“We couldn’t think of a thing to do forever,” said Rust, who was Yoshi while Wilson was Bowser and Sheary was Mario. “Then I forget where we found it, but we’re like oh, Mario Kart characters, kind of boring, people do that all the time. Then we’re like okay, thought more about it and just took it to another level.”
They did that by riding scooters with balloons attached to the back.
“We ditched the scooters about halfway through the night,” Rust laughed.
Carl Hagelin was on the same page as them, also dressing as Mario.
“I wasn’t part of the group, there were just a lot of Marios in there,” Hagelin said. “I just went to the Halloween costume store and it popped out to me. I’ve always been a big Nintendo fan and I thought this was the time.”
The boys all wore their costumes to the rink this morning for practice, with everyone bringing a change of clothes except for Daniel Sprong - who had to leave the facility dressed in his gorilla costume.

anonymous asked:

Really sad hartbig fics? (Like the one grace gets shot?) or any really emotional ones? I need to have a good cry.

While I am not going to kill anyone off (I mean, seriously), I hear you. You want an emotional story, featuring Hannah and Grace, in which preferably Grace gets super sad. Dude, I totally get you. Brace yourself, I am going to wing this.

Warning: NSFF. Additional warning: Violence towards my person will be condemned. Please refrain from calling me all sorts of names.

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