10 Reasons you should watch Kingsman:

1. Colin Firth.
2. Jack Davenport (though why they used Jack Davenport for only 3 minutes of this epic movie is beyond me)
3. Roxy is a kickass heroine who is barely sexualized if at all.
4. Is an action movie that doesn’t fall back on a secondary romantic story line. Like, Eggsy doesn’t even go after Roxy.
5. Epic fight scenes that are shot so beautifully it makes the film nerd in me cry with happiness.
6. Amputee villain uses prosthetic legs as a weapon.
7. The most artistic execution of exploding heads known to cinema.
8. Gentlemen assassins.
9. Samuel L. Jackson with a lisp.
10. You get to hear Colin Firth say “I’m a Catholic whore, currently enjoying congress out of wedlock with my black Jewish boyfriend who works at a military abortion clinic. Hail Satan, and have a lovely afternoon madam” to a woman in a church hate group.

Girls don’t want boys, girls want Delphine Cormier to be alive and for Cosima Niehaus to see just how much she sacrificed for her and to tell her she is truly sorry and that she loves her and for Delphine to be fully accepted and welcomed into the family and also like a beautifully shot love scene because we deserve it after all this goddamn heartache because no fandom should have to suffer this much, you know?


For an ongoing series entitled Cardboard People, Singapore-based artist Anton Tang takes amazing photos using Revoltech Danboard figures as his subjects. The beautifully shot scenes range from whimsical and cute to surprisingly heartwarming. These little toy people have been so carefully staged and posed that you soon find yourself believe they’re really alive.

Visit Anton Tang’s website for more wonderful glimpses of the lives of his Cardboard People.

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Mid0nz: So what are your favorite moments? I mean if you have them I know some people don’t like to rank things but do you have particular moments in Sherlock that you’re really proud of, particular scenes that stand out to you?

Steve Lawes: …I really like the scene with Benedict where he’s talking to the prisoner. Is that The Great Game?

MJW: Yes— the Belarus scene.

SL: Yes. I like that one for a lot of reasons. For me it’s a great piece of writing by Mark. I like the correction of the grammar. It works very well. I think the other guy [Mr. Pirog— uncredited] is brilliant in it as well as Benedict. It was night when we shot that. I had to light it for day. It was a very tricky location. It was freezing but it’s something that I really like.

(source) “Each Frame Tells a Story: An Interview with Sherlock Cinematographer Steve Lawes“ by mid0nz

While I can order my thoughts, here goes...

What I loved from the Mints and Chill scene:

- It was beautifully shot.

- It was fun and light.

- The hand holding was coy and playful.

- Rick leaning in first.

- The Richonne smiles and giggles between kisses was everything.

- When Rick pulled Michonne’s hips into place I fell nearly fell off my seat and fell pregnant at the same time.

- Michonne running her fingers through Rick’s curls.

- Rick devouring Michonne’s lips like the Last Supper.

- The mutual face cupping.

- It was gentle, sexy, and natural.

- It led to other stuff and thangs!