Slytherin: *organizing Professor Snape’s potions while standing on a ladder to reach the highest cabinets and shelves*

Hufflepuff: *suddenly appears from below him* Hello!

Slytherin: *jolts in fear and tightly grips the ladder as it shakes*

Hufflepuff: Oh Merlin! I’m so sorry. *climbs onto ladder to reach him* There, there *pats his fluffy head of hair softly and climbs back down*

Slytherin: There’s no need for that..I wasn’t even that frightened. *slowly descends from the ladder too*

Hufflepuff: No, I’ll take credit, it was my fault.

Slytherin: *still significantly taller as he reaches the ground* Well.. *bends down and boops her nose with his finger* You’re still apologizing for nothing. I just didn’t expect you to be there. *walks away and out the door*

Hufflepuff: *still standing there frozen* Wait! *unfreezes and chases after him with a newly woven flower crown in her hands* I MADE YOU ANOTHER ONE!!! THAT’S WHY I CAME HERE!! *runs faster*

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Gees Mun, I wish my hair was as long as yours(Actual or not xD) mine gets nearly half your length and I get a bunch of split ends... Does Uf or Ht ever braid it for you?

OH TRUST ME FRIEND, You don’t want this curse of large fluffy hair. As much as I love drawing it and messing with it when I’m bored - it is not worth it. THIS THING ON MY HEAD IS A DANGER TO MY HEALTH. Honestly, the amount of times I’ve nearly suffocated under it or shut it in a car door is insane and oooh, just, I have had numerous thoughts of just shaving it all off. Of course I won’t, but dang its a lot of hard work to take care of!

But uhhhhh, onto your question. 

For UF!Sans, we’ve been together a while now so he knows how to take care of my hair when it comes to combing out the knots and the hard to reach places but… Uh, styling it? He knows only two styles; ponytails and tucking my hair in the back of my shirt so I don’t get hair in whatever food I’m eating or project I’m working on. Still, when he gets bored sometimes he likes to play with it - either by combing his hands through it while we cuddle or using it to make me a beard and a mustache.

AS FOR HT!SANS. Do NOT. UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. LET HIM TOUCH. YOUR HAIR. I guess if you have shorter hair its fine, but be forewarned because he has been cursed with the ability to get tangled in ANYTHING. I mean it, anything. He has been banned from touching my hair because the last time he tried to ‘help’ me comb through it - my sister ended up hunched over us for like 3 hours trying to detangle my hair from his phalanges.

If you want a true braid though, look no further than Papyrus. Any Papyrus really. They are master hairstylist, oh my stars. Seriously, I don’t know how they do it but its the most relaxing, gentle, soothing process you will ever go through and damn do they make you look good!

(I’m not sure if its because they were all looking forward to having the wind blowing through their hair so they practiced or maybe they wanted a little sibling with hair they could do for them? Whatever it may be, they are the best.)

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Ooooh can we have a ranking of your favorite version of touken ? :D (ReapernekixFluffyhairTouka is the best)

Mod A:

shironeki/long haired MOE Touka
king and queen
Series start Touken
One shot!touken
Haise and re!Touka

I may have my problems with the Danganronpa series, especially with later entries, but I’ll always be happy that it created some of my favourite characters.
For example, Komaeda always makes me happy. I love him and his fluffy hair.
I also love Maizono. Her hair might not be fluffy but it’s still nice, and I love her and her smile.