This month, the United States authorized airstrikes in Iraq. Video footage of a journalist’s brutal execution circulated through social media networks. War raged between government forces and pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine, and the death toll in Gaza escalated. A policeman fatally shot an unarmed black teenager named Michael Brown, whose death incited protests and more violence. About 1,500 people died in one of the largest Ebola outbreaks in history. Robin Williams, who usually makes us laugh, took his own life.

This month really, really sucked.

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I got a note on Monday saying maintenance would be in my house Wednesday to make necessary repairs. I cleaned all day Tuesday. They didn’t come. Chaos ensued. They poked their heads in this morning and said they’d be here later. More feverish housework. No maintenance. More chaos. Next time they stiff me, *they* get to clean my house! – Em (who sucks at housework)

Telefonische Planlosigkeit

Seit ich hier in Kanada einen Handyvertrag bei Rogers habe rufen ständig Leute an, die offenbar mit jemand anders sprechen wollen, sich allerdings nicht verwählt haben. Leider werden Telefonnummern sofort weitergegeben sobald ein Vertrag ausläuft, sodass es sich nicht wirklich verhindern lässt dass man manchmal mit den Ex-Besitzern der Nummern verwechselt wird. 

Allerdings zweifle ich inzwischen auch an der generellen Kompetenz der Telefonanbieter: Gerade hat mich eine Frau von Rogers angerufen (ja, meinem Anbieter) und war sehr erstaunt darüber dass ich jetzt diese Nummer habe. Sie hatte nämlich mit dem Vorbesitzer gerechnet. 

PS: Jodi Vandermay, gib mal bitte deinen Freunden deine neue Nummer!

and we're back....

Internet service is still down at the house, but I’m finally out of meetings this week and back at my regularly scheduled work programming.   (installer has been there THREE times and eff’d it up every. single. time… grr)

Bullet points from the last week:

  • moving really is the most unbelievably wretched thing ever BUT I will say it gives you an incredible opportunity to purge and organize.  I’ve been a mad woman buying tubs and organizers.  The container store owes me dinner.

  • Whilst things are still being unpacked, hauled, painted, sanded, and updated at the new house for 5+ hours each evening I figure I’m getting a pretty decent workout.  AND considering I’m still juggling work, parenting, school, band, ballet, tap, violin, basketball and taekwondo too, I’m not gonna be too hard on myself.  

apprx calories burned 15min/hour

  • I’m officially addicted to craigslist furniture shopping.  In the last 24 hours I have acquired 3 Ikea tables, a dresser, 2 faucets, and a palette of old barn wood.  Super uber cool projects will be commencing. 

  • I cannot find my new scale… or all my shoes… or tweezers <– my poor eyebrows. 

  • I woke up mysteriously craving V8.