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An Au where Deku has a sibling, either older or younger. The sibling has the ability to control external fire, A combination of mama Deku and Papa Deku quirks. Does this have the potential of a quirkless Villain Deku?

Hi anon, thanks for the question! Here are my thoughts and opinions:

I do rather think having a sibling that has Quirks won’t be enough of a reason to “tilt” Deku into being a Villain. There has to be something else, enough of an impact to destroy Deku’s personality because it’s really not his character.

THAT SAID, I think the effect of having a sibling with Quirks…well. Quite the opposite. Regardless of the sibling’s personality, I think Deku would feel the need to protect, furthering his desire to become a Hero. Quirkless or not.

Now you made me think anon. I’m a sucker for Twin AUs so because of your ask, a Twin OC was born. Meet Kiji!!

He’s a younger twin of Izuku. His name was patterned after their mom, (Inko = Parrot, Kiji = Green Pheasant, also Japan’s national bird). His hair is mostly straight plus the bangs were after his mom, but there’s a still of waviness at the back (probably the curly hair was from their dad). He mostly resembles their dad they say.

Quirk: He can control fire with utmost precision, however he can’t create fire, and he’s not immune to it. So his hands have lots of burns and he wears gloves to protect them when using his Quirk. He has a lighter with him at all times and matchsticks.

His Quirk is different to Shouto’s because Shouto can create huge areas of fire, whereas Kiji can control said fire to pinpoint accuracy. So he can direct Shouto’s fire through small spaces and avoid contact with things that doesn’t need to be burned.

Personality: Incited by Bakugou’s bullying, Kiji became overprotective of Izuku. When they were kids, Kiji was essentially Quirkless because unless there’s a source of fire, he really can’t do anything and can only use his fists to fight back (still gets beaten up through sheer numbers). Even during middle school, carrying around lighters and such is very suspicious and he can only use his Quirk sparingly.

So yeah, Kiji hates Bakugou. Kiji is. Very protective. Of his older twin. Very, very protective.

He’s the leader of the Deku Protection Squad.

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Why dont you make Pay??????

Eh… I don’t want to.

But for real. You got a seat and some snacks?

I love Pay. I really do. I’m a sucker for secret twin/sibling stuff. And @trashpandaballs did an amazing job when he created him. He’s complex and well rounded enough that a lot of people can relate to him in someway.

And being such a great fandom character, many use his character go over addictions, mental issues, and emotions in general. As well as play out humor, practice cute outfits, and think about sibling bonding.

But some of those reasons why he’s relatable is also why I’m hesitant to draw him. Mostly, I end up changing him from his original design.

You see,under all the sass and fun, Pay is a drug and alcohol addicted man, who suffers from depression, at least that’s what I’m perceiving. He also is a rent boy ( ?is that what it’s called?) so that he can make ends meat and is in some why hurt from tough dealings all the time.

And the Pay I draw, ends up being a depressed man that is seeking to get there life together, because they’re learning that they deserve to have a life and to experience happiness. And sometimes gets bruises because he knocks into furniture due to having long limbs.

I honestly don’t see Pay that way. Or at least the way he is portrayed. It doesn’t make very much sense to me. (I also doubt that Pat would ever let Pay get to that level of homelessness or starvation without doing something.)

Knowing who Pat is, the character that is, and how he acts, gives no indication of a rough up bringing. Most of the time, Pat is shown being a pretty good adult. So however Pat was brought up, Pay would have been brought up the same way. Though that’s not to say twins will be exactly the same if raised in the same environment.

Take me and my brothers for example. (not exactly twins but) We all have loving parents who taught us to be kind, generous, independent, and responsible. And yet being raised the same, taught the same, and loved the same. We could obviously not be any more different. But we have the same morals, mannerisms, humor, and some other base stuff.

So again, whatever Pat learned as a kid is what Pay would have learned too. Not to mention how loving and attentive Pat can be. If Pat were to act like my brothers or me, he would love and care for Pay through all has mental issues and help him wholeheartedly. And Pay would give the same care and love to Pat. Most siblings who have a healthy family bond, will stick together and take care of each other.

Communication is also a big thing between me and my siblings. I doubt that Pat would just drop all contact with Pay because of work. And even with the distance between them, Pat being in the Red Army, they would still find time to talk with each other. I think I should have some experience in this, especially with my brother being in the US Army now.

But yeah. To sum it all up. I just can’t think of why Pay would ever be that way. Or at least a drug addicted rentboy.

I can definitely see him being a recovering alcoholic who has depression and is finally seeking therapy for said depression. Men who are depressed tend to turn to alcohol to “get over it” Statistically, that makes the most sense to me. (especially since i know Pat would keep Pay from doing illegal substances) But with all this kinda going through my head for Pay, I hesitate to draw him because I respect for other people’s ocs and au’s.

