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Headcanon: Yuri likes to wear provocative clothes to tease Otabek when he is alone with him.

Not even just when he is alone with him, I suspect. 

Sometimes he leaves the house in these little outfits that are barely decent. Gauzy little shirts or over sized ones that keep slipping off his shoulder, tops that are way too cropped and so tight you can see his nipple piercings through. Jean shorts in summer that look about two sizes to small as he casually sticks his ass out, leaning on the counter of the local ice cream parlour, sucking on a Popsicle. Pleather pants, so low his hipbones stick out. Leggings so tights they look spray-painted. Thigh highs that don’t even cover up the marks Otabek left the previous night.

Up and down

Pairing: Yoongi x reader

Summary: It´s a hot summer day on set and Yoongi can´t handle watching you lick a popsicle without wanting to fulfill his fantasies.

Word count: 4.326

Genre: Smut

Warnings: graphic smut.

Author´s note: This was on private but I´ve arranged it so that I can  repost it since I had to correct a few things.

It´s smutty and I´m not ashamed lol

You hadn´t planned this at all. You were supposed to be in your apartment, probably taking a nap or watching one of those movies that made you cry rivers even if you couldn´t relate to the character´s love life in any way possible. Yet when you had received a rushed and frantic call from your boss saying they needed you for today´s shoot, you had submitted to readjusting your plans and had driven all the way up to a forest in the middle of nowhere after cursing in three different languages. And now, there you were, almost whining at the lost of your day off.

On top of that, it was bloody hot. You squinted your eyes trying to block the sun as you made your way through the crowd, cameras already placed all over and staff members running across the set almost bumping into you and barely muttering an apology. There were various insects in the air that added up to the dry ambient and the fact that there wasn´t a single tree near enough to shelter under its shadow didn´t help at all. Your hands worked with a hair tie tying all the strands into a bun in an attempt to cool off and, slapping a mosquito that you had caught trying to suck your blood, a heavy sigh escaped your lips. Coming here - you could´ve rejected it, but it would only make you feel more miserable.

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BTS REACTS TO: Their s/o *cough*deep throating*cough*  a Popsicle in front of the boys

anon asked: there’s this vine [youtube(.)com/watch?v=2wJ7r6i5000] where this girl is eating this Popsicle and basically deep throats it and when her friends pointed it out she says confused “it’s not that big”. Can you do a BTS Reaction to their crush or s/o doing that in front him and the boys?

I fucking LOVE that vine. Everyone watch it [here] before reading this reactions. The girl fit the whole 8-Inch Popsicle in her mouth and shE DIDN’T EVEN GAG BRUH i’m #Deceased - Admin Dayna


Sweltering summer days usually led to everyone slowing down to sloths. Even with fans and AC blasting on you and the boys, everyone still felt incredibly beat. Jin was brilliant enough to come up with the idea purchasing popsicles and such, but he sent the younger two; Kookie and Tae out to retrieve them, too lazy to get it himself. By the time everyone got their hands on the frozen treat, energy had been restored within you and the boys. You ripped off the wrapping from your own popsicle, and went to town; managing to put the entire length of it down your mouth. Jin yelped your name in disbelief and the boys had surprised (borderline lewd) expressions of their own.

“[y/n]! What are you doing?!”

“I’m eating the popsi – “

“Like that?! That’s dirty!”

“I – I’m just eating a popsicle?”

Originally posted by theseoks

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On History and Dinner

Summary: A non athletic!Jack fic, where grad student and history nerd, Jack Zimmermann meets the cute Samwell student/baker Eric Bittle at the Bread and Butter Bakery.  Picks up right after On History and Pie.  Jack takes a chance and meets Bitty for dinner. It’s their first date.  A collaboration with the wonderful @zim-tits​ featuring her lovely artwork. Also on AO3

Bitty was closing up shop for the evening at Bread and Buttery Bakery when he heard a small tap. Lardo smiled as she looked through the large picture window and saw who was standing on the other side.

“It’s your boy, Bitty,” she said.

He glanced and saw Jack standing outside as he waved shyly.

Chowder unlocked and opened the door. “Welcome! Come on in.”

“Thanks,” Jack said as he came in slowly, looking at Bitty with a soft smile.

