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I did a quick cover of my absolute favourite song from Steven Universe! I’ve probably listened to it every few days since the episode aired. The nods to other Pearl-related songs are a really nice touch. I played it by ear, but the timing’s a little sloppy and doesn’t do the song justice

Also, not sure if the crediting the arrangement to aivi & surasshu is sufficient? I was trying to find the original (official) blog post for it, but no luck


This is such a nice song

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Hey, most people don't liked Caught, thinking different from the rest of the album. I specifically didn't like so much of Mother. What do you think about the songs? Thanks :)

I personally think Caught is a slow grower. It’s nice, but for me, the other songs on the album swallow it up, musically speaking.

Mother has really grown on me. I love the quietness at the start, and how the song bursts with vibrance and metaphor during the chorus, dies back down and then explodes with one final hit into an electronic mess at the end. It’s so satisfying and I think it makes a great closer to the album.

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Fun fact time: there was this interview in China, and Adam said as much as he loved collaborating (because it's fun and he can learn a lot of useful tricks) he said, quote: "I kinda feel like I tend to create better music when I have no one else to answer to" :) It's relieving that both sides agree on that. Hopefully the future holds many more good solo songs.

That’s a nice quote. :) And relieving he thinks that way too.

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what do you think about of the cover of stitches? disappointed me a little, I think it could be better, I like the Hailee but Shawn alone had done much better, he could have invested more in his voice

I think it was amazing, he’s letting Hailee control the song which i think is nice considering he’s already sung the song multiple times. Maybe thats how he wanted the acoustic version to be like?? Hearing the song through a females voice can be completely different and maybe Shawn just wanted it to be from two perspectives:)


From this week’s Songs You Need to Hear:

Derrival, ‘Canvas’

We all hate break-ups, and why should Godzilla be any different? Vancouver indie-rockers Derrival tell us a reverse Godzilla story in the new video for the great tune “Canvas.” The track exhibits Derrival’s ability to flex its indie-rock songwriting muscle, and reminds you why you have a repeat button on your iPod. This song should tide you over nicely until the group’s new EP, Departure & Arrival, comes out Aug. 21. Look for Derrival to hit a city near you in late summer and fall!

— Kerry Martin (@OhHiKerry)

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I don't know why but every time I open the tumblr app your most recent song will start playing from the beginning and I can't figure out why. it's a good catchy song tho

Nice, i hope this is a permanent feature

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Your top 10 1980s-2000s love songs?

That’s very specific. The other two lists had songs primarily from those decades so they obviously still apply, but I’ll try to do new ones just 4 u. You can find the other two here and here

1) There Is A Light That Never Goes Out by The Smiths (1986). To die by your side is such a heavenly way to die’ can only sound romantic when Morrissey sings it. 

2) Such Great Heights by The Postal Service (2003) This is one of my favorite songs in general, not just in the lovey dovey genre. So well written. So good. The Iron & Wine cover is equally as beautiful. 

3) Faithfully by Journey (1983) This song is so nice and pretty that it’d almost be unbearable if it weren’t so classic. When I think 80s and love songs, I think Faithfully. I’M FOREVER YOURRSSSSSS.

4) I Got You (At the End of the Century) by Wilco (1996) This is just a way cooler version of I Got You Babe. Way cooler. Because Wilco is nothing if not effortlessly cool. And he loves you for centuries.

5) Wonderwall by Oasis (1991). I mean, look. As if this isn’t one of the most classic love songs ever. And also it’s fun to blare and scream in your car no matter how old it gets, because it never gets old. 

6) Mother We Just Can’t Get Enough by New Radicals (1998) I hate that You Get What You Give is the only song most people know by New Radicals because this one is a gem. It’s so happy and free and fun. And it’s a love song so there. 

7) Hands Down by Dashboard Confessional (2002) The mid 2000s is my favorite time of music because of all the angst-ridden teenage jams that came out like this one. ‘Your kiss might kill me / So won’t you kill me / So I die happy’ UGH. (Stolen is a close contender too, but this one’s more dramatic so it wins.)

8) Maps by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (2003) This kind of doesn’t sound like a love song but it is one. And it’s the best. 

9) Head Over Feet by Alanis Morissette (1995) Jagged Little Pill is one of my favorite albums of all time. This song is only like 1/12 reasons why. The music just stopping when she says ‘I am aware now’ is the best moment in the whole song other than that fantastic chorus. 

10) Sea of Love by Cat Power (1998) It’s just sweet. That’s all. 


‘  Fred: Y/N. Hey Y/N! Dance with me?

   He starts to sway to the music that George is providing. In a matter of seconds he pulls you by your hand and start to dance with you. The rest of the students in the gryffindor common room start to cheer and Dean put on a nice music to go along with your dancing. As the song ended George dipped you and kissed you tenderly, making the common room roar with cheers and George’s muffled ‘finally.      ‘