 I love trashpandaball’s idea and concept of Pay. And if I could, I would ask if it was okay for me to do that. But with Del gone rn, I have no concrete way of asking for permission to put out my headcannons of Pay like that. I’ll still draw them, but rarely. Mostly because I wouldn’t want it to seem like I’m trying to push my interpretation of Pay over Del’s.

Then again, Pay is just a hypothetical sibling made up by the fandom for a fictional character in a cartoon to give more content and entertain us while the actual show is at a standstill. So not much of this actually is serious, it’s all for fun.

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Can I ask you to recommend Reylo fic?

I have way too many!  
But I will rec the one’s I’m currently reading!  I’ll do five for now! But if you have any specific genre’s let me know.  

Very dark. Modern AU.  If you are looking for something dark and twisted, man alive.  But it’s super intriguing to follow. 

Never Tell Me The Odds
Bless AU’s where Kylo isn’t Kylo.   Not Force Sensitive Smuggler Ben to the rescue of my bleeding heart.

It’s a (Parent) Trap!
Still near the beginning, but I’m a sucker for puns.  Reylo twins Parent Trap style.

Forbidden Attachments 
Bless AU’s where Kylo isn’t Kylo Part II.  Senator Kylo and Jedi Rey.   Senator Kylo who dresses like Amidala is possibly my favorite thing in the world. 

The Great Big No
90′s Music Modern AU.  I love this one a LOT.  I mean, I’m loving all these ones a lot.  I get pumped when any of them update.  But this one is just super fun, and is going to crush me soon I know it.  

okay so a while ago @heroship made a drawing that inspired our beloved ‘twin au’ (aka dan as pastel king and his twin james as the punk kiddo). i love it a lot so i’m sharing some of our headcanons!! 

  • dan and james fighting over who of them phil likes best (he actually likes both)
  • james being all dark, punk and grumpy all the time but actually being a cinnamon roll on the inside, a tiny squish baby that needs to be protected 
  • dan has curly, hobbit hair. james straightens his, because ‘i look effing awful shut up’
  • dan tries to convince james to stop straightening it (he does, for 3 days)
  • they fight all the time but actually love and care for each other a lot
  • when phil sleeps over he has to sleep right in the middle of the room, or they both have temper tantrums because one is being ‘favoured’ more than the other
  • phil hangs out with dan on mondays, wednesdays and fridays. james and phil hang out on tuesdays, thursdays and saturdays. on sundays they 'share’ phil
  • on halloween dan dresses up as james and viceversa. he has a soft spot: seeing james in one of his white sweaters and wearing a flower crown
  • dan and james share a room, which means dan’s half as all pink and soft and james’ is black and full of band posters (bonus: sometimes dan sticks lil cat stickers to them and it drives james mad)
  • dan finds out that when james is sad he likes to wrap himself in one of dan’s blankets and wear oversized hoodies and watch romcom films
  • dan dresses as james just to annoy him, knowing he won’t do the same thing (actually james surprises him and wears a pink flower crown and a baby blue sweater for a week) (dan lets him)
  • phil goes shopping with them and argues about clothes. ‘james, look at this blue-’ ‘no, no no no definitely no take that thing away from me’ 
  • (lies, he ends up buying it because phil’s puppy eyes are too much for his little heart)
  • when phil is away they skype with him and james knocks dan over because ‘you’re taking all the screen and he can’t see me’, phil giggles

pleASe this au is so precious feel free to add more!!! (or come tell me bc i am a sucKer for this)

So far all the characters I have for Sucker Punchs story i’m working on cx

Doll Drops was designed by askdarlingadelaide and Double Whammy was designed by misfit26 in trade for Shining Waltz and Berry Mist!

Doll drops a fellow classmate to Sucker Punch, while Double Whammy is her dad ~ I think I wanna also make Sucker Punch a twin :I anyways since I haven’t done much romancedy today I figure i’ll post this up!

‘Mud’ (Feat. Sucker Twin) taken from the self titled YOU LOVE HER COZ SHE’S DEAD album. Released 29th August 2011 on Glasstone Records (UK/Benelux).

'Mud’ (Feat. Sucker Twin) was produced and mixed by Jay “Rocky” Dead aka “Biff” and mastered at The Exchange in London by Nilesh Patel (Daft Punk / Justice / Mr.Oizo / Björk / Underworld).

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Hello Vampire I've missed you...

Guys…a miracle occurred tonight. A freaking MIRACLE. My husband & I enjoyed an episode of The Vampire Diaries. That hasn’t happened for TWO YEARS.

Actually, I more than enjoyed it. I freaking loved it. First & foremost - I LOVE No Elena Salvatores. They are glorious. Getting along, teasing each other, having little adventures…giving each other love advice. It’s perfection. I am so Team Fucking Salvatore it’s not even funny anymore.