Bitty closed the register and smiled in return as he walked from behind the counter toward Jack.

“Hi, Jack.”

“Hi, Eric. Bitty.”

The two wordlessly stared at one another, smiling. Lardo, taking pity on them, cleared her throat, “Uh, Chowder, can you help me with something in back?”

Chowder frowned disappointed he wasn’t going to be able to watch.

“Sure, Lardo.”

“You came,” Bitty said. “Thanks for that. Thanks for trusting me.”

“My uncle says… well, never mind, but I’m the one that should be saying thanks – for the shortbread. It was really good.”

“Really good? I was aiming for so amazing it would make you wanna slap your mama but then again, I’m sure you love your mama, so really good will do.”

Jack laughed softly, “I do. So, are you… that is… if you’re still interested…”

“Jack, would you like to go grab something to eat?”

Jack smiled, relieved that Bitty had taken the lead.

“Yes, I’d like that.”

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BL Summer Bingo: Humidity

In the chat we talked about how Russian!Jack would deal with the humidity and heat of summer in America. 

Not well, is the answer.

(Featuring Jack’s pupper too!)

“My God,” Jack moaned, pressing the back of his hand against his sweaty forehead, “how do you live like this?”

“Well, first off, we don’t bitch and moan about it.” Rhys replied tersely from his perch on the couch, where he was busy twisting a vanilla and strawberry popsicle deftly between his bright pink lips. He was dressed lightly, in a pair of navy shorts and a breezy white dress shirt. His legs were bent under him as he lazily sucked on his popsicle, and the sight would have been arousing to Jack if not for the sweltering heat that was consuming him.

What a day for the air conditioner in Rhys’ fancy apartment to break.

“Why is….is the air like soup?” Jack groaned from his position on the floor. He looked positively unkempt, so far from his usual prime and polished appearance as Rhys’ bodyguard. His hair was wet with sweat, dark strands plastered against his forehead as sweat dripped down his tan skin, running uncomfortably all the way down his neck and to his exposed chest. He’d shed the thick charcoal suit he had been wearing and completely unbuttoned his stiff dress shirt, revealing his soaked undershirt and the necklace of interlocking gold rings hung low around his neck. Still he was suffering in the shimmering hot air that seemed to swarm all around him, and only his shred of dignity preventing him from stripping completely down to his boxers.

“That’s just how New York is in the summer. The real question is why don’t you own any clothes other than suits and jackets?” Rhys snarked from his position on the couch, hair moving lightly in the breeze from the small fan he had blowing directly on him. Sadly even the fan was little comfort to Jack, who merely slid further, back sticking to the hardwood floors, sweaty skin fogging up the glossy finish.

“I didn’t….I didn’t think it would get this hot,” Jack complained, scrunching up his face when his dog came clattering back into the living room, licking her muzzle clean of water from her dish. The black borzoi nuzzled her owner’s cheek affectionately, lapping at his sweaty face.  

“Angel….нет, Фу!” Jack growled, grimacing as he eased her away. Usually he welcomed affection from his pet but the last thing he wanted right now was warm, humid tongue rubbing up against his skin. Angel whined, before turning and hopping up on the couch with Rhys and snuggling up to the omega’s flank.

“You’re so mean.” Rhys pouts, wrapping his arms around Angel and snuggling her close, letting her lick his face and bump her snout against his jawline.

“She is warm. I need to be less warm.” Jack moaned, rubbing his temples. Rhys frowned, petting Angel’s flank as he tilted his chin to the side.

“Mmmm, well, if you don’t  mind swimming in your boxers, we could go out to the pool.” Rhys’ smiled perked up at the edges at the idea of his handsome bodyguard standing shirtless besides his magnificent pool. The omega himself, of course, relaxing in a comfortable chaise lounge, his thighs squeezed just right by his blue spandex briefs. A margarita in his hand, sunglasses inched down to get an eyeful of his alpha’s sculpted ass? Yum.

“As long as it is cool I will do anything.” Jack groused as he slowly sat up, his skin making a big show of peeling away from the sweaty hardwood. Rhys sucked off the last of his popsicle, eager as he hopped to his feet and ran off to change into a new swimsuit he’d bought a few days ago, already mentally noting to buy Jack an equally sexy pair to match.

