***WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO*** Sorry I don’t usually post stuff like this but @officialpeta just released some press that #PitBulls are “Engineered” killers. Well it’s obviously true. Here is video proof of @officialpeta claims. You can see in the video the Vicious #Pitbull “Cinnabun” (her gang name) Attacking and Mauling a much smaller @myrtlethefrenchy *Please View with Caution* #Peta #SuckADick #obamalovers @the_james_gang_bullies_atx (at Hill Country)

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Black men can’t even band together in true patriarchal fashion to get Tommy Suckadick off of Youtube long enough to stop the degredation of black women, but want to tell us to “chill” because “not all black men”…

I propose a challenge… It’s called the “BlackMenWorkingTogetherOnceAndForAllToGetTommyOffYoutube Challenge”. Let’s see if y'all will hop on that like yall hop y'all asses in my notifications to tell me who represents who.