A boy runs under a mango tree as a storm brews in the background in Kounkan, Guinea. Schools and other daily life routines such as football games have restarted here after being halted due to Ebola, but some families who were hit hard by the virus are struggling to make enough to support family members they have taken in because of Ebola. One couple here had taken in five nieces and nephews, after the wife lost both her brothers, their wives, and three of the brothers’ children to Ebola. One farmer passed away, leaving his three wives and 15 children struggling to earn enough for food and shelter. An 84 year old woman was looking after 4 grandchildren after their father (her only son), and his wife died. The families were supporting their loved ones, but it often meant some of the children were no longer in school. Photo by Ricci Shryock @ricci_s #everydayafrica #guinea #everydayeverywhere #ebola #survivors #children #fujixt1 #ricci_s

being the absolute klutz that i am, i accidentally deleted the original post. soz. anyway, in lieu of myfairytal-e’s fourth anniversary, i asked what i should do to celebrate and a network seemed to be the most popular choice! so here’s fairytalesquad!

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I think I'm one of those cool EXO fans who supports every members decision, respects their privacy, doesn't spread crazy rumors about them, loves them all the same, and is happy as long as they are happy. And that makes me proud, and I love all EXO-L who love the members unconditionally but are still respectful. Thank you to those fans who supported every member, thanks to those who didn't spread pictures of Jongin at the airport, thanks to those who supported Baekhyun when it was discovered that he has a girlfriend, and thanks to those who stayed in the fandom despite the hardships. I'm truly grateful for you all.

2NE1 - 6th Anniversary ‘50 Million’ Virtual Support!


Plenty of 2NE1′s music videos are under 50 million views; it would be a great documentation of our unwavering support of the girls to re-watch and help their music videos reach the 50 million mark to celebrate their 6th Anniversary (May 17th).

It is especially important to reach this goal because 2NE1′s contract as a group is expiring soon (and we have little to no updates on how Bom is doing TT_TT). The support will encourage the members to not lose hope and let them know that we still believe in them. 

In addition, this project will help the music videos to chart again, popular music videos will be recommended to other users (potential more fans!!). The increased views also shows YG Entertainment that we have not given up on our girls, and that YG should believe in them as much as we do. 

As of May 11th, here are the rounded views of most of their MVs under 50ML:

For reference the most viewed kpop MVs Of All Time are the ff: 

  1. PSY - Gangnam Style [2.3 Billion]
  2. PSY - Gentleman [800 ML]
  3. PSY FT. HYUNA - Oppa Is Just My Style [500 ML]
  4. PSY FT. SNOOP DOGG - Hangover [196 ML]
  5. BIGBANG - Fantastic Baby [145 ML]
  6. SNSD - GEE [138 ML]
  7. SNSD - I Got A Boy [127 ML]
  8. 2NE1 - I Am The Best [121 ML]
  9. SNSD - The Boys [114 ML]
  10. SNSD - Mr.Taxi [100 ML]

Happy Viewing!





“Trans Lifeline is a non-profit dedicated to the well being of transgender people. We run a national toll-free crisis hotline staffed by transgender people for transgender people. 

Trans Lifeline volunteers are ready to respond to whatever support needs members of our community might have. Our line is primarily for transgender people experiencing a crisis. This includes people who may be struggling with their gender identity and are not sure that they are transgender. 

While our goal is to prevent self harm, we welcome the call of any transgender person in need. We do our very best to connect them with services that can help them meet that need. 

Our volunteers are all trans identified and educated in the range of difficulties transgender people experience. Our volunteers are dedicated to improving the lives of transgender people. 

Since our formal launch in November 2014, we have received over 11300 calls and our operators have talked to trans people in crisis for 2574 hours.- Learn more here.”

Click the play button above to watch the video, and if you have anything to give, please help

Trans Lifeline is a CRITICAL service who are serving the ENTIRE COUNTRY and literally saving people’s lives with a small staff. Their fundraiser has been up for a while now and they’ve only raised $2,304 so far!!! 


