Just Married

Pairing: Y/N/Luke

Rating: NC-17

Request: Yes

Words: 4.000+

Summary: Wedding Smut w. you and Luke on your Honeymoon to Bora Bora

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Do you have tips on how to draw the neck and shoulders area in different poses and angles? Mine always look stiff but yours have such fluidity is amazing.

Okay, I made this idea up just now but think of sentient flowers dancing like a fool.  It’s ridiculous, I know, but hey I like to be creative about it.

  • Use a lot of exaggeration. 
  • Don’t overthink your lines. (Do some rough sketches!)
  • If you want to get rid of the stiff look, you have to bend the rules a bit HAHAH GET IT– No?! Alright, I’ll stop.

Once you get used to it, you’ll be able to draw it along with some perspectives.

Roses - Fred Weasley

Prompt: Ravenclaw reader has been receiving gifts from an anonymous sender and after her friend drags her to the second match of the Triwizard Tournament, their identity is revealed.

Word count: 7,305 (sorry I got carried away)

Warnings: Maybe two swear words, other than that nothing

A bouquet of luscious red rose tied together rested against the door frame. Your breath hitched in your throat as your school work fell from your hands. They collided with the floor in an instant creating an echoing crash to follow.

Most cases you would have rushed to pick them up but the gift contained all your attention. Your fingers pressed to the side of your jaw, the palm of your hand covering your mouth to mask the gasp.

You scanned the hallway searching for any form of life. The empty corridor suggested no lead on as to who dropped the surprise off. Although there was a note attached to the clear plastic outer layer.

Bending down at the knees you plucked the thick card from the envelope and flipped it open. Excitement flooded you like a schoolgirl receiving a valentine. Not that this was too far from reality.

You unfolded the card gleefully yearning to see who the sender was. The tilted black cursive reflected opposite to the chicken scratch you had been gifted with the week before. This was neat, almost as if it had come fresh from a typewriter.

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A/N: If you guys want another part, it’s going to be virgin Shawn smut, but we’ll see if you like this. 

Word count: 4,431

You laughed as you and your friends made your way through the crowd of slightly drunk people. Okay, more than just slightly. Just before you were about to reach the doors to the club, your friend Laurel stopped walking, making you and your other friend, Julia, stop as well.

“Alrighty girls-“ she started, raising her left eyebrow at you.

Oh no, you knew that look.

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Analysis of Jikook in The SHOW behind BTS

…a.k.a throwback in late 2015 ♥

Hello, sweet Anon! :) I’m sorry I’m doing this just now. I’m not sure what exactly you meant, but I suppose it was this… gosh I’m sorry if I made an entire “analysis” for something completely else. Also I know people noticed these things long ago, but you know, I think good Jikook throwback can’t be bad. Also this is from late 2015 (I think - correct me if I’m wrong) and you know how fond I am about 2015! :D So let’s get on to it.

Jikook here, in “The SHOW” could be described as boyfriends, making up after a fight. The younger does it by circling around the older one, trying hard to make him laugh, reacting to everything he does. The older one does it by torturing poor Seokjin, using him for his weird bursts of affectionate singing and generally making Jungkook pay attention to him. Jimin just tries to look like he doesn’t give a duck, but at the same time he does everything he can just for Jungkook to come near him, so he can ignore him again, looking like cold drama queen. Jeon complies very well and as much as Jimin tries to be cool, Jungkook is more nervous, more goofy and childish than usual. Both of them remind me of me when I used to fight with my crush at high school :D

At first we see Jimin, playing with this “decorative ball” – I don’t know what other name should I give it. Jungkook’s in the back, the second Jimin starts playing with the ball he watches him and quickly figures his next steps.

In next moment he comes near, announcing that “That ball is not that heavy at all!” while smiling sheepishly. Nobody asked you tho, Jungkookie. Jimin seems like he didn’t even hear what Jungkook said. No laughing or smiling reaction, as we’re used to seeing from him. Jungkook’s attempt doesn’t work, so he puts the ball back on the table. (I feel sorry for him :<)

We catch a glimpse of Jungkook (and Jin and Hoseok) practicing Run choreo. Jungkook dances just in front of Jimin all the time – at one point he even comes less than foot away from him. But Jimin does nothing. Complete stone-cold pokerface. Again, it doesn’t have to mean something, but judging by his general attitude not only to Jungkook at other times, but to Jin on the same day (before he and Jungkook ‘made up’ :D) he was most likely pissed at Kookie.

Fast forward to Hobi, delivering water. Jungkook claims that “water from somebody else tastes the best.” These are just screen shots, but he literally turned his head towards Jimin and looked at him, as he said it. Jimin was laughing and smiling just seconds before at Hobi and Tae.

When Jungkook spoke, pokerface appeared again and he looked away. Both him and Jungkook swung their heads down, looking on the floor. JK did not say a thing after that there.

