***WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO*** Sorry I don’t usually post stuff like this but @officialpeta just released some press that #PitBulls are “Engineered” killers. Well it’s obviously true. Here is video proof of @officialpeta claims. You can see in the video the Vicious #Pitbull “Cinnabun” (her gang name) Attacking and Mauling a much smaller @myrtlethefrenchy *Please View with Caution* #Peta #SuckADick #obamalovers @the_james_gang_bullies_atx (at Hill Country)

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Extra, Extra, Extra Read ALL About It! : White Man Makes A Complete Fool Of The He-Man Black Woman Haters Club and “Pro-Black” and “Concious” and Blackistan

I got some poppin hot tea for you all today.

Long story short.

A few months back  I posted about an incident in which CK (Christelyn Karazin) (mistakenly) invited a white male youtuber named the Vegainator to her google hangout/channel to talk about IR relationships. During this hangout, the Vegainator went in on Christelyn about how white men don’t want black women, how a black woman rejected him, that he would never date a black woman, and more. It turns out that this white boy was sent by “Uncle” Tommy Suckadick  and the  He-man Black Woman Haters Club and Blackistani Youtube to humiliate Christelyn. These Negro peoples  raised $15K to pay this white boy to put this “black bitch”” in her place” and “teach” her a lesson. Christelyn made a video in which she was crying and apologizing to her subscribers for what happened, then made a follow up video about how Blackistani (particularly black men) betrayed her and allowed for a white racist attack her. When this happened Blackistani youtube rejoice at the “downfall” of youtube’s “notorious bedwench” and the “downfall” of the swirl movement for days. Blackistanis pumped out video after video delighting in Christelyn’s “demise.” Only a few people Breukelen Bleu and Angel Remirez-Jordan to name a few came to Christelyn’s defense.

Well, it turns out that the Vegainator has made a complete fool out these Negro imbeciles. It looks as if he just “aligned” himself with Blackistan just to vent about how a Black Girl turned him down. There is a video of him swirling, with a VERY shapely dark skin beauty, the type of black woman black people hate the most. Here’s exhibit A:

Christelyn talks about it in more detail here, Exhibit B:

This white boy took the $15K that blackistan raised to put Christelyn “in her place” and is spending it on his VERY shapely dark skin black beauty. HAHAHAHAHA! Blackistan is looking like a fool!

Now before I go any further, I want to say that I AM NOT defending this white racist because I still find him VERY, VERY suspect for taking money from Blackistan to “destroy” one of their own. He is NOT a good man/person.He bashed ALL black women via Christelyn. I think the sista he’s with now better watch her back. Christelyn has said that herself.

One of Christelyn’s subscribers briefly summed up this whole debcle perfectly:

Angry WM is rejected by BW. Shares this information with BM, who have also been rejected by BW but also hate BW. BM subconsiously LOVES WM and wants WM power. BM pay WM to bash BW. WM meets another hot BW and spends BMs donations on her.

However, there are a few  lesson that can be learned from this incident:

Blackistan IS STOOOOOPID!!!!

Blackistan HATE black women with a blue and purple passion. They relish in the black woman’s pain.

Blackistan hate black women so much that they will pay a white racist to “put a black bitch in her place.”

Many Black Men WILL sell out black women and the black race for 30 pieces of silver. #ancient betrayal

Black Men want to replace white supremacy with male supremacy. They don’t really hate white men, they hate they don’t have his power.

Black People are EASILY tricked and manipulated by White People. This is why White People STAY winning. 

And guess what ya’ll I’m not seeing much reaction from Blackistanis. I guesss they realize they have been conned and feel like the fools they are, lol. Ya’ll KNOW THAT White Man think these are some STOOOOPID negroes.

The joke’s on Blackistan. I guess Christelyn has the last laugh…………….LOL!

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