up to a forest in the middle of nowhere after cursing in three different languages. And now, there you were, almost whining at the lost of your day off.

On top of that, it was bloody hot. You squinted your eyes trying to block the sun as you made your way through the crowd, cameras already placed all over and staff members running across the set almost bumping into you and barely muttering an apology. There were various insects in the air that added up to the dry ambient and the fact that there wasn´t a single tree near enough to shelter under its shadow didn´t help at all. Your hands worked with a hair tie tying all the strands into a bun in an attempt to cool off and, slapping a mosquito that you had caught trying to suck your blood, a heavy sigh escaped your lips. Coming here - you could´ve rejected it, but it would only make you feel more miserable.

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If You Do - Jungkook SMUT *Requested*

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this took too fucking long omg, i MIGHT make a fanfiction out of this (cue word might)

hope you like it.


“Stop staring at her” jimin said as he nudge jungkook, who was lost staring at you across the hallway, he sighed when he saw your boyfriend put an arm around your waist pulling you (harshly) next to him, he wanted to punch that asshole, you were beautiful but not the girl next door beautiful but beautiful in a way he hasn’t seen in his 17 years of life, you were someone that everyone would stop walking and stare at you as soon as you crossed their paths, you were so naturally beautiful that make up could ruin that beauty and not give it the shining it deserved, but you weren’t just beautiful, you were smart too, jungkook was sure you could win awards with that bright mind of yours, you could write thousands of books and shakespeare would be nothing compared to your beautiful writings, you were also kind, everyone would think that because you were beautiful and smart you would be stuck up and a brat but that was not the case, you were nice and kind to everyone around you, you had a beautiful heart, and the worst part is that jungkook was the only one who noticed this.

He sighed and turned to look at his friend “he doesn’t deserve her” jungkook said as he closed his locker, jimin rolled his eyes and taehyung looked at him “and you do? Come on let’s be honest here jungkook, she is beautiful popular and comes from a rich family, you come from a middle class family and you are a nobody, im jaebum might be a class a asshole but at least they have the same kind of lifestyle” jungkook scoffed and rolled his eyes “thank you hyung that helps a lot” taehyung widened his eyes “oh i didn’t mean it like that kookie you are a great guy really attractive and smart but you are different, let’s face it we are not popular we are the underdogs i think you’d be better with someone like us” jungkook nodded as he stared at you again your eyes catching his sigh for a minute, his heart stopped beating and he could feel he was going to faint when you smiled at him.

He was about to say something when he was interrupted by a girl covering his best friends eyes, taehyung smiled and turned around to hug his girlfriend and kiss her on the cheek, jimin gagged at the love affection but jungkook smiled, he has always liked people being in love and happy and seeing taehyung be happy with the girl of his dreams gave him hope that maybe one day he’ll be as happy as his hyung.

“Hello princess” he said smiling at his girl “hello oppa…and you guys of course” hyori said turning to look at jimin who had a scowl on his face and jungkook who was smiling at them “good morning noona” jungkook chirped with a smile “yeah good morning” jimin said refusing to look at her “jiminie are you still ignoring me?” hyori asked with a pout, her and jimin were twin brothers they were really close and they shared everything together, that was until she started dating his best friend, he wasn’t really ok with it but he thought that if his sister and best friend were happy then it was ok with him, he just didn’t like it when they rubbed it in his face “well you keep doing PDA with my best friend and you guys had sex on my room so until you buy me a new bed i’m going to keep ignoring you” jimin said as he walked away, hyori rolled her eyes.

Jungkook was so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t hear the conversation that was happening behind his back, he was too busy staring at you across the hall, your smile had changed into a frown and you looked like you were on the verge of tears, he just wanted to run to your side and hug you but he knew that if he did that he would end up with a broken nose and a very bruised face that not even make up would cover it.

He came back to reality when hyori snapped her fingers in front of his face, he looked at her with a raised eyebrow “jungkook ah you don’t want to die do you? Because if you do you should let us know so we can get help for you” she said with a fake concerned face making taehyung snicker, he was about to answer when you passed by his side looking at him as you walked away, jungkook shook his head and started to follow you.

Taehyung sighed and closed his locker and put his arm around his girlfriend “guess we have to start organizing a funeral” he said as he walked away.

You sighed as you sat down in the empty art room, lucky for you it was friday and no one went in the art room that day, you just wanted a day without being surrounded by people, telling you how to dress how to talk what to say and what to do, you just wanted to be yourself but you friends your family and your boyfriend wouldn’t let that happen, there was just one person that made you feel free to be whoever you wanted to be, that person also made you feel loved and wanted and that person was going into the room with you.

You smiled when you saw jungkook coming closer to you, he wrapped his arms around your waist and placed his forehead on yours closing his eyes, you sighed and hugged him placing your head on his chest, he hugged you closer to his body kissing your head “i missed you” you sighed, he placed a hand on your chin so you would look up to him “me too” he whispered before kissing you hard, as if  he had spent years without kissing you, you kissed him back and moaned when he introduced his tongue inside your mouth, it has been more than a week without his touch on your skin, your parents had gone to a trip and had lots of meetings on your house so there was no way you and jungkook could meet there and if you weren’t at home you were hanging out with your fake friends or your boyfriend, you only got to talk to him through texts and even then you had to hide so no one would find out.

You pulled away and started to take off your panties, jungkook bit his lip and took a condom out of his pocket before unzipping his pants, you bit your lip and tried not to moan at the sight of his hard leaking erection, before he could do anything you dropped to your knees and took his cock in your hands, he was about to say something when you took it inside your mouth, he let out a long groan when he felt you suck him as if you hadn’t done that in years, he felt your tongue playing with the head of his cock while your pretty lips wrapped around him and he could feel like he was going to pass out really soon if you didn’t stop sucking him like a popsicle on a very hot summer day. [cringe]

He put one of his hands on your head and the other one on the nearest desk so he wouldn’t fall to his knees, he threw his head back and let out a long moan that set your skin on fire, you had missed the sounds he made, sweet and long, he wasn’t afraid to be loud or to let you know how good you were making him feel unlike your boyfriend that only focused on himself and let out low grunts that made you want to ask him to shut up because they turned you off like nothing else.

