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So background, I started my group as a group of slaves that are forced to fight in an arena. Due to circumstances arising the whole group is sendt out of the arena and out of town to retrieve an artifact.because they’re all slaves none of them feel obligated to the others. And this is a brief excerpt of one of their adventures. 4th edition.

So a Cleric, Paladin, Ranger, Warlock, Avenger, and Barbarian stumble into an ogre cave. The Goliath barbarian charges in and the rest of the group fails to follow/back him up. He is quickly surrounded, thinking to talk his way out. Oh and he’s the only one that speaks their language…

Diplomacy roll succeeded.

Ogre Chieftan: “Thanks for bringing dinner to us.”

Barb: “Who me? You don’t want to eat me I’m tough meat and tasteless.”

OC: “You have some elves in your party they’re tasty.”

Barb: “Them? I don’t even know them.”

DM “make bluff check” succeeds.

OC: “Great. Drop your weapon and we’ll finish them quickly and leave you alone.”

Barb: “This weapon? It’s not even mine.” Proceeds to drop Axe as Ogres turn hungry eyes to the rest of the mostly squishy party….

Don't split the party!!

Context: So i just recently came back home and joined in on the Pathfinder campaign my friends are playing. We have a Tengu, and Aasimar, two humans, a gem(think Steven Universe), and a Sylph(myself). We just arrived in a mountain town, and the Tengu’s looking for jobs to make a crown. My Sylph is looking for anyone that can lead her to learning about plane hopping. We both wind up at the mining guild foreman’s door for totally different reasons, but we both agree to go out and help with finding out why all the workers have abandoned a section of the tunnels. We grab one of the humans because everyone else was busy with their own things. We’re down at the abandoned section of tunnels and are getting ruthlessly attacked by skeletal creatures. The human’s paralyzed, and there’s two creatures remaining. One of them takes me down, and our tengu has enough action through class BSery to both kill one creature and heal me.

me OOC: Can I act as soon as I’m healed? I go after the tengu.

DM: Sure, what do you want to do?

me: I stand up to shout curses in Auran at the skeletal creature, then shoot 3 scorching rays.

DM: I think that’s gonna be overkill. *Does calculations in head* Yeah there’s no way you can roll low enough to not kill this thing!

me OOC: can I roll damage anyways?

DM: Yeah, sure go for it man.

me counting a roll of 12d6: 10, 20, 30, 40, 6, 46 damage to this already almost dead skeleton thing!

Tengu: Dude why couldn’t you have shot that sooner!

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I believe that every one except for the teen fans and antis are sick of the fake "relationships" too. The Larries and Ziams not the only ones because even official narrative believers who think the "girlfriends" are'nt beards and the "relationships" are "real" are low key over it. They just playin. They don't want to admit it's shady as they have to admit other stuff was fake too (I wonder what🤔✍🏾) but the fake "dating" needs to go🏃🏾. That's teeny bopper shit, time for the boys to grow up

Yeah, I had never expected one of 1D’s tried-and-true tactics—fake relationships and beards—to start breaking down as spectacularly as it has.  It feels unreal sometimes.

To put this in perspective: Hendall 2.0, Zigi and Chiam have all been shaded and straight up called out [X X X] for being fake by media, multiple times.  Babygate has been mocked (“spawn?” syndicated pregnant Harry manips, anyone? not normal) and openly discussed as a stunt by the media (also not normal), multiple times; no one cares about Louelle enough to shade them.  Niallena was shaded as a stunt despite being low key.  Harry and Louis are very widely rumored to be gay amongst fans and the GP; it is starting to be discussed with shocking openness in the media.  Zayn and Liam are widely rumored in the fandom to be gay; and the tea is spreading to people in the media, which looks like it is sniffing them out.  This is all happening at the same time.

All that fakelationshipping and no homo stunting was meant to: promote their singles, albums, performances, etc; engage their fanbase that was conditioned to relate to them through these “relationships,” often with the “girlfriend”/beard as proxy; and to cultivate their own public images, which of course had to be straight™.  And right now, it is producing some unexpected and weird results.  Those results being: a heated, weary, on edge fandom that is fighting over the veracity of these public images and stunts, while the media throws shade or just calls their bullshit out, and the GP often looks on with bewilderment and confusion (when they even bother to care).

I think that all the boys have reached a point where their tricks have gotten stale and old, and no longer give the same results that they used to.  It seems that people are starting to raise eyebrows and see through their stunt theatrics.  People seem to be getting sick of their shit.

I don’t blame them because the fake relationships and faux hetero foolishness are tacky, tired, juvenile and generally asinine and insulting to their fans’ intelligence.  I honestly think that it is more for certain sections of the fanbase that they have already built, which has been trained to relate to them through these “relationships,” as well as for their public images, which have traditionally been aggressively hetero™.  Personally, if I were on their new teams I would advise them to cut the bullshit and focus on more substantive ways of promotion that would get people to take them more seriously as artists and would build a more mature and lasting brand.  I am not saying that anyone has to expose their past stunting, or has to come out if they are afraid or not ready, or anything like that.  I get that there while there are many good reasons to come out, there are also many good personal and professional reasons to stay closeted, sad as that may be.  They are players in a much bigger game, and no player is bigger than the game, and the game is fucked up and ugly.  Especially when you are a woman, queer, POC, etc.  There are no magic solutions that can be made from thin air.  But the overdone fauxmancing and faux hetero foolery is, IMO, just cringeworthy and crusty, not to mention cheap and childish and lazy, and not helping the boys achieve a better brand.  It is a quantity over quality thing: maybe it builds a more approachable brand, but by no means a better, more substantive or more respected one.

And I do wonder if the fandom’s weariness and the media’s shade and general over-it-ness are indicators that, maybe, people really just might be ready for the boys to level up, and start playing smarter, not dirtier.  I do hope that people would embrace them for their talents and charisma, and not for the unnecessary and vacuous add-ons like the fake relationships and beards and all that straight nonsense.

Other than that, I really have no idea where they will go on that front, because I had never, ever expected things to be where they are now.  If you had told me a few months ago that all their fake relationships would be publicly called out and side-eyed, and that the fandom would be having meltdowns and fights over it, I would have been like, sure Jan.  But here we are.  Wild.  I may not always enjoy this clusterfuck of a PR shitshow, but the curious ho in me admits that no matter how much I cannot stop cringing with secondhand embarrassment, I cannot get myself to look away with weird fascination (and boy, do sometimes I want to).  Because this is, to quote my media studies colleague, like “PR fantasy” sometimes.  It is going to be very interesting to see how the boys handle this.


So the Feemor pic is all done… kinda.

I went a little crazy with the colors, and his outfit makes him look a like a pirate (maybe that’s good for a Jedi scout, though?) and I can’t decide which version of the shading I like most, but. *wipes hands clean* If I look at this anymore I might just toss it!

@ideordinal you inspired like 80% of this.

(Also I bet Feemor has a thing for Sapir tea. Justttt a hunch.)


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Phasma and R8-M8 are not going to idle by while you are terrible with people, Hux. Also: Some light history of the Shrodinger!