***WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO*** Sorry I don’t usually post stuff like this but @officialpeta just released some press that #PitBulls are “Engineered” killers. Well it’s obviously true. Here is video proof of @officialpeta claims. You can see in the video the Vicious #Pitbull “Cinnabun” (her gang name) Attacking and Mauling a much smaller @myrtlethefrenchy *Please View with Caution* #Peta #SuckADick #obamalovers @the_james_gang_bullies_atx (at Hill Country)

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Soooo, my car battery died during my slave shift & needless to say, when I finished my shift, was ready to go home, & realized my car wasn’t starting, I had a moment. #pottymouth #doyoukissyourmotherwiththoselipsorwhateva #yesido #suckadick

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