“Baby…baby i’m close i don’t ..ugh fuck i don’t want to cum yet, i want to be inside you baby…ugh” he sighed when you pulled away and stood up, he gathered himself before kissing you hard while grabbing your thighs, you wrapped your legs around his waist as he made you sit on the big wooden desk, he was about to enter you when you stopped him “wait..the condom” he widened his eyes and nodded taking the foil out of the packet but instead on putting it himself he gave it to you so you would do it yourself, you smirked as you placed the condom on his length, you smiled when you saw him close his eyes trying to focus so he wouldn’t cum in your hand, he grunted when you started to slide your hand up and down, he opened his eyes and took away your hand and he kissed you hard, you were about to kiss him back when he entered you making you gasp at his size, he stood there for a minute letting you adjust, when he felt you relax he started to thrust into you.

You were in paradise, it felt like you had spent years without his touch without his hands holding your hips like his life depended on it, it felt like it had been years without his cock inside your tight heat, making you feel like you were reaching nirvana each time the head of his cock pushed against your sweet spot, and that’s when you noticed one thing, no matter how hard you tried you couldn’t live without jeon jungkook.

You put your arms around his shoulder bringing him closer to you, you were in the middle of a messy kiss when he pulled away to let out a low groan that made your insides tingle, “fuck i missed you so much” he moaned against your lips, you bit his lower lip making him growl you smirked and kissed his lips and jaw line going down for his neck “i missed you too kookie ah fuck harder please go harder i’m so close baby” you said in between moans, jungkook nodded and started to pound faster and harder, you closed your eyes and opened your mouth to moan but you were so lost in pleasure no sound was coming, you could hear him breathing heavily and letting some whimpers, you opened your eyes to see him with his face towards the ceiling wearing a deep frown while he bit his lip, his uniform was slightly messy he had the first few buttons of the shirt open revealing his toned chest while the horrible red and blue tie hand loosely around his neck, you moaned at the sight, jungkook looked at you and took one hand from your hips so he could grab the back of your neck to bring you closer to him so he could kiss you, and you kissed him back, you kissed him back with all the passion and loved you had for this boy, you kissed him as that was the last time you two were going to kiss, “please cum with me” he pleaded in between moans, you hissed when he kept hitting your g spot and nodded, you kissed him again as you felt him cum inside the condom, shortly after you felt your walls contracting and suddenly you felt pleasure running through your whole body, you were so lost that you didn’t notice jungkook staring at you with heart eyes, you didn’t feel him placing kisses on your forehead down your cheek and neck, and you certainly didn’t hear him when he told you to break up with Jaebum.

You finally came back down your high, and you frowned when you saw him sigh and throw away the condom with a frown on his face, you didn’t say anything as you put back your panties and put your uniform back in it’s place, you saw jungkook fix his shirt and tie, you frowned and grabbed his hand “jungkook what’s wrong?” you asked and he looked at you, with pain in his eyes, he shook his head and hugged you closer to his body, you hugged him back still frowning at his odd behaviour, you pulled away when you felt his body shake, you looked up to see him and your heart clenched at the sight of him crying, you placed your hand on his cheek and he closed his eyes and leaned on your hand “kookie what’s wrong?” he shook his head and hissed “i love you that’s what’s wrong, i love you but we can’t be together because you refuse to break up with him” his voice was filled with a mixture of pain and hatred and you pulled away, and shook your head “i told you it’s complicated i can’t break up with him” “and you still refuse to tell me why….” “i can’t jungkook i’m sorry but i can’t”.

He rubbed his face and shook his head “whatever” he made the attempt to move to the door but you grabbed his wrist “jungkook please don’t be mad at me” you pleaded and he looked back “i can’t be mad at you i can’t hate you but you are hurting me and you have to make a choice, either you break up with him or this, what we are doing is over” you sighed and let go of him, he stood there waiting for your answer but you couldn’t give him one, you were about to say something when the bell rang.

“Tomorrow…jiyong hyung is holding a party, if you go without him i’ll be willing to forget everything but if you don’t show up then it’s over between us” he said before disappearing through the door leaving you there to be alone with your thoughts

On History and Dinner

Summary: A non athletic!Jack fic, where grad student and history nerd, Jack Zimmermann meets the cute Samwell student/baker Eric Bittle at the Bread and Butter Bakery.  Picks up right after On History and Pie.  Jack takes a chance and meets Bitty for dinner. It’s their first date.  A collaboration with the wonderful @zim-tits​ featuring her lovely artwork. Also on AO3

Bitty was closing up shop for the evening at Bread and Buttery Bakery when he heard a small tap. Lardo smiled as she looked through the large picture window and saw who was standing on the other side.

“It’s your boy, Bitty,” she said.

He glanced and saw Jack standing outside as he waved shyly.

Chowder unlocked and opened the door. “Welcome! Come on in.”

“Thanks,” Jack said as he came in slowly, looking at Bitty with a soft smile.

Bitty closed the register and smiled in return as he walked from behind the counter toward Jack.

“Hi, Jack.”

“Hi, Eric. Bitty.”

The two wordlessly stared at one another, smiling. Lardo, taking pity on them, cleared her throat, “Uh, Chowder, can you help me with something in back?”

Chowder frowned disappointed he wasn’t going to be able to watch.

“Sure, Lardo.”

“You came,” Bitty said. “Thanks for that. Thanks for trusting me.”

“My uncle says… well, never mind, but I’m the one that should be saying thanks – for the shortbread. It was really good.”

“Really good? I was aiming for so amazing it would make you wanna slap your mama but then again, I’m sure you love your mama, so really good will do.”

