Additional thoughts

-Costumes and set designs were awesome
-Except Rizzo’s red shorts…those were awful
-The diversity in the cast was wonderful
-Blanche is my new bestie
-Bless Boyz II Men
-Patty Simcox. Was. Perfect.
-The audience and how they were incorporated was neat
-I liked the behind the scenes glimpses
-“Aaron Tveit was a total unknown to me before this” WATCH LES MIS YOU SWINE. THAT IS REAL TALENT.

Waaaaay better than the other awful live musicals, but they could also be so much better…but real Broadway people don’t have the time to spend doing stuff like this. But, take note NBC. And fox, don’t screw up Rocky Horror.

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How did it feel watching that scene with Tad, Mulder and Scully in downtown Washington (Vancouver) knowing that you were there watching them film it, last summer.

Honestly…. It was strange and cool and surreal.  We’ve all seen clips of that scene - but to see it in its entirety… To see Scully’s subtle smile, and the way she snaps out of her gaze as soon as she sees Tad pull up.  I don’t know if i was expecting that.  I wasn’t far away (standing at the corner), but their prolonged eye contact was neat to see up close.

Also - just knowing that that little scene took an entire afternoon.  And that for the majority of it, Gillian was standing on a ramp.  And David was sweating so profusely he would wave his coat around during breaks.  And that Joel hung out and watched them perform for a bit. And for a handful of takes, the limo wasn’t even there, and David and Gillian would turn and pretend to acknowledge a car and extend their arms to shake an invisible hand.  You can imagine how different it looked to me:


Episode 18 of Vifam has this neat little easter egg scene, where two of the kids are screwing around with the movie projector on board the spaceship they’re on. References to Return of the Jedi, The Thing, and most notably, Mobile Suit Gundam. Vifam is partially the brainchild of Gundam mastermind Yoshiyuki Tomino, even though I don’t think he was involved in the actual production of the series. This would be a nice little way for the Vifam team to pay tribute.

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I'm convinced that Ip Man fight I spy on there will up anyone's awesomeness doing anything. It's just that good. Thanks for sharing details about boarding animation, it's really neat to find out more behind-the-scenes stuff for the DC movies--they're always really slick with impressive fights. (And thanks for mentioning the upcoming movie. I saw BLUE BEETLE will be back on screen and it made me really excited.)

Oh man I love Ip Man so much. That video is actually a compilation of all the really good fights from that movie. My favorite fight is when he uses the duster. So good. I wish we could get more kung fu fight scenes in our movies so we can go all out like that. (except I don’t ‘cause fight scenes can be exhausting as it is, especially hand-to-hand choreography. My heart rate goes up when I board them. It’s like i’m actually doing the fighting.) If you like the fight choreography we’ve been doing, you should check out the featurette included on Batman: Bad Blood. They have one specifically about how we go about our fights. Even I learned a few cool things watching it and they even showed one of my fights! It’s included on the iTunes version of the movie as well as on the Blu-Ray coming out.

It’s really nice to hear that people like what I’ve been posting. :D It’s a nice little self-esteem boost. haha. A few people have asked about the storyboarding process and the like before, so I figured I’d post things when I could. I like to share stuff! To me it’s like “HEY LOOK AT THIS SUPER COOL THING!! ISN’T IT COOL?! SO COOL!! Uuuuugh I should get back to my deadline….” 

And of course I’m gonna mention JL vs TT!! I worked on it. haha I want anyone following me to hear about it so more folks will go out and see it! (and buy it, yeah? *wink wink* *nudge nudge* ) I really like our Blue Beetle! I wish I had more scenes with him because he’s fun to draw. Still, there’s gonna be some really good ones with him, just you wait!  

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Just passing by to tell you what a great new chapter part 5 of Shots was! You also pulled off that scene with the drug pellets really well! I was also reminded of that one scene from 'Maria full of Grace' and wasactually wondering if you were referencing it. Neat!

Originally posted by 912gif

Oh, I’m glad my scene actually reminded you of the one from the movie, I used it as my source material and I really wanted to make the moment in ‘Shots’ as intense and gut-churning, so hopefully this means I succeeded xD

And thank you, good to know you enjoyed!

I have a first edition (white cover) of JS&MN. I bought this TV-series tie-in edition to use as my reference copy when writing my fics. It looks so neat here–yet my copy is bristling with post-its of various sizes and colors, as well as index cards used at bookmarks, sticking up at various heights signifying various degrees of importance. It looks absurd but alerts me to key scenes. It will never look this neat again.
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Companion Gripes

Firstly, let me say that the complaints in this post are not necessarily limited to Bethesda Games, these kinds of things crop up in a lot of games.

