the letter

LIVID had not even began to cover the way andromeda duponte felt in that moment, fists clutching a letter that she had not expected, yet had all the same. a letter that she had not wanted. a letter that she would probably burn. a letter from her mother.

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Hey Lou! Deb here! :) Well we finally had our “ eating-a-cookie-in-the-kitchen-while-O/S’s- bedscene-on-screen-time” lol I was 98% sure it was going to happen in this episode and TBH, I was a little bit nervous bc it wouldn’t be pleasant to watch and I didn’t want it to be too intimate like his bedscene with Sara for example… But the scene was bearable and there weren’t any heart eyes or smiles or any real feelings like in Ivy Town… Let’s just see the bright side of all of this: we have it finally behing us!! It is a relief I must say lol

About what O said to S : well he NEEDS to move on and not brood over his past and his mistakes. Yes his lies led him to loose F and some could say that he’s totally responsible for their break-up. But during months he was hoping to get her back until their discussion on the balcony which convinced him that it was over. He realised that he had lost the love of his life forever…(that’s what he thinks… of course we know better ;) lol) Do you know how heart-wrenching it is ?! What other option did he have except moving on ?! The only one I see in that case would be a brooding O, a guy who said with convinction in S3 that he couldn’t be with anyone (what a BS seriously). If he had reacted that way we wouldn’t see any character growth at all !

But the thing is O has changed, he has evolved. He’s trying to become a beacon of hope even if sometimes he doubts or broods. Nobody is perfect. We all have failed at some point and changing is a process! :)  So doesn’t he deserve to try to be happy again just because he has failed in the past? He wants to become a better man. S.o. who hopes that things can evolve and become better, s.o. who doesn’t think that he has to be alone. It’s really the opposite of his state of mind in S3. I’m grateful for that bc broody O is heart breaking. It’s enough that we always see him dead serious and not like in S4 all smiley and with the goofy face xD 

So maybe taking the next step with S was sth that he needed to do to prove himself capable of letting go of his past for good. Just the fact that he’s dating is a huge step but getting intimate is sth else. O wasn’t probably ready for that yet for reasons you know :) Do I think that you need to sleep with sb to prove that you’re moving on in your relationship? Nope ! But for O/S it’s a way to consolidate their relationship.

To resume, it doesn’t mean that he has no feelings for F anymore or that he doesn’t cheerish their time together. S*x is part of a relationship, just let it be. Don’t blame him for that. He’s just a man with an awful taste when it comes to brunettes (Hel., Isa, Sus, Lau, Sam..oh boy…) Also it’s kind of funny to see how S seems impatient to be with O. Yeah we get it…Just watching Mayor Handsome in a suit gives her some feels… but girl do you know what’s like to watch that man doing the salmon ladder shirtless during YEARS??? Nope you don’t and never will :) Sorry, not sorry :) ( Hint: F does haha ) Just a little bit humor! :)

However, Lou, do you think there is a link between S, Bratva and Talia ? S seemed concerned when talking about O’s time in Russia. I’m wondering if her investigation turns out to be about sth personal, maybe Talia related? I was confused by her reactions at the end of the episode. What are her real intentions? Does she want to harm O or just get answers for personnal questions ? Hm…. 

To finish this ramble (sorry for that), I just wanted to say that, IMO, O will feel F’s secret as a bigger betrayal than S’s investigation. They’re walking in each other shoes and F is taking the same path as O when he didn’t tell her about his son. Now she’s working behing his back when they’re supposed to be partners. The moment O finds out about it, he will be hurt as much as F in S4. We could say that it has an “equal weight or gravity”. That betrayal will be worse than S’s bc his feelings aren’t that strong for S. He probably cares about her bc the guy has a big heart, but he’s not in love with her. However, F is the one he trusts with all his heart and soul. He would put his life in her hands. But I also believe that this s/l will lead to a mutual comprehension of each other’s actions back in S4. 

Lou, sorry for my ramble! I just needed to get rid of these thoughts lol Thank you for your time :)


Hi Deb! :D Sorry it’s taken me a couple of days to get to your post and everyone else’s too. I’ve been medicated for some pain and it’s made me super sleepy and it’s hard to concentrate, so could only do my inbox in small bursts. Still tired, but wanted to catch up with all the great asks in my inbox. Since the purge, it’s been a joyful place to come to with everyone’s enthusiasm and introspection. 

First of all, yes, to everything about what is going on with Susan and Oliver. This is all about his development as a character and nothing about her being important. She’s a plot point being used to highlight Oliver’s growth. 

And yes, I do think there is going to be a big tie in with Talia, Prometheus, Bravta and Susan in some way. Not that they’re necessarily working for him (not ruling it out) but that they’re all got some thread running through them all. I believe we’re heading towards a big narrative pay off because of all the elements Arrow has been playing with this season. I really do believe this season is going to one of those that is best appreciated in its entirety once it’s over. Complex things usually are like that. There are so many pieces to it all, that you can’t really appreciate it until you see them all on display at the same time, which isn’t happening right now. :D