Jack laughed softly, “I do. So, are you… that is… if you’re still interested…”

“Jack, would you like to go grab something to eat?”

Jack smiled, relieved that Bitty had taken the lead.

“Yes, I’d like that.”

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pineapple blue

(little ficlet. thorki. highschool au. loki’s easy. thor is totally crushing. popsicle involved.)

It’s the end of spring and it’s crazy hot.

The classroom is empty. Only Loki is there. He’s sitting cross-legged on a table in the back. His phone is balancing on his right knee. The glare coming from the screen just evaporates cause the room is flooded with sunlight. He’s got his sneakers on. Stone Temple Pilots shirt. His hair is wet and he’s waiting for Thor to come back from the cafeteria.

“Go get me a popsicle,” Loki said earlier without looking up from his phone cause crazy cool article about some dead author.

Thor popped his gum real loud, “what was that.”

They’ve been fucking for the last two months. Everyone at the school knew Loki was easy. They used to say he’s a good fuck, but also the meanest bitch ever.

Thor was open-minded. He also thought Loki was more than kinda hot, so he decided to give it a go.

All that casual fucking with Thor made Loki fall in love.

He would never admit to it, though.

Loki chipped some nail polish off his thumb, “The blue one.”

Thor stared at him, tongue pressed to the roof of his mouth cause rude.

They were sitting side by side on the table, and Loki’s bitchiness combined with the mind blowing scent coming from his hair, made Thor wanna straddle those gorgeous thin hips and teach him some manners.

“Huh,” Thor hummed.


“Still not spotting please anywhere.”

“That’s cause I didn’t say please,” Loki said casually and the sun glinted off his bottom lip.

Loki bites the tip of his forefinger. Looks out the window.

There’s Thor making his way across the lawn, grey cut-off shirt, black jeans, man bun and a loose strand of golden hair fluttering over the side of his face.

Loki looks him over.

He read somewhere that if you let someone know just how much you love them, they’ll get bored and leave you.

Loki looks down at his phone. Stares at his homescreen. It’s a really blurry picture he took one day when Thor drove him home from school. Thor took the long way to get there and they drove through this neighborhood that was 95% trees and 5% houses.

Spring trees, their crowns looking like a puzzle of gold coins. Loki snapped a pic when Thor wasn’t looking. Cause the taste of Thor’s kisses lingered in his mouth, the touch of his rough hand was still warm on the inside of his thighs, and the leaves made him think of Thor’s hair falling into his eyes as he lowered his head to suck on the pulse point in Loki’s neck.

It was the first time Loki let Thor kiss him.

A little memory. Thor can stare at it and have no idea where it’s from or why Loki uses it as his homescreen.


Thor walks in.

“They only had one left,” he says from the doorway.

He takes the popsicle out of his back pocket and the crazy blue wrapper crackles between his fingers.

“Heads up.”

Thor tosses and Loki catches it.

It slams, hard and cold, into the center of his palm, icy condense sprinkling everywhere, trickling down his wrist.

Loki tosses the phone onto his bag on the floor and slides off the table.

Loki sits on the warm tiles and starts taking the wrapper off.

Thor joins him, big body next to Loki’s slim one, resting the back of his head against one of the table legs.

He studies Loki with a smirk, “I don’t get a thank you?”

Loki peels the slippery paper off, keeping his eyes on that rectangle block of shiny-blue ice revealing itself bit by bit, like a frosted hill emerging from the cover of some heavy grey fog.

“What for?” Loki says and the inner part of the paper is all sticky.

“Was kinda hot out there,” Thor continues, “lots of people, too. Most of ‘em smelled. Real bad. Had to wait ten minutes in line to get this for 'ya.”

Loki closes his lips around the tip of the popsicle. Sucks on it. Some of the ice melts, and the sweet pineapple juice pools on his tongue and just behind his bottom teeth.

He swallows, pulls his head back a little bit, and licks his lips.

“Poor you,” he says to Thor, his voice raw from the cold.

Thor watches as Loki crumples up the wrapper and sets it aside.

“Ha,” Thor says.

Loki quirks an eyebrow. Licks a circle around the middle of the popsicle.

“See, you owe me now,” Thor looks amused and more than kinda turned on.

Loki laps at the shiny rivulets trickling down the sides of the popsicle with the tip of his tongue.

It’s sweet-pink on icy-blue and watching it warms the blood in Thor’s veins.

Loki pauses to swallow, raises his brows all innocent, “do I?”

“Aha,” Thor hums this and adds, “how you gonna pay me back?”

Loki looks him right in the eye and closes his fingers tight around the popsicle’s smooth wooden stick.

He parts his lips and slowly slides all of the popsicle into his mouth 'till the frozen tip of it touches the back of his throat and his lips press against his knuckles.

He sucks on it hard and his cheeks become hollow.

Thor’s pupils are crazy wide and his tongue traces his bottom lip real slow, while his eyes stay fixed to that spot where you can still see just a little bit of blue peeking from between Loki’s wet lips.

Loki stays like this for another beat, then lazily pulls it out, inch by inch.

“You fucking tease,” Thor mumble but his voice is warm.

Loki holds the popsicle in his left hand, watches Thor.

Thor inches closer and runs his tongue over the popsicle from bottom to top, collecting sugary drops, then covers Loki’s mouth with his own.

Open-mouthed kiss. Loki’s cold lips and tongue turn warm under Thor’s lips.

Loki smells like pineapples and sunshine and Thor holds on to the back of his neck, fingers in his wet hair.

“I love having your mouth on me,” Thor says all breathy into Loki’s mouth.

Loki looks him in the eye, “is that so.”


“We’ll try and work something out then,” Loki says.

Thor smirks like day made.

Loki pulls back to finish his popsicle.

Thor spots Loki’s phone.

He picks it up and smiles as his eyes move over Loki’s homescreen.

“We took the long way home,” Thor says and Loki almost chokes, “first time you let me kiss you.”

He remembers, Loki thinks.

