Part of my modern world dragon age au, in which everything is practically the same, only it’s like 600 years in the future. So I wanted to draw Cullen in modern templar gear and ended up with this scene, with Cassandra as military police (which is p much the same thing as Seekers idk) and just hanging out in the Hissing Wastes post mage hunting.

This was supposed to have a much simpler background, with just sand dunes fanning out behind them, but then i realized i had drawn the exact same picture once just a few weeks ago. good thing too, because then i actually challenged myself for once. This drawing is far from perfect, but it was a rewarding challenge nonetheless. Thanks to everybody who came to my livestream and watched it happen. :D


Ruben and Marcelo from the Evil Within


fan art doodle 

Reference used

ugh….I just feel like drawing smart scientists talking about stuff today..


if Marcelo can be less of a jerk and more of a mentor to Ruben I really think they would get along well…

like he can help Ruben publishing papers…doing thesis…and they go to brain conference together…..or just do bad stuff together and go to villain cons….and then Ruben got his PhD in Horribleness and Marcelo is happy for him and they go to music concert together and they can be happy villains together and none of the bad stuff will happen.._(:з」∠)_

please ignore me ramblings _(:з」∠)_ I just have many feels _(:з」∠)_