Happy Birthday @yankasmiles!!!!!!!! I hope you have a wonderful birthday!!!! I hope this picture makes you smile and feel a bit fuzzy on the inside!!! Your pictures always make me feel better and I tried to put some of that good feeling into this picture!!!! Thank you for being a great friend!!!! Also you know where this picture is going? Right above my desk at work he is my sunshine after all

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Companions react to an Artistic!Courier? Like, he always has some type of drawing supplies onhand (ie any pens/pencils/scraps of paper he can find) and is always doodling and sketching actually-VERY-Good-pictures of everything they come across or hang around, like creatures, places, people, and more often than not the companions themselves.

Arcade: Fascinated by the fact that they had any time at all to practice something like drawing. Arcade made sure to tell the Courier to show him a drawing whenever they finished it. Eventually he asked if they could draw anatomical diagrams to make explaining things easier for him. 

Boone: He really enjoyed watching the Courier draw. Unfortunately whenever they had downtime, and the Courier was drawing, Boone had to keep watch. Once while he was keeping watch, the Courier drew him. He was so surprised that they even managed to get a rare smile out of him! 

Ed-E: Ed-e doesn’t care about very many things and I can’t imagine art would be one of them…

Lily: She always was full of positivity and support whenever the Courier drew. 

Raul: He never really thought anything of it until they drew him. He was genuinely surprised. Raul doesn’t exactly consider himself to be the most pretty looking person, so he found it shocking that they would want to draw him. The drawing of him could be found on the wall of his shack. 

Rex: He’s a dog. 

Cass: Initially Cass thought that the Courier’s hobby was a waste of time; until they drew her. There was a clear gasp when they showed her. Cass loved it so much that she took back anything she said about art being dumb. 

Veronica: After learning that the Courier had such a skill, Veronica wasted no time in asking them to draw her. They refused her for a looong time, until they finally surprised her with a drawing of her (probably in a dress)! She squealed. 

Vulpes: Vulpes was very surprised to learn that the Courier was an artist, and a good one at that. He suggested they draw a portrait of Caesar, as a gift. He didn’t really mind that they spent a lot of time practicing their craft; he did like to see the results. 

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Is there anyway you can get the selfies the protag takes at the airport and at the beach?

“extending on that, is there any file of the image in higher quality. Not tilted to the side“

The images are just tilted to the side, there isn’t a version where it isn’t like that, but I think you can still see the pictures good! Here!

I have actually posted these already but for some reason this shitty website fucking screwed with the post so heres a repost!

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Summer Vibes! Hyorin - SISTAR Series

Bora’s Version

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  • Screw summer dresses, we’re gonna rock crop tops and denim shorts accesorized with a baseball cap and choker
  • Summer sleep schedule consists of staying up watching hilarious Youtube videos until three in the morning and not waking up until three in the afternoon
  • Jamming to Orange Caramel and Kara
  • Soaking up the sun
  • You don’t get absorbed in the night club life, however, you might go once or twice
  • Music festivals
  • Taking pictures at music festivals to brag about you

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  • Basically the queen of summer fun
  • Planning a trip to the beach with the girls
  • Which ends in a bonfire
  • Roasting Marshmallows until they’re golden brown
  • At nights, when it cools off, she’ll want to go outside, lie in the grass, and look at the stars
  • Going to a candy shop
  • (Good food + cute pictures with lollipops!)
  • Finding a less populated area and driving really fast with the top down, feeling free with your hair blowing back in the sun

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  • Look, you’ll have to ward off whistling cat callers
  • I mean look at her, she’s gorgeous 
  • Beat them up, she doesn’t deserve that (no girl does really)
  • I can see her wanting to go hiking
  • You’ll have to help her treat Bora’s bruises after an intense game of volleyball
  • Her begging you to get a puppy
  • “But Y/N, the weather is perfect for walking it!”
  • Summers with Hyorin would feel invigorating. She’d love to try new things but also have fun in the great ways you both know. Being a leader, she’ll use her people skills and good sense of direction to make sure you’re both having fun :-)

Author’s Note: My bias! 😍😍😍I hope you enjoyed this! Up next is Soyou!


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