Knowing that makes the popsicle 1000% sweeter. Cause hey, maybe all this casual fucking made Thor kinda fall for him too.

notes: this one’s for @thorduna ! Still hoping someone would write that die hard fic!

Title: Wide Amber Eyes
Fandom: Marvel
Word Count: 850
Characters: Kurt Wagner x Reader, Jean Grey, Scott Summers, Peter Maximoff, Jubilee
Reader Gender: Female
Warnings: Hints of smut
Notes: Based on this and this, from @kurtwxgners’s Wonderland of Smutty Headcanons. // There’s a sorta part two here. (It only references this fic, it isn’t necessarily a continuation of it.)

Originally posted by claracivry

       Dating a good Catholic boy can be worlds of fun, if one knows how to play their cards right. And you knew quite well – sometimes you could get him all kinds of flustered without even trying.
       “You do realize that we might have to rush Kurt to the emergency room after he sees you in that, don’t you?”
       You looked yourself over in the mirror once more. You wore a dark blue bikini, which you had chosen with the full intention of making your boyfriend swoon. You smirked.
       “That’s your goal, though, isn’t it?” Jean asked teasingly.
       “As if you didn’t buy that little number to give Scott grief,” you retorted with a grin, motioning towards her choice of swimsuit.
       “Touché,” she replied, then the two of you walked arm-in-arm towards the mansion’s swimming pool.
       It had been miserably hot out the past few days, so you, Jean, Jubilee, Kurt, Scott, and Peter all decided that it would be a good idea to have a little pool party. When you and Jean arrived, Peter was already blaring music, and Scott was trying to wrestle Kurt into the pool. The former almost won, but the latter vanished into thin air, causing Scott to fall into the water.
       “No fair!” Scott hollered as he pulled himself out of the pool, causing Kurt to laugh. Once on dry land again, Scott went to go grab a towel, but froze when he saw you and Jean – or, more accurately, just Jean. A soft “Holy shit” fell from his lips as he gawked. He began blindly swinging his arm out until he smacked Kurt hard on the chest, never taking his eyes off Jean.
       “Ow! Vhy did –”
       Kurt, too, froze when he saw you. You pretended not to notice as you talked to Peter about the music selection.
       “I think Blue might be about to have a heart attack,” Peter stated in a low voice, sniggering. You had felt Kurt’s eyes on you during your entire conversation with Peter, and when you turned around, you decided that he might be right. Kurt was still frozen in place, staring at you with a slack-jawed expression and wide, amber eyes. “You should go check on him. That might make it worse, but you should make sure he’s still breathing.”
       You shook your head and laughed softly, but did as Peter suggested, walking over to Kurt and wrapping your arms around his torso. You were close enough to him that you could feel his growing hard on against your lower stomach.
       “What’s wrong, sweetheart? You seem a bit… tense,” you said innocently, using your fingertips to trace the patterns that adorned his back. He closed his eyes as he exhaled, and rested his head on top of yours.
       “‘Tense’ is not the right word, my darling,” he muttered, his accent thicker than usual. You grinned triumphantly. Your goal of sexually frustrating your boyfriend was a success.
       “I’ve got sustenance, people!” Jubilee called as she walked over to the pool, setting a cooler down on the table. You pressed a quick kiss to Kurt’s jaw, then walked over to where everyone was digging through the cooler. You didn’t miss Kurt attempting to slyly adjust himself in his swim trunks as you walked off, and it only made your grin widen.
       After fending off the hungry hands of the others, you managed to grab a popsicle. Upon peeling off the wrapping, you realized it was blue raspberry. Pleased with your choice, you began licking the popsicle, but eventually realized that was just wasting time and it was starting to melt, so you decided to suck on it instead.
       You didn’t even notice Kurt staring at you with a somewhat pained expression. He watched as you licked and sucked at the popsicle, and it didn’t help at all that the particular color of it, combined with your actions, reminded him of… things. Things he shouldn’t be thinking about surrounded by his friends, but the way your lips wrapped around the blue ice… the way your tongue ran over the tip of it, before it disappeared into your mouth again… the way the melted drops dripped onto your almost-entirely bare chest, and cascaded down between your breasts, before disappearing between them….
       You heard a low noise, somewhere between a groan and a whine, then the familiar bamf of Kurt disappearing. Peter suddenly choked on his soda and began laughing.
       “You’re so mean to that poor guy, Y/N,” Scott said, laughing as well.
       “What are you on about? And where’d Kurt go?” you asked, looking around. He was nowhere to be seen.
       “You, um… well, I think he… um, the…” Jean tried to explain, before pointing at the popsicle in your hand. You looked down at it for a moment before your mouth formed an O, realizing what she was insinuating.
       “Well,” you began, tossing the popsicle into the trash can with a smirk on your face, “I’m going to go see if I can be of assistance.”
       You could hear Scott and Peter wolf-whistling as you walked off to find Kurt.

Kinks || M.C.

Do you think you could write a Michael smut that involves a VERY DOMINANT Michael who thoroughly enjoys spanking, bondage, ice play, and most importantly, a Daddy kink?

Disclosure: This is one of the filthiest things I’ve ever written. Includes all of the above (minus spanking, sorry anon). I’m posting it under a cut because of all the filth.

“If you can’t keep it down princess, I’m gonna have to gag you! Do you want your mom to find us like this?!” Michael asked lowly and you shook your head. “Good girl,” the smirk on his face evident. Michael had taken his time to undress you, gently touching every part of your naked body as he did so, the touches just about setting your entire being on fire.

His fingers danced across your collarbones and down the valley of your breasts then lightly he ran his fingers around your erect nipples, causing you to shiver. He chuckled deeply at the effect he has on you.  

“Mikeeee please!” You whined.

“What baby? Tell Daddy what you want,” he smiled, flashing his beautiful teeth and bright green eyes.

“Need more!”

