fallout 4 theories alignments

lawful good: the crows in the commonwealth are synth spies for father

neutral good: there was a cat vault where all the cats came from

chaotic good: dogmeat is an escaped institute synth

lawful neutral: nick valentine will forget you

true neutral: the sole survivor is a synth

chaotic neutral: deacon is the lone wanderer/the courier

lawful evil: skyrim and fallout 4 are in the same universe

neutral evil: gage is maccready’s father

chaotic evil: preston is the main villain of fallout 4

anonymous asked:

ed's blood isn't red tho

This is legitimately what happened, I honestly still can’t believe I managed to screw up by forgetting Eridan’s horns, mess up his blood color and giving his shoes the wrong design. But the thing that really puts the nail in the coffin is the fact I showed all the mods - we even had a discussion about the fact he didn’t wear a cape when he died…. BUT NOBODY NOTICED ALL THE EXTREMELY OBVIOUS MISTAKES. THIS POST WAS IN THE QUEUE FOR LIKE 3 DAYS. 

okay that last ask has me thinking way too hard about this Concept™. jake and amy’s combined bachelor/bachelorette parties. games to determine which team is better. it’s like the jimmy jab games but jake/charles/terry vs amy/rosa/gina. holt, hitchcock, and scully are the judges. there are both team and individual events. everyone gets super competitive but not too competitive where it ruins relationships/the wedding.