New York summers weren’t exactly known for their mercy. Jack would have a lot of time to show his new suit off.

Title: Wide Amber Eyes
Fandom: Marvel
Word Count: 850
Characters: Kurt Wagner x Reader, Jean Grey, Scott Summers, Peter Maximoff, Jubilee
Reader Gender: Female
Warnings: Hints of smut
Notes: Based on this and this, from @kurtwxgners’s Wonderland of Smutty Headcanons. // There’s a sorta part two here. (It only references this fic, it isn’t necessarily a continuation of it.)

Originally posted by claracivry

       Dating a good Catholic boy can be worlds of fun, if one knows how to play their cards right. And you knew quite well – sometimes you could get him all kinds of flustered without even trying.
       “You do realize that we might have to rush Kurt to the emergency room after he sees you in that, don’t you?”
       You looked yourself over in the mirror once more. You wore a dark blue bikini, which you had chosen with the full intention of making your boyfriend swoon. You smirked.
       “That’s your goal, though, isn’t it?” Jean asked teasingly.
       “As if you didn’t buy that little number to give Scott grief,” you retorted with a grin, motioning towards her choice of swimsuit.
       “Touché,” she replied, then the two of you walked arm-in-arm towards the mansion’s swimming pool.
       It had been miserably hot out the past few days, so you, Jean, Jubilee, Kurt, Scott, and Peter all decided that it would be a good idea to have a little pool party. When you and Jean arrived, Peter was already blaring music, and Scott was trying to wrestle Kurt into the pool. The former almost won, but the latter vanished into thin air, causing Scott to fall into the water.
       “No fair!” Scott hollered as he pulled himself out of the pool, causing Kurt to laugh. Once on dry land again, Scott went to go grab a towel, but froze when he saw you and Jean – or, more accurately, just Jean. A soft “Holy shit” fell from his lips as he gawked. He began blindly swinging his arm out until he smacked Kurt hard on the chest, never taking his eyes off Jean.
       “Ow! Vhy did –”
       Kurt, too, froze when he saw you. You pretended not to notice as you talked to Peter about the music selection.
       “I think Blue might be about to have a heart attack,” Peter stated in a low voice, sniggering. You had felt Kurt’s eyes on you during your entire conversation with Peter, and when you turned around, you decided that he might be right. Kurt was still frozen in place, staring at you with a slack-jawed expression and wide, amber eyes. “You should go check on him. That might make it worse, but you should make sure he’s still breathing.”
       You shook your head and laughed softly, but did as Peter suggested, walking over to Kurt and wrapping your arms around his torso. You were close enough to him that you could feel his growing hard on against your lower stomach.
       “What’s wrong, sweetheart? You seem a bit… tense,” you said innocently, using your fingertips to trace the patterns that adorned his back. He closed his eyes as he exhaled, and rested his head on top of yours.
       “‘Tense’ is not the right word, my darling,” he muttered, his accent thicker than usual. You grinned triumphantly. Your goal of sexually frustrating your boyfriend was a success.
       “I’ve got sustenance, people!” Jubilee called as she walked over to the pool, setting a cooler down on the table. You pressed a quick kiss to Kurt’s jaw, then walked over to where everyone was digging through the cooler. You didn’t miss Kurt attempting to slyly adjust himself in his swim trunks as you walked off, and it only made your grin widen.
       After fending off the hungry hands of the others, you managed to grab a popsicle. Upon peeling off the wrapping, you realized it was blue raspberry. Pleased with your choice, you began licking the popsicle, but eventually realized that was just wasting time and it was starting to melt, so you decided to suck on it instead.
       You didn’t even notice Kurt staring at you with a somewhat pained expression. He watched as you licked and sucked at the popsicle, and it didn’t help at all that the particular color of it, combined with your actions, reminded him of… things. Things he shouldn’t be thinking about surrounded by his friends, but the way your lips wrapped around the blue ice… the way your tongue ran over the tip of it, before it disappeared into your mouth again… the way the melted drops dripped onto your almost-entirely bare chest, and cascaded down between your breasts, before disappearing between them….
       You heard a low noise, somewhere between a groan and a whine, then the familiar bamf of Kurt disappearing. Peter suddenly choked on his soda and began laughing.
       “You’re so mean to that poor guy, Y/N,” Scott said, laughing as well.
       “What are you on about? And where’d Kurt go?” you asked, looking around. He was nowhere to be seen.
       “You, um… well, I think he… um, the…” Jean tried to explain, before pointing at the popsicle in your hand. You looked down at it for a moment before your mouth formed an O, realizing what she was insinuating.
       “Well,” you began, tossing the popsicle into the trash can with a smirk on your face, “I’m going to go see if I can be of assistance.”
       You could hear Scott and Peter wolf-whistling as you walked off to find Kurt.