“Shhh, patience baby girl. Want to show you just how much I.. love.. your.. body..” His last few words punctuated by soft, open mouthed kisses on your exposed tummy, pressing dangerously close to your where you wanted him most. “Goddamn you’re so beautiful baby,” his eyes raking up and down your naked body. You felt exposed and like you needed to cover up, but you knew Michael wouldn’t allow you to do so.  His hands danced over your thighs and and gently spread them open, a deep growl emitting from his throat at the sight of your glistening pussy.

“Fuck even your pussy I’d beautiful, baby girl. I can’t wait to taste every bit of you,” he said, fingers lightly teasing your inner thighs, before pressing kisses there as well. He used his thumbs to spread your soaking cunt open even further, marveling in the fact that only he can make you this wet. He watched as your pussy fluttered, desperate for his touch.

“Michael p-please I need something! Anything!” You cried.

“Shhh, baby we have to be quiet! Daddy will give you everything you need and more. Just have to be patient.” His hands rested on your thighs, almost as if he couldn’t believe that your pussy is all his. He began to use his thumbs to massage your outer lips, putting pressure on places you had no idea would feel good.

“You look so beautiful like this baby. Completely exposed and all mine. M'gonna make you feel so good tonight princess,” his hands continuing to massage your pussy while pressing kisses to your lower tummy. “I am so lucky to call you mine,” he mumbled.

Then his hands stopped and you whined quietly. “Please d-don’t stop!” Michael snickered and blew cool bursts of air on your pussy, causing you to buck your hips upward, begging for more. “Fuck your pussy is so responsive baby. So sensitive. What happens when I do this..?” His index finger and thumb sat on both sides of your clit and he began to squeeze and tug. The feeling was insatiable. Something you’d never felt before and you wanted to yell. You wanted to scream. But your mom and dad were in the next room over and you had to be very quiet. The task was proving to be almost impossible as Michael continued his assault on your sensitive cunt.

“Michaelll F-FUCK!” You whisper shouted. “Where did you learn how to do that?!”

“Internet,” he replied while shrugging. You laughed at his nonchalant response but gasped as you felt his mouth sucking bruises onto your soft thighs and then little bites on your tummy. All reminders for later of where he’d been. Michael gently released your clit from his grasp but not before petting your soaking entrance with two fingers.

“Two at once baby, think you can do that for me?” He asked gently.

“Y-yes daddy please I’m wet enough just… fuck!” There was hardly any warning before Michael pushed his first two fingers inside of you. You gasped quietly and clenched around him, the feeling of finally having something inside of you was absolutely wonderful. He pressed both fingers downward inside of you, but letting up when you clenched. When you’d release, he’d press down once again.

“M-mike! Ohh my GOD!” You exclaimed.

“Mmm,” He hummed. With his fingers buried deep inside you, keeping the same pattern, he kissed all over your pussy, running his soft lips over your mound. Then he closed his mouth around your clit and began to suck gently. Your back arched at the added feeling and he took his other arm and held down your hips as his mouth continued to suck and kiss at your clit. He pulled back just a bit, his mustache rubbing against your now sensitive clit. “My baby girl gonna cum for me? How many are you gonna give Daddy tonight? Hmm?” His tongue gently lapped at your clit while his fingers inside of you kept the same rhythm, setting your entire body on fire.

“Daddy p-please!! Gonna.. cum!!!” You yelled as quietly as possible. “Please can I cum Daddy?! Please!!?”

“Go ahead princess, let go for me. I’ve got you,” he said sweetly. He gently kissed and licked your clit as you came down from your high, pushing his head away when it became too much. But Michael is Michael and he doesn’t listen. Giving you a moment or two to calm your breathing, as his mouth went back to work, this time quickly tonguing in and out of your entrance.

“Daddy no!! Please I can’t!! Not yet!! Fuck!” It was getting harder and harder for you to keep quiet and Michael was not about to stop now. Then came a knock on the door. It was your mom. However, Michael did not stop practically worshipping your pussy. If anything he slowed down his licks and sucks, torturing you with the feeling.

“Sweetie, we’re going out! You gonna be okay?” she asked. You took a deep breath before you responded, afraid the shakiness of your voice would give something away.

“Yes mom! I’ll be fine,” you responded, Michael looking up at you with a wicked grin. He continued his slow torturous pace until the shuffling in the living room slowed and the front door opened and slammed shut.

“Nice job baby girl. Now you can be as loud as you want since we’re home alone,” he sneered. His mouth reattached to your pussy and you shouted. The moans spilled from your mouth louder than ever as he continued his assault on your soaking cunt.

“C'mon kitten. Cum for Daddy again. You can do it!!” He praised. His tongue quickened and his fingers reached up to tug at your already hard nipples. Your legs began to quake and you let go yet again, this time closing your legs as you came back down. Michael snickered and kissed your thighs, then up your tummy, before teasing your nipples and then joining your lips together. Your kisses heavy and urgent and all the while passionate. You pulled back for a breath and you looked into his beautiful dark green eyes.

“Thank you for that,” you said smiling.

Michael laughed. “Oh baby girl we’re just getting started!” He giggled again as he watched your eyes widen. Reaching into the bedside drawer, he pulled out your favorite blindfold, pink with the words ‘Daddy’s Property’ embroidered on the outside. He slipped the blind fold over your eyes and you felt as he left the bed he reached into your dresser and pulled out your favorite pink metal handcuffs, rattling them as he came back to the bed. He grabbed both of your hands and kissed all your knuckles before restraining you to the bed post.

“Daddy’s got a surprise for you baby, I’ll be right back!” You felt a rush of air as the bedroom door opened and you struggled to cover yourself, forgetting that no one else was home. You could’ve sworn you heard the freezer open but what in the world would Michael need from the freezer? You huffed as he took his time fumbling around the kitchen, making extra noise to distract from what he was actually doing. You felt his heavy feet start back in the bedroom and the door closed once again. You took a deep breath as he sat down, the bed dipping to the right of you.

