I just finished watching “Cowboy Bebop.” and I have to say its one of the best shows I have ever seen. Everyone should watch this show for many reasons: Its new and refreshing, powerful, funny, interesting, leaves you wanting more like a good show should, engaging, you lose yourself in the characters and want the best for them and desperate hope they find themselves and their place in the vast universe that Cowboy Bebop creates. All in all its a fantastic show with laughs, action, sadness, and gives you that feeling of wanting to be there and doing things like in the show. I can’t explain anything like it, the feeling I get when remembering the show and the characters. You feel like you’re part of something bigger you feel like they are your family.

Just watch it… You wont ever regret it.

The 'How Do I Describe...?' Series: #02 Weather

It was winter, and it was cold. There was ice on the ground, and snow fell from the sky…

Describing the weather doesn’t have to be bland. Let’s think about new, refreshing ways to show our readers the weather…!


Sometimes, describing the weather can be a good shortcut to summarising the mood or theme of a scene for the reader. This can be called Pathetic Fallacy, where we reflect mood with the weather or nature by giving things that usually cannot show emotion an emotive kind of action.

For example,

The wind played with her hair. Sullen clouds cluttered the skies. The sun’s warmth caressed her face.

This doesn’t mean that you have to always reflect sadness with rain, or always reflect happiness with sunshine. If your characters are in a place where certain weather conditions are not common, then think about how you might describe the current weather in a way that would reflect that mood.

If your characters are arguing, for example, then the warmth might be stifling or suffocating, not gentle and refreshing. Grey skies can be oppressive, or they can be a thick blanket that conceals and comforts.

Be as inventive as you like!

The Senses

I think all of us have at least one of the five senses that we forget about in our writing. Relying too heavily on sight and nothing else is a missed opportunity…!

The idea is to make the world you’re writing come to life and using the five senses, especially for the weather, is a great way to create something a little more three-dimensional than:

‘It was raining and everything was wet’.

Let’s take a look at:

  • Sound

Even if the weather is hot and humid, you can still use this one. Sure, the sun doesn’t make any noise and clouds don’t either, but things happen when the sun is out, things that don’t happen when it goes in.

Think about your character’s immediate environment. When the weather is hot and sunny, people tend to be outside, soaking up the rays. I always find that summer (at least here in England) is a lot more active and crowded than the winter. People and animals behave differently too when it’s sunny, so you can definitely describe the sound of people, traffic, insects, etc.

As for the rain, well the sound of it will be different depending on a few things. How heavy is the rain? Is there any wind? Is your character indoors or outside? Are they out in the forest, on the beach or walking busy streets?

When it comes to more 'silent’ weather types like snow or a sunny winter’s day, focusing on the absence of sound can be just as effective.

  • Smell

The weather has a great effect on the environment and on the air we breathe. After excessive downpours in the summer, the air might smell foisty and damp. Comparatively, rainfall after a long dry spell makes the air feel fresh and smell hydrated.

It also can depend on what environment your character is in as to what kind of smells they might walk into. Forestry and foliage has a very different smell to paved streets and cityscapes. If you don’t have a personal memory to rely on when it comes to recreating the smell of a certain place, then let your imagination take over. Think about what kind of components are in the area you’re describing, and how this might affect smell.

For example, in forested areas, there are all sorts of plants that give off unique and distinct scents. In damp, cool woodland, it’s common for wild garlic and raspberries to grow, whereas in drier climates, you’re more likely to find tobacco plants or frangipani.

Even just knowing a couple of things about the scene you’re writing is better than not relying on any past experience at all.

Body Language/Clothing

A good way to indicate the weather without a long spiel about the exact condition of it is to think about describing the behaviour happening around it. If it’s raining heavily, then people will shelter indoors or run through the streets with their coats above their heads. Children might huddle underneath overhangs in the playground at school, or splash in leftover puddles once the downpour has finished.

The clothes your characters wear might also create a good descriptive opportunity. If the clothes they’re wearing are too thick and the sun comes out, then they’re bound to feel uncomfortable. The same can be said for those traversing snowy areas with very little protection on their legs and feet.

Little reminders throughout the text serve to keep the reader in the story, and helps towards setting the scene and creating a sense of realism. If you can talk a little about how the weather affects your character directly, then you’re giving the reader an opportunity to be fully immersed into the story.

Ask Questions

When writing a scene, ask yourself all sorts about the weather to get a good idea of how to set the atmosphere with it.

How does the air smell? Foisty? Damp? Fresh? Are the pathways glistening, are there glass beads on the window panes? Do people splash over puddles or trudge through soft, wet mud and grass? Does the rain lash, or does it trickle? Does it drum on the rooftops or splatter with the wind? Is it icy when it hits the skin, or more of a warm, close drenching?

If the sun is out, is it baking or barely reaching its heat to the air? The more you question, the more you’ll have to describe…!


Conversations about the weather don’t have to be boring. Have fun using the weather in your own works…!

Happy Birthday Sense8!!! 8/8

Today is August 8th 2016! This means it’s our favorite cluster’s birthdays!

A great time to refresh yourself on the show, or if you’re new, to start now! Trust me, it’s so worth it. Sense8 is such a fascinating and worthwhile show. It’s based off of 8 different people, all with seperate upbringings, religions, views, and realities. As they connect in mysterious ways, you truly grow with them. LGBTQ positive as well!