My favorite parts are coming, brace yourself, it’s hilarious. Jin struggle for his life and comfort, as Jimin uses him to make Jungkook jealous and Jungkook to make Jimin laugh. I admire this human, because if it was me, I would be cringing in the corner of room instead of handling it so well in the middle of them.

Jimin hangs out with Jin, talking about Jin’s birthday. Casual Jeon appears, trying to stick himself between the two without much success. So he stands next to Jin, when suddenly Jimin decides to be a little torturous shit to him (and poor Seokjin) and announces he’s gonna sing a song for Jin-hyung.

Jungkook just watches him. I watch Jungkook’s mouth, pressed into thin line (he’s not a fan of this whole situation, obviously.)

Jin stares at the ceiling, expression in his face calling supernatural forces for salvation. No help comes. Jungkook manages to bear whole 15 seconds of Jimin, serenading to Jin, before he interrupts him. “When’s your birthday, hyung?”

What kind of silly and completely obvious question is that? Do you mean you forgot Jin’s birthday, when most likely you all celebrated together and you live with him? It was just few days ago. Anyway he disturbs Jimin’s singing for a second, so this question was a success. Jimin touches Jin’s face, trying to gain his attention. In my opinion, he’s trying too hard. Just let it go, Jimin, Jungkook already *got* your message. Sthob it. But he doesn’t stop, no way.

Jin flinches: “Don’t touch my face!” He pushes Jimin away and explains he hates when people touch his face. Guess who’s hands touch his face the second he says it to support Jimin-hyung and make him laugh? …just guess. Yes. Jungkook’s hands are already touching Seokjin’s face, while he laughs adorably. Jimin was smiling a little before at Jin, but after Jungkook’s action + smile, he’s not smiling. Not until he touches Jin again and smiles again, this time JK left.

Jin and Jimin have this bickering argument about a gift for Jin’s birthday so Jimin decides to sing him a happy birthday song. Seokjin is obviously not very comfortable about all of this and tries to push Jimin away in his funny, non-harming way – throwing sleeves of his jacket around. Then he even pushes Jimin away weakly, while sending him away. Then he pushes him *hardly*, losing his shit. He stares at the camera seriously as he says that he’ll really do something to Jimin. Jimin can’t stop with his singing and clinging to hyung.

Koalest Koala Jimin demands Seokjin to sing him a carol. It’s payback time. Jin starts to sing and cling to Jimin too much to make him uncomfortable, too. Jimin tastes his own medicine as he struggles to get free.

Jimin now sings the carol and looks around, to his left multiple times. I’m not completely sure if he looks at Jungkook but just few moments later, just as they start with the “I LOVE YOU” song, guess who emerges from that direction? JK. Of course it’s Jungkook. He walks like a complete *boss* just in front of the lens of the camera.

Jimin very nonchalantly changes his position, now standing next to Jungkook.

Jungkook announces he made a song, too. Jin asks him what song. “I love you,” answers Kook, very creatively. Anyway they all laugh afterwards.

In the next moment poor baby Seokjin serves as a tool for Jikook, making up. Jimin looks still done with Jungkook, while he hits him with Jin’s arms/sleeves, making weird noises.

Jin complains about hard life of a hyung (I feel you, Kim Seokjin) and Jimin agrees. Jimin, you made him suffer today, you have no right to complain. Anyway Jungkook stops hitting Jimin and walks from behind Jin to see Jimin’s reaction.

Jimin probably decided that Jungkook’s efforts are too cute and it’s enough. He cames up with the message for fans. JK asks him what message and quickly looks down.

There’s like 4 seconds of silence, while Jimin (in my opinion obviously) waits for Jungkook to look him in the eyes. In the second he does that, Jimin sings “I love you.”

Just look at the bunny’s smile. Just look. My heart burst when I saw the way he smiles happily at his hyung’s singing. Finally, Jimin forgave him whatever it was he had to forgive him.

Afterwards, they’re good. Jimin is laughing and smiling again with Jungkook, dancing and fooling around.

To sum it up, they were going through some sort of fight that day, who knows what it was about? But Jimin was just being scary shady Jimin, clinging to Jin to get Jungkook’s attention and Jungkook was following them around, trying to make up with Jiminie-hyung. Thanksgod it had a happy ending.

And for the very end, I’m adding this accurate picture of inner Jimin, satisfied with himself on that day:

Hope you enjoyed, this drained me so much :D Once again: I love 2015. K, bye.

For the first time in a billion years I L O V E the Italian entry to the Eurovision Song Contest without any kind of doubt but I’m scared shitless that tumblr will just label it as racist and appropriative (lyrics are all in Italian and people on this god forsaken website tend to Never Do Their Reaserch Before They Open Their Piehole) when it’s THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF THAT

The title literally means “The Westerner’s Karma” and it parodizes westerners thinking themselves knowledgeable, masters even, of Asian cultures/philosophies/traditions because they once took a yoga class or the googled “buddhism” and became overnight experts. While when you actually look at them up close they just look like “naked dancing monkeys” making fool out of themselves.