“Open your mouth princess,” Michael cooed quietly. “You’re gonna love this one.”

You did as you were told and something very cold and wet touched your lips. Michael rubbed it all over your lips before pushing the frozen treat into your mouth. It was icy and wet and tasted like an orange flavored popsicle. You smiled and Michael knew that you had figured it out. “Taste good baby girl?” He asked. You moaned and closed your lips around the popsicle.

“That’s it baby. Suck on that popsicle just like you suck Daddy’s big cock,” he encouraged. And so you did. Michael slowly fucked your mouth with the orange popsicle, cursing as he watched it disappear further into your mouth each time. Then he removed the treat from your mouth, tracing it down your neck and across your collar bones, and then down the valley of your breasts, leaving behind a sticky, wet trail of orange popsicle juice. But the ice against your skin felt incredible. Then he trailed the frozen treat slowly and carefully around your hardened nipples, causing you to gasp, coating them in the orange flavor, taking his time and practically numbing them with the ice. The moans spilling from your mouth were like nothing he’s ever heard and he couldn’t think of why he didn’t try this sooner.

After just about numbing your nipples, he reached down and traced the same trail with his tongue, the heat a strong contrast to the ice and you were moaning again. “My god kitten you sound beautiful when you moan like that,” Michael said. You could feel yourself blushing beneath the blindfold at his comment. It went on for quite some time, the popsicle around your nipples and then his mouth. It was leaving you incredibly loud and incredibly wet once again.

“D-daddy pleaseee!!!” You whined.

“Please what baby?!” He snickered.

“P-please Daddy I need you to fuck. me. now!!!” You yelled.

“Tsk. Tsk. Just for that bratty attitude, you’re going to wait until this entire popsicle is gone.”

“Noo Daddy I’m sorry!!! Please!! Wanna feel you in me!! Need your big cock to fill me please Daddy!!! I need it!!”

“Too late kitten. Now be patient or Daddy won’t fuck you at all.”

You gulped and and felt Michael reach up to remove your blindfold, the ceiling fan light blinding you as you opened your eyes. Before you could comprehend what was happening, you felt your legs being spread open wide. Michael had the popsicle in his mouth now, slurping on the excess before running the ice over the creases of your thighs, right next to your aching pussy.

“Fuck baby girl I can feel the heat radiating from your cunt. Let Daddy see.” Michael spread your pussy open too and saw that you were positively dripping again. “My greedy princess! I already give you two orgasms today!! And your pussy is already begging for more! Wasn’t that enough?!”

You shook your head and Michael chuckled deeply running the popsicle over your outer lips, watching as it dripped. He leaned in and licked up both sides causing you to buck your hips up again, only this time your handcuffs kept you from escaping. You watched Michael as he stripped from his boxers, his thick cock hard and leaking. You licked your lips at the mere sight of him. A soft whine escaped your lips as he got off the bed but was replaced with soft breaths through your nose as he rubbed his leaking cock across your already sticky lips. You parted your lips without being asked and allowed Michael to fuck your face. His empty hand slowly caressing your hair as you took his cock down your throat.

“Baby think you can take two?” He asked quietly. Your eyes widened as you had no idea what was about to happen next. His cock stopped in your mouth and to your surprise, he pushed the popsicle in your mouth alongside his cock as well. He hissed at the sensation and it was a bit odd for you as well. You let your jaw relax as you took both thicknesses into your mouth. Before you knew you it, his cock and the popsicle had set a steady rhythm and the popsicle was down to nearly nothing.

“This is such a view. Damn princess you’re so good to me,” he whined. “Daddy’s gonna cum are you ready?”

You nodded to the best of your ability and he pumped in and out of your mouth fairly quickly before unloading down your throat. You swallowed everything he gave you and he pulled out slowly. You let your head fall back to the mattress and both of you were breathing heavily.

“If you can get me hard again princess I’ll fuck you just like you want!” Michael challenged. He uncuffed you from the bed and kissed the dark bruises forming on your wrists as you climbed on top of him.

“Dadddyyyy,” you whined low and soft. “You always know how to make me feel sooo so good,” you’d whine as you traced around his hardening nipples. Michael’s breath noticeably quickening as your touch continued. “But it’s my turn to make you feel good.” Your leaned down and kissed over his only freckle on his neck, then sucked a dark bruise into his collarbone. You kissed down his chest and pressed a light kiss to each of his nipples, smiling when you feel his cock twitch against your leg. You scooted down a bit and sucked a bruise right onto his tummy.

“Babeeee, fuck!” Michael was a moaning mess beneath you. Right underneath the first bruise, you bit a second one and continued to do so until you got to his cock which was now fully hard. You kissed the tip and looked up at Michael with your big, blue, innocent eyes.

“Please fuck me now, Daddy,” flashing a bright smile up at him.

“Fuck, princess of course. You’re such a good girl,” he cooed.

Michael flipped you onto the bed, lying on your back, you spread your legs as wide as you could will them to go. “Mmm, so wet for me all the time.” Michael figured you were wet enough to go in without lube and he was right. He pushed in about halfway and waited for your okay to move. Before you knew it you were filled to the hilt with Michael’s thick cock and you were crying. He stopped moving when he noticed the tears.

“Babe?! Baby am I hurting you?? I’ll stop right now I’m so sorry!!” He exclaimed hurriedly.

“No baby! These are happy tears!! I love when you fill me. I love when you fuck me so good I can’t sit the next day. Please by all means, as rough as you want tonight. I’m begging you!”

Michael shook his head and chuckled, pushing his cock back in your soaking cunt and leaning down to kiss away your tears. “My silly girl.” He smiled and snapped his hips back as hard as he could, his thighs slamming against you. Your moans as loud as can be, truly enjoying every single bit of it. You could feel the head of his cock dragging along your walls as he pulled out and then pushed in.

“Not gonna last long baby, c'mon. Cum with Daddy,” he cooed. His hands reaching between you both and fondle your clit, causing your back to arch and your body begin to quake.

