just found out my lil sister is the prez of her school’s bird watching club… at the same time, i also found her shrine to the boywonder. #smh #onlyingotham

that red hood guy just gave me a really good book recommendation like wow he must work at barnes and noble in his free time or something??????#onlyingotham #vigilanteorlibrarian 

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Aww how cute. Coming to the aid of your online gf. How sad is it to have such a terrible relationship online with aubrie? But i guess you guys make a cute couple. Fatass and attention seeking whore. Hahaa no wonder she dates you online. Youre a joke of a boyfriend. Your like a fat friend she kinda likes but really doesnt so she uses you when she needs you... Online lmao im dying. Both so ugly. Thanks for the meme. Just shows how ugly she still is. *gags* sorry i threw up a little thinking of her

Well damn it looks like your curfew isn’t up just yet. What lenient parents you’ve got though, little guy! Would think it’d be super late where you’re at!

But damn this was fast, were you watching out? Stalking a few people? Good fellow I’ve gotta say you need to find a better use of your time than stalking blogs here and there! Might I recommend reading a book? Maybe taking a walk! (of course under parental supervision. Wouldn’t want you to get lost now)

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do you have any good recommendations on books ed kemper and the zodiac killer?

My favorite book on Ed Kemper is The Co-Ed Killer, but it’s kind of pricey (unless you find it for cheap and get lucky).  Once I was strolling around Manhattan and some guy was selling books…it caught my eye and I couldn’t believe it…I got it for 5 bucks!
As for the Zodiac, I’ve only read Zodiac by Robert Graysmith which I enjoyed.
But if you’re interested in something that tackles more than one case, I suggest you check out Serial Killers: The Method and Madness of Monsters by Peter Vronsky.

New Adult Fiction Rec List

I promised a New Adult rec list so here it is! A good chunk of these are still on my “To Read” list, but I’ve heard lovely things about them. I’ve also included a few books that are about characters in the NA age range (early twenties-ish) but aren’t technically classified as New Adult for whatever reason. Also, keep in mind that right now NA is very Romance heavy. Not all of it is romance, but that’s a good chunk of the market for NA right now.

If you guys want to see NA become a bigger thing and expand to be just as big as YA (which I, personally, totally want to see) then support these books. Buy them, leave reviews on every site you can find, request them at your libraries, recommend them to friends, etc. Show the powers that be that you want more stuff directed at the New Adult range!

Most purchase links are for non-Amazon sites where possible. Amazon is a bunch of assholes lately so I try to never buy books from them if I can help it. But that’s another post for another day. 

A quick little tag chain to make sure those who were interested see the post: fearalltheumbrellas shadowhunters-downworlders 

Recs below the cut!

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Seriously, can you just state SOME of your fave books?

Seriously, can you just NOT be an entitled ass about it? 

I have an entire page devoted to good book recommendations and I don’t ever answer the question “What’s your favorite book?” because there literally is no honest answer to that question. I read like a hundred books a year and I’m always finding new favorites and I have favorites in certain genres and certain time periods and I find the task of just picking one or even a handful stressful and unfair. That’s why it’s on the fucking FAQ page. I don’t do this to tease or taunt you guys, I do it because I literally cannot give you a legitimate answer to that question, and the fact that people keep getting irritated about my refusal like they have some kind of right to know is irritating as all hell. 

  • GAH sorry I haven’t been active much! I’m blog-slacking lately but I will be back in full force soon 
  • I’ve had a bit of a shakeup at work with the company and things have been beyond hectic to say the least
  • Not to mention my back is still way the heck outta whack/causing me SO much pain and I have to get an MRI this week (yuuuuuuck) 
  • BUT, life is still good :) 
  • I had a weekend of laying by the pool and watching English mysteries with the boy (he ALWAYS figures them out before I even have a clue grrr) 
  • I rented 3 books from the library all about the Tudors/Plantagenets and have already finished one #bookaddict
  • I saw a pre-screening of Ant Man tonight it was REALLY, REALLY good, do recommend
  • I talked to my grandma on the phone and that lady always puts me in a great mood
  • I had the world’s best quinoa wrap and am now about to eat 2 bananas with peanut butter :) 
  • That is all. 

Hope you guys are well :) x

I know I have questions in my inbox, be patient with me please <3

[ outofthedream I’ve decided I’m going to do a semi-often
  feature, called Old Woman Josie Recommends Some
  Shit. (I am not creative.) I’m old, and have seen a lot of
  movies and read a lot of books, so why not share them
  with you guys? I don’t mean to imply that I’m somehow
  more aware of culture or whatever, just that there’s a lot
  of good stuff out there, so let’s all share what we like!

