Everlark Fic Exchange Sneak Peek

Hey all! Below is a sneak peek of my submission for the upcoming @everlarkficexchange. I know we were supposed to post these over the weekend, but I had literally zero words written until this morning. As such, this is rough and not beta’d…I’m not kidding, this is first draft in it’s rawest form. So please forgive errors and suckage. Story is untitled right now, and will probably turn into a multi-chapter WIP because who am I trying to kid, oneshots are not my thing. And honestly, I’ve been wanting to write this story for about a year now and this gives me an excuse to do it.

“Did you tell your father ‘goodnight’?” She kisses first one forehead and then the second, once more laying her hand flat on the fevered surface before patting her child’s cheek with a cool cloth. So far, it’s only the oldest showing the signs, but she knows it’s only a matter of time.

“Yes, Mama. Can we have a bedtime story?”

“Just one,” she promises with a smile and settles at the foot of one of the narrow beds. “Let’s see…”

“Once upon a time,” the youngest says and giggles when both mother and the oldest scowl slightly.

“Mama’s telling the story,” the oldest chastises.

The youngest sticks out a pink tongue and the oldest huffs, so she continues the story before a fight can break out in earnest.

“Long ago–”

“See, you got it wrong anyways.”

“–not far from here, there was a village, caught in the early days of spring. It was a much like any other village, with small fields to grow crops, a blacksmith to do metal work, a grocers, a butcher, a baker–”

“Was there a candlestick maker, too?”

“Hush! I wanna hear the story!”

“And a candlestick maker, too,” she says with a soft smile, ignoring the muffled laughter from the doorway behind her. Already enthralled with the story, the children don’t even notice. “There was also a healer, a woman who knew all the tricks to soothe pain and terrible illness. And the healer’s daughter was engaged to marry the baker’s son, but see, in this village, it was a tradition for marriages to chosen by the parents and the village elders. This was an old custom, started many years ago, and like many old customs, the reasons behind them faded with each generation until no one really understood why those customs were still around. The marriage contract was written and all but signed, but the healer’s daughter–”

“What was her name?”


“We’ll call her Flower for now,” the mother says, not losing her stride with the tale. “Flower didn’t want to marry the baker’s son, because she was in love with someone else.”

“Who, Mama?” both children gasp.

“She was in love with a hunter.”

So the last time there was a ToppKlass Meet Up, I missed it because of the time difference and I think it was only for a day? Time zones suck major suckage I think I’m still within the time limit for this one? Anywho, let’s just get started.

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noquirkyurl  asked:

*HUGS* So sorry about the irl suckage. What is your favorite season, and why. Also, if you could be a dragon, what color dragon would you be?

*Hugs*  Thank youuuuu.  <3  

I adore Autumn.  It feels like falling leaves and hoodies and cool weather and corn mazes and I absolutely love it.  

I’d be a blue/aqua dragon.  It’s my favorite color.  I’d also horde books.  Book hoarding aqua blue dragon.  


I got a note on Monday saying maintenance would be in my house Wednesday to make necessary repairs. I cleaned all day Tuesday. They didn’t come. Chaos ensued. They poked their heads in this morning and said they’d be here later. More feverish housework. No maintenance. More chaos. Next time they stiff me, *they* get to clean my house! – Em (who sucks at housework)

Telefonische Planlosigkeit

Seit ich hier in Kanada einen Handyvertrag bei Rogers habe rufen ständig Leute an, die offenbar mit jemand anders sprechen wollen, sich allerdings nicht verwählt haben. Leider werden Telefonnummern sofort weitergegeben sobald ein Vertrag ausläuft, sodass es sich nicht wirklich verhindern lässt dass man manchmal mit den Ex-Besitzern der Nummern verwechselt wird. 

Allerdings zweifle ich inzwischen auch an der generellen Kompetenz der Telefonanbieter: Gerade hat mich eine Frau von Rogers angerufen (ja, meinem Anbieter) und war sehr erstaunt darüber dass ich jetzt diese Nummer habe. Sie hatte nämlich mit dem Vorbesitzer gerechnet. 

PS: Jodi Vandermay, gib mal bitte deinen Freunden deine neue Nummer!

and we're back....

Internet service is still down at the house, but I’m finally out of meetings this week and back at my regularly scheduled work programming.   (installer has been there THREE times and eff’d it up every. single. time… grr)

Bullet points from the last week:

  • moving really is the most unbelievably wretched thing ever BUT I will say it gives you an incredible opportunity to purge and organize.  I’ve been a mad woman buying tubs and organizers.  The container store owes me dinner.

  • Whilst things are still being unpacked, hauled, painted, sanded, and updated at the new house for 5+ hours each evening I figure I’m getting a pretty decent workout.  AND considering I’m still juggling work, parenting, school, band, ballet, tap, violin, basketball and taekwondo too, I’m not gonna be too hard on myself.  

apprx calories burned 15min/hour

  • I’m officially addicted to craigslist furniture shopping.  In the last 24 hours I have acquired 3 Ikea tables, a dresser, 2 faucets, and a palette of old barn wood.  Super uber cool projects will be commencing. 

  • I cannot find my new scale… or all my shoes… or tweezers <– my poor eyebrows. 

  • I woke up mysteriously craving V8.