To those who talk to me and flirt like they don’t have a boyfriend… I am a romantic and old fashioned to the core, so stop. It is probably one of the ugliest and most unattractive thing that you could ever do. Do not try to camouflage your flirtation with being friendly or naive, because that’s just pathetic and an extreme cowardly act. So before you reach out to me or any other person with a flirtatious remark, think about what you’re doing; think about how you would feel if the “love of your life” is saying and doing the same things that you are to me and others. Well, that’s if you have any moral foundation to even begin with

You All Get An "F"

Why, at the age of 34, am I just learning about how goddamn delicious soft boiled eggs are?! No one told me of the golden nectar for which to dip toast in!

Friends, family, and even you Tumblr, get an F.