boss-the-goofball  asked:

What was/currently is the best scene you have written in a fic?

That’s a great question.

I’ve got a few faves. I REALLY like the angstiest stuff I’ve written in their entirety, like Cry and Hope or Selfish. Though I guess since they’re both one scene (kinda) that counts. Either way, I think they’re some of my best stuff. And…they involve emotionally destroying David. Whoops.

I’m also super fond of the scene in the last chapter of TDOPFLID, where Dallas is apologizing to Carolina. That went through so many rewrites and planning and I’m STILL proud of how it turned out. A perfect way to end my biggest longfic to date.

And the scene where David is comforting Max in SOSO turned out really good, too. I need to get back to that fic eventually, I love it so much.

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