  I’ll probably do these on Fridays, although knowing me it
  will be more likely whenever the mood strikes. Stay tuned! ]


because why not? i wanted to do something for fun and i’ve kind of fallen into this dark abyss called writer’s block. my fingers are tingling to type but my brain just isn’t having it. i’m also just about to reach 1k so send me some prompts, guys! :D


  • mbf me
  • please reblog this post
  • in my ask, give me a prompt to write about. it could be a quote, a word, lyrics, a fictional character/couple, literally anything i could write about!
  • alternatively, you could give me book/movie/song recommendations :)
  • you can blacklist izzy does blogrates to not see the posts

blogrates will look like this: 

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Rainy summer days are made for tea and a good book ☕️📖
What do you guys recommend I read? 😜
В дождливый летний день есть возможность побаловать себя чашкой горячего чая и хорошей книгой!☕️📖
Что посоветуете почитать?😜

you know, i don’t get why people send hate or make burnbook blogs

i have a plate full of mini tacos and i feel really good. like, guys, get outside. read a book. eat something that tastes good. play a video game. i can recommend all of those things 

just don’t sit on anon and spread unnecessary hate 

Understanding economics as a leftist, or in particular a marxist, is one of the most challenging things I’ve ever embarked on academically. I think the difficulty I’m facing now is why I always drifted towards understanding the deplorable social constructions and ramifications of capital accumulation instead.

Anyway, I started A Brief History of Neoliberalism. If you guys have any other books on economics your recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

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John Joseph, the singer from Cro-Mags, wrote a book called Meat is for Pussies. I haven't read it. Yet! Do intend to. But, thought it might interest you as well, and your followers. Much love! :)

yes!!! i’ve heard it was a really good, quick read despite the title and have had a lot of people recommend that i give it to the non-vegan guys in my life. he used that title to attract the “manly men” types, so while i understand the issues with it, i also get it and i think it has kinda worked to some extent. the more i learn about him, the more i think john joseph is pretty damn great, honestly.

thanks so much!!!

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book recommendations pls!

i haven’t read anything but murakami in literally months…. someone give me book recommendations tbh… but some good, interesting books are

the glass castle, never let me go, native son, breakfast at tiffany’s, annabel, the little prince, the brief wondrous history of oscar wao, giovanni’s room, the diaries of adam and eve, their eyes were watching god, no one belongs here more than you, hotel on the corner of bitter and sweet (especially if you live in seattle!), also middlesex and the virgin suicides are good i really like jeffrey eugenides, also yes man is a really interesting read lol this guy literally said yes to everything in his life and wrote a book on it but then they turned it into a dumb romcom lol

now i’m kind of stuck sorry! all i want to do lately is read murakami it isn’t good lol

I started reading Hope Solo's book a couple days ago

And I must say it’s very good. Very real and honest. If you guys haven’t read it, I definitely recommend it. The kindle version is only $1.99 on Amazon.

does anyone have any recommendations for books about music?

the only things I’ve read are rip it up and start again (simon reynolds’ book on postpunk) and biographies of joe strummer and sid vicious (back in the day When I Was A Teenage Punk). oh, and a book by the guy who played live bass with pink floyd because I am/was a bassist. I’m not too fussy on what they’re about, as I’m looking for anything particularly good/interesting, though I do kinda want to find a decent book on bowie (blame the berlin withdrawal, I just listened to all of ‘low’), and my interests are vaguely: most 80s music but esp. postpunk/new wave/alternative, rock of various times, late 70s punk, pulp, and the kind of bands derogatorily described as inspired by the smiths.

Book recommendations?

Two weeks without internet access are upon me!

Naturally I need a solid cubic meter in books to compensate this unnatural state of being. I don’t have a kindle so I’m looking for good old paperback books.

Do you guys have any recommendations for me? I’d like to read some good Sci-Fi, any suggestions are very welcome!

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Oh so ive seen other people recommending books and I thought, hey, let's give it a try and you gotta read 'Life in Outer Space' by Melisa Keil and its a love story about a guy whos into horror movies and a girl thats wanted by the populars at her school and she tries to resist and hang with him AND I PROMISE ITS BETTER THAN IM SAYING IM JUST BAD AT SUMMARIZING BOOKS AND it's just a real nice, feel good book that i read when I'm sick accompanied with a cup of tea.

Thank you for the recommendation!!