I want an AU of Bitty being an NHL star and Jack is the photographer for the ESPN Body Issue photo shoot that Bitty does. Imagine Bitty doing the pose that Tyler Seguin did, naked on a zamboni sucking on a popsicle being all flirty and Jack just awkwardly fumbling around with his camera trying to hide his boner

a summer concept: eric bittle, in his favorite red shorts, lounging on the roof of the haus, casually sucking on a cherry popsicle. jack zimmermann, coming back from a run, tripping over his own feet at the sight.

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Do you really have tips, cuz I'll slide in too lol 📝

lol to save my time, here it is.

STEP 1: NO TEETH, NO MOTHERFUCKING TEETH. you’re sucking a dick. not eating, nibbling or chewing. that’s a one way ticket to getting your jaw shifted. practice cuffing your lips over your teeth and angling your mouth correctly.

STEP 2: you’re grown, you’re living. it’s ya man’s so you’re gonna love it. with that being said, once that penis is up & running: open wide & taste it. slowly massage it between your upper lip & tongue.

STEP 3 : speed up a little. your mouth should be watering. you’ll go go from sucking dick to sloppy toppy. remember, you’re not shy. it’s your moment. show him that you mean business and punish that dick with your mouth. Lmfao.

[if you can’t deep throat save yourself the embarrassment of the whole choking & possible vomit. not cute. (but might be cute for some). know your limit & know your windpipe.]

STEP 4 : Play with his balls. not everybody down for sucking balls, so to each it’s own. playing with his balls might increase sentivity and sensation

STEP 5 : MAKE HIM NUT. no guys like to be left with having to jerk off after getting head. (it pretty much defeats the purpose.) so.. best way to making sure he cums is using your tongue. collapse your mouth on that dick and lick that shit like it’s your favorite popsicle

suck a dick, save a life.

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I bet Stevie loves sucking on popsicles in a sexy way for his fellas

Oh, uh, that’s not what I was thinking, but yeah, I can see it.

Okay but no wait wait listen: Steve sucking on the popsicle sexily, even deep throating it, and Bucky’s getting a little hot under the tentacle, and then Steve makes direct eye contact with him and bites off the tip of the popsicle with a crunch of ice breaking. Bucky screams in horror.

Tony nearly throws the glasses of lemonade he’d just retrieved for all of them in surprise.