Secondly, this contains some spoilers for Fallout 4′s companion quests, but nothing related to the main story.

So, something that bugs me Fallout 4 is the companions.

Firstly, some of the companions don’t really seem to have motivations for following you. Piper has a neat introduction scene, shows you Diamond City, then kind of just says “If you give me an interview I’ll leave my sister, home, and job behind to wander with wasteland with you, a complete stranger.” I feel like there should have been some quest or something to give actual motivation. This also happens with Macready, where a character is introduced, then is asked/offers to follow you for no reason. I mean, Macready’s a mercenary at least, so you sort of hire him, but why do you hire him?

Cait has some motive: you ruin her livelihood as a cage-fighter, and her manager sends her with you (it is later speculated that he did so to get her off drugs).

My other complaint at the moment is with how your actions towards you companions don’t really matter. Aside from losing Affinity to the point that they won’t follow you anymore, companions reach their conclusion when you max out their affinity, possibly by having them become Romantic (if available). But there’s no real meaningful interaction.

(by the way, they got around this really well with Serana in Skyrim: Dawnguard, who had meaningful interactions directly related to quests, and who could be convinced to make major life/unlife decisions)

The best example of this is Cait. Cait is a bad person. She doesn’t like it when you help people (usually), she hates robots and Synths, and basically just wants you to punch/shoot things until they are dead. Cait is addicted to Psycho and likes it when you drink alcohol and take chems (before her personal quest). She explains how she’s lived a terrible life after being abused and sold into slavery by her parents. She’s really sympathetic, and even has a personal quest where she gets clean… and afterwards continues to be a bad person. Like, you have this whole heart-to-heart series of events where she opens up to you and you show her love for the first time in her life, and she comes to terms with being a piece of garbage. Afterwards, she stops liking when you drink alcohol and do chems, but she’s still a dick to people. There’s a statistical change, but no narrative change. As far as the story that unfolds as you play is concerned, nothing mattered.

And again on Cait (though in a bit of an opposite direction), if you raise your Affinity with Cait high enough, she wants to get clean regardless of how you interact with her. You can shoot up in front of her until she falls in love with you, then she’ll say how being with you has made her want to get clean. There’s no “be a bad person” option. There’s not option for connecting with her and being a bad person (it’s usually hard in games to be both evil and have strong bonds with companions, since being a dick means being a dick to them). Basically, if you’re playing a character who is also a chem-using, street-fighting drunk, there’s no option to like, have a girlfriend who does that, too, despite the fact that there’s a romance-able companion who has those traits. You can’t say “I don’t think what you’re doing is wrong.” It assumes you’re going to be a good person (which Fallout 4 actually does a lot), and doesn’t give you an alternative.


- Millennium War Aigis - Subtrance:

This tower game is actually surprisingly fun. I guess it’s KanColle, but tower defense & more ‘mature’ in ways while upgrading units in a similar fashion. Assassin Cecily (third image with the red cape) & Supersonic Archer Bashira (the kitty in first image). Now wanting to level up Chizuru (last image) for how neat they appear. I even have ‘Healer Alissa’ & ‘Archer Soma’ to tend to.

Been itching to play this game again after giving it a whirl last night. You’d be surprised I’m enjoying it more for its game-play than with its +18 scenes, yet them H scenes be neat. 

[Day 1 posting]


I really like how the flash lit the scene inside the passing car. Neat.

Writing Sample: Dust Bunnies Opening Scene




(Darkness covers the alternate world

of a dream-like dimension.

The sound of static fills the vacuum

created by that darkness.

If one listens closely,

one can almost hear voices in the static.

After several moments, a glow the color of ice steadily rises


A man standing in an empty room.

He wears a white t-shirt covered in blood.

He holds a gun in his right hand.

He holds a paint brush in his left.

He paces the room rapidly, in a panic.

Approaching sirens are heard in the distance.

The man hears them.)




It’s too early…

I’m not ready.

(On the ground is a loose canvas laid out.

The man kneels over the canvas.

He rubs the paint brush over the blood on his shirt and strokes the painting with it.)


It’s not right.


The coloring is not right.

(The sirens grow louder.)


I didn’t wanna do it.

(A shadow moves across the room and noises can be heard.

Bangs. Clicks. Creaking floorboards.

The man hears this and looks around him.

He covers his head with his arms.)


No. Leave me alone. I did want you wanted. LEAVE ME ALONE.

I didn’t wanna do it.

I didn’t wanna do it.

I didn’t wanna do it.

(He continues to chant it as he stands up.

He continues to chant it as he begins to sob.

He continues to chant it as his head begins to itch.

He continues to chant it as he scratches his head with the tip of the gun.

He stops chanting as he realizes what he was just doing.


