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Bad ass moment by yours truly. Hahahah #SUCKERPUNCH #TBT


You see, your fight for survival starts right now. You don’t want to be judged? You won’t be. You don’t think you’re strong enough? You are. You’re afraid. Don’t be. You have all the weapons you need.
N o w f i g h t.


How to turn a blue water gun into an epic pistol
Okay so I forgot to take a picture of the gun before I primed it im so sorry, but it was origanly all bright blue.

Step 1
Get cheap gun at dollerstore! (This gun was 2$!!!)
Step 2
Get your hands on metalic spray paint & some spray paint primer - I got mine at home depot, you can find it at any hardware store
Step 3
This step will only work if your gun has a hole in the bottom like this one, stick it on a broom, This makes drying and spraying it alot easier!
Step 4
Prime & dry
Step 5
Paint & dry (2-3 coats)
Step 5
Detail according to your character, ill be adding black to this soon after a few more coats

This will all, cost you under 20$
Under 5$ if you already have paint

This mod is fast and easy and a great start to prop making for new cosplayers.