Chapter 5 Part 2: A Stormy Night
It’s a Friday night and it’s raining. I’m sitting here alone looking at my phone wondering exactly what am I supposed to do. Miguel’s Crazy In Love is playing followed by the trilogy of the Weekend along with Was Good By PartyNextDoor and I’m still alone. Shit. This cup of Hennessey has me really in the mood to just feast on some pussy right now. Damn how I need it at this moment. My phone is ringing:
Hello? This Rico…. Who’s This?
Hey Rico…. It’s me…. Storm… I need to see you
You do? Why?
Listen baby, I’m missing you. I know we just fought not too long ago but I need you right now…. It’s raining and thundering outside and I hate being in the rain without you…
Wait a min? You’re outside my house?!
Yes….. Come get me…..
I’m coming…..
I felt like God had answered my prayers. I mean I was mad at Storm but let’s be real here….She is so damn sexy and I know she was going through shit with her ex but if I can have that just for a night, she will be staying here forever….
I walk downstairs after putting on my robe and go and open the door…. She’s standing there with her duffle-bag and a black coat covering her body. I welcome her inside my home.
“Beautiful place you have here Rico” she said shivering.
“Thank you. So what made you come here? I’m still mad at you…. How could you abandon me for a nigga who never loved you?”
Storm looked at me and then looked down at the floor and said “It was just for his money. I got caught up in that and lost sight of you. But I’m here. I was never going to leave you.
Storm put her tea down on the table, walked over to me and sat in my lap swinging her legs through the legs of the chair. She takes off her black coat and my eyes were in shock in what she was wearing. A white lingerie outfit with her ass just popping out of it… We start kissing… I pick her up and press her body against the wall. She digs her nails into my back and starts scratching me moaning my name.
Storm looked at me with lust in her eyes and said “Put me down…. I want suck the shit out of your dick. I put her down and she unbuttons my pants and pulls out my long black cock and slides it in her pretty mouth. Storm deep throats me I’m leaning my head back and I’m looking at her while she is sucking my dick. I got mad in the back of my mind because of the shit she did so I shoved my dick down her throat to make her choke and gag all over it. I saw her getting wet and playing with her pussy.
I picked her back up and I said to her “Let’s go to my room.” I carried her up the stairs; we kept kissing. The thunder got louder. The feelings got stronger. The urge to make love was in our reach. I threw her on the bed, ripping her panties off. I kiss her chest, feeling her rubbing my back slowly moaning in my ear “I want you to fuck me hard daddy. Fuck me like you were a virgin again. Fuck me until I cannot breathe any longer.” While I was kissing her stomach the lights went out and the candles became extinguished. The thunder and lightning was still roaring and the rain kept pouring harder and harder.
I went down on her, spreading her thighs wide I began to kiss the front of her wet pussy lips massaging them gently and easy with my tongue. Storm’s moans got louder and she screams “You are no AMATEUR. EAT THIS PUSSY LIKE YOU MISSED IT.” I did as she pleased. I stuck my tongue deeper in that juicy ass pussy making my tongue vibrate inside her walls. Storm began stroking my dick harder and faster and next thing you know, I was inside of her. I pinned her down to the bed ramming my dick deep in her tight walls. I lifted her legs in the air and put her feet over my shoulder while I kept hitting her spot. “OOOO Daddy give me that dick! I need more. Keep fucking this pussy now daddy!” Storm said.  
I kept going, giving her longer strokes and seeing her cum all over this dick. I pulled out and she sat up on the bed continuing to suck my dick. She slurped and slurped like she was sucking on a Popsicle.  Storm knew that what she did turned me on and as soon as I was going to tell her to turn over and to arch her back she goes into her duffle bag and says “Handcuff me to the bedframe daddy.” She arched her back putting her phat ass right in my peripheral. I handcuffed her and tied her feet spreading her legs wide and I was inside the eye of the Storm. Storm’s pussy soaked my dick while she kept throwing her ass back hard against it. We were going at it. I took my time whining my dick back in her pussy. “Fuck I’m going to cum” I said to her. She looked at me and said “Oh no you’re not.” Storm sits her ass on me beginning to ride my face with her pussy and I go back to eating her. Storm takes my dick and sticks it back in and begins to ride me. She rides me faster; taking her hands and told me to grip her ass while she fucks me. Storm goes even faster gasping, groaning and moaning until I was able to pull my dick out and shower her with my hot and sticky load.  We kissed passionately until daybreak and the storm went away.
Damn. What A Stormy Night ;)……

Part 3 Coming Soon….. Who’s Ready

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So... What would the skelebros (ut,uf,us,sf) would react their s/o with a popsicle? Ya know, like licking, suckling, all that lewd stuff but their s/o is not like doing it on purpose. OH! And the popsicle has to be exactly like the skelebros magic color. If that's okay, that is?

This imagine lowkey gives me life



++ Papyrus ++

Pappy sees you with an orange popsicle, your tongue swirling around the top, and he slowly begins to feel himself turned on. You run your tongue alongside it and on the bottom to keep it from dripping, and then you slide the tip of it into your mouth, and he has to look away. He’s very flustered by the time you finish it and you ask if he’s okay, and the choked “YES!!” That he gives you is too abrupt to sound convincing.

