there was a time when anti’s ridiculed and harassed people for bringing rainbow flags to 1D concerts but to date none of the boys have ever ridiculed that flag and harry is actually dancing on stage with rainbow colored items AND THERE ARE RAINBOW BEARS AT EVERY SINGLE CONCERT REPRESENTING THE LGBTQIA COMMUNITY SO WHATS REALLY GOOD

I seriously had one of the best nights today, this year. I went to a outside concert and it was a bit cold like those fall nights that I love, and this singer was so good and in the middle of the concert, I started thinking, how lucky I am and how amazing this life is, how freaking beautiful that moment was and how sometimes I don’t realise that this moments will forever be with me but that, at the same time, I will never be this young and free ever again and that’s scary af but the good thing that makes me a little less sad is that, I can have more moments, different from this one but they’ll, too, become part of me.

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do you have a b1a4 masterpost anywhere for someone who wants to get into them? i know i've seen one before but i can't seem to find it. i've already listened to their music it's more of variety show stuff that i want to get into. i've already seen matchup since i'm also a block b fan, but idk any other ones. also sorry if your not the right person to ask, if you could just point me in the right direction lol

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#b1a4 canon resources (mostly long-form text posts)

also maybe this post will help?

in terms of full variety… PLEASE watch any episodes of b1a4 hotline you can still find, and baba b1a4 (but like the old selca videos not like the concert stuff… i mean its all good but)… b1a4′s one fine day is too good to be true and if you’re looking for OLD SCHOOL rookie era (they’ve grown so much!) then sesame player will NEVER fail for comedy. also weekly idol is great obv. um ya!!!!!!! idk tbh theres too much good shit out there and i have to go to work but i hope this helped!!!


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1. What’s your favorite Adore U version? I’M ALWAYS A SLUT FOR ACOUSTICS 

2. What’s your must have/favorite item in your wardrobe? Hoodies

3. Any favorite pick up lines? Literally any cheesy pick up line. Try me. 

4. You found a magic lamp! What are your three wishes? 1. Photograph a concert for one of my favs 2. A good night of sleep and 3. A good day (I know these are kind of lame but I really don’t want all that much?) 


6. If you could travel back to your past anything you want to do differently? I’d probably just avoid certain sketchy situations or make myself more motivated to get my license by 16? 

7. If you could ask Seventeen one question who would it be and what? MINGYU WHY DO YOU INSIST ON ME FIGHTING YOU ??? (Not really but I can’t think of anything rn so that works right?) 

8.  A song that you’re currently obsessed with? Colors by Halsey

9. One word that describes yourself. Boring

10. Your all time go to song? Roam by the story so far

11. What are you looking to most for Seventeen’s comeback? NEW JAMS

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1. Who’s your ult bias and WHY?

2. What’s your all time favorite song? 

3. What’s a big dream that you have for yourself? 

4. Do you enjoy reading?

5. What’s your favorite time of the year?

6. Do you have any hidden talents? (This is mainly because I wish I had one alright) 

7. Day time or night time? 

8. What’s your favorite seventeen stage? 

9. Who’s testing your faithfulness to your bias rn? (Okay I know it’s the same thing as a bias ruiner/wrecker but like … I’m blank on new questions alright) 

10. What’s something you think about a lot? 


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