he has a tube collar that kind of looks like a clear plastic ball that his neck goes through. like this pic

I can tell that he absolutely hates it, whether it’s just the movement restriction or the feel of it on his neck or what. But I do really like the look and ease of these fabric ones

i can only assume that they are much much more comfortable. they still prevent the bird from reaching feathers, but they also allow full natural movement and of course are soft and comfy not hard and restricting. and all you have to do to put them on is slip it over the birds head like a sweater

i also read that the plastic collar type ones like above can trap moisture and bacteria, and also the firmness of the edge can cause a lot of irritationa nd damage to feathers. I’m not the vet though so I’ll definitely ask my vet about it before I do it.

I’ve been talking to a person at a facebook group that has dealt with birds with amputation and I asked them if they could give me a general time estimate for how long he’d take to heal and have the collar on to see if it would be worth me buying or making one of these


Happy Blackout Day everyone!!!! Since the theme for this blackout is education I decided to take a picture of myself with my GED. School was always a source of stress for me growing up. The constant name calling and teasing that didnt stop ounce I reached highschool was to much for me. So I dropped out and I earned my GED instead. It’s the best decision I ever made for myself.

An Easy Guide To Understanding Why white Girls With Braids =/= Black Girls With Straight Hair or Weaves

1. Weaves aren’t exclusively a Black girl thing (white girls wear weaves, too- SHOCKER).

2. white girls do not have societal expectations to braid their hair. Black girls DO have societal expectations to straighten their hair.

3. white girls are not punished when they wear braids or other ‘ethnic’ hairstyles. Black girls ARE often punished (kicked out of school, fired and/or not even hired for certain jobs AT ALL, etc) when they wear braids or other ‘ethnic’ and/or natural hairstyles.

4. white girls are taught from an early age that they are inherently beautiful, that ‘it’s just hair,’ and that they can do whatever they want with it. Black girls are taught from an early age that their skin and natural hair texture makes them inherently ugly, that long, straight hair will improve their lot in life (from jobs to relationships- it’s certainly not ‘just hair’), and that they must adhere to Eurocentric beauty standards like long, straight hair to be seen as beautiful. When we attempt to ‘do whatever we want’ with it we are often met with insults and derision like, ‘When are you going to do something with that hair?’ (See: BLUE IVY CARTER) The closest white girls come to this are curly-haired girls being told to straighten their hair or control their ‘frizz;’ but even then, their white skin still grants them the privilege of meeting the standard of beauty.