++ Sans ++

Oh, how original of you to get a dark blue popsicle while out with Classic. He gets very turned on, but shoves it down and manages to overlook it. Seeing you run your tongue across it like that is almost too much for him, and when the two of you get home, he mentions it and you guys get into some fun times.


++ Papyrus ++

It’s very coincidental their red popsicles would be blood red, yet cherry flavored. Fell eyes you as you continue to suck on it and lick it, and he can control his hormones but it’s hard. Every time he sees you, he can’t help but imagine that being his cock, him shoving your head down onto it and making you choke on it, and imagining all of those things is what makes him blush. He’s definitely going to do that to you later.

++ Sans ++

That red popsicle of yours is very tempting. It so clearly hints to sucking Red’s dick, how you suck on the tip and run your tongue down the side… it flusters him so badly that before you can even finish it, he grabs you by the collar of your shirt and rips you toward him, mumbling, “L-Look. I dunno if this is some sorta set up or somethin’, but you ain’t gettin’ away with it. Ya want it? You get it.” The two of you have lots of fun after you finish.


++ Papyrus ++

Honey knew you weren’t doing it on purpose at first, but you caught him staring at you with slightly orange cheekbones and you caught on. Your eyelids lowered and you smirked a little as you stared right at him, softly kissing the tip of the popsicle and then running your tongue around it. Your circling tongue then slides down the sides and you lick the bottom of it, then stick the WHOLE thing in your mouth and pull it out with a little popping sound. Then you bite the top off and it makes a wet Honey jump and cringe, looking away, mumbling, “How dare you..” you laugh and walk up to him, running the popsicle along his tongue, then you put it back in your mouth and you get handsy with him.

++ Sans ++

Blue gets turned on and he doesn’t say anything about it. He lets you go to town on that bright blue popsicle like there’s no tomorrow and you certainly do, and it’s a really good way of making him quiet for once. His cheeks are extremely blue and you ask him if he’s okay, and he nods, smiling his cute little smile at you. Blue manages to keep his composure, but sure enough, he brings it up later and the two of you fall into fun times.


++ Papyrus ++

Rus stares at you and wishes that were his dick instead. He aches for your tongue to run along it the same way it does on that dark orange popsicle, oh god could you be any more enticing? His magic builds up against his will and you see his massive bulge, and you smirk a little bit as you lean down right by his ectocock just to keep sucking on the popsicle. When he moves his hands to either touch you or touch his dick, you push him back and you tease him so well, he’s practically in pain (not really). Please, dear god, just finish it already and start it up with his actual cock.

++ Sans ++

Berry gets flustered and doesn’t watch as you go crazy on that purple popsicle. It’s too much like his own dick, and seeing you suck on it that way is too much for him. He lets you finish without saying anything and regains his composure before you notice anything was off, but now he can’t stop thinking about it. You notice a bulge a few minutes later and you giggle a little bit and give him some special treatment.

50. “You know you want it, sweetheart.” (Joji)

Eh, I tried, sorry XD


“Such a tease…” you mutter under your breath, as you were fanning yourself with one hand. Such a hot day it was, and you were sweating like crazy. You glared at the boy in front of you, trying hard to act like you did not care about what he was doing. He seemed fine about the heat.

Of course, trying to act like you did not care did not work at all—you were sure you looked pouty and grumpy to your boyfriend, Joji. Although he acted as if he could not see that at all. Nah. He wasn’t even looking at you as his plump lips sucked on that ice popsicle. Going in and out of that mouth of his, his tongue rolling obscenely around the tip of it, coating his mouth with the blue frosting. And after making sure that you were watching, he would lick his lips, tentatively slow.

You knew he was just teasing you.

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Royal Pains: The Temptation

Here is chapter 3 of my Royal Pains fic! Another day another problem in the Swan-Jones household. I hope you like it! Read chapter 1 and 2!

Rated M

Read more of my work here on Ao3 and FF! More to come next week:) There will for sure be one more chapter to this story! Let me know if you want me to continue.

Emma and Killian have been living together for over a year now. Once you cohabitate with someone for an extended amount of time, you start to learn their routine and even create a new one together. For them, every night they would watch a show on Netflix in bed before enviably having sex or bare minimum a goodnight kiss. But for the last two weeks their habits have changed, and some have stopped all together.

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