me: i’m fine

also me: “we didn’t start the fire” is such a good song for the vfd both on the level of being a joke, but ALSO because the song details all the events that made the world go to shit and how everyone’s blaming the younger generation who had no part in it, thus relating that most of the current vfd adults had no part in the schism or half of the issues they fight about now

malec-murphys-sourskittles24  asked:

Do you think, Malec will adopt Madzie at some point? I have not read the books, but I heard Magnus and Alec adopt a kid at some point.

She’s an original character, not from the books. We don’t really know the shows plans for her, but a lot of people love the idea of Magnus taking care of her. I mean, Cat is also good, if they introduce Cat!

Don’t get me wrong Tangled is a great kids movie but I babysat a 4 year old who’s favorite thing in the world was that movie and I had to at least acknowledge it, if not watch it almost everyday for 3 month’s and I have the entire movie memorized and can’t stand anymore of it