Alchemist with a charisma score of 7 and never takes off his creepy plaguedoctor-mask: *Holds out hand to party medium*

Medium: “What are you doing? What is that?”

Alchemist: “It’s a rare Jorin-flower; with it I can create several vials of poison capable of desolving a human kidney in seconds. But I am giving it to you because I thought you would find it pretty.”

The most beautiful moment of that session.


Inspirational Ladies: Amber

“I personally believe girls and boys are not limited to one specific look. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. We are all different. If we all sang the same melody how can there be harmony? Don’t judge someone just because they’re different. Hopefully, we can all grow to respect each other’s differences.”

I really respect people who are vegan. But I can’t respect vegans who look down on me because I can’t do it and turn every conversation around to be about veganism and themselves and how horrible of a person I am. It’s exhausting

Possible Emily Prentiss round table room entrance scenarios;

  • She cuts a hole in the ceiling from the floor above and repels down a rope singing a mashup of God Save the Queen and The Star Spangled Banner. 
  • She hires a marching band to play a mixture of her favourite souxie songs and marches in wearing a tuxedo and monocle. 
  • Casually walks in without having warned anybody that she was coming, sits on JJ’s lap. Garcia asks what she’d have done had they been on a case, Emily admits she’d done this three times in the past 2 weeks and this is the first time they’d been there. 
  • Gets a piggyback from Anderson while yelling ‘Giddy up’ at the top of her voice. 
  • Rollerblades through the doors, narrowly misses faceplanting the glass, tries to climb the stairs to the walkway, falls flat on face. Yells ‘SURPRISE’ anyway. 
  • Hotch randomly gets a phone call from her where she asks if it’s okay to park her jet in the parking lot at quantico. He looks out the window to see the plane circling. He swears he can see her at a window waving. 
  • Sneaks into the bau at night and hides under the round table. Waits till the next morning as the team gather there and jumps up screaming ‘PSYCH’. Rossi falls out of his chair, reid jumps a foot in the air, hotch accidentally drops his papers, garcia flicks the clicker into jj’s face by accident. Tara wonders how the fuck this woman got into the bau and if she’s gonna have to arrest her. 
  • She samba dances all the way up to the unit in a skin tight dress and steals morgan’s coat the second she gets in there because it’s cold. 
  • Hums the mission impossible theme tune while pointing finger guns at everybody she passes. 
  • Or, going for subtety, she goes up to the roof of the building and abseils down the side, and timing carefully so everybody witnesses it, kicks in the window to the room and perfectly performs a forward role into the room spraying glass everywhere while expertly unhooking her harness and stands up, looks badass, removing her helmet and l’oreal flicking her hair. Gets cramp in her foot and ends up hopping around yelling OW CRAMP. Falls on face.