Sharon & Andy:  The Proposal

My extensive thoughts and Meta on “The Proposal”

Since my review of “Dead Drop” was so long and I really wanted to get in depth into the proposal. I decided to make a separate post just for it. Since talking about how disappointed I was (and many others) about being shut out. I really wanted to go back and just talk about the things that I really loved about that scene. It’s such a wonderful, beautiful scene and there are so many things there to just pick and pull apart.

Visuals and Cinematography

The first thing that I want to talk about is how very visually striking this scene is. It’s shot so beautifully. Because it’s such a pivotal moment between Sharon and Andy it has to be different and that was accomplished extremely well. The candles, the flowers, the very romantically set table, and even though we got shut out. That image of Andy Flynn as he shuts the door and turns towards the camera is really kind of mind blowing.

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the cinematography in casualty is usually so-so but last night’s episode had some beautifully shot scenes in it. the scene where robyn is slumped and bleeding profusely in a birthing position at the foot of the angel statue was beautiful and very symbolic, if a bit melodramatic (eh, that’s why i love casualty though) and the scene where david has the blanket around him in the ED and is kind of realising the enormity of this situation was brilliant. he like…visibly shrank. jason durr has been great these past few weeks.


The season is back and I am slightly more alive now. But Moto GP just put Cervera to Tokyo on their YouTube channel! I watched it last night and I had a grin from beginning to end. I challenge anyone to watch it and not be in love with Marc. There’s a bit of Dani in there too! The story of the troubles of the Honda last year and the battle to the championship.

Including: the team being concerned when Marc didn’t have a smile on his face; the Spanish side of the team being confused that the Japanese side were always ‘nodding’ and other miscommunications; the Japanese side not understanding why the Spanish were always smiling while at work; the tight Marquez team and more.

Really enjoyable behind the scenes look at last season that’s beautifully shot

Carol and Therese’s love scene is so beautifully shot it looks like those Renaissance paintings that were animated to make them look real; Carol and Therese’s love scene is a modern day work of art and I can’t wait where they put its frame by frame shots on art museums someday

OK SO BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (i won’t spoil the plot or anything so don’t worry) these are just my thoughts about the film

- emma watson’s singing is horrid and her acting is mediocre.. i like HER but her portrayal of belle didn’t do it for me

- the set, COSTUMES and the effects were amazing and some even oscar-worthy in my opinion? i feel like i will be alone about this though?

- dan steven was AMAZING as the beast

- AUDRA MCDONALD IS EVERYTHING (i may or may not have screamed “legend” out loud)

- luke as gaston was surprisingly fitting

- the gay subplot and references were ON POINT

- the french jokes are so funny


- the dancing scenes were so beautifully shot, they will never beat the live action cinderella ones but they were still AMAZING

- the fact that they butchered the songs with autotune made me really sad

- i was pleasantly surprised about rafaelle cohen’s screentime! i however couldn’t spot harriet jones at all

overall i think it was so beautifully made and they really made the animated version justice! i was sceptical since belle is my fave disney princess and i’m extremely picky, but i really really liked it and would tbh rewatch it asap

it’s been 3 days after TFP and I still can’t understand why people ship Eurus and Jim (maybe it’s my own preferences but even this beautifully shot scene can’t convince me in the possibility of their relationship) and why some fans think that the bodyguard is Seb and they had sex. I can suppose that the second one is connected with my not-so-good english, but Seb? This man? We’re all desperate mormor shippers who want to see Moran in the show, but pointing at every man with a gun and saying that he’s Sebastian Moran looks very silly. Sorry.

Girls don’t want boys, girls want Delphine Cormier to be alive and for Cosima Niehaus to see just how much she sacrificed for her and to tell her she is truly sorry and that she loves her and for Delphine to be fully accepted and welcomed into the family and also like a beautifully shot love scene because we deserve it after all this goddamn heartache because no fandom should have to suffer this much, you know?