“That’s it baby. You’re so close I can feel you clenching. Come on princess, I’ve got you.” And the two of you let go nearly simultaneously. Your pussy clenching around his cock, milking him as you came hard as well. He slowed his movements before coming to a stop and slowly pulling out of you apologizing as he went as you were both so sensitive. He laid down next to you and you curled into his side.

“Thank you Daddy,” you whispered.

“You’re welcome baby girl. Thank YOU too!“he said softly as tangled his fingers in your hair to massage your scalp gently. Both of you were breathing rather hard still.

“Babe we’ve got to change these sheets. They’re wet and sticky and I think the popsicle stick is stuck to my back now,” Michael said. That left you in a fit of uncontrollable giggles and he couldn’t hold back either. Throwing his head back you’re both laughing hysterically.

“Can’t we change them later?! I’m tired Mike!” He sighed, hardly ever being able to say no to his beautiful girl.

“Fine but if I have a splinter when I wake up from this wooden stick pressed to my back, you’re plucking it out!!” He whined.

“Deal,” you said laughing again before pressing a kiss to his cheek and falling asleep wrapped in nothing but his warm embrace.

I want an AU of Bitty being an NHL star and Jack is the photographer for the ESPN Body Issue photo shoot that Bitty does. Imagine Bitty doing the pose that Tyler Seguin did, naked on a zamboni sucking on a popsicle being all flirty and Jack just awkwardly fumbling around with his camera trying to hide his boner


Pairing: Evan Hansen x reader

Prompt: none, but based on “ I noticed the way you were watching me eat this popsicle so I purposely started making it an innuendo and now we’re both hot and bothered” from those accidental sex prompts

Words Count: 2,037

Warnings: Blowjob, smut etc, but nothing kinky (literally just reader giving Evan a blowjob but I dragged it out for 2k words)

Author’s Note: Am I a DEH imagines blog now? Maybe so, but I really enjoy writing for these characters! This is my first Evan fic so I hope it isn’t too ooc :)

Summer vacations, in all honesty, were boring. Sometimes you couldn’t wait for school to return, if only so you could have some sort of routine and see your friends again. This summer, however, was slightly different: you didn’t want this one to end, and it was all because of one boy. The elusive Evan Hansen.

You’d been in the same classes periodically throughout high school but it wasn’t until he sat - after being forced to - next to you in your biology class that the two of you finally began talking. You both shared more interests than you had originally anticipated, and by the time the school year ended most would call you inseparable.

So it seemed evident that you’d hang out over summer, right? Well, that’s what you thought; Evan took slightly more convincing. But it was like he never left your house after coming over that first time, both of you neglecting other friends - or acquaintances - to see each other instead.

It was an unusually hot day for the end of summer, days which usually signaled the descent into the chilling embrace of autumn. Thankfully you had a pool in your backyard, a pool which had received much use by you and Evan over the past two months.

“Y/N! Hi! Uh, hey,” Evan said as you opened your front door to him, dressed in his typical khaki shorts and pastel polo shirt.

You walked two steps closer to him and wrapped him tightly in a hug, asking, “How’ve you been in the - what? Two days since I last saw you?”

You two shared an awkward laugh as he followed you through your house and into the patio, finding your familiar positions on the two sun loungers.

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BL Summer Bingo: Humidity

In the chat we talked about how Russian!Jack would deal with the humidity and heat of summer in America. 

Not well, is the answer.

(Featuring Jack’s pupper too!)

“My God,” Jack moaned, pressing the back of his hand against his sweaty forehead, “how do you live like this?”

“Well, first off, we don’t bitch and moan about it.” Rhys replied tersely from his perch on the couch, where he was busy twisting a vanilla and strawberry popsicle deftly between his bright pink lips. He was dressed lightly, in a pair of navy shorts and a breezy white dress shirt. His legs were bent under him as he lazily sucked on his popsicle, and the sight would have been arousing to Jack if not for the sweltering heat that was consuming him.

What a day for the air conditioner in Rhys’ fancy apartment to break.

“Why is….is the air like soup?” Jack groaned from his position on the floor. He looked positively unkempt, so far from his usual prime and polished appearance as Rhys’ bodyguard. His hair was wet with sweat, dark strands plastered against his forehead as sweat dripped down his tan skin, running uncomfortably all the way down his neck and to his exposed chest. He’d shed the thick charcoal suit he had been wearing and completely unbuttoned his stiff dress shirt, revealing his soaked undershirt and the necklace of interlocking gold rings hung low around his neck. Still he was suffering in the shimmering hot air that seemed to swarm all around him, and only his shred of dignity preventing him from stripping completely down to his boxers.

“That’s just how New York is in the summer. The real question is why don’t you own any clothes other than suits and jackets?” Rhys snarked from his position on the couch, hair moving lightly in the breeze from the small fan he had blowing directly on him. Sadly even the fan was little comfort to Jack, who merely slid further, back sticking to the hardwood floors, sweaty skin fogging up the glossy finish.

“I didn’t….I didn’t think it would get this hot,” Jack complained, scrunching up his face when his dog came clattering back into the living room, licking her muzzle clean of water from her dish. The black borzoi nuzzled her owner’s cheek affectionately, lapping at his sweaty face.  

“Angel….нет, Фу!” Jack growled, grimacing as he eased her away. Usually he welcomed affection from his pet but the last thing he wanted right now was warm, humid tongue rubbing up against his skin. Angel whined, before turning and hopping up on the couch with Rhys and snuggling up to the omega’s flank.

“You’re so mean.” Rhys pouts, wrapping his arms around Angel and snuggling her close, letting her lick his face and bump her snout against his jawline.

“She is warm. I need to be less warm.” Jack moaned, rubbing his temples. Rhys frowned, petting Angel’s flank as he tilted his chin to the side.