Some say the first few episodes are slow, but I implore you to keep going.

Happy Birthday Sensates!!!

Riley, Nomi, Lito, Wolfgang, Kala, Sun, Capheus, & Will!

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A-WA - Habib Galbi / حبيب قلبي

“A-WA (pronounced Ay-wa) is a band formed by 3 [Jewish] sisters: Tair, Liron & Tagel Haim. who grew up in the small desert village of ‘Shaharut’ in the southern Israeli Arava Valley.
With unique magical voices and lots of natural groove, the sisters combine Yemenite folk singing with electronic dance music.
These days, the intriguing debut album of A-WA, produced by Tomer Yosef (from Balkan Beat Box) is at its final stage and should be released sometime this year.
The album contains love and protest songs of women in the Yemeni-Arabic dialect, that were passed on as an oral tradition and were first recorded in the early 60’s by the Yemeni singer-songwriter Shlomo Moga'a.
The original combination of timeless Yemenite folk songs that the sisters grew up on with the modern approach of electronic beats & grooves gave rise to an exciting show with a refreshing new sound.” < source >

Gifset by Od-Avinu-Chai

Lyrics are as follows:

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Magic Kingdom 

Philharmagic Returns with little being refreshed other than the carpet and some other things.

New Nighttime fireworks show by steve davison is possibly in the works with a 2016 date.

Main street bypass is a thing and should be finished when the hub is ready.

Peter pan had some more permits passed for it. Let’s see if anything happens there.


This one is big, Puerto Rico now has a bigger presence during the Food and Wine Festival. But it seems that during a recent interview an investor stated that there are talks to get Puerto Rico a permanent pavilion in the world showcase. with an estimated budget of 100 million. Whether this will happen remains to be seen, but the investor claimed they wanted to see it happen sometime between 2017 and 2027. Hopefully sooner rather than later. The world showcase is starved for new experiences and a Puerto Rico pavilion could be beautiful and a breathe of fresh air to a showcase that hasn’t had a new location since 1988. Let’s hope something here materializes. 

As I have said numerous times Maelstroms last day of operation is OCTOBER 5TH. 

Hollywood Studios 

executives were seen out and about over near soundstage one. This coupled with the backlot’s closure and new permits filed for soundstage one seems to indicate something  is coming to the studios besides the force. Rumor has it’s toy story followed possibly by a smaller carsland. I guess we will have to wait and see. Remember there is also a name change on the horizon and one of the more prominent choices seems to be Hollywood Adventure.  

And we are at the end of this installment of Rumor Roundup. The biggest piece of news is the possible addition of Puerto Rico to the world Showcase. Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this and I will keep you all posted with the news from the studios. Until next time!

Great movie ride’s days seem to be numbered.

The hat’s days are also rumored to be numbered. 

Lights motor action is  being said to not continue after early 2015. 

Animal Kingdom

Creature comforts is getting a new quick service location.  Rivers of light construction has started so the rivers of america shall be a mess for quite some time.

#502: I think I’m kind of obsessing to much over Jack lately. Like I have memorized his schedule and keep refreshing the page until a new vid shows up or I hang around on Twitter/Tumblr to much so I don’t miss a notification when he’s online. Don’t get me wrong, I love him to death and he makes me so damn happy but I really should focus on reality again. I have upcoming exams and homework that I am kind of neglecting.

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Watch Chanyeol’s Teaser For “Roommate” as He Enters a House Full of Celebrities

With the upcoming broadcast of SBS‘ “Roommate,” the recently released teaser video of EXO‘s Chanyeol gave a sneak peak as to how it would be like to live in a house full of celebrities. 

External image

The teaser video included the EXO member showing a small glimpse of EXO’s dorm, a dorm many fans would love to check out. Furthermore, the teaser showed Chanyeol getting along with his new roommate, veteran actor Shin Sung Woo. Despite the age difference, Chanyeol’s friendliness had allowed the two unlikely roommates to bond during their stay at the share house. 

External image

External image

Of course, Chanyeol could not avoid showing his role as an EXO member to the other housemates as the rapper briefly showed off the dance move for EXO’s hit song “Growl.” Although short, the teaser video stirred much anticipation for the upcoming new and refreshing show. SBS’ “Roommate” will broadcast its first episode on May 4 at 4:20 PM (KST).

source: soompi

So I know I’ve said this before but Rhys is such a good guy. I mean he’s the type of love interest that should be in ya books. I’ve been reading these books since I was in middle school and Rhys is so new and refreshing. He shows the people reading the book how you’re supposed to treat your SO you know? Like there are so many differences between him and other love interests it’s unreal. I mean show a guy who can be cocky and flirty but still respectful. Show a guy who is sexy and a mans man but still went through sexual abuse. Show a guy that is the most powerful of his kind ever but doesn’t use it to overpower his people. I can’t wait to see other authors take Rhys and make more guys just like him. I can’t wait for more girls to read about men like Rhys and realize what they deserve.

so basically i’ve been having this issue with the dashboard like you know how whenever there’s new posts on your dashboard, the number on the house button just changes and such indicating how many posts wil show when you refresh and such? like basically that isn’t happening for me so it looks like there’s no new posts (but there are bc when i refresh they show) and idk how to fix it tbh so if anyone has had this happen to them pls help me omg