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brendon buys the dick popsicles as a joke and ryan/dallon (whichever one you want) is eating one and holy shit brendon has to hide a boner because they've got a show in twenty minutes-🥀

yaaas i’m gonna say ryan because i already did one of those prompt things with brallon

brendon doesn’t understand why ryan is actually eating one of those damn popsicles. he only bought them as a joke, he thought ry would get all flustered seeing them. but no. ryan is sitting on the couch in the dressing room, right in front of bren, and he’s sucking on the damn popsicle like a cheap slut, sticking his tongue out and licking up it a few times before sighing happily, popping it back into his mouth and hollowing his cheeks as he sucks on the ice. “you okay there bren?” jon asks smugly from the other side of the room and bren turns red, glaring at jon. ry smiles sweetly at him, not really realising the effect he’s having on brendon, n keep sucking on the popsicle with little satisfied moans. bren actually has to leave the room to jerk off.

I want an AU of Bitty being an NHL star and Jack is the photographer for the ESPN Body Issue photo shoot that Bitty does. Imagine Bitty doing the pose that Tyler Seguin did, naked on a zamboni sucking on a popsicle being all flirty and Jack just awkwardly fumbling around with his camera trying to hide his boner

I'm apprehensive to add anymore of my followers on snapchat because you're very entitled and demanding, I don't owe you anything especially intimate pictures I have a life I don't just sit at home all day in a metallic bra and panties sucking on popsicles and lollipops like shit.... just because I enjoy sex doesn't make me your replacement to porn

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*whispers* umm iiiif we're talkin' teasin' the chocobros, maaaay I present to you an idea of the summer variety? They're stopped somewhere, it's really hot, and oh look! A magical ice cream truck/cart/man of plot convenience! And, I mean, it's so hot that a nice, cool popsicle to suck on sounds really good right now to S/O.... Hmmmmmaybe the kind with the cream in the middle...? *blushes* Ican'tbelievei'mthinkingthis....

Oh, now that’s a juicy idea ripe for a HC! I’ll file this away for when my brain recharges from writing that finale. I just did not want you to think that I was ignoring this~

cal I’d just like to remind you (because this just occurred to me, ten minutes later) that when white ppl first discovered the platypus and a scientist brought back a carcass, every scientist who examined it was convinced he was pulling an incredible hoax which involved the best taxidermy the world had ever seen. so stick that in your popsicle and suck on it

You and Kai were living at the mansion of the Salvatore’s a month. Since Mama Salvatore got his family back was not safe to be separated. Kai walked over to kiss your forehead before saying, “I’ll take a shower.,” And going to his room to get his towel and clothes. When Kai returned, you were in a different spot on the couch, a popsicle in hand. Instead of joining you on the couch, he leaned against the doorframe and dried his hair. You ignored him. Kai watched as you eagerly sucked on the popsicle, watched as your tongue licked up the sides and over the tip. A drop of the juice dripped off onto your hand and you licked it up, exposing your tongue, turned red by the popsicle. What he would give for your tongue to be on him, licking something else… Kai looked up toward the ceiling and attempted to think unsexy thoughts. It didn’t work, so he settled on watching you finish off the popsicle. He shifted to ease the pressure of his boxers against his stiffening erection, cleared his throat uneasily to distract himself from how good the rough fabric felt against his cock.

“It’s hot, huh?” He asked, nodding toward your diminishing popsicle. You released the popsicle from your lips with a soft “pop” (he swallowed hard) and turned.

“It feels like summer now.” Finally, you sucked the rest of the treat into your mouth, letting the ice melt and standing up to go throw the stick away. Before you could, Kai crossed the room and pushed you back down onto the couch. You laughed nervously. “Kai?” Instead of responding, Kai gently pried the popsicle stick out of your fingers and threw it haphazardly over his shoulder before taking your hand and pressing it against the front of his jeans. “Oh,” You said softly.

“Yeah,” Kai half-groaned, his cock pulsing under your palm. You leaned in to kiss him, one hand in his damp hair, and murmured a “sorry” against his lips. You received a breathy moan when you squeezed the hard flesh in your hand, a tremor running through Kai’s body. He cupped your breasts through your shirt and you began to rub him through his jeans in return. Soon enough he was moaning softly into your mouth and pushing his hips up into your hand, eager for more friction. You pulled away to press your other hand against his mouth to muffle his moans.

