I’ve spent the evening rearranging my living room so that we can sit on the floor. Rather than using the furniture, we’re going to just use the ground. The goal is that it will encourage more natural movement and mobility. I’ve already found that it pushes us towards productivity more. When your only option is sitting on the floor, going out and actually doing something doesn’t seem so hard anymore.

I wish there was more non wash n go, coily, 4c natural hair textures being blasted all over the place with this natural hair movement. I feel like the wave with the natural hair movement is getting the “perfect” curl definition but what about us that don’t have naturally curly hair? And even when we do use these “magical” curling creams and our hair just puffs right back into its natural state of coils and no curl definition. I feel like I’m still getting the message that my 4c hair isn’t beautiful because when I look at some before and after shots that are being promoted with natural hair the before picture is either of picked out hair with no curl definition or freshly washed with no curl definition (considered the undesirable) and the after shot is of a fresh twist out or wash and go with big bouncy curls (considered the desirable look). It’s like your natural hair is only considered cute if it’s curly but if it’s coily with no curl definition then you need to do something with that it😒

#07 _Torso, clavicles

Clavicles are the two long, slightly S-shaped (if viewed from above) bones that are connected to the sternum - on the inner ends - and to the scapula (more precisely to the acromion of the scapula) on the external ends.
They’re pretty much visible in muscular figures too, especially the upper part, and they create a more or less noticeable bump near each shoulder.

Since they’re attached to the shoulders, they naturally follow all their movements (also can move independently from one another, e.g. when you lift just one shoulder), becoming an important “landmark” when you draw and want to represent different position of the arms/torso.

When in normal position, they look basically straight, and sliiightly rise from the center (pit of the neck) to the outer ends.
When arms are pulled forward, they follow the movement too and end up to face more towards the front of the ribcage. Since they’re also a little rotated, in this position you can see more their S-shape.
On the opposite, of course, when arms are pulled behind the torso, the clavicles move backwards too.
They go upwards, instead, when you lift your shoulders up, like when you shrug. Here, the S-shape is even more visible.

Less popular martial arts

-Igneous style: Igneous style is based on studying the natural movement of rocks. Since rocks don’t naturally move, the style is only effective against opponents who are stationary and several feet below you.
-Nagging style: The only form of martial arts that can be performed over the Internet, Nagging style includes 2,900 moves but only one punch. All the rest of the moves are ways to persuade the other person to stand in front of you and close their eyes.
-Siege Style: Siege Style is based on studying the natural movements of Steven Seagal in Under Siege. It only works when the opponent is Tommy Lee Jones or Gary Busey.
-Stoic style: A practitioner of stoic style attempts to beat up their desire to win a fight rather than their opponent. Experts can beat up their desire to beat up their desire and then beat up other people again.
-Smoothie style: the practitioner makes a smoothie for their opponent, because who can fight when they’re drinking a smoothie? Unfortunately, it is foiled by putting down the smoothie.

Already, he was dreaming of a refined solitude, a comfortable desert, a motionless ark in which to seek refuge from the unending deluge of human stupidity.
—  Huysmans, Against nature
Awkward days

Do you ever have those days when you’re overly aware of everything you say and do; where your limbs are in space and how they’re moving; and how awkward it all is?  I imagine this must be similar to how an athlete feels when they “choke” and lose a big match–hyper-aware, putting too much thought into things that are normally automatic, and unable to stop doing it.

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Seriously.  Everything I did yesterday seemed too forced and weird, and I couldn’t quite put the pieces together to spit out a coherent thought or make a natural-looking movement.

Cashier: Did you find everything you were looking for today?
Me:  Good, how about you? I mean, yes, hi…

J:  Hey, how’s it going? [goes in for a kiss]
Me:  [accidentally bonks his nose] Um.  Sorry.  [kiss] I’m glad to be home. [takes a step back, trips over feet]

I’m posting this because it happened all the time when I was a teenager and I thought I’d grow out of it.  Awkward days are fewer and further between now, but they still happen.  And it’s totally okay.  I felt like a doofus, but that was the extent of the negative fallout.


Hide Your Shea Butter by Aliyah Jihad and Crystal Valentine.

This poem is so important guys omg

There, below to one side, as far as the eye could reach, lay the Seine valley, blending in the distance with the blue sky; high up, near the horizon, on the other side, rose the churches and tower of Provins which seemed to tremble in the golden dust of the air.
Immersed in solitude, he would dream or read far into the night. By protracted contemplation of the same thoughts, his mind grew sharp, his vague, undeveloped ideas took on form. After each vacation, Jean returned to his masters more reflective and headstrong. These changes did not escape them. Subtle and observant, accustomed by their profession to plumb souls to their depths, they were fully aware of his unresponsiveness to their teachings. They knew that this student would never contribute to the glory of their order[…]
—  Huysmans, Against Nature

Life is full of strange beautiful magic when you take the time to see it 🌌
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