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Hey, hello! about something you posted, yeah! Dylan definitely needs to do a dance movie or something along those lines the dude has some moves

For sure! Those hips don’t lie!!

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Consider this my petition for a dancing dyl movie. The End.

Tiny hands, my only weakness.

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WARNING CONTAINS: human toddler with vampires, cute father and daughter moment+ big bro and lil sis.

“Tiny hands my only weakness” Carlisle said to the little toddler he had close to his chest. The child giggled clapping her hands together, she reached out again, little soft, warm hands attacking his face. Carlisle chuckled finding his new daughter to be adorable. He would dance like a fool for her just to hear her little soft giggles.

“Brave little cub” Emmett said coming into the room reaching for his little sibling. The tiny tot making a noise of excitement seeing her big brother, her little hands reaching out for him. Esme sat with her husband on the couch watch her son and new daughter playing together of ‘cub vs vampire’. One by one all of the Cullens came into the living room. moment like these are ones that Carlisle holds close to his heart.

With love- Admin J

R: Their girlfriend’s nipples accidentally say hi.

Requested by anonymous:

How bts would react when their GF nipples is visible from the cold weather ?? (you know when suddnly nipples decide to say HEY to everyone) 

A/N: I’m so glad this has never happened to me. Yet… Also, decided to do a gf one this time just because I guess it’s funnier? Sorry fanboys ily <3


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Love Struck

Summary: Reader is afflicted with emotions they yet to comprehend. An unlikely advocate helps the reader with their issues. 
Word count: 1866

There was no way to ignore this feeling, it felt like you were soaring, but being pulled under water at the same time. Harebrained, finger tips always tingling, throat dryer then the Gerudo Desert, and with knees so wobbly you were afraid one step would do you in, it sometimes it felt like you had too much air, but also never enough. There were days you found yourself in a haze, eyes glazed over. Other times, your heart pounded so deep it you couldn’t tell if you were ascending, or about to die of a heart attack.

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Dating Min Yoongi

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• This boy is my bias, but sadly I can’t see him being all that lovey dovey

• Considering the fact that he previously struggled with mental issues, you would need to be patient with him whenever he has his moments

• He wouldn’t be that big on PDA

• He would engulf himself in work throughout most of the day’s hours

• He would probably get a little annoyed if you randomly latched onto him

• Granted, you are his s/o so he wouldn’t neglect you

• He’s not big on PDA, but he wouldn’t mind harmless hand holding

• Since you’re there for him during his moments, he would be there for you as well

• He’d be a little awkward, not knowing what to say or do to comfort you

• But he’d realize that you need a shoulder, and he’d gladly give that to you

• While his working in the studio, he’d want you there with him

• Even if you fell asleep, he’d want you there

• Speaking of sleep, be prepared to be his personal pillow

• He’ll nap on your lap

• Your shoulder

• Your chest

• Thighs

• If his head can lay there comfortably, he’s taking a nap

• Sleepy Yoongi is a clingy Yoongi

• Sleepy Yoongi is also a grumpy Yoongi

• If you were in public and you hugged or kissed him, he’d probably react like the gif

• But we all know he loves this

• If you rapped to on if his songs and you sound good, be ready to see that gummy smile of his

• If you sound bad, be ready for those savage comments


• I’m stating the obvious, the boy’s tongue technology

• See he more than likely meant it for his rap skills, BUT let’s not rule out any other possible meanings for that tongue technology

• I honestly feel like he would voice his moans

• Like he’s always making random sounds and moans in daily activities, who says he wouldn’t moan like that in bed?

• He’s definitely a switch. I refuse to listen to anyone who says otherwise

• You could either be in bed with fluffy Yoongi or Savage Yoongi, you never know


• Y'all wouldn’t argue for the simple fact that he would walk out

• Should he stay, I feel like he would let you speak

• Now depending on which Yoongi you’re arguing with, his reaction could vary

• Fluffy Yoongi would be upset but have clear judgment

• Savage Yoongi would blow up and would probably make the situation worse

• But regardless of what Yoongi you’re arguing with, if he realizes he’s in the wrong, he’ll make it right

• Now if you’re in the wrong, he will say something to you, Fluffy or Savage, he’s saying something

• I feel like he’ll more than likely say it bluntly


• Get your mind out of the gutter, we already discussed that

• When it’s just you and Yoongi, I feel like he’ll be so playful

• He’s throwing pillows at you

• He’s dancing around like a fool

• He’s singing (horribly I might add)

• Making random faces

• Cooking with and for you

• Never letting you go to sleep with him telling you how he feels about you

• You’ll have conversations with him

• Some deep

• Some pointless

• Yoongi will have some trouble, but he’ll try his best to be the perfect guy for you

- Sariyah


The Get Down: Season 1 Part 1 - Ronald “Ra-Ra” Kipling [1/?]

They call me King Ra, hear the fanfare when I enter the cipher, fly girls follow me like I’m the Pied Piper. Proper preparation prevents piss-poor performances, Get Down Brothers’ presentation for your enjoyment.