Donate to Trans Lifeline for #GiveOutDay HERE

Solidarity can be better than comfort

ischemgeek said to realsocialskills:

Advice on expressing sympathy and lending emotional support to a family member whose child may be facing a serious illness? Both for the “dunno for sure” phase and for the “know for sure either way” phase. Comforting is not my strong suit and halp plz because this can’t be fixed so soothing is only way to be helpful.

realsocialskills said:

So, I’m going to answer this in two parts. This post is about emotional support.

I think that most people who are facing emotionally devastating situations need solidarity more than they need comfort.

One way to show solidarity is to acknowledge what’s going on, and to let them feel however they feel about it. People in awful situations often face relentless pressure to try to have a ~positive attitude~ and not be upset. This is particularly true of child illness, particularly if the illness is life-threatening, particularly if it is cancer.

This positivity narrative pressures people to think that they can somehow fix things with the power of positive thinking, and that they will somehow ruin things if they get upset or have feelings that aren’t 100% hopeful at all times. That can make things a lot harder.

People often end up feeling a lot of pressure to put on a positive and hopeful face around people who care about them. They also often face pressure to be constantly trying not to be upset. They can end up spending a lot of emotional energy taking care of the needs of people who want to comfort them.

And in reality — people facing difficult situation are going to struggle and have complicated feelings. And, in this case: People who have reason to suspect that their child is seriously ill have every right to be upset and afraid. And the last thing they need is relentless pressure to think positive and feel hopeful.

Probably the best form of emotional support you can offer is to listen without trying to make them feel better. You can acknowledge what is going on, and be someone who they don’t have to gloss over things with. You can be there with them while they feel however they feel about it. You can be someone who listens to them respectfully.

Many people facing awful situations don’t have that, and having it can make a big difference.

I wrote a while back about the importance of acknowledging that sometimes things are terrible, and also about some practical methods of listening to someone who is facing a bad situation.

tl;dr If someone is facing a bad situation, trying to comfort them often backfires. It often works better to focusing on listening to them and expressing solidarity.

Hello, hello, and welcome to SHINee-NETT!

SHINee-NETT is a network made to bring together those who love and support SMent’s 5 member boy group SHINee! Please read the rules before applying here, and don’t hesitate to ask if there’s something you’re unsure about! 


- Be a SHAWOL/ love and support SHINee!

Be active on tumblr, but you do not need to have a SHINee blog 

- You can’t enter sideblogs, except active SHINee sideblogs, but you MUST let me know this in the application, along with the url of your main blog. Main blogs are preferred!

- Please reblog this post and please follow the network

- Please make sure your askbox is open


- Please link the network somewhere on your blog, or use the badge (hmu if you need it in another size)

- Please track the tag #shineenett (yeah it’s with two tt-s i know) 

I’ll also be making a Line-chat for the network, if you want to join the chat, send your ID with your application!


You don’t have to follow the admin, but fyi, it me helen // sehso

[TRANS] INFINITE’s members' support for Sunggyu’s 27 Album?

Tablo: Among your members, which one gives you the most support?

Sunggyu: I live together with Hoya-ssi. Hoya-ssi always monitors me, and always supports me. Dongwoo-ssi also supports me a lot. Woohyun-ssi also. Well, honestly, all members support me.

Tablo: Well, who gave you the least support?

Sunggyu: Umm.. L-ssi? *laughs* Its a very honest answer LOL He is originally not very expressive as a person.

Tablo: Yes, he is a bit chic isnt he?

Sunggyu: Thats why he didnt say much to me (about 27)

Tablo: But, its not like he didnt support you at all right?

Sunggyu: Ah, of course its not like that!

Tablo: Its just that other members talks so much about it (Sunggyu’s new album) right?

Sunggyu: yes, yes. When I shot my album photojacket, he came in person, and bought me and all the staffs coffee.

source: 150520 Tablo’s Dreaming Radio

Finding things you can fix when things are really wrong

ischemgeek said to realsocialskills:

Advice on expressing sympathy and lending emotional support to a family member whose child may be facing a serious illness? Both for the “dunno for sure” phase and for the “know for sure either way” phase. Comforting is not my strong suit and halp plz because this can’t be fixed so soothing is only way to be helpful.

realsocialskills said:

This is the second part of my answer to this question. The first part was about emotional support. This part is about practical support.

I think that there are probably some things you can fix in this situation.

The problem of possible illness can’t be fixed. Secondary problems surrounding the situation *can* be fixed.

