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Can you recommend me some songs you love? Doesnt matter if it is from k pop or others. I just listen to some new music

Hello, anon! You guys reall know how to tame the beast inside me, right (with books and music recommendations. These are two things I love tbh). I’ll recommend based in my personal preference that may be not similar to yours. I’ll make a mix with kpop and non kpop songs. Who knows, maybe you can find something you like? I hope so.


  1. Gleam - Eyes on You (all the album is good, tbh. Idk why I can’t find it on Youtube anymore tho);
  2. Zico - Pride and Prejudice;
  3. BTS - Hold me Tight also Let Me Know
  4. Fei - Fantasy;
  5. Nasty Nasty - Knock;
  6. G-Dragon - Window;
  7. Taemin - Ace;
  8. Stellar - Mask;
  9. BoA - Kiss My Lips;
  10. Big Bang - Monster
  11. BONUS: Give a chance to K.Will and Lim Kim. They are two Korean solist I particulary enjoy.


  1. Anberlin - Atonement (this group is so good omgg ;.;);
  2. Years & Years - Gold;
  3. London Grammar - Metal & Dust;
  4. Triangle Sun - Upside Down;
  5. Duran Duran - Save a Prayer;
  6. The Internet - Under Control;
  7. Doja Cat - So High;
  8. Tears For Fears - Head Over Heels;
  9. Lorraine - I Feel It;
  10. MAE - Just Let Go.
  11. BONUS: Acceptance - Different

If you ask again, I can rec more stuff, but I think that 10 songs from each it’s good for now. I hope I helped you somehow (I know how hard it is to find new songs to listen).

A tip I can give and sometimes works is to look for covers of a song I like a lot. Example, I love George Michael’s “Careless Whisper”, so I look for some covers of other artists and sometimes I discover bands/groups I would never imagine that exists!

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hello cutie🌻🌻 about the cute bookstore guy! first of all, i can sort of relate to your situation. i see this cute skater guy sometimesin the mornings when i go to school and i'm too shy to talk to him. i really don't know how i would since i don't know anything about him (not even his name😅)...but there's something so intriguing about him haha. anyways, you should maybe ask him if he could give you some book recommendations to start a conversation good luck🌻💛

Awww how cute!!! Maybe we should both try our best and talk to the guys. I mean, they are just boys, aren’t they? hehe 😸 Good luck!!!! 💕

Ruined was awesome guys! I gave it 5 stars and I highly recommend it :D

Ruined had so many of my favorite things: a hate to love romance, magic, castles, princes/princesses, and great action scenes. The romance between Em and Cas was really cute and the plot moved along at a good pace. I can’t wait for the next book in this trilogy! 

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have you ever read the book "annie on my mind"?? google it if you don't know what it is. it's basically a book about two teenage girls falling in love with each other and the struggles they face together due to homophobia (it was written in the 80's if that gives you a perspective of the problem). it's a good book and it takes place in nyc so you might like it. also your followers would probably love it too and I recommend reading it

Omg thanks for that recommendation I was looking for a new book to read lol guys if you ever want me to check out a book website app anything till me I would gladly do it

“If I Was Your Girl” by Meredith Russo is about a trans girl named Amanda and the story follows her life after she switches high schools to avoid bullying and there’s several other lgbt characters in it and honestly I recommend it so much to everyone (although be warned there is a lot of talk about suicide) bc it’s just super realistic and cute and she gets the chance to be happy and fall in love and ughhhhh it’s so good go read it

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Suicide Squad premiers Aug 5th. You gonna do the book rec thing again?

Yeah, probably starting on the 30th though.  There are relatively few books on the Suicide Squad (at least on the version this movie is based on).  So I was thinking I’d write a post recommending some good Suicide Squad trades and then open the inbox to you guys to recommend books about individual characters.

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Astro -illusion what book do you recommend to read ?

Hmm well the only book I actually have is the astrology bible by Judy Hall, I use it more for reference than anything but is great to get a good foundation of astrology, it covers a lot, but I’m going to have a look later on in the library and I’ll let you guys know!

A website I’d definitely recommend is, it’s very knowledgable and looks at the actual mythology side of things too!

Also: to anyone looking for book recs i HIGHLY recommend “Madame” by Antoni Libera!! The writing is amazing, the protagonist is such an intelligent and bright guy!! Theres plenty references to language (especially french since the book follows a young student who falls in love with his french teacher) art, literature, music, mythology, philosophy and history like this book has it ALL. Its a polish book but Ive heard that the translation is very good so check it out!!! U wont regret it

Hey guys!!! If anyone else is going to anime Iowa and got a hotel I would recommend checking to make sure your reservation is still good!! We got kicked out of ours and there’s like 30 other rooms in that hotel that are not available anymore!!! The hotel didn’t tell you, luckily the company we booked through did 😅

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*ROLLS IN* OOoohh I just love your scanlations so much! They make me happy no matter how many times I read them! I'm always squealing at the end even if I've read it 100 times before! They've inspired me to buy the books to own for myself! Do you have any recommendations for what would be the best book to start with? Or would it not matter?

THANK YOU for sending me this kind message, Anon-chan!! Aaaahh I’m glad if I successfully inspired you to support the artists! Also, super happy that you enjoyed my translation 💖💖✨

You can buy any kareshi you like in random order! So choose whichever you like :D I’m buying another one this month; Haikyuu Kareshi First Love! I can’t wait to share with you guys! 🙆🏽🙆🏽🙆🏽🙆🏽

Have fun with your books and have a good day!

Some people sent me some book suggestions so I wanted to tell y’all what books I got 

  •  The Perks of Being A Wallflower by Steven Chobosky (recommended by my good buddy @xx-expecto-dementor-xx)
  • The Virgin Suicides by Jeffery Eugenides (also recommended by @xx-expecto-dementor-xx)
  • The Kite Runner ( @mebemaddie recommended a different book by that author but they didn’t have it, so i got the closest thing aha)
  • Landlines by Rainbow Rowell (guys Rainbow Rowell is probably my favorite author ever. She wrote this book called Fangirl, and i honestly believe that everybody has to read it because hot damn how relatable i can’t believe i haven’t read this one yet tho)
  • The Book Thief by Markus Zusak (I have to read this one for school ugh)
book recs

hey guys!! I’m going to be on a rlly long flight and I want to have a good book to read except I have no idea what to read. I’m open to any genre of books! please message me with any book recommendations, I would really appreciate it!! (I’ll tag the books I’ve recently read if that helps?)

in other news i finished amy & roger’s epic detour by morgan matson today and it gave me serious tsu feels 😭😭 highly recommend it tho such a cute road trip romance, perfect for the summer!!

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Hi! Im looking for new books to read. Do you have any recommendations?

hey!! and yes i do!! recently i’ve read highly illogical behavior by john corey whaley (he also wrote noggin which i rec too!) and enjoyed it! others books ive read this summer n liked are the knife of never letting go by patrick ness (ALSO! this guy wrote more than this n HOLY SHIT that book is good), rebel belle by rachel hawkins, beauty queens by libra bray also I’m currently reading this savage song by victoria schwab and I’m LOVING it

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so like i have a lot of free time and i'm always looking for stuff to watch so maybe you could recommend some kdramas??

Healer. Liar Game. Bad Guys. My Love From Another Star. Sensory Couple. Oh My Venus. Gu Family Book. Faith. THOSE ARE GOOD STARTERS