“Stefan and Damon are down the hall,” You whispered. Kai nodded frantically, and you removed your hand from his mouth.

“Suck me off,” Kai pleaded, his words breaking off in a groan as you cupped his balls. “Oh!”

You kissed him, open-mouthed and wet, before sliding off the couch and kneeling in between his spread legs. Kai was tense with anticipation, fingers clenching into fists, as you pushed his shirt up and slowly unbuttoned his jeans. The first touch of your hand on his bare cock ripped another moan out of his throat, one he covered with his hand. You rubbed his thighs, kissed his stomach. Then you paused and looked up at him, and Kai looked down, couldn’t help but smile at the bright smile on your face. “Shh,” was all the warning you gave him before your mouth was on his cock.

The heat was almost unbearable but so good, and Kai bit down hard on his lip to keep another sound of pleasure from escaping. His breath caught as you slowly sucked on the tip and traced the length of the leaking slit there before licking up and down his entire length like you did with the popsicle. Kai arched into your mouth when you sucked in earnest, your hand stroking the rest of him. Your hand left his shaft to rub his perineum and Kai let out a porn-worthy moan, forgetting that Damon and Stefan were down the hall and crying out. Your teeth lightly scraped against the sensitive skin of his cock and Kai almost choked. He reached up and tugged at his hair, something he did when he was going to come. Realizing this, you quickly pulled off and shed your sweatpants and underwear before climbing into Kai’s lap.

Kai groaned at the loss of heat and contact and also at being brought so close to the edge, only to be denied release. “Why’d you stop?” He had to force the words out of his throat and opened his eyes to see you straddling his lap, naked from the waist down.

“Why else?” Without warning, you sank down onto his erection, drawing a shaky exhale from Kai and a silent moan out of your mouth. You immediately began to grind against him in little circular motions that made him bury his face in your neck, his breath coming out in hot puffs against your skin. He tilted his hips up to meet every downward grind and pressed his fingers to your clit, rubbing with just the right amount of pressure. Your fingers tangled in the hair at the base of his skull and he panted, “God, I think I’m going to come.”

“Do it then.” A harsh tug at his hair pulled Kai over the edge and he let his head fall back against the couch. The sight of his perfect lips parted, eyes closed, body shuddering caused a rush of pleasure through your body that led to another, your fingers tightening in his hair and your head dropping as you reached climax. You leaned down to drop a kiss onto Kai’s lips before laying your head on his chest and wriggling around to get comfortable. With a happy sigh, Kai folded his arms over you and nuzzled his cheek into the top of your head.

In the midst of post-orgasmic bliss, Kai suddenly remembered something and sat up straight on the couch. You raised an eyebrow at his sudden movement. “We’ve never done that before,” Kai said slowly. “The, uh, sucking, I mean. Where’d you learn how to do that?”

You innocently replied, “Google?” Kai gave you an incredulous look and you grinned. “There’s a lot of hours in the day. I don’t spend all of my time watching TV, you know.“

His phone vibrated telling you that you had a message. Damon message: ” Please say you and Kai were only watching porn together. “

Make Me (M - Jimin)

*Lowkey have requests are open*

Combined:  aaa can I have a smut with jimin where for the whole day you’ve been teasing him(but like you didn’t notice and they were many light things) and just can’t take it anymore? &  hey, can i request a scenario where jimin gets turned on by his gf sucking on a popsicle and his gf takes advantage this. thanks!

Word Count: 1,915 words how did this happen

Mornings were bright and delightful, the sun glowing against your skin and he could only look at you in awe. The birds chirping as if your awakening was the cause of it. If he were a bird, he would follow you and chirp at the sight of you, your beauty invoking the only thing a bird could do.

He looked at you, your arm covering your eyes and your hair sprawled in different directions. He examined your sleeping body, one of your legs peeking out of the covers and overlapping the covered leg. You complained about not being able to sleep under or over the covers, settling with one leg out and the other under.

He chuckled at how silly it sounded but you looked mesmerizing this way. You scrunched your nose, mumbling something that he couldn’t catch but you turned your head the opposite direction. He poked your cheek, you scrunching your nose again and he looked at your dewy eyelashes. He wiped them away gently; the softness of your eyelashes against his skin was beautiful to him. He poked your cheek again, only this time you caught his finger in your mouth. Your eyes snapped open and you bit him.

“Ow, ow, angel, I’m sorry.” You licked his finger before releasing his finger and pouted at him.

