Clearly Lucy Mangan wrote the 10 things at the end tongue in cheek I know but I thought…..😜

…….as there has apparently been so much sexist bullshit……and stereotyping……😫

Here’s ten things We might have had in the past from a male doctor…….!!!!! (Refers directly to the article)

1)nurse Who? (Because clearly a woman is not bright enough to be a Doctor!)(let’s have more male midwives!)
2)at the age of 897 I’d guess he’d need viagra to get it up……let’s hope the Doctor never had a vasectomy!
3)one in every four episodes the Doctor gets pissed and starts a fight. He finds the thing he’s put somewhere safe a week ago but couldn’t find.
4)Peter never looked like anyone’s Granny that I’ve ever seen!! Clearly for a costume the female Doctor will carry a Vuitton hangbag and wear Jimmy Choo’s!!!!!! 🤦‍♀️
5) the Doctor learns how to use a fucking washing machine! (Trust me guys it’s not that hard!!)
6)the episodes will be recorded quietly so men deafened by their own outrage can’t hear it. The female doctor meanwhile, will use the sonic to put up some shelves she’s been asking her male counterpart to do for six months!
7)less aware members of the community will wonder if the Doctor ever had any balls at all. And whether now being female there won’t be urine on the floor all round the toilet instead of in it.
8)programme volume will rise afterwards as women everywhere cheer, as man disappears down the garden to sulk in his man shed, whilst comparing his penis size to that of previous doctors.
9)every episode will be enhanced as women are just so much better at getting things done! The man drawer will be emptied and the contents thrown away.
10)end credits of the old Doctors never showed him slumped on the couch with a beer and a packet of doritos, having a wank and watching old episodes of Bonanza did they??
(And we already have a female Ant and Dec…it’s Mel and Sue!! )

Well, thought that might give you all a laugh anyway!!