“Mmmm, well, if you don’t  mind swimming in your boxers, we could go out to the pool.” Rhys’ smiled perked up at the edges at the idea of his handsome bodyguard standing shirtless besides his magnificent pool. The omega himself, of course, relaxing in a comfortable chaise lounge, his thighs squeezed just right by his blue spandex briefs. A margarita in his hand, sunglasses inched down to get an eyeful of his alpha’s sculpted ass? Yum.

“As long as it is cool I will do anything.” Jack groused as he slowly sat up, his skin making a big show of peeling away from the sweaty hardwood. Rhys sucked off the last of his popsicle, eager as he hopped to his feet and ran off to change into a new swimsuit he’d bought a few days ago, already mentally noting to buy Jack an equally sexy pair to match.

New York summers weren’t exactly known for their mercy. Jack would have a lot of time to show his new suit off.

SPN Masterlist

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Watch Over Her: (One-shot) A small piece of the life of Judith Winchester, the youngest in the family, stuck between a life she didn’t choose and an overprotective father, with her two brothers for sole source of comfort.

Love Me Some Pie: (One-shot) Dean Winchester doesn’t need an occasion to eat pie. But when there is an occasion, there has to be pie.



I Am No Hero (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4): (In Progress) (DeanxSister!Reader, incest) When you move as much as you and your family do, you can’t expect to make long-term friends. And the only people you can rely on are your brothers. Truth be told, they are the only ones you need in your life. And when you are stuck with them 24/7, you quickly realize how bad you need them.

Dernière Danse (Part 2): (In Progress) (DeanxSister!Reader, smut, incest) A long time ago, you and Sam made a promise to each other, you would go to school together when the time came. But you never imagined that this time would come that fast. All you needed was one last night…

Come Fly With Me: (One-shot) (DeanxSister!Reader, smut, incest) You help Dean relax during a flight.

Right Here: (One-shot) (DeanxSister!Reader, smut, incest) Request: (by anonymous) Can you write a deanxsister!reader where they’re in a motel and deanxreader have to share a bed. After she thinks everyone is asleep she starts masturbating in bed and dean watches her for a bit. He’s turned on and then decides to help out after he hears her moan his name.

The Ghost in the Yellow Square: (One-shot) (DeanxSister!Reader, smut, incest) Request: (by anonymous) Could you do like one of those mistaken snapchats or text messages? But like Reader knows who she’s sending it to but pretends it was a mistake but keeps doing it making it obvious it wasn’t an accident and she actually wanted to send it to him. Until her brother plays along too and snaps/texts back. Sam or Dean?

Night: (One-shot) (DeanxSister!Reader, light smut, fluff, incest) Request: (by anonymous) Could you maybe do a Sister!Reader with Dean or Sam? Where they have to sleep in the car cause they are no motels or they’re in the middle of nowhere, so one of the boys takes the front and one takes the back with reader. Reader wakes up to a boner against her ass and she starts rubbing against it?

Crimson: (One-shot) (DeanxSister!Reader, angst/fluff, incest) Request: (by anonymous) Hi would you be able to do a DeanxReader!Sister where Reader!Sister is wearing a guy’s shirt around the bunker but it’s neither Sam’s or Dean’s or even Cas’ & it makes Dean incredibly jealous because he thinks his sister is sleeping with some guy & he gets all protective & shit. But in reality Reader!Sister likes those shirts to sleep in & didn’t think Dean would like it if she constantly stole his shirts so she bought one for herself.


Favorite Sin: (One-shot) (SamxSister!Reader, smut, incest) Coming back from a though hunt, you allow yourself to enjoy some alone time in the shower. Problem is… you’re not quite alone…

Burgundy: (One-shot) (SamxSister!Reader, smut, incest) Request: (by anonymous) Can you write a samxreader where they’re on a case and Sam gets really turned on when they all have to get dressed up to go out to a club or somewhere fancy.

Cherry: (One-shot) (SamxSister!Reader, smut, incest) Request: (by anonymous) Could you write a Sam with Sister!Reader where they’re somewhere where its boiling outside and everything reader does to stay cool turns Sam on. She does it all unintentionally since she doesn’t know he likes her that way, she likes him back. Reader is in short shorts and a crop top, rubs ice on her body and sucks on a Popsicle. And could it end smutty?


Why Did Summer Go so Quickly (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5) (Part 6): (In progress) (DeanxSister!ReaderxSam) Summer of 2002, you and your brothers drive around the country to find a case. You think you’ll be able to enjoy a few weeks alone with your brothers. But the case is more complicated than you thought, and Sam is talking about college again…



Daddy’s Home: (One-shot) (JohnxDaughter!Reader, smut, incest, kink) John was pissed when he got home and received a call from your school informing him that you’ve been skipping class…

When the Walls Come Down: (One-shot) (JohnxDaughter!Reader, smut, incest, kink) Request: (by anonymous) could you do one with John winchesterxdaughter where she walks in on him masturbating and moaning her name.

It’s Okay, Dad: (One-shot) When John comes back from a hunt, all you want to do is hold him tight and make him forget everything.



Bored: (One-shot) (DeanxReader, smut) Doing research is boring…

I Got a Car (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4): (In progress) (DeanxReader) After Sam gets trapped in the cage with Lucifer and Michael, Dean is completely lost. But maybe that girl in her cotton dress will help him find his way…

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Chapter 2: September 1, 1985 First Day of Hawkins Middle

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El’s eyes shot open that morning at 7am. She rushed out of her room and into the kitchen where Hopper was groggily cooking eggs and bacon, a cigarette clenched between his lips humming along to the Jim Crow vinyl he had playing softly in the background.

El bounded into the kitchen and whipped open the freezer grabbing a box of eggos. It should be noted that the majority of the freezer was filled, overflowing rather, with boxes of eggos and few TV dinners. She pulled two frozen eggos and popped them into the toaster, staring into the slots as they glowed red and orange.

“Hey kid, I was making—,” Hopper protested before the eggos popped up from the toaster and El juggled them between her hands.

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