“For a 10 year old kid to go through something like that… Of course his personality’s going to be fucked up…”


You’re cute.

Downey is a majestic actor in a paradoxical situation: as Tony Stark, in “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” he has some screen-crushing close-ups that have more intensity, complexity, and individuality than many acclaimed actors’ movie-long performances. He’s a performer in involuntary overdrive—which may well be the natural condition of all the best actors. And the best actors need a filmmaker who creates a taut narrative and visual frame, an exacting tension that results from precise and even demanding directorial decision-making, which, in turn, provides some resistance to the actors’ furious energy. Absent that tension, actors are flailing in a void, giving of themselves to a camera-view that hardly knows what to take.   There are independent filmmakers—even young ones—who would give Downey a run for his money (even if there wouldn’t be much money), whose scripts, images, and directions would get him not just to act but to react and would provide a pressurized frame to contain and shape his creative energy—and not with fine feelings or complacent doctrines but with a creative rage to match his. I hope that they and Downey find each other. His few seconds of glory in “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” his exultant scenes in “Iron Man 3,” are too few and too rare. The question is whether he wants to unleash that energy on-screen in such extended fashion—and what the emotional cost of doing so could be.

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I agree with this very much – bae needs a director who will really challenge him and harness his bounding energy. 

I don’t think anyone has done that in nearly a decade at this point.


Actor Meme [James McAvoy edition]

1. Role that made you fall in love

Tom Lefroy in “Becoming Jane”

“It’s my dream to become a voice actor for Disney, but suffering from a speech impediment has made me question whether or not this dream could ever become a reality”.

Patrick Warburton has been cast as Lemony Snicket. It’s gonna feel kinda weird to have Kronk narrating A Series of Unfortunate events…

Day 4: Actor Appreciation

I want to take some time today to recognize Marvel hard working team of stunt doubles, who work really hard to keep all of our favorite Marvel actors safe. 

(I believe all of these photos are taken from various social media accounts belonging to the actors, I got them off of google).

Their work is hardly ever recognized, we aren’t supposed to see them on screen. A lot of the time their hard work is often credited to the actors (though marvel seems pretty good about giving kudos to their stunt teams). Thank you, marvel ladies, for giving us incredible, wonderful, action sequences that keep us on their edge of our seats and excited for what comes next. 

I’d also to give a shoutout to Scarlett Johansson who somehow filmed Age of Ultron while simultaneously growing a human being. I have no clue how she managed to do it, go her. 

Girl Meets World Christmas Special








I’m never gonna get over the fact that Dudley Dursley and Gilli were played by the same actor.

i can’t get over what good actors these kids are though like eleven barely says anything but millie shows us EVERYTHING she’s feeling in her face and body language. not to mention she’s either crying or about to cry in at least half of her scenes. And mike goes through every possible emotion and finn just rocks  them all while still pulling off a relatable, endearing, awkward kid. and it also can’t be super easy for a boy his age to convincingly portray falling in love with just a couple of little glances and smiles and his tone of voice but look at us literally obsessing and crying and stressing out over this relationship and i fell for every second of everything these 5 kids did i swear.