lol and y'all wonder why i’m drifting from mx. it’s from these ugly stans that only care about wins and nothing else we’ve achieved as a fandom and they’ve achieved as a group. nothing is ever enough for y'all, huh? if you shame ppl for not voting or anything like that then you should be ashamed for putting down your own fandom for something that not everyone can or wants to do. it’s a damn choice and at the end of the day, it doesn’t make them any less of a fan.

Enna aka @steverogershield

I want everybody who wonders or worries to know that Enna deleted her blog herself. Tumblr can be tough place, even tougher when you try hard to post regularly and some anons are still mean.

And trying to be active can get a lot to deal with when your life is really busy right now - which Enna’s life definitely is. Sometimes that leads to something that was supposed to be fun and was fun for a long time to become tough and hard, even dragging down if people are critical or mean and you can’t even fulfil your own expectations anymore.

That is apparently what happened to Enna and why she deleted her blog.

I get it and I hope you do too, sometimes life is hard, sometimes you have to cut back on some things to get back in control and not feel overwhelmed.

That doesn’t mean that I won’t miss her, because I’ll miss her a lot and I kind of panicked for a momemt when I realised her blog was deactivated. But I am sure she wouldn’t just do it for s*** and giggles and only because she really needs to do it to take care of herself and feel better.

She is fine. That is what matters.

Enna tried to stay for our sake but it didn’t work out and she says she’s bad with goodbyes so unfortunatelly that’s how she handeled it.

Still love you sweetie pie and hope you get all the good stuff life has to offer and more 💛

Poor Adore just did a livestream. They’ve had to cancel their whole 14 date US Tour due to being messed around and not paid by the promoters (who they named several times.) They were clearly so unhappy about it and about having to let down the fans, but it was clearly not their fault at all.
They had also given up several other gigs and opportunities to do this tour, so have missed out on a lot of income too.

malec-murphys-sourskittles24  asked:

Do you think, Malec will adopt Madzie at some point? I have not read the books, but I heard Magnus and Alec adopt a kid at some point.

She’s an original character, not from the books. We don’t really know the shows plans for her, but a lot of people love the idea of Magnus taking care of her. I mean, Cat is also good, if they introduce Cat!