“Don’t poke my cheeks, Jiminie.”

“But I like your cheeks.” You pinched his, pulling it while he begged you to stop.

“It’s not likeable now, is it?”

“You’re more peaceful when you sleep.”

“You watch me sleep?”

“Ah, n-no.”


“It looks really sunny today, doesn’t it?” You sat up, looking out the window and admiring the morning sun. A few clouds in the sky in the light blue sky and it was coaxing you out of bed. He couldn’t take his eyes off you, your shirt hung low, your hair still a mess but you were still gorgeous. Your bra strap teased him, it was his favourite set of lingerie you owned, the silk bra just begging to be touched. You looked at him with a smile on your face, forgetting the slip up he just had.

“It’s beautiful, Jiminie.”

“Just like you.”

“Ah, it’s too early to be this cheesy.”

“Then, why are you smiling, huh? Why are you smiling?” He tickled you, your head throw back in uncontrollable laughter and you pushed him far enough to run out the bedroom. He found you in the bathroom and tickled you until you surrendered. You two brush your teeth, bumping elbows with each other and getting toothpaste all over each other’s mouth. You walked out the bathroom, his eyes scanning your legs as you left and he eagerly followed you.

“Y/N?” He walked into the kitchen and you were sitting on the counter with your legs crossed, a serious expression on your face.


“Baby, what are y-” You put a finger to his lips and he looked at you.

“You know how much I love your hair, right?” You looked at him while your hands ran through his hair. He loved it when you touched his hair, the way you gripped it while he ate you out or when he would plant love bites on your neck or when he kissed you.

“Where are you going with this?”

“So direct. I like that.” You leaned in, your lips brushing against his and he put his hand on your neck, preparing to pull you in for a kiss but you pulled away.

“What do you want for breakfast?” You hopped off the counter, searching for bowls and he just looked at you. He was so used to teasing you; he hadn’t thought you would ever return the favour. You stopped looking for bowls when he didn’t answer and looked at him instead.

“Usually, you say cereal. Do you want something else?”

“Cereal and a kiss.” You went over to him, planted a kiss in his cheek and went back to fixing his bowl of cereal.

“That’s a kiss?”

“You didn’t say where. Here.” You handed him his bowl and took your bowl along with you to the living room, enjoying your cereal on the couch and he glanced at you. You ate slowly, licking the spoon when you were done.



“You have cereal on your lip, stay still.” You took a tissue and wiped his lip. He was more focused on the fact he could see down you shirt and your breast was pressing against you.



“What is up with you? I teased you once and you look like a lost puppy.”


“If you were listening, I asked if you were going anywhere today?”

“I have the day off with you.”

“Great.” You changed it to your favourite show and sat close to him, his arm around your waist and your head resting on his shoulder.

The plot bored him, the two main characters fighting over a silly problem and they were too stubborn to apologize to each other. He wandered to you, noticing the finger in your mouth as you intensely watch the screen. You were biting your finger, nervous of what would happen in the school and you dropped the remote.

“Shit.” You reached under the coffee table, bending over and he had a clear view of your butt in those sinfully silky panties. God, would he love to slip those off you with just his teeth. You got back on the couch and your hand reached near his crotch, making him almost slap your hand if it wasn’t for what you said.

“Your shirt has a stain in it. Take it off.”


“You heard me.”

“It’s fine, angel.” You pulled up his arms, tearing it off him to leave him shirtless and you went to toss it in the hamper. He was bewildered by your sudden instinct to clean, you began cleaning and dusting while he sat just silently watching. You tied your hair back, he loved seeing your hair tied up, unable to hide your face in your hair as he complimented you until you were extremely flustered.

He watched TV, not wanting to be caught staring and you called him in the kitchen after a while.

“Can you get that for me, baby?” You were on your knees against the counter, his thin black shirt barely covering your bottom and you ass jetted out in its perfect curve. He grabbed the glass platter you wanted and you kissed his cheek again.


“What are you pouting about?”

“I want a kiss. Here.” He pointed to his lips like a child and you giggled at his childlike attitude. You peck his lips and kicked him out the kitchen, getting back to whatever you were doing.

“Babe, do you want a popsicle?”

“Sure!” You came out with a chocolate popsicle and sat beside him again. He was once again consumed by his thoughts of you and looked at you as you slowly licked the sweet treat. Your tongue licked from top to bottom before you stuck it in your mouth. You sucked on it, the chocolate popsicle just melting in your mouth and you caught him.



