To Hell and Back

Word count: 545

Warnings: None

Based off of:

“Guys!” you shouted as you ran down the hallway from your bedroom to the library in the bunker.

“Guys I think I found something!” You shouted again almost slipping on the floor with your fluffy socks. You were dressed in some black shorts, and a black tank top, with knee high fluffy socks. Your hair was in the messiest bun in creation and you didn’t give a hoot about it. You were too busy re-reading the paragraph to make sure you had read it right to realise that there was an extra voice in the bunker.

Just as you turned to corner, still running you bumped into someone, the last thing you heard was your name being shouted from all three of the guys. You felt weightless for a moment before you were sent sprawling face down on the floor. The book had slid off into one of the dark corners of the room when you fell. You let out a cross between a moan and a groan as you shifted your weight onto your knees.

“What the hell happened?” You grumbled looking around the room.

“I have to say, love, next time you should really slow down.” You heard the unmistakable British accented voice come from behind you.

You swiveled around to see Crowley smirking as he looked down at your kneeling form.

“Where am I?” You asked. You and the demon were not as hostile towards each other as Sam, Dean, and Cas were with him.

“Oh, you’re in hell, darling.” He said nonchalantly. You eyes practically bugged out of your head as you started choking as you swallowed wrong. Crowley looked at you oddly before making a glass of whiskey appear in his hand.

When you were finally able to catch your breath you stood and looked around.

“You have to take me back!” You shouted at him. He simply looked at you before pointing

“That’s what you get.”

“Oh come one, please?” You asked walking behind him as he strolled around the room.

“Don’t make me beg.” You mumbled, but of course he heard it.

“Oh but that image touches me right where my bathing suit goes.” he joked… sort of. You scoffed however when you saw that he was sort of serious.
“Fine! If it gets me back….” you cleared your throat and got down on your knees. This action definitely got the King of Hell’s attention.

“Oh King of Hell! I wish for you to send me back to Moose and Squirrel!” Your voice was so cheesy that he immediately rolled his eyes and waved his hand. When you opened your eyes again you were kneeling right in the middle of the library. All three men were staring at you as if you had just grown three heads.

“What the hell happened?” Dean was the first to speak. You stood and straightened your shirt.

“Nothing.” Was all you said before walking off to your room again.

When you opened the door you were surprised to see your book sitting on your bed with a note on it. You picked up the note and read it.

“You left this behind, love. You should also work on your begging skills, then again, I could help you with that.”

-King of Hell

Ladies' Choice - Sora Tsukuda - CLOSED To Minoru

It was getting a little late that evening, but Sora still felt like poking around.  She was having a leisurely stroll about, surveying, enjoying the sight of people just… going about their business.  Sure, it didn’t seem entirely as busy as it had in recent past, but Sora was still enjoying herself.  It was a pleasant time to just look around, after all.

Sora was going through the new areas which had opened up, basically one by one.  After ambling out of her room, whistling a children’s show theme song, she decided that she would check out the film storage place.  Maybe they’d have something good?  She could really go for some Moulin Rouge about now.

As she pushed open the door to the film storage, she caught sight of a familiar head of fluffy pink hair and a blue coat that was obviously–

“Oh! Hey there, Otoishi-san!”

Sora waved at her from the doorway, cracking a signature Tsukuda grin.

I love how happy Harry Harry gets around his mum. He goes from suited and booted and immaculate with his fancy shirted unbuttoned in LA, to soft cozy, fluffy haired and sweater wearing in Holmes Chapel with the softest of happy smiles with his mum.

I’m so unapologetically into women

Like, I used to not be so outright sexual and only talk to my girlfriend and everything we did was kind of hush hush. But now I’m just like “CLITORIS, CLITORIS, CLITORIS, I LOVE BOOBS, GIRLS ARE SO PRETTY, I LOVE GIRLS. WOO GIRLS.” 

I’m bi, but gosh darn it I like girls. I like girls smiling and laughing, swishing long hair and fluffy short hair, and I like how girls look great in everything. You in thigh highs and lingerie? Me likey. You in boxers and a baggy tee? Me likey. 


theforgottenhamada asked:

The pheonix liked tall spaces like cabinets. They'd cleared the tops of them out after his first night home. He was nesting on top of one such cabinet when he saw Hiro. "Hiro! You has a tail?" he asked from his perch bouncing off to peer at it confusedly. "It's so fluffy, like hair!" he pointed to Hiro's hair.

     “W-wait, my hair’s not that fluffy!” Was it? Self-consciously, he patted his head to try and smooth his hair down somewhat before turning to examine his own tail. It gave a short bob and he shrugged. “But yeah, I gotta tail. For now, anyway. I can totally make fire too, bro, like you!” Although it didn’t seem to generate any heat, until phoenix fire.


Permanent Vacation - ROWYSO: Oberhausen