He pulls the gun off of his temple and looks at it.


The sirens grow louder.

He hears them.

He rolls up the canvas.

He pulls up a floorboard and places the canvas underneath.

He puts the floorboard back into its slot.

He stands up.

He puts his back against the wall.

The sirens are just outside now.)



I’m sorry

(He places the end of the gun in his mouth.

He pulls the trigger.

Blood, bone, and brain tissue coat the wall creating a stain.)

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Man's dying wish: Don't vote for Trump

Jeffery Cohen is gone – but his opinion of Donald Trump is alive and thriving. The Pennsylvania chiropractor, who died on Sunday at age 70, has been the subject of hundreds of news stories and thousands of social media posts over the past few days, as Americans grapple with his final request. “Jeffrey would ask that in lieu of flowers, please do not vote for Donald Trump,” family members wrote in his obituary, which ran Wednesday through Friday in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The coffin has long doubled as a pulpit, with candidates speculating on the erstwhile electoral preferences of departed dignitaries. Today, though, the deceased are becoming more adept at leaving their mark on the political scene. Here are a few neat examples of activist obituary writing, at home and abroad, over the last few years – and now, with a special intensity as the current election cycle spins inexorably toward Iowa. Run it on the day a candidate – like Hillary Clinton! – enters the race Hillary Clinton formally entered the Democratic primary contest on April 12, 2015. The next day, both Betty Jo Lewis, a 79-year-old “political junkie,” and Larry Upright, 81, departed – but not without getting a word in on the way out. “The family respectfully asks that you do not vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016,” Upright’s kin wrote in his obituary. “R.I.P. Grandaddy.” The Lewis family also made a humble request, but for a different cause. “Please vote for Hillary Clinton,” they pleaded on her behalf. “Betty would really appreciate it, as she is surely disappointed she won’t get the chance to do so.” Have the candidate tweet out the whole thing Guess who. When Ernest Overbey succumbed to cancer on January 2, his 65 years – the golf, the Redskins, the gratitude to his doctors and nurses – were boiled down to 326 words. But it was the final five, a call to “please vote for Donald Trump,” that gained national attention. A week after his death, Overbey’s obit was reproduced in full, in a tweet from the GOP frontrunner, who has nearly 6 million followers. “Thank you so much,” Trump wrote. “Earnest must have been a great person.” Use it as an opportunity to do some fundraising Running for president is an expensive business. In the 2016 cycle, campaigns and outside groups have spent more than $100 million dollars on advertising, outreach and field work – all well before the first round of primary contests. But it costs money to raise money (ask Ben Carson), so a free pitch is always a boost. Nancy Dearr, who died on August 26, was no stranger to presidential politics. She met her husband, Ryan, working on George McGovern’s 1972 campaign. “In lieu of flowers,” the author of her obituary wrote, “donations may be made to the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign.” Be funny – in life or death Elaine Fydrych knew how to entertain a crowd. She began a long career in show business as a child actor in the 1950s and performed in a standup comedy competition as recently as 2008. Fydrych, who died August 13, is quoted in the final line of the final account of her life, with one last request. “In lieu of flowers,” she said, “please do not vote for Hillary Clinton.” And the people listened. Throughout the more than 88 pages of her online guestbook, there are dozens of promises to fulfill her wishes. “Request honored,” wrote one of the undersigned. Richard Buckman’s last dispatch was more straightforward, a brief listing of those he left behind, stuck with a droll finale. “In lieu of flowers, please do not vote for Hillary,” it reads, followed by a note on cremation arrangements. Use your everlasting regret to shake up other people’s future choices During her 84 years, Charlotte Tidwell McCourt gave the world five children, 20 grandkids and 65 great-grandchildren. She was, however, less proud of once giving her vote to Sen. Harry Reid, who was up for reelection at the time of her death in 2010. “We believe that Mom would say she was mortified to have taken a large role in the election of Harry Reid to U.S. Congress. Let the record show Charlotte was displeased with his work,” McCourt’s family wrote in her obituary. “Please, in lieu of flowers, vote for another more worthy candidate.” Don’t hold back – and the rest will take care of itself Mary Catherine Finn, 72, died on July 19. Possessed of a “sharp wit and steely backbone,” the Ontario, Canada, native was not a fan of then-Prime Minister Stephen Harper, a Conservative. A point her beloved family made clear in this touching tribute. “In lieu of donations,” they write, “Catherine would want you to do everything you can to drive Stephen Harper from office, right out of the country, and into the deep blue sea if possible. Also, she would like you to fix the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation).” Finn would likely be glad to know her fellow Canadians voted in a new leader, the Liberal Party’s Justin Trudeau, precisely three months after her death.

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