“Your popsicle is melting.” He noticed the chocolate stain on his pants and you shook your head. You unzipped his pants and his hands stopped you.

“I need to wash them, Jimin.”

“I’ll t-take them off myself.” He was down to his boxers and you bit your lip while looking at him. You noticed his bulge, sparked by all your teasing and walked off.

He caught you and pulled you into the bedroom, tossing you on the bed.

“What, you’re just going to leave this? You caused it.”

“It’s not my fault you’ve been watching me all day, Jiminie.”

“Fix it, baby.”

Make me.” He kissed you hard, his lips fuelled by his passion and lust for you. His hand on your neck while the other played with the hem of his shirt on you and he pulled away to strip it off you.

“You’re so beautiful, baby.” He muttered before planting kisses down your jaw, his delicate lips placid against your delectable skin. You tugged at his soft strands of hair when he sucked on your neck down to your collarbone, leaving his trail before slipping off your bra. He became less gentle as his cock palpitates against his boxers.

He tugged on your nipples with his teeth, your loud moans exiting your gorgeous lips. You whimpered when his hand smoothed over your panties, the silk revealing the wetness of your cunt.

“You want me here, baby?”


“You wanted to tease me, baby, didn’t you?”

“Y-Yes.” He slipped between your legs, his hands holding up your legs as he breathed against you and you shudder.

“Jimin.. Please..”


“Please.. I need you.”

“Get your ass in my lap.” You did as instructed and his hand came down on you. He listened to your sinfully delicious moans as you stutter out the number of every slap and he also didn’t want to stop.

“What do good girls do?”

“They don’t tease.”

“Right. You get a reward, baby.” He plunged two fingers inside you, your back arching and he held your ass down. You muffled your moans into the sheets as his fingers continued to drive inside you.

“A-Ah-Jimin..” He kept going until you warned him of your orgasm, signalling for him to stop. You moved over, slipping down his boxers and pulling out his red cock, a harsh red due to you. You licked him, invoking his groaning response and sucked his tip.

“You don’t get to tease, baby. Take my cock like a good girl.” You bobbed your head, your nose tickling where his v line is and he groaned your name. Your mouth was so warm, the hot saliva coating his cock and your tongue felt so good around his girth. Your mouth alone could make him lose it. He stopped you, wanting to cum with you around him and you popped off. You grabbed a condom from the night stand and slipped it on him, straddling his torso.

“Are you going to ride me like a good girl?”

“Yes, Jimin.” You breathed out as he guided your hips to sink down on his cock. He loved how constrictive your cunt felt, squeezing him as his tip pressed against your G-spot. You found your pacing after adjusting to him, making you both moan each other’s names.

“O-oh, Jimin.”

“You like that, baby? You like my cock filling up your pretty little cunt?”

“Fuck y-yes.” His hips worked faster than yours, wanting to hear you scream his name instead of your breathy moans.

He wanted to watch you lose control, your face contorted in absolute bliss. Your voice hoarse from screaming his name, your hair a tattered mess while he continued to pound into you. Your hands gripping his hair and your lips on top of his while he hits all the right spots.



“Say it.”

“I want to c-come..!” He powered his hips, rocking the bed with his thrusts and you desperately gripped his hair like he wanted. He caught every whine and whimper in his mouth, swallowing them as if they were delicious bites of food. You let out a scream as you climaxed but rode him off into his high.

He slipped off the used condom, tossing it out and joined you on the bed.

“Do you want another popsicle, Jiminie?”

~Admin Blake

Don’t imagine the 4th of July with your bias. Don’t imagine him setting up sparklers in the yard in the shape of a heart, grinning ear to ear, shouting “Jagiya, look! I made it for you!” Don’t imagine sucking on blue raspberry popsicles and seeing whose tongue is bluer afterward. Don’t imagine lying on a blanket in the grass as fireworks go off overhead, your fingers tangled up with his, your cheek pressed against his chest, hist heart beating hard and loud, just like the explosions in the sky.

Nothing says we’re just normal people like you and have nothing to be ashamed of like running naked down the street waving dildos and sucking dick popsicles. You know like most normal people do on a tuesday night. Those parades do way more damage to the gay community than they repair. If your personality and social life depends entirely on your sexual preferences you should probably reevaluate your life.