When a child is facing a serious illness, all kinds of practical things get complicated. Diagnosing and treating illness involves a lot of medical appointments, tests, insurance wrangling, and other complications. And it happens with no warning, when people are already busy with other things. They’re probably both physically and emotionally exhausted. They probably could use a lot of help.

Some possible problems that might be solveable:


  • If you live nearby and are comfortable babysitting, offering to watch their kids some could be really helpful
  • If they have other kids, someone has to watch them while they’re at medical appointments with the possibly-sick kid
  • Suddenly needing more childcare than you expected to need is a logistical nightmare, and it is very likely that they don’t have as much help as they need
  • Even if they only have the one child, more childcare would probably be helpful
  • The obligations of life don’t go away when a child gets sick, and there are likely many things they’re behind on that are hard to catch up on while caring for a child

Helping kids with homework:

  • If their kids go to school, they likely have a lot of weekly homework that they need adult support with
  • This can get very complicated if parents are suddenly very busy and emotionally exhausted
  • Even if you don’t live nearby, if you can be available for some homework help over email or Skype, that could take a *lot* of pressure off of the family.

Communicating and running interference:

  • When a kid gets sick, a lot of people want constant updates
  • This is generally exhausting and burdensome to the kid and the parents
  • Sometimes it helps to have a point person for updates and boundary-assertion
  • Or someone to run a CaringBridge page so they don’t have to
  • I don’t know if they’d want this or if you’d want to do this; some people find this helpful but I don’t know what they want or what your relationship with them is like

Helping them with the insurance company and other bureaucracy:

  • If they are in the US, an insurance company is probably being awful to them and refusing to pay for things
  • Or making things needlessly complicated and confusing
  • They also might need to apply for government or charitable assistance at some point
  • Which is hard to do when you’re overwhelmed and exhausted and have never done so before
  • If you’re good at navigating that kind of thing, you might be able to help them
  • Or you might be able to do research and find out things that can help them
  • Again, I don’t know if they’d want this kind of support from you or not. Some people do; some don’t


  • Illness is expensive no matter where you live, even under ideal circumstances
  • And unexpected major expenses make life really hard
  • If you are in a position to help them financially, it would probably make some things significantly easier for them
  • Money can’t fix the biggest problem, but it can go a long way towards fixing the secondary problems

Other general life logistics: There are a lot of things that get hard when there’s a crisis, that they might welcome help with:

  • Keeping their house clean
  • Cooking some food (or ordering them the occasional pizza)
  • Mowing the lawn if they have one
  • Getting groceries and supplies
  • Picking up prescriptions
  • Getting kids to and from school
  • Keeping their computers and network in good working order
  • Making sure bills get paid on time

These are the things I can think of offhand. I don’t know which, if any, it makes sense for you to do. I don’t know the extent to which your relationship with them makes help appropriate. I think it is likely that there are things that you could do to be materially helpful — and also important to realize that you don’t have to do all of them (and probably shouldn’t).

tl;dr When someone’s facing a major life problem that you can’t solve, they’re generally also facing secondary problems that it’s possible to help them with. Scroll up for some specific suggestions.

EXO reaction to you (gf) being pregnant with twins

Well here you go <3

I’m doing it so its like their initial reaction when told. I strongly believe that all of the members would support you as you are pregnant and when the baby is there but some of their initial reactions would probably be to run so keep that in mind. 

Xiumin: “Wait what?!” *softer expression* “I-it’s okay… we can do this.”

Luhan: “I told everyone I was manly.” 

Kris: “Wait! You’re what!? Two of them?!” 

Suho: “How did this happen?”

Lay: “I-I….um….” *shuts down* 

Baekhyun: “R-Really…” 

Chen: “Don’t even.” *still processing* 

Chanyeol: “No no no no no no no no no I-I can’t have a kid let alone two…. I’m still a kid… no no no no…” *rambles on* 

D.O: *total shut down* 

Tao: “I’m having two mini mes! Woo!” 

Kai: “We’re having kids!? Oh my god this is great! It will be like having puppies!” 

Sehun: *over thinking and just stays silent trying to plan things out* 

I don’t own any gifs

Hope you liked it! 

Request anything I will make it ^.^

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