AND…I’m loving No Salvatores Elena. We all know random college dude isn’t the long game here (I’m not even bothering to learn his name), but it’s nice to see Elena ATTEMPT to explore a normal college relationship. Sure, it blew up in her face but hey…them’s the breaks kid.  She’s got to date & erase a few times before she finds a keeper.

Damon, Stefan & Alaric were freaking GOLD tonight. Alaric wins for line of the YEAR with “See Stefan? Even the bear knew.”  And Damon’s entire speech about why Stefan should date Caroline was PRICELESS. The highlight was the organizational skills because we all know Damon is a complete Type-A clean freak. Also, Alaric’s contribution that Caroline puts up with Stefan & his snark about her one negative being that she slept with Damon is the entire reason why I wept when Alaric came back to life. The show needs Alaric. The Salvatores need Alaric. Also, Somerholder’s reading of “Oooh…you weren’t invited?” may be his funniest line ever. Damon was just on point tonight. He was the Damon I loved. Snarky, funny…dancing in the grey zone (Compelling Alaric ugh), being a good brother and as always…BEING 100% focused on saving Bonnie. GO BAMON.

The three of those boys together just brought back the good old days of TVD. When there were adventures and relationships we cared about and PLOT WE UNDERSTOOD.

Which brings me to PLOT. Hello old friend. Seems the writers have dusted off some of the cobwebs and found their writing talent again. I am SO there for this Gemini coven twist. First of all - I understand it. Praise Jesus. Second of all…it actually connects all the characters in a meaningful way. You know, like the good old days of TVD. Remember S2? Third, it brings the new characters into the fold quite elegantly. I’ve always liked Jo but bloody hell…now I actually care about Liv & Luke. What can I say? I’m a sucker for little twins who had to escape their psychopath brother and were saved by their beautiful & protective, genius doctor, all powerful witch, sister. Also, the bad guy actually SCARES me. This Kai guy is freaky as all hell. That hasn’t happened since the glory days of Joseph Morgan.

Which brings me to…Steroline and Bamon. Look, I realize these two ships are probably not endgame because TV just doesn’t work that way. How do I know this? Stefan’s “Easy, I was in love with you” and Damon’s entire bar scene with Elena. This is one love triangle that just won’t die folks. One of these brothers is ending up with Elena or neither of them are - that’s just the way it’s going to go, but you can be DAMN sure I’m going to enjoy this little side trip that is Bamon & Steroline.

Stefan is getting the warm fuzzy bunny feelings for Caroline. It’s basically a “you don’t realize what you have until you lost it” kind of bunny feels. He had to push her away the hardest because he knew he’d be the most vulnerable with her. He didn’t want to feel grief anymore. He just wanted to move on with his life and that was impossible to do with Caroline. I’m giving Stefan a freaking pass on his slightly cruel behavior because you get a freaking pass when your brother of 175 years dies. That’s just the way it works. And let’s be clear - Caroline isn’t mad at Stefan for the way he treated her. Not really. She’s mad that he doesn’t feel the same way and that’s understandable. She’s a biscuit and he’s a moron. But the tides they are a turning my little Care Bear.

I don’t think Damon could hold on to Ms. Cuddles any tighter. When Stefan kicked Ms. Cuddles (HOW DARE YOU STEFAN!) Damon acted like Stefan just shattered a rare antique. She was safe. I’m putting Ms. Cuddles right up there with Olicity’s Baby Fern. We have a #savethefern tag…look into it Bamon fandom. #saveMsCuddles.

Damon’s speech about Bonnie? FABULOUS. He’s such a smitten kitten. Yes, he’s still lost in the haze that is Elena Gilbert but the fog will clear my friends. The fog will clear. No, I don’t love that he acted like the only thing he & Bonnie talked about was Elena…HELLO CROSSWORD PUZZLE…PANCAKES…MUSIC….WORST DAY OF HIS LIFE…but it’s baby steps people. Baby steps. Ian Somerholder is playing those looks & smiles for all they’re worth. If the writers don’t intend for Bamon to get together, Somerholder will make it happen by sheer acting will.

One complaint…can we please stop stabbing Bonnie? Enough is enough. Also…Elena FYI. Since the writers refuse to show us you actually grieving for Bonnie, DON’T say the reason you want Damon to get her back is so you can ask Bonnie for relationship advice about DAMON. It’s just…gross, selfish, and extremely unflattering the minute you said it. I’ve been enjoying the return of the old you…let’s not go falling back into the bad habit that was Vampire Elena.

Other than that. I’m good. I don’t know if this trend will continue, but I’m taking a minute to enjoy the fact that I liked an episode of The Vampire Dairies. It’s been a long time coming.