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Speaking of Dean/Other Man, we know that Dean was sexually interested in Aaron, and that Dean and Benny's relationship was placed in a romantic spot in the narrative (a parallel to Sam/Amelia), but what other guys in the show do you think Dean would have sex with if, let's say, Dean were openly bisexual since the beginning?

  • gordon walker
  • that dude they went to prison for in 2.19
  • nick the siren lmao
  • castiel
  • cute policeman in yellow fever (maybe)
  • dean smith would have 100% tried to get in sam wesson’s pants i cannot stress this enough 
  • eliot nessssss
  • BENNY (to reiterate)
  • cain oh my god cain
  • now that he’s a demon definitely crowley let’s be fucking real
  • i also think we would have had canon confirmation of the horrific shit alistair did to dean in hell instead of just vague implication

Sometimes I feel like I should throw a party where I invite sugar babies over and have 10 bottles of wine and we all sit around and sift through the sugar daddy sites looking for non salt and talking about these profiles and drinking gallons of wine.

So…okay, this is an ugly issue, about plagiarism, and I debated making this post here, but at heart I don’t want other people reading this person’s story when it’s a stolen version of mine. So:

You know my Evanstan fic All That You’re Making Of Me, right? Completed back in June? So someone’s started posting an Evanstan fic called Rust and Stardust (NOT to be confused with the lovely fic of that name over in XMFC fandom) that, from the first two chapters…sounds a LOT like the plot points, structure, and even occasional phrasing of mine. I didn’t say anything after chapter one, because I thought maybe it would be different enough, but chapter two is essentially a watered-down version of chapter three of my fic. (And I asked two other people to look at it, in case I was being paranoid. They said I was right.)

Now, you all know me; I LOVE remixes and rewritings and art and inspired-bys and whatnot for my fic. I give open permission for those–WITH THE UNDERSTANDING THAT YOU CREDIT THE ORIGINAL.

This person has not given credit or indeed even spoken to me. I don’t know if the author is simply unaware of the need for acknowledging the source–honestly, I’d be happy to let the work stay up if we can get an inspired-by nod; I’m not here to ruin anyone’s desire to retell a story, and, hey, some people might prefer it to the original–but I HAVE commented on the work, giving them a heads-up, and about fifteen minutes after that, reported it to AO3.

I wouldn’t’ve said anything here until it was all over, but it’s already got a few (11, last I checked) kudos, and–look, I don’t want people reading that one, okay, because the original is MY work, and this hurts. So, while we wait for ao3org  to do whatever it’s going to do about this–don’t go attack the author or anything (I’m trying to be kind and assume he/she/preferred pronoun just didn’t realize what they were doing), but don’t read it, either. Don’t support them